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tv   Bloomberg Technology  Bloomberg  September 12, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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emma: i'm emma chandra in new york, and you are watching "bloomberg technology." the death toll from irma, was the most powerful hurricane ever recorded in the atlantic, continues to grow. at least five people were killed in florida, including a correctional institute sergeant and county deputy who died in a head-on collision. officials say two people are dead in georgia, including a retired court reporter. are dead in south carolina, including a public works employee on his way to help. president trump is expected to visit florida thursday. russia and china supported a scaled down version of sanctions for north korea, but council members came with a warning.
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no regime change in pyongyang. includinghat passed reducing petroleum exports and increasing cargo inspection. arizona senator john mccain will continue radiation and chemotherapy for brain cancer while maintaining a regular work schedule in the senate. mccain's office said he had an mri done yesterday. he disclosed his diagnosis in july. the white house is naming hope hicks as communications director. she has been interim communications director for the past few weeks. third person to hold the job since president trump took office. global news 24 hours a day, powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries. i'm emma chandra. this is bloomberg. "bloomberg technology," is next. ♪
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emily: i'm emily chang, and this is "bloomberg technology," from cupertino, california. the iphone x is here, featuring an edge to edge screen no home , button, and facial recognition technology and the price tag -- $1000. the new watch has cellular capability allowing runners and , other active sorts to leave phones at home and still make calls and listen to music. the whole event took place at the sprawling apple campus. we are here in front of the steve jobs theater, where it all went down. the theater that may have stolen the show today. absolutely breathtaking place, multi stories, glass, spinning elevators, and four stories down is where all of these new products were unveiled. i'm joined by our editor at large, cory johnson from l.a. me, ournext to bloomberg tech reporter who covers apple and brought us the details before they were told to us today. however, you got to hold the phone and touch it.
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i'm curious about your first impressions. is really hot, it is cool, edge to edge. i'm sad it does not go on sale until november. also for an investor perspective, it misses a quarter of sales. it is nice. emily: in terms of the product itself, it is light, it is small, especially if you have been carrying and iphone 7 plus. the other thing that struck me was the height of the screen. you don't have to scroll so much to see what you want. and the facial recognition technology is key. reporter: i was able to set up my own face. you twist your head around like this twice. it is quicker than putting in fingerprints. i was the first person outside of apple to enroll my face. it is a quick set up and works really well. if you have a touch id app on your phone, it will convert. they integrated it really well.
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like you said, the screen is taller, the integrated more video. emily: cory, i know you are getting your hands on one soon. from your perspective, looking at the big picture, how big of an upgrade cycle will this he -- be given, that 80% of the people buying this phone already have an iphone? cory: the biggest change in iphones ever it was not having a phone, 10 years ago. it is a big upgrade cycle they are facing an opportunity for. one of the things apple has found over the years is that when people upgrade from an iphone, they upgrade to another iphone. it's a system in which they tend to stay in, so they don't lose. whereas people who leave an android device quite often switch to an iphone. over time, they grow that larger. the time between buying phones has been growing longer and longer, which suggests the
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upgrade cycle should be big for apple. but the unanswerable question, we could sit here and speculate, will the consumers feel the need to get this new device? the bells and whistles are an obvious way, not something you just experience looking at your neighbor using a phone. will it help them sell the phone? the facial recognition stuff, they might be a more pleasurable experience for the user, but it is something the person who is yet to upgrade has seen. emily: it is a significantly different new form, new design, and interesting. several analysts suggested to me that it might discourage people from buying the iphone 8. why would you buy it if you could spend a little more and get the most expensive phone? er,as speaking to gene munst
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and he said nevertheless, it will be a home run. x will be a home run. the i don't know why anyone 8, would buy that. i was surprised, they raised the price. it is now $700. now you are about $300 between the iphone 8 and the 10. -- and the x. that is dollars per month. a lot of people are doing this installment plan. that is five dollars or six dollars more per month. i don't see why people would not get the x if you are on an installment plan. that takes us back to come up if they wait, they have more capacity. they could bring in more factories. i think they are saving up for a big november three launch. available inl be
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more countries on november 3? waves,r: it is a lot of multiple countries per wave. i want to talk about the apple watch. they emphasized the futures, the sport features. they introduced the watch with a surfer wearing a watch while riding a wave, and getting a call on the watch. cory, i know you are obsessed with fitness trackers. apple said today this is now the most popular watch in the world. what is your take on just how much bigger a product category the watch can be for apple? i need an emily chang fact check. was it a surfer or paddle boarder? emily: it could have been a paddle boarder. [laughter] cory: you are from hawaii i'm , from the midwest originally,
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what do i know? i think it's interesting that fitbit figured out what apple couldn't, which is that -- the iphone watch was launched, without knowing what the business plan would be, they just threw it out without knowing what would stick. dr. oz was there when they announced the watch. they always thought health was going to be a part of it. what fitbit figured out was it was fitness that drove the device. they have had a lot of success with that product, focused on fitness. it seems like apple figured out that, as much as they thought fashion would be a part of the watch, that fitness is the thing. certainly showing off the water proofing capabilities that other competing devices do not have in a very big way, be it paddling, also surfing and swimming and everything else.
