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tv   Bloomberg Markets The Trump Economy  Bloomberg  June 16, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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congressional investigation. the chairman of the senate judiciary committee may look at the possibility president trump have abstract and justice. the president is expected to announce a new policy on u.s. cuba relations this hour. he will outline plans made during the previous administration. and there's away from a special election in georgia, we look at the huge quantity of cash in that campaign. said toial election is have cost $60 million when all is said and done. another headache for president trump. the senate judiciary committee close to launching a new investigation into whether the president obstructed justice. ron rosenstein has privately acknowledged that he may need to
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recuse himself from matters related to the russian involvement in the election. joining me now is steven dennis. let me start with the part about the attorney general rob why, according to abc, is he considering recusing himself from the investigation? steven: he could and up as a witness in the program as the firing of jim comey. that is now also the subject of this emerging new and big senate judiciary committee investigation into the same issue. tromso legal problems are just metastasizing today. david: you look at who is investigating what. investigation by the senate judiciary committee differ from what is ongoing and convened by the senate intelligence committee? steven: they would look specifically at this justice question. dianne feinstein, chuck grassley, want to look at all
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the reasons why comey was fired and there is potentially a lot of witnesses that they would bring up, including jeff sessions again, jim comey, people jim comey talk to contemporaneously, his discussions with trump. there are a lot of things that they could dig into. some republicans are nervous about this. john cornyn does not think this is a good idea. he would rather everything stay in the senate intelligence committee and let the special counsel bob mueller look into the question of obstruction. grassley isw, chuck emerging and saying we need to look into this. david: help me understand what the conversation is like between the chairman of the committee and the ranking member. what are they hammering out at this point, what do they have to settle before we get to an investigation or no investigation? steven: they need to have an agreement on the full scale of the investigation, subpoena power, who they are going to
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have in the committee for hearings, how hard they are going to go. how big a step they will have. all of that they are negotiating now. dianne feinstein earlier today, sortthe president tweeted of an unbelievable tweet about people at the justice department , she is now saying that she is worried the president will fire ron rosenstein and bob mueller, and is accusing the president of violating his oath of office with these tweets. this is heating up, as we speak. david: a string of tweets this morning. he said -- what are lawmakers and their staffers saying about their confidence in bob mueller's abliility to handle the investigation? steven: trump may not like
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mueller, but every senate republican i have talked to has confidence in bob mueller. jeff sessions was here testifying on tuesday. he said he had confidence in bob mueller. the president is kind of on an island. there are nobody here attacking ron rosenstein, bob dollar. -- mueller. it seems like this week is the week that senate republicans began to push back on the president. they also had russia sanctions this week, prevented -- this new bill would prevent lifting sanctions on his own, really rating in the president. david: i imagine it's a quiet friday there on capitol hill. what is on the agenda next week vis-a-vis these investigations? steven: we will hear more from grassley and feinstein, maybe finalize the agreement. senate intelligence will have an open hearing on wednesday into russian interference in the elections.
