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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  July 22, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> i think teva is poised for a big run here, cheap stock. >> guy? >> can dan nathan, psx rallies. >> i'm melissa lee. thanks so much for watching. we'll see you my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. mad money starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to mad money. other people want to make friends i'm just trying to make you a little money. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. how many company versus to say that europe has bottomed or even started to rebound before people realize that this incredible
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magical turn is happening? if you want any of those like i have i think it will be obvious the turn is at hand and it could be a huge one. so big that it might actual bli the major reason why the internationally oriented stocks don't come in. why the s&p is hitting a high. dow up two points. nasdaq climbing .36%. because these stocks aren't going to come in. the evidence is that compelling. even as the conventional media keeps missing this huge swing and how disappointing the earnings have been so far. complainers. do homework for heaven's sake. this is the real deal. mad money viewers will be way ahead of the game on this story. some people are skeptical about
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europe. they were doing the wrong thing. raising interest rates twice, except for when it comes to uneconomic renewable energy and yes, european earnings from mcdonald's this morning were disappointing as were the american numbers although after listening to "mad money" friday, the cfo, i wonder if the issues at mcdonald's, maybe it's the cheap food they serve versus the pricey food with integrity. but they demand more info. they think the aggregate data is so soft nothing is happening. frankly i don't give a damn about the aggregate data. it's just something to argue about. so let's go with what the big international companies had to say about europe. let's start with general electric which was lit by europe's weakness over the year
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and forever, the ceo one of the gloomiest souls out there when it comes to europe. he said for the first time he sees signs of life in europe, uk, france, northern europe. healthcare which had become a black hole in europe showed the first positive quarters in three years. we had obviously a big improvement in europe across the board. honeywell ceo said he was not yet ready to declare victory but he added it's been encouraging to see so far. this from a company in aerospace and climate controls. he said namely a turn in europe. we think we have stabilize and it should get better from here. when a skeptical analyst
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questioned this term, he said he's hearing the same thing there that he heard at the bottom here. that the auto bill would never come back and would be at permanently low levels. he says that europe is a little far behind us. a fairly consistent basis in the region and a few of our businesses did achieve volume growth this past quarter. ladies and gentlemen that is incredible news. most importantly saw an 8% growth. that is a big increase. the machinery and air conditioning business in europe had a surprising growth. it sent the stock to the stratosphere. what happened here? we lowered expectations for western europe and they're better than what we thought. the companies saw strength, their word not mine and climate controls for the first time in ages. no wonder it had a gain. it had been held back by europe for several years, johnson
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controls. are european automotive business turned profitable and jci had a growth which was a real surprise. company told us it expects to see good sequential improvement in it's hard hit auto business. well, it flew on european news and it's not just industrials. vf corp., give me a break, a host of european companies, germany, poland, austria, switzerland, also the uk is one of the many with strength in the united kingdom. they're starting to catch up. uk is catching up to the united states. finally the british are coming. but the most important tail of the turn came from manpower. this was an amazing european quarter for manpower. revenues exceeded expectations due to modestly returning trends in france italy and spain. this was the first company to
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talk about business in italy. italy for heaven's sake. revenue in italy was 278 million which is flat for the quarter. we seem to have hit the bottom in italy as we noticed improvement compared to the first quarter this year and the first quarter last. finally the most encouraging stat, sap. sap's declaration of a bottom in spain. congratulations. mcdermott now single ceo. in spain, businesses improving by double digits. you bring in sap to streamline employment. won't go down because the business is going up but the more important take away is the spanish companies are spanning money bringing s&p and they weren't doing that a few quarters ago. the turn in europe is the big unreported upon story. it's huge and simply not being talked about.
