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tv   Bloomberg Technology  Bloomberg  July 28, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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his worst week. it may be that he felt this was the time he needed to change the narrative and do something he perceived as positive in terms of acting to get his house in order. it may be that this was the week that broke the camels back. joe: you mentioned general kelly has the respect of republicans and him. do we know about his ideological leanings prior to serving in this capacity? he is a general. men, he isilitary sort of a political. -- apolitical. he's a true patriot, to coin a phrase. i'm not sure if he is ideologically right or left. he does believe in a strong military. he's advocated for the use -- i
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believe he was one of the people who advocated for use of force in syria. he is loyal to the commander-in-chief, and as we all know, that is an important part of donald trump's credentialed process. joe: i just want to recap how this extraordinary news broke, not surprisingly, on twitter at 4:49, tweeting, i am pleased to inform you that i've named general secretary john f. kelly as white house chief of staff. a short time later, he follows up the tweed and says, and a great leader. john has also done a spectacular security.eland he's been a truce star of my administration. it fits that this is how the news would be announced. he's taken twitter to a whole new level, and white house communication. marty: go ahead. scarlet: i was going to say, it also opens up a new vacancy that needs to be filled.
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homeland security needs a new head of that department. marty: it does, and that will be subject to senate confirmation. it also -- it will be interesting to see -- typically, when you make an appointment like this, the white house will issue a press release that they distribute to the media. it will be interesting to see how long that takes. this could have happened completely during that plane ride back from rhode island, and nobody -- long island, and nobody in the white house has any knowledge of it. julia: we are showing you pictures of donald trump stepping out of air force one off the back of that. what we know is he traveled with his former chief of staff, that anthony scaramucci was on the plane with him. what we don't know is if he's going to step off the plane or whether he can back. joe: if i'm on a flight, i often
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think of tweets i can't wait to tweed until i'm off the plane. julia: he has wi-fi on that plane. joe: president trump has tweeted again. he says, i would like to think reince priebus for his service and dedication to the country. we accomplished a lot together, and i am proud of him. he doesn't specify the nature of the departure, whether it is resignation or a firing. julia: what do you think this does to sentiment within the administration? you have people like rex tillerson saying, i'm not sure i'm going to last more than a year, apparently talking to friends. what does this do for sentiment, for cohesion. i know you said this is someone who has bipartisan support, but for everyone else, it feels like the hunger games, doesn't it? marty: as my colleague likes to say, usually, this is stuff that
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happens in the seventh year of a presidency, not the seventh month, and it's absolutely true. "grown-ups" in the white house have been complaining about a lack of discipline, a seeming disarray in policymaking, and a lack of focus. i would think that this would inject an element of hope that is regarded asho a strong leader will inject some discipline. again, we have said this a million times -- ultimately, donald trump will realize chaos to run a government, and he will get on message and stay disciplined. we will see if that happens, but a chief of staff who is not in charge of the president's schedule and lines of communication is doomed to failure. scarlet: doomed to failure, and it speaks to how the president runs his company and administration. he tends to want to be the one
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in charge. the chief of staff in this case becomes a gatekeeper and not someone who can set an agenda for the president. talk a little bit about why the president is so fond of military leaders. general kelly, not the only military leader in his administration. the president puts a lot of weight on those military leaders to play a big role. marty: and jim mattis at defense. he has a fascination with generals. he has great admiration for the military, even though donald trump himself never served in the armed forces, as we all know . he just has this view that the disciplined,are are mission-centric, and are able to get things done. we will see.
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don't forget general flynn was also there until he got fired, but we understand he is still talking a general flynn on occasion in the white house. julia: this is an interesting thing. are we talking about him having respect for these generals the votto do you think he will explain the advice -- respect for these generals? do you think he will respect the advice he gets? will this perhaps be a turning point? marty: that is what a lot of people will be hoping, but again, this president has shown a remarkable ability to surprise people. can listen to kelly and actually work with him in terms of policymaking, messaging, communication style, the chaos will obviously subside.