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also on election security, this is an increasing issue. people worried about hacking into the actual voting systems themselves. that will be an issue on wednesday. dennis, appreciate the time. one of our congressional reporters. speech thising a afternoon by president trump in miami, florida. expecting him to rollback changes president obama made to u.s. policy with cuba. joining us now is to lose already got. let me ask you about the purpose of this speech, the timing of it. the president spoke in some detail when he was a candidate about the changes that president obama put into effect with regard to cuba. what can we expect to hear from him today? toluse: the president will go back to one of the sites he visited on the campaign trail where he made a big speech promising the cuban-american community that he would roll back several of the changes
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president obama made in his administration to open up relations between the united states and cuba. the president will announce some restrictions, scaling back those major changes that obama made him including restricted on travel, restrictions on business that would restrict money from going to the cuban military. that is what the white house as taurus not want, dollars, business dollars going from americans to the cuban military. they will put in a number of regulations to restrict money from going to the cuban regime. they still want money to go to cuban-american small businesses but they don't not want the regime to benefit. david: we are looking at a local congressman in florida representing miami in the house, a republican speaking before the president takes the stage. let me turn now to kevin cirilli, our chief washington correspondent. what has changed since president obama put these changes in
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effect, have we seen an uptick in tourism, business, in that relationship between the u.s. and cuba? kevin: yes, we have. when you look at the tourism industry, the airline industry, when you look at even the r&d in cuba, all of that has increased. but clearly the florida constituency of conservative cuban-americans, a constituency that was really part of the reason that president trump, then candidate trump was able to carry the key battle state ground of florida, they have been against president obama's administration's policies pertaining to cuba of easing those diplomatic and economic ties. i think when you're seeing now, no question, marco rubio has been one of the most outspoken conservatives opposed to former president obama's policies with cuba. there is a reason he is down there with the president as we speak. this is something that plays to the heart of cuban-american conservatives who come in
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florida, are such an important voting constituency and have risen several humanitarian concerns with the castro regime. despite overwhelmingly holes suggesting americans like and enjoy this more warm business relationship and tour is a relationship with cuba, there is a strong and vocal constituency that the president is listening to as he is about to give his remarks. david: marco rubio travel done with the president to miami alongside congressman diaz. toluse, you wrote the piece talking about those business considerations. farther've gone much when it comes to tourism, in particular. some ofill allowing those changes put into effect to stand. were several changes that president obama put
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into place that will continue. if you want to travel as an individual, you will be able to go as part of a group. they still want to support those people to people ties that president obama talked about that they think will help the cuban people. things like bringing back rum and cigars from cuba, something president obama talked about, no changes to that policy as well. president trump will also keep the embassy in the united states , the cuban embassy here will continue to operate as it has operated under the obama administration, which opened up a couple years ago. several changes that are not being made, in part, because the trump administration realizes it would be very drastic to completely repeal all of the changes that obama made. several of those changes also have bipartisan support. you have senators like jeff flake who supported many of the changes that president obama has made and has said that he has a majority in the senate, even a veto proof geordie that would
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overrule some of the changes that president trump wants to make. there is some pushback to what president trump is doing and that is one of the reasons why they did not completely rollback all of the changes president obama did when he made those changes a couple years ago. david: as we wait for the president to speak, let me ask you about that history, those changes made by the president. bit of diplomacy that was not known to the secretary of state at the time, john kerry, a small group try to affect these changes. toluse: president obama's inner circle was heavily involved in these changes. they were supported by the pope in the vatican, who also wanted to have closer relationships between cuba and the united states, a long-running relationship that had been icy. placebargo had been in for more than 50 years and president obama sent rose down
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to cuba to do some diplomacy behind closed doors. they were able to open up the embassies, and we saw flights beginning to land in cuba in the last couple of years. several changes. one of the landmark achievements of president obama's administration was that rapprochement with cuba. it is being rolled back by the trump administration but it is definitely not completely being overruled because some of those changes would be too hard to completely repeal. david: there is a hierarchy to the events like these. marco rubio speaking to the crowd. the congressman spoke before him. kevin, you had a scoop on the bloomberg terminal, talking about the investigation of russian involvement into the u.s. election. you write about how president trump's campaign committee staff has been told to preserve a lot of the data and documents they
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had from the campaign. president trump tweeting that he is being investigated by authorities for firing james comey. he is calling this a witchhunt. meanwhile, rod rosenstein has also reportedly said that he may have to recuse himself from all of this, given the increasing pressure from the white house about potential conflict of interest. i spoke with two sources who received a letter that we are reporting on from the campaign, they were told to preserve any and all documents, not just for the special counsel, but also for the congressional investigations committees. let's read a portion of that letter written by campaign director. although i'm confident that there was no wrongdoing by the campaign or otherwise, it's important documents or other materials relating to the committee's work are destroyed, lost, or otherwise become unavailable to the congressional committees or the special counsel.
