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tv   Charlie Rose  Bloomberg  August 30, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> from studios in new york city, this is "charlie rose." is the end of summer and as we prepare for the next season, we bring you some of our conversations here on "charlie rose." tonight an hour of music with jovi.n gary clark jr., john mayor and stapleton. ♪
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♪ hour of music when we continue. jon bon jovi is here this year marks 33rd anniversary of the jovi.ary rock band bon the group sold more than 130 million record. played more than 2700 shows. known for his --
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they are doing something about it. pleased to be jon bon jovi back at the table. welcome. >> thank you charlie. charlie: 33 years. >> i know. i earned the agree hair. it comes with the turf. to say, 33 charlie: what's the secret? -- potionpossession to staying in power? true to who you i think it's very important. grows up withat you can remain with you. those who gotten off the train because life happened. can come on with certification of those who came you.e charlie: to get more of his album in a moment. change -- you have to remain truth to who you are.
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change.also have to jon: within parameters. why i use that word truth and to integrity means so much me. i been around long enough and come three generations of boy band gone.tions have come and rap music come and gone. was jump on did those ban bandwagons when they e becoming more popular. to rewrite, iy was 25 years old. at 54 you have something else to say. or i will come to you and b.s. you. charlie: at the same time you hate to play it when you're on tour? jon: i do know all the words. inrlie: i hated to hear that fact. jon: it's taken out of context. artist is proud of his new
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record. you're very anxious to play it. did these four theater shows to explain it. only new record and new stuff. was received well. blessed having co-written a number of big hits. prayer, that song, i got it. i know the words. look at aometimes i stage and i see people looking the prompter. for the words. jon: they're there for me as well. don't know the words. charlie: for protection. yes. in a perfect show, the last thing i ever doing is think on.g what's going i'm on another plane. charlie: where are you? an i am think being having drink with you somewhere in the bar afterwards. in truth, i'm having such a that i'm not in -- if i hear a note go wrong, that's
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when i come back to earth. i become that thing. charlie: that's the performance. it's a spiritual. charlie: you are with the audience? jon: most definitely. but on another plane. it's about taking in this energy together. charlie: why isn't your band in the rock and roll hall of fame? the truth is, we prerequisites.e some of us have friends in the business, some of us friends that are not such good friends. had a couple of falling outs with some of those people. head.l hold it over my look, statistics speak alone and charlie: you can out live them? found onk and roll is rebellion.
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charlie: who are these people? are they musicians? artist? charge of then ballot that they have. it's the truth of the matter. none of our memorabilia in there. have a falling out with a there.of people charlie: are you a songwriter who happens to perform or a songer who writes songs. a very good performer but my joy comes from songwriter. interaction with an audience. applause i know those who are. charlie: you do have a sense of business? you really are? owning an nflt team. you count among your friends
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some of the most successful business people around. you enjoy that company. you know their language. i'm not -- charlie: my point is, you have a payinghat people are money for us to show up. we have to show up. jon: that's the truth. there's also that commitment to the people who work for you and their families and record company or promoter or the fan buy aork sod hard to ticket. or your legacy. things matter. cliche of 1970 and coming up the watched led zeppelin come up it was fun from afar. was 20.un when you you got to work. doesn't ring true anymore. to keep band hard together. ideas.velop different jon: it's a family. it's very difficult when you lifemarriages and kids and goes on.
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hear, thate story i nick and keith are always in competition. i don't know who it is that most wants to go on tour. it together. they do it. have the pleasure of knowing those gentlemen. roomld love to sit in the with mick jagger. charlie: what would the about?ation would be jon: there's so many. here's the first question i want know. when in god's name are you going to quit? let me start the conversation like this. give me a day and date so i know where the end zone is. it?does he do he's done it for so long. together.t it question, myout rock and roll band idol.
