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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  April 11, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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the west? >> i think they are. what a great start for nhl hockey and playoff hockey. if you didn't enjoy tonight, get to a hospital and
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sell, sell, sell, by convincing you that what's good is actually bad. or at least not positive. the best example where stocks go up for false reasons but down on rationality. exhibit a, sherwin williams. on monday shw preannounced a fantastic quarter. real shocker. seemed inexplicable given how negative people were. how could a paint company be doing well when housing market hasn't bottomed? the answer? it can't be because things are actually getting better, right?
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so, what excuse can the permanent skeptics come up with to logically explain the 20% increase in sales? simple. it was the weather. that's right. the overly skeptical, notice i didn't say bearish. i think it's a mind set. within seconds, determined that the quarter was weather related and therefore the stock shouldn't be up at all. because now going forward, everyone who might have painted in april, may and june will have taken advantage of the good weather and done their painting already. finished. sure enough, the stock did go lower into the selloff yesterday. the future had to be darker than the past and there's no way sales could have accelerated on their own, right? business can't be that good. funny thing happened though to unravel this theory. and believe me, it was just a theory. one so to speak that was too good to check out. turns out much of the paint they
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sold was for interiors, not exteriors. that's right, the weather didn't boost the sales, unless you believe that when the sun comes out, it makes you all itchy to paint your living room. management explained after the skeptics have been able to drive the stock down. they did their damage. people sold when they should have been buying. today, sherwin williams rallied an astounding $5.83. putting the uber skeptics that kept you from getting that gain. they will never apologize. they don't think they did anything wrong. i beg to disagree. it's possible for skepticism to morph into cynicism, if not, outright nihilism where the only thing that matters is the ability to interpret the negative. maybe we're there and these talking heads are taking cue
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from a dostoevsky novel. they only want to destroy your capital. you see this kind of logic with the power company -- and they would have been much lower if the winter hadn't been warm. the only group with strong, pent up demand as well as consumers, surely, it must be the weather that's driving the numbers up. therefore, the good news is merely stealing sales that would have occurred in late spring and thus revealing shortfalls to come. qed, better start selling fast. so much for deductive reasoning. i say let's forget this twisted sister logic and deal with some facts about the strength of retail. every time vf corp. went higher, you've got to sell the stock. why? because part of it is in north face and you buy north face when it's cold, so we should expect a shortfall.
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it happens. companies can do well. there is natural demand and improving demand. people thought pvh was borrowing from spring sales in january, then business improved in february. got better still in march. that's pretty much what i'm hearing about retail in general. the word on the street was that january sales were stronger because of the weather. look out, february, your sales have been stolen. then numbers were fantastic. fine weather larceny. and easter calendar, lent. this mind set isn't restricted to retail. in the last 24 hours, we got great numbers from alcoa. rarely have i seen so much chatter about earnings. i read a bunch of reports saying it was a one-time only inventory build. that businesses just needed to refill their glasses. in reality, quarters turned from
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a dramatic decline in raw costs, natural gas and fixed input in glass and a rise in actual glass demand. what was that much better than expected number? i heard explained by productivity gains. did any of these skeptics bother to listen to the conference call like i did? both airbus and boeing are buying aluminum hand over fist. why? want to improve your fuel economy, you need aluminum. lightweight and strong. whatever stock goes down, what's the reason? because business is bad. for several days, we saw a decline in bank stocks because they're supposed to have bad earnings. get out of bank stocks now or they wouldn't be going down. doesn't it make sense? banks going up today. what gives? must be short covering. bulls that don't know jack. rubes who thinks that banks can't possibly make money, people really think that? mark my words. know why they're going up?
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because they should. because business class is better. better than people think. just like alcoa. sherwin williams. sometimes, stocks go up because they deserve to go up. strategies can get more focused, execution can get better and demand can grow stronger. healthy skepticism of success makes sense, but there is such a thing as unhealthy skepticism and we see it every day in this business. guess what? i'm determined to stamp it out or at least present the other side of the story or give you the facts that are so often too good for these corroded cynics to check out. let's go to ira in new york. ira. >> hey, jim, it's ira from greenwich village in new york city. a big nyu booyah to you. >> my sister went there for graduate school. >> i thought this might be a timely question. jim, from listening to you and reading your books and doing very well with your advice, thank you, you always emphasize
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the importance of earnings. i'd love to invest in companies like westport innovations or maybe clean energy fuels, but jim, what direction for investing in these kinds of companies given they've had negative earnings for quite some time? >> sbac, that's a terrific cash flow story, so there the earnings are good. the money's good. clean energy and west port. you believe that over time, they will do great. they have had great runs and i want to be careful. they are not a kind of investable names that sbac is. brian in pennsylvania. brian? >> hey, jim, want to give you a big westchester university, boo-yah. >> that's where the old eagles used to practice, boo-yah. what's up? >> what i got for you today, travel zoo ticker symbol tzoo. had it on my radar for a couple of months now. i know it's going up for sale.