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just before i came on air, i did talk with someone who received this letter who told me, frankly, the mood amongst the former trump campaign is one of angst, as they do not know where the investigation is headed. david: before we take a pause, we have marco rubio speaking in florida. later in the program i'm speaking with patrick leahy, someone who along with jeff flake, has been adamant in calling for open relationships between the u.s. and cuba. when you look at senator rubio, what is happening in congress vis-a-vis this relationship, what kind of changes is he trying to affect from the hell? toluse: [no audio] there is a significant lobbying effort amongst the tour is an industry, other cuban business leaders here who are working to try to keep these economic policies from the obama administration in place. again, it is such a boon to various financial and tourism sectors.
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that said, there also a large contingency of lawmakers who support those sectors. people like senator marco rubio are very much going to be listening again to the constituency of cuban-american conservatives who are against this. senator rand paul is for this. some republicans agree with what the president is doing now. david: appreciate it, kevin cirilli. appreciate you being here as well. marco rubio speaking on the stage in miami. you can watch his comments live on the bloomberg. let's get a check on where the markets stand with abigail doolittle. >> after a flurry of activity the $13.7ng on billion acquisition of whole foods by amazon, we are looking at small moves. investors are tired, not only do
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we have that deal they are contending with, but we have the fed early this week, the tech selloff. all three major averages are lower. the dow had been higher, on pace for a record close. the nasdaq drowned -- down by all three major averages are about .10%. the dow is up for weeks in a row, while the nasdaq is down. the worst sector for the s&p 500 , consumer staples, done more than 1%. it seems that amazon whole foods deal is leaving no sector untouched. sharply.liers down united natural foods kraft heinz, general mills. the one i want to focus on is , paring itsal foods losses in a huge way. earlier down 25%, the worst drop since 1996. the company received already 4% of its revenue from whole foods.
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investors were panicked that that could be disrupted. the company saying the contract will remain in place. it will be interesting to see how this plays out in the weeks and months ahead. as for the best sector, a bit of a shift, energy. energy stocks trading higher, in sympathy with oil. two of the e&p companies and even chevron, one of the big oil names trading higher. oil is the first day in about three. as for the week, a different picture. oil is down for a fourth week in a row. there are those for down weeks in a row, as investors contend with what the global oil supply glut means. inventories on wednesday. one trader told me it was bearish across the board. bearishthe longest
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stretch since 2015. that may extend into next week. right now, a bright spot on the day, but for the week energy is down. you.: thank president trump expected to speak any moment in miami. we will bring you those remarks as soon as they begin. marco rubio talking to supporters of president trump in miami. you can watch his comments live on the bloomberg. this is bloomberg. ♪
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david: i'm david gura. this is bloomberg markets. president trump is in miami. you can see rick scott, the governor speaking right now on the heels of a speech from marco rubio. let's check in on the first word news with mark crumpton. the top democrat on the
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judiciary committee says she is increasingly concerned president trump will attempt to fire special counselor robert mueller and deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. russianis investigating interference in u.s. elections and possibly russian ties to the trump campaign. the president confirmed in a tweet today he was under investigation and call the investigation a witchhunt. california senator dianne feinstein says the president a messageare sending that he does not believe the rule of law does not apply to him and then anyone else who believes otherwise will be fired. defense secretary james mattis has not decided on the u.s. troop increase in afghanistan. that is according to the pentagon. previous reports had stated the u.s. was sending almost 4000 additional american troops.
