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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  October 26, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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my world. you need to get in the game! they are going to go out of business and they are nuts, they know nothing! i always like to say there is a bull market somewhere. "mad money," you can't afford to miss it hey, i'm cramer, welcome to "mad money." other people want to make friends, i want to make you money. my job, not just to entertain, but to educate. call me at 11-800-743-krfrp nbc. there is too much fear in the market. we are a tough moment, stocks need to run an incredibly difficult gauntlet in order to go higher, and so far, this earnings season, most companies have failed that gauntlet. that's the only reason to give up. and certainly no reason to panic. because there are still winners out there. it's that there are fewer, and,
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yes, they have become much, much harder to find. so with that in mind what is your game plan for next week. first, burger king reports on monday morning. are there really burger wars going on. mcdonald's losing shares. is burger king having mcdonald's its way? you know something? i don't care about burger king itself. i know something is wrong at mcdonald's, it's had many tough months. i'll be listening close totality burger king conference call to find out if burger king is the reason that mcdonald's is doing so badly? is there still ab apple halo after apple reported a despised number last night. someone@twitter @jim cramer asked if it is time to buy sirrus logic? i wanted to wring the guy's neck.
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the time to buy apple was 235 points ago. and this is what apple has in the pipe. we dent hear it from apple last night. they never mentioned apple's name. part of the deal. tomorrow we hear from allergan. it has successfully extended the botox franchise to a host of other uses. the stock is up only 4%, a poofr performer this year. bladder and migraine drugs i think will have a huge2013. and ford on tuesday, the earnings have been so bad. we heard about a big restructuring from ford yesterday. taking up the costs in europe, very immediate. and greeted positively. i think it's necessary. for every step that ford takes here, it takes one step backward in europe and a half step back in latin america. the down side quantified from europe. and now the down side from south
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america. and the stock, does have a chance to break out above let's say 11 over the course between here and the end of the year. sirius also reports on tuesday. are they done now? are they going to steal it and can't upside? will this be mel's last conference call? mel is headed into the sunset, after being told are you nothing special. come on the show, mel, let's talk. i don't want to buy it, not without mel. wednesday morning, we get clorox. the ceo, the pattern, run up in the quarter and a sell-off, disappointing slow growth results. will it be the same this time? i think it will. take profits on these days, and if you aren't concerned about short-term tax considerations, buy clorox on wednesday when everyone else kicks it out. then there is excelon and i
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wouldn't normally listen to a utility. hey, it's fine. not so much too learn. this one is huge. this is the commonwealth. and only a 6% yield. much higher than almost every other utility. i want to know what the heck is wrong here or if i should get behind the stock. the other utilities have really run. wow, here is a controversial one. gm stock has been climbing, not today, but i think it's in part because of the chinese cold war with japan. the chinese are staying away from japanese cars, especially toyota, i want to know if they are buying gm cars, could get the stock moving. in china. this is really -- this is maybe the most right now. obama/romney stock away from the business and obama's people, made it clear they won't sell the remaining stake in gm. tim massen said the same thing, and the disposal agent. romney's camp indicated they will take gm immediately.
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they will sell that stock, so that's a pretty by near situation. you will get results from ralph lauren. will they be the next company that we thought was doing well and europe slowed? the stock went down 13 points, but that won't be enough. anything negative at all on the call, ralph lauren trades hard, up and down on very little volume. please be careful. there are huge numbers reporting, companies reporting on thursday, including exon. i think that will be just fine, by the way. i want to hear from little chart industries, the company as an important recommendation, and key to our nation's attempt to harness natural gas. it's a huge cost control for the whole conversion. we'll be on it. kellogg is a trade and there was a time when kellogg was consistent, consistent, consistent. i think you want to own the
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stock going into the number and the company is taking off with restructuring, beginning grow again. they are an antifiscal cliff stock if there ever were one. then chesapeake energy. remember, we talked to the ceo, aubrey mcclenden at the utica shale in ohio? i am a judge of mr. mcclenden. the moest confidence i heard hi in multiple years. why? they have raised enough cash, and it can grow production by almost 20%. the newer con serbtive chesapeake. i think there will be more deals to announce to come in this quarter. i would be a buyer of kellogg on wednesday, but also of chesapeake on wednesday. i think those trades will work. friday morning, jim beam, beef. and our favorite is biago. and i care more about what beam
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has to say about the industry growth. beam says there is no slowdown, pick up biago, take some. last, but not least. chevron. this company preannounced numbers that nobody is too crazy, but they are far too often undervalued. if it's down going into the quarter and oil is strong the day before or we get a tight inventory number wednesday, pick up chevron. there might be a deep in the money call option. beyond earnings on friday, oh, boy, here is controversy. october nonfarm payroll report, remember, the thing under 8%, big hooplah. don't known there is a more important payroll result. these numbers have become a firestorm of controversy. and i think anything which shows a further pickup in hiring would be greeted with a level of partisan skepticism that will indeed blunt the good news. here is what you need to know. a good number and you actually think that obama is bad for the
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stock market. putting out there, okay? you might get a chance to set up a short into the opening, in other words, sell stocks into the opening. me? call me pro prosaic. i want to hear the markets are coming back. and here is the bottom line. as we move forward, don't lettet lousy action of the last week frighten you. there are still worthwhile opportunities out there treats, just harder to find and it takes a little more effort to identify them. tricks, but that's effort well spent, and i promise you we can do it together. i want to start with lucy in my home state of new jersey. lucy. >> caller: hi, jim. thanks for taking my question. i'm calling about decker's outdoor. decker's has been down 75%, the stock, from a year ago, the revenues are down 9%. the outlook looks bleak.
