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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  April 13, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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as low as the 16s. that could be an excellent opportunity since when they report thursday morning one of the strongest calls out there. it's a fabulous firm. i know it's been tarred as a
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european stepchild. that's nonsense. might be the cheapest stock of the whole group. they report that morning, too. if they go down in the quarter, bac might be ready to rally no matter what. even if its results aren't that good. particularly if it's got a seven handle so the stock is worth $7 otherwise it's not my favorite. if they got pulverized on the excellent quarters hard to get behind this poorly performing operation of bank of america because that's because it's so cratered in 2011. mr. softy has a new product cycle going for it. the stock's been red hot. makes me wary in the quarter. technically we felt if the stock broke below 30 we might be buyers. usually fridays are light. we have four incredibly important reports this friday. okay? which i think will be terrific.
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g e has yield protection. okay? there's nifty dividend boosts coming soon. i think they're plain old buys. if they're down ahead of the reports because the rain in spain hits more than the plain. talking about honeywell and underarmour. and then one to be bought after it disappoints and that's kim ber clark. it's clesz than a point off the the high. people will throw it out. that's the chance. best for less. we hear from lumberger on monday. don't buy slob as we call it. just listen to the call. i bet they tell you it's an oil drilling renaissance. i think overall earnings will be terrific. you might not know it until like in football you get a further review which comes not from looking at the videotape but
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listening to the conference call. not watching the trading. be smart. listen and learn. and only then pull the trigger. let's take some questions. may be going to steve in pennsylvania. steve! >> caller: tgif! boo-y 5h! from huntington valley. >> i got good seats me and pop on sunday there, chief. what's up? >> caller: the ipo market is vibrant lately. really opened a facebook account and reconnected with special people from the past. however, with market volatility returning, the okacquisition ar you buyer of the facebook ipo? >> probably most asked on the street. most asked on twitter. here's the answer. it all depends on the pricing and why i'm going to keep you so close with the pricing to do almost -- we'll be doing a daily
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update of where i think facebook will be priced. if it's priced below $100 billion, that sounds like a lot of money, bingo and thanks for the call. walter in florida, walter? >> caller: boo-yah from beautiful delray beach, florida. >> do you have the edge on us. >> caller: thank you for making all of us real money. mad money, real money. >> thank you, partner. >> caller: gld and -- been a pop -- 450% since your first recommended them. >> wow. thank you. >> caller: reported 8.1 gdp growth. china being the world's largest consumer of raw materials and potential pockets and commodities etfs. would you recommend increasing your position now on their present pullback or would you wait for china actually announce things stronger gdp? >> great question.
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let me just take it here. i have to tell you something. iron ore creeping up. i think copper may have bottomed. they're down too low. if anything, i'm a buyer not a seller. i think earnings next week should be good. i implore you. listen to calls. the worst thing and the biggest thing isn't earnings. it's that miserable spanish bond auction on thursday. stay with cramer. coming up, out of thin air? with nat gas hitting new decade lows daily, exporting america's most abundant resource is the new reality. cramer has one stock that could cash in on the trend. jim's exclusive with the ceo of chart industries is next. and later, growth gear. cramer's getting a workout tonight as his hunt for growth has him breaking a sweat. ♪ i work out could this zen stock give your portfolio the right chi?
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all coming up. nice morning, scott?
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it can be tough to remember that even though we have more gas than we can use, in other countries this stuff is actually in incredibly high demand. nat gas is much, much more expensive than the rest of the world. where the commodity's actually wanted, even though they have much less of it than we do. normally when something costs a lot more in europe or china than it does here in the u.s., we just export it. but natural gas is incredibly difficult to transport. because it's a gas and then takes up a lot of space. if you want to move it around you need to turn natural gas into more compact liquid form by freezing it using huge technologically complex liquefied natural gas or lng terminals. enter chart industries, gtns for
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all you home gamers. this company's a crucial part of the food chain. they make precision engineered cryogenic equipment which converts natural gas into liquefied natural gas. they sell the storage tanks needed to transport it. and the engine tanks that hold lng for heavy trucks that run on the stuff. this company also uses its freezing expertise to deal with industrial gases and they have a terrific consistent biomedical business where they make liquid oxygen therapy systems, too. chart gets about 60% of its sales from overseas doing a brisk business as numerous lng facilities are built all over the globe. last year the company tripled its backlog. that's pretty incredible for an engineering construction. the stock is up a spectacular 88% since the last time we spoke with the ceo back in february of last year. i identified this as a play on natural gas. it's about five points off its high at these levels. does it have even more room to run? let's check in with sam thomas, chairman and ceo of chart industries, to find out more about his company and how other countries use natural gas. mr. thomas, welcome back to "mad money." thank you so much for coming. >> hi, jim. >> have a seat. >> thank you. >> your symbol is gtls.