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it's so stark. got 600 million people over there and it's going from bad to good and that's astounding. it's exhilarating and most importantly, it is just pain bullish for us and the world. what do we do about it? play european stocks. you can do it with an exchange traded fund like the europe etf. it's the vgk. that's very good ken? for all you home gamers. which tracks the best european companies. hasn't done anything this year. you haven't missed it. that's right. we're debating whether to pick it up. i'm impressed with what general electric has to say but johnson controls, they're going to get a huge boost now that the turn is here and they're not going to come in on it. if they come on the decline -- i'm not a fan of manpower but it just jumped in a couple of weeks
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time. heres the ultimate take away. it isn't what to buy as much as what to sell. so many companies had the earnings held back and so many have been crimped by europe and that's not happening anymore. it's a huge turn in a huge current. the largest market for china. a gigantic market for the united states. china is in decline and latin america is so-so. but europe turning? wow. if turning europe is undeniable and you would know it if you just listen to the conference calls and hear what the companies with boots on the ground have to say. this is the big story about earning season so far as nobody is talking about it. and given that i read through the calls, on the beach yesterday, we were all jibbering and today when they paddle about royal baby names that makes me a
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ge geek. >> reporter: man, that conference call, up 9.4% friday and it doesn't even pull back hardly a little bit. what am i to do? increase my position? or is this got a lot left to go. >> you don't come in up this big. i like the stock. a lot of things are going on with the super bug thing we told you about. let's go to frank in florida, frank. >> reporter: yes. thanks to viewing cnbc, especially your one hour show, my wife and i are enjoying a wonderful retirement at the top of the world community in florida. >> i'm loving that. horse country. >> reporter: recently we added southwest airlines to our diversified portfolio, about two weeks ago. and i was wondering what your
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short-term prospect and long-term prospect would be for southwest airlines. >> i like luv. it's a good situation. probably goes to 13, 17. but i like u.s. airways. simple lcc. that one could double in the next 18 months. will wonders never cease? the tied across the pond is turning. all you have to do is listen to the conference calls or watch "mad money ", which will be right back. >> coming up, the future of food. this isn't your father's grocery store, organic, gluten-free, nongmos. the supermarket is undergoing a transformation and the companies making the products leading the change could be ready to score. cramer has the names just ahead. and later, oil's well? the rising cost of crude doesn't have to slow you down. cramer is helping you fight back
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against rising fuel prices. he's got the slick stocks that can shoot higher just ahead. plus, super sonic stocks, defense plays shook off sequester fears to power higher this year. but at all time highs are these stocks about to hit a ceiling or could they be ready to kick in the after burners? cramer is firing up the engines and going off the charts to find out. all coming up on mad money. >> don't miss a second of "mad money" follow @jim cramer on twitter. send an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to
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you know we can't get enough of the natural and organic food stocks here on "mad money" and this group has been smoking. it's red hot.
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especially the younger generation recognizes the value of healthy eating. whole foods, is up 23%. and they're up 36%. and anne's, another player is rallied 33%. fairway, another organic grocery store rocketed 115% higher since it came publish republica publi. however there's one company that's a wash and getting any credit, i'm talking about wwav for your home gamers, the maker of organic dairy and dairy like products like soy milk, horizon organic milk, land o lakes dairy creamers. stock is up 21% for the year. that's darely more than the 19% gain over the s&p in the same period and much less than other
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natural food names. there's a bunch of reasons but part of it is simply has to do with when a group has been rallying as hard as these foods have it trickles down to the names in the industry and white wave is cheaper than his cohorts. it has a 20% long-term growth rate. hain sells for 25 times next year's earnings even though it has a lower 16.7 long-term growth rate. annie's sells for 36 times earnings and it's only growing a couple of percentage points faster than whitewave. whitewave was spun off of dean foods in october but it doesn't deserve to trade as such a discount. if it were to get the same price point as hain and it has a
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faster growth rate, the stock would trade to 21 but i think that might be a low ball target. hain is at 1.5 times it's growth rate while annie's is 1.6 times it's growth rate. it would trade at 31 times earnings or $26. that's a 30% gain from here and i believe whitewave can do it. the company is a leading player in three major categories. plant-based foods and beverages, soy milk and almond milk and kids, not just my vegetarian daughter loves this stuff. coffee creamers and beverages and premium dairy. their brands are number one and number two in the main product category. europe loves that stuff. in the first quarter silk iced latte. as well as silk creamy and soy based yogurts. i put this stuff in my coffee
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every morning. i'm not kidding. it sold out hard during the second quarter with a vengeance. it earned 16 cents a share, a penny better but the revenues came in shy and the guidance was in line in an industry where most players were posting incredible blowout results. some people are disappointed they haven't been able to produce more earnings growth. the company has been aggressively in order to boost earnings dproeth down the road. they started up almond milk production so they can produce 100% of the almond milk needed internally under a more favorable cost structure. almond milk someone of the fastest growing products. as much as we would like to think that cow milk is like apple pie and motherhood, many people don't trust the way we raise cattle in this country and shockingly, they don't trust the
6:19 pm
milk. got soy? got almond? the real killer here is when dean foods distributed a huge chunk of whitewave to it's own shareholders. they dramatically increased here and most of them just dumped the thing. they didn't even know what it was. to make matters worse, even though they still owned 19%. they would be selling these shares around 30 million, via secondary offering. this caused a huge overhang in the stock. people didn't know when it would happen except sometime in the third quarter. but then last week two things happened that gave them a real boost. first last wednesday whitewave priced the secondary, $17.75 so we know that the hangover is over and there's no hangover 2 or 3. it's a much less favorable risk. second, whitewave gave off side revenue for the quarter which
6:20 pm
indicates when the company reports on august 9th, the results should be strong. i think the move has much further to go. here's the bottom line, the organic and natural space has been on fire but whitewave is like it's cohorts because of the spin off and the former parent company dumping the shares in the market. i think whitewave deserves the same evaluation as hain or annie's which means it deserves to go higher. don't underestimate this trend to natural and organic. it maybe one of the most powerful concepts out there and right now whitewave happens to be the cheapest way to play it. i need to go to matt in new york. >> booyah from upstate new york. >> i'm a 46er. i say booyah right back. >> reporter: you did a great job. >> thank you. and nice words to say that. i was thrilled about that.
