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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  April 25, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> let's do final trades. >> i'm jim cramer. welcome to my world. >> you need to get in the game. they will go out of business and he's nuts, they are nuts, they know nothing. i always like to say there is a bull market somewhere. "mad money," you can't afford to miss it. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends, i want to save you a little money. my job is not just to educanter you, but educate you. we don't trade the fed, we don't trade the durable good numbers, the span ish deficit, short-term unemployment reports and we don't trade a ben bernanke press conference. on a wonderful day, where the dow rallies 89 points, s & p up
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1.63% and nasdaq up 2.3%, it's important to remind we invest in "m "mad money," we invest in companies that produce earnings streams. and when companies are strong, we buy, buy, buy, stocks. and when they get weaker, we want to sell, sell, sell stocks. it's that simple. the basic notion seems to elude many home gamers. the hedge fund media complex propagates the misleading idea that you should hang on every piece of macro data and the feds' interest reaction to it. this focus is egregious and harmful as the risk on, risk off clap trap that i am indeed stamping out one pundit at a
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time. so lets set the table up. since the economy went kerr fluy, we had to determine whether the economy would relachs in therecession. the awful aggregate kay schiller thing that came out, which tells us our homes are in free fall. we have become conjoined with the feds. ben bernanke speaking or one of his minions is sidewalking, we can't believe anything else matters. guys, that's insane. many traders are under the mistaken impression that the economy has to remain weak to keep the fed on the team. helping stocks go higher, without the weak economy, stocks can't go higher under this work prism. the obverse is true. if the economy gets better, the fed will slam on the brakes. what will happen? the market will go down.
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>> the house of pain. >> see, the trader mediacom plex has decided based on nothing impair call, based on nothing at all. if employment improves, industrials rise, if more goods are sold, that's bad. we will slip into a terrible slowdown. and the punditocracy has infe infected you with the total ridiculous line of thought. it's true investors and stocks want low interest rates and we like easy money. low interest rates are more compelling, but you know what? rates so low right now, even with the fed raising them aggressively, it wouldn't change my view of the competitive dynamics. second, we invest in the future earnings streams of companies, not just dividend streams. we are looking for earnings, those earning streams will go higher if the fed gets more
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economy, most of the companies, once thought to be noncome samer cyclical package names, we know impa imperricley that they have to and i go higher to beat earnings. it will get less accommodatetive if employment will pick up. bad for stocks based on some kind of twisted logic. if the vast majority of estimates will be beaten, we need job growth to come back. we need more shopping and purchasing to help the retail component. we want people to buy more technologies, more jobs, more cars to be built and we need customers secure enough in their jobs that they are willing to buy. something that he hasn't happened yet, the a car on the road is 11 years old, oldest in history. that's the most important indicator if more homes will be
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built. we are building fewer homes than when our country had half as many people in it. we want the financial sector, by the way, the biggest sector in the s & p 500 and need rates higher. we better get job growth soon. unemployment behind the bad loans, why we don't have more robust consumer lending and bank earnings so tepid. interest rates too low for banks to make money, that's what we get for stocks moving higher. i talk to top anchors. they want higher rates. consumer products companies and drug companies and the once recession resistant cable companies to do better, we need house formation. the birth rate down is down a staggering 8%. ist totally related to the fear that people won't be able to find a job or keep a house. we need the private sector to do more hiring. a god send for stocks, regardless of whether the fed
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may inflict pain by raising rates ever so slightly. and, remember, better earnings, not lower interest rates, breeds higher stock prices. we're getting lots of positive data from companies. southern company told us that things are getting better in the southeast. and they need to fix balance bearings, versus eaton. to ryder, united rentals, rent trucks and earth moving machineries. all are saying things get better. that's what we want. that's why the rally today makes sense. i need you to realize that the fed didn't cause it to move, it's the earnings. earnings you should care about. don't fear good economic data. don't fear the hawks and the fed. that's a hedge fund mediacom plex. brainwashing you. the people who tell you this market rally because of the fed, they -- because the fed says it will keep money easier, they are living in mess yesteryear.