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emily: right. if you are in hawaii, tahoe, the watch works. they demoed the apple tv set box, the 4k capacity. it is impressive. reporter: you ask me if there were any surprises earlier. this was a big shock. the 4k video -- if you have 1080p videos in your life -- -- itunes library, they can convert those for free to the 4k video content. that is not something i expected apple to do. they typically would charge more for the higher end. they are upgrading them. when you buy it new, they are charging the same price for a 1080p. it's great and it probably makes people happy. emily: could apple feed off of the adoption of 4k technology? reporter: initially, because 4k costs more.
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however, the box itself is $180. so it is $30 more than the original apple tv from 2015 with the new software. emily: cory, final thoughts? 4k tv will be -- every new tv will start to offer it. they have to offer it. it's not like a fantastic venture. they don't have all the partnerships they would like to have, but they have to have it as an option going forward. i don't know that it is such a huge deal for apple. everyone will be expected to have that. what they are really competing against is stuff already built into the tv. they have to have a more compelling offer. emily: and we know apple is talking with studios about creating 4k original content. cory johnson, our editor at large, sticking with me. mark gurman, great work, making sure we did not have any surprises. we will be back from cupertino,
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california at the brand-new apple campus. >> iphone x, the most advanced iphone we have ever made, incredible new design, face id, camera system more powerful , technology than we've ever put in an iphone before. it really is the future of the smartphone. ♪ >> the first iphone
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revolutionized a decade of technology and changed the world in the process. now, 10 years later, it is only fitting that we are here in this place, on this day, to reveal a product that will set the path for technology for the next decade.
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emily: welcome back to "bloomberg technology". i'm emily chang from apple's brand-new campus, in front of the steve jobs theater, where the new iphones were just unveiled. cory johnson, our editor-at-large joining us from l.a. and sitting next to me is , alex webb. i want to talk about the price point, $999. the lowest price for the iphone x. how do you the iphone will sell in the u.s. and abroad? reporter: that's a good point. two different issues. there is a big fan base in the u.s. for apple devices, and carriers where you can spread the cost over some years. two or three years, it looks like some of the cycles are turning towards. in the u.s., they will probably still do very well. if you turn to china in particular, where apple is very much a status symbol, if you
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want to buy an iphone, you want to buy the top iphone. if not you may not be buying an , apple device at all. you might turn to devices from weibo or huawei. they have similar, edge to edge screens, but $300 cheaper. emily: they recently surpassed apple globally. cory, when you look at the market share, what is your take on how well this will sell? cory: apple has never really tried to win the market share game. their goal is to win the profits game, which is to say they identified a section of the market where there is an opportunity to make a lot of money, and there is a bigger market where no one makes money. they want to be where the money is made. they have less than half of the market share of the smartphone, but they have more than half of the profits and the smartphone business. they recognize that across all their products, at all price
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points, they want to be there making money. it's not just emerging markets for the cheaper phones. you know my children. they are not getting the expensive phone. there is a place in the developed market as well. they have had some success with the se. i will be curious to see what this does for the average selling prices, not only in the first quarter of next year, when the bump yourom might see from sales in november and december. to see what this does for their asp, and if it really jacks up the selling price. historically they have not told us which of the phones are selling. we have to divine not from the asp information. emily: let's talk about cheaper phones. they have had fairly mixed results. maybe your children love them. in emerging markets and around the world --
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reporter: it is hard to tell. the key market they are trying to grow in is india. they are in a strange dichotomy right now. we have entered an s curve in terms of smartphone innovation, what else can come? apple has been trying for two years to announce it is pivoting, moving towards services. you can get more people buying apps from the app store. but if you will really suck people into this universe of paying for things, using apple music, icloud, all those things, you need to be selling phones they can afford. that is the effort in india and other developing economies where they really have to aggregate. are they making money the hard way? mentioned ar. some people were hoping there would be more announcements around ar today. apple has been trying to pitch itself as a gaming platform, but has not been successful.