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that really is a major part of your story, right? >> it is. gas to liquid systems. >> and nobody else really does this, do they? >> well, there's others playing around the edges but not anyone that's as devoted to it as we are and has put as much effort into it as we have. >> okay. you know that because you watch the show that i'm a huge backer of natural gas to be used in many different businesses including trucks. can you really scale natural gas without using chart? >> we're involved in just about every application to bring natural gas to market, whether it's processing it to take out the high value liquids, liquefying it or throughout the value chain if you're not transporting it by pipeline. so if it's being transported as a cryogenic liquid, our equipment's involved. >> so should we care about, for instance, next week lng, another great symbol like gtls? they're in front of the federal regulatory commission. to see if they can get approval
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for their giant export plant. is that the kind of thing we should be looking more toward if we're going to buy a share in chart? >> that's certainly an opportunity. we've currently booked several orders for global scale lng liquefiers in australia. there's quite a few more to come. a number around the world. but certainly, we think a few will be built in the u.s. for export. despite the fact that there's lots of uses for natural gas here, there's also constraints on it. but exporting lng is certainly viable because it's worth a lot more outside the u.s. than it is currently in the u.s. >> are you actually -- i don't think you are cheniere, though, right? >> no, we have no relation with them. potential customer. >> right. in some ways most companies come on and they say, listen, we have a little china business, could be big. your china business is huge right now. >> it is. it's very strong. we're exporting our heat exchangers for liquefiers into china, also for industrial air separation plants, and then we're manufacturing in china. the full range of our distribution and storage equipment.
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and in fact, it's now grown so that our lng-related business with distribution and storage is larger than our industrial gas business in china. and we're looking at it growing at -- the business growing at 40% to 50% per year for the next 5, 6 years. >> were you guys always in this business, or did -- this became a huge business. nuclear kind of went out. oil went up in price. diesel's really expensive. this was your niche and it just turned out to be a huge business? >> we've always been focused on cryogenic applications and have been involved with natural gas processing for 30 years. we developed a lot of these applications for lng in the early '90s and started to commercialize it. and then, of course, as there were constraints on natural gas supply it was no longer economic. >> right. right. >> it's now come back. and with the oil and gas boom in the u.s., particularly because of shale gas, it's not going to go away. this is big, and it's global scale big. >> we feature companies like
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westport, which is an innovative company -- westport innovation. we featured clean energy fuels. and we get the sense from navistar, from cummins, that the truck engines, nat gas truck engines are coming. but that will also be difficult to do without chart, right? >> exactly. we're working with all of those companies. they're all customers. we're doing development contracts with them. and we're bringing to market -- it really has gained incredible momentum over the last six months, particularly as the administration has started to acknowledge it and our energy secretary, steven chu, has really started -- has really come aboard and seeing natural gas as viable, a way to create jobs, as well as reduce our dependence on foreign oil. >> of course. now, we have about 150 natural gas stations in the country. if we put up -- right now there's 100,000 or more regular stations. let's say we put up 2,000 natural gas stations. would it be natural to think a lot of those would be using chart equipment?
