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tv   Bloomberg Technology  Bloomberg  October 13, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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recertify the 2015 accord. new -- out the he also pose additional measures on around 11 mission or a card. -- the first sitting president to address the value of summer promise a return to additional american values. he also promised to bring the phrase merry christmas back to national discourse. reportedly air quality in show beijing this from california's
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one country like it or the bay area. powered 24 hours a day for more than 120 countries, this is bloomberg. emily: this is bloomberg technology. coming up, the feud between qualcomm and apple with the chipmaker trying to ban sales of the iphone in china. draws a line, against lastappeal month's london than. -- ban.
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off tuesdayon caps with the golden state warriors ready to defend their title. qualcomm has fired another legal shot across -- at apple across china. seeking to ban the sale of iphones in china. this is the latest in a month-long battle that began when apple filed a antitrust lawsuit. all this comes as apple tries to fend off local competitors in the chinese market. year, --
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larson.out, matt i will start with you. immediate conclusion is there is no negotiation so clearly qualcomm feels like it has to take the pressure to the next level. >> china is not normally seen friendly to patent holders, why to apple in china? -- in addition, qualcomm has some disputes in china over 4g, lte.ents on 3g,
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those licensing rates, their working with other manufacturers so they have some goodwill. >> that mean qualcomm has the upper hand? company,is an american but at the same time, it is a massive direct employer of chinese people. sides have a lot to play as they make their case to beijing. >> have we seen a company aside from qualcomm take this approach? yes, -- a lot of these companies will file will jurisdictions. a lot of international settlement talks and we also saw
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.ualcomm there is some precedents in the smartphone area and for both apple and qualcomm. >> what has been the response so far from apple? >> they have not heard of these patents, they are all new. they are completely dismissive. >> watches as mean for apple? >> i think that is what the interesting analysis came from. close to going under way, then apple will serve writing a check. they will pay qualcomm upfront
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and then negotiate later. >> what is the next step? >> the chinese courts are pretty fast. trial,e six months until about a year or so until cases conclude. some of the u.s. litigation will have gone to trial and unless filed, -- uits >> meantime, qualcomm just got find so tell us about that. >> another record fine. obviously, we have the u.s. regulators and it is not look good for them. .he overall momentum is poor they need some kind of victory. has an argued that no one
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interest in taking this all the way to trial. nobody wants a concrete precedents set so the argument thehis is all who can get best position. posted.w you'll keep us twitter may have played a crucial according to a report in politico, the social media company may have erased tweets and other use data that could be viable to investigators. analysts say information may be lost for good. twitter, facebook, and out of it have been invited to testify publicly about russian meddling. coming up, uber facing trouble in london. how they are pushing back on a band is this next.
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this is bloomberg.
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>> there is a vacancy at ¢. .t been a fence on for decades the news comes as samsung announced record operating profit on displays and memory chips. >> the world's largest son of his making a stand and the u.k.. uber has appealed a decision by authorities in london to not --
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and not renew its operating license. the appeal allows companies drivers -- hearing is not likely to take place until december and could take place in months or even years. operating, butis they have officially filed and appeared -- appeal. >> i think the fact that hoover was allowed to continue to operate even as they also license, -- ally >> also the prime minister -- ally >> i think hoover has changed the tone. london andt appeases watches that process play out
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over time. over time to monitor they will try to attract more data. i think this process has been used for little while. >> you have maintained that you don't think it is likely that we were be banned in london. here is that hoover was on -- brexit seems very political. >> what reports are you getting from the country on how the new ceo is working out question mark >> i think he's helping to turn around the reputation. center that is front and with him. is a hard six there are five different
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criminal probes so i think he knows it is hard. that itported last week was near closing and is a close, all former employees would be able to sell shares. the board approved it. what is happening now is the firm -- they have this right of refusal which allows them to buy into the deal if the price is low enough. what is really happening seen severe price negotiation that's .alled the deal a little bit
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and the governments intention on the deal going through so anyway this pizza go forward. they went from 11 board members with plans to build independent more members. -- they said if a former officer anthe country is to become executive, the board would have to approve them and make it harder to push his way back into the company on moving to a more democratic voting treasure. >> all this is contingent on the
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deal -- right. i think people want to see it through, but they also -- there are billions of dollars at stake. money and so of 45 to 55,e price is that is a lot of money in play. >> thank you. debate overe the bitcoin phenomenon rages on. #listen.
