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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  September 5, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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welcome to my world. >> you need to get in the game. >> firms are going to go out of business, and he's nuts. they're nuts. they know nothing. >> i always like to say there's a bull market somewhere. >> "mad money," you can't afford to miss it. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to save you a little money. my job isn't just to entertain
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but to educate you. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. the moment i read the news about federal express blowing up last night, wall street speak for missing the numbers horribly, i began to dread today's session. what company touches more consume rs and businesses large or small than fedex? i uh expected the market to be obliterated. [ sell, sell, sell ] [ house of pain ] yet what did we get? the dow rallied 12 points. the s&p losing just .11%. minuscule. i have been schooled. i know you don't want to hear about how confused i am, how mystified. you want me to explain what happened in a way that makes it clear and rational. if you read my midnight tweets @jimcramer about how fedex's blown quarter was like a running back with a blown knee going into the big fantasy game or the big game between the cowboys and giants meaning a tough session ahead of us then you know i got the market wrong. hey, i don't like being wrong. i don't like thinking federal express can preannounce negative earnings and out barely affects
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the averages. the dow didn't go down. uh-uh prefer markets that are predictable, logical. this one is not acting like any other market i can recall because of the myriad other times fedex missed the mark. almost every single time it brought the whole stock market down hard. that's how integral the company is to the transport index which you know i follow. part of the process of uh trying to be a good investor is to figure out where you went wrong, as painful as it is. especially when you are in front of a camera. what made you -- meaning me -- so sure fedex would impact the market at all. why didn't it do what i thought? out's like solving a homicide that didn't occur. so let's get to the noncrime scene.
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first federal express fell little on the news dropping only $1.74, 2%. my thinking when uh i tweeted last night would be fedex would fall three or four bucks. isn't that monumental? the company talked about worldwide slowing saying people don't want to pay up for next day shipping. that's not good at all. fedex might be caught up in the same so bad that it's positive vortex that it's affecting so many other stocks now. the idea that the future could be brighter than the past in central banks around the globe. attempt to save the debt. [ buy, buy, buy ] in fact, fedex may be the perfect microcosm of the moment. some believe at this time tomorrow we'll know the european central bank is getting european economies growing again. ♪ hallelujah if you think that's going to
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happen, you've got to say, all right, let me think. how do i play it? what stock would most benefit from the ecb doing the right thing. we need a stock that benefits from a rapid increase in commerce. worldwide. we need a stock that's global in reach. one that can capitalize off more business activity. we need a stock where the bad news is known but the good news isn't factored in yet. hey, we need fedex. in other words you don't want to sell this stock if you think the good central bank news is coming. you will sell a stock barely up for the year that's leveraged to play a return to robust global growth. you would sell it at a discount to where it would be if the ecb says anything good at all. second, as much as i did think it was big news it wasn't like the preannouncement was a true shocker to those who followed
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the group closely. six weeks ago, united parcel, a little pin action here. they trade together. told us pretty much exactly what fedex said. plenty of people must have expected the news and didn't regard it as news. just confirmation of what u.p.s. told us in july. the companies aren't that different in terms of reach or profit margin. not like the stocks levered to better economic news. they have been on fire lately. suddenly they were hit by the fedex 2 x 4. in the last ten days caterpillar went from 90 to 82. they were up nine cents today. why else didn't we go down? when i try to predict the market direction there was only one indicator. i watched the jjc. that's a metal incredibly sensitive to growth in china. i watched the fse which measures
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the strongness or weakness of the euro. as negative as fedex might be to the overall scheme of things in a global economy. strong copper could mean the chinese communists -- don't want to use the american flag. hey, a shoe horn. communists mean a stronger economy because they will do something. the chinese communists take part of the world metal. while fedex is a global company we are worried about europe first and china second. they are flashing green, not red all day. finally there are enough good things happening domestically that we are willing to isolate fedex as an international debacle, not domestic. if we are investigating a noncrime like the lack of a market homicide maybe we should