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>> we would certainly hope so. in the initial build-out of the next 150 stations we've won quite a bit of equipment orders on those and are looking forward to it. in fact, we're adding factory capacity just to be able to develop that. that's one of our biggest changz now, jim, is expanding our capacity and keeping it in mine with as the demand develops. >> one last question. you're saying it's literally a big constraint is being able to expand at the speed you need to and i imagine also hiring, right? >> that's exactly right. we've gotten to the point where for our welders, our skilled engineers, we're doing that training ourselves. >> really? >> and we have to bring them along. the people don't exist. we're having an energy boom in this country. and so, qualified engineers with experience here are all employed. >> let me just do this because i know you've got to go. i'm sensing that there are people here watching and maybe they need a job and they have that skill. what do they do? go to your website? >> contact us through our website. that's the best opportunity.
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>> and you're hiring. >> yep. >> that's a great story. all right. sam thomas, chairman and president and ceo of chart industries. you can see why i've been behind gas to liquids for a very long time. stay with chart. stay with cramer. >> announcer: coming up, growth gear. cramer's getting a workout tonight as his hunt for growth has his breaking a sweat. ♪ i work out could this zen stock give your portfolio the right chi? zap technology.
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♪ sail away, sail away, sail away ♪ ♪ sail away, sail away, sail away ♪ mmmmmmmmm. hey. you want to be a really good investor? then you need to change the way you think about your life. or at least sell-offs. like the nasty one we had today and the much larger one earlier in the week. people are naturally prone to panic. so we see a pullback as a sign that we'd better sell everything immediately before it's too late. but the truth is you almost always get a better chance to sell, like we did yesterday. and when stocks are going down, you should be looking for buying opportunities. when they throw a sale at macy's, which you can't get this stuff at, by the way, you don't
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run out of the store. you load up on the cheaper merchandise. that's why after the best first quarter since 1998, remember that, you need to stop worrying and learn to love declines. since they're pretty much the only way you can buy high-quality stocks at discount prices. in this market when i say high quality, i mean companies with powerful long-term secular growth stories. the kind of rapid yet consistent growth that's coveted in an environment where economies around the globe seem to be slowing. i mean, isn't that what happened today? that's why i spent every day this week putting together the ultimate growth portfolio for 2012. apple, starbucks, chipotle, ross stores, celgene, allergen, all stocks which you can confidently buy into weakness because their growth is so robust that they'll bounce back harder and faster than the rest of the market. with the exception of apple, all
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of these stocks performed much better than the market today. and many of them were the first to rally when things were ugliest and held up at the end of the day because they have nothing to do with what drove us down. spanish banks, italian bonds, and alleged chinese weakness. allergan and starbucks were up more than a buck. that's pretty incredible, isn't it? chipotle, off the charts. and tonight, i've got one more for to you round out the list. lulu lemon athletica. lulu. the maker of cool yoga inspired apparel. it's one of the fastest growing retailers i know. lululemon has been red hot all year. in part because the company posted fabulous numbers. but also because this is a peter lynch style story. the great magellan fund manager of yore. where people love the stores. they love the products. so they want to buy the stock. as i wish i could every time i duck into my store in summit, new jersey. it's no wonder lululemon rallied practically in a straight line
11:28 pm
throughout the first quarter and spent most of march on the new high list. of course i hate chasing stocks. makes me fell like a dope for paying top dollar. i much prefer to buy on a nice juicy pullback. that's what you do. so you should thank your lucky stars that this week's sell-off has knocked lululemon from its perch. with the stock now down nearly three points off its high, even after it rebounded 38 cents today. still, i -- look, i was hoping for a down day to do this piece. but it is the end of the week and i've waited long enough. why am i so convinced that lululemon is worth buying into weakness? as much as i pressure how women look in lulu and as much as i like and need their anti-stink pants, remember that liking the product is only a starting point. it's where you get your inspiration. but after that you've got to do your homework on the actual company. you've got to kick the tires, so to speak. and that's what we try to teach, is how to do homework on "mad money." that's where my ten-point checklist comes in. it's the rubric i've been wheeling out all week to show
11:29 pm
you how to analyze these fast growing companies. now look. some of you say, jim, that's repetitive. but you see, that's kind of the whole point. i'm trying to give you a blueprint here, one that you can use over and over again all by yourself on days like we have today where you're saying, oh, geez, i'm just getting crushed. well, maybe this is the antidote to that. step one, does lululemon have the potential for highly visible multiyear growth? come on, not just can it grow but can we see right now how that growth will unfold many years in the future? absolutely. lululemon's what i like to call a junior growth stock, meaning it's a relatively small company that's still in the early stages of expanding. in fact, lulu just held a very bullish analysts' day on wednesday where they clearly laid out their multiyear trajectory. first of all, lululemon has a proven concept that its customers, mainly adult women, love, which has allowed the company to generate consistently spectacular same-store sales.