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can they reinvent themselves? >> there were still analysts recommending the stock going into today and they downgraded it. it's very clear the company lost control of its destiny, particularly costs going the wrong way. price going the wrong way. decker's, you got to let it settle. people are trying to get out. don't attempt to be in it. adam in minnesota, adam. >> caller: booyah, jim, from minnesota. >> booyah. >> caller: i'm a 26-year-old investor. i had my eye on brad com for a while. what's a goodent tro enentr ent the stock? >> i own broadcom. and i think it's ridiculously cheap. enough is enough. apple and samsung supplier. every base covered. you should be a buyer, stop pondering, pull the trigger.
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and, remember, don't fumble. let's go to mitt in texas. >> caller: jim, thanks for the mad money. >> no problem. >> caller: listen and you make me do my homework. >> good. that's what i want. >> caller: with housing getting better and frankenstorm coming, is low a buy here? >> when everybody everyones about a storm, it either doesn't storm or doesn't matter as much. i like -- look, i don't want anyone to be hurt, but i want to tell you that i think -- we sold home depot for the charitable trust because of all of this chatter and if it doesn't happen, home depot will drop and lowe's will drop even harder. has it been rough going this earnings season? oh, man, has it ever. >> the house of pain. >> does that mean we can't find winners out there? i gave you a couple. i'm sticking by them. coming up, chip check. the tight times in tech continued when avnet reported a
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drastic drop in revenue. after promises of cost cutting, could things turn around for the supermarket of tech? cramer finds out when he talks to the ceo. and, later, tide turning? prokter & gamble from lagging to leading, as the brand refocused its efforts. is there still some bounce left in the stock? cramer says there could be more gains right ahead, all coming up on "mad money." don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer, #madtweets. send an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to bob...
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you sure wouldn't know it from the action lately. where we are in the year right now this used to be the season for owning tech stocks. every autumn, tech would
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outperform the rest of the market, virtually without fail. as all things technology rallied close to the holidays, the corporate technology budget flush this year, not happening at all. tech has been getting slaughtered. is this a temporary problem or something more permanent, more persistent happening out there? perhaps being caused by the decline of the desk top? the whole tech sector needs a checkup. no better place than avnet. avnet is the ultimate thermometer around. this company i like to call the biggest supermarket of tech on earth. the distributor of electronic components and one of the largest distributors of hardware. and they preannounced on the downside, the stock just got obliterated. more important, a powerful sign of tech's weakness, and today, the company reported, and avnet missed earnings estimates by a penny, they came in light, 8.7%
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year over year. and avnet's guidance, better than most people expecting. what worries me, avnet's weakness didn't come from europe, it didn't come from china, where many people are worried about the slowdown. the killer region was the americas. revenues down 14%, sequentially and year over year, ouch! now after they are taking out the trades, and i don't know how much lower it can really go. that's why we have to take a closer look at what's happening. let's talk to rick amata, the president and ceo of avnet, to find out what's ahead for the company specifically and tech in general. welcome. >> thank you, jim. glad to be back. >> rick, your conference call depressed me, because you guys are straight shooters. wasn't like you said we had a great quarter, you point blank said, due to significant decline in revenue late in the quarter, both operating groups, key financial metrics came in well
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below expectations. explain to us how that could happen? >> jim, it was a combination of three factors, in order, first of all, the missing revenue. with less revenue, you have less growth. and second was you talked about it in the intro. the western regions, higher margin, higher calorie business overall. the business centralized in the west, a double whammy and gee dwrafic mix shift. stronger in the east. components business in asia had stronger sweshl grow eer sequen it exasser baited the shift from the west and all three contributed to the disappointing bottomline. >> when i heard about the bottom line, wow, the housing economy strong, auto economy strong, but we have worries about the gridlock in washington.
