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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  April 24, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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thanks for joining us. [ticking]
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that's all you can count on with plus, apple crushed the iphone naysayers selling more than the prediction we got today, from errant analyst. when the truth came out at the bell it reversed today. there had been a lot of chatter
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about how the ipad sales might be weaker. they're up 151%. and it would have sold far more if there were not supply constrait. if not, apple would have earned $13. wow, i mean $13, that's $3 more than the $10 the analysts were looking for. they made a fortune with everything their selling. gross margins up are 47%. again, on the strength of iphone sales. so much for the game of trying to divine apple's iphone sales from some bogus at&t and verizon extrapolation. the old concern of apple surfaced like in the old days. with the numbers low and must be
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ignored at your own peril. i reiterate as i did @jimcramer. apple is an investment, not a trade. let me put a different spin on the apple obsession. the general impression i get is the only thing we make better than anyone else is iphones, ipads, and macs. the cynical masses believe that we make nothing else that can triumph over what's being made by the other guys. but the winners in today's stock market away from apple say that's a radical misperception, and we constantly underestimate our ability to make things in the u.s. the fact is many of our older executives that work at fabulous companies use the recession to take share, but they also have taken advantage of the federal
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reserve's policy of low rates to strengthen their own balance sheets and pay down high cost debt while making the best products that dollars or euros or pesos or rials or rubles or yuan or yen can buy. only apple gets attention. we focus on these stocks because this show is about investing, not trading, so we like the juicy dividends without paying up for stocks that might be overvalued. i want to talk about identifying the values that are right in front of our eyes. we often can't see them because our biases against american businesses blind us to fabulous opportunities that are really out there. okay. let's start with 3m. here is a company that has remained on top year after year
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and decade after decade, with a healthy dividend. today 3m reported a nice profit with some good growth. as many of the consumer markets are hurting, and asia had a driver disappointed and it still didn't matter. 3 m's markets can still raise their growth forecast for the future dramatically. that's called american ingenuity. how about ibm? i don't like the size of this, but you can only take so many animals in a given day. this is a classic american company. last week i told you that a decline would be excessive and you should buy it.
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today ibm boosted its dividend by 30%. it happened right at 9:30. it will boost the earnings and the earnings are what matters. the stock is an excellent buy, and more on that later. how about att, i cannot believe how much money this company can make. this is a small cap company, like panera bread or something. cell phones strong, land lines stable. a terrific yield and price appreciation, what more can you ask for from this? let's go to david -- don't take it personally, honeywell, who came on the show, and also katy eaton.
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instead of businesses that go where the growth is, honeywell needs to beat higher energy costs. for eaton, it's power controls that also make energy use more efficient. fire and safety. all of those markets are hot, which is how eaton can raise its guidance twice this year. how about united technologies? this is another that can beat expectations and no doubt do so for the rest of the year thanks to the company soon to close deal with goodrich. then there is ellen coleman. the phenomenal ceo that is moving dupont toward trends like health care, increasing food production, saving lives.
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these things don't go out of style, and dupont which some said lost its way is a go-to company that makes sense for anybody and everyone to own. how about chuck bunch? he steered the old ppg, and they pay a bigger and bigger dividend each year. how can we not give a cheer to bunch and ppg, and let's not forget general electric. when ge reported that the market informs a glum mood, but the growth is back at this company. people don't realize they make health care, oil and gas equipment, turbines and aerospace parts. ge has a powerful finance arm, and that part of the business has turned around under mike neil who has been working to turn everything in that division around. i don't mean to undercut technology.
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i get that we have to praise our fast moving innovators. you know i like starbucks, celgene, allergan. and apple is the best investment out there. way too cheap after tonight's earnings victory. when it comes to what i have seen this earnings season, the victors are older household names, companies run by executives who know how to capitalize on weakness, prey on competitors, and take no prisoners along the way. sometimes in the political nonsense and all of the chatter, the federal reserve taxes and whatever, it pays to remember that old companies, unlike old dogs, can learn new tricks, and apple, as great as it is, should not be the only american stock worth focussing on, or investing in for that matter. i guess we have to take questions.
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why don't we go to andrew in new york, andrew. >> cramer, andrew from saratoga, new york. >> let's go to the races this summer. >> caller: etn can be a little crazy sometimes, but he has been spending money like he's an american express card this week, a black card nonetheless, buying instagram and these patents, do you think if this ipo is a flop he could be a sour taste for the general tech sector? >> that deal better not flop, they better price that so it works, you're absolutely right, it could bo do major destruction to this market even after apple delivered such an unbelievable quarter. look, you can teach old dog companies new tricks.