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>> if you want to, we can anduss the specifics challenge the fact it is not mechanisms and ways to improve the functioning, but i think many people who are bitcoin, howout can i protect my own self. new -- theylot of can be doing something. inlect i got in from jamie new york and it says don't let him enter that.
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>> i can see their crib the in contexting useful and speeding up transactions. i can see a utility in the financial system of that. they are extremely volatile and very uncertain some not sure i see it arriving as a stored value. >> a lot of the volatility is that the mechanism effects the supplier. -- in other words, there is a product. was international chair frankl speaking to bloomberg surveillance. coming up, i was sexual
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.arassment saga continues that sort is next.
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>> is on his entity making a potion to sports. but have been missing some of the biggest athletic apparel. amazon has previously ventured into private label fashion. pushing into hacker where would bring fresh competition to some of the world biggest athletic brands. of amazone, the head studios has been suspended due
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to allegations of sexual harassment. institutes of making to aropriate advances female producer. the allegations come days after similar allegations led to the firing of harvey weinstein. entertainment reporter 20 us now and of course another actress playing into this story, what do we know about what amazon new and when? we know that rumors about improper behavior have been swirling for a long time. in several people heard there were stories that amazon seem to keep midday and then august or
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so, the information published other elements were not able to publish it, part of a problem there not being any women on the record and after on harvard weinstein scandal embolden and then went on the record. min pin allegations for some time, but how much people knew and wind, we are still figuring out. given alling swiftly the action regarding weinstein. in the meantime, rose mcgowan price.e told rudd
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she spoke out directly to jeff us how rosek to >> what youonally have seen in the case of harvey -- accused years of sexual deviance and harassment isolatedd a lot of incidents but if you system together would have made it clear this person should lose their job and potentially be prosecuted. all of the incidents were one-off. you had rose mcgowan tell roy price.
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you had gwyneth paltrow from out in a soccer sort cannot deal telling -- coming out detailing what happened her. fortunately, you had women who were brave enough to come forward and share it and reporters here stuck with it, but in the case of harvey weinstein, this is something i goes back two decades. others saying this was an open secret and lisa. .arvey weinstein where do you see the chips falling? what are people saying in hollywood. >> i think you have a lot of male executives or looking over the shoulder right now, wondering --
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-- i have to imagine that more will come out in the coming days and coming weeks. this is not something. this is not a constant sort. you have a lot of these companies that are run by men who for one reason or another believe they are able to act improperly. think that lord christ is probably going to lose his job. we've not heard anything about that, though he is suspended indefinitely. in the case of harvey and wordpress, harvey's behavior was of a widely known secret. i spoke with someone earlier who
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has worked with the weinstein company. everyone knew he was kind of an abusive boss verbally. good reportings to prove what he had done good >> and women willing to come forward. think is a must. this is something we will continue to follow. coming up, and excessive conversation with rick wells. we will all the teams leadership in china. that is next. who knew that phones would start doing everything?
