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tv   Bloomberg Markets European Close  Bloomberg  June 15, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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quinn. this is the close of the european markets. ♪ mark: the top stories from around the globe and from the bloomberg. european stocks are drifting lower today. dissent grows within the bank of england. we will have the latest on the market move. in politics, president trump is speaking at the white house this hour had a jobs meeting. this comes as the special counsel is investigating the president for possible obstruction of justice. the president firing back, calling it a witch hunt. we have an interview for the american airlines chief executive doug parker. american shares continue to slide higher and the sometimes frosty relationship between airlines and customers.
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right, a look at where european equities are trading. hue to the board today. investors digesting with the fomc rate hike means for the rejection of future -- projection of future rates. all these currencies lower against the dollar. perceived as the more hawkish. look at the 10-year 10 basis point movement. after three dissenters, three voted for a rate hike. stocks down. chart to tellt you about the changes in the different performers of stoxx 600. it has been lagging since mid-may the s&p 500.
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does the relative performance which is downward. relative micro surprises starting to roll over from the two-year high. that's according to deutsche bank. the dominant market narratives of the coming months will be fading pmi on european equities. deutsche bank says multiple to contract further another 5%. central banks to a modest rise in real bond yields. negative, itduster would likely -- turn to a the s&p keeping deposit rate cu at a record low today. citing the strong currency and absence of price pressures. leroy down a smidgen. -- the hero down a smith -- -- the central
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negativeen using this rates plus purchases of foreign exchanges for 2.5 years to limit the frank's appeal. this has caused consumer prices to tumble. it is weighing on exporters. the frank was at 1.5% against the euor is of election outcomes in france and the netherlands. it does remain stronger than the single currency. retail sales of the u.k. today dropping, plunging in may for the second time in three months. rising inflation eating into the purchasing power of consumers. 90 minutes into the trading day in the u.s. what is it looking like? . i am tongue-tied julie: it's continuing in the u.s. still seeing some selling with the nasdaq, which is narrowing
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its lead as a result over the dow and s&p this year. still up about 14%, although it is around 3% below his record close. s&p up a percent on the year. selling is occurring in the hot momentum names that have done so remarkably well this year. a couple of chipmakers. nvidia has been hot before the most recent selloff. nvidia down about 1%. tesla has certainly been a hot momentum stock. it is trading up by 3%. we have some economic data in the united states. we were talking about the europe economic surprise data. in the united states it has been deteriorating. one of confidence from the national association of homebuilders. a four-month low in june. nowhere near its highest and 12 years, for we are seeing the
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homebuilders slide today. index homebuilders down 1%. we have to turn on the bloomberg, looking at some of the pressures on homebuilding. homebuilder etf is in blue. it has been trending up this multiyear chart. and index of confidence. it is coming down from the high. inventory is the key line. one of the things that has been pressuring the market and pushing prices higher, including demand to some extent, has been inventory of homes which has been shrinking. the want to take a look at the dollar and the 10-year a day after we got the fed's decision. selloff in the 10-years causing a three basis point bump, and the dollar rebounding by .5%, reversing the trend over the past week. the homeowners builders
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index, did you next rising more than forecasted with highs since 2014. the fed falling less than forecasted. that might be fueling some of the selling we are seeing that is pushing rates up. vonnie: julie, thank you for that instructive markets hit. thank you. we are awaiting comments from president donald trump at the white house with remarks on the apprenticeship and workforce of tomorrow initiative. he is expected to sign an executive order. we will bring you those comments live. this is bloomberg. ♪
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♪ mark: back in the world
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headquarters in london, time mark barton. counting down to the european close. vonnie: the stakes are high for airlines to serve customers adequately these days. american airlines scrapped its plan to reduce leg room by two inches after feedback from flyers. shares of american are of more than 6% this year. it sounds great but still lagging the airlines index. we have the ceo of american airlines, dell parker. it's a difficult time for airlines. consolidation has happened. more people are traveling than ever and more difficulty traveling than ever. what is the primary challenge for you right now? >> it has certainly been difficult for the team. one think that support does is make sure we know it's not our team. we have people doing phenomenal things for our customers everyday. we sometimes with the team a
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difficult situations. that is our fault, not the team members fault. our job is to make sure we don't put them -- we give them the tools to do their job. to take care of customers. that is what they are good at. and things like deciding to put that reduce -- deciding to reduce leg room on airlines. we need to take care of those customers. vonnie: when you hear things coming of the administration ban, with youp have to deal with potential situations that might arise? whateverwill implement the homeland security tells us they believe is proper security. as much as anybody or not more. we have been engaged, listening,
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and letting them know our views. are view is whatever is required to stay safe. please understand what it does to augmentation -- implementation. it will have a real cost and we should be aware of that. easier is always better. heavy figured out how much will impact earnings to activate a laptop ban? doug: it is hard to tell because we never had one. we have been in contact with some corporate clients. what they tell us is their view is it would not stop them from traveling just because they cannot bring a laptop. it would be an inconvenience they don't have. many companies today don't allow employees to take laptops to china at all. not only are they not allowed, to do about privacy. we had a case study with our customers flying the china without a laptop at all.