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apple, yes it's amazing, we could call this the mad apple money show, but do you mind if i get proud about some other american companies we don't talk about any more? that's where i think the real action will be going forward. >> the coming up, love seat? a weak foundation in home sales has made ethan allen a tough sell. could its recent dividend increase seat it at the head of the table? and later, did the market miss the real thing this earnings season? cramer is challenging the call in the field that left one worldwide brand out of the spotlight. stick around to find out if it could add some fizz to your portfolio. plus, technical time, the market is reverting back to its roller coaster ways, and the volatility
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makes some investors sick, but a few names could be setting up to break out. cramer is showing you how to spot them when he goes off the charts. all coming up on "mad money." >> miss out on some "mad money" get a text alert today. text mm to 26211. or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc.
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with people spending like crazy to remodel and redecorate their homes, i think the housing market will turn. is it time to circle the wagons around ethan allen? they are the rare related player that's an outlier. it's actually down 10%. the company that is 294 design centers, and is adding to that
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every quarter, went on to report a solid quarter last night. -- companies are rolling out a ton of new products as housing is turning, and i think they're ready to play catch up. let's talk to the ceo, for the most exciting time i have ever seen in the years i have followed the company. >> the company is in major transformation. i know you're guardedly optimistic. you don't take those actions unless you really see that the demand is going to be there over the next, not month or two but
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two, three, four years. >> absolutely. first of all, it's always great to see you. >> thank you. >> we just released our earnings and our sales increased 8% and our earnings-per-share doubled. >> leverage. >> you take a look at every quarter, our earnings have been growing 50% to 70%. that's the operating leverage our business has. they are integrated and as you said, this great recession has provided an opportunity to look at everything from day zero. >> i have been a huge believer that the best way to tell future performance in the last 18 months, this has worked like a charm, is size of dividend booth. you gave us a whopper. >> absolutely. 29% dividend increase. we increased the dividend is also about a year back. i think it makes sense for companies to have cash. you've got to have liquidity. you've got to have the liquidity
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to invest in our business. we just invested over $20 million in capital expenditures this year. we bought millions of dollars of bonds and we increased our dividends. i think that the opportunities that we have, i think are good. >> i need to try to understand the metric here. i see you opening showrooms in indianapolis, miami, seattle. it looks like you are starting to roll out another method, which is this almost like i want to call an apple method. you have people who are designing for you. it seems like it's just the way that apple works with getting people to do op's for you. >> today you have to have opportunities of pleasing good personal service combined with technology. we have 1500 interior designers. this recession also has given us an opportunity to acquire good people. this fiscal year, so far i use the word a choir, they work for
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the company by they're entrepreneurs. acquired over 200 entrepreneurs. we have invested in our manufacturing. we have invested in our marketing. we are changing 60% of a product program. not an easy thing to do for a company which is vertically integrated. we had to design the products. we had to manufacture the products. we had to make sure the products we had in our stores and design centers are sold. we could have waited and done this in 5-- 7 years. that would be the normal course. but i said no. this is a rare upper today to reposition, to be ready for growth. your earlier comment about the fact that obviously we are doing it because we believe we have an opportunity to grow. otherwise we would not be making these investments. >> you got to speak about the growth in china because today coach was down a lot. people felt they're selling not enough in china. it's not growing fast enough. we heard that yum is growing in
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china. you're going full bore in china. >> even though we have 70 locations on the we have a great hardener, we just in fact, this last quarter, increased our advertising overall. that's doubled in china. we have also one of our very strong interior design teams traveling in china, this past quarter, giving interviews, talking about interior design and building our brand. but we have a tremendous opportunity right here in north america. >> you opened a plant in honduras. i always think of ethan allen, you are a great american manufacturer. is this an opportunity for export? i honduras? did they give you a special deal? >> honduras is very important for us as mexico was. mexico, four years back in the middle of this recession, three years back, we decided to expand a small plant to 8240,000 ft. , state-of-the-art plants.