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>> caller: i caught afc popeyes when you recommended in january and february. both have gone up. but i want to buy again on your recommendations but i need some cash. should i trim them or sell them so i can buy? >> i think ring the register. i would not -- i would not sell the afce which is also known as popeyes. i would not sell afce. chain of fools, the food chain of fools maybe. the organic trend is upon us. do not ignore it and we have found a cheap way to play it and the name is whitewave. after the break i'll try to make you more money. coming up, oil's well? the rising cost of crude doesn't have to slow you down. cramer's helping you fight back against rising fuel prices. he's got the slick stocks that can shoot higher just ahead. with the spark cash card
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fields. when you take your car to the gas station the price you pay at the pump is not based on the crude benchmark and ever since 2010 there's been a huge spread between the global price of oil and the west texas price even though it's a higher quality than that of the junk. it was $16 meaning producers that sold their crude at the pipeline hub in oklahoma where the west texas intermediate price is set got $16 less per barrel than if they sold it on the international market. in short, for years american oil producers operating in the heart land were second class citizens of the global oil market. one price for oil could be shipped overseas and a second lower price for oil that was landlocked but look at this, in a few short months, all of that has changed. this is an incredible triangle. i mean -- well, all right,
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anyway, trust me. the west texas prices surge to a point where the spread has shrunk down to almost nothing. most people didn't think this would happen. most people thought brent would come down. west texas was too low. barrel of west texas intermediate crude sells for $107. that is a game change for a huge number of companies that's not being talked about. tonight i'll tell you who wins and who loses. now it has been eliminated but you to understand how this spread happened to begin with. how it got to big and why it vanished. it persisted for so long because many u.s. oil companies in the heartland couldn't get their product to the coast. we didn't have enough pipeline to pass all the new discoveries. remember we went to north dakota
6:27 pm
and the basin in texas, they were flooding the oklahoma hub with crude. the only way to get that oil crude down to the gulf coast was via expensive transportation. why has it vanished? because the pipeline company has been working overtime to lay more pipe. they have more capacity running to houston right on the gulf market. previously that oil would have gone to oklahoma. they also managed to reverse a key pipeline. on top of that, we know that many new pipeline projects that connect the hub directly with houston will come online this year or next year. bp started it's refinery in indiana which is out of commission and can funnel 250,000 barrels per day. yeah, the spread is dead and it will stay that way because there's so much new pipeline capacity coming in. i could see west texas intermediate price periodically going higher than brent.
6:28 pm
first, who wins from all of this? you have the landlock companies enps. used to be so little transportation infrastructure they had to sell their oil to a discount. they weren't even getting wti. the company we hung around with is basically in it, this one had $1.2 million. continental only making $90 barrel. $12 differential. now they're getting $2 less than the west texas price. stocks are not but not hot enough. it will be a huge beneficiary from the gigantic rally. that is a growth company. it makes up 71% of the total production. that's a lot of oil that can sell for a little less than $107 barrel. same goes for petroleum, 700,000 acres.
6:29 pm
i also like kodiak oil and gas with 42,000 acres bringing their total holdings in the area to 96,000. they're not for sell. that didn't work. there was supposed to be an auction but it never happened. all of these companies used to be second class citizens in the oil market but now they can get the same high price as everybody else. another huge discovery i told you about many times, they should benefit nicely. 53,000 acres and they're best to grow liquid's production by 30% this year. if you want a high quality company with exposure to the balkin and the eagle, look no further than eog resources. a big player with resources all over the country. it includes some of the best wells in the region and the country. they could hit oil with with a straw down there. the company grew oil production at a 33% clip.