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--ie: with the troubled makel ban for laptop ban travel more saver in your opinion? doug: we're depending on the government to let us know what the review is about safety risk. we stay close and informed. they have the intelligence. they come to the conclusion that is required, we will implement it. we're trying to work to make sure everyone understands the ramifications. vonnie: that he had any direct conversations with president trump? doug: i have not. voice the regulation severely receiving congress? doug: some members of congress are struggling with it. we think is people learn more about it and understand what we are trying to accomplish here, which is sadly to improve the air traffic control system for the benefit of the flying public in a way that will allow us to
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do it other countries have done, with it to a not-for-profit corporation. get it out of the very difficult funding mechanism of the u.s. government and allow us to move into -- pushes one of the major actually announced so far it is not getting traction quickly. i guess you are saying it should. doug: we have more education to do. vonnie: but you are lobbying hard in washington? doug: we are. we will eventually find an infrastructure bill were written you done. we have seen terrorism-like activities over sponsor terrorism over the past couple of months. how is that impacted american's bottom line? what you looking for over the next 2-5 years? change in air travel around the globe. some people might not be making trips, for not to the extent for
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we are seeing in our demand for air travel. vonnie:. to or from any particular area? .oug: no vonnie: slight misses on things you like to do better on. pe, earnings, so forth. doug: we will continue to devote we are doing. our team is doing great stuff at american right now. we just won airline of the year for the first time since 1988. we are doing a great job of taking care of customers, taking care of our team. my personal view is the reason the stock looks undervalued is because people don't believe the industry has been transformed, that american has been transformed to the level where we are at today. it does not require heroic leaps of faith to believe the industry is undervalued. you will see the stocks are undervalued. the problem is people believing
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it has been transformed and we will not fall back to always and losing billions of dollars. vonnie: it has been fluctuating. you are effectively saying it is over when it comes to the airline industry? doug: it is cyclical. the economy moves in our revenues will move accordingly. our expenses move accordingly. but the level of earnings is so much higher than it was before. the cycles and the result in huge losses like they used to, just lower earnings. what are you planning in terms of fuel prices and hedging? doug: we don't hedge fuel prices. they tend in large part to vary with revenues and the economy. improves, it may go up but that's ok because revenue, if the economy does slow down, oil prices tend to fall and revenues will be down.
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vonnie: it only projections or anything? doug: we are not the best at that. we are good at running an airline. the answer i think is yes but have not followed closely enough. there was concern when it was raised. they asked for information, we provided it. vonnie: one more question about the changing profile of your investor base. 40% of high turnover. how is that impacting your performance as an executive? doug: 40% of low turnover. you're getting new investor base. field airline industry had very short-term investors because we cannot plan for the long-term. we are seeing a new group of investors come in. hard for hathaway is the highest growth -- berkshire hathaway is the highest profile.
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that conversation we had those investors is different than we have with our investors in the past. they are much more interested in where we will be in three to five years now instead of next month's revenue. we have always thought that way or tried to. it is encouraging. -- it shows we believe we are on the right track. vonnie: we have to leave it there. what is your favorite airport to travel in and out of? doug: dallas-fort worth. parker, thank you for joining us. mark: we are awaiting comments from president trump at the white house on the apprenticeship and workforce of tomorrow initiative. will bring you his comments live. this is bloomberg. ♪
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>> he continues his brave fight. it has been much more difficult than people even thought of the time. heis in some trouble, played is a great fighter and will be ok, we hope. i visited steve and his family the hospital last night.
