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tv   Bloomberg Markets Americas  Bloomberg  June 14, 2017 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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obviously off-campus. be, the legislators and public in general, there's a lot of interaction and spaces where people who don't have to go through metal detectors are walking across the street. run down to the lincoln memorial each morning, so you are out there in the public, and unfortunately, we do have a dangerous world, but we are also mindful of needing to be conscious. back in the last couple of years, this is without question the worst -- not the worst shooting, but any time, you feel the immediate presence of capital police. i do not think people understand it is a very young environment, with young twentysomething staffers and parents who see their kids fresh out of college working in the halls of congress. staffers, we are now
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learning that some of them were among the folks who were shot. what can you say? nec the culture in washington. what do you say to them or to ?our colleagues and staffers >> these are 18, 19, 20 years old. summer break from college. i have got several interns in my office. all you have to do is stand outside the metro station and 8:00, you just see the -- a sea of energetic and bright and working foreople democrats and republicans, getting the hill experience. this will hopefully be a seeingle moment for them how we react. we have a responsibility to set
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examples. sentarents and others who young children to washington, we will do every in we can. for as a great experience young person. there also mindful of challenging safety environment in which we live. morningke earlier this with a friend of one of the victims who has in shot. you are seeing, just how close bipartisan and nonpolitical many of these relationships are. >> these will be lifelong relationships here they are people who have come to capitol hill to get an experience, so whether it be on the political interest or policy interest, this will be an indelible mark and every one of those young
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thise, they will remember incident. >> for me ask you about the ball game tomorrow night and the importance of seeing republicans and democrats on that field? moment, youra colleagues arriving in their message, forget about republicans, what message is this institution sending to the shooter? all, we will not be deterred from this outrageous act of violence. we will continue to do the people's work that our voters give us the opportunity to go to washington and work on. secondly, we need to move forward and we cannot simply say, we're going to change our behavior. i understand the need extra security today. we will get back to the people and i think the game, assuming
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it goes forward, it may be potentially delay but assuming it goes forward, it will happen. it will happen and we will use that as a moment to seven -- set an example for all of the people we have the honor of representing, that we will not todeterred, we will step up the plate, sorry for the punt, and keep doing the people's work. >> i'm hearing postponed. suggest -- t to postponed. >> our schedule is flexible and we have the ability, we do not take a bill if it 1:00, we can take it up tomorrow. the concern right now is the you --of the people people who work on the hill,
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concern for those individuals whose families were shot, to understand what the motivation of this horrific act was here we will take our time but we also need to understand the significance of this, and we will not be deterred from doing the work of the people of the country. >> thank you for coming on .loomberg, we appreciate it the situation is still very much unfolding. i toss it back to you in new york. jonathan: 23 cap, a warm welcome onour viewers live and bloomberg tv and of course on bloomberg radio as well. a group of republicans gathered baseballing for a practice ahead of a congressional baseball game when a shooter approached them, a man with a rifle, and began shooting. he thought -- shot the third test house majority whip and for others leaving them injured
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wednesday morning out of a baseball practice in alexandria, virginia. he was due to speak at an event that has now been canceled. donald trump says on twitter that the republican of louisiana was a true friend and pastry -- .atriot here he will recover our thoughts and prayers are with him p or michael mckee is an washington, d.c. no votes -- no votes for congress today. it still goes ahead we understand. the fed did convene at 9:00 a.m. eastern time this morning. i am told they are on track for a 2:00 p.m. decision and a janet yellen news, ends. there does not seem to be an additional threat at the moment. say theia police incident is closed but the
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investigation is ongoing. security has been heightened and i am sure it has been tightened at the fed as well. all systems go for the fed decision. complicated by the events unfolding, the economic data this morning. >> we had a drop in the consumer price index this month and i was unexpected. the year-over-year rate down 1.9% from 2.2% here they made much of the fact inflation has gone to the 2% target. what do they say about that and how does it influence what they might do in the future? , does this mean this continues? no indication that they would be deterred from raising rates today, but it may have an impact of what they may do in the months to come.