11:30 pm
up 26% last quarter. up -- oh, much better. up 26% last year compared to just 4% or 5% for the average retailer. that's the highest of any chain store i follow. second, the company has a huge runway for increasing its store count. right now lululemon has only 150 locations in north america. that's less than halfway to management's ultimate target of 350 stores. and that's just the domestic opportunity. i'm going to get to the international opportunity later. on top of that lulu's already rolled out a second concept. eviva which is their children's stores for 6 to 14-year-olds. six locations in canada, two more coming this year, along with five showrooms in the u.s. this company also has a terrific online business. 85% growth clip last year. and they're constantly moving beyond athletic apparel with a swim line coming up later this quarter. i cannot wait.
11:31 pm
as well as road biking clothes, more clothing for men, so i can keep on styling. there's a lot happening here. and it all adds up to a pathway for years of highly visible growth. point two. are lulu's end markets big enough to support its plans? i think there's no question that the answer is yes. athletic apparel's a huge category. and as the company moves into regular apparel and children's clothes, the total addressable market just gets bigger and bigger. more important, you could argue that lulu's addressable market is really not just the people who do yoga or want to stay in shape but 50.5% of the world, as i have yet to meet a woman who doesn't like this stuff. it's a female version of nike. maybe even bigger. point 3. can the company stay competitive? heck, yeah. not only has lululemon built itself into a beloved lifestyle brand with stores where the people love to shop, creating tremendous customer loyalty, but i believe you need to look at lulu as a tech company because it's so innovative.
11:32 pm
you've got the existing core technology property. you've got the proprietary technology like the nylon and lycra blend. dries quickly. the anti-bacteria slash anti-stink pants. and the company's constantly inventing new products. new fabrics. then gradually introducing them to a product line and a cycle of innovation that allows lulu to perpetually differentiate its products from the competition. point four. is there any possibility of a dividend in the near future or alternatively we'll take it if it makes more sense for lulu to keep investing that cash in the expanding business. look. this is a quintessential junior growth company, so it makes a lot more sense for lulu to invest in itself, something that should ultimately reward shareholders via higher share price. point five. can lulu grow internationally? come on, they already have 19 stores in australia and new zealand, and this year the company plans on seeding various international markets. london showroom opening this month. can you imagine how big it's going to be there? second hong kong showroom coming in the end of may. long-term management sees the potential for at least 300 stores outside north america. i think they're being radically conservative.
11:33 pm
six, is a balance sheet strong enough to support all this growth? oh, man. this is a pristine balance sheet. they ended last year with 409 million of cash. they don't have a penny of debt. seven. is the stock expensive when it comes to the out years? near term, yes. right now lulu sells for 35 times next year's earnings estimates, but it's not that expensive when you consider the company's 30% long-term growth rate. remember, we have to compare the multiple to the growth rate and that means earnings should be a he heck of a lot higher in 2015 or 2016. eight. can management execute on this plan? oh boy, management. this is a high growth plan. you need good management. and i've got a ton of confidence in lululemon's ceo christine day, who took over in june of 2008 after spending 20 years at starbucks, one of the other fabulous growth companies that hit a 52-week high today. howard schultz, a letter to all his associates saying don't get bigheaded about that. nine. is lulu hostage to global or domestic economic growth? lulu's a retailer. so a healthy economy helps. but at the end of the day this
11:34 pm
store's really about the explosion of secular growth of a lifestyle brand that won't be daunted by a slowing economy. banco santander not going to hurt this one. last but not least, can lulu grow its margins or will it be overwhelmed by raw costs? it can make its existing stores more productive. and the fact they use so many synthetic products as opposed to cotton that helps control input costs. here's the bottom line. in this market i need you to be constantly on the lookout for pullbacks in great growth stocks like lululemon because it's the exact kind of company you can buy into the weakness. but for heaven's sake wait for the weakness. no need to jump the gun on a red hot stock when the market will always give you a price break if you're patient. go do some yoga and wait for a downward facing dog day and then pull the trigger. matt in new york. matt. >> caller: hey, jim. a big philadelphia phillies boo-yah. >> well, man, i'm going sunday with pop. so i'm looking forward to a boo-yah like that. >> caller: yes, sir.