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mark: i am mark crumpton in new york. you are watching "bloomberg technology." i am authorizing the treasury department to further sanction the entire islamic revolutionary guard corps for support for terrorism and to apply sanctions to its officials, agents, and affiliates. president released a statement responding to president trump's comments today on the nuclear deal in an address to the iranian people. does notresident trump know the deal isn't unilateral and one country cannot dictate terms of the accord. president netanyahu called president trump courageous. >> is the iran deal is left
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unchanged, one thing is absolutely certain. in a few years time, the world terrorist regime will have an arsenal of nuclear weapons and that is a tremendous danger for our future. president trump has created an opportunity to fix this bad deal. the u.s.-ledans -- intensifiestend -- to regain the state. 70% of the city is said to be back under control. troops are still trying to evacuate 4000 civilians from the area. the kenyan opposition leader is questioning the west commitment to the electoral process in africa. he warns democracy is in jeopardy on the continent because activists are unsure of international support. he announced he was dropping out of the october 2016 rerun of the
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residential election but is willing to return if the electoral commission accepts it. there is a new eu and agency chief. the board rejected a candidate qatar, who was considered a front-runner. as the organization struggles through financial problems and criticism over the inclusion of the palestinians in 2011, the u.s. and israel plan to withdraw over its anti-israel bias. global news 24 hours a day. powered by more than 2,700 journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries. this is crumpton, bloomberg. ♪ this is "bloomberg technology." the countdown to the start of the nba season is on.
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the golden state warriors square off against the houston rockets. the warriors will be debuting an updated look. they will quote the name of an internet based company with the company's local and a small patch on their jerseys. the officialg e-commerce and video on demand partner of the warriors. joining us now is the golden state warriors president and ceo of. -- coo. thank you for joining us. why put this logo on their jerseys? rick: this is the first year they are allowed corporations on jerseys. not think it is a controversial step. i think every team is trying to be careful about taking a partner. we had a lot of companies based outside of the united states, which i think is a reflection on where the warriors are right now as a brand in the world. those not the most lucrative
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offer that we had, but we felt it was a company that was very closely in line with how we operate our business. affiliateility -- marketing partner, how does this expand across multiple rounds? -- realms? asia or you're in europe, you know much more about than american consumers. i think it is great to attach to a company that has a very big global footprint and use the popularity of the warriors to get americans more familiar with the kind of things that the company does. emily: how much of a trend is this becoming? will the nba be taking pay from nascar with ads on jerseys? [laughter] rick: i think it is really interesting to watch sports around the world and see how and the economic side of
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sports grows. the idea that you would not have a corporate sponsor across the chest of the jersey in europe or other places in the world would be a head scratcher. that?uldn't you do american have a much more careful approach and i think we have to see what the reaction is. i think it is inevitable that there will be more of this across the leaks as time goes on. emily: steph curry has surpassed kobe bryant for jersey sales in china. you guys came back from shanghai. talk about the reception of the warriors in china and the popularity of a guy like steph curry. rick: it is hard to talk about the experience. theent four years ago with lakers when they had kobe bryant. it was a real wake-up call to our players and team of what the opportunities are for individuals in china. since steph curry, kevin durant, klay thompson have all been
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taken -- taking yearly trips on their own time over the summer, and what we saw with the combination of that in the popularity of the team right now, the only thing i can't equate it to, i was looking to travel to barcelona with the dream team in 1992 and it was the same thing. hundreds of people outside the hotel hoping for a glimpse of the player everywhere we went from airports to events. hundreds of thousands of fans trying to get a glimpse of the stars. emily: how would you describe the potential of your international business? rick: i really think is the nba's advantage compared to the other traditional american sports. i do not think most americans understand the scale of what the rest of the world calls football, we call soccer around the world. basketball is the number two sport in the world. we have a blueprint going forward that i think would make it bullish on the international
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future. 300 million chinese play basketball. but we have a different model than soccer because every kid who grows up in buenos aires wants to play for his club team, then the national team, the world cup. everybody in the world carrying a basketball wants to play for one week, the nba. of our players from outside the united states. the international distribution of our television creates an unbelievable opportunity for the game to grow. emily: two guys are working on a new arena down the street. features of high-tech fans can expect. rick: it is a 12 acre site, including office buildings and 29 different retail -- mostly restaurant places, a plaza, a 5.5 acre park.