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what do you make of those announcements? reporter: they are building blocks. the first building blocks. we saw the ar talk, tim cook was bullish about it. it seems as though the hardware is pretty impressive. a lot of stuff they can do on the new iphones enables impressive ar applications. this is the first step in a market which they think could be huge. we reported they are working on some kind of smart glasses. emily: tell me more about that and when. , reporter: the earliest we think is probably 2019. that is when the prototypes will -- we do not know how advanced the capabilities will be. it is an opportunity to place more wearables on you, add to the watch the air pods, tethered , to your iphone, making sure
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you still buy the iphone. emily: this point about whether there's more innovation left in smartphones, it's interesting. peter thiel says he doesn't think there will be anything -- much more innovation on the smartphone platform. when i asked tim cook, he said that is wrong. it is hard not to be impressed when you see the new features, even if they feel incremental, they are so much better. i'm curious where you see innovation in smartphones going. cory: i think the innovations for smart phones are limitless. the innovations that came from the iphone were not better calls, arguably they were worse , calls. the innovation, we still call them phones, but the things people do on their phones -- the businesses that have come out of the iphones are instagram, uber, things that were not imaginable 10 years ago. some really, really big multibillion-dollar businesses and global businesses have grown at paces only possible in the
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technology industry. the idea that was ar, what is now best expressed through pokemon go, could be anything going forward, and so much easier to develop because of the development tools apple has created. now the hardware in this launch announced today, i think the possibilities are limitless. i think peter thiel is wrong again. as entertaining as ever, but wrong again. emily: by the way, there was a surfer and a paddle boarder, that's why we were confused. we were both right. cory johnson, editor at large in l.a., sticking with me. alex webb, our reporter, thank you. we will be back with more of this special from apple's brand-new headquarters in cupertino. >> we are at the next major inflection point.
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one that has the most stunning visuals ever, that are ideal for the large tv screens that are coming into our living rooms. this will bring cinematic quality to virtually everything that you watch. that's why i am so excited to introduce apple tv 4k. [applause] ♪ >> now with iphone 8, with its
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glass back, we are enabling the freedom of wireless charging. [applause] >> this is a simple thing. we do this every day. we use our phones during the day and charge it every night, often charging by our bed stand. words can't describe how nice it is to just put it down and pick it up without having to plug in a cable.
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emily: welcome back to "bloomberg technology," live from apple's brand-new campus in the steve jobs theatre, where three new iphones were just unveiled, as well as an apple tv set-top box and a new apple watch. let's get to abigail doolittle, who has been following the market. why don't we start with what we saw? reporter: pretty exciting day. quiet at first, but we finished with record highs. the dow, the nasdaq, all putting in record highs. the s&p 500, an all-time high. despite the fact that the gains for major averages were somewhat muted, we do have records. and despite apple. even though apple finished down 4/10 of 1%, very volatile on the day. the highs up one and a half -- up 1.5% the lows are down
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, 1.7%. investors are trying to figure out what the new iphone x means for the stock. is this a buy or sell? the stock is up in a huge way over the last year, up more than 50%. today, little consolidation, investors trying to figure out what it means. that could come down to not just the phone, but also supply. will there be enough of these phones out there, once it is launched in november? emily: you have been digging into the reaction among various suppliers. what did you see? reporter: not much of the reaction. it is pretty funny. if you look at broadcom, cirrus logic, you would think there would be a bit more of a reaction. but that just wasn't the case considering these stocks could in fact be a tell to some degree for apple. these are the parts that go into the phone. to some degree, priced in. however, there is a great chart
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i would like to show because it a boom and there is bust cycle, perhaps for apple developing. this is g #btv 7033. it is a longer-term return. athe buyers are really there. we see between 2008 and 2012, shares reacting well to the iphone. in if you remember the iphone 5, 2012, stocks fell 45%, it was disappointing. then the iphone 5s and 6, those were showing a nice rally. the 6s was disappointing. the question is whether or not the new iphone x will be enough to keep the boom going. time will tell. i did speak to an analyst at longbow research. he's bullish on the long term, but he says there could be near-term choppiness. emily: our bloomberg stocks reporter abigail doolittle in new york, thank you for the roundup.