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fed throughout the day, right now, we want to get back to the tragic story unfolding in alexandria, virginia, some congressional police. we're joined now by bill who joins us on the telephone. a democratic congressman from whenersey, on the scene this happened. thank you for being here. were you on the scene? >> no. -- >> i cannot figure out whether you were at the republican practice. >> no. i was undercover. practicethe democratic in d.c. at one of the universities there. the batting coach now, talking pittsburgh,ager of
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we were talking about the lineup. all of a sudden, he turned to me and said billy, look at this. i could not believe it. the shooting at republican baseball practice. we said we have got to get everybody undercover. got everybody in, brought all the players into the dugout, the first-base dugout, and told them there was a police officer kumal usually have a police officer at all of our practices. way, soe saying on the that we would know, don't leave them stay in place and that is what we did. laterame about 10 minutes and did a fantastic job of giving us the information they had about what happened.
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one of the republican leaders, some staff members and the we prayed for, the best and i hope they all pull through. the suspect was down here we did not quite understand what that meant, whether he was dead or not. at least they had him. we waited here for about a .alf-hour until swat can kind of surrounded, the and then to the area were allowed to leave and go back and go back to our work. the ways and means committee, which kevin brady is a chairman of, as soon as i walked in the
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door, the committee had to cancel. a hearing at 10:00 this morning. things are at a standstill here until further notice. >> thank you for the recounting of what happened. , a policeman you normally have? click there is usually one there every day we practice. ,lso, because of the facility other security as well. >> normal practice to have one policeman. some reports that maybe he had more. >> yes, because he has the majority whip, the security is with him at all times and since he is on the team, they go to practice.
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have a member this year, there is usually a capital policeman next, either parked outside or comes in and out of the facility, checking on us. >> ok. thank you for joining us, mr. congressman. forthan: the briefing plan 11: 16 eastern time. a briefing on the following shooting in virginia. that is planned for 11:15 eastern time. joining us now is representative of california who joins us on the telephone. a securitybout profile company some of the individuals. we would not have had the security presence we did have if police was not there. will this raise questions about tightening security?
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>> first, i hope the majority whip and anyone else who was hit recovers swiftly. at the democratic practice today. i had a meeting pier 1 you are on the field, you do not inc. much about your own safety. for crying out loud, you are at a baseball field. it is one of the most innocent places in the world. it is early in the morning. is hard to imagine the scene that played out today. i imagine going forward, we think about how we protect members of congress and staff to we will have to look at what we could do better. question that keeps coming up is the importance of the baseball game and dampening the attention desk the tension that has really heightened in the last few months. any comments on that? >> it has been a tense past couple of months and the
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baseball game has always been a refuge from the battles under the capitol dome. i hope it still goes on tomorrow. i look forward to it because it and good time for charity you get to do it with republicans who, we have just and in gridlock more and more. thate to see something does so much good come under attack the way it did this morning. >> going beyond the baseball game itself, when something horrific like this happens, throughout society, there is an immediate reaction that we have to do better. it puts things in perspective. some things we fought about were not quite as important as things we left behind. idea you have about turning this into a positive on capitol hill? sure the all make
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spirited fights we have on behalf of constituents are for andprinciples we believe in not about personalities, or do anything to stoke violence or to feel like there is a permissive environment now. it has gotten quite intense in washington. i wish it was not that way. i have no idea what was in the mind of this individual. i just know this baseball game is something that always bring capitol hill together. it brings down -- brings out the interns and the staff and the family members and the people who advocate in washington for their causes. if that game is not sacred and free from what so often can be frustrating and this town, i do not know what is it i hope it
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still goes on tomorrow night. >> thank you stay with us if you can. i want to bring in one of your colleagues who joins us via cell phone. this must strike you personally because i remember how close you were to gabby giffords and how good a friend you were when she was shot, terribly, at a campaign rally. what is your reaction having been so close to the situation? >> simon golfed by my motions. no matter what our partisan differences are, we are a family here on capitol hill. i am struck by the fact that 145 people who have the privilege of representing communities, whether we are on your corner like gabby was when she was shot, or we're at a baseball game, a baseball
