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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  July 24, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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had been vocal on just about everything except just that. it can't just be mow ability, can it? the stock is on fire tonight, no doubt about it but it still has a long way to go to get back to that original ipo price. that will do it for us tonight. thanks for joining me. the market today mixed, down 25 on the dow. stay with cnbc. "fast money" begins right now. >> live from the nasdaq market site in new york city's times square i'm melissa lee. i'm with my traders. let's get straight to the story. facebook shares surging on better an expected earnings. it has been a rough ride for zumer berg. the stock is nowhere near the ipo price yet. with this 20% pop in the stock is it only a matter of time before facebook gets to its ipo price of 38 bucks a share? guy adami?
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>> i don't think it's going to 30. we have been constructive on the stock. we talked about it earlier this week. we said last quarter's monetization didn't reflect itself on the stock price. the stock actually went down. this quarter now emphasizes the fact that it wasn't one off. what really struck me was not just the mobile. look at their operating margins. much, much better than expected. now, what does that mean? do you go racing into facebook tomorrow? i say no. i think tomorrow maybe friday you'll put in an interim top. have a huge volume day tomorrow. >> it's an amazing run when you consider when it ipoed it had zero percent from ad revenue and now it's 41%. although we haven't seen the stock catch up with that. >> that's where their growth is coming from right now. it's growing much faster than desktop ad revenues. investors are doing to jump all over this thing. the stock rallied 16%. it was unchanged on the year. now it's up 20%.
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when you look at the chart a lot of resistance at $32. you have to be careful here. remember this is a company that's expected to have revenues that are about half of what google does in one quarter. okay. so this is how you can get a lot of leverage when you put up a big number in one of your fast growing divisions but they have to string it together to get back to that ipo price. >> bullish activity today, right? >> yeah especially melissa, what was really noteworthy was the fact that so much money came into the stock in the last 15 minutes. i mean massive amounts, 10,000 contract, 20,000 contract purchases of calls, sales of puts. this was something that i would imagine regulators would look at. then again, i would think regulators wouldn't let people trade ahead of news. i wouldn't think that they would let the conference board sell its information. i wouldn't think that reuters could do that but apparently they do and with impunity.
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regulators may not look at this. there were tens of thousands of contracts purchased from the 10 strike to the 37 strike. >> karen, for a long time you looked at facebook and said the valuation is not for me -- >> relative to google and i would have said that yesterday. >> you say that today? do you think the facebook story is improving? >> i think it is improving. i actually think that i wouldn't buy it tomorrow but i don't think the reaction in the stock is crazy given the quarter that they announced. >> what about 7 billion shares outstanding. when you think of how many people are under water about this thing i'm shocked. >> why does under water matter? >> if you bought on that deal and then if you are a big mutual fund or a huj fendedge fund -- >> you're saying we're going to see a wave of selling? >> the thing went from $43 to almost $20 last year.
