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tv   Bloomberg Markets Asia  Bloomberg  September 13, 2017 9:30pm-10:00pm EDT

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participation rate. we are moving a little bit, there we go with your aussie dollar. watch for that spread between the bid and ask. there we go. it is starting to widen ahead of the numbers. let's see where we go from here. again, we're looking for 20,000 new jobs. there we go. 54,000 new jobs created, the employment change out of australia. 14.1 thousand new part-time jobs, so boat net positive, 65.3% is your participation rate. 40,000 jobs is quite something. been quite good when you look at the aussie jobs numbers. can you look at whether we are getting reaction in the aussie dollar as well? another surprise set of numbers back $.80 there.
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the spread widening as well, back above 80% on the back of these numbers. have a look at my bloomberg. the movement in the number of full-time jobs created on the chinese mainland. this is simply that ticker you see on the top left side of your screen. 2017 has been very good. 20,000 wes after the saw in the previous month. not bad at all. that being said, it is simply realizing these jobs and adjusting for it later. it is a good set of numbers. the currency is being seen as a positive. australia jobs in full-time and part-time. it let's that is that look at the open in shanghai and p what do we
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have? >> a little downside on the open. down 5.2%. it is looking flat when you look at the csi 300. a batch of china data coming through in half an hour. really interesting to watch the currency market. the aussie up 5.3%, but he did see strength coming through in the dollar in the u.s. session, up for a third consecutive session, weighing heavily on the euro, falling to a one week low against the dollar. you can see the malaysian ringgit, the taiwan dollar, also ong under pressure as well. the aussie dollar leading that surprised charge upside. sales, we aretail waiting for this raft of data
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from china. the picture in terms of retail industrial output, investment, retail sales. charts see through these china fixed asset investment, this yellow line, retail sales the white line, and the blue line is value added year on year. they are starting to soft and could most analysts expect stability, stability, stability ahead of the party congress in october. let's look at some of the moves in the region today. we did see quite a bit of weakness when looking at ace metals in london overnight. a lot of those mining stocks in austria under pressure. bh, didn't down by one -- bh billiton down by 1.7%. honhai in taiwan under pressure. by 6%ctronics rose
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yesterday, up another 3%. samsung electronics, one of the front runners when you look at the msci asia-pacific index, up by .6%. news going to roll out its note a phone in china at the end of the month, and also partnering with we chat. pretty range bound when it comes to the overall regional asia-pacific index today. we did have five sessions of gains. looking like we must all of that of the today. david: at some point it was going to run out of steam. thank you. to add to that, we had the apple store yesterday. surprised it was not discussed as much. sounds and does supply apple. it is a fairly big supplier. and the big part of the story and apple was the delay on when that phone was good to be available.
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he said a lot of that is and you can down to the fact that those screens are very hard to produce and they are produced by none other than samsung. iran of course how sometimes you fight, but sometimes you should get along. right, let's get you caught up on first word news. rosalind: u.s. officials say russian influence voters through is a red-hotand focus of robert mueller's investigation into the election. bloomberg that the team is zeroing in on how russia spread fake and damaging information and is seeking additional evidence from facebook and twitter. a u.s. judge has revoked bail of a former pharmaceutical executive, ordering him jailed bizarreely over a facebook post. the u.s. district judge dean the 30 for your old a danger to the community after his post offering a bounty for a strand of hillary clinton's hair.