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practice, trying to make sure we can promote camaraderie, or just doing our jobs in the districts or in the capital. we are, individually, the only people who have been selected to do this job. while we are vulnerable, we know it is incredibly important for us to continue to stand in the face of evil and that is what this is, absolute evil. thosert is broken for that were injured. we are praying for steve scalise and so thankful for the capitol police that are out there every day protecting us in the capital and anywhere that the members congregate. what: let's go back to happened to your friend, gabby gifford. were there positive developments
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that came out of that? if not, what can be done differently this time to make sure there are? >> honestly, now is not the time to talk about that. we have a member in surgery, steve scalise, and staff and supporters of the baseball game that were injured. there is a time and a place to talk about that here we are all that then making sure folks tragically injured are going to be ok, and that we prepare for the continued security and safety of our colleagues and the staff and everyone who works every day in the capitol complex. that is what we should be focused on right now. david: thank you. really good to have you with us. the congressional agenda as you look forward, congressman? now, we are just all hoping for the best for steve scalise and his staff to do
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nothing anyone is thinking about what the agenda is right now. we have important work to do and we will get back to doing it. this town is resilient and our nation and leaders will move on. i just hope that my republican colleagues are doing all right. >> the third highest ranked u.s. house republican, steve scalise, at a congressional baseball game. he was shot along with at least four others in june, wednesday morning in alexandria, virginia. shot in the head according to a representative, who we caught up with a little earlier. listen to what he has to say about how the events unfolded. unfortunately, we do not have that for you. we can bring it to you shortly. all we do have it.
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-- we do have it. here it is. >> i turn around, it is a chain-link fence behind the so there isgo, protection there. by the time i hear the gunshot, screamsteve scalise something. i'm not sure if it was, "i am shot," or what. caught up with us earlier on the telephone about that practice. he was have learned is not there. ,art of the leadership team they would not have been there at all. >> we were really fortunate. there is a limit to how much security you can have. we keep ramping up security throughout the capital. i do not know that you can have
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a bodyguard around with every single member of congress. jonathan: also at that practice, he said if that security profile was not there and police weren't there, you would have had everyone who died. be grateful for the presence and security forces at the time. the want to go back to representative if i can. does this need to be heightened? security? team, for theball past few years. when you are out there early in the morning, and it is pretty early. i miss more practices that i make because it is so darn early to you do not really think you are vulnerable on a baseball field of all places. thankfully there was security there but i do not think any member wants to be in a security where they beat their constituents and they have
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an officer standing over their shoulder. i think we want to be approachable and this challenge is that. david: laura joins us on the phone near the scene of the crime. what you have to report? >> it is an interesting development we have had a young man right across from the baseball field who saw a lot of this this morning, told us his account. said he was leaving ymca, immediately adjacent to the baseball field. it is a residential neighborhood with all kinds of facilities where the shooting took place. he said he looked out and saw a man crouch with a gun and he said he was fairly confident it was an assault weapon here he was caucasian. he saw capitol hill police officers shooting at him and the shooting he thought took place
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over two or three minutes. shot throughwere and some bullets went into a -- one went about 50 feet from where he was standing. jonathan: we are just learning the fbi's taking over the investigation into the shooting and we understand the alexandria police chief will be making a statement, a news conference, very shortly, about seven minutes. we also understand from the u.s. official that this has not been treated as a terror attack at the time. the fbi not treating the shooting at it -- as a terror according to a u.s. official. what are the questions that remain unanswered, major ones we would like to know in about seven minutes when the news conference begins? >> we are they could tell us more about the shooter. we know very little about the motivation. , i hope they will tell us more about the condition of the victims.