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there's a lot of overhang but a lot of shares. it takes a lot to move this stock with this sort of market cap. >> i don't think people are as under water as you think. i think they have taken the pain in the stock. i think it flushed itself out months ago and the new people are probably in it for the longer term. i'm with karen on this. you don't go racing in tomorrow. it needs to prove itself from this level on and i don't think it will do. >> here's an issue that porter brought up earlier today. he said do you know how many people facebook has an their ad sales team. he said five. he said do you know how many google has and he said 500. if they go more aggressively out there and they're involved with the likes of wwpo or any of these worldwide advertisers then i think this is a big upside potential for facebook. >> we're missing a big point here. we all have four inch iphones
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and how annoying is it when you get an ad on that screen. it's been very very volatile in each one of these reports. to me i think that they have to string some quarters together. they have to demonstrate -- >> you say it's annoying but it's not showing up when it comes to daily active users. that number went up. >> do you believe that number? >> that's a whole other story. >> dr. j, that number five i find it almost astounding. it's hard to believe that's right. 4900 employees and they have five? >> that's not my number. porter, i hope i'm not giving you too much of a hard time about that. but i take him at his word that they have scant, very small numbers that are actually selling the ads on platform. one of the issues is of course you get to yelp. you don't search on google, on facebook. when you are checking in you check in an four square or go to yelp or some app for maps or
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whatever. >> we made the point that a lot of people lost alolt of money in the stock but when you traded well there are plenty of people who made a lot of money because the stock is up 50% from its 52 week low which is september of 2012. let's get to a guy who has been marking money an facebook. mike murphy joins us on the fast line. i know you liked the facebook story from the very beginning. you've been in and out of the stock here. what do you do with it now? >> i'm kind of with the guys on the desk. i don't think you need to jump in and add new money but hearing dan really knock the quarter. i think this was a kill me quarter for zuckerberg and i think he did just that he showed everybody that this company has huge upside possibly. i think why you stay with this story is that they had $1.15 billion monthly active users, that was up 21%. but mobile monthly active users, just on the mobile phone which dan was talking to about the
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four inch screen. that's up ten percent. the biggest growth is in asia and emerging markets. you get 20% pop overnight take some off the table but i think the 3250 level is where there's a lot of selling. if we get through that i think you get 38. >> thanks for calling in. in terms of the price action guy you watch these levels closely. do you think 3550 is fair? >> we'll see how the stock performance. my sense is this is going to be an interim stock. i wouldn't be surprised if a few weeks from now the stock will straighten out. >> if we break through is 38 the ipo price? >> let's see if it happens. i know 38 is on everyone's radar screen. i'm hard pressed to think we'll get there. maybe a whole new wave of buying will come in. >> let's bring in the analyst who back in june called facebook
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one of the most compelling assets. jordan joins us on the fast line. great to have you with us. >> thank you. i'm happy to be here and delighted that the facebook numbers were this great. >> beyond the numbers what are you looking at? >> let's correct some things that i heard. in terms of the ad sales executives it's in several hundreds. while they may not have sales executives 5,000 or whatever google has they have plenty of ad sales people. second, i do think this is still one of the most underowned and underestimated stocks out there. i talk to all the big portfolio managers that could own this and they're crowded into google stock. they own as much google as they could possibly own and more. google missed numbers. people didn't sell that stock yet because they didn't know where to put their money. now you have an opportunity to
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buy facebook at a valuation that's compelling and numbers are up significantly higher. here's what i'm talking about. our estimate for the quarter or ebdv. essentially they beat us by 170 million. when you think about how that ripples through your forecast model you're probably adding a billion to a billion and two. >> facebook versus google. in terms of valuation what metrics are you using? you look at pe and facebook doesn't look cheaper? >> the average person probably wasn't putting in this earnings beat. this is a big number. second of all, i used a blended valuation analysis that looks at price earnings multiple, free cash flow yield and an ebapta. there's a lot of stock their that will normalize.