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at one time i needed the fed to verify things were getting better and force the cash in the bond market, long-term bond market funds to come into the stock market. ask & it hasn't happened yet. we get job growth, a fed accident no, ma'aming growth is lasting and real demand for money. guess what? we go higher, not lower, and that's exactly what i'm betting will happen as the year goes on. i want to start with mike in pennsylvania. mike. >> caller: hi, jim. big buya from mike here. my question is mt, with their exposure in europe and china, your thoughts on where a company like in in basic materials would be at? >> first of all, i would rather be in nucor. i won't steal something that the chinese are involved in. anything that the chinese are involved in wrecks everything, okay? unless they are buyers of it. i'm not a buyer of steel companies. john in new york. >> caller: jim, on yesterday's
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show you talked about some strong u.s. companies, g.e., coca-cola, et cetera. >> you bet. >> caller: why was union pacific -- i would think union pacific might be among them? >> the reason i didn't include them, i am afraid norfolk southern would disappoint and i would have egg on my face. that was my bad for not seeing through the propaganda, thinking every rail would say the wrong thing. get out it wrong, waited, too cautious. it happens. even me. hey, what can i say. better earnings breed earnings. and higher stock prices. it's not that hard. the fed didn't cause the rally, the earnings did. "mad money" will be right back. coming up -- upon further review. investors have been bidding up shares of the world's largest
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auction site after strong earnings. but should you stay on the sidelines? or buy it now? and later, eye stunner, after trouncing the skeptics, apple's almighty once again. how did some of the street go this one so wrong? and how can you make iprofits for years to come? all coming up on "mad money." miss out on some "mad money." get your mad money text alert, text mm to 26221 to get cramer right on your phone. pore more info, visit or call 1-800-743-cnbc. great shot. how did the nba become the hottest league on the planet? by building on the cisco intelligent network
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during the height of earnings season, when you have literally hundreds of companies reporting every single day, take the time to study results before you rush to judgment. so because i want to encourage healthy investing habits, all week we're celebrating the need for rumination and contemplation with a segment called upon further review. this is where we wait seven days and with the benefit of homework and hindsight, i tell you which company reported the best quarter of the day a week ago. what's the point here?
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it's familiarizing yourself with winners, because stocks can be bought in any weakness, typically from part gal, spain, luxembourg. think of it as a way of building the ultimate shopping list. let's go back to last wednesday. best quarter of the bunch? no contest. last wednesday's winner was ebay. it wasn't overlooked. not by any stretch of the imagination. ebay delivered a four-cent bead, stronger than expected revenue, rose 28.7% year over year and also raised its full-year guidance. the next day ebay, wow, the stock shot up 13% and literally went to multiyear highs. after pondering this one for a week, i don't believe that's enough of a move. it is a -- buy, buy, buy. here is the reason. no so much about numbers. they were terrific. it's about the vision and that's
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been lost in the earnings season shuffle. i want you to forget about ebay's online marketplace business for a second this story is all about paypal. paypal, the leading standard for online payments. they have 110 million active account holders, 190 countries. total base of 230 million accounts exceeds the number of visa and master card, say nothing of american express and discover. when i wanted a credit card, my parents gave me an american express family card. when my youngest daughter wanted a credit card, she asked permissi permission to access an paypal account. don't laugh. she wanted a second ipad.
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everybody had a secotwo of them because it was a fashion accessory. now ebay, the same fashion and profit forward daughter, the real opportunity isn't with an online credit card making online payments per se. it's with mobile payments, using a paypal app on your smartphone, to buy stuff not just online, in the real world without ever having to fork over your sensitive credit card company. they rihn integrated into local markets around the paypal can be everywhere. when you look at mobile transaction numbers, they are staggering. the report comes out, and last year, there were 3 4 billion worth of mobile payments. this year, that figure expected to grow to 7 billion. this is the single hottest part of the electronic transaction business with a much more rapid growth rate than traditional
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credit card payments. paypal the top dog in terms of mind share and safety. think of your wallet of a dinosaur of the modern shopping experience. with paypal, ebay aiming to provide consumers with a genuine digital wallet that moves securing in the cloud. it can be accessed through whatever device that the user wants to use. now, this quarter we caught a glimpse to the future. it blew me away paypal will launch their first point of sale product in home depot and in use at 200,000 stores across the country. it let's people pay by dwswipina paypal card or just entering their mobile phone number. ebay envisions a time where you
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can pay at a restaurant without waiting for the waiter to bring you a check or pay for things in a store without waiting for a cashier. you can tap on your phone at a point of sale terminal like some credit cards let you know. retails love this, they will love to embrace mobile paypal. i have seen the future and it is, indeed, paypal. this is a fourth alternative to visa, american express and master card. they increase their total adjustment market from $400 billion to a trillion dollars. the total payments $519 million will lag larger credit card companies. over the last 25 years, growth 25% annually. and it will increase as they have new point of sale terminals. why is it so important? visa, has a $99 billion market gap. master card, $66 billion ebay, just $51 billion.