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we have at least two people in critical condition. the house majority whip is having some sort of surgery. actually able to get closer to the perimeter and closer to a the staging area is to live in the neighborhood and what they have done now is police have expanded the investigation area because they cars.o examine they say there were a number of cars struck by bullets and may be many more and they are trying to get a handle on that. they are continuing to talk to witnesses. david: a tweet from nancy pelosi, she says on days like today, there are no democrats and republicans, thoughts for the wounded. jonathan: the fbi not treating
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the shooting as a terrorist attack here the u.s. official says not treating this as a terrorist act at this time. down in d.c.. some technical difficulties with the bloomberg congress report joining us now from d.c. the fbi is not treating the shooting as a terrorist attack. they said they are not treating the shooting as a terror attack. the shooter is in custody. he spent a lot of time covering both the administration and the federal reserve.
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compared to the last few years and what you have experienced. >> we have seen a little bit of extra security because several incidents take place last may. a man arrested in the capitol visitor center. the last twor decades, it has increased enormously in the nation's capital, first run on by a shooting in 1998. death officers shot to and started firing. the next thing that happened was the bombing in oklahoma city. security in the white house and i'm 11, which changed so security has really changed over the years, as it has in so many place six --
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places. location -- they too .ave heightened security a lot of protocols about how these things are handled. when an official is involved, federal agencies that by the f ei will take over the invest geisha and. it becomes -- david: special coverage republicans met this morning taking outball field the ranking.
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we are expecting a news conference for the chief. we learned from a u.s. official that this has not been treated as a terror attack and has been taken over. >> the heroine of capitol hill police there. down in the dugout, you hear shots over the head, capitol police turning fire. two we have what we can play? jonathan: unfortunately, we do not hit what we have learned is as the house majority whip, part of the leadership team, that is perhaps the most remarkable
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aspect of the fallout of all of this. they may well have all been wasn'tif steve scalise there because the security profile would not either to defend them. >> they have one capitol hill policeman and the person goes back-and-forth between the in the car and being of the field. it is supposed to be a leisurely activity and not something where you are at risk. jonathan: the vice president mike pence was due to speak over 90 minutes ago. toted -- the president also to speak in that event was also canceled. another thing canceled was all votes in congress. they will not take place. the federal reserve, that meeting did take ice.
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we will have coverage for you a little later on bloomberg. and terms of what is in the diary, coming up a little later today, all members congressional briefing land for a 11:15 eastern time. if listening globally, that is about 45 minutes or so. members of congress will be briefed following the shooting in virginia. that included the third highest rank house republicans and also included at least four others. took place this morning in alexandria. baseball practice for republicans. gameongressional baseball due to take place tomorrow and from the majority of congress people we spoke to through the morning, they want that to take place as the tension has really heightened through party to party. we begin with the alexandria police chief. we can take a listen to what the police chief has got to say. let's listen now.
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>> good morning, everybody. i am mike round, chief of the alexandria police department. we are here to give you an update on the incident that occurred this morning here in alexandria. let me repeat some facts we do know at this point. is not ansay this active incident. the city is safe. we have an active investigation going on but i want to reassure the community here in alexandria that the city is indeed safe. we will continue to work with the investigation as it moves forward. , 90 minutesain
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after 7:00, we received a 911 call of an active shooter here on monroe in alexandria. withints were on scene three minutes. the officers received fire and the partrned fire and of the investigation is ongoing as we speak. event was a practice session for a baseball team involving representatives from or employees from congress. there were capitol police individuals continuing on scene and they also engaged the subject and i will let the chief respond to that. emergency medical personnel that responded, officers from the alexandria police department provided treatment to a number of individuals on scene. we know five of them are trans
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ported by public emergency medical sources. a lot of hospitals in the area deal with a variety of injuries and treatment. at this point, the police department at this case involves the assault of a federal officer . the federal bureau of investigation will take over and we welcome work with the fbi. the fbi alongng with other agencies that are trying to deal with this particular scene and the investigation of this incident. say, ourlso like to gratitude to the agencies responding to the scene, we had individuals from the sheriff department and the alexandria fire department whose initial response helped us a great deal trying to manage things. i could not be more proud of the men and women involved with the alexandria police department.