6:30 pm
another growth stock and eog is in growth production faster now that they can get a better price for oil. they used to sell a $10 discount to the west texas intermediate but lately the pricing caught up with wti. pioneer national resources is the best place. 600,000 acres with with access to plenty of pipeline and rail. here's one resource, cxo. some have been worrying that it isn't that good but if they deliver good on august 7th that will put those concerns to rest. the death of the differential means you need to sell the refineries benefitting from the spread. hollyfrontier, marathon, no thank you. last but not least, i hope you're sitting down. it's a big change for me. i think the oil tanker business, at last, could be on the verge of a renaissance and the way to play it is, drum roll please and
6:31 pm
not this -- nordic american tankers, nat. with the collapse of the spread, refineries in the east coast are going to import more oil because there's no difference between the domestic price and international price to speak of. that means a rise in oil shipments from africa and increase in day rates for tankers. for years this industry has been a human punching bag but in the last few weeks we've already seen signs of improvements with day rights for tankers and large crew carriers on the rise and at or nearing their highs for the year. plus at these levels, they had a 7% yield. i say bye bye bye. that is no longer to quote bob marly anymore. now that the prices have closed the gap of brent crude it's time
6:32 pm
for the land lock oil producers to shine. and don't forget nordic american tankers. perhaps the best trade off of the new oil pricing revolution. mike in new york, mike. >> caller: booyah, jim. first off, let me thank you and your staff for all you're doing for us home gamers. really appreciate it. >> my staff -- the staff is unbelievable and it starts with regina who is celebrating st. patrick's day today although it doesn't seem to be july 22nd to be st. patrick's day but that's okay. luck of the irish. i'll take it. >> caller: my question is about apache, apa, is it a buy, sell, or a hold? >> it is a -- well, no, i did a lot of work on apache this weekend. they have a lot of american assets. there's a big egyptian discount but from what i see out of the new government in egypt it's a
6:33 pm
little more capitalist. so apa it works. margaret in new york, margaret. >> caller: booyah jim cramer, thank you for being my mentor, i appreciate you. >> doing my best. what's going on. >> caller: i have a stock i understand they're reporting tomorrow. i bought them at 26 and sold some off the table at 47 and i want to know what your take is on. should i buy, sell, hold? >> when i have a company that's about to report i know better than to stick my head in that lion's den. we're going to have to look. i don't want to opine ahead of that. thank you for the kind words about the mentoring, though. the spread, it is dead. which means you need to refuel, recharge your portfolio and embrace the new american revolution. did he say buy nordic american tanker? i think he did. don't move. lightning round is next. (announcer) at scottrade, our clients trade and invest
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lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. >> it is time. the lightning round. and then lightning round is over. are you ready? the lightning round. i'm going to start with mike in new york. mike. >> caller: i'm a first time caller, long time viewer. >> thank you. >> caller: it's great what you're doing. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> caller: most of my friends think you're a genius. this is what i'd like to know from you in your opinion, is ford a buy right now. >> thank you. but i believe that here's the problem, stock went to 17 today. they're going to report. i don't know how they can possibly equal this run right now. wait until they report and then i would be a buyer. donald in california, donald. >> caller: hey jim, it's don calling from palm springs. >> i love that hike to palm
6:38 pm
springs, beautiful. >> caller: yes, thank you. listen, they serviced the loan on my first mortgage about 40 years ago so it's not like they're new to the game. what's going on? what do i do with the stock? >> i want you actually to sell the stock. that yield did not make up for the losses. i hope the stock bounces. if it gets back to 13 or 14 i think you want to unload it because the yield curve has probably had it with their business and i like those guys but it's a tough environment. david from colorado, david. >> caller: hey, rocky mountain hi jimmy, thanks for taking my car. >> john denver booyah. >> caller: i had calls for cooper tire. they had in the money because an indian firm made an aquisition are you familiar with that. >> yeah, you just won my friend. buy yourself a sweater.