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for the whole company, the ebay marketplace, and paypal. paypal alone could be worth as much of the entire company. ebay spins it off as a separate stock, it goes through the roof. master card, visa not shabby if ebay spun off paypal, i think you would get a similar trajecto trajectory. paypal worth $50 billion, and the rest of ebay for free and nothing to scoff at. the core marketplace division, $8 billion business, 40% operating margins, cash cow. when you back out the $4.50 of net cash on the balance sheet, ebay's only trading at 13.2 times earnings. 12% long-term growth rate. the growth number is way too
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low, considering the surge in mobile payments. bottom line of this incredible story. the paypal opportunity alone is enough to justify buying ebay into any weakness. after this latest quarter, we know the company has a real vision of the future of their payments. it's the kind of vision that has potentially explosive money. ebay is the best way to pay mobile basements. it doesn't just get nearly enough credit for its potential. after the break, i'll try to make you more money. coming up, istunner. after trouncing the skeptics, apple's almighty once again. i knew that. but how did so many on the streets get this one so wrong? and how you can make iprofits for years to come. ♪, stream, stream... ♪ whenever i want you, all i have to do is... ♪ [ female announcer ] introducing xfinity streampix. stream your favorite movies and full seasons of shows instantly on any screen. find out more online.
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y youmight as well call it the apple bureau of misinformation. that's how awful and unhelpful the analysts were going into apple's earnings report yesterday afternoon. i have to take a second now and really lay these guys to waste. that's how the stock can get hammered before rebounding with a vengeance. up more than it would have been normally because these people were so wrong. wall street analysts don't have exactly a sterling track record and they are paid fortunes by the way. but this is perhaps the biggest screwup we've seen with a high-profile stock in ages. i have to detail the way they threw you off the scent of this spectacular quarter to show you how the heck they could get it as wrong as they did. first, let's go over the flaws in the methodology that will lead you astray, and the
6:24 pm
research, the research they put out, not designs for you. it is n i come out every night and tell you apple is a fabulous investment story. maybe not as bright as when steve jobs is alive, but extremely luminous nonetheless. it sells at a huge discount virtually every other tech stock i follow. and if it doesn't trade at such a high dollar amount, $600 per share, the undervaluation my be more accessible. get your arms around to all of your home gamers. analysts are realists and technocrats. constrained by the four walls of the spreadsheet canvas. when they need to be impressionists trying to break free from the one-dimensional straitjacket that binds them.
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let's extend the metaphor. mattise, pollock, getting along the pure numbers, the simple calculations that determine their end product. all mistakes because analysts are only trying to slap a number. an estimate on a stock, far more difficult to gain than any other stock i follow. in part, because the company is completely unhelpful. apple doesn't think it needs or should hold their hand and since apple is head and shoulder above every other company on earth it doesn't. they don't need to sell the stock story, they sell the product some of what exactly did analysts miss. big picture. these alleged professionals were zigging when apple zagged. they were looking for a disappointment. but apple delivered a bigger beef than usual, with revenues coming in 39$39.2 billion aheadf
6:26 pm
what the street was looking for and up 59.5% year over year. when we came on the set, we were staggered. and it translates to $12.30 per share. $2.26 beat that sailed over the most bullish estimate. apple could have made more if they only had enough ipads to meet demand. high-quality problem. misconceptions going into the quarter. the iphone issue, it accounts for 58% of apple sales. earlierier this year, at&t and verizon activated far fewer iphones in the first quarter than anybody expected. this led many analysts to believe iphone sales would disappointment and it was a crucial pillar of the bearish thesis going into the quarter. the problem? the problem with this analysis,
6:27 pm
at&t and verizon just don't matter like they used to. fell from 31% of total iphone sales, and new entry sprint sold 1.5 million iphones. and apple has launched international business which is far more important than analysts figured. they would have been better off talking to the chinese carriers than the american ones. analysts were looking between 28 and 33 million iphone sales. and a huge lfew outliars lookin2 3 4 million. when they had an 88% increase year over year, terrific numbers and analysts were swayed by contacts at verizon and at&t, saying the subsidies they need to pay apple aren't going to continue and will start emphasizing other phones. oh, really? let me give you a little hibt, guys. here is the big problem.