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wanted your position on it. >> sell it. they say they're up for sale. i don't know if they can pull it off. sell it today, tomorrow, before the open. just sell it. i probably -- that's probably a gray area. i said sell it. how are the bears feeling today? why did the stocks go up? it's obvious, right? they actually deserve to. "mad money" will be right back. coming up, pipe down? the rise in domestic drilling has put america's pipelines in high demand, so why has this high yielder stalled? cramer's exclusive with the ceo of energy transfer partners is next. and later, grow up. after months of a sustained rally, volatility seems to be back. cramer's on the offensive, finding companies with the strongest growth stories for years to come. tonight, jim checks out one retailer that could be on sale. is it the right fit for your portfolio?
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all coming up on "mad money."
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sure you had a good day today. doesn't mean you can go throw caution to the wind. after the beating we've taken, it's worth remembering your portfolio needs to be able to play defense. we've got the offensive line covered. that's what all the great stocks i've highlighted this week are, but when it comes to defending your wealth, nothing beats a big yield. my favorite place to shop is in the pipeline aisle of the stock supermarket. cds paying next to nothing.
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yield and ten-year slipping below 2% today, but midstream oil and gas business, their yields are downright juicy. however, even if after the pullback, some of the pipeline pays have run up too much. then you get unattractive george costanza shrinkage of the yield. energy transfer partners, a big transporter of nat gas, 18,000 miles of transportation lines as well as nat gas treating and processing in three facilities. etp is barely up for the year. huge part of the reason, my own charitable trust, you can follow along, has been buying the stock. energy transfer partners is out of the favor of wall street big time. i think 2012 could be the year where the unaappreciated stock surprises. sold off its propane division. there's more demand for these high priced liquids than ultra
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gas. energy transfer equity closed on its merger with southern union, which gives etp a low risk, florida transmission business. company's transforming right before our eyes. wall street's not buying it. don't take it from me. let's check in with kelsey warren, ceo of energy transfer partners. welcome back to "mad money." >> thanks, jim. >> what the heck is happening? we're under 2 bucks at natural gas, people are saying when we're under $2, you've got to sell. aren't you guys hedged? don't the hedges compliment this so we're not in trouble if we own this stock? >> nobody's in trouble owning our stock. when gas prices go down, what happens is the basis, which is the spread from one region to another, that likewise goes
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down, so for the fees that pipeline companies like us make for your services have been reduced. well, they don't get any worse than this. i thought they would have widened by now. i did. they did not. but still, we've got an incredibly healthy business. we've got 45,000 miles of pipe until the kinder morgan merger is complete. we're the largest pipeline in the united states and we're doing fine. we have not increased our distribution and i apologize to you and the unit holders for that. we are committed to increasing distributions again. >> i'm stunned here. you actually apologized for something. most people come on and their stocks don't do that well and they never thought about apologizing. >> that's what we're here to do. people buy our units for two things. they expect distribution, god help anybody that distribution would go backwards, and they expect growth. we've not performed on the
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second tier of that expectation, and for me to suggest it's not a reflection of me would be misleading, and i can't do that. >> had you held on to that propane division, you might have had to cut your distribution, right? >> you know, i think 2011 as you are aware was a transformational year for us. we are committed to changing who we are and being 90% natural gas pipelines, which is where we are today, is not a good place to be. because we're subject to these and vulnerable to these basis contractions we're experiencing today. we are committed to increase our movement of heavier hydrocarbons and i think you'll see good things to come from us in the not too distant future. >> curt louner, big backer of your company, deutsche bank, he says we expect the company to fund these acquisitions, 50%
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debt and 50% equity, meaning you're going to have to issue between $850 million and $1 billion of stock. kurt's a bright guy. he's got to know what he's talking about? >> kurt's a very bright guy. i've known him a while and he's very, very sharp. number one, he's building in growth that he believes to be transparent. i don't disagree with that. so therefore, i think equity issuance in a future quarters is inevitable. but it's okay. if we're doing our job correctly, we're putting that equity to work and it's costing us x and then the resulting cash flow coming into that that goes to our unit holders will be x plus a delta factor. so putting the equity to work, if it's the correct economics parameters that you're using, is an okay thing. >> now to mark west. we've had them on a number of times.