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we made that investment because i was thinking of the future. three years back we would've said no. similarly this plan in mexico is helping our united states plants operate more efficiently because they're doing the work that we have a hard time to do in the united states, the cutting and sawing. similarly in honduras it's starting to make chairs, which today we are making offshore. we're bringing them back. in honduras, which is under our control, rather than to have it coming from offshore, especially in southeast asia, where things are getting somewhat more difficult. >> getting more expensive to make their. >> they're getting more difficult, somewhat more difficult in the terms of pricing. also sourcing and timing. we like to have control. 70% of our products are still made in our you as plants, which is somewhat rarer these days. >> you mentioned mexico and honduras. wal-mart, great american company caught up in a scandal here. how do you avoid what happened to them if you are down in these countries?
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>> yesterday we had an operations meeting, a conference call, associates from all over him and i mentioned to them and referred to this when they are reading the newspapers, and i said i would rather be small than get involved with something that is not right. and that's our philosophy. whether it's the united states, in mexico, in honduras, people love us or two reasons. we treat them with unity and secondly i am not interested in doing something in the short term. i'd rather be relatively small but do it right. >> i've got to ask this one last question. you have been levered to the stock market. told us when the market goes up, get more people in showrooms. that's still the case? >> absolutely. >> the market is going higher. thank you. he's the chairman, president and ceo of ethan allen. he's spending the money. you can read the conference call because he's a naturally conservative man but i read between the lines and say the future looks much better than the past. stay with kramer. >> coming up, upon further review, did the market miss the
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real thing this earnings season? kramer is challenging the call in the field that left one worldwide brand out of the spotlight. stick around to find out if it can add some fizz to your portfolio. ♪, stream, stream... ♪ whenever i want you, all i have to do is... ♪ [ female announcer ] introducing xfinity streampix. stream your favorite movies and full seasons of shows instantly on any screen. find out more online.
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>>'s. >> see you. catch. >> wow, thanks, mean joe. >> hey kid. i always say that navigating the height of earnings season is like crossing the street in heavy traffic. you need to stop, look and listen before you make a move. that's why tonight we're introducing a new segment, upon further review, where we use the benefit of hindsight to re-examine the earnings reports from last week to figure out which companies reported the best results that got lost in the shuffle. sometimes the cacophony of earnings season, it's easy to see things clearly after some time has passed and you've got room to think and reconsider and throw the yellow flag. go under the booth, go in and say i think i found a mother one
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ep to kick things off we are hopping in the way back machine to. we're going to go to last tuesday, where the best quarter by far was from coca-cola, a stock i own for my charitable trust. a week ago, coca-cola reported what most people acknowledge was a darn good quarter. everyone recognized it was better than expected. the stock went on to close up $1.50, 2%. nice move, not bad at all. here is the thing. after taking some time to really dig into the conference call, read over the notes and think upon things and mull it over and go under the hood and look into the booth, i realize that upon further review, took a kola didn't just report a good quarter. this incredibly consistent average giants knocked it out of the park with a stellar thing of beauty quarter. you might not have realized it from the headlines, but coke beating the earnings estimate by
11:28 pm
a penny is -- and delivering higher than expected revenues courtesy of a 5% volume growth, 3% price increase of improved product mix, but this was a completely phenomenal quarter. phenomenal. that's why i built a coke. what makes it so terrific? it's the contest. these results are always about context. coca-cola's results were an incredible triumph over adversity. the company had been hit with a perfect storm of higher raw material costs, currency pressure, so many things going a wry, gasoline to take the thing to the store. under these circumstances, coke would've had a perfect alibi if they had only been okay, if their results were fine, not fantastic. but when i go over this quarter and review it i realized they blew away every metric. what will almost certainly turn out to be the toughest quarter of the year, coca-cola kicked butt. when a company manages to pull it off it really makes you
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think. if coke can deliver stellar results when it feels like the whole world is conspiring against them, just imagine how well they will do when things get better, and things are getting better as management indicated on a conference call. the commodity cost treasures could start to these going forward him even though they didn't factor any such moderation in their numbers. when i heard that it made me feel very bullish, like coke had to be bought on the slightest pullback. what was so impressive about coca-cola's results? the company posted volume growth in every single region of the globe. they're selling more beverages everywhere and volume is the name of the game in the beverage business. it's the all-important key metric that drives revenue growth and allows beverage players to leverage their fixed costs and make big money. they posted higher net revenues in 4 out of 5 regions, only european flat, like flat soda, nowhere being down. even in north america where we've grown to think of the soda wars as some sort of a world war i battle like verdun, the psalm,