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how much of the sudden decline in americas is related to washington? >> well, jim, i wish i could give you an exact bead on that. i will tell you, we saw it in both of our businesses, which is unusual, components and computers. in components, we saw deterioration through the quarter. july year on year, one picture, august looked worse and september looked worse. deterioration through the quarter, very surprising for us. after the june quarter, we thought we had seen a reset, signs of stabilization. it was deterioration through september, and we went through the disappointing last two weeks, when there is usually a big rush to spend the quarter-end budget. >> you invoked on the conference call, 2008-2009. i thought we put those bad days behind us, but it did make me feel like maybe i'm being too optimistic. >> yeah, jim. '08-'09, different for a couple of key reasons.
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a lot of the concern were driven around the liquidity crisis. now, a more general macro situation. we think it's demand related to the cautious tone. do i really have to spend this right now? can i put this off a little bit longer. and i'm seeing a prioritization for projects with short-term paybacks and somebody can point their finger, this will save us "x" a. dollars, and the longer term or strategic projects, they can perhaps be delayed a bit. we will wait to see what happens, key questions on the agenda. >> how much of this is actual, not one off, not cyclical, but secular? you aren't the guy to go buy pcs, how much is the decline involved of the personal computer. >> for us, a little bit of an impact due to the fact that we participate in some aspects of your business in the supply chain, and that's really
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overall, a very small part of our business, more in the 10% range. think about it overall, whether its clients are desk tops, mobile, tablets, more smartphones, the more devices that get created, the more demand there is for infrastructure to provide software as a service, cloud platform, inhouse data center services or for that matter, thinking about how it extends throughout the ecosystem to provide all of the local -- all of the local communications and telecom that has to go in. all of the proliferation of mobility twices creates more demabds for infrastructure, good on both sides of the business. >> if that's the case, and it's a secular growth story, in 2013, you said this isn't going to be a total washout. 7 1/2 times earnings, we will buy what market wants to sell us? >> yeah, jim. we haven't made a call in 2013.
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as you referenced, we came out with what we thought was more muted outlook for the december quarter. lower than the normal guidance, but apparently some people were presently surprised. i tell you, we have on our buyback, total authorization of 7.50, through the end of the september quarter, 456 million, since october 1st, another $60 million, and an active participant. at these levels as we do our own valuation, on an intrinsic valuation basis, we're a good investment, and capital, new a m&a, we'll take the opportunity to do so, and we're active with the program. >> very right when you come into buy. thank you for the information, rick hamada, thank you for coming on "mad money." >> thank you, jim. appreciate it. >> honest company, tells the truth, doesn't congratulate itself, doesn't do back patting. but also speaks loudly and buys with a big stick. and i feel that risk is taken
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out of the stock of avnet, avt. stay with cramer. coming up, tide turning? proctor & gamble from lagging to leading as the maker refocused its efforts. after a recent breakout, is there still some bounce left in the stock? cramer tells if you there could be more gains, straight ahead. and later, double standard? both tech giants revealed results that fell short of expectations, but why is amazon stock surging while apple falls flat? cramer's pulling back the curtain on today's action. all coming up on "mad money." [ female announcer ] the next generation of investing technology
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listen to me. in this game, nothing more important than flexibility. when the fax abocts about a sto change, you have to change your mind with them. you could get blown away. easy to talk about being flexible in theory, in practice, it means doing something very difficult. admitting when you are wrong. usually when you make a mistake, your first instinct is to dig in your heels and deny it. but denial can be leathelthal i investing business.