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question. charlie: because of longevity. jon: their performance ability. how he kept it together. how they kept it together. it's a band. not a solo artist. they're a band. between thate line -- charlie: very distinct personalities. jon: god bless them for it. charlie: do you look at yourself and say you are one lucky. you get to do something that's demanding and challenging and requires all your body and soul and heart and everything about you. in order to do it. it up.r to keep in order to go out there and said, saythat people to you, bring it on. this is what i want. have to do the as does tom brady and your producer. be ready to go to work and give your best
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everyday. luckiest, i got to do what i wanted to do. big --the charlie: music performance. jon: by the time i was 16 or 17, this was it. plan b.s no fortunately i was young enough do those things. i didn't have any other responsibilities. deal.i got a record sweat was off the brow. there was no -- my folks didn't want tosay, we don't support you. charlie: you had built houses for people. has's what the foundation done. significant numbers too by the way. very wealthy man. jon: yes. charlie: you want to buy an nfl team. you've been in pursuit of buying an nfl team. happen?ing to how close that is it come? jon: we were on the doorstep. we had the wherewithal to do it. your own funds --
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jon: we're talking substantial here.s we really did want one. buffaloly to buy the bills. didn't work out for me. charlie: will it work out. another opportunity? once you gets on nfl's list, i be the list.ay jon: i don't know, we'll find out. when the opportunity arises. you know owners they'll carry it. they got to vote. jon: yeah. yes and no. vote.on't have a team for sale, the owner sales it. vote in that. a didn't you get the bills? jon: we didn't have a chance to bid. it was a sealed bid. god bless the guy who got it. good for him. charlie: why is it? what is it about football?
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i love the game. my boys played it their whole childhood. i have one who plays in high and college. what i found that the game had given them was commitment and dedication. what i have gotten from it was comradery. that i would bring it.thing unique to that was the allure for me. 32 men are very smart people. i just i think bring something different do it. charlie: you would be a very owner? jon: i believe in it. charlie: what's the difference bring?u jon: i'm not giving it all away. they're all watching. have shared more than enough that i'm fortunate enough to be included in a little business with the league now. are some things that i've been able to share with them that are great.
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they are exciting. love the game. charlie: up out to be part of the family? that veryuld like much. charlie: much success with this. not for sale. what a fabulous photograph. band?s within the the house is the band. the four members of the band. jon: great energy. thank you. charlie: pleasure to have you. jon bon jovi. ♪
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>> you feel a certain responsibility as a woman ceo to mentor other women. >> you want to be noticed and rewarded for what you did.
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is here.gagary clark jr. who calls clark incredibly inspiring. gary does laysay, like to do. on stage without any effort at all. new album released earlier this month. americalled "live north 2016". gary clark jr. performing "the healing" here in our studio. ♪
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charlie: i'm pleased to have gary clark jr. at this table. welcome. did you know you wanted to be a musician? jackson on michael stage in denver. i was five years old. parents took me to the show. energy.n love with the charlie: and the dance and music. gary: we had music growing up in the house. was always the kid next to the speaker. i knew pretty much from day one. i remember having -- they would sheets what you're
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interested in and favorite color. --ay something that was i want to be a lawyer. looked at as to be odd. i knew. from day one. got to get up on the stage. ♪ charlie: it wasn't easy for you. to struggle like everybody else? though.made a choice i didn't do the school thing. moved out my parent's house. didn't have much. i will survive musician. i played four, seven nights a hours a night playing tips.
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smoky blues bar. i wanted to be alongside people that fortunate to be alongside of. charlie: you were learning and getting better. gary: i wanted that experience. legends the stories and and blues guys. you got to have your 10,000 hours. you got to put in the time and work and figure out what it be on stage and perform live. everybody can get up and play guitar solos all day long. you're part of something. you got to understand how that works. understand how you get build confidence. what worksunderstand and what doesn't. become more comfortable. if i hadn't put in those hour, some of these gigs and opportunities still come up. if i will be able to do it. feel comfortable. this. like, i worked for
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it was really important. it was a struggle though. lights shut off. charlie: no more water, lights. recordingle of something. charlie: my impression you're studio of live guy than musician. gary: yeah. charlie: the title of this is "gary clark jr. live north america 2016". gary: live in person. some of my favorite records, apollo.own at the charlie: me too. gary: marvin gaye. charlie: you can feel the as thee as much performance? gary: right. i female like that's really a place for me on stage.