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he was convicted last month on three charges, including two counts of securities fraud. commission says foreign firm should face tough in her scrutiny in snapping up technologies key. his comments are seen as a message to china's state-owned giants. he said the eu must always defend strategic interests, singling out infrastructure and defense technology. oil hit five-week highs after the iea said global demand declined by the most since 2015 on stronger-than-expected consumption in europe and the u.s.. the international and jesse increased its estimates for growth by 100,000 barrels a day to 1.6 million. it's a just producers are having some success in reducing inventories. that demand growth as you said at the beginning has been revised upwards and not the
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first time we have revised upwards that that indicates that is ac economic position improving in europe, the u.s., so we could see more upside. rosalind: global news 24 hours a day powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries. this is bloomberg. david: thanks for the update there. right, two other stories, the oil story, this on the back of news that aramco may be looking to push back the much awaited ipo from the second half of next year into 2019. the other short-term story on oil is the sudden pickup in demand. this changing narrative of markets this week is that --lation is starting to show have a look at my bloomberg chart. a few bits and pieces on the oil story. we were seeing a pickup in the
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north sea trading in asia-pacific from the different grades of crude from that part of the world into the asia-pacific, picking up substantially. what you see right here is the yellow line. as you can see, that has .erformed much better than wti when you scale it back, that is the price in the left, the coming outand story and revising upward demand forecast for oil this year, which long story short points to ofearly normalization here the supply have in demand situation where you have a lot of people doubting back then that we would get the oil market in balance at some point. very interesting conversation to ise your the other big story you have to tie everything together in the energy market with talk that opec is now said to be discussing perhaps extending those output cuts well beyond march next year. are set tocuts
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expire. one other thing tonight, what time is it? here, so roughly in 10.5 hours from now, super thursday, boe coming out. have a look at my chart. stronger cable is the story. inflation picking up in the u k. 2007.s why are we looking at these two? this is normalized, so it measures cable or sterling-u.s. dollar and sterling-euro. why are we looking at this? a lot of the consternation surrounding brexit and how we are seeing inflation is down to the fact that the pound got pounded. it started to reflect this pickup in inflation, a self-correcting mechanism that we have in free markets. that is the blue line, up 7.7% year to date. a lot of that has started to pick up from the summer.
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the other thing that has worked out in the uk's favor was because the strong euro has sterlinge rally in pound, which helps trade from so a.k. into the continent lot of narratives as we get into the boe. long story short, we are not expecting them to do anything at this point. coming up on the program, what is next for alibaba. we will be joined by the chief strategy officer at ant financial right after this break. this is bloomberg. ♪
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david: alibaba plans to push into southeast asia, where it has taken a controlling stake in an e-commerce company.
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bloomberg spoke exclusively to the vice chairman of alibaba on his company's 18th anniversary, and he said the key to southeast asia is other platforms for e-commerce and repayments. to serve 2to be able billion consumers over the next should be going outside of china to have access with these consumers. with a mobile wallet and also e-commerce, that is the best way for us to grow that internationally. >> again, it is a mirroring of the online and off line worlds. thesereading up on financial products sold it 10,000 7-eleven's kilis he can walk in in thailand and five financial products sold through this service. is that a model that can be replicated throughout southeast
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asia if there are these kinds of kiosks or whatever? >> every country will be different depending on the local circumstances. if you can walk in and by a mutual on daddy convenience store, that is one possible use case. >> brokerages are not going to like this. ,> whether they like it or not new technology and innovation is coming, so they will have to try to think about their own business and disrupt themselves. >> are there any targets on the radar to buy brick-and-mortar retailers in southeast asia? >> you never say never, right? right now, we don't have any specific plans. >> we know about the different takes you have taken in d mart,es, read
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indonesia's leading e-commerce platform. how do you see that translating to southeast asia to these purchases? we have to take this step by step. southeast asia over the next 5-10 years will be a game of penetration with e-commerce taking more share of overall retail. , southeast asia is less than 3% e-commerce penetration, specifically indonesia. they will have less than $15 billion this year for the whole country, so there is a lot of growth opportunities. we wanted to take the slowly, step-by-step. >> you have to be fast, don't you? tencent and of theirs investing, whether ridesharing, motorcycle ridesharing,, they have invested in that. you are interested in grab as
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well in singapore, so is there a land grab for these kinds of assets? >> they are following us. they have see we have positioned ourselves well and are playing the catch-up game, so what we want to do is since we already have our positions, we want to work with local entrepreneurs. that was the cofounder and vice chair of alibaba speaking exclusively to stephen engle. you can catch more of our unprecedented and exclusive access to alibaba, including an interview with jack markell in our special half hour program, alibaba, the global disruptor. now our next guest oversees the strategy for ant financial which operates alipay. joining us live out of the milken institute summit in singapore is the chief strategy officer of ant financial.