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i reassured them the entire country is pulling for them, praying for them, and that we are here for them every single step of the way. and we meanarts, this in the truest sense, sends it to love. there are a lot of parts in this country and they are sending their love and support to the scalise family. steve and his own way may have brought unity to our long divided country. that had a very divided country for many years. madee a feeling that steve a great sacrifice, but they could be some unity the brought to our country. let's hope so. while at the hospital i also visited with special agent krystal griner, a terrific young woman of the capitol police and
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her family. she is one of the two capitol police officers who saved so many lives through her heroism, along with special agent david bailey. they ran right into the fire. they ran right into those guns and the bullets, and they saved a lot of lives. america salutes both of their courage. they have great, great courage. we salute the men and women of the alexandria police fire and rescue. and all the first responders. the timing and the speed and the professionalism was incredible. they performed with bravery and with skill. finally, our heartfelt prayers who waso matt micah, badly wounded in the assault. to matt's family, anything you need, we are here for you.
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hopefully he will be ok. hours it isficult more important to help each other, care for each other, and remind each other we are all great by our love of our and beautiful country. we are joined today by secretary ross, and secretary weinistrator ma mcmahon as train americans for the jobs of the teacher. we have a lot of companies moving into this country. you see the unemployment rate is at a very low level. job enthusiasm and manufacturing, business enthusiasm is at record levels. never been higher. a lot of good numbers are coming out, including almost $4 trillion in gain to the stock
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markets since the election. $4 trillion. we just signed a deal yesterday for hundreds of millions of dollars worth of equipment, military equipment to be made in this country for other countries. we have got it going. we have to make sure the people are going to be well-trained. i want to thank my daughter, ivanka, and her leadership. she has worked so hard on this. she understands how important it is. we are training people to have great, high-paying jobs. we are here to celebrate the dignity of work. it is a good term. dignity of work. and of greatness of the american worker, which i have been celebrating for a long time. probably would not be here if it were not for the american worker. the american worker sees what is happening in michigan and ohio and a lot of places where we had
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a huge impact in a short period of time i have been here in this administration has been involved. we have a lot of companies moving in. a lot of plants are being built and expanded. big ones are going to be announced very soon. we have very big names i can't tell you about now. we want to get them signed on the dotted line. we don't want to talk to quickly. sign on the dotted line, right? in just a few moments i will be signing an executive order to band apprenticeships and vocational training to help all americans find a rewarding career, earning great living, can support themselves and their families and loved going to work in the morning. we will be removing federal restrictions that have prevented many industries from creating an apprenticeship program. we have regulations on top of regulations. in history no one has gotten rid
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of some a regulations as the trump administration. that's one of the reasons we see the jobs and companies all taking and so strongly. some very good numbers will be announced in the near future as to gdp. we are empowering these companies, these unions, industry groups, federal agencies to go out and create new apprenticeships for millions of our citizens. apprenticeships place students integrate jobs without the crippling debt of traditional four-year college degrees. instead, of princesses -- apprentices earn all they learn -- earn while they learn. we are joined with apprentices who know how these can bring new hope and new opportunities. we are also joined with some of the country's great governors.
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i appreciate very much for being here. we just had a meeting in the cabinet room. charles ravel is here with us from wisconsin, where i just left actually yesterday. i was with governor walker. charles is a three-time combat veteran who bravely served our nation. highly respected. after charles came back from the war, he, likes so many other americans faced very tough economic times. charles began taking machine tool operation courses from a technical college. he immediately excelled. he was really, really good at it, they say. that is what they say. i have not checked. [laughter] where is charles? come here. [laughter] charles, they tell me.
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i want to check you out. [laughter] he immediately excelled. by the end of his year-long apprenticeship, charles will be making more than $60,000 a year and going up a lot higher than that. he loves what he does. i think you really love it. he loves it. charles, we thank you for your service to the country, both in the military and in exactly what you are doing right now which is so important. we congratulate you on this exciting new career. you will have some great future. thank you, charles. [applause] president trump: each apprentice here today has their own story and their own dreams. that is what they are, dreams. apprenticeships teach striving americans the skills they need to operate incredible machines. some of these machines are so
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intricate, so powerful, and really the word is they are incredible. this is not the old days. this is new and computerized and complicated. you really have to know what you're doing. and create amazing products to construct skyscrapers that touch the clouds, you look at the equipment today can go back 10 years ago, 20 years ago, it is from a different world, from a different planet. it is incredible. i just met with the governors from many states to discuss how we can work with them to expand apprenticeships and the apprentice programs. i am delighted to be here with ceo's of major companies who support the apprenticeship initiatives. we had a tremendous number of the biggest ceo's in the world here yesterday. we talked about this also. they are fully behind it,
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including however to help millions of talented young american women thrive and flourish in our economy. we are thrilled as well to have with us today congressman bobby scott and congresswoman virginia foxx, who cares so deeply about this effort. thank you. [applause] president trump: the strength of our nation will be determined by our ability to keep jobs in america, and we are going to keep them in america. you will not have companies fleeing like in the past. there will be a big price to pay for companies that want to leave, fire their workers, build a plant outside this country and think it will sell their product right back into the united states.