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comfortable. charlie: touring is where the money is today too? gary: touring is it. true.e: that's it has come to that has it? gary: yeah. it's an interesting record business. that's part of why i'm so dependent on playing a lot. you never know. i feel people want to come and music. hear live charlie: how many gigs do you do a year? gary: you know, that's a good question. -- not maybe we're doing so much this year. point where ito a was -- you remember what day it was and where i was. for a second.ome
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charlie: it's terrible when you hello sacramento and you're in san francisco. gary: you know what, that's been times i haven't said anything. because i wasn't sure. charlie: some of the best have too.that i've heard names we will not mention. gary: good night yawl. charlie: great to be here in lovely city. gary: exactly. ♪ charlie: where to you live? gary: i live down in texas. outside austin, texas. sir. charlie: great place. gary: it is a great place. i moved around a little bit. for a couplew york of years. started to get cold and it scared me today. today.: like
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windy. gary: exactly. in california for a little bit. i love to be home pip love to be able to see my family. charlie: where do you think you're going? where is the journey leading? what is the next step? get better and explore new experiences? open people's ears to a music. of or all of it. it.: all of i think you expressed that better than i could. charlie: maybe i should be songs. gary: there you go. writee: better for me to them than sing them. gary: how about we collaborate. charlie: i'll write and you sing. what's the hat about? gary: the hat. bought me a hat long time ago. seeing michael jackson wearing a hat. singing "who's
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loving you" jackson five. he had that purple hat. it was the coolest thing ever at afro from that to stevey ray -- i never put it on. my dad bought me one. it wasn't -- i thought it wasn't right. one day.on it took me a while. comfortable. i just stepped out and got the couple of compliments. that's a good look on you. you know what, i think it is. like then it didn't feel comfortable not to have it. sleep in mine. charlie: let me remind
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everybody, gary clark jr. live north america 2016.
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charlie: john mayer is here. he told oh sold more than 30 million record. he shared the stage with guitar loans like bb king and car santana and erik clapton. returns with first album in
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four years. search ford "the everything" welcome. john: thank you very much. charlie: this is so good you had in john: i believe in the songs so that i thought deserve to be seen without distraction from of entry soarrier many songs all at once or other in and sort of -- there being so many songs, songs that great. i felt like the boldest thing i can do is say i think i did it. take a look these. response to it has not only been positive for the work but positive for the format of way.sing music that i was not alone. i'm one-half consumer and one-half artist. seeing some really great records from great artist apple. on my spotify or i go, 12, deep dive. singles now.r the
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i wanted to put music out the way that i myself, would want to hear it. charlie: is it hard to get acceptance from album requests. musicians say, what happened to albums is disgraceful? john: i think i've been known an albumally now as artist. think have trust with my audience about making records than maybe other artist have. a dinosaur in this time. being a guy who makes records. i sort of broken up the concept of a record. want to openly have a record. with this was was about making for people to -- it's an easier point of entry. atimately it ends up with record that has an arc. we think about sequencing. the power oft song.izing one
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it may not matter now. i think it may matter a again. want to do is future and when so that if people go back to albums you never looked frightened. charlie: the writing is ability. beyond learned process. did you have the same thing as a guitarist? did you have some sense of music so you adapt to the guitar and turn to praise people like others?and john: yes, my father was a piano player. this was -- that was my first music.ction to a piano. instrument.rval it is a calculator. it is a keyboard. i go to show someone how music works. i wouldn't show them on a guitar. the very graphic -- it's a
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graphical representation of -- good key of c. guitar is transposable. the guitar has this geometry. just a scale here, you move it up. a piano becomes relative to the sharps and flats. can't put a cape on a piano. do is use a can digital piano. quickly.p you start to subdivide it. calculator. i knew early enough what that was. all self-learned? john: for the most part yeah. self-learned sitting at a piano out.orking it little bit of guitar lessons when i was a kid. stoppedr teacher
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.eaching me how to read music because i took off on this other thing. he would do 15 minutes of book stuff and 15 minutes of -- like teaching a song, he'll you how to play the song. blues the curriculum gathered quickly on this blues thing. weren't doing the book stuff. my parents said, i think they were on to it. remembering credible correctly, they were like play this. can't play that. of --e: what kind john: i was going to do that. it's still is. wenti was 13 years old, i got it. i remember the first night i had a guitar. it was before i had lessons. now tell parents who say what do i do. guitar for two
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months. them discover their take on things. then fold in the actual theory. do.'s what i was able to i remember i found the most distant room for my parents. play in the middle of the night. i immediately figured out chord. will never forget -- i went, okay. that okay was so vertical, it went through everything in my went, this is what i am. charlie: i want to talk about things you went through. was left of -- what did you learn from that? is so part of the american culture? a lot of people and -- lot morehey're a accessible than fans. lot more accessible