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but doing it quickly could reward you. take proctor & gamble. when you manage money, flip-flopping is a virtue, not a vice. sometimes we make mistakes. we blame the wrong guy. that's what i did with proctor & gamble, ceo bob macdonald, you remember the first half of the year, proctor & gamble a total mess. they went on to slash its guidance, not once, but twice, i saw proctor lose its share and the faith of analysts on the call. even though proctor & gamble used to bet greatest soft goods company on earth, bar none, these results were too terrible, unproctorlike. somebody had to be held accountable, and that somebody was bob macdonald. and on june 22 know, i put "mad money" on the wall of shame. the rose gallery of incompetent
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execs, who could create a lot of value by simply going into retirement. you know what? i was wrong. it was a big mace take to assume all of the problems at a huge company were the problem of the current ceo. he took the helm in june 2009. most of the problems were due to the actions of his predecessor. a month ago, as part of my annual day of atonement, i took him off the wall of shame and apologized for my error. the real issue, the previous regimes turned proctor into a bloated, dysfunctional company. but macdonald was cutting the fat, $10 million cost cuts, and innovative products, but proctor & gamble was a laggard. and my mistake, was i should
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have been telling people to get ready for the turn. finally what macdonald was doing was going to pay off. however, once you make a mistake, you don't have to repeat it over and over. when i realized i misjudged the situation, i repented, and i told you to bet on macdonald, not against him. sure enough, that's looking like a real good call. so far, this earnings season, we heard from a number of consumer goods companies, colgate, not so high. kimberly clark, headline numbers are better than expected, organic growth slower than what wall street was looking for. and they blinked and got out of the diaper business in europe, leaving it to proctor. but proctor delivered a tremendous bead. the efforts are clearly paying off. back to being the best of the consumer goods stock. i was right to take him off the wall of shame, and i would make him a member of the mad money ceo future hall of fame if we had one. how terrific were the numbers? pretty astonishing.
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earned $1.06 per share. that's enormous for a company as large as this one. organic growth, up by 2%. organic growth is accelerating at last. 2 is nothing, but it's a trajectory, and what they make on every dollar, rose to 50.6%, a huge moreover, better than expected. healthy organic growth and better margins, like the proctor & gamble of old. the company didn't raise guidance, that's okay. management is keeping expectations low. the forecast is good, and i think we will have a lot more confidence in the ability to predict its future and beat it these results also show that bob macdonald's turn around efforts are starting to pay off fwhag way. a concrete way for cost of goods savings for 2013. getting rid of redundant positions, and in short, the big
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restructuring that proctor announced in the beginning of the year is working really well. but this story is not just about cost cuts. proctor & gamble got its groove back in this quarter, proctor held its market share in businesses that held 45% of sales, and something remarkable, olympics campaign, brilliant. and new products. macdonald went into the whole schpiel about the idea ofcontinuous ininnovation. he talked about the periods of fastest growth when it came up with the sorts of things like liquid laundry detergent, disposable diapers, two in one shampoo and conditioner. tell me you haven't switched to the detergent pods?
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downey unstoppables, a scent booster in the washing machine. my personal favorite, is zquil. the number one, incredible, brand new sleep aid in america. ask this difficult sleeper. i have yet to go five minutes before i was out like a light with zquil. i sit there, 11:00, 11:30, 1:00, 1:30. should i even go to sleep? not with zzzquil it works for me. and a high-end dish washer detergent, cascade platinum. i'll probably check it out taking shares in razors and toothpas toothpastes, thanks to no products. last but not least, the tone, they shifted from reactive and defensive to a positive stance, not unlike the u.s. ranger that m macdonald was. proctor jumped two points yesterday, i still think it's
6:32 pm
worth buying. the company has a 56-year long track record of raising the dividend. a nice catalyst on november 15th. i bet macdonald tells a fantastic story and you want to be in the stock before the meeting happens. bottomline? take the story of bob macdonald, and we all make mistakes. you have to be willing to admit when you were wrong, and i was wrong on macdonald. he has been screwing up by his own admission. i was right to take him down. and now the company just reported a great quarter, i look like a smarty pants than a dope. jim, richard. >> caller: is there a good time for the stock? kimberly clark? >> they have passed the torch to
6:33 pm
proctor. i do like kimberly's dividend. like proctor's growth profile. i need to go to kyle in maryland. >> caller: booyah, jim. this is kyle, giving a shoutout to my exxon professor, carl mar x. good product innovation, good paying dividend, is this a buy? >> carl mar x may not think so. but i do. it's consistent along with recommendation that this show has had. and mccormick has done nothing of late. i took proctor & gamble's ceo on the wall of shame, but took him off in time. stay with cramer. coming up, you can handle the heat? cramer gets you fired up for simmering pot lightning round.
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double standard? both tech giants revealed results that fell short of expectations. so why is amazon stock surging, while apple falls flat? cramer's pulling back the curtain on today's action. all coming up on "mad money."