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doesn'tmattis says he have enough forces to help afghanistan's army against a resurgent taliban. a rising threat of islamic state is also fueling calls for a stronger u.s. presence. angela merkellor has come out against a proposed expanded u.s. sanctions against russia. the plan passed in the senate would target energy companies doing business with russia. he could threaten a plan gas pipeline between germany and russia. spokesperson said a u.s. section should not play a role in harming europe's economy. queen elizabeth and prince william met with volunteers who helped survivors of that london high-rise apartment fire. they went to a site near the disaster where community groups had been gathered supplies. at least 30 people were killed, dozens are reported missing. police say they hope the death toll does not reach triple to figures. global news 24 hours a day powered by more than 2600 journalists and analysts in over 120 countries.
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i'm mark crumpton. this is bloomberg. david: senate republicans are hammering out a health care bill behind closed doors on capitol hill in washington. libby cantrill, head of public policy at pimco was on surveillance earlier today. she talked about the prospect of that bill becoming law. --the senate and the house not many senators know exactly what is going to be in this draft. for good reason. mitch mcconnell, he knows how to do this. he is trying to prevent any sort of leaks. young to know this. i remember when there were actual committee meetings and brought the gavel, let's bring the meeting to order. back to theou go obamacare debate, it took about a year from what it was introduced to what it was introduced to when it was signed
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into law. 100 hearings in the senate, 90 here is in the house. very recently, we saw the committee process working. this is hard for the senate. mitch mcconnell realizes this. this bill is very unpopular, a 20% approval rating, but they feel they have to deliver on something because they need to put all their campaign promise. so they are stuck between a rock and a hard place, so to speak. do they pass a pretty unpopular bill, or do they not do anything and then fail on a campaign promise? threading the needle here is difficult. just an overall question, do you believe there is more appetite in the congress to push things like this through, so that there is not so much press focus on testimonies, leaks? >> for sure, members of congress on both sides of the aisle want to show that they can govern, that they are fulfilling their
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duties to the american public. it is difficult, however, when ,he news cycle is distracting especially with the white house and a president coming out against some of the positions on legislation. tom alluded to his view on health care bill. recently, he was very supportive of this bill. then he said it was mean. members of congress are trying to stay focused, the pressure is on them to deliver, but it's a difficult policymaking environment. david: that was libby cantrill of pimco speaking earlier today. we see the governor of florida rick scott speaking in little havana in miami ahead of the president. donald trump has traveled to miami to deliver a speech centered on u.s. policy and cuba. this was a focus point of president obama's foreign policy, made some pretty radical changes to that relationship in the last few years of his and
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ministration. i want to bring back in kevin cirilli from washington. vice president mike pence coming on the stage. he has been in miami for a meeting with leaders from countries in latin america. mike pence walking out onto the stage, introduced by governor rick scott. kevin, talk about the economic motivations for a change to this policy. there was a lot of concern about that when president obama made his changes to the relationship. what have we seen in these intervening years? you have seen an alleviation of those concerns, especially when you talk to the tour is him industry, airlines, what have you. there is no question the trump administration is not going as far as then candidate trump had promised on the campaign trail, saying he would totally reverse everything. what you're watching on the screen with mike pence, the governor, top lawmakers, is really a who's who of republican
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politics in florida. this is such a key battleground state. thatis really something has been put by conservatives down there, a vocal majority of conservatives down there in florida. what you will hear from president trump, i think we have to remember the backdrop to all of this. it was a couple weeks ago when the president traveled to saudi arabia and announced that diplomatic relationship building their. that caused some grumblings on the right. by easing back these sanctions, he is perhaps using those same critics. david: that is kevin cirilli who is watching what is happening in miami. mike pence speaking before his boss, donald trump. we will carry that speech shortly. this is bloomberg. ♪
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david: this is bloomberg markets. david: we await remarks from the president. he is at a theater in little havana.