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than people like the barrier of entry. now. it if it's presented to you in the songs it'snce of phenomenal stuff. i seem to see this extort of love -- sort of fraternal love. left for ifn you four years in montana, where were you going and what was the point? john: it's a bit of reductionist thing. putting your fault for it in those words. charlie: you put it in the right words. john: 2010, i go, i'm at the end of this idea. this pop star, flat iron hair, leather jacket thing. this isn't working. don't have a dream. charlie: not working or you tired of it? dreams past their third record. you're a kid in high school, you're not dreaming about your record. you're not quite sure how to say for a plan
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you're not quite sure how to should take ay i break. he dropped in the top of the mountain. he knows what he's doing. what i would call now tidy fashion. an old idea. of where to go.w charlie: you didn't want to go where you were going? didn't know where to go. i like organization. you can have organization on your first record. you can state your case and the can understand it. you start throwing other things it. misrecipe of who -- misrepresentation who you are. theou look at misrepresentation who you are as your job to sort out. known that. you want to get engaged. i'm a people pleaser. that one of the people on my way in here didn't like me, i would get up from now and start
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shouting who it was. charlie: one person who doesn't of them or like them. they can see 99 people who love them. they don't go this people. this they go to the one person. want to make it there's no possible way -- we well. there's nothing more dangerous than being a person who means well. charlie: help me understand. the time you took a break -- john: i didn't take a break. 2010 i come off the road. i go i want to make a different record. "born and raised." i'm living in new york city. i'm left alone. i didn't move to montana until 2011. i made "born and raised" in new york. -- montana.achines vocal situation that prevented me from singing on tour. i wanted to make records. do.'s what i
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i love guys like stephen king can write a short one or big one. george clooney is who everybody be in theire to career. make a big one and black and one. it gets flattened and reduce sod that people can -- charlie: what is the picture that people have drawn that's not true? john: for me? that's a huge responsibility to there's probably some stuff in there i don't deserve to say should be. that's a really good question. i moved to montana and wrote song.f country that's not that far off. bothers me. that's always bothered me. looked into all of the times where i sort of went me and my mouth kept .oing and my brain wasn't there
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i been me my whole life. i watched me. you make these dissipations in -- decisions in life. do you the right thing. you get the sense that theughout your life, you do right thing. you're going to be known as a person who does the right thing. nothing like the hollywood machine getting your information wrong. information.f i would be much better off if i answers. up. less tnt wire when they get out, this idea of in.nizer comes to say i'm bristling at it is under statement. it's a complete distortion who i am. breeds this idea, if you got wrong, then i'm going to be as wrong as you i think am. where that time from. if you say i'm this, i'm going this.vert
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charlie: you're influenced by you.people say about you decide i want to do a parody tosome way, i want to go some extreme what you're saying just to say -- john: the intent is to make people go, he's not that. he's playing off that. but that's asking a lot of people's attention span to be able notice that and intelligence. can give youple i -- i'm sure you heard this paparazzi onu have the way to restaurant, they say, of should stake a picture them. why don't you go outside and take a picture of them. idea whenbody's first they feel little bit captured by something. is so fight back. back isn't fighting intellectual. you can't contain me. we're talking hyper extending myself. way beyond what should be taking place. back tont to do is get
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where it's clean. here's who i am, here's what i do. i promise you i'm this and not that. i mean well. torlie: the reason they want becauserize you that -- -- john: there was a period of time of moving --ort explain. to it's hear to explain i'm still impacting it. a situation where you did a lot of big names. name.a lot of big i think people get the size of thename mixed up with number of people that been with. charlie: seem like you're out a lot of women. long time to me a realize people do not google search me. take a glance at you and
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away. the take there's not complete it. see he made born and raiseraised in paradise. they see the spikes. because the music i was making entitle me to the kind of press that i was generating involved in. charlie: what about the music? happening, ids up start going, i'm not that. a correction that needed to happen for me. there was a market correction. sent me into a tailspin and hurt me, i never me, i wouldn't admit to it, the best thing i can do ouch. to say best thing smart person is to say ouch. lead you to the truth. -- truth will lead you
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charlie: ouch is better than it hurts me? john: it's the same thing. makes me feel bad. i wouldn't admit to it. isticl become more military about it. now i know. wherever you yell the loudest is about to cry. they yelled the loudest and they take anything. it's second before they about to crumble. was.s where i you can't get me. charlie: how long ago was that? john: seven years ago. charlie: today past all of that stuff. it.: past all of understanding that people are mayer completist. it might take a second to review a little bit. you may have to go it again with people. expecting that not everybody is your mark. charlie: some of that in this album? john: not really. "born and raised" a
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lot. that was a wounded thing. ofot a lot of music out going deep in myself. this was a different dive. into being ae certain age and i think there's a loss in relationship. there's always one relationship loss i feel like that takes you with it. not just somebody -- you're not parting ways with somebody. there's one kind of takes you down. something.u lose john: yes. this is this idea of being as canlutely beautiful as you be. outwhoever sort of rock lets and journalist say it's lighter, it's bland. be as beautiful as i can be about being sad. that's kind of what this was. back to the song called emoji of a wave. feels like. this this is as an artist, musician, you don't normally get.