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i think kelly will feel the same frustration as priebus felt, that he had no power. if you are going to change chief of staffs, usually, the person you would consult with is your chief of staff. i would think donald trump took this decision with his own counsel. -- it will bert interesting to see if anyone reports who he talked to, usually his closest advisers or family, and it could be that ivanka and jerod were big supporters of priebus. it will be interesting to see how that dynamic plays out. joe: in trump's tweed thinking reince previous, he said, we accomplished a lot together. incidentally, they have not accomplished a lot together, most notably, the failure of health care last night, and you have to wonder with tax fights
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coming up if the administration feels it needs to get more organized. scarlet: that is a good point. reince priebus was seen as a link to the senior leadership in congress, and in particular, house speaker paul ryan. let's bring in margaret talev who joins us by phone, and presidentof course, of the white house correspondents association. tell us what you know. give us the back story if there is any so far on this stunning announcement by president trump via twitter that he has brought in john kelly, his homeland security adviser, the cabinet secretary, to become his chief of staff margaret: on some levels, this ismargaret: a surprise. but in other ways, when you think about it, you can see the path, the president talking since his campaign and the transition about how much
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respect he has for the generals. he's always been fond of john kelly and battle-tested him in some of the trickiest political terrain of his presidency in terms of administering or helping to administer and explain the travel ban and these sort of things. on a parallel track, when you look at reince priebus and some , they wereiculties always inherently an outfit -- odd fit and came from different camps of the republican party, but also because reince priebus was unable to help president trump close the deal on some victories that he considered so important, including health care. you can argue about whether president trump was his own biggest obstacle, but reince mettle and standing in the white house became connected
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to that in terms of a test. ofre was also a question trust and which transient of the republican party represented, the base nationalist wing, the establishment party, the most against, or the family, new york wall street branch -- tranche. i would put kelly moore in the category of the generals. president trump is signaling that he's going to take a general as a chief of staff. the question is, can the general control the president? joe: we have a tweed from vice president pence. he says, congratulations to my friend secretary-general john white houseng named chief of staff. julia: who do you think is ultimately behind this decision? do you think it was solely president trump, after what has been a very troubling week for
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the administration, or do think there were those around president trump who had issues with priebus in the past? do you think this was a one-off, or do you think more heads are set to roll? margaret: this has been sort of a slow roll. every time health care stalled, every time there was push back among factions, speculation about how long reince priebus would last has been a hardy perennial since the start of the administration and one president trump said, that's ridiculous, and he's been a little more mysterious about in recent weeks. in terms of what is next, that is a very good question. the thinking has been that it depended, assuming that he departed, submitted his resignation, as appears to have been the case, or was asked to leave, who replaced him would dictate how much of a departure
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there would be. how inremains to be seen 10 general kelly is on cleaning house and what confidence -- intent general kelly is on cleaning house and what confidence he has in the existing staff. he's not as much of a lightning rod candidate as many replacement candidates would have been. he is someone with a substantive record and a career that is not just political. there's not the same sense of an enemies list. it does remain to be seen how many of those folks who came in with priebus want to leave with priebus and how many want to serve the president. scarlet: what do you think is kelly's first priority when he takes on this role? we know the president has been upset with the massive amount of leaks from his administration. there are all kinds of embarrassing reports every day in "the new york times" and "washington post."
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what is his priority? margaret: his priority is to get the people in the white house to understand he is in charge, that nothing happens without his knowledge and consent, to demand loyalty, and to give it back, and that is something that has not been prevalent in this white house, bringing loyalty to the people they are expecting loyalty from. i think he's going to have to instill that. by doing so, he can stop the leaks. is, is donaldion trump going to let him do his job? this is a president who has shown no real ability or desire to be controlled. it will be an interesting couple weeks as kelly moves into that role. he's in the white house now, so he seem what has been going on.
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should conservatives be were radio i'm thinking of -- be worried? i'm thinking of the people trump has gone after. spicer and priebus, two republican national committee members who are gone. sessions. it seems to me that people who have come under target from trump are a lot of the conservatives and people holding that ideological line. margaret: i think we need to understand better what the contours of the president's thinking on the kelly decision were. for better or worse, what became apparent in recent weeks was that reince priebus didn't really have control. not only of the president's schedule, but who was talking .bout what, in what order if the thinking behind the kelly
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move is just to get everything under control and start moving more strategically, that will mean something different then president trump trying to thoroughly shakeout key advisors. i just think that is not apparent yet. kelly doesn't strike me on the clean-house, a shake everything up kind of move, but i think it is very follows the process this announcement. mooch would be outraged that we talked about this for 90 minutes and didn't talk about his name at all. he was a big part of this week, coming into the white house. what role, if any, do you think he has played in this decision? >> it is really hard to tell, although, in "the new yorker"
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profanity-laced tirade, he predicted priebus would be out. i don't know if he pushed him out. if those sentiments he expressed in "the new yorker" article he also expressed to this president, it may have solidified donald trump's thinking. it may have had a role. it may also be that he feels that the messaging coming out of the white house and the leaks coming out of the white house may in fact have been, if not done by priebus, at least somehow encouraged by him. we will see how it plays out, and i'm sure there will be reporting on the background of this, but i bet anthony scaramucci played a little. scarlet: there is anthony scaramucci. there is also steve bannon. let's welcome in josh green. when you hear this news, which
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is not too surprising given the reporting that has gone on this week, what do you think this says about where steve bannon positioneds he within this white house? josh: it's an interesting move from bannon's part. although there had been a lot of tension at the beginning of the administration between reince priebus and steve bannon, there was a split between bannings -- bannon's nationalist cap and priebus's traditionalist camp, the two of them became quite friendly. in the last two months, priebus has been steadily losing allies and port in the west wing, although he still got along fine with bannon, and bannon seemed to be one of the few people backing him up. i don't think this was an indication that bannon had a lot sf faith in priebus' effectiveness.