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we await his remarks on u.s. policy and cuba. mike pence now speaking. we will wait for comments from the president and bring you those live as they begin. rick scott has also spoken. marco rubio delivered some remarks. a local congressman was also there as well. to maket the president some changes to what president obama implemented a couple years back. we see the president now walking onto the stage. this is a few blocks away from the miami river front. the president traveling down to deliver these remarks. ake pence down there for summit of latin american leaders earlier this week. [applause]
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president trump: thank you, everybody. thank you very much. great honor. thank you to my truly great friend vice president mike pence. he is terrific. [applause] and thank you to miami. we love miami. [applause] saying that i'm glad secretary of state rex tillerson and i, along with a very talented team, were able to
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warmbier back with his parents. [applause] what has happened to him is a truly terrible thing, but at least the ones who love him so much can now take care of him and be with him. also, my dear friend steve scalise took a bullet for all of us, and because of him and the tremendous pain and suffering he is now enduring, he is having a hard time, far worse than anybody thought, our country closer, morebecome .nified, so important so we all owe steve a big, big thank you. [applause]
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and let's keep the warmbier family and the shkreli's family and all the victims of the congressional shooting in our hearts and prayers. , and ourite a day police officers were incredible, weren't they? they did an incredible job. [applause] us all pray for a future of, unity, and safety for all of our people. [applause] and for cuba. i'm so thrilled to be back here with all of my friends in little havana. i love it. [applause] i love this city. thank you. thank you.
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this is an amazing community. , socuban-american community much love. i saw that immediately. thank you, darling. oh, do i love you, too. when you have built here, a vibrant culture, thriving neighborhood, the spirit of adventure, a testament to what a free cuba can be. cuba is's help, a free but we will soon achieve. [applause]
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>> usa! usa! usa! usa! david: and i don't even mind that it is 100 10 degrees of pierre. this room is packed. it was not designed for this. i would like to thank the fire department. we are delighted to be joined by so many friends and leaders of our great community. i want to express my deep gratitude to a man that has really become a friend of mine. i want to tell you, he is one tough competitor, senator marco rubio. great guy. [applause] tough.
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man. he is tough, and he is good, and he loves you. to another friend of mine, congressman mario diaz-balart. i will tell you, i love what he said and i appreciate it. mario, i appreciated what you said, so much. [applause] in fact, i was looking for mario, i wanted to find him. they said he was on stage. i almost tracked him offstage to thank him. now he is offstage. really appreciate it. i also want to thank my good friend and a man who was of tremendous support in the state of florida, for being with us, governor rick scott. [applause]
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he is doing a great job. i hope he runs for the senate. i know i'm not supposed to say that. i hope he runs for the senate. rick, are you running? huh? i don't know, marco, we have to get him. i hope he runs for the senate. we are deeply honored to be joined by a amazing veterans of the bay of pigs. [applause] these are great people, amazing people. i have wonderful memories from our visit during the campaign.
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that was some visit. right before the election. i guess it worked, right? , florida as a whole and is community supported us by tremendous margins. we appreciate it. but including one of the big and that was the honor of getting the bay of pigs award just before the election, and it is great to be gathered in a place named for a truce euro of the cuban people. you know what that means. [applause] i was also looking forward to welcoming today to people who are not present. bertaaniel ferrer, and soler, were both prevented from leaving cuba for this event. so we acknowledge them, they are
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great friends. great help. [applause] and although they could not be with us, we are with them, 100%. we are with them, all right? finally, i want to recognize everyone in the audience who has their own painful but important story to tell about the true and brutal nature of the castro regime. brutal. dissidents, the exiles, and the children of operation peter pan. you know what that means. [applause] the cafes, gather in churches, the streets of this incredible area and city to speak the truth and to stand for justice. [applause]
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and we want to thank you all for being a voice for the voiceless. there are people, it is voiceless, but you are making up the difference, so we want to thank you. this group is amazing. just incredible -- you are an incredible group of talented, passionate people. thank you. credible group of people. many of you witnessed terrible crimes committed in service of a depraved ideology. you saw the dreams of generations held by captive and just literally you look at what happened and what communism has done. you new faces that disappeared, it locked in prisons, and believers persecuted for preaching the word of god. white,ched the women in bruised, bloody, captured on their way from mass.