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coke and pepsi fighting desperately for feet, maybe even inches, total trench warfare in the aisles of supermarkets around the country. coke did manage to deliver 2% volume growth and the company saw 6% increase in volume in its gigantic international business. 80% of revenues. emerging market, incredible. 20% growth in india, 9% in china. their bottled water business unbelievably strong, up 15%. coke's energy drink segment showed terrific 25% growth. just as important, coke's gross margins at 16. 7% in line with the reduced expectations from february. this was the toughest quarter of the year thanks to the hygrometer real costs and a weaker europe. the company managed to hold the line on margins and thinks it can get even better going forward. i believe management here. some of coca-cola's most important inputs should continue to go down. the price of aluminum for making
11:31 pm
the cans, 13%. natural gas down 37%. even the price of corn has fallen to% from last year. that's a big deal since corn syrup is such a major part of coke's product. can you imagine if they got rid of the ethanol mandate to use corn? this thing would be on the move to be none of this stuff is factored into the estimates which makes me think the numbers could be too conservative and coke might keep blowing away the numbers. this quarter coca-cola proved it's really among the most consistent companies if perhaps the most consistent company in the world, with amazing execution. that's great all by itself. no wonder war and buffett loves it so much. context matters here and when you throw in the context of coke's main competitor, pepsi, trying to find its footing right now, the last time pepsi reported they slashed their guidance, announced a major restructuring effort. things look even better for coke. as pepsi spends -- pepsico has to spend valuable time, valuable resources to fix its business.
11:32 pm
that means coke can outperform continually, which i believe will not only lead to the company taking share but should also result in coke gang expanded price to earnings multiple, which really is the name of the game when you are buying these big-cap consumer product stocks. want people to pay up for the earnings. this stock may seem expensive at 16. 5 times next year's earnings. from in a store called perspective, coca-cola, we went way back for this piece. it's actually extremely cheap historically. kayo's price to earnings multiple is at a 20-year low where people pay for the futures near a 20-year low. if coke just traded backup to its ten your average of 23 times earnings, this is a $103 stock. i'm not saying it will do it over time. it might get knocked down in a couple days if pepsi reports another tough quarter on thursday and people say the whole industry is difficult. eventually coca-cola should work its way much higher. the company has proven it can deliver in even the harshest environment and coke should be
11:33 pm
able to report numbers that are so good they're staggering. maybe if you are not in it yet you wait for pepsi to say some very tough things. maybe coke comes down and then you pull the trigger. upon further review, the best quarter a week ago, remember, the best quarter of last tuesday was from coca-cola. it was a knockout. management reported excellent results despite what seemed to be impossible odds that they had to defy ep if coke can post numbers this good when things are going against them on every front, can you just imagine how well this company can do when things are finally going their way? i want to take calls. i want to go to judy in new jersey. >> hi, jim, how are you? >> not bad, how are you. >> asked for helping me make some money. with the recent acquisitions by been, will that protect them from being taken over by someone? >> beam came in. in a spinoff there is a very difficult law about what you can
11:34 pm
do and what you can't do. my take is very specifically, you're owning them for the growth and beam is growing and making acquisitions, including a very good acquisition yesterday. i want to own been for the growth, not the take-out, which might be for a while. let's go to bob in massachusetts. >> yes, mr. cramer. >> a couple of simple questions here. i'd just like to thank you for all your wisdom and insight and sharing your knowledge with the little guy. it makes a big difference. >> everybody is a little guy. i lived in my car in 1977 but i was still putting 100 bucks into my ira. >> first off, i picked up some bg foods over the last year. they had been increasing their dividends. their bottom line has been good and they've had a great first quarter. why does the stock seemed to drag its feet? >> i was surprised that that, too, but they were not as
11:35 pm
bullish as i'd known that mr. wenner to be. they didn't say -- how many times do you boost your dividend? it was a consistent quarter. it was a good job. it remains one of my favorite stocks. it yields 5%. i like it. i still would own the and she foods. it might be the cause that refreshes. but to me, coke is the stock to buy on any weakness. it was the number one story last tuesday. it could be, i think, when pepsico reports, the best place to do some buying. that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion -- i can't knock it over. i like coke too much. stay with cramer. >> cunning up, the clock is ticking. call cramer at 1 mack 800-743-- see nbc to find out how to fire a way on the lightning round. can he withstand your thunderous onslaught of stocks?