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i think it was teaming up with someone he could dominate, but it became increasingly clear had no real influence, not with president trump, not with republicans on the hill, and i think the failure of the republican effort to pass a health care bill kind of put an explanation -- exclamation mark on that. trump has been brooding for a long time and looking for someone to blame. clearly, the blame fell on priebus. as far as kelly coming in, bannon is favorably inclined towards kelly, because killing has been so willing to take a law and order approach to immigration enforcement, which is an issue that bannon and the nationalist camp care a great deal about. i don't know if bannon is any worse off with kelly in. scarlet: that is interesting. my question was going to be,
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what the john kelly accomplished as department of homeland security? the fact that he took that long order approach brings them closer to steve bannon perhaps. julia: what do you think at this point is the relationship between steve bannon and president trump? this actually doesn't change the mix in any way. if there are those around trump who wanted to see priebus out, does it not also suggest that their eyes are focused on steve is to have over president trump? there >> are always people in the west wing who want to take out steve bannon, in the same way there are people in the west wing who want to curb the influence of reince priebus and jared kushner and everybody else. i don't know if this weakens bannon, although i think it is notable that abandon and priebus both tried to stop the appointment of anthony scaramucci as new white house
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communications director and were unable to do so, but i think -- heucci's performance has had a rocky rollout with some very public meltdowns i think scaramucci. 's performance may have reminded trump of the value of having someone more disciplined and who could be more disciplined than a general than a general to come in as chief of staff? scarlet: we have a headline crossing indicating that reince resignedndicated he rightly yesterday. according to reports, reince priebus said he resigned yesterday. there were reports he had been looking for a job this week and was interviewing with different places. joe: you mentioned that john kelly, familiar with what is going on in the white house -- he knows with eyes wide open what he is getting into. when anthony scaramucci was brought in, it raised a lot of attention that he seemed to be
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able to bypass the chief of staff and report straight to the presidency. given what you point out about the importance of the chief of do think it isb possible that ultimately scaramucci will have to report to kelly? marty: that is what i would do, and in fact, it's a very good test to see how kelly is going to approach this job. isthe job of chief of staff controlling the message and controlling access, you cannot have somebody reporting directly to the president. they must all come through the chief of staff. it will be an interesting test to see where that line of command stays the way it is or whether kelly says, nope, everybody reports to me. of coarse, you cannot make that happen -- of course, you cannot
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make that happen if you are a family member of donald trump, so that dynamic will still be there. his family , ivanka and jared, will have access to the president anytime they want. that is one of the challenges a chief of staff has when you have your daughter and son-in-law in official positions in the white house. it makes things very difficult. julia: john kelly has clearly been part of this administration. he has a sense of what being in this white house is going to mean going forward. he seemingly has the respect of president trump who called him a star. there is respect there. what do think there is about donald trump that could rein in donald trump and hold this administration together more firmly? think it is donald trump's admiration and respect
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for military generals overall. throughout the campaign, trump delighted in surrounding himself with generals when he was in trouble, when he was in the midst of scandal. he tended to surround himself with generals. when he renounced his slur against president obama for being a birther, he held this wild scene in the trump hotel in washington, d.c. and was surrounded by about a dozen generals as he delivered this message. i think the projection of power and military strength is something that appeals to trump's ego, and on some subconscious level, trump understands that having a weak chief of staff in priebus and an inexperienced white house communications director in anthony scaramucci is something that needs to be counterbalanced by the experience and discipline of a general like kelly. scarlet: that is a good point. the president certainly appreciates the optics of the strength and discipline of the
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military, but what if this particular general, john kelly as chief of staff, cannot stop the leaks? does he also get blamed as a result? josh: it is impossible to predict this sort of thing with donald trump, but one telltale indicator of how things might go wrong is to look at another general in the administration, h.r. mcmaster, who came in in similar circumstances after michael flynn, trump's first national security director, had to leave. it was a high profile announcement. trump was very flattering of mcmaster and clearly liked having a general, and yet we have seen and heard reporting that trump has become unhappy with mcmaster, has lashed out. i don't think it holds that just because a general is in a position of power in a trump