1:41 pm
you have heard the chilling cries of loved ones or the cracks of firing squads piercing through the ocean breeze. not a good sound. among the courageous cuban dissidents with us on stage your rocher who was imprisoned by the castro regime 15 years ago. [applause] [no audio]
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>> for the cuban liberty. mr. president, we have the cuban people. the people inside my eyes, my homeland thank you. thank you. we appreciate your love. david: thank you. president trump: thank you. wow. that is pretty good.
1:43 pm
she did not know she was going to do that. i can tell you. thank you very much. imprisoned for 17 years. where is he? imprisoned for over 20 years. [applause] thank you. thank you. very brave people. the exiles and dissidents here today have witnessed communism
1:44 pm
destroy a nation, just as communism has destroyed every single nation where it has ever been tried. [applause] but we will not be silent in the face of communist oppression any longer. , youave seen the truth have spoken the truth, and the , thishas now called us group, called us to action. thank you. last year i promise to be a voice against repression. in our region, remember, tremendous repression, and a voice for the freedom of the cuban people. you heard that pledge, you exercised the right you have to vote. you went out and you voted, and here i am, like i promised. [applause]
1:45 pm
like i promised. i keep my promises. sometimes in politics they take a little bit longer, but we get there. don't we get there? you better believe it, mike. we get there. thank you. no, we keep our promise. now that on your president america will expose the crimes of the castro regime and stand with the cuban people in their struggle for freedom. because we know it is best for america to have freedom in our
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hemisphere, whether in cuba or venezuela, and do have a future where the people of each country can live out their own dreams. [applause] to back oute going of this for a little bit, the president speaking in little havana. kevin cirilli has been standing by listening to what the president had to say. let's begin by talking about the political power of the group gathered in that theater. he is talking to people who are fairly conservative when it comes to the relationship with cuba. thus far it's been about the political importance of that relationship that his political party has had with this group of people in miami. hit the nail on the head as to who he is surrounded himself with. marco rubio as well as people like the governor rick scott, who he's says may even run for
1:47 pm
senate. i thought that was interesting. clearly some political undertones there. the importance of that conservative cuban-american constituency that helped him to win the battleground state of florida. he also said communism has destroyed a nation, taking a clear political attack against cuba, just 90 minutes off our shore. right before i came on air, while the president was speaking, i was speaking with senator leahy of vermont who said candidly he very much disagrees with this. he thinks this is going to hurt , froms. relationship with a national security perspective, by not being able to do business with a country 90 miles off our shore, but also risen the point that why can america go to a host of other dictatorships and communist countries like saudi arabia? those questions will continue. we should also know that not all republicans agree with what the president is doing now, despite
1:48 pm
this being something of a fulfillment from what candidate trump said on the campaign trail. people like rand paul very much disagree with the actions the president is taking. david: i cannot wait to hear that interview with senator leahy. i wonder if you asked about the senate judiciary committees consideration of launching an investigation on the president into obstruction of justice. he is a high-ranking member of the committee. kevin: he is frustrated. he is frustrated they cannot get some of these folks to testify senatethe janet -- judiciary committee. people like james comey as well as attorney general jeff sessions testified before the senate and intelligence committee, but he is frustrated that that is not going on. he also said they need to be more forthcoming about documents. earlier today i reported that jones day, the law firm working with the administration, the transition scene, telling everyone that works with them, old on to those documents.