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and later, technical time. the market has been reverting back to its roller coaster ways, and the mindnumbing volatility is making some investors second ep but hitting inside the manic moves, a few names could the setting up to break out. cramer is showing you how to spot them when he goes off the charts, all coming up on "mad money."
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>> remember tweeters, listen up, i'm celebrating my approach to 500,000 followers and it's going on this week. let's shoot for a million, i'm optimistic. it's not whether you follow number one or you have one million, be part of the celebration to win. tweet me at @jimcramer #cramersweeps. we are choosing the winner at random and flying you and a guest out to join me in this fabulous studio. we are going to have an unbelievable time, but we're celebrating all week, right
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through 500,000. don't stop if you see 500,000. as you watch me soar into twitter stardom, don't fret. you've got until friday to get your tweets in. now it is time. it's time for the lightning round. rapidfire calls, you say the stock. i don't know the colors. play to this sounded than the lightning round is over. are you ready? time for the lightning round. johnny in california. john. >> jim, bouillon from sacramento. we love your show. >> i used to live at tenth and p. what's up? >> allison transmission. >> they bring the deal at $23 and now the analysts are neutral at $20. i'm going to say it's okay to buy. let's go to gym in florida. >> what's going on? listen, i saw this thing on television called the cyber knife. i started research that it's made by a are a wide. i bought a ton of it, i'm overweight and i'm going to sell the house, i'm going to sell my wife, i'm going to sell the cat
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to buy more. >> what are you, a slapshot salesman or something? listen, these are medical devices, for heavens sake. i want you to buy into it in surgical. you do it now, i'm going to send you two slap chops. not just one. let's go to a but in california. >> this is aid from california. >> oh man. dr. cramer is all yours. what's up 2 my stock is lions gate. >> it's way down to low. this is ridiculous. it's got a franchise. the traders bought it. people are selling it. it's a by. that's ridiculous. you had to sell it on the good news. just in minnesota. >> supervalu. >> everybody hates it. i don't hate it. it's going to get excluded from the s. and p. the quarter wasn't bad. i don't like supermarket stocks except for whole foods, which i think is the only one you want
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no nonsense. just people sense. in a market that's becoming increasingly choppy, i want you
11:45 pm
armed with every tool in our arsenal for figuring out which stocks are about to change course. we've seen pullbacks in numerous high-quality stocks and whenever that happens, the big question is when is it safe to start buying? how do you know when you've cut and attractive entry point? like people were talking about with apple. just this morning, ibm has been tumbling, came out with the ultimate bullish tell, a 13% dividend boost which brings its yield up to nearly 1. 7% and the company added $7 billion to its already considerable buyback he as someone who analyzes stocks based on the fundamentals of the underlying company, this kind of dividend raise makes for a fabless bottom call. after initially rallying nearly $40, ibm closed up just $1.38 today. not that big a move given the bullish news. in order to verify what i think
11:46 pm
we're seeing, it's not just enough to do the fundamentals so we're going to go off the charts to help find tradable bottoms with the help of a fabulous technician who runs the website fibonacci and has her own method for figuring out when a pullback might be viable. as it turns out, this tool suggests, like i feel with the fundamentals, that ibm is a buy right now, right here. what makes her think that? to identify bargains she likes to use a technique that she calls symmetry, although most chartists call it a measured move. that's how we've referred to it in the past. we're going to use this symmetry term. the idea is very simple. it's so simplistic you might find it hard to believe. the notion of symmetry is that many times when you look at a chart, swings in the same direction will be similar in size. if a stock is the climbing you look at the sale of the last decline from peak to trough and assume the current one will be the same size. the same goes for a rally.
11:47 pm
probably sounds crazy. it like the way you expect a seven-year-old to approach the stock market. but the crazy thing is this technique actually works fairly often and it can be a helpful way to identify a stock that when it's falling has reached levels where it's safe to buy. it's a comfort zone ebi pretty much called the bottom on ibm before i got the news on the dividend and buyback to be don't believe me? keep an open mind. check out the ibm's weekly charts. ibm began pulling back earlier this month. using her symmetry technique, when she looks back at past corrections in the stock going back to october of 2002, she finds they have fallen mostly between $16 and $28.80. that's the range of the declines. she projected all the swings from ibm's most recent high and you can see them all is the horizontal lines on the right side of the chart, okay? based on these projections she
11:48 pm
figured that ibm would find a floor somewhere between 192 and 196. these are the symmetry projections that she's using in order to be able to determine how low ibm can go in this pullback. sure enough, yesterday ibm made an intraday low at 1 $96.70. $196.70. can you imagine how this is? $0.35 above these levels before rebounding into the close. yesterday ibm support line, the symmetric support line, and it held. today this terrific dividend news, like the stock autumn to about $0.35 above whe.35 above it would, which i find your really accurate. now that ibm has tested and held its crucial support level, she thinks it can potentially broaden to new highs. would it stalk you with what apple did tonight? would that shock you? she sees ibm going to $214 or perhaps $219.