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it will be a great gathering place for the entire san francisco and bay area. very best have the technology available in a sports environment there, but we are not hanging our hats on that as why you should come. sakeology for technology's for me is like a false promise. at some point, there will be something newer and better. fannology enables the experience and improves the guest experience, then that is valuable. poweredt experience is by the technology, but it is not the technology in it of itself that makes that. emily: you're the second team ever to have the personal seat license, which means that to get older can buy the same seats year after year. thinking that this would discourage fans from buying tickets? rick: first of all, we have a very different program.
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we have a way where you can get the money back to the investment you make. the end of 30 years you get all your money back. we have to pricing in a way where people can afford it. one of the reasons we have been so successful is because of our audience. we expect a great majority of season-ticket holders to follow us from oakland to san francisco. aloe -- all of our season butkets will have special -- the game tickets will not. tickets being sold at oracle. we have to be smart the way we price. i will remind you this is the first time in decades that a project of this size has been privately financed. there are no public funds going toward building this $1.8 billion project in san francisco. do, is something we have to but i think we're doing it in a way that it can stand as firmly as possible. emily: you have some tech owners
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part of the team. how is the team itself using tech innovation to of the game? -- to up the game? rick: most of it applies to the game itself. the level of analytics being applied has grown exponentially over the past 12 years. we have technology in our practice facilities that tracks the players through we have biometrics we can use. i think we're learning how to implement all of that on the court to try to improve team performance, and that is a work in progress and will always be a work in progress. in terms of our affinity toward having the data, we want to have it. how we use it and whether we can get a competitive advantage, i think that is what we're all try to figure out. for the golden state warriors speaking with me. we'll be talking about the outlook for the warriors's upcoming season.
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this is bloomberg. ♪
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the national anthem protests are coming out of the nfl and have sparked a national debate around other sports leagues. andissue of players' rights
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protesting coming to the forefront. lts.l with us is rick we this all started with steph curry says he's been -- said he did not want to go to the white house. that the president tweeted the team was no longer welcome. president trump wasn't happy about kneeling during the national anthem. the nba commissioner has now said to the players, look, you guys have to stand. where do you weigh in on this? rick: i do not think i'm in a position to comment on what teams are doing. i think the saddest part of this is because the messages have become very little. a lot of people are putting their own spin and their own take. may be trying to express something and people are putting a different spin on it. i think it is sad that we have lost any focus on it. goes, we wereteam not able to have a meeting to
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decide what we wanted to do in the white house. as you said, we were uninvited before we had an opportunity to discuss it as a team. the warriors organization, everyone has a voice. when we make decisions, we do it together. i think we're very out of our players. you can talk about what these players are. they are professional athletes. but you need to talk about who these players are too. we are blessed to have a roster full of some of the most thoughtful, articulate athletes in sports today. anyone who things all they think about or all they should be allowed to talk about is playing the game of basketball i think really misses the point. sports and politics throughout history have always intersected and always will intersect, whether we like it or not. i think we are very proud of how our players have represented their own views in a very thoughtful way and we will continue to encourage them to do that. emily: the season starts next
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week. what have you sent to the team about what you expect for them? if they want to make a statement during the national anthem, is that ok? rick: the players have not brought anything for it. that is the way the warriors work. i think you're right. there's one difference between the nfl and the nba. the nba has a rule that says players should stand during the national anthem. players have a lot of ways to express themselves because they are just high-profile individuals when they are off the court. i think they have ways to get their opinions out there. i think they will decide what they want to do in the team will embrace whatever decision they make, understanding that nba rule -- nba does have a rule in place. emily: where do things stand between the team and the president? rick: far as we were concerned, -- as far as we were concerned, we got the message that morning.