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a good morning to you from hong kong. just a quick back around of ant financial. you have such a large customer base, obviously given access to alibaba. talk to us about how you are changing financial services experiences for your customers there. tell us about the progress you have made. yes, what is special about ch is scalability. china has become a lifestyle. the financial services to do so many things. they can do online shopping. they can go to restaurants, book soels, transportation, etc., in this sense, we think it is a
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more advanced stage of fintech, a seamless combination of financial services powered by technology. in the past several years, in addition to alipay, we have more than 520 million active users, but in addition, we started in microloans toe more than 7 million small and medium enterprises and startups. in addition to that, we started to work with phone companies to provide reduced rates. david: we are looking at a lot of harvests in a lot of areas. you mentioned micro financing, for example. i'm wondering if you are starting to feel you are competing directly with traditional financial institutions in china. >> actually we do not.
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finance is so far from being inclusive globally as well as in china. companies, our strength's technology, so we see a great future collaboration with the financial companies because our strength is technology, and their strength is finance, and together we can provide a user-friendly service to everyone in the world. one of your from your premier products, and i use it as well, alipay. happened over the past 18 months that a lot of your competitors have started to catch up. if you look at certain other metrics, we chat has overtaken alipay. youru need to change strategy, and how concerned are you over competition? , finance is very
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far from inclusive, but payment is the starting point. in the future, everybody will have financial lives, so wealth management, consumer loans, credit services, so there is a long way to go. for us, there could be competitors, but we see the space potentially as a notion, so what we care about is to provide services to our customers. in the future probably when people think about financial life, they would think about us. i think that is what we are aiming at. david: hold that thought. i'd like the ocean reference there. we will continue the conversation in a few minutes. stay with us. we will be back live in just a
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few minutes. stay with us. this is bloomberg. ♪
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♪ live out of the milken institute asian summit in singapore, where we are joined by the chief strategy officer financial. one last thing on alipay, you mentioned it is a blue ocean out there for online payment. you are not concerned that the likes of tencent have started to catch up with you? sorry, i missed her question. david: i just wanted to know if whether or not you're concerned your competitors, like tencent, starting to grab market share from alipay. well, as i said, it is a blue ocean, so what you care most is serving our customer better.
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there is a lot of creativity that can be done, but let me give you one thought on this point. in the last year, we started to provide a product where you can plant virtual trees in alipay's app. uses allowing you to alipay's mobile payment technology to track consumers carbon footprint. let's say you are driving to work and decided to take the subway. , there ise translated that can be planted in the desert. more than 230 million users have opened up this service, and more than 10 million trees have been planted. this means that more than 3% of the global population actually observing their carbon
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footprint and decreasing every day. by solving a real world problem, that makes our customers like our products better, so i'm trying to use this as an example to showcase there is so much the kvitova can be done using. -- so much creativity that can >> hundreds of millions of people are actually using the products daily, and we can see that can be replicated in many areas in the world. we have true strategies to one
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strategy is to help the chinese to enjoy consumption abroad. form localis to partnerships to help local users get access to financial services. is wide mobileze a population, which is our mission. quickly, areery you concern over your planned acquisition of money gram, and you think that will go through? directlyot comment about this. it is in the process, but we do believe that if that goes through, it will really help to reduce the transaction costs for cross-border payment. that will help. i appreciate you coming
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on the program. that was the chief strategy officer at ant financial. more coming up. we will be live out of singapore and speak exclusively to the vice chair of the philippines. this is bloomberg. ♪
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♪ announcer: from our studios in new york city, this is "charlie rose." ♪ charlie: we turn to north korea, relations between the united states and in that country have been fraught since the end of the korean war. the last several months have months have seen an escalation in tension as north korea ramps up its nuclear program. following north korea's largest nuclear test, the united nations voted to step up sanctions against the regime. many feared that a violent confrontation is increasingly likely. joining me from washington is evan osnos


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