6:39 pm
let's go to fred in california. >> caller: booyah. >> wow. >> caller: how you doing jim in. >> real good how about you. >> caller: i have a question to ask about a mutual that i have. >> they had a descent quarter. what can i say. halliburton. bob in florida. >> caller: thank you for taking my call and for everything that you do. >> you're welcome. >> caller: my first grandchild was born a month ago and i wanted to buy her some disney and put it in a company reinvestment program. >> i can't think of a smarter thing to do. i would do it. when your granddaughter grows up and do you think they're going to be focused on whether the lone ranger was a bomb or not? i don't think so. let's go to ralph in new jersey. what's going on partner. >> caller: i would like to know about them.
6:40 pm
>> i like these compressed gases. i also like praxair and it's a winner. that's the conclusion of the lightning round. >> the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. >> coming up, super sonic stocks? defense plays shook off sequester fears to power higher this year but at all time highs, are these stocks about to hit a ceiling? or could they be ready to kick in the after burners? cramer is firing up the engines and going off the charts to find out. ♪ [ indistinct shouting ] [ male announcer ] time and sales data. split-second stats. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ it's so close to the options floor... [ indistinct shouting, bell dinging ]'ll bust your brain box. ♪ all on thinkorswim from td ameritrade.
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nobody ever made a dime from panicking. that's one of my rules. the ironclad rule and with the market climbing to all new levels, most of the time, fretting about big, bad macroeconomic worries is merely a terrific way to miss fabulous money making opportunities. consider the defense contractors. nearly five months ago the budget sequester kicked in and those stocks were supposed to be
6:44 pm
minced meat. instead, look what happened? it's the strongest group in the s&p and been happening all yearlong. no reason to believe it will stop soon. check out the stocks. someone downgraded it today. give me a break. they're trading at the highest level since 2008 when the financial crisis went up. united technologies up 25%. l 3 communications up 21% and another aerospace player with significant defense department is trading up since 2008. all of which has to make you wonder about the talking heads that told you to dump it all at the begin oning of the year. it was supposed to wreck this group but the defense stocks caught fire. let me mention one more. one of my absolute favorites in the space.
6:45 pm
and that stock is northropgrumman. a terrific rally over the last three weeks. it cuts to the heart of the defense stocks. why they're growing nonstop despite government mandated take backs that were supposed to wreck the industry. he is the founder and senior strategist of explosive and as well as being my colleague. remember it's a hot hand right now. four weeks ago he told us it was time to buy the regional banks, have you seen them? a sentiment i hardly agree with. that stock seems unstopable. what the heck is going on. they're up an average of 11.5% and the quarters weren't that great to be honest.
6:46 pm
now, he has bullish feelings based on the charts and based on the fundamentals. so take a gander at the weekly chart. this is one unbelievable move since the year began. from a technical perspective this has been a beautiful rally. as lang notes this move has happened on big volume. there's your volume. remember volume is like a polygraph indicator for technicians and high volume means that rally is telling the truth. they're taking the stock, not hanging back on the bid. that's what that means. how long can this move last? the stock is going up too far, too fast and waiting for a vicious pull back. well, we have ways to measure that and lang likes to use the williams percentage oscillator down at the bottom of the chart. that's created by larry
6:47 pm
williams. similar to what we use to measure overbought or oversold conditions on the chart. it has been an overbought territory since march. it's just staying there and it shows no sign of breaking down. now this say lil twist. lang says that northrop is imbedded in the territory and it's a bullish sign. it's even at higher and higher prices. this is saying it's not going to come in because it won't come in. i know that is circular reasoning but the technicians look at that and marvel about strength. and they like the strength. now, check out the daily chart. if anything, this one is even more bullish according to lang. the stock has a strong support floor at 84, that's right there. about $4 lower than it's currently trading and this is what is really important. i haven't seen this from any of the charts we've done lately.