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call today's action law and order suv instead of svu. suv sales have been off the charts. that's fabulous auto sales at a pace of 14.5 million cars sold. that's a boom time figure, not a slow down. we didn't get many earning reports but we got dollar general and cons and they were strong. you could say it's redistributing the economy where people go to dollar stores. i i say out's still consumers spending. conn's is goods for homes including furniture and bedding, not b-e-t-t-i-n-g. like dollar general it reported better than expected earnings and boosted the forecast. conn's was up huge, a reminder of the strength of the housing cycle around the country. housing and autos are huge. they are still accelerating, the numbers tell me. not declining. put it together and the down
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side surprise of federal express isn't much surprise at all. isn't able to counter a strong domestic retail or housing market along with a rise in copper and the euro saying europe could be doing the right thing. there is enough hope out there courtesy of huge bond buying and pro growth policies from the european central bank. many market players must be thinking, huh, fedex, rear-view mirror, not forward. the other items seem to confirm the diagnosis. this is the bottom line of today. i don't like figuring wrong about a piece of corporate news. worse than getting it wrong is t not figuring out why i got it wrong. i'm satisfied that i have come up with the answers unless, of course, european central bank does nothing good tomorrow. in that case we'll see hideous decline tomorrow we should have seen today. kevin in north carolina, please. kevin. >> caller: hey, good evening. >> good evening. >> caller: retired navy boo-yah to you. >> thank you for serving back at you, sir. how can i help? >> caller: thanks for the in the money call strategy.
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been very helpful. >> it's a way to hedge your bets. capture the upsides with less capital and don't get hit by the down side. chipotle at 430 going to 280 and 370. what's up? >> caller: specifically want to ask about quest core, qcor. liked the technicals. got a position. all of the sudden, story pops and it pops. looks like they aren't going to have to pay money back to medicaid and significant upside going forward. thoughts? >> it's funny. i like to play with an open hand. the staff says i want to work on this, understand it. this is the most battleground oriented stock. i have people saying one thing. others say it's long. i have to have an answer. i have been working like a dog trying to figure it out. i can't make heads or tails of it. i will come back with an answer. david in utah.
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david. >> caller: boo-yah, jim! >> boo-yah back. >> caller: i'm an action alerts member. i have been following your show for three years now. >> thank you. >> caller: i love getting back to even. >> what a great book. >> caller: thank you. i love your presentation and the care and respect you give the guests. >> i have guys and gals that are winners constantly. let's go to work. >> caller: i told hershey last month after making mad money and cocoa is way up today. >> still very close to the 52-week high. we need a 5 to 8% pull back. stephanie link on again today on "fast money" since she works with me. i have been at this a long time.
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on days i find confusing, i have to tell you, i play with an open hand. it is worth looking at why i was confused. there is a lot of craziness. fedex didn't bring the market down. there are enough reasons to convince me that maybe fedex is telling the truth about this market. "mad money" will be back. >> announcer: coming up, the s-word. some investors think it's filthy, but tonight cramer is showing you where smart speculation can pay off big. and later, huddle up. while most are focused on the rosters, tonight, cramer has an inside look at the financial side of football. it's the blocking and tackling behind one of the biggest brands in the world when cramer lines up with a starting member of the nfl management team just ahead. plus, fill her up? holly frontier has been in the sweet spot for refiners turning abundant oil into fuel for the nation's recovery.
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after surging a stunning 70% this year, does it have gas in the tank to go higher? don't miss cramer's exclusive with the ceo. all coming up on "mad money." ♪ >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer, #madtweets. send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multi-vitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. it has more of 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+.
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repeat after me. speculation is not a sin -- if it's done right. i preached it for two decades now. if you bet on a horse with a good jockey, even if the horse seems flagged or fatigued, you can usually make some darn good money. [ ka-ching ] the opposite of the real pony. it's been demonstrated on this show with three reasons. i'm talking about sprint, sunrise and heckman.