11:35 pm
i'm calling about hot topic. hott. >> right. >> caller: now, it's coming off this 52-week high. and i have a lot of shares in it. and i just want to know if you think it's still a good idea to hold it or get rid of it. >> no, it's just not consistent enough. i blew up on that one, you know, a long time ago. and then it didn't rally. and it's just not a consistent enough stock for me to recommend. i'm sorry. let's go to cory in massachusetts. cory. >> caller: hey, what's going on, jim? i love the show. >> oh, thanks. i'm just trying out some new clothes tonight. what's up? >> caller: i got a question about pharmaceuticals. as i'm sure you know obesity has become a major issue in our country and also in europe. with arena's drug already meeting one of the two fda standards in achieving their clinical results, and having the ema accept the drug followed by sci inc. marketing it, where could you see this stock go if -- >> you know, as i told a policeman who asked me yesterday when i was getting my cup of coffee at maxude's, the place i get coffee from for the last
11:36 pm
42,000 years, it's played out. vivus too. ixnay obesitynay. when i see a selloff like today, first i breathe. through my left nostril and look for pullbacks in great stocks like lulu lemon. wait for a pullback and pull the trigger. man, i'm feeling relaxed and confident and real smart. stay with cramer. ♪ sail away, sail away >> announcer: stay tuned as we crank up the volume. cramer goes all out as the calls keep coming in. try to keep up on the high-impact "lightning round." and later, cramer's taking your questions on the air. so tweet him @jimcramer #madtweets. and stay tuned for an all new edition of "mad tweets."
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it is time! it's time for the "lightning round" on cramer's "mad money."
11:40 pm
are you ready? start with the "lightning round." i want to start with eric in arizona. eric! >> caller: a big desert boo-yah from phoenix, arizona. >> all the way to tacoma. what have you got for me, chief? >> caller: gulfport energy. the company looks solid fundamentally but technically it looks a little weak lately. >> the technicals are right. and it's time to go. >> sell sell sell. >> there are so many high-quality oil companies going down. i don't need a not as high quality gas play. let's go to lionel in connecticut. lionel. >> caller: boo-yah, jim. >> boo-yah. >> caller: how are you doing, buddy? >> all right. how about you? >> caller: pretty good. my stock has a nice dividend. what's your take on international paper? >> oh, man, international paper's just terrific. we have got -- that's a charitable trust name, stephanie link was on tv today talking about how the yield looks great. mr. faracci is just a terrific, terrific ceo. and summit's own. new jersey. our town. not my town. joe in indiana. joe.
11:41 pm
>> caller: can i have your opinion, please, on telecom argentina? >> argentina. me know do argentina. not after what they did with ypf, the oil company. got to stay away from argentina. argentina's become a confiscatory environment. jeff in rhode island. >> caller: sir james, how are you? >> i'm better than the rhode island financial -- the government there. what's up? >> caller: exactly. and the red sox having a slow start as usual. but be that as it may, they'll pick it up. fwlt. >> no, no, no. >> sell sell sell sell sell. >> you've got oil and gas infrastructure and energy and construction, it's not doing well. gus in arizona. gus. >> caller: a big boo-yah from the university of arizona! how are you doing? >> yeah. we got one of our own there. kate's from the university of arizona. what's going on? >> caller: all right. me and my fraternity brother are trying to make a little money.