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an outstanding job in my opinion so far. i could not be more proud. i would like to go ahead and introduce the chief from the cap the police to come talk about their efforts in the area and what they are doing. >> thank you. i would like to start out by thinking alexandria police sheriff's office and fire and all of the f ei our law enforcement local partners who assisted in this response. it is a very large response and will take a while to sort through the details. site withere on congressional -- when we had -- when the incident
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occurred. they did engage in gunfire with the suspect and were assisted by the alexandria police. injured and are in good condition. they have not suffered life-threatening injuries at this point. as we get more information, we will be working through the fbi and local partners will be alexandria police, to provide more details as they become available. at this point, i would like to turn it over to the fbi. >> good morning. i am the special agent in charge of the washington field office. what has reiterate been said. this is a secure community at this point. it is an active investigation. the security of the community is paramount and i want to reassure you that is case.
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we got involved around 9:30 this morning and initially responded with our national capital response squad per hour protocol. state and local partners. once it was confirmed that we had a member of congress involved in the incident, we have taken the lead. and as a joint command joint investigation of state and local partners to include who has been at the microphone already and our partners from alexandria county and alexandria city. and capitol police as well. i will take a couple questions in just a second but i want to turn it over to the governor for a couple of comments. >> thank you. first of all, thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by today's incident. thent to congratulate effort of state, local, and federal. we are all here together. police activated. i want to thank everyone
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involved and specifically all the first responders. i have been told members of the neighborhood and the community came out to be of assistance. it is truly an extraordinary effort. i also want to comment the u.s. capitol police for quick action and through their heroic act -- efforts, they saved a lot of lives today. keep everything we can to lives safe to allow want to thank all the first responders involved today. thank you. >> can you step to the microphone? point, what you see, number one, a deliberate attack, and now, on the basis that it could be an act of terrorism by an individual? >> it is too early to say. momenteally raw at this we are at the initial investigation. it is too early to say. we are working at both ways. >> one of the angles you are investigating is that it could be an act of terrorism?
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,nd do you have any information are you narrowing down on the identity of the shooter? >> we are. >> you know who he is? do you know who he is? >> we're still working on it. >> are you certain that members of congress were being targeted? is too early. >> can you tell us about anyone who suffered life-threatening injuries? >> everyone was transported to the hospital and is receiving medical treatment. yet whether you think there is a political motivation? >> i am not at all aware. no information on the weapon. i don't know yet. >> you are saying this could
10:39 am
have been random? >> don't know. it is still early. >> how do you know it was not an assassination attempt? >> i do not know. it is too early to say one way or the other. >> do you know the suspect's condition and the general condition of the officers who were shot? >> i think the offices are doing better p or i am not sure about the suspect at this time. >> is there any information? >> no, ma'am. >> to share with congressman in the incident? can you give a sense of the importance of the fact there were armed officers on the scene? >> they were here. yes. a protection team. >> the difference it made? >> i am sure it made a significant difference. >> is he cooperating and >>laining question mark anywhere else the investigation
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is taking place? >> we have secured the scene and do not thinkd he this is an assassination attempt and yet it would appear this was targeted. >> we -- it is not clear at this moment. still early in the investigation. classy do not even know if he is from the region? >> no, ma'am. >> to you know if the suspect approached lawmakers in the parking lot and asked whether or not they were democrat or republican? >> i am not aware of that. >> it is too early of an investigation to say one way or the other. >> can you confirm some reports that he had white hair or dark hair? can you confirm what he looked like #>> no, i am not aware. obviously how much you are
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investigating and what you don't know at this point, you and the chief of the governors say that you don't know, that the how can you answer there is no broader threat situation? >> we think we have a really good handle on it. we just want to run out details before you confirm other additional stuff. >> can you confirm whether there was more than one weapon? plus i cannot. i do not know. >> could we ask the capitol hill police chief? could we get an update on the officers who engaged your suspect #we understand they were wounded in the wind of duty. can you give an update on how they are doing? >> they are being treated at a local hospital. injuries do not appear to be life-threatening at this point. categorize that they are in good condition. >> can you describe what they did?