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the stocks languished or were crushed as their jockeys. he came into sprint with a solid reputation and immediately had to pick up the pieces from one of the most disastrous mergers in history. sprint's acquisition of nextel. [ screaming ] [ train wreck ] >> the stock traded for half of what it is telling at now. excellent service, great products and the bold decision to pay up for the iphone and true balance sheet management. dan hessey is worth betting on. how about sunrise? the situation most managers would have considered beyond redemption. he took it from 27 cents to 14.
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proven turn around artist delivers. or heckman which exploded higher yesterday. the fracking wastewater company. all the way from 6 to 2 and change. i urged you to stick with it because they built u.s. filter from nothing in the 1990s the same way he's building heckmann now through aggressive acquisitions. he sold it for $6.2 billion in 1999. how did that do? how about 1,392% return. it happened once before. how about nokia which you want me to recommend more than anything else? i have hated it forever. but now that the stock is going to two and change i'm not going to fight you. the darn thing might be too late to sell. i'm not going to bless nokia as smart speculation.
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it is neither a proven turn around artist nor a suite of products that are a must have including the product that came out today. come on. i say speculate, but do it wisely, for heaven's sake. back a down and out stock when you have a person at the helm you can trust and a business that's proprietary enough to back. otherwise it isn't worth it. i suspect you will have nothing to show for your efforts. even the small dollar amount stocks can have huge losses. the lowest they can go is zero. don't back the wrong horse. if they can get to minus three maybe none of you would buy them. when you play in the single digit space you need a jockey that's decent. even if it's tired and worn out. think sunrise, sprint and right now think heckmann. that's how we speculate. wisely. daniel in kentucky, please. daniel. >> caller: boo-yah. >> boo-yah! >> caller: calling from the state that gave the world
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bourbon. what's your take on lxa? >> you're in the state that gave us beam. you're in the state that gave us brown foreman and you come with lexmark? it's a loser. look at the shelf. your local tavern and you will do better. there's some sage-like advice. john in california, please. john. >> caller: jim, love the show. boo-yah from sacramento valley, california. >> i love california. what's up? i make long plays on natural gas. it doesn't work because they have problems with it. it doesn't track. if you want pure natural gas, i'm going to tell you to be in chesapeake. might be conoco which is much more even and not, say, challenged. neil in florida, please.
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neil. >> caller: boo-yah. this is neil in florida. i have a question on zynga. what should i do with it? hold, buy or sell? i'm almost $20,000 down on my position. >> i saw today zynga had a new style and i read closer and it was zania. in the end it's an intellectual property story with a lot of cash. speculate wisely. i can't do it with zynga. the single digit prices are too attractive. they could be risky, but if you speculate wisely like in sprint, sunrise, heckman, you have my blessing. after the break i will try to make you more money. >> announcer: coming up, huddle up.
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while most fans focus on the rosters, tonight, cramer is giving you a look at the financial side of football. it's the blocking and tackling behind one of the world's biggest brands when cramer lines up with a starting member of the nfl's management team. just ahead. later, fill her up? holly frontier has been in the sweet spot for refiners turning abundant oil and gas assets into fuel for the nation's recovery. after surging 70% this year does it have gas in the tank to go higher? don't miss cramer's exclusive with the ceo, all coming up on "mad money." i don't spend money on gasoline.