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administration that trump is going to subdue his behavior. joe: of course, the next big legislative thing is tax reform. there have been reports about influence that bannon has had on that, including a tax hike on some of the richest earners. do you think it is possible that the tax package could have a ban in flavor? -- a bannon flavor? josh: the reason bannon is doing this is because he recognizes that the political optics of trumps health care push, the idea we are going to take money away from health care spending and redirect it towards tax cuts for high earners is a bad look politically. bannon advocated raising the top marginal tax rate on people who make over $5 million to 44%, which is a small but not insubstantial raise, which bannon believes would help to blunt the charges that tax
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reform was geared towards the rich rather than the middle class. if you were able to succeed in that, theoretically, trump's moves might have a broader appeal than the health-care effort, which was unpopular. there isn't any indication to me that other people in the west republicans,ly not have any interest in raising taxes on wealthy earners. scarlet: i want to thank you both for joining us and giving us your analysis. marty, senior executive editor of "government and economics" in washington, and josh green, author of "the devil's bargain." from new york, this is bloomberg. ♪
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>> you're watching "bloomberg technology." fired reincemp has priebus. he is out as white house chief of staff. priebus confirmed he resigned
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yesterday. withresident replaced him homeland security secretary john kelly. in his tweet, the president kelly a great american. anthonyations director scaramucci suggested priebus leaked information to the press. president trump was on long island unveiling the administration's plan to crack down on gang violence. going to trump: we're cartel the vile criminal ms-13 and many other gangs but particularly violent. >> the president touched on last night's failed effort to repeal u.s. health law. when hehe was right when he said recently to let obamacare implode. praised john mccain for voting against the g.o.p. health bill. not seen a senator who speaks truth to power as strongly, as well and as
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frequently as john mccain. the very same courage he showed naval aviator in vietnam he last night and has shown time and time again. senator schumer also praised maine's susan collins and alaska's lisa murkowski. chief prosecutor has raised the death toll from the nearly four months of protests the president's government to at least 113. climb asis expected to authorities impose a ban on ahead of a vote on sunday. the u.n.'s human rights office about the concern risk of further violence in venezuela. repeatedly called on the government to guarantee the freedom of peaceful assembly and something we are repeating now. we're speaking out now because hugely tense situation
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venezuela is in, we want to the call for calm and peaceful protest. sending has approved naval units to back up the guards in the fight to limit migrant trafficking. the a.p. report says that italy's support comes at the ofcan country. the f.d.a. has unveiled what it fors a comprehensive plan regulating tobacco. the agency wants to cut nicotine cigarettes to non-addictive levels. powered by 2700 journalists and analysts. >> president trump is replacing reince priebus, announcing on
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appointed homeland security secretary kelly has .hief of staff president trump: john kelly will do a fantastic job. general kelly has been a star, done an incredible job thus far, respected by everybody, a great, great american. reince priebus, a good man. thank you very much. >> his ouster caps a week of heightened tensions in the white wase where priebus embroiled in a public feud with trump's new communications director, anthony scaramucci. after an epic report from "the new yorker" where out reincecalls priebus. what do we know about what went down here? members tell you that of president trump's most
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trusted advisers including of his family over the past several months have grown more frustrated with reince priebus, former chairman of the party and communications director sean spicer. last week we saw the removal of with theer and then arrival of anthony scaramucci, more controversy engulfing the white house in terms of the display of the infighting in the administration, capped off with reince priebus leaving mean fordoes this policy, for tax reform, for healthcare? i can tell you this. spicer, thehat sean reason that reince priebus were fold during the transition was because of their relationship with house speaker paul ryan as well as legislators in the republican party on capitol hill. and so for there to be such a
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healthcare,eat on learnhan 24 hours now we that reince priebus is out of and thatistration shouldn't be taken lightly. beenince priebus has blamed for the lack of legislative successes since trump took office. that said, tell us a little bit more about general john kelly get more done. >> he is deemed as someone who has no drama. he is deemed as someone who is least public heads in the cabinet. verysomeone who has a storied military history, someone who is well respected within the military community and someone who frankly does not with the same political withround as you saw reince priebus.