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we will dig into why the shares didn't move so much, what investors are thinking, coming up from apple's headquarters in cupertino, california. ♪ >> it is 11:29 a.m. in hong kong
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and 12:29 in tokyo. opec and its allies are discussing extending oil production cuts by more than three months. it was due to expire in march. the second half of next year could be needed as a worst-case scenario. they are contemplating cuts. prices of struggle to break above $50 a barrel, thanks to resurgent u.s. shale production. they have postponed the divorce talks by a week. minister theresa may is planning a speech on public strategy.
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they were due to meet brussels on monday, but will now gather september 25. soften been forced to her approach after losing the parliamentary majority. three more astronauts expected to go to the space station. the arrival of the russian command and two american colleagues took the iss back to a full crew. they spend a most six months in orbit. global news 24 hours a day, powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries. this is bloomberg. >> i am sophie kamaruddin with a check on the markets. asian stocks are trading near record highs. a stream of inflation data shows the reflation story may not be over yet. treasuries are rebounding a touch, declines ahead of inflation data due thursday.
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the pound has risen to the strongest level since september 2016. the korean won rising of second straight day. the yuan reversed losses from that fixing by the pboc. the --wanese dollar falling with the rupee and the peso. the new iphone upgrades were underwhelming, considering many were telegraphed ahead of time. competitors are weighing the changes. most industry groups in hang seng on the back. that index is expected to snap a three-day rise. korean tech shares powering ahead. samsung and lg gaining, as well as another chipmaker. that index is expected to snap a three-day rise. high, jumped to a record benefiting from apple's shifted to oled screens.
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thaad-related stocks under pressure. there will be a wto complaint to china. a third -- a for third day of gains. that is it for your market check. ♪ >> we do have one more thing. [applause] >> we are here at the steve jobs theater, at the new apple campus. this is the iphone x. it has an almost bezel-less screen, face recognition center, , it has a glass back, stainless steel edges. it looks really nice. oled screen, which really makes colors pop out.
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you can see the time in the corner. they flipped the status bar. a bottom charger. wireless charging on the back as well. overall, the screen is 5.8 inches. it is a little bigger than the iphone 7 plus and 8 plus. overall, feels about the size of of an iphone 7, smaller, because of the slim bezels. i know people are asking about the side button. it's a little longer. you can hold it down to activate siri. also double-click for apple pay. you can swipe on the bottom and invoke multitasking as well. and you can swipe between different apps. the cool part about it is with a larger screen, you can enter more text messages and see them at once. it is great for video, as well. the iphone x goes on sale november 3 after preorders at the end of october, starting at
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$999 for 64 gigabytes. there is a 256 gigabytes version as well. emily: that was mark gurman trying out the new iphone x at the steve jobs theatre on apple's brand-new campus in cupertino, california. apple just unveiled three new phones, a new apple watch, a new apple set tv box. cory johnson is joining us from l.a. with me is a principal analyst at creative strategies. i want to talk about ai. ai is powering a lot of upgrades we saw today. what in particular stands out to you? >> how apple can make ai relevant to the normal person on the street, and also appeal from a wall street perspective to investors to show where apple is going forward. there wasn't much talk of siri today, and i will tell you why.
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there's a lot of machine learning going on with the new cpu and machine learning, as well as ai. having the device to be smarter but also creating a smarter union between you as a user and the device is where apple is going. if you are thinking about face id, often they mention how face id is learning. machine learning and ai coming into not just unlocking your phone, but using your face to detect, if you are looking at your screen and opening up identification for you, or if you are not looking at the screen randomly and it opening the device. and then for the more mundane, like the animoji looking at your facial expression. emily: that definitely got the most laughs. [laughter] it overlays your expression over an emoji.
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i do want to talk about the point about siri. there are numbers to talk about that siri's less popular this year. this is supposed to be the wave of the future -- why is that? reporter: consumers are still trying to find a reason to something, a lot of us powered typists. our thumbs are so used to typing what we need and get, and answering. changing behavior is really hard. i do think with the home pod being launched later in the year, siri will have her moment. the union of siri and the home environment with home pod will have the next version of siri speaking to consumers more. today we heard about it when he -- it came to the watches. now with a cellular connected watch, siri will talk back to me. that is useful, because i don't
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want to be watching a very small screen. emily: we didn't hear much about the home pod today. we do know that the home pod will start shipping at the end of the year. but this is a very competitive market, of course with amazon echo and google home. what is apple walking into here? cory: they are trying to come up with a product of higher quality, sound-wise. we will see if they can master that. the buzz seems like it would be great. i will wait for the audio geek magazines to get involved and see what they think of the quality of the speaker. it is a world that is well, if not over covered, but people who are audiophiles. it will be curious to see how that does. we will see if it forms leadership with much better sound quality in the music industry.