6:48 pm
there's no ceiling. there's no ceiling of resistance. i'm conjuring that. really scary. this is about the all time high. it's going there. even better, look at the moving average convergence line at the bottom. we talked about it before and technicians often use it to detect changes in the stock's trajectory. two weeks ago it flashed a buy signal. that's where the black line crosses above the red one and the stock broke out above it's last ceiling resistance. 84. that is telling lang that noc remains a buy and the williams percentage oscillator on the daily chart is just like on the weekly. again, overbought. meaning northrop grummand has the ability to keep pounding higher. astounding chart. they could trade sideways for a
6:49 pm
period consolidating gains while the stocks moving average catching up to it. this has to work it's way up while that stays flat. that's something he's saying. he sees noc as we call it, presuming it's long march higher. in the meantime he believes it's worth buying. i agree. here's the fundamentals. it makes perfect sense which is why i recommend the stock again. it's up 8% since then but so far to southwest airlin so good. people thought it would slam down like an iron curtain on the company's revenues but it didn't reduce the value of the existing contracts of the pentagon it reduces the flow of new orders and because these contracts can put years to put together, the company still has plenty of business. in fact, despite the challenging environment they have a book to bill ratio higher than one. it has more business than it can fulfill. heres the key thing, let's go
6:50 pm
back to the chart for a second. northrop reports on wednesday morning and there's some things i want you to keep in mind before we get these results. first, this is indeed a massive defense contractor with huge scale. they can buy companies. second, the company had fabulous long-term contracts on programs like the f-18, f-35 fighter jets and b-2 bomber. third their major player in the command control communications and also in computer equipment for armed forces. tremendous exposure to unmanned aircraft and lots of other programs that aren't going to get cut. fourth, they have been cutting cost aggressively. they spun off the shipbuilding system years ago and they have been getting them off the balance sheet to the point where they're a lean, mean fighting machine. they intend to retire a quarter by 2015. that's just two years away. so when it reports, remember, if
6:51 pm
it goes down, i think that sell off stops at 84. so i think you should put the buy orders in once we hear the conference call and if that's -- of course if it goes down. i'm not sure it will. here's the bottom line. the chart's interpreted by bob lang and the fundamentals in alignment. i think you should seriously consider buying the stock. i say when they report, ready, set, buy. [ male announcer ] come to the golden opportunity sales event and experience the connectivity of the available lexus enform,
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what makes for a perfect quarter? what has to be said to lift the stock to the winner's circle biggest percentage games? look no further than the one that went from 78 to 82 in one session. that call had it all. we heard magic words we don't hear, they gave you a five year plan. a road map for strong projected cash flow that goes out five years. it was able to layout a dividend plan as well as a $10 billion repurchase program that is anything is liable to be increased as time goes on. second, year to year revenue growth and expansion. over and over again we heard about companies producing terrific margins. very few country versus given us margin expansion and revenue growth. much came from new pro pry tear
6:55 pm
technology. it's breaking out with it's competitors and allows them to get more oil out of the ground for less money. fourth, new markets. markets less lucrative. the business gained in iraq and venezuela, yes, it was truly out standing. the company knows what we worry about and made it clear that payments are coming through nicely. they said it in the call. they're so smart. a new spinning cycle has just begun. for five years the national oil companies and private ones are waiting for signs that the price of crude will remain elevated. they believe we enter an era of higher prices and that triggering new clients as well as aggressive in north america. programs are increasing worldwide, russia, the middle east, saudi arabia and iraq as well as china and australia.
6:56 pm
6th, revenue is expanding. in previous years we've seen more roll outs but they often required services to be given away in unattractive markets. that is, and i quote, obviously helping profitability. including in this mix, turn down some business that's less profitable than they would like. something that can be done because the rest of the company is so strong. they grab the attention of buyers. there's massive competition right now. they're all looking for the same thing. exactly what they're giving them. growth and top and bottom line as well as fantastic visibility. that's how $100 billion company and another point today when so many companies reported and there's so little time to be able to differentiate between them. stay with cramer. [ male announcer ] here's a word you should keep in mind. unbiased.
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[ agent smith ] i've found software that intrigues me. it appears it's an agent of good. ♪ [ agent smith ] ge software connects patients to nurses to the right machines while dramatically reducing waiting time. [ telephone ringing ] now a waiting room is just a room. [ static warbles ] all right. i am not going to make a quick off the cuff judgment because it's too complicated. my inclination is buy it not to sell it. hlf. keep an eye on this thing. it looks like it finally has gotten to the point where there's not enough stock for sale and you know about that fight. i'm choosing to watch him
7:00 pm
tomorrow and hear what his show is saying about hlf. ackman versus icon. i'm jim cramer and i will see you tomorrow. how can we fix detroit? over the last few days, believe it or not, several pundits from the right and the left are joining me in a column i wrote invoking the name of jack kemp. it was kemp who came up with the idea of tax-free enterprise zones to revitalize destroyed urban areas, and it worked in harlem, as you'll see in a moment. why can't it work in the motor city? here's something that's not working. obama care. now the a.p. fact-checking crew has caught president obama in, let's say, some misleading comments about the health care law. and phil michelson is the hero of the golf world after his stunning final round nets him the


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