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they did that. it's been a huge win. now let's talk about what is going to happen with this southern union acquisition. kurt calls in again, maybe we'll stop talking about how high priced it was and start talking about the good things that can happen. give us some of the good things that will happen after this acquisition. >> kurt's right. it got pricey and i'm very, very glad that we ended up succeeding. these are wonderful assets. whenever you get involved in an acquisition of this size, it doesn't happen immediately. i will tell you, jim, we're seeing more opportunities than we had originally anticipated. because of what's happened with gas prices and because of what's happened with science and the discovery of more natural gas in these shale plays, we've changed the way gas has moved around the country and refunding it. a negative of that is a lot of
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pipeline capacity that was previously used to move gas from south to north is not being used 100%. in fact, there's a lot of capacity that's available. you will see energy transfer attempt -- not attempt, we will successfully convert some pipes into alternative services such as the movement of crude or natural gas liquids. you will see that. >> natural gas takes out two bucks today. the secretary of energy comes out, says we've got to be using electric cars, he's big on electricity. president is not that crazy about fossil fuels. is there any future in this country, legitimate, not pie in the sky, for surface vehicles to use natural gas, which would be fabulous for your pipelines? >> absolutely. that's the way this nation should be moving. the problem with our industry is we do not do a good job of
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telling our story in washington. >> it's not that you don't do it. you're terrible. i'm better than you guys and i don't get paid a penny. >> you are, yeah. yeah. sure. i think we're terrible. >> right? i mean, you know, honestly, there's got to be some of that, because it is -- it's cleaner. right? it's domestic. abundant. cheaper, 50-1 with diesel. i think that what happens is you guys actually think it's a no brainer and that's not the way our country works. our country's predicated on spending a lot of money to get politicians to agree with you. >> the biggest problem with my industry, the natural gas industry, we're fierce competitors, unlike the electricity business where they kind of coexist nicely with one another. therefore, they do a better job of telling their story. typically, competitors don't
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like to share information and we hold our cards close to our vest. therefore, we don't get our story told as well as we should. >> you're the most candid ceo i've had on in years. i'm a believer. you come on any time of the week. that's kelsey warren, chairman and ceo of energy transfer partners. big yield, being paid to wait. stay with cramer. coming up, grow up. after months of a sustained ralley, volatility seems to be back. cramer's on the offensive, finding companies with the strongest growth stories for years to come. tonight, jim checks out one retailer that could be on sale. is it the right fit for your portfolio? [ tires squeal, engine revs ]
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maybe it's not the end of the world after all. i'm always telling you to buy stocks into weakness, sell them into strength. the reason i repeat myself is because it's hard. think about it. buying into yesterday's horrific sell off, probably the most difficult thing you can do in stocks. you need tremendous intestinal fortitude to put it in something when everybody else is panicked and acting like it's time to sell. everyone was horrified that i liked it yesterday.
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then we have today's rebound. stocks are up, so it feels a lot safer to pull the trigger. but they're up. you're paying more than you would yesterday for the merchandise, and the crazy thing is, you probably feel better about it. only in the stock market do you feel good about paying a higher price. that's because there's a huge emotional component to investing. if you let them, your emotions will almost always lead you astray, causing you to buy stocks higher. so if you want to try to make money in the market and not just play with stocks as a pastime, you need to find your ways. got to get through divorce court. divorce your decision making process from your emotion. trust me, your portfolio doesn't want to hear about your feelings. it wants to be managed rationally and profitably. if there was a pill that shed your emotions, you would be a heck of a lot better investor.