10:42 am
how they engaged the suspect? >> received reports of gunfire in the investigation and then coordinated with alexandria police. from the early instance of this incident, shots were fired. >> you in case the suspect. >> that is my understanding. >> where we are offices when they start firing on the gunmen? >> it is really too preliminary to go into details of the investigation peers suffice it to say our officers acted heroically today and they are in good condition and we look for a rapid recovery. with that said, i will throw it back over to you. thell not comments on names, numbers, until i'm reasonably sure. >> what about the investigation tells you anything about the motivation here, and whether it was political? >> it is much too preliminary in the investigation.
10:43 am
>> any indication of who was shot and what he was doing question mark >> again, it is too early on. we will share what we can share when the facts come. >> was the fifth person the victim or shooter? >> we're not going to comment on that. it is significantly early. >> are therefore victims or five victims? >> i will not confirm. >> you can confirm there were five people were injured. >> i will not confirm that either. five people are transported by public medical personnel to hospitals. suspect one of them? >> i will not comment. it is an ongoing investigation. let me comment on the question about the safe community peace. the police department suspect o? >> actually secured the scene here and did an awful lot of work in the community. we look for secondary issues and
10:44 am
we brought additional resources deal with any possible secondary thing. the question about the investigation, it in the -- if it reveals something else, we will respond to that. every indication right now in this city is that this is an isolated incident and that the investigation will indeed be long-term. let me also do a thank you to the agencies that have assisted us as we canvassed the neighborhood's and look around the community to make sure this was safe. that includes virginia state police and the alexandria sheriff's office and a lot of folks even in the neighborhood came out to kind of make sure we were doing the right thing. any other minor injuries? >> five people transported, i won't go into that. i cannot be to the information that others are reporting. >> was anybody treated on the scene? [indiscernible]
10:45 am
>> governor? a runner? -- governor? >> from your point of view on view, --al area, year >> how satisfied are you that you have a handle on it? perspective, we had no prior information that anything like this was going to occur. >> do you think anything more needs to do to prove -- to protect politicians? >> we need to do more to protect all of our citizens. about.ot what today is today, we americans
10:46 am
lose to gun violence. downround check shutting loopholes. that is not for today's discussion. not just politicians. we worry about this every day for all of our innocence. gun -- gun of control at this time? >> this is a very serious issue. stager burress, a special agent with a wife and three young children, needless and senseless. not get anywhere near the investigation. the fbi is leading this. with 93 million people are day, it is just some -- >> 93 million is a big number. are you sure about that? >> 93 individuals a day. >> how confident are you there aren't any others? that there could not be others? >> from virginia's perspective, we monitor all of this, we are
10:47 am
not currently looking at that. this is totally up to the fbi. >> there is so much acrimony right now in political discourse and dialogue in the country. anduch back-and-forth venomous discussion. are you concerned that climate in anyway contributed to what we saw today or do you have thoughts about the climate we are in? >> the investigation is going on. i think things have become very partisan in this country today. we have got to begin to work together to get things done. we are the greatest nation on earth and there has been too much raw discourse in the country today pulling people apart. and as to work together governor, i worry about economic development, basic things that people here in virginia want and that is what we need to focus energies on. >> a bipartisan dialogue on gun control? >> we do not have another briefing schedule at this time. >> we have just been listening
10:48 am
to a news conference being held in alexandria, virginia, just nearby the place with the shooting happened this morning. let's go through what we learned and what we did not learn it we heard from the chief of police from alexandria, the chief of police, the capitol police, from a special agent in charge of a wash in district from the f and we heard from the governor of virginia and we learned yes, there was a shooting. it was at simpson park on monroe should -- monday -- monroe street in alexandria. taken to theere hospital and we did not get confirmation of whether the shooter was one of the five transported. theid learn two of individuals were capitol hill police officers and they are reportedly in good condition. they do not have life-threatening injuries. that is what we have learned. the f ei has taken over for sure. this is what we did, whether it was planned, too soon to tell. terrorism? too soon to tell. was it an assassination attempt? too soon to tell.