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there will be a big price to pay. but we want to keep jobs in america and we want to train people and higher american workers to fill those jobs. that is exactly what we are doing. we are really doing a job of it. i just want to thank all of our secretaries and everyone involved in the process. not only will our apprentices transform their lives, but they will also transform our lives in the truest sense. today's apprentices will construct the roads and bridges and move our citizens. they will bend the middle and and steal that shapes our cities, and pioneer the new technology that drives our commerce. but as we train the next generation of americans to do their jobs, all of us here today have to do our jobs. we have to join forces, join
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hands, and join together to restore the american dream for all of our people. one of the parts of the american dream is we are going to come down very, very hard. we already have. you have seen was going on at the border on this massive drug problem that we have in the united states. and frankly other countries have also. we are coming down very, very hard on it. if we don't, get is called shame on us. -- it is called shame on us. everyone that is worked so hard on this program and everybody in this room, including the reporters. god bless you. got bless america. let's go out and let stewart let's dorrific job -- a really terrific job of the apprentice program. thank you very much. [applause]
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vonnie: you are watching the president signing an executive order. we will get to see with that executive action entails in just a few moments. he said at the podium is the strength of the nation determined by keeping jobs in the united states. he mentioned things like they would be good numbers coming out in gdp reports in the coming weeks. we talked about plans for the u.s. to be announced very soon. the celebration of the dignity of work. getting around of applause for signing the executive action. earlier, the president mentioned the majority whip scalise, who is "in trouble -- in some trouble" in the hospital. causing the doctors and nurses a little bit more hassle than originally thought. he said talked and prayers to the majority whip.
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he thanked the first responders and the two were badly wounded yesterday that baseball practice. very good numbers are going to be announced on gdp. talking about how the dignity of a country is evident by the workers in the country. mark: stocks finishing the the session. down by a third of 1% today. industry groups rising. paul 19 were trading lower today. -- all 19 were trading lower today. investors digesting the fed's decision to raise rates and what the next move is going to be. it was a little more hawkish than somehow anticipated. this is the intraday chart for sterling against the dollar. look at the move midday upward. we were down by .5%.
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we rose as high as 131%. third of to -- they leave the npc. the hawks in the labor market. the other voting to keep rates at a record low at 25%. -- .25%. this comes as inflation rises to a four-year high of 2.9%. fellverage earnings growth more than expected. talks are uncertain and the economy slows. is an uneasy backdrop. inflation could rise more than 3%. that is a big concern monday npc hawks. this is the 10-year yield.
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we fell the 92 basis points. what a move in the last couple of days. the lowest since october. the highest move since january in the wake of a more hawkish poe. the final chart today, the really important chart when new look in the backdrop of the u.k. economy. the white line is the household savings. very low, the lowest levels since 1960. the blue line israel average earnings. they are negative right now. this is why the bank of england has such a tricky task, even though inflation is rising to its highest level in four years. abigail, how's it looking? abigail: we are seeing ripple of effects. we do have yields trading higher, the 10-year up about four basis points. bands selloff which is helping the dollar.
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where we are seeing the biggest reaction is bitcoin. the crypto currency we don't look at too much. on pace forit was its worst decline since january 2015. midpoint, they came at -- bitcoin came into existence after the fed started putting on extraordinary accommodations. some thinking it was an alternative. today they think they think maybe the fed is serious in terms of tightening. we are seeing effects across the sector class. we hopped to the bloomberg and look at 9101. we have a great chart that shows this is out of the election. on the bottom we have energy which is clearly not doing well. in blue, the s&p 500 up about 13.5%. the point to be made, in yellow we have the financials. white, techen --
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took over. fed sounding a bit hawkish. we have tech trading lower in the banks are once again leading the trump train. pretty extraordinary. mark: prime minister theresa may, time for the on her side after reaching this broad agreement on a program for governing the u.k. the next few days are crucial to try to close the deal with northern ireland before the queen's's speech next week. june 21. upended bys been this tragedy, but it has seeped in the politics. parents.d a plan to it was supposed to be his moment today. a softer brexit vision for this government. i understand speaking the that all government
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resources will be concentrated on this. we have been want casualties will be significantly higher. hundreds of people. we only know of 17 confirmed dead, but the numbers are going to grow. public anger is a men's. -- is immense. -- he hasbyn attended been on site. may criticized on social media for not talking to the victims, towards jeremy corbyn showed what is being called war. the territorys that makes me uncomfortable. to do this with the same kind of appealing to the crowd in a way the opposition can. another problem is her staff. the housing minister. there have been many delays in inquiries and regulations.