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start focusing on being more clinical. one of the ways to do that is by calmly making a shopping list. that way, you've done your homework and made your decision when cooler heads can prevail, not in the heat of battle. and when we get hit with the kind of sell off we had yesterday, it won't make you panic. why? because you, my friend, have a plan. and you've got a shopping list. a pullback is what you're waiting for. hence, why i've been devoting this entire week to making you that list of the best growth stocks for 2012. keeping you up to speed. so far, apple, starbucks and yesterday's edition was chipotle. this market is embracing true secular growth stories of the '80s and '90s. even in the face of the latest european fiasco. they'll bounce back faster and
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harder. i'm using household names. using real households. ones you know. ones you've shopped at, been to. the shopping list allows you confidently to buy into weakness. yesterday, during the worst session of the year, it fell 64 cents and with today's rebound, the stock market bounced back more than two points. even in a difficult week, growth still acts like a coiled spring because this is not 2011. i don't want you to buy any of these stocks while they're up. this is a shopping list from the future. the opposite of what you would do. let's go to the next thing on my list and that is cramer fave ross stores, which no one talks about other than me. the king, the king of off price retail. consider it the equivalent of
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the dollar store of apparel. i shop at dollar tree and love it. i bought $34 worth of candy there including boston baked beans, turkish taffy and cow tails. remember them? now, i just need to find a dollar dentist. ross, which runs both ross dress for less and dvs discounts have already made us a bundle. stocks give you a 160%. it is up 34% since i highlighted sales better than a sharp knife in the eye. doesn't mean you missed it. let me run through the growth checklist to show you why. first, we always look for companies with potential for multiple years of growth. not six months, six days. multiple years. the future growth is easy to predict even many years down the line. ross stores has been posting terrific numbers lately.
11:30 pm
the march increase was about double expectations. the overly skeptical would say that's aided by the warm weather. much of it is because ross has what people want for less than the other guy. the critical thing is that ross has not one, but two concepts at work and both have growth ahead. right now, the company has about 1,050 ross dressed for less stores -- even lower price points in seven states. their long-term goal is to double their store count by opening another 500 ross locations and 500 more deedee's. i think that's more than doable given the tj max and marshall's has about 2,000 stores in the u.s. it's a better company, stores, it would be -- it's well run. sometimes i struggle, which is
11:31 pm
better in a given time. ross plans to increase by 6% to 7% annually and one-third of the new stores will be in new markets. at that pace, they've got about a decade before they come close to saturating the market. i'd say ross stores is a classic example of a regional going national growth story. these can be extremely lucrative moments. mainly a western and southern chain. doesn't have any stores yet in new england. they started moving midwest and are pushing to illinois. they're not in the great plain states, not in new york. i'll pull my horns when ross is in every state and all the malls. right now, these stores are pretty scarce where i come from. second, is the end market big enough? absolutely. ross and tgx, 6% market share. 94% out there to get and the off price space is one of the best performing segments of retail. third, can ross stay competitive? come on. it's a two-horse race between ross and tgx.
11:32 pm
nobody else has the skill to play the way they do and ross stores has developed a system they make out of season purchases and pack the clothes away until they're back in season. just smart. ross is correct at raising dividend. 27% boost in february and though the .9 might seem like a puny yield, it's only because stock's run so much. fifth, can it expand internationally? that's okay. there's much more room to grow at home. tgx is a big international. six. is the balance sheet strong enough? seven? is the stock expensive? 15.6 times times earnings, pretty darn cheap. eight. can management execute on the growth plan? yes, yes, and yes. the current ceo has been at the helm since 1996. how much money you can make in the stock market.
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ross is up 3,450% since 1996. talk about a staggering track record. plus, the company has a very deep bench with fabulous merchandizing executives. ross is the kind of retailer where people shop in order to find bargains. the expansion story works even in a weaker economy. last, can the company grow its margins so it won't be crushed? in the last quarter, ross saw its margin expand by ten basis points. i bet the margins will keep growing. here's the bottom line. every good investor needs a shopping list of stocks to pick up into weakness and we're shopping for growth, which makes ross a terrific buy, but only into a pull back. just like you would with retail. got to wait for the next sale. i'm speaking to gary in indiana. gary? >> hey, boo-yah to you, jim,
11:34 pm
from noblesville, indiana. >> man, i'm loving it there. because all the people in indiana have horse sense. >> all right. i got a question about a company that i think they sell tea and i think they could become to tea as starbucks is to coffee industry, and their name is tea bonnet. >> i didn't like that last quarter. i initially was kind of enamored, but the more i go to teavana, the more they're selling these expensive teapots you can't make tea in and i find it problematic and didn't like their outlook. sorry. why not go to ken in massachusetts? >> boo-yah to you. >> boo-yah back at you. >> calling about vm ware. global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure. wondering how you feel about them.