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♪ this is one of the most important nights of year. for me maybe the most important. the kick off to the new nfl season. as the new york giants face the
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dallas cowboys tonight on nbc. what i'm sure will be a dynamite game. this is not a sports show. out's about money. in an effort to make the corporate world more relevant to people i point out that pro football isn't the most popular sport in america it's also a huge, well run business. think of the nfl as one of the strongest entertainment brands expected to bring in $10 million in 2012. average franchise worth a billion smackers. just like any other business they have labor disputes. the refs are on strike now over retirement benefits. you may think business is boring but i'm sure you don't think football is boring. i have mr. grooman here to help explain the business of the nfl. welcome back. >> good to see you. are you ready for some football? >> oh, yeah. i have been watching the preseason games. >> i'm ready. >> i want to own shares in your company. >> doesn't everybody? >> yes. give it to us. look what you've got going. you have up years. you're going international. jags playing at wembley. the rights keep going up. i don't have many businesses of the hundreds of companies i follow with up years year after year after year. >> one easy answer is if it ain't broke, don't fix it. deeper behind that, this is a
11:26 pm
partnership of 32 owners capable of taking an extremely long view. if there was a tremendous trade off. if they couldn't do the most important things without access to capital maybe they would think of something in that regard. they have access to capital. they have the luxury of having the long-term view. they have the luxury of focusing on the things that are most important to them and it works. it's worked for nearly a hundred years.
11:27 pm
>> right. >> seems luke it's still working. >> do you mold it? when you worked at goldman? do you model what you think you will make this year? >> yes. we model this year, next year, long term. >> what are the variables? most rookie quarterbacks? think about it. why should the nfl be -- >> why shouldn't it be up? >> why should we expect out's up when the economy isn't so great? >> variables in the short term are small. in other words, absent a shock in the system, a disruption to games outside our control the variables are really just on the margin. the variables in the long term when you look at it are things like how fast could tv revenues grow and what are the variables that affect that? what's happening in the broadcast industry? are there disruptions in that? are the advertising rates changing?
11:28 pm
would that disrupt the ability of someone to see us as a profitable investment. >> i pick up the new york times. there is a terrific piece. nfl disputes, risks for all. i was at a game thursday. it was a preseason game. the refs blew so many calls that a friend of mine in the box with two super bowl rings said, this is ridiculous. i can't watch anymore. are you willing to risk this franchise for the small amount you have to pay them? >> i don't want to get into the particulars of the labor negotiation. my colleague and fellow executive at the league jeff pash and ray anderson are handling it. i will make an observation about refereeing or any service with the league. the game on the field is never perfect. i cannot find a fan of a team, even the super bowl victory of a previous year that says their team was perfect or the refs were perfect or the television coverage was perfect. that's what makes it fun for a fan. ask a fan, did they complain about the refereeing last year and they will find reasons to complain. slow it down and see how many
11:29 pm
times refs get the calls right. it's astonishing. last year's refs did it. this year's refs will do that. they will get the vast majority of it right. the most important thing is they will get equal amounts right and wrong for all 32 years. that's the essence of the national football league. we have a level playing field, no pun intended. >> who balances what? the nfl, the owners want to make money. so tv package is terrific. as a season ticketholder i will have to go to to a sunday night monday night game and a thursday night game. i work a living. that's great revenue for you. at what point does somebody say, hey, we are making it so the
11:30 pm
season ticket holder is up too late, disrupting their life. somebody has to stand up for them? >> well, we do. we think about scheduling all the time and when to put a fan in a cold weather environment on a night game versus a 1:00 p.m. game. having said that, there is something magical about nighttime games. some fans absolutely love it. so you can't literally please all of the people all of the time. i think one thing that's been a development that's very good for fans is the season ticket holder has options. are they really hurt by it economically or would they just prefer to have the game on p.m.? i know the answer. they have a preference. so does a coach. every coach wants to play every game at 1:00 p.m. that wouldn't work for the fans. i think it's a balancing act that we try to do it as well as we can. >> with the red zone, the package, with my doritos at home, i feel like i have a better deal at home. >> actually you don't. i know you. you go to every game you can. >> hypothetically. you know i never miss a game. >> that's important. for some people there is no better place than home. for others it's the stadium. i will point out only a small