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people are looking for answers and nothing the government is well aware there will be questions about who is responsible and who is going to take -- mark: it plays into the austerity narrative, which is being used by the opposition labor party. but only since the outcome of the election, the leading up to election day itself. svenja: i think we have to treat them with some caution because there is no direct evidence yet set the fire services contributed to the number of fatalities. these things will be paramount. people will see these questions and support a narrative that is not good for the government that is been struggling with their response to the terror attacks with controversies over cuts to police. servicehave the fire and huge human tragedy. mark: we do have a day for the
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queen's's speech, june 21, next week. it will interrupt her africa trip, albeit temporarily. what will be in it? versiona slimmed down of some of the stuff we had in the manifesto. at the moment the government has to get engaged. it could not stay in limbo forever. not really formalized the deal. the talks are ongoing. at the moment it is daylight a. mark: -- it is day by day. mark: think you very much. vonnie: let's check on the first word news. courtney donohoe is here with more. horny: the american college student released fight north korea in a, suffered a severe neurologic of industry according to a spokesperson at the
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university of cincinnati medical center. he arrived at the hospital two days ago. he was serving a 15 year prison term after trying to steal a propaganda innerm -- banner of visiting north korea. president trump reacted on twitter after a word that special prosecutor robert miller now appears to be examining whether the president trying to abstract justice. according to people familiar muellere matter, sm about theview people president trying to get people to back up the investigation into michael flynn. the british leader made the decision today shortly after making a private visit to the site where at least 17 people were killed yesterday. the cause of the fire is under investigation. officials are not helpful about finding more survivors. there is a report that brexit
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talk to to the u.k. and the european union will begin on monday. that comes from politico, which site people emily with the matter. there were fears negotiations might put -- might be put on hold after theresa may's party lost seats in parliament. global news 24 hours a day powered by more than 2600 journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries.. i'm courtney donohoe. this is bloomberg. vonnie: president trump spoke moments ago that made no mention of robert mueller. we will speak with neck ackerman have what he thinks about the obstruction of justice probe. this is bloomberg. ♪
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mark: by mark barton. this is the european close. lowerel macron says corporate tax rate will make france a bit more attractive. he is speaking in paris. do watch the speech on the bloomberg. he is pledging to bring profound revolutions of the french economy. he wants more french innovation to be developed in france, as well as lower corporate tax rate will make france more attractive. macron speaking at the paris conference. vonnie: never a dull moment these days in washington. president trump telling twitter they are witnessing the single greatest witchhunt in american history. this comes after special ueller isr robert mil said to be spending his probe into the 2016 election. looking at president trump's potential role. let's bring in nick akerman.
11:45 am
he was an assistant special prosecutor during watergate and currently a dorsey and with the partner. -- whitney partner. how does something like this get expanded? when you president trump, according to several reports, was under investigation. happened because he lied about trucking justice by telling the the fbi director to stop the investigation into mike flynn. i was a direct obstruction of justice which he basically admitted to a national tv and admitted to the russian ambassador the day after he did it. vonnie: isn't this more than opinions? we know there is an investigation ongoing. it's an instruction of justice is not the same thing as the department of justice deciding it is. ck: whatever facts are
11:46 am
finally determined for the term in whether or not information is provided to the house judiciary committee that may be investigating impeachment. it may form the basis of other people who may have been involved in this obstruction. it clearly is an instruction of justice. there is no question the president asked comey to stop the investigation. admitted to lesser hope the reason he did it was the era of the russian thing. he admitted to the russian ambassador and calling comey jobher job that he -- a nut now you the investigation off his back. indication is whether or not the perpetrator acted with corrupt intent, which simply means they act with the intent to obstruct, in peter deboer influence the investigation. here we have done that. we are three other pieces to this that are also out in the public domain. vonnie: how will the prosecutor
11:47 am
prove intent? trump's ownve admission which you never get. you never get that in a million years. vonnie: now he is calling it a witchhunt. nick: before he admitted he fired the director because he wanted to get rid of this investigation, he admitted to the russians he did it. on top of that you have this news now with a topic is to the unexpected that they have called the director of the national security agency, they have called and the national security otes, who rogers and caot reportedly told by the president to stop the investigation being conducted by the fbi. you have two other witnesses. on top of that you have this whole pretext that came up with respect to why the president fired comey. vonnie: you are back working on this.