11:35 pm
>> stephanie link and i, we were really bummed at this. the cfo is really terrific. i can't say that -- i like the parent owners, but i didn't like this. i don't like it when the cfo leaves. i didn't like it. this was a bummer. makes me like the stock less. i want to go to yave in kentucky. >> boo-yah, cramer, from kentucky and a big army hoorah to you. >> you must be lucky. you're from kentucky. >> okay, well, cramer, i've been hearing about your stocks and i've got a company called health stream incorporated. they're internet based learning technology company that has a lot of innovation, going 20% year over year. >> that does have good growth, i got to hand it to you, but the
11:36 pm
price to earnings multiple is 72 times earnings. too expensive for this guy. i have no qualms of buying that one given how hot it's been, but it's too hot for me and i like my eggs kind of runny. everybody loves a bargain and that's one of the reasons why i like ross stores. i like the dress and look more, but pay less. they've got growth. they've got execution. they've got cash coming out the wazoo. ross stores, down day, it's for you. stay with cramer. coming up, can you handle the heat? cramer gets you fired up for a searing hot lightning round. plus, how do your stocks stack up in a mystifying market? cramer makes sure your portfolio makes the grade on am i diversified. look, every day we're using more and more energy.
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it is time. rapid fire calls.
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play to this sound and then the lightning round is over. are you ready? start with matt in new york. matt? >> new york yankees, boo-yah. >> hey, you know, jeter boo-yah, what's up? >> fourth time caller. long time listener. >> thank you. >> thank you for everything you do. >> thank you. >> and my question is about a stock that has been going down since february. i want to find out if i should sell it or if it's a head and shoulders pattern. ticker symbol nly. >> i think is fine. people are worried they don't have the interest rate curved right. i think it's going to do fine and if you have that terrific distribution, i'm not backing away from it. rich in new york. rich? >> hi, jim. this is rich from middletown, new york. great big boo-yah to you. >> back at you. >> i'd like your opinion on genworth financial. >> prudential can't even do well
11:41 pm
and prudential's got a 2% yield. then i can't recommend. when the highest quality is not doing well, i'm not going to go down in the food chain. michael in ohio. >> a major stock company -- >> i like ross stores, sorry. i'm sending you there. i'm not shopping at walmart. naveen in california. >> hi, jim, a big boo-yah to you from california. i'm a recent graduate of the marshall school of business. >> which we love. >> thank you for your stock market wisdom. my question is regarding linkedin. with the upcoming facebook ipo, the other social network companies will also get a boost. will linkedin go up? >> it's a very good company. that said, i am not a believer. i recommend stocks that are overvalued. i think the stock is expensive.
11:42 pm
not going there. joe in new york. >> joe from long island, boo-yah to jim cramer. >> boo-yah back at you, partner. >> many times listener. cost plus world market. metamorphosis over the last two years. is it a buy? >> i don't know. i got to do work on cost plus. i do not know the answer to that. i'm sorry, i don't. we will come back. let's take joris in pennsylvania. >> out here in philly country. i'm a fairly new investor, strong positions in three credit card stocks, but i want your take on discover. >> it's a very inexpensive stock. people feel it's rolling over. i think it's cheap and can be bought and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round. let's go to kentucky.
11:43 pm
hillbilly boo-yah. holy cow. >> here's a big las vegas ching ching ching. booyah. big staten island, new york. >> georgia. >> alaska. >> boo-yahs come from all across america. "mad money with jim cramer" weeknights on cnbc. and now i build them. i am a bigger is better kind of guy. i absolutely love building locomotives. i knew i wanted to design locomotives from when i was very young. [ jahmil ] from the outside it looks like such a simple device. when you actually get down into the bare bones of it, there's so much technology that's submerged. [ rob ] my welds are a signature, i could tell my welds apart from anybody's. you lay down that nice bead and you look at it, i love it. they don't go together by themselves.