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this notion of what ai is and how it works is really going to evolve. we are just not going to know right away. but the idea that apple could use those emojis and see when you're smiling and when you are not, but also get the data about how many people, when they are presented with a smiley emoji, after they have had a facial moment or expression, it will improve over time because it can measure. you make a face, your phone thinks it is a smile, and the third thing that happens is you choose whether or not it was a smile by selecting the emoji. apple will internalize all the information using ai, start to fix facial recognition based on how many people use that emoji, and improve the facial recognition with every hour, as more and more people are not or are selecting the emoji. think about that in 100 different ways, when people are ordering food, or using instant messenger, or chatting in asia
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in ways they don't in the u.s. that is a lot of potential. emily: i did get to try out the new emoji feature. i was a cat, a dog, a robot. it was pretty cool. cory, our editor at large, sticking with me. thank you so much for stopping by. we will be right back after this break back here at apple headquarters in cupertino, california. >> there's not a day that goes by that we don't think about him. memories have especially, , rushing back as we prepared for today and this event. it has taken some time, but we can now reflect on him with joy instead of sadness. ♪ emily: welcome back to
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"bloomberg technology," live from apple headquarters in cupertino, california. i'm joined by cory johnson in l.a., and with me here in front of the steve jobs theater, the most accurate apple analyst on the street. i want to hear your numbers. the shipping data is a little later than we expected. but how many iphones do you think apple will sell in the holiday quarter? reporter: i think it will be a record breaker. it was last year, not by much, but it will be record-breaking. 90 million units is possible. emily: really? gene munster said 70 million. reporter: we will see. the delay may impact that. the super cycle dream is
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what this is all about. we are also looking at asp rising. emily: the average selling price. reporter: and it has been rising recently, against the grain for phone makers. for 10 years now, we have seen pretty steady iphone pricing, around 630 overall, 1.2 billion units. we might see breaking 650. emily: there is a $300 difference between the iphone 8 and iphone x, but how many people will be contemplating, maybe i should just go for the more expensive model, and how many people will say i will not buy one at all and just wait? reporter: that's a good question. it's a very pragmatic issue. i think overall if we step back and ask, look at the way they bracketed this, they went from 64 to 256, a huge increase in memory, and only $150 more in
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pricing. a lot of people will say, do we stretch? what do you do with the middle price and memory? a lot of people will go up to the 256, and more people will stretch, which is good for the price. emily: 256 gigabytes. apple has some of the best margins of any company in the world, with the average selling price rising considerably, what does that mean for margins? cory: we fundamentally don't know about cost. in prior phone launches, the higher end phone with a higher price had lower growth margins. in the hardware world, they have maintained margins upwards of 35%. we just really don't know. another reason this will be hard to figure out is that a lot of the components will be different.
11:46 pm
it gets into accounting geekery. with all of these new advances in the software, we don't know how they will advertise those costs into the costs of goods sold. so that could be affected by the notion of the duration of the value of artificial intelligence software. it will be hard to say. once we get our hands on phones, we can crack them open and count the chips and components, and understand if it's a better idea of what the components actually cost. we won't know until we hit a clean quarter, full of all the sales at the end of the first calendar quarter, especially because the phones will ship late. i would imagine about 10% fewer than if the beginning of the quarter. emily: i want to talk a little bit about the watch. there's a lot of skepticism about how big the market can be.