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carriers can advertise whatever kind of dog food they want eaten, but it doesn't matter if the dogs won't bite. customers want the iphone more than any other phone. verizon balks, sprint will take verizon customers, clear as day, that's what will happen. second, think ipad numbers. 11.8 million ipad numbers of. up 150%. 150% year over year. worries abound ahead of the report that two-third of the quarter was hurt by the sales of ipad. this was by sandisk flash drives, to make up for their own short comings. they simply made too much flash, not an apple issue, and apple has expanded because flash and disk drives in overfly. came in at 46.7% and no wonder
6:29 pm
apple's earnings were higher than the street expecting. analysts failed to recognize the power of the amazing network of retail stores. sold 25% more product. they don't forget 350 plus stores moving a huge amount of merchandise. 20% safe-store sales growth. there were concern all qualcomm announced a shortage of supply. a lot of people were worried about the delay of iphone 5, but we found out that apple has far more supplier options. we heard chatter that domestic smartfoern market was saturated. that threw people off the sent and that could stunt apple's growth. apple, become an international story. sell 150 different countries and 230 different carriers. and in china, five-fold
6:30 pm
increase. in fact, astonishing how sales totally ignores the impact of china. i talked to analysts today talking about how apple was rescued by china, take out the prc and the weapon that'company disappointed. take out china? why? siri speak english over there? and a terrific piece by james rogers, columnist. he calls out the numb skulls who got apple wrong and holds their feet on the fire. i never like to name names so in the interest of being an elder statesman, i was going to say that roger name named name. deutsche bank, huntsman square research, some of the worst in severely low balling apple. and peter mystic from jeffries, he said iphone's shortfall on the horizon. good brief, a classic case of
6:31 pm
the analysts, they threat and extrapolate from negative data points and should be focusing on opportunities that apple is going for. trying to come up with a guestimate of what apple earned. you are looking at a tree in the middle of yosemite national park, and it's better to look at the beauty of the entire park. if you don't know how to look for the most important factors, you ain't going to learn them. i say stock, the bogus tratding calls, focus on investing in apple. the only way to make money in the most important stock of our time. ira in new york. >> caller: hey, jim. sorry about new jersey's loss. >> i'm going to get season tickets. that's my kind of place. what's up? >> caller: tech stock, other than the all consumiing fruit.
6:32 pm
down 10% since i went into jbl. i wasn't concerned in march, but i'm concerned about an increase in debt, the competition strong, and sluggish, europe and u.s. economy. what do you see not only for jbl but for the tech sector as a whole? >> buy more jbl tomorrow. we have earnings tonight from sirrus logic, xylink, and every single one said good things. it's in the sweet spot. don't believe the stock, believe the fundamentals. james in florida. >> caller: hi, jim. i love watching you every morning and every evening on "mad money" and admire your boundless energy. >> thank you, man. cooking with propane here. that's what i'm doing. >> caller: me too.
6:33 pm
emc stalk, based on fundamentals for well over a year. do you think emc might be a takeover candidate for a company like microsoft? or that they could conceivably spin off or sell their 80% stake in bm wear? >> i don't think either, the guy who runs the company who literally just re-upped because he knows this is an exciting time. joe tucci, saying emc, all systems go. and not a takeover target at all. an earnings story and growth story. it is hard to get to the core of what you need to with apple. they should be investing, not trading. they are missing a big move. stay with cramer. coming up, foreign invasion. the headlines from across the pond can punish our markets. time to take a european
6:34 pm
vacation. a new outlook on the eu that could prove profitable. and the dow soars or hits the floor, jim trying to help you stay onsteady ground in am i diversified. all coming up on "mad money."
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it is time. ist time for the lightning round. and then the lightning round is over. are you ready, skedaddy? let's start with donna in california. >> caller: hey, jimmy, how are you? >> real good, and you? >> caller: great, thanks. what's up with peets coffee and tea? >> big market. let's go starbucks goes down so you can buy it. i don't think it will. let's go to dave in pennsylvania.