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after five days of brutal decline, start to see in the truth seep through. through this ride, i've been trying to clear the confusion and explain how unhealthy cynicism in the market can cloud you. i've stressed the importance of judging companies based on their underlying fundamentals. creating your own portfolio. now, it's time to test your work. this is where you call me or tweet me and tell me your top five holdings and i tell you if
11:47 pm
your portfolio's diverse enough. we like keeping things fresh here, so we're letting a tweeter get in the game today. he tweeted me @jimcramer. am i diversified? halliburton. he likes halliburton. isn't that interesting. i want everybody to get these names right. mt, nhd, nii holdings, a wireless company. alcoa and amat. steel company, aluminum company. those are too much alike. sorry. we got a oil service and semiconductor equipment company, so that's fine. these two, we're going to get rid of mat and pick a health care company. do abbott labs and then i would feel we've got more diversification on our hands. let's go to melissa in north dakota. >> hey, thanks, jim, for giving us the knowledge to swim in
11:48 pm
these shark infested waters. my stocks are berkshire b, apple, wyndham worldwide, ibm and domino's pizza. am i diversified? >> domino's came back big today. should have recommended them. that was so stupid. domino's, yes, we've got a restaurant. ibm, computer company, problem there. wyndham, that has been red hot. berkshire, that warren buffett's company. we are going to cash your ibm and yes, i'm going to put abbott labs in, too. go to jacqueline in north carolina. jacquelyn? >> yes, boo-yah from north carolina. my five stocks are cop,
11:49 pm
conoco phillips, nee, next era, verizon, hbam, huntington bank shares and bmy, bristol myers. am i diversified? >> we got a bank, a drug company. like both those. we have an oil company. i like that, too. next tier energy. i'm going to say that's no good and verizon's a telco and a health care company. so, let's put in an industrial company and i'm going to recommend something pretty radical. i'm going the say how about united technologies? down so much lately. i really like it. bob in massachusetts. bob? >> yes, mr. cramer, a big massachusetts boo boo boo-yah to you. >> what's on your mind? >> excellent. these are my stocks. verizon communications, vz, linn energy, line, energy transfer partners, etp, csx
11:50 pm
railroad and bgs foods, bgs. am i diversified? >> talk about a high yielding portfolio. bng, that's mr. wenner's company. verizon, a 5% yield. csx, got to be careful. these are both energy companies. etp and lin, we're going to throw out lin and yes, one more for abbott labs because i like health care. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of am i diversified.
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sometimes, it can be hard to spot the difference between a value stock that represents value and one that's a value trap, meaning a loser investment that looks cheap because the underlying company is falling apart. other times, it's pretty easy. which leaves me to wonder why the heck there are so many who want to speculate in nokia, which is a value trap if there ever was one. i find this phenomena of low dollar stocks one of the classic shell games, classic illusions. particularly, nokia's a deeply troubled company. it is repeatedly restructured. how this, that generation of smart phone is going to make the big difference.
11:54 pm
this time, it's for real. then nothing has made any difference, let alone a big one. on "squawk on the street," i alluded to shooting nokia like they shoot injured horses. however, that doesn't mean nokia can't merely bleed ever so slightly on a constant basis. nokia may not be going out of business instantly, but perhaps the stock needs to keep going down. take something like sprint. something like kodak where the company filed for bankruptcy. research in motion, not nortel. that's nokia. remember though, this is a $16 billion company and ask yourself if nokia were to do a 10 for 1 reverse split, would you still want the own it? would you seem as tempted at $42 as you are at 4 bucks? i don't think so. some just like $2, $3, $4 companies because you can buy a lot of shares. at zero you can't by any. what's going on with nokia?
11:55 pm
a two-horse race in a smart phone business between samsung and apple. hard to crack that lineup when there's no ecosystem like apple. if the ecosystem i keep coming back to, the universal nature of interlocking pieces. i think it's going to be more powerful still. where you can speak to the television, put on cnbc, "mad money." at least give voice commands to a remote ipad. you could say mute the ads and it mutes them. what does nokia have to compete against? a microsoft operating system linked to windows 8? alluded to the fact that the chinese wireless operators are adopting a u.s. carrier style subsidy approach to new subscribers. that bodes poorly for nokia
11:56 pm
because they don't need to be subsidized, but there's a big need to subsidize apple's iphones. it's like angling in mercury infested waters. right now, nokia still stands for a company. but i fear that one day soon, it will stand again for the river in finland it's named after. what a sorry state of affairs indeed. stay with cramer. zap technology.
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