11:42 pm
we bought marriott at 32. mar. >> i like marriott. i do not like it as much as wyndham, which is win, or hot, that's right, hot, which is starwood. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the "lightning round"! ♪ hey, hockey fans. nobody likes a good power play more than i do. gives you an edge in hockey. but i like the -- that doesn't make sense. [ bleep ] [ bleep ] what? out of the penalty box and into the goal. >> and into the net. >> that sounds bad. [ bleep ] >> i've got to take a nap. [ bleep ] >> stay tuned. i'll show you how to stay out of the penalty box and ice the competition. [ bleep ] >> one that was bigger that said cramer all over it.
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>> announcer: and now jim cramer explains dollar tree. >> i shop at dollar tree, and i love it. i bought $34 worth of candy there on sunday including boston baked beans, bottomwood turkish toffee and cow tails. remember them? >> announcer: this has been jim cramer explains dollar tree. ♪ they've got an awful lot of coffee in brazil ♪ >> starbucks. with its bottle frapz and tay-zo teas. tazo. i don't order tea. green mountain coffee. no thanks, go ahead. >> cappuccino with skim. this coffee tastes like feet. ♪ >> they're throwing out the foods. they're sticking a knife in them. yeah. the right time to load up on food stocks is when they're being tossed in the trash.
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which brings me to sara lee. it's splitting. you've got to snap it up. ballpark franks. i've been waiting for this sausage throw for months. hillshire farms. sausage is great. you get the picture, right? you get the picture. you get the picture. sorry about the mess. sausagefest. polar shifts will reverse the earth's gravitational pull and hurtle us all into space. which would render retirement planning unnecessary. but say the sun rises on december 22nd, and you still need to retire. td ameritrade's investment consultants can help you build a plan that fits your life. we'll even throw in up to $600 when you open a new account or roll over an old 401(k). so who's in control now, mayans? has been because of the teachers and the education that i had.
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they're just part of who i am. she convinced me that there was no limit to what we could learn. i don't think i'd be here today had i not had a wonderful science teacher. a teacher can make a huge difference in a child's life. he would never give up on any of us. thank you dr. newfield. you had a big impact on me.
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want to answer a few tweets but first we've got a real backlog of homework. time for some housekeeping. back on march 23rd ted from texas asked about the howard hughes corporation. hhc. it stumped me entirely. it's a real estate company spun off from general growth properties a couple years ago. it develops and operates both master plan communities and mixed use properties. assets in 18 states. hhc owns some interesting properties including south street seaport in manhattan. but ultimately, it's extremely expensive. 166 times the 1 earnings estimate we have for next year. nothing written about these guys. doesn't pay a dividend. i'd much rather play real estate through a real estate invest trust with a decent yield like federal realty or tanger factory outlet centers.
11:48 pm
then on march 28th chris from california called about vocs. since it was a microcap stock with a tiny market cap of a quarter of a billion dollars. i wanted to do more homework before i rendered an opinion. it's a highly speculative provider of cloud-based marketing and public relations software that helps small businesses influence customers across the web, social networks and through the media. vocus recently bought a social and e-mail marketing firm called icontact for 169 million. but that's a huge deal for such a small company. a little worried about the integration risk going forward. this one's too speculative for me, especially in an environment where small businesses aren't in great shape. take a look at e.t. if you like that one. and on april 4th bill from hawaii wanted to know what to do with ubiquity networks. this one stunned me. i've got to tell you. it makes powerful wireless hardware and right now they're working on a way to use their technology to provide cost effective internet access to underserved rural areas. there's a lot of those. believe it or not, only about a quarter of the world's population has internet access. and even in developed countries
11:49 pm
large portions of the population still have little or no access to broadband. when ubiquiti became public at 15 bucks the company had 4 different platforms. now they have three more. this is a growth stock. it doesn't have anything like the long-term track record of my favorite growth names. get this. the stock's run up 129% since its ipo. we most certainly missed this one. okay? sells for 27 times next year's earnings estimates. given that management's projecting about 25% revenue growth for the next several quarters -- next several years, i'm sorry. there might be some opportunity here. but you know what? i've got to have it cool off a bit before i get behind it. but it is interesting. all right? now, some tweets @jimcramer. here's -- let's start with @carapalin. @carapalin. hey, jim, i learned to tweet just so i could talk to you. this was my favorite tweet of the week, frankly, because it just shows me that i got something cooking here on twitter. and you know i love reading your tweets. i just -- i do it every night.