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priebus, he reince really embodied the establishment of washington and conservative politics even before he was brought on into the administration, even before this 2016 presidential cycle kicked into high gear. but the arrival of general is a military pick. >> president trump did speak the homeland about security secretary. take a listen to what he had to say about john kelly. tosident trump: i want congratulate john kelly who has incredible job of secretary of homeland security. incredible. one of our real stars. of our greatelly is one of our stars. story of thisthe administration has been about the in-fighting and palace intrigue. do we expect that to change now?
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along?these new guys get kevin: i don't think it's going intrigue, the palace will continue. quite frankly, i'll be blunt, washingtonlture of as we know it currently in 2017 some yearsr quite before it. but in terms of how it relates to the trump administration, you know, i think that the comments of anthony scaramucci to the "new yorker" speak for themselves. he somewhat apologized, not really, in a tweet. but i mean there's just this sense -- i feel like investors rightoking at washington now and kind of confused and don't know what to make of it. whatre just watching this, is going on down there. i can tell you that at a staff level at a junior staff all the way up to the principal level, the republican lawmakers with daily on top of the hill are looking at this and
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to whath confused as seems to be a lack of organization coming out of 1600 avenue.ania on a friday evening, a rainy inday evening here washington. cirilli, another washington. out of thanks so much. intel reported second-quarter earnings, record second-quarter earnings yesterday after the bell, buckeds the industry decline and posting sales of 4.4 billion dollars. gave an upbeat forecast for third quarter and revenue. spoke with bobnt swan. >> it's a declining market and outstanding performance. 12% top-line growth, 58% operating income and introduction of new products
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that we're very excited about so market what we've performanceply sells. the high-end products intel has increasingly demanded by consumers and surprises alike that drove outstanding performance from our p.c. the quarter. >> is there any concern about inventory buildup? analysts are floating. are we seeing that? >> looking at going into the we.e. of the year, characterize the sentiment index levels as relatively healthy in inventory levels had been lean over the last couple of quarters but they're healthy going into the s.f.e. of the year and as a result of that our full-year guidance for the company for the year by $1.3 billion, primarily driven by the performance of our p.c. business. so healthy channels with a
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our businessok for going into the second half of the year. shifting into your server business, that, too, growing up 9%, close but no cigar when it forecastsouble-digit longer term. what's the uncertainty about? we saw, what we indicated earlier in the year is our data center business high single-digit growth. in the second quarter, we were trackgrowth so right on with what we laid out and secondly and probably mostly importantly, we launched one of the most high performance scalable fored zon the second half of the year which we're really excited about. -- passed benchmarks for performance in the product ranked us extremely well which we think will drive increased
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demand with higher performance for our clients in the second the year. if you look underneath the covers for the growth rate of saw very strong cloud growth, up 35%. segment, up 37%. adjacency businesses up so strong growth for the quarter. the relatively slow growth was in the enterprise sector and as work loads moving to the cloud, we're well positioned to capitalize so good quarter, excited for the second half of the year. >> is it the shift to the cloud spend?stopping corporate or is it global risk, uncertainty? what are you getting the feeling for? >> we have to put it into context. global g.d.p. that's probably in 3% range, our data center business did grow by 9% so that's pretty strong, healthy growth for a
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business of this size. a fairly dramatic c.i.o.'sterms of how of our customers are spending an increasedith component of their work loads moving to the cloud and we are well positioned to help cloud performance drive incremental value for their customers. positioned but the second half analysts are slowdown in your revenue. we are expecting competition a.m.d., when it comes to the base end part of hot oniness and nvidia your heals -- heels. can you be pricing confident with such competition? >> one thing that's been consistent across all of our whether p.c., whether data center, whether it's internet of things, is we're at a stage where performance delivers and the higher performance of your the more customers are willing to pay for it.