11:49 pm
it would still be cheap on earnings. my charitable trust says you shouldn't abandon ship here. right now she sees the same exact thing happening in an oil company, in conoco phillips, which we know is splitting. based on the size and has to climb as she thinks the stock has a floor of support running from $70.20 to $71.46. only about $.50 below where it is right now. if the stock keeps holding above these levels she thinks it can rebound back to $80.70, which is not surprising given the split up. if it falls below $70.20 she will give up, which is why this kind of analysis is so hard for me to be with that you'll great down there is where i want to buy it, not sell it. we're on opposite pages but i do like the bottom here. take a look at this chart of bed bath and beyond. this is another stock that's declining of late. went down a little more. people worried that this is like
11:50 pm
a big lots. big lots, that's like terrible. this is a great store. she thinks the stock could bottom between $65 and $66.96, $0.50 to a point and a half below where it is now. she thinks you have a nice floor that can lead to a healthy rally in the not-too-distant future. if the floor breaks, all bets are off. i disagree. if the stock gets down to here i'm going to tell you to buy because the quarter was monstrously good. based on her measured move analysis of the charts, the symmetric approach, we caught an excellent buying opportunity in ibm and she thinks we have some terrific setups in conoco and bed bath. i'm with her on ibm, own it for the trust. conoco is fine with me, good dividend and bed bath is one of my favorite retailers to be three good stocks, three good setups, bless the technicals and fundamentals. what's not to like? stay with cramer. [ male announcer ] we imagined a vehicle
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>> you don't go to a group of college students and asked how many of you use facebook. you don't do that because it is like asking how many of you brushed your teeth in the morning. that is my experience at harvard this weekend and i don't think facebook's penetration at the campus where it was born is much greater than anywhere else. facebook has insinuated itself in every part of human existence in an incredibly fast way. particularly the existences of people trying to figure out their brand preferences. that makes the ipo worth participating in. i'm going to make some assumptions that the purists won't want to hear. i'm going to make some judgments that will be considered lightweight if not cavalier ep but you know what? i don't care if facebook's profit decline versus the previous quarter or that revenues had some seasonality, meaning they didn't spike from the quarter before. the fact is that revenues have already touched $1 billion for this quarter. i've got to tell you, that's
11:55 pm
immensely, incredible, and the company is immensely profitable. i don't care that they're paying for patents and have a lot of expenses i can't get my arms around. they got to a billion dollars so fast i have to believe there is much more behind this story. i don't care that it seems more opaque than usual with the fine print to be an annoying when you think of how quickly the deal was done without any consultation with any board members. what i do care about is the fact that facebook has the demo, the people, the advertisers want. it has them on both the social side and the mobile side in a way that's totally genuine and compelling. that means if any one big advertiser, procter and gamble, goes all in with facebook and it looks like they may be, everyone else in the category has to go all in, too, ep that's what happens when you seek the coveted mo, the demographic that others must seek, too. i saw nothing in the prospectus that i read last night to make them feel any different about the story. i am not at all dissuaded from being involved in the facebook deal if i can get any shares.
11:56 pm
now that all the rigorous know it all types out there are burning me in effigy, let's keep in mind that i told you to stay away from yelp, that i told you to cell group on, that i told you to avoid pandora come of that! had no place in your portfolio. i urge you to sell every one of these deals. you should still sell. facebook is not one i'm urging you to sell. facebook is the real thing and as this prospectus, i'm still urging you to buy it unless they price it at such an outrageous amount, and that is something i will keep on and make a judgment. there is simply too much profitable growth with too much opportunity for advertisers to reach respecter of clients before they made up their minds about what brands to choose for the rest of their lives, for me to sneer at trying to get you some shares of what's quickly shaping up to be the biggest initial public offering in the market's history. stick with cramer.
11:57 pm
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