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a lot of stock compensation was paid out five years ago. today it's a little bet less. in other words, it really is not fair to compare facebook with any other mature company. >> great upgrade on june 10. your timing was spot on but your price is 29. are you going to readdress that and break news or is that where it sits? >> there's no news breaking on tv for stock analysts so there is a process i have to go through to valuate where my model goes to and see the if there's upside to my target. given the calibration and earnings that's likely to happen across the street i feel like there is some room upward for the stock to move here. as far as whether people are under water or have made money on facebook, i don't get the sense that any of the major portfolio managers who will have
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to own facebook if it's added to the s&p 500, i don't get a sense anybody is full up on facebook yet. you have to remember it's been over a year since facebook went public, a year and a half after google went public it went into the s&p 500. there's a decent chance between now and when the sprint deals closes that facebook goes into the s&p 500. people are going to play it for back to school fourth quarter holiday seasonality. this is a name that's going to be elevated to premiere internet company. >> got it. jordan. great points. thanks for joining us. >> thanks a lot. >> let's get back to julie boorstin, joins us now with the latest. >> right now mark zuckerberg is on the call talking about the companies's success and in mobile in particular. he's particularly pleased by the results in mobile and he noted that there are more active
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mobile users than desktop users of the one thing that he said that i think is most interesting is he addressed those rumors that teens have been less engaged on facebook. there is speculation fewer teens are using it but that simply isn't true. the number of teens has been steady for the past year and a half and they remain engaged. when you include instagram that engagement and share of time is growing quickly. he did address those concerns and has been talking about the success in mobile. his three goals that he outlined here are to connect everyone to help people understand the world and to help build the knowledge economy. what does that mean? they want to help people connect to information, what their friends think are the best restaurants, hotels et cetera. >> thanks for that update. julia boorstin on the conference
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call. julia tell really it sounds like facebook is increasingly going up against google. connecting people to ideas, connecting people to places that's google's territory. at this point, forced to choose which one? >> that's a really good point. they're full up. people have been crowded in the google story. to me if he's talking about 2 billion dollars additional when you are look at growth rates the stock was expected to growing earnings this year 10 percent, next year 30 percent. if you are going to accelerate that then you will see this growth money go into facebook. people didn't see it. they didn't believe it. but i stick by the fact they're going to have to put a couple quarters together. >> i still prefer google right here with facebook up 20% on this print. >> i prefer google as well. but facebook was one, like i say, that just seemed like there was a lot of distribution of the
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stock. after it traded towards 30 in january i think we said it was the last time it was at 30 was january of this year. since then it was hammered down steadily and that's distribution. somebody was selling rather aggressively. i know for every buyer there is a seller but it was moving to the downside even on good news during that time frame. it has just recently made this bounce back and it's enough to make some people believes i'm sure. >> mike khouw, google or facebook? >> google but even there i feel like it's fully valued. we have had a number of revenue dis appointments. this is one quarter, facebook is going to have to demonstrate for quite. you add 2 billion bucks. it's already fully priced so i don't know that i would chase it. i would actually look to sell calls if i owned the stock. >> karen? >> just my book long google not long facebook. >> guy? >> i got to go the other way.
5:15 pm
>> why? >> i can't do it. >> you would really say google. >> if it started with me -- snapshot, i'd say google. all five of us can't. i'll say facebook just to say it. >> come on. facebook shares up by the way at the highs in the after hours session. the conference call still going on. we'll keep you posted on the developments. let's check on some of the big names. baidu beat on both the top and the bottom lines. e trade surging from earnings. strong third quarter results. coming up next much more from the facebook conference call right after this. plus the airlines seeing record profits in 2013 but delta and us air booking nice.
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to me is. >> the fourth quarter guidance wasn't nearly as good as josh suggested. 64, 64.5 is probably the right price for qualcomm. we've been saying for a while that this has been a proxy short. >> right price right here meaning it's not a buy tomorrow. >> i don't think you go in tomorrow at this price.
5:19 pm
>> we've got more from the facebook conference call. let's go straight to julia boost stin with it. julia julia. >> cheryl assistancesanberg said in terms of the returns on ads spending the roi was three times. when they included the news feet adds the roi was 5.9 times. that is an impressive roi there and something that facebook and sandberg seem proud of. she said the click through rate and the cost remains steady. there is groepg interest from marketers who continue to grow. she noted a couple of other things working on the advertising front, custom audiences and she talked about the ability to target feature phones, the nonsmart phones.
5:20 pm
cfo is speaking and i'm going to listen in. >> delta and usairways reporting strong earnings. let's bring in hunter kay, senior airline analyst at wolf research. hunter, great to speak with you. >> thank you. >> what was surprising out of what i read from your notes is airlines are correlated with higher oil prices. >> it's true. since the end of 08 crude oil is up 130% and the airline stocks are up 125 percent. that's not unlike rails and cars and trucks. now that margins and fares are correlated investors are giving the benefit of the doubt that prices are going to go lower.