5:43 pm
what we have been experiencing and going into the second half, we know we'll withnue to deal competition. we feel very good about our sayuct lineup and i would performance sells and that's what's allowed us to deliver strong performance and exciting second half of 2017. c.f.o. bob swan. coming up, how businesses are protecting themselves from the wave.acking ♪
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>> the annual conference in las vegas is the biggest gathering of hackers in the world. security andst in research, development and trends. joining us to discuss the biggest themes emerging from the black hat conference, peter chan, who spoke at the conference. next week.ow, defcon peter: right now. themes cominge out of this conference? there the 15,000 that are, it's like "the hunger games" of hacking. were chaos, competition, surreptitious -- any two miles radius, you stood the chance of a target but there were andness focused themes industry players going there to collaborate and learn because it's important for business to the context of my cyber risk, i need to understand
5:47 pm
businesswill impact my instead of the tech itself. artificialh, intelligence, mobile, car hacking. this year in particular i saw more leather shoes and suits before.ver saw >> you started your career as a agent and worked your way up. i'm curious what you think are the biggest risks out there cybernew on the battlefield? peter: i think it's a changing where enterprises i.p. ofre going into the platform materializing the connect canning the living and driven device so we're looking at 50 i.o.t. devices connected. that's the next wild west. i don't know one app i'm not
5:48 pm
using all the time so we're another we're no longer hardware based hosted inre defined the cloud. so we're migrating so fast, that security tends to have gaps in catching up to monitor and proactively. >> how concerned are you about sponsored state hacking? peter: i think state sponsored is a global challenge. we have been battling this since the late 1990's. was in that seat myself. it's par for the course. i think the acceleration and see now, you start to see more sophistication, more attackers are treating it like a business so they have a business model by which they approach attacks. no longer let's throw everything at the wall and see what sticks. and maybe we'll get something, maybe we don't. the now they're more concerned about can i disrupt data, is there? destruction and manipulate data in such a
5:49 pm
way, just like trading for a market. if you get minute changes in models,u shape economic cyber economics. was the theme of the hackers bolder than ever? when it comes to the hacking of election, it seemed so brazen. peter: there's two camps, the proud, i can do it because i can. and the others that scare me the are low and slow and more aboutthat you don't hear until something happens. the longest i've seen a hacker isundetected in a network seven years. and that's with the data we know about. it can be 10, we don't know. but we know they're in it for the long haul. foothold andh a want to be able to weaponize when they want to not when we them.tective >> defcon playing out over this weekend. see.: we shall >> we'll see what happens.
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peter chan, thank you so much for joining us. coming up, it's virtual reality meets laser tag. ♪
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>> despite the greatly anticipated releases, virtual oculus riskems like have seen sluggish sales but one is convincedmpany success bringing people together. virtual reality arena is outside of austin. virtual reality on a scale. more social in this warehouse, 12 miles
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outside of boston, mind trek is one of the nation's first multiplayer virtual reality arenas. virtual reality by and large is a very isolating experience. we've created it in a format where it's more of a social experience and we think >> here, up to 16 players move communicate wirelessly to zombies. david o'connor is co-owner of the facility. militaryckpacks are a grade backpack and carries a portable computer that's battery operated. unlike some forms of v.r., untethered.are >> 128 machine cameras gather replay -- relay it
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servers, back to the players. reporter: the technology was developed by australia based zero latency. licensinghas exclusivity in massachusetts and hopes torights and open soon in pennsylvania and jersey. virtual reality has struggled to may not untiland 2021. clumsycient content, headgear arepricey cited as reasons. ofonnor says any form adoption brings more business. >> this clearly feels different few years ago as far as how much virtual reality asbeing adopted so as far the life cycle, although it's 20n around in some form for years, i think we're in the
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first inning of a nine-inning game. coming at me.obot shoot. >> sticking with gaming, 10 cent is hoping its bet on a u.k. video game maker won't be as wild a ride as the game it produces. china's largest internet media company has bought a stake in frontier developments. the studio best known for the rollercoaster tycoon franchise. about to news we told you earlier. president trump has replaced his chief of staff, announcing on had appointede homeland security secretary john kelly to the job. the ouster of reince priebus who week ofresigned, caps a heightened in-fighting at the white house. embroid in a public communications
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director anthony scaramucci. is liverg technology" streaming on twitter. check us out. week we will delve into earnings from apple and tesla. that is all for now. a wonderful weekend. this is bloomberg. ♪ ♪
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>> from our studios in new york city, this is "charlie rose." and johnmark halprin heidel men are here, the co-creators of "the circus" that may. its second season in co-authors ofhe "game change" and "double down." they're at work on the third episode in the series, recounting donald trump's surprise victory over hillary clinton. mark hal


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