11:31 pm
percentage of the fans can get to the stadium. we have 150 million fans and -- do the math. less than 1%. >> you announced today that you've got -- you're going to give $30 million to the national institutes of health. this is about what jim mcmahon on the cover of "sports illustrated" with his wife. concussions. people are worried. there are studies in urology magazine saying there is a link between the player injuries and long-term problems from the head. is this a chance to get ahead of the lawsuits? is this the right thing to do? >> it's the right thing to do. let's think about the national football league over many decades. there have been lots of changes and improvements in the game aimed at player health, safety, speed of the game, interest of the game, how the game is played, how the game is shown. this is just another example and a really important one. we're in a position of leadership. people look to us to lead and we have millions and millions of
11:32 pm
people watching us not only for our sport but our influence on other things. there are many other sports with these kinds of risks associated with them. we all want the answers. we are experts in negotiating licenses and staging a game. we are not medical experts. we need to put the money that's available for these things in the really good places where it can be used effectively. for equipment design, for research. this is an example of exhibiting leadership that's expected of us and is the right thing to do. >> just trying to get some of the economics of it. consumer confidence is down. i think you will kill the ratings versus the democratic convention. at what point do you worry and you say, you know what, it's too
11:33 pm
expensive, too expensive to go to a game? >> that's one thing we have been worrying about for years and that we worry about all the time. it's about one thing. we worry about a lot of stuff. the thing at that time top of the list is not how to make money. the thing at the top of the list is how do we keep the game absolutely the most exciting, terrific game that's staged? that's at the top of the list. everything else fills out a full list and we are thinking about it all the time. that's our job. that's why we are sitting here today because it's interesting and it's a great game. lots of people think about lots of things, but when it's a national football league, everybody watches. >> you will be there tonight watching, too. >> i'm going to the game. come with me. it's not your team. you didn't win the super bowl. >> stop it. big night tonight nbc 8:30.
11:34 pm
wow. hey, giants/cowboys. way to start. have a great season. >> thanks to nbc. >> it's true. never miss a game. stay with cramer. >> announcer: coming up, fill her up? holly frontier has been in the sweet spot for refiners, turning america's abundant oil and gas assets into fuel for our nation's recovery. but after surging a stunning 70% this year, does it have gas in the tank to go higher? don't miss cramer's exclusive with the ceo. -[ taste buds ] donuts, donuts! -who are these guys? -oh, that's just my buds. -bacon. -my taste buds. -[ taste buds ] donuts. how about we try this new kind of fiber one cereal? you think you're going to slip some fiber by us? okay.
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>> announcer: lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. [ bell ringing ] >> it is time. it is time for the lightning round on cramer's "mad money." you say the name of the stock. i don't know the calls or the name of the stock ahead of time. i tell you whether to buy or sell. when you hear this sound -- [ buzzer ] -- then the lightning round is over. are you ready, skee-daddy? time for the lightning round on "mad money." anthony in illinois. anthony. >> caller: boo-yah from the windy city. >> nice. >> caller: my stock is pandora. should we short it?
11:38 pm
>> too many shorts in it. i don't see momentum. eric in texas. eric. >> caller: a big texas style boo-yah to you. back in may you did a feature on dunkin donuts and recommended buying based on exceptional growth potential. since then the price action has been going against us. >> it has been. the quarter was just okay. it's been a great stock. but mcdonald's, they are doing a dollar coffee no matter how big you want it. they are taking share from dunkin. i believe it. robin in california. >> caller: boo-yah. lf, leapfrog. >> this one is just always a bridesmaid, never a bride. don't buy it. rob in kentucky. >> caller: b-b-boo-yah to the wizard of wall street. >> thank you. >> caller: in the last several weeks, stock bpt has fallen roughly 20 points. is the stock going to keep
11:39 pm
pumping? >> many of the companies are cutting dividends. people feel they are not safe. that's what this is about. that's what people are saying. let's go to brent in minnesota. >> caller: hi, jim. >> brent, how are you? >> caller: great. how are you? >> real good. >> caller: such an honor to talk with you. a few months ago you mentioned sbac was a favorite of yours. >> yes. >> caller: i wonder if your thoughts are the same. >> i like american tower, too. these are companies that make it so cell phones get better reach. that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round. [ buzzer ] >> announcer: the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. you'd spot movement, gather intelligence with minimal collateral damage. but rather than neutralizing enemies in their sleep, you'd be targeting stocks to trade. well, that's what trade architect's heat maps do.