5:21 pm
>> which airlines have the best programs in place? >> hedging is an extreme waste of capital, time and money. the only people that benefit are wall street traders, not airlines or equity investors. i don't view a hedge book as an asset. usairways does not hedge their fuel. today they reported earnings and guided the low fuel expense. the lack of a hedge book has given us the ability to have lowest oil prices. >> who has the lowest rating? >> we don't make a ratings based on hedge books. certainly we view the look as a willingness to be aggressive and take risks. when you are saving money on fuel, it's temporary and kind of fake. you're not really passing through your cost. it's not a true reflection of
5:22 pm
your operating expenses. it's a temporary benefit. it's one of the reasons why we like usairways and we're going to like them when they merge with american in a month or two. >> how closely does jet fuel track oil? >> jet fuel has historically tracked oil close. $6 per barrel difference between jet fuel and crude oil. as wti and brent decoupled, jet fuel has as well. there is no futures market for jet fuel unlike gasoline. it's hard to get an accurate metric in terms of futures markets. it does track directionally with a lag. reasonably close to brent more than wti. >> i consume you've covered this industry for a long time.
5:23 pm
obviously the stocks are benefitting from the consolidation wave here, trading at multiple year highs for the a lot of the reasons you mentioned here. at some point is it a dicey proposition for investors to be paying prices at five year highs after this huge consolidation boom. this is an industry that's shown itself to shoot themselves in the foot every time they have an fortunate to at one point in a cycle. >> to be fair we have to look at valuations of these stocks. they're trading at five times earnings. these are not expensive. historically stocks are trading at ten or 12 times. now they're trading at five. they're still dirt cheap relative to where they can be. >> i guess my question is is that because some of these guys have realized some of these cost savings and that's why they look so cheap and if crude comes in
5:24 pm
you told us how correlated it is to wti. will you see these things more expensive just because they come in? >> what we value here in the long term is that the volatility of crude is more important than the direction of it. the volatility of crude is going to make it difficult for the airline management teams to plan their businesses. that's going to make them disciplined an capacity. so the business is being unbundled. i would push back and say they haven't been benefitting from lower cost savings as much as from more unbundling ancillary revenues which i'm sure everyone loves like bag fees and change fees. that's driving the rally and the consolidation. it's not cost savings per se but better revenue. >> hunter thank you. >> thank you. >> senior airline analyst at wolf research. he likes delta, usairways, united continental five times,
5:25 pm
not bad. there's been a run. >> he makes a great point valuation. we mentioned spirit airlines. that's interesting. that had a big run. doc can speak to this. the options have been there. >> yep, they have been buying delta, lcc. take a look at ryan air and easy jet. >> how far do they go out? >> they're buying out to september and october right now. easy jet top performing stock in the footsy. >> caterpillar coming in as the worst performer of the day. could it be the canary in the coal mine. david kelly lays out his top portfolio protection plays in a world of rising rates. of course we are keeping you up to the minute on all the big moves in the after hours session, trip visor and of course facebook up 19 percent. stay tuned.
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>> welcome back to "fast money." i'm josh lipton. visa reports and beats post 1.88 on 3 billion. analysts looking for 179 an 2 billion. the company also authorizing a 1.5 billion repurchase program. the stock up more than two percent right now. melissa, back to you. >> thank you, josh. karen, you've been in the payment space for a while. >> in master card but visa put up another got quarter. this story keeps continuing as the economy grows, not just here but around the world, credit and debit both up. it's not cheap but a great
5:30 pm
story. >> didn't you expect though that they would address that issue that europe brought up about whether or not they would hafl the fees. >> master kard and visa shook that off. they've's downplayed it since then. i don't know how that will shake off. the stocks don't seem to care. >> caterpillar shares taking a big hit. the traders were split on this desk last night. take a listen. >> cat pitter is going to get this thing wrong. they could be the lucent technology of 2013. >> wow. ultimately just because china is going to grow at 7 percent does not mean these guys aren't going to continue to see demand for infrastructure buildup. >> you actually see some of the points? >> i do.