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you come close. you go well, we'll get them next time. 80% how that feels. songs that i listen to, i go, i did it. good enough a musician now how something00% felt. that is a possession as an valuable.'s more charlie: what artist can do, not only express how they felt but that all theso -- that's where the connection is. like i'mple say i feel looking in mirror. i feel like you said something i at this exactugh time in my life. charlie: i you cop back. a great pleasure having you here. stapleton, grammy award winning has been called country's reigning outlaw. new abum recorded in the that housed elvis
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parton.and dolly stapletonris performing "either way" in our studio. ♪ ♪
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charlie: welcome. law"try raining out chris: i'm not much of an outlaw. music?: what about the
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chris: i don't know. always have tip of the hat. my mind that era of music. favorite things. lot of things that i think were doing right doing?: what were they chris: i don't know, being themselves. feels good. charlie: when will the music thing happen for you? always played music and sang in church. and my dad liked to lot.the radio a theom would sing around house. i had offer to play the guitar. of always there.
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charlie: you weren't sinning in the choir? chris: not really. point, inow, at some kind of fell into it. maybe for a lack of wanting to do anything else. orrlie: was it to sing write? what amazes me, they all say you around greatest voice today. it's not about the song writing skills, which are clear but it's the voice. chris: i don't know about that. lot of great singers and great voices. hopefully i have something possiblycognizable and
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hold up over time. saysie: two million albums something. chris: it says you sold two albums. charlie: when you're in nashville, tell me about that process. different on be any given day. if it's just me alone. with a guitar and leads.where that i can hear a conversation out somewhere, or a title or something somebody says it just falls out your charlie: i know how you feel about this. people see you, back to -- others. willie.ioned
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somehow you are today entry back made them -- chris: i don't know i would be entry back. wouldn't mind being viewed as bridge. in not going to put myself any kind of sentence with those guys. i think it's important for me always kind of have tip of the hat to those guys. also, old r&b singers, franklin and ray charles. i like all kinds of music. shows up.t charlie: what happened in 2015, cma awards? a lot.yeah, [laughter] , eight minutes changed your life. for sure. ♪
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charlie: did you know it at the moment? going toknew we were have a fun time playing music in that eight minutes. two days lesser -- rehearsing. remarkable kind of sing andalent as far as music people go. if you going to do something with him, it's got to be charlie: because it's talent is so special? can elevate things.
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energy andt positive great performer. he's not very old. performer.ran charlie: sold two million? originally i'm told, you prepared simply to cut the album and go on tour? my request.was let's think about this. we'll approach it that way. what we did. we didn't have like a lead up single or anything like that. put the record out and whatever the single was, time, cameith at the out same week. i booked some dates.
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♪ somethingouring is you love? chris: i do. live.y playing music something travel is a hard thing. it.'s part of we travel confidently as we can.bly i play the music for free, you travel.o charlie: i love the music. years.i did for many i play for free or next to love it.ust because i charlie: this is amazing album. you.good to see come back any time. chris: yes, sir. ♪
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