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we want to do something to celebrate our championship. that is what this isn't supposed to be about. the team who wins gets to go to washington. this is about celebrating. we will do something to celebrate when we are in washington, it just will not be at the white house. emily: next week, first game, can anyone beat the warriors? more the more i read, the i have to believe it is just not possible. i have been doing this my entire life and you can go back any season and read the preseason predictions and find out how many mistakes people made at the beginning of the year. we are healthy and thrilled that we have the core of our team together. optimistic butly right now we have not won a game. it would be premature to decide where we would be at the end of the season. emily: i can think of a few people who are rooting for you guys. thank you for joining us, president and ceo of the -- coo of the warriors.
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southbank's vision fun is the gift that keeps on giving. they're investing on a mapping and location in stock -- location software for developers. this is bloomberg. ♪
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emily: facebook is making it
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easier to eat. a new feature allows you to order meals through a third-party delivery service or directly from restaurants. the social network users will stay on the site longer instead of logging off to place orders elsewhere. to the way to gather customer data and stay in contact with consumers. -- mapbox announced a deal with vision fun. it raised almost $100 billion this year and is blanketing the tech sector with this money. location platform for developers. joining me now is the ceo. your maps power companies like airbnb and snapchat. with you offer that is different from google? developer go in
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and we put the map is either act also customize it. for example, snapchat. you get to see an entire emoji world. they are custom and you see heat map of where people are going. if you are going out tonight, if you want to see the bar area, you will zoom in and be able to see who was there. because the map is flexible, anybody can go in. drum, other end of this whether data. different but you have to be able to have that life whether data stream weather into the map. emily: 1 that is a lot of mone -- that is a lot of money. what do you want to use it for? eric: number one is for automakers. herey: automakers in t navigation system? eric: yes.
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i want to take the same designs that snapchat was able to use and give it to people to design great cars. if designers can take control of the dashboard, that will be awesome. for tomorrow. those are maps for robots. definitionly high maps that help the sensors on the cars online is a huge investments. emily: what kind of investor do you expect them to be. a vocal presence? what is a mandate you have? eric: the reason we chose softbank is because they are long-term. you are reading a lot about them today. when you raise this much money, you are making a long play. with softbank, i wanted to have bench around me of experienced -- i wanted to have a bench around me with experienced people. these are people who have been there, done that before in
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building huge global companies. emily: what are the risks associated with taking on that kind of cash? i mean, that is a lot of money. eric: yes. any times in terms -- any time in terms of -- you do not want to be overcapitalize. number one, we have been very capital efficient today. outsideonly raced capital twice. we have been really scrappy with the resources we have. now, the platform allows us to have long-term but also immediate place like the art -- like vr. emily: there are wildfires raging up in northern california. the air quality is horrible. you said earlier that fires in mapping is a new trend. eric: just before i came on air, i saw some of the imagery coming
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out from digitalglobe. they have sensors that can see through smoke. they're starting to open up the data for other developers to publish out on the web so you can actually see -- because people do not know where their house is relative to the fire. these are showing up on twitter or read -- twitter. emily: have you seen this shaping up in terms of big companies like google and amazon and smaller companies like you? eric: we are about to be a lot less small. sects of only four global data in the world. we are one of those now. collapse over 200 million miles of data a day because of all the sensors. anytime you are using ma
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pbox, we are constantly updating and putting in new roads, putting in speed of the roads. we are mapping the world live with that kind of data. emily: we will keep our eye on you guys. thank you so much for joining us. great to have you here. that does it for this edition of "bloomberg technology." we are live streaming on twitter. check us out. that is all for now. have a wonderful weekend, everybody. we will see you on monday. ♪ is this a phone?
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from our studios in new york city, this is "charlie rose." tour is here, a correspondent for abc news and an anchor for msnbc. she spent more than 500 days on the presidential campaign trail. she covered the candidacy of donald trump. the futureay, president often singled her out for criticism. her new memoir documents that experience. atm pleased to have her back this table. welcome. it is great to have you here.


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