5:31 pm
it was actually interesting and we did short some. i think that there is a story, the underlying business they have mining and power and they have construction and clearly there is major headwinds. so it's going to be hard to see how when they guide it down again, they have a history of guiding down. there are other things going on that are part of the short thesis they have to work on more. it was compelling enough to make me think the risk reward was better to the downside and we are short. >> guy, you think cat is a short? >> there is clearly the question. the answer is yes. i believe it is but let me say when a stock underperforms as poorly as cat has over the last year and a half two years, it's trying to tell you something. given what's going on in the last couple of days in the s&p, 1670 is the level to hold. again, if the impact breaks down here, you see a little bit of a selloff. the only thing holding cat is the broader market in the first
5:32 pm
place. below 80 you have to be extraordinarily careful. >> that's long term but it's interesting about the video last night of the discussion last night. what anthony was talking about is something different, more along the chanos line his short, his pick to click. what tim it is saying is different. from an industrial standpoint it's a cyclical name. if there are accounting irregular laerts 80 is just the first stop. >> chanos said they're selling the wrong products at the wrong time in the cycle. if you layer potential accounting irregularities that might be a world of hurt. >> two thesis going on at the same time and only one needs to work for chanos to win. >> let's go to mike khouw, how are optioned players playing cat. >> to the downside. that's been true for a while
5:33 pm
even going back to before chanos made his remarks. one of the ones that was seeing a lot of activity today was the weekly 82 and a half puts. those are people making bets that the stock will finish the week down at least another dollar or so. we also saw activity further out in time though down around the 77 and a half strikeout to november. people are selling stock, selling puts. basically they're expecting that it could, in fact break below 80. >> still ahead, starbucks out with earnings tomorrow after the bell. with the growing dividend gains in global expansion plans, could the coffee giant brew up another solid quarter. guy says yes, dan says no. that means one thing, a caffeinated street fight. as we head to break here's another look at shares of facebook up 19% after that blowout quarter. latest from the conference call straight ahead. ♪ ♪ [ indistinct shouting ] [
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have time to eat like i should. and the more i focus on everything else the less time i have to take care of me. that's why i like glucerna shakes. they have slowly digestible carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes. glucerna products help me keep everything balanced. [ golf clubs clanking ] [ husband ] i'm good! well, almost everything. [ male announcer ] glucerna. delicious shakes and bars. helping people with diabetes find balance. >> welcome back to "fast money." starbucks reporting thirty quarter earnings tomorrow, the street is expecting revenues of
5:36 pm
$3.7 billion. shares up more than 25% in 2013. will starbucks perk late higher or will it grind to a halt? time for a good old fashioned street fight. guy is a bull dan is a bear. 30 seconds to make a case. >> you should hand in that harvard diploma. >> i didn't write it. >> any time you lead with that smell, 1978 unbelievable. why is starbucks going higher? it's diversifying. there is huge margins in the food business which if you noticed starbucks is doing a lot more of. what does that mean? operating margins last quarter were through the roof in america which were up 440 basis much points and emerging markets were up 250 basis points. that's tremendous. dan is going to shoot against valuation and he's right to do
5:37 pm
it. 25 times forward earnings is expensive but i still believe this is a -- >> you're making my case here? >> i'm going to explain why i think it's reasonable. >> this is a very good company. you know what? they're expected to growing earnings 22% for the next two years. it's trading at 25 times forward earnings. that's a really high in this last five years of this cycle. to me they have gotten a lot of the benefits right, from diversifying gee graphically, moving into different product categories. i like that. the stock just made an all time high. they reported a quarter in a week that's seeing disappointing price action from restaurants like pan era, dominos and cheese cake. the stock's price i'd much rather buy this in the low 60s than stepping in tomorrow. that's my take. i am a bull lower. >> i think he makes great points. i think the quarter is going to
5:38 pm