6:38 pm
dave. >> caller: hello, dr. cramer. i have a billy bibity ba ba booyah. >> what's up? >> caller: i have a lot of clients who are physicians. what do you think of sq -- >> they are dreamers. >> don't buy. >> you know i don't care for that one. and john in connecticut. john. >> caller: hi, jim. thank you for taking my call. a question for you. i know you like the best of the breed, and a good dividend. what is your take on synofi. >> i have to cut my risk here. it's from europe. and it's my? my charitable trust. hung with europe no matter what we do. and it's hung with europe, and are you taking risk, okay leave it at that. donald in new jersey. >> caller: dr. cramer, donald from jersey city. >> i must be a doctor. go ahead. >> caller: my stock is fido.
6:39 pm
it a licking. >> the stock bounced but i had say it right now, right here. i no longer have any chinese stocks i want to own. i'm saying seal, sell, sell, sell. even baidu. i'm done with communists. he called them communists. well, they are. steve in new mexico. >> caller: jim cramer. >> dr. cramer, go ahead. >> caller: dr. kramer, booyah. >> booyah. >> how about the boston beer company? >> i think it's growing fast. i myself drink pbr. let's go to california. >> caller: hey, happy -- i want to thank you for all you do. >> my pleasure. >> caller: i'm up 50%, stock i'm talking about. i don't want to get greedy. yields 6.5%, 10 cents below
6:40 pm
52-week high. main, m-a-i-n. >> i don't know what they own, so it's very hard for me to recommend it. i would sell. joan in michigan. joan. >> caller: a big sunny southern booyah from greenville, south carolina. >> baseball down there. what's up? >> caller: what's your expert opinion on the recent ipo sand rich mississippi and trust? >> i like the deal. it's holding up well. a great oil platform. christopher in oregon. >> caller: mr. cramer. >> you're up. >> yeah, you got me. >> caller: thank you for taking my call. a big booyah from keep it weird, portland, oregon. >> i love it there. go ahead. >> caller: yes. question. ges. >> stop guessing with guess. i don't want to own that. >> sell, sell, sell. >> no, thank you. go to a nonaspirational brand
6:41 pm
and buy shares in raw stewart. steve. >> caller: first time caller. >> good to have you. >> caller: wondering about ocd? >> sell. say dry business isn't so hot. they want to come on and tell me why i should like them, they are welcome. ron all the way in michigan. >> caller: mr. cramer, how are you doing? >> not bad. mr., doctor. i keep getting defrocked. what's up? >> caller: amd, advanced microdesigns. >> how low on the apple card do we need to go? not stooping in to amd. arlene in california. >> caller: jim, my question about gww, granger. why the big drop after its great earnings last week. >> because people who are sellers don't know what they are doing.
6:42 pm
i say buy, buy, buy. cheryl in wisconsin. >> caller: a big booyah from wisconsin. >> good, clean cheese. >> caller: my stock byd. >> boyd, i will see you boyd and raise you a las vegas sands and take all of the marbles. chris in okay, o.k. >> caller: a big yeehaw booyah from the home of the cowboys, stillwater, oklahoma. >> oh, man. boomer sooners. man, what's up? >> caller: wondering if you would bless a buy on helecom corps of new zealand. >> not a buyer, i'm a seller. and that's the conclusion of the lightning round. [ male announcer ] if you believe the mayan calendar, on december 21st polar shifts will verse the earth's gravitational pull and hurtle us all into space. which would render retirement planning unnecessary.
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arrival. with hertz gold plus rewards, you skip the counters, the lines, and the paperwork. zap. it's our fastest and easiest way to get you into your car. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. we'll be starting out with "am i diversified" with a tweet from cramerica. we want to help tweeters who helped push me over the 500,000 follower mark earlier today. we made it.
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but we're not done. i am, after all, now less than 10 million away from catching ashton cutkucher. follow me although cramerswiss. you can do that all week long and choose a win ner #cramersweeps. a tweet asks me bp, energy, nova gold, radioshack. guru cramer, am i diversified? let's take a look. let's see, a high yield real estate investment trust. a propane company, very dangerous. nova gold. okay. really down on its but.