11:50 pm
anyone who goes to @jimcramer knows it's actually me doing them. i put up articles. i answer. i like to do a big core download after i'm done with the show and right before i go to bed. what was my most successful tweet this week? when i said, listen, guys, i've got to go. i've got to fade into darkness. avici. there must have been 1,000 people who came out and said cramer is much cooler than i thought. believe me, i'm not. my kids are cool. @scotthoynoski. is it better to own csx or nat? now you're talking about csx and northern american tankers. and the answer is it's okay to own both because they're not that alike. north american tanker's going to report a pretty good quarter. their dividend seems safe to me. csx run by the excellent michael ward. reports next week. they have a little too much coal for me. and coal is in a perma bear market i'm afraid because of the prices of natural gas. here's one.
11:51 pm
@a_felbeast. what's your take on western digital? merger and cloud computing make them a good play. no. boo-yah. all right. get this. western digital, there was a really good note this morning saying that it turns out that the earnings are going to be better than expected. it's a very inexpensive stock. why don't i like it? it's not proprietary. i think you should own an intel before i own western digital. "mad money's" back after the break.
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it's so easy just to spike the ball and get so negative here. let me just tick down the bears' talking points. first, china's anemic worst
11:54 pm
growth in ages, be careful at this pace hard landing. second, europe's back in total crisis mode. given the bond market meltdown in spain and italy, you know the situation's gotten much worse. can banco santander even make it? third, earnings aren't as good as expected, right? google blew the revenues. it's going to have a hard time monetizing mobile. jpmorgan and wells fargo going to be in big trouble with mortgage claims for bad loans. they aren't making nearly as much money as we thought possible. in the card game of the markets no kings, no face cards, just 2s and 3s and 4s. so how come i'm not more upset? well, a lot of it has to do with israel i've mentally dealt with in the past and refuse to reopen just because the stock market finished in the red after two great days. first off, i wanted china to get out of the range of 7% to 9% gdp growth with the former now where many people think they'll go after this 8.1 number last night. i needed to see numbers that indicate the prc will have a soft landing not a hard one. numbers that stop the chinese banks from keeping money tate.
11:55 pm
in short i needed to see the gdp number i saw last night. including the chinese. that's why their stock market was up today. chi in's a positive, not a negative. second when it comes to europe i don't want any lehman style catastrophes. i can handle any slowdown and that's exactly what i expect. we've seen the europeans deal with their crises in a pretty exemplary way since the winter. i think they're going to do it again. i don't want to buy banco santander but i don't think it wipes out spain or vice versa. third, my biggest worry with the banks has all been about revenue growth. we just haven't had any. suddenly we have it. wells fargo and jpmorgan both had terrific revenue growth. actually stellar. they're growing, they're lending they're making money. they're transcending the nation's weakness. and they are cheap. yes, google had issues. we don't want to see their cost per click a crucial metric go down 12%. that's what happened. we can't dismiss that. we like more robust revenue growth, didn't get it, we don't like the new stock issuance even in the form of a split because it's a tell a giant acquisition could be on the horizon. 30 billion for twitter? we don't like the lack of clarity on this motorola mobility deal. but you know what? the darn thing sells for 12 1/2 times earnings, 11 1/2 times next year's earnings, and even less when you back out the cash.
11:56 pm
it is as cheap as you can get. all in all, i think we were up big for two days. and today felt like a terrific time to take a profit. i get that. but if recent stock history has taught us one thing, it's never confuse the stock's present decline with what might occur in the future. especially if the stocks have run ahead of the numbers. stick with cramer.
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11:59 pm
i want to talk a second about the banks. i did homework on jp morgan today and not only do i feel it's good but you want to hope -- this is my charitable trust that owns it. hope it goes to 40. i would be a monster buyer. that's how good the quarter is. people have to lighten up and realize that things are getting better in this country; not worse. that's hard to believe but nobody understands that better than jpmorgan. except maybe wells fargo. google is okay to buy down here. always a bear market somewhere. i'm jim cramer. i'll see you monday!


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