1:49 pm
they anticipate there could be subpoenas, and they will have to comply with those subpoenas. kevin cirilli joining us from capitol hill as we monitor the remarks from the president. he says the obama era policy on cuba did not make sense. you continue watching what he is saying on the bloomberg. much more in a moment on bloomberg markets. ♪
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david: this is "bloomberg markets." i'm david gura. it has been a busy week in washington as investigations into his campaign continue. continue to speak in miami on cuba policy. megan murphy is the editor of bloomberg businessweek. sahil kapur is also with us as well as chris strohm. presidenthave the speaking in miami. such a seismic change when ben rose went down to cuba in a many group, unbeknownst to
1:52 pm
members of the administration affecting the changes he did. what effect does that have on the relationship between the two countries and business generally? >> cuba was always going to be a long haul, a lack of infrastructure, how you set of businesses, the lack of digitalization of the country. it was stuck decades in the past. a move go in there and do heavy investment we have only seen since obama change the policy. what is interesting about this, you have seen american companies make investments down there knowing it was for the long haul. american airlines opening up routes. airbnb doing well there as cubans open up their homes. what's interesting about this rollback of part of the policy that president trump is announcing is the signal it's sending. one thing it's important for viewers to note, we are not the only ones interested in cuba's advancement. have movedussia resources there, have looked to investing their. our signaling of our withdrawal sends an opposite signal to two
1:53 pm
powers who have interest down there as well. david: we were talking with kevin cirilli. he was speaking to patrick leahy about his restoration with what is happening today in miami. you about what lawmakers are saying about what they may do to perhaps stall some of the changes the president is proposing? >> one thing we know, jeff flake from arizona has legislation that would do the opposite of what president trump is doing. it would ease restrictions on travel to cuba for americans. he is very much in favor of the steps president obama took. he says the bill has 55 cosponsors, predict it would pass with 70 votes. certainly some dissent in congress among democrats and republicans to the move. on the other hand, you have some lawmakers who are very much in favor of what the president is doing, most notably marco rubio, cuban-american senator from
1:54 pm
florida. lawmakersis strohm, are concerned about this issue as well as investigations going on on capitol hill. action underway in the senate judiciary committee to get an investigation going on the grounds of obstruction of justice. how could that change the contours of the investigation overall? >> the senate judiciary committee is ramping up its involvement in the investigation. up until now, the senate intelligence committee has been leading the way. the top democrat on the senate judiciary committee, dianne feinstein, month to hear from key witnesses. they are talking about issuing subpoenas. einstein is also saying that she is now concerned that president trump may actually try to fire the deputy attorney general at the justice department. president trump opened up a of attack to day, created new friction with the justice department. megan murphy, how safe is
1:55 pm
bob mueller, rob rosenstein, guys who are now in charge of the investigation? respects, inn many charge of the justice department because jeff sessions has recused himself. interesting how much of our time we spend parsing words from donald trump's tweets, whether he is referring to mueller or rosenstein. i think the president's closest advisers know it would be catastrophic to fire bob mueller, no question. whether or not that makes any difference as to what the president does is another matter. we can see he is having a lot of difficulty containing himself, his anger over this, we see the tweets this morning talking about a witchhunt exacerbating it. many suggest he is treading closely to the obstruction of justice line now. he is a mercury old person, we have seen his inability to get a hold of this. it is anyone's guess whether he will decide one day to take action against either one or both of the men.
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david: i'm curious what is on the agenda for next week on capitol hill. verily toward in august recess and a funding deadline after that. >> all eyes are on the senate, working on a health care bill. republicans are drafting this in a pretty secretive manner, no markups, no lead is later texts, no details, but republican leaders are working on it. they hope to have a vote by the end of the month. that will be the big item on the agenda. david: thank you to all three of you. you can pick up a copy of the new and improved business week on newsstands today. on theup, new developing amazon deal to buy whole foods for $13.7 billion. this is bloomberg. ♪
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7:0000 p.m. in new york, p.m. in london. i'm julia chatterley. >> welcome to bloomberg markets. julia: we are live at bloomberg world headquarters in new york over the next hour, here are the top stories we are covering on the bloomberg and around the world. in markets, amazon is adding a sending but it is shockwaves through the supermarket industry. they acquired whole foods for 30 as a-- $13.7 billion, shakeup occurs in the supermarket market. what this deal will mean for the industry? in politics, president donald trump is rolling back u.s.


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