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lately the refiners have been on fire. on "mad money" historically we have not loved refining stocks because it is a goldilocks gig i think only prospers when the price of oil is just right. but refiners are in the goldilocks zone. major players reported terrific earnings, maybe the best of the sectors i follow. the stocks are up for the year.
11:43 pm
tonight i want to talk about one of the best performing refiners out there. hfc, holy haul holly frontier. the stock is up nearly 70% this year. could there be more room to run? the refiners are roaring because of the spread between west mx intermediate crude and crude in europe. the spread is bigger than out's been historically, terrific for refiners as they pay for oil based on the west texas price. then the refined product like gasoline based on the brent price. think of holly as a pure play on this dynamic. the west texas price could be depressed for years to come because of the shale plays in the west and the lack of infrastructure to transport it. holly frontier is right on top of the big shale plays. the ones we talk about. bakkan, eagle field. they are a gigantic beneficiary. while holly only yields 1.5% the company has an amazing track
11:44 pm
record of special dividends. so for far this year they paid three. when you add them up to the regular dividend put the yield over 6%. talk about being shareholder friendly. let's check in with michael jennings. welcome to "mad money." great to have you here. >> great to see you, jim. >> i thought the refining business was terrible and companies want to get out of it. what changed to make it so you are a growth stock? >> for starters we generated 20% return on capital employed over the past ten years. 20% annual return over the same period. now we have the structural advantage. the shale revolution, the renaissance and domestic energy
11:45 pm
production has changed the economics of the business. why? we are closer to the source in terms of crude oil produced. we at holly frontier are closer to the customer in terms of the markets that we serve in the middle of the country, the rocky mountains. we reinvested well in the facilities. we kept them modernized and efficient. >> people are going to say to me, jim, why are gasoline prices so expensive? that's a regional affair having to do with infrastructure. >> well, it is. therefore differences across the country in terms of gas prices. really, if you look through it, our prices are about the same as gulf coast prices. not too different from east coast prices. the difference is the crude oil we are running in our facilities is a feed stock is much cheaper than the competitive regions have access to because of the shale revolution. because of bakkan and canada. thus the structural advantage in our business and the high margins we think continue going forward. >> the west texas brent is what we say but they are in your conference call there are places you are making even more. >> there are a lot of different flavors of crude oil.
11:46 pm
we are buying some special crudes in utah cheaper than west texas crude. the bakkan can be cheaper or more expensive. it's traded at a discount to wti for the past couple of months. >> when you decide what to do with the capital you have so much cash now, i know i'm not going to ask for a special dividend declared on the show. you think it will continue for years. why not make it yield 5% by giving me the regular dividend rather than the specials over and over? >> we started out with a program of special dividends. my view is the shareholder doesn't care what flavor it is. we see it as sustainable. we are committed to paying it out through time. it's a significant return in addition to the capital appreciation on our stock. our company is yielding 6.5%.