11:48 am
let's imagine you in the office and trying to get to flip the witness were convinced that witness with a deal of some kind. day-to-day is-- a proceeding? apparently they were given the same direction by the president. the other obvious avenues are the firing of the director, which was first announced at the white house based on the rosenstein memo. it turns out the president again admitted he had already decided to fire comey. vonnie: who talks? it gives the verbal justification for deciding there has been impeachment? nick: who was the witness? you have director coming, to rogers, themey,
11:49 am
president. he has confirmed it all. vonnie: in your opinion there is no doubt that the president will be impeached? nick: i think it is heading that way. the key piece of this, even though you don't approve motive in an obstruction case, if i was investigating this case i would be looking very pointedly at michael flynn. why is it the president was so concerned about stopping that investigation and a michael flynn? vonnie: that is definitely a separate matter. nick: it is not because he goes to the president's motive. is he concerned double play will be indicted and convicted. and gains record -- -- james -- i think you concentrate on the national security people.
11:50 am
they will cooperate with director comey said. you concentrate on motive because motive is important. is worriedident about all the sudden michael flynn is going to turn state's evidence and king the president as his get out of jail card free, that would be an extremely important motive in terms of intent toe corrupt obstruct the investigation. vonnie: if the president or his team hired you, what advice would you give the right now? nikck: they have no choice but o cooperate. vonnie: what would be your defense of impeachment charge? nick: i don't think there is much on this obstruction charge. the biggest thing he has done is admitted it. vonnie: you would not take the case? nick: i have no desire to take this case, not in a minute. vonnie: thank you nick akerman for joining us today.
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we will be doing some battles of the charts. mark: botc is next. with the u.s. and u.k. cpi data. this is bloomberg. ♪
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♪ botc time, battle of the charts. the most compelling and telling charts of the day. you can access them on the bloomberg by running the function featured at the bottom of your screen. kicking things off today, taylor. taylor: i'm always lucky number one. with the big action this week, i'm looking at inflation. let's start with the boe. they were making news this morning. talking about an overshoot and inflation. you can look at the cpi. energy of 2.6%. that's a little bit of mark carney's problem.
11:54 am
he saw the emergence and the votes on props raising rates later this year. let's come to the u.s. the inflation story is a little different for janet yellen. you see the drop in the white line, a little bit of the dis inflation she was talking about yesterday. we are continuing to raise rates. it is not necessarily a huge problem for her. we spoke with two experts. both are on bloomberg surveillance this morning saying she is worried about asset bubble risk. volatility is low. that is why they are raising rates. not too concerned about the drop in core cpi. it away, vonnie: i will talk about china. the theysting thing is are not as worried about the fed is they used to be. it is actually leading the fed
11:55 am
after last three or four months. that's according to several analysts we talked to. look at interest rates in china. they have increased by one whole percentage point, 100 basis points. up around 3%. china has also moved to the yuan. it was below 680. his back around the 680 market again. china was making an effort to boost the yuan. the chinese followed the fed and raise rates like we did. they are no meeting the fed to an extent. we will see with that takes us. you can see it on the bloomberg. a really easy want to load. mark: i love topical charts. it is as topical as it gets, but i have noticed my coanchor likes her chinese charts. she keeps showing them on the
11:56 am
botc. today china did not follow the fed and money market rates. things are changing. vonnie, you where the winner today. well done, taylor. wonderful chart. tomorrow, don't miss bloomberg's real yield. fresh off the fed's rate decision, jonathan ferro sits down. they will give us their perspective on the fixed income market. this is bloomberg. ♪
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scarlet: it is noon in new york, 5:00 in london. welcome to the bloomberg markets. ♪
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vonnie: from bloomberg world headquarters, he is top stories on bloomberg and around the world that we are following. central-bank watch, the bank of england policymakers deepen their divergence. robert mueller is expanding the scope of his investigation to see whether donald trump tried to obstruct justice. bid, the company is writing messaging startup/-- start up flash. phenomenal figures, here is another, julie hyman. we are halfway through the trading day. this is the same playbook we have seen


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