6:47 pm
radioshack. retail down on its but. a lot of butt here and bp, an oil company checkered to say the least. an oil and propane, let's say those are two together, take that one out, bring in a health care company, abbott. a financial, oil, drug, retailer and a gold and that says bingo. #bingo. let's go to jacob in wisconsin. jacob. >> caller: hey, jim, how is it going? >> real good. how about you? >> caller: a booyah from wisconsin. >> nice. second one from today, and i'm thrilled. >> the five stocks, wynn resorts, wynn, priceline, pcln. bristol meyers, bmy, alcoa, aa and philip morris, pm. am i diversified? >> this is so good. i like lvs.
6:48 pm
but doing his best with alcoa. and philip morris, my charitable trust wants this? that one so badly. and brus ohl meyers, and a drug company, tobacco company, ka seep cino, aluminum, and i say, hallelujah. how about john in maryland. john. >> caller: jim. >> john. >> caller: hey, jim. >> hey, john. >> caller: thanks for taking my call, man. most important segment to me out there. >> and i wish the best of health, we talked about how important this is to do every single day. go ahead. >> caller: yes, indeed. booyah, important to me, you're a passionate sports fan i think, and with all the news that goes on, i can't help but give you a penn state brass ring back to back division one championship
6:49 pm
booyah. >> all right. get to as many games as i can this year. >> caller: what? >> we have a ton of kids going and they are proud. what's up? >> caller: these student athletes work as hard -- >> okay. >> caller: my most recent ones, i want to give them to you, and see if i'm diversified. i don't want your judgment. so i got cerl, intel, intc, cme, hmz, and level three, and dial down the risque little bit in my i.r.a. a note that's interesting there. >> all right. let's deal with it as if it's a sector play. we have to do sector. level three, okay. that's -- i don't like the guidance. that will go down tomorrow. it's a fiber play. cme, financial play. oil, packaged food and
6:50 pm
semiconductor. i like this. semi, food, fiber, financial, and oil. that's very nice diversification. i approve it. john in california. >> caller: jim, booyah from the caveman investment scrub. are you our mentor. we're not computer literate. we follow your unstructure, read the paper and have a blast. >> yaba dabba booyah. >> caller: chaes peek, pekin, philip morris, emerson electric and ratheon. >> let me take care of this one. the caveman club. i'm going to defend the caveman. emerson, diversified manufacturing. chesapeake, down on its luck. a housing play, defense play, and tobacco, defense, housing, oil and gas, wow. yes. well played. cavemen rule, a mad money" back
6:51 pm
after the break. [ male announcer ] at scottrade, you won't just find us online, you'll also find us in person, with dedicated support teams at over 500 branches nationwide. so when you call or visit, you can ask for a name you know. because personal service starts with a real person. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. our support teams are nearby, ready to help. it's no wonder so many investors are saying... [ all ] i'm with scottrade.
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we all know that nothing good is happening in europe. things getting worse by the day. uk joining spain, giving recession ear numbers. not enough firewall mining. the biggest ridiculous thing, it doesn't matter. and on other days it does. and and don't get all dismissive.
6:54 pm
last year the weather so dangerous go outside. and last, i'm hearing people catch themsleves when they use risk on, risk off jargon. they know the silly hedge fund speak and know it doesn't fit our network. more about having something to say. to say i'm smart. back to the weather. we don't know if hurricane season is past or in the eye of the storm or if bob dylan, a hard rain is going to fall. we don't know if we're in a dry season punctuated by storms or if the storms have lost their punch. we know this. the weather will always be us with. but this year, better prepared. whether it be hurricanes or tornadoes or rain. i can only get away with say going like this in a day where europe is benign. the weather will stay awful for years and years to come. it seems to be able this year, exploit sunnier days or move
6:55 pm
operations that can be moved out of places where the weather is bad and areas where it's good. conference call after conference call, i heard companies move with alacrity and cut back in such a meaningful way, even financial firms that are most linked to the flog and storms are pretty much cordoned off and protect. i tell you, industrial firms, they are really getting there. the important takeaway. we know what europe isn't. it's not a thermo nuclear fallout cloud drifting over the atlantic. not an ebola virus, and it's not some kind of ice age creeping across the ocean and not an army of suicide bombers ready to take out civilization. it's weather now. don't feel bad. and not life threatening, here we can take financial plans about as much as you want to change them in 2011. like the weather, you get used to it. figure out how to be paralyzed by it. and it always stops raining eventually.
6:56 pm
stay with cramer.
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