surprise some people. i think they sold it today on the back of some of the things you just said. we're going to find out though. the stock has been a monster. >> guy, did you hear the buzzer? it rang. >> karen, who won? >> i thought i heard guy agree with dan at the end there. i actually agree with dan as well. i just wouldn't get on board here priced for good things all right. >> doc? >> i like starbucks. i'll be surprised if this hot weather hasn't hurt them just a little bit. >> they have cold drinks. >> they're very profitable but an awful lot of the hot drinks. >> have you seen how much ice is in the drinks? >> i think starbucks dips here. >> we'll find out from the people. tweet us who won the street fight using hashtag bull for guy, hashtag bear for dan. we'll have the results at the end. show. now could be the most ideal time
5:39 pm
to rebalance your potential as interest rates move higher. we should note the ten year yield hit a ten week high. he just ran behind me. as if this is the first time you ran on tv dan. >> welcome to tv people. it's live. >> anyway two week high in today's session. joining us are david kelly, david, great to see you. >> glad to see you. >> which sectors are the best in a rising rate environment? >> the first things for people to realize is why rates will continue to go up. lousy demographics. that's the first thing. second if you look at new home sales, vehicle sales in june the u.s. economy is going to produce enough economic growth to do that. if the unemployment rate goes down the fed is going to remove a trillion dollars worth of purchases from the bond market
5:40 pm
and that means rates are going to go up. once you do that you want an environment where you have improving economy, rising stock market but also raising rates. you're looking for sectors that have a high to the equity market but not hurt by raising rates. the obvious one is technology. that does the best relative to the market and higher rates do not have an impact on tech the way they do in other sectors. >> we've seen the higher dividend yielders sell off a bit as the markets are going higher. do they have a place in the average person's portfolio still if you believe that rates are rising and markets are going higher? >> they have a place but it's got to be under weight. something like utilities has two strikes. one it is defensive so you don't get the full kick from a rising equity market and it's used as a
5:41 pm
bond substitute. the problem is prices move up and down together. things like reits, telecom utilities are vulnerable to higher rates. >> within technology i would think you like the ones to pay dividend sort of like a double kicker? >> not necessarily. i'm just looking for the growth because, again, the higher the dividend is the more people are buying it for a bond substitute. that's what you want to try and avoid when rates are rising. >> thanks for joining us. david kelly of jpmorgan. google unveiling its brand new nux us tablet today. could this prove to be the one gadget that ends up becoming the ipad killer. a look at some of the biggest stories sure to rule tomorrow's tape. nding exhilaration beyond the engineering. ♪ ♪ come to the golden opportunity sales event to experience the
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'sup the more you know, the better you can plan for what's ahead. talk to farmers and get smarter about your insurance. ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum bum - bum - bum -bum ♪ >> welcome back. i'm julie boorstin. more from facebook's earnings conference call. ceo talking right now about the increase in demand basically saying that over the past quarter inventory grew but prices stayed steady indicating growth in advertiser demand. he talked about between the
5:45 pm
first quarter and the second quarter there was an increase in the number of collision but the cost of click did not decrease. all this pointing to better demand. one other thing i want to point out here two times on this conference call so far that facebook has called out the power of its ads on the second screen, that means to work with television ads. to me that seems like a direct attack on twitter which made a big deal about how well it's ads worked to support tv ads. a lot of talk about ads as a television supportive factor. >> facebook holding onto gains, still up about 17%. google unveiling a brand new nexus 7 tablet but will the device prove to be an ipad killer. jon fortt joins us. john? >> hard to see what about this device is going to change the
5:46 pm
game so drastically that it kills the ipad. the high resolution is really nice. high definition streaming and the google play games app. i had an exclusive interview. i asked him whether google is friend or foe with motorola gearing up to announce new hardware. he sounds positive on how google is handling that. listen. >> i don't think it's an issue because through the cooperation we find out that we have similar kind of you know culture. both try to drive the innovation to the extreme and almost try to make things impossible become possible. >> the big netflix presence was a partner on the software side high def streaming on android 4.3. to me that hints this might be more about blunting amazon's
5:47 pm