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i want to give you a black knight combat booyah too you. >> big navy booyah. >> a big blue-yah. >> i love the military. everybody calls, we have to have them on the show, booyah back at you. >> this veterans day, "mad money" salutes those who defend our country's freedoms, by helping to defend their financial futures. if you or someone in your family is proudly serving or has served in america's armed forces, we invite you to join our live studio audience for "mad money," invest in america, honoring our troops. for tickets, go to what a sec.
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the lightning round. friday, november 9th, welcoming genuine heroes into the studio for our annual veterans day show. invest in america, salute to the troops. out there watching right now and have a connection to the armed forces, you served, you are serving, someone in your family is in the service. head to for free tickets to the show. i love this show. it's truly inspiring. join us or be inspired at home. now it is "timtime, time for th lightning round. what is all that about? i take five calls, and i say buy or sell and my staff makes this sound and the lightning round is over. are you ready, skedaddy? starting with nick in idaho. nick. >> caller: jim, big booyah from the boise state broncos. how are you? >> doug martyn booyah back at
6:39 pm
you. >> reporter: what >> caller: pitney bowes for a long term? >> when i see the dividend so high, i want to know if they can pay it, i want to say don't buy. doreen in florida. >> caller: dance, mr. booyah, cramer, i love you. >> stock to you, booyah, cramer, just so you know. >> i am on the rivera of florida, and i have called for ten years and never got you, now i have you. >> that's disgraceful. >> caller: i want to tell you that for ten years, you gave me that stock and it hasn't done anything, what should i do? >> to be fair, intel was doubling, doubling again, i was behind it. i have since walked about. why? it has no product portfolio being used by mobile to speak of, other than their own and that is not selling well. stuck in the world of pc so even though they got a good yield, i'm going to say don't buy.
6:40 pm
lee roy in minnesota. >> caller: should i buy a stock from good year tire, symbol gt? >> they reported the quarter, and, again, it wasn't good. this was maybe the 432nd straight -- just a number of quarters that are no good. and i tell you, not going to get me in good year tire. i'm not done. i'm going to go to gail in florida. >> caller: jim cramer, hi. >> how are you, gail? >> caller: i'm wondering about aegon. >> nope. if he want that kind of insurance, go to travelers. fear of franken -- whatever. jerry in texas. >> caller: a big booyah from the bayou city of houston. >> i was there recently. beautiful. texans. go ahead. what happened to the bayou city of houston? should i take john in florida?
6:41 pm
john? >> caller: earnings. >> i didn't catch that. >> caller: west port innovations. >> i think it's okay. i like the concept. let's hear what charter industries have to say next week and then we can make a better judgment. that, ladies and gentlemen, the conclusion of the lightning round. >> reporte >> the lightning round sponsored by td ameritrade. if missing earnings were an art form, this dupont quarter would be a picasso. cutting the numbers, were a sporting event, dupont's won the world series and the super bowl. and if it was an olympic contest, i would be giving this a high fly belly flop. dupont's teflon business, it was awful.
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>> that sound. >> hey, cramer, in august i purchased cumin, and since then it has taken a most dive. should put it in neutral and strap? >> why don't you put your hands on my -- >> oh. >> that's bruce. >> you know i have been a fan of p & g forever. i love this with cheese, and these i eat alone. oven bakes italian toast. i have these every morning. big ones in it, smaller ones, okay, lynch, i've had too much to eat if for the smaller. loved these, my late mom louise and not a mom before her. i am so huge into that. i love melba toast. cook what you love, and save your money.
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this week on tuesday. bill in virginia asked about texas capital bank shares. that's tcbi, not to be confused with tcby, the country's biggest yogurt chain, at least according to themselves. i wanted to look at tcbi's earning reports due out the next day. tcbi reported a 2% bead, not too shabby. and demand deposits and loan help for investments and increased year over year and from the previous quarter. but there was something disconcerting. what was disconcerting, tcbi's net interest margin came in at 4.36%. higher than most banks, 45% basis point declined from the third quarter of last year and a 13-point basis decline from the previous quarter. real mixed results. that's how much they mean on each loan. tcbi, the parent company of texas commercial bank. and they deliver highly personalized financial services to businesses and private clients and things like that we
6:47 pm
like it, it's tied to the strong energy market in texas and the 25 lending team these signed on in 2009 are starting to pay off. stock trades are significant to the group, i think bill would be better off with key corp. key. my charitable trust owns, they posted a 17% basis point increase. strong loan growth metrics, a much lower val waugs, so swap out of tcbi and swap into key. time for mail and tweets. here is one from glen @gdb 113. very close to my box at the eagles and he says any insights on ffiv, e.a.g.l.e.s.