11:47 pm
apple announced today it is the , best-selling watch in the world. some estimates put 41 million apple watches will be sold over the next year. that's about as many iphones as they sold in the last quarter. reporter: that's a lot. i would go a little lower than that. i think they have sold overall 30 million, and that may be a little on the high side. i think it will do very well. we are seeing -- emily: you think it is a sleeper hit. reporter: i think it is a sleeper hit because, tens of millions of people are using it every day. we are getting huge engagement. apple is moving into health care. it is of five plus billion dollar business overnight. emily: and also untethering, you don't have to have a phone with your watch, how much will that drive sales? reporter: i don't know how many people would want to pay the extra $10 a month to have that feature. it's all about making incremental improvements in this category. the focus on health, the focus
11:48 pm
on diagnostics and prevention, it is really tremendous. no one has really gone into that sector before. i have been bullish on the iphone watch since they won. i always thought it was a disruptive product. we are seeing it take on more with the phone. the phone has never completely taken over the pc. emily: go ahead. cory: i think it's a great point you mentioned. imagine a world where we don't have phones. today is the day we start moving in that direction. so much of the computing we are doing already actually happens online. all the brilliant ai suggests, whether an emoji or address, whatever, it's happening on the cloud your now, we have a device where you listen to something in
11:49 pm
your ear, you have something on your wrist, it doesn't interact with a phone. this could be the beginning of a post-smartphone world, where you have a lot of things happening in the computing world both happening in the cloud and being signaled by devices on your ear and in your wrist, but not on the phone. that could be where we are 10 years from now. emily: do you agree? reporter: absolutely. air pods plus the watch, this is decentralizing the hub, which used to be the phone. ambient computing, if you will. emily: always great to have you here on the show. cory johnson, you said it, i'm holding you to it that this could be the beginning of a post-smartphone world. you will be back with me after this quick break. >> these are a new generation of iphones. we improve on everything we have loved about iphones. the design is all new. there is glass in both the front and the back. the aluminum band beautifully matches the finish of each iphone 8. it comes in silver, space gray,
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and a beautiful new gold finish. [applause] ♪ emily: welcome back to
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"bloomberg technology," from cupertino, california at the steve jobs theater on the apple campus, where three new iphones were unveiled earlier today. joining me now, our editor at-large cory johnson in l.a., and from our studio in san francisco, brian white, the global head of tech hardware and software. shares ended the day slightly down. why? >> a lot of news is always anticipated in these events. what i liked out of this event is the fact that the iphone x is delayed, yet apple gave pretty phenomenal guidance for the september quarter. i can tell you looking at the supply chain, and we look at
11:53 pm
that for apple monitor, june, july, and august were strong. september quarter for apple monitor looks like it is at a record. to me, that is very encouraging. here is the iphone x delayed, yet the supply chain in apple's outlook were very strong. i'm coming out of this event more bullish than ever. emily: you can start preorder at the end of october. it will be on sale november 3 in a few dozen countries. we have not talked about the charging technology. a new and that will be available next year. air power, where you can charge multiple things at the same time with wireless charging. what do you make of this step forward when it comes to charging technology and battery life? >> i think it will make everyone's life a lot easier. coming to this event and all the chargers i had to bring with me,
11:54 pm
if i'm able to air power, and my -- in charge my watch my air , pods and iphone all at once that is significant. , that is the thing about apple. whether we talk about new innovations, wireless charging, 3-d sensors, it is very tough as we go forward for competitors to keep up. i don't see how they will be able to do it. emily: interesting, given that samsung is currently in the lead when it comes to global smartphone market share. huawei is number two. vevo, xiaomi, they all have much cheaper alternatives to the iphone. you don't think that is stiff competition? >> i always felt samsung is a great competitor, no doubt. huawei has done a decent job. we know the reason why their market share has gone up so significantly. china's 4g network has expanded. that has brought consumers into
11:55 pm
the system to buy 40 smartphones -- 4g smartphones that cannot yet afford an iphone. as soon as they can afford it, they will buy the iphone. that will be trouble for vevo, just like it was trouble for xiaomi the last couple years. a company like apple that can do the hardware or the software services, which is exactly what we saw today, how all those are intertwined, that will be very difficult. samsung, huawei will always be around. other than that, i don't see the competition. emily: tim cook says this will be the new generation of technology. i want to take a moment to talk about the man who brought us here, steve jobs, who cofounded apple, the theater is named after him. they opened with an audio recording of steve jobs talking about what it means to produce wonderful products and get -- it gives the things back to humanity. at the same time, the end of an
11:56 pm
era is also the start of something new, a fresh yard for -- a fresh start for apple moving to the new campus. as we seek tim cook's apple start to emerge he is speaking , vocally about political and moral issues. how do you see tim cook's legacy shaping up? cory? brian? are you there? >> yes. i think apple has always had a northstar, whether that is making great products or on social issues. i think tim cook has been more vocal, but to be honest, i think it has always been part of the apple culture. i think tim cook is talking more about it, but carrying the baton the company always had. emily: we will be talking about that for the next several years, 10 years at least. thank you for watching this
11:57 pm
special edition of "bloomberg technology," live from apple headquarters on the day that the iphone x was unveiled. this is bloomberg. ♪
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