media move as much as about apple, more more. >> stick around. i want to trade google here. dr. j., everybody on the desk including mike khouw, bullish google over facebook. is this tablet part of the story? >> it is. this really is i think, an ipad killer. the fact that it's $100 less the fact that they went from mono to -- >> doc, are you going to buy one of these things? come on buddy. i know you like google. >> if i were buying a tablet. i have no need for it but i would buy it. >> you're the big apple ecosystem guy. >> exactly. >> so this doesn't work -- >> i got to have this. i got to have a pc. i can't run what our programs are on an ipad-type device. >> let's move on here and switch gears, get a jump start on fast forward trades and get a preview of amazon earnings out tomorrow after the bell. so jon, back to you, what are
5:48 pm
we expecting? >> wall street is looking for 6 cents a share. that would be a 23% rise in revenue, strong guidance what the street wants. colin at bgc has been bearish. he notes the profits ahead. it's not clear amazon is planning to deliver those any time soon. international sales look to be the main question mark. that's nearly 42% of revenue. other companies had trouble delivering international numbers this season. that and the situation with shipping losses which seem to have stabilized things to watch. >> thanks so much. so guy adam damdamiadami. >> we've liked amazon for a long time. we get equal amount of hate mail being positive amazon as whatever you want to call it
5:49 pm
about apple. over the last few quarters their operating margins continued to improve. i think the same thing is going to happen tomorrow. if you want to take profits into earnings i wouldn't fault you but this stock has been teflon now forever effectively. i don't see anything that's going to change my view. >> coming up next on "mad money" money," owens korng, stick around for cramer's exclusive. our viewers have everything on deutsch bank to amd. we're trading viewer tweets next. and guaranteed 1-second trades. and at the center of it all is a surprisingly low price -- just $7.95. in fact, fidelity gives you lower trade commissions than schwab, td ameritrade and etrade. i'm monica santiago of fidelity investments,
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or 2% cash back on every purchase every day. what's in your wallet? [ crows ] now where's the snooze button? >> guy adami, our traders are quick but they're not always right. in may guy made a bullish call on blackberry. listen. >> look at the last release, the gross margins were spectacular. means they're running the business better which is remarkable for them. and we talked about short interest before. there is a sizable one in blackberry. >> dan was spot on. it's interesting that we came in with even the losers get luck
5:52 pm
some time. dan was positive. his wife is here tonight and she is stunning makes no sense to me. >> she's just an outline, not a real person. >> with that said -- i could not have been more wrong about blackberry. i felt like the stock was poised to go higher. it's obliterated ever since. >> i actually got long and down 12. so, loser. >> let's go to pops and drops. we kick it off with a pop, haines brand. >> the stock was up almost 8% today. the volume was ridiculous. they report on the 30th. i don't think you buy this stock ahead of earnings. stay away. >> i robot, a drop. >> a lot of people didn't like the guidance. stay away for at least another session. >> pop for only knee care, up
5:53 pm
five percent. >> they did a fantastic job turning this business around. great job. >> polly com down. >> this is probably one you want to avoid but it's getting cheap. >> a drop for the town cryer when announcing the birth of the royal baby on monday the royal cryer, tony appleton was long on tradition but short on invitation. he wasn't officially invited to deliver the big news. regardless he was a big hit with royal watchers around the world. i love the use of benny hill music when we talk about anything publish. >> you know what the best thing about that baby is that kid has the best teeth he'll ever have right now. >> stay tuned.
5:54 pm
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♪ "first day of my life" by bright eyes ♪ you're not just looking for a house. you're looking for a place for your life to happen. >> who won the street fight? it was a tie. >> that's like kissing your sister. >> final trade time. >> i'm short boeing. >> cyanide. i think it's going to move up. >> act vision. >> fortunate enough to be in
5:57 pm
lumber liquidators, ll get out. >> i'm melissa lee. thank for watching. see you back here tomorrow at my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. . there's always a bull market somewhere. and i promise to try to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends, just trying to make you a little money. my job is not just to entertain you but to educate you. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. the silent killer. it's always there lurking. no, i'm not talking about shark week! i'm talking about the scourge of higher interest rates. as a rapid rising
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