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or congressman actually targeted? too soon to tell. they are not sure about the suspect and not sure where he is from, the area or outside of it. we do not fair amount know. it is early on. there was a fair amount of confusion. initially, the fbi said it was an assassination -- >> a lot of speculation as to whether it was premeditated, whether the motion was to target republican lawmakers. it is not clear and something else that a lot of people will find confusing is we know one of these individuals is the third highest-ranking u.s. house andblican, steve scalise, we know there are four others to a have not communicated as to whether one of those is actually the shooter. they seem to be holding back on confirming that. >> they were specifically asked about that and they said it was too soon to confirm that. >> something else that came up
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and will throughout the day, is security, the security profile of who associate and goes along with members of congress things like this. we have seen it was not just steve scalise, a member of the leadership team. the security profile would not have and what was if it were not for him being there. six --and the governor specifically said it made a significant difference that he was there. jonathan: republican lawmakers gathered this morning like they do every morning ahead of a congressional baseball game. a shooter approached and began shooting with a rifle. the third highest rank house republican, steve scalise, and four others were injured. the coverage continues. thank you very much. bloomberg tv continues. you are of course watching bloomberg.
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vonnie: you are watching bloomberg. still following that shooting in virginia. is undergoing surgery at a hospital, among -- five injured. michael mckee is an washington, d.c. that.l is there to cover to work today in washington, the senate was supposed to attend 45 but the house definitely not committing until police 12. 12.t least >> all votes were canceled for the day. many committee hearings canceled for the day. for the treasury
10:54 am
department international affairs was canceled. they were expected to vote on the nomination today. security has been tightened. -- under much title -- tighter security. you heard from the police be over.appears to laurel, just heard from the fbi special agent in charge of the investigation at the moment. he said we think we have a good handle on it we just want to can come some details. it was a direct quote from his statements. does it mean they know the motivation and what actually happened? too early tot is say and they do not know the motivation. people are wondering if members
10:55 am
are targeted as republicans or simply because of members of congress. they have given us very little information and they say it is an ongoing investigation. i do not think we learned a great dear -- a great deal more. whether they were taken to local hospitals, including the shooter himself. did test the local police officer said this is an isolated incident. they are continuing to talk to witnesses. >> we heard from the capitol hill police chief that the officers do not appear to be life-threatening at this point. you heard as well from the fbi special agent, he said first that it was not an assassination attempt and then clarified and said he misspoke and it was too early to say.
10:56 am
president donald trump has been informed and he was informed earlier. he will make a statement at 11:30 eastern. we will are you that statement from president trump. michael mckee, let me come back to you briefly. to we expecting janet yellen speak at two: 30 eastern? >> yes, i understand everything will proceed as scheduled, a 2:00 p.m. announcement from the fed and then janet yellen will hold hearings -- news conference as scheduled. newse: we expect another conference from alexandria police and potentially other -- others involved. you are watching bloomberg markets. ♪
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11:00 am
shot and expected to survive here undergoing surgery. police officers also shot p are from new york, vonnie quinn. mark barton, london. mark: anywhere from 50 to 100 shots were fired here the shooter was shot and is now encodes that he. senator jeff, represented mo brooks. event?they describe the iran out to stephen started then forressure and about 10 or 15 minutes, we did that. >>


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