11:47 pm
the peer groups at 2.5. we are paying out extra earnings to the shareholders. because of the earnings power and the balance sheet we think we have sustainability going forward. >> what if we made natural gas a true surface fuel? would you be exporting refined product? >> we would. we are doing it today. the u.s. gulf refineries are exporting a million barrels a day. why? we have great access to crude oil and growing crude production. we have nat gas as a big benefit. natural gas in the united states is cheaper than foreign locales. we have that as a cost advantage. we have cheaper electricity and better equipment on the ground. i would see u.s. exports of refined petroleum products continuing to grow, help the manufacturing centers, helping our business. >> say i'm a businessman with a lot of money. i listen to you. i want to open a refinery right
11:48 pm
next to you. is it tougher to site a refinery than we think? >> incredibly tough. >> we haven't built a lot. >> we modernized the plants we have. a year, two years in permitting, three or four in execution. building refineries in the country, very tough to do. the most likely place it will happen is in the backyard of the existing plants. that's what we are doing for example in woods cross near salt lake city, utah. expanding from 30,000 to 44,000 barrels a day. >> one last question. i'm thinking why don't you own a thousand gas stations? you have the low cost refined product. you sell it to people. the other guys i follow have stations do they have the wrong model? >> we have high returns to capital employ. the retail business has lower returns and relies on getting people into the stores to sell milk and copenhagen and things like that. we manufacture oil and gas and diesel. >> i thought the spread between
11:49 pm
west texas and brent would go down. but it really didn't. >> no. the onslaught of u.s. crude production. >> just so much oil. >> absolutely. through time the differentials narrow. people will put pipes in the ground. we'll still have the transportation advantage of being close to the source. >> what a great story. i have to apologize to you and the viewers. i should have seen it. i thought it would narrow. i didn't know we could make money refining in this country. michaelle jennings, holly frontier. check it out. i missed it. i was wrong. it's not too late. "mad money" is back after the break. my volt is the best vehicle i've ever driven.
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september is a daunting month for investors. this week everybody is treading water waiting for this, waiting for that. i don't blame them. that doesn't have to be the case for you. diversification whether bisector or strategy can be your key to avoiding market hiccups. that's why every wednesday despite cat calls lately from people think i select them, we test your skills and play am i diversified. i don't select them. you call me, tell me the top five and i tell you if you are diversified enough or you need to mix it up. let's start with a from @lynn
11:53 pm
she says, #madtweets am i diversified. plains all american, plum creek oh timber, nly, abt and ed. boo-yah from a dividend fiend. that's what she is, so i can tell you i like the portfolio. nly i have trusted for a long time. plains, that's a terrific high yielder that's been a great performer. abbott one of the high yielding drug stocks. i can't believe how little the yield is on con edison and plum creek. utility, drug, oil, partnership and a mortgage reit. wow. per expect. that's perfect. someone will say, oh, come on, cramer.
11:54 pm
just someone sucking up to you. that's what i had someone say. you know what? great! that's what i want you to be in at home. patrick in wisconsin, please. >> caller: yes, sir. thank you for taking my call. five quick selections here. one is frontier communications, h & r block, sirius xm radio, ebay and the very last one that we are excited about is nyb and that stands for new york community bank. >> bingo. all right. we're going to work now on that, man. i like it. patrick plays with a high spirit. i'm in favor of that. frontier is a challenged telco company with -- i don't like out. it does have a very good respectable yield. i don't know if it can make the numbers long term. sirius is a spec. we know there is a big tussle there with mr. malone and mr. carmizen. h & r block.
11:55 pm
ebay which my charitable trust owns which is paypal and nyb. it has a good yield that can last. i felt it would get a takeover bid. we have a bank, technology, telco, satellite entertainment and a financial company. that's totally diversified. roger in california. roger. >> caller: hey, jim. a big so-cal boo-yah. >> good to have you. >> caller: thank you, by the way, you have saved my retirement. >> yes! >> caller: i'm 56. my sons have moved out of the house. i have been annihilated five or six times. at the end of 2008 i was down 50%. i have bought and a read your books. i watch your show and since then i'm up 500%.
11:56 pm
>> wow. >> caller: you're amazing. >> thank you, thank you. i'm thrilled you say that. i come out here and i do it for roger. what do you got? >> caller: here's my top five. i have apple, aapl, wyerhauseee, wells fargo, vm ware. >> i want to thank roger. incredible comments. bank, tech, software company. i have a problem with vm ware and apple. and westport. we'll sell vm ware and bring in bristol-myers! we need a drug company to get the diversification and good yield. that will do it.
11:57 pm
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