6:48 pm
go eagles. it is integral to the whole internet traffic business. they are the traffic cop or the on-ramp off-ramp to the internet highway. when they do badly, a lot of companies sale down. f-5 shocked me and has further to fall. not a good quarter. next one from drew ever 36. what do you think of dsw? designer shoe warehouse, once mistakenly called discount shoe warehouse. i should know better, because when i go with my daughter, i don't feel i get much of a discount. i think they are a solid retail play. i like retail. shoe business is very good, and the best operator in that, and that includes foot locker. okay. here is another tweet. from @i jazz 2. what do you think of da vita.
6:49 pm
this stock keeps going up. buffett increased his percentage. buy or sell? da vita, biggest regret, i haven't mentioned it since the first year of the show. incredibly well run company. stay in it. >> next message from levi two. jim, i was plague the clouds, and i found one in the shape of google and baidu and they call it yande x. i think that's a meteorological joke. yandex, stay away from. i am not going to recommend them when i could recommend yahoo!. i think yahoo! will be a social and mobile force a year and a half from now own yahoo!. our next tweet, @papa peck, a pbr man.
6:50 pm
do you still like celg? somebody asked me -- what's my favorite beer? pbr, and i followed up saying celg, remarkably good quarter, franchise is doing terrific. celg is good. i have to admit gilead is better. coming up, double standard? both tech giants revealed results that fell short of expectations. but why is amazon stock surging while apple falls flat? cramer pulling back the curtain on today's action. [ male announcer ] how do you trade?
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two great companies, two different standards. one totally rigorous and one not rigorous enough. apple versus amazon. apple reported a number extraordinary by any means, except by the means of wall street, where it was considered horribly disappointing, as if the company is a bunch of brainless, arrogant bozos who couldn't shine steve jobs' shoes. ipod, ipad, all below what the street was looking for. at one point, down 18 points, stunning. but it rebounded. first, the company has too many products. mostly with the wrong price points. not selling well.
6:54 pm
too much inventory and can't make enough and beat the estimates. doofuses. second, can't make demand, not enough inventory, shortfalls, chowder heads. and apple ipad sold dramatically, a glut developing, and the ipad mini, which no one wants or needs doesn't help the cause. fourth, the current iphone is a bust and the samsung competitor is much better. and fifth, apple's $120 million in the bank is burning a hole in the company's pocket and another sign that apple doesn't know what it's doing. and sixth, tim cook is an empty suit. and we have seen the end of the steve jobs year of products. and analysts think apple is firned and the 11 multiple on next year's earnings doesn't matter. the first quarter is going to be reported with sales and expenses the wrong way. they think it's a lay-up short, because we have enough detail to know the company's washed up.
6:55 pm
and on the way to hewlett-packard like owe believe oblivion. apple told you nothing. they said their policy is to tell you nothing. there were no bright spots, and who knows if they are adding a lot of customers. the result? amazon stock, which sells at an indetermine price to earnings multiple, who even knows if they care about profitability? goes down to the low 200s and spends the rest of the overnight session rallying. it's long because it's amazon and doing really well, isn't it? isn't amazon prime great? if we were to hold apple's standards to amazon, they would be at $1,200. their products are loved, it is storming the enterprise. apple products are triumphing,
6:56 pm
because they won't tolerate. they want the apple ecosystem. all about of the canards weren't answered by windows 8. the corporate world is stuck on it. and the i.t. people don't feel threatened. it will change. that's why i want you in apple. amazon on the other hand doesn't have anyone no answer to about its spending or what it's doing. to me, it's nuts. it should be totally the other way around, as we told subscribers last night. and it doesn't matter. judgment has been rendered, and apple falls short and amazon better than expected? so it goes, in this, the toughest earnings season since the crash of 2008-2009, when the worst man wins. stay with cramer. [ horn honks ] hey, it's sandra -- from accounting. peter. i can see that you're busy... but you were gonna help us crunch the numbers for accounts receivable today. i mean i know that this is important. well, both are important. let's be clear. they are but this is important too.
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seconds away on "the kudlow report." 2% gdp growth. is in the economy we really want? it will not withstand a tax hike fiscal cliff. and speaking of the cliff, manufacturers have lopped off 1 million jobs in anticipation of an economic disaster. the head of the national association of manufacturers will join me. and hurricane sandy, already a killer and heading right for the eastern seaboard. we'll have the very latest. "the kudlow report," moments away. >> what you saw today, i expect to see between now and the election. this up and down, can't make up its mind,


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