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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  December 31, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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to actually ring in the new year. you get an unlimited amount of food. >> it's unlimited, what about the drinks? >> the drink is -- apparently it's open bar, premium, you know, liquor et cetera. a view of times square, the ball dropping. so the whole nine yards. we'll get a little taste of what is on the menu tonight. >> you guys are right in the middle of the action. >> "fast money" starts right now. live on new year's eve right in the center of the action from the nasdaq market site in times square, i'm melissa lee. net flik, the best performing stock on the s&p 500 this year, does it have room or is the party over? it's not a party without whiskey. the demand has doubled over the past decade. we talk to the ceo of whiskey dog. still vent made plans for tonight? applebee's in times square is offering a party for a basement price of $375 a plate. we talked to the ceo about the
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city franchise. let's get straight to our top story. as we get ready to kick off the new year of trading with the stocks. are set for a big reversal in 2014. specifically, dogs of 2013 that could turn their fortunes around in 2014. it's all about hope, new beginnings. 2014, right? >> nice graphic. >> what say you? >> you know, it rallied late. it closed the year slightly higher. but freeport has been a dog now for the last 2 1/2, 3 years. valuable has been reasonable. i don't think they get enough credit for their oil and gas business. i think they finally have broken out of a 2 1/2, 3 year down trend. if they get any glimmer of hope, fcx. i think fcx, good news, gets in a lot higher next year. >> you're going sort of in the
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same space, tim? >> walter energy is a name probably i could have been doing last year at the same fitime. in walter's case, they had big balance sheet issues. i think they restructured in 2013. because of what i see in terms of global structure buildout and a return to some normalcy even though i believe iron ore production will be a problem in the next year. i think walter is a place you can stay and a place you need to be prepared for its significant volatility. the worst is behind you. >> turn around trade interrupptus here, because this is why we are talking about this. there's some pretty staggering turnaround. which got us thinking about this segment tonight. best buy in 2012 down 51%. up more than 230% this year. pitney bowes, hewlett-packard. big up years in 2013.
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that's why we're asking for these turnaround trades. >> a lot of good names being selected here. what i like is something that hasn't rallied but i think will in the new year right out of gate, it's been hammered because natural gas prices have been low. natural gas prices set, electric prices. and nuclear is a fixed cost provider. now we're seeing natural gas prices going higher. once it crosses a certain critical threshold of about 4.50 per mill btu, you'll see nuclear being very competitive. >> why wouldn't you just say coal? if nat gas is going higher, why don't you just go coal? >> coal has a lot of environmental problems going against it. >> and nuclear's okay? >> absolutely. hey, listen, in -- >> in this country, don't think nuclear's getting done. >> what's the fund, the sierra club, they have endorsed nuclear. they hate coal. a lot of the environmental plays have endorsed nuclear. the fuel is a problem.
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it's not like smog or mercury from coal. >> i mean, i think it's very interesting. i do think nuclear is going to be challenged, especially after japan. but i don't think coal is the answer. it's one of the reasons why some of the coal stocks don't have a big year. >> ccj is a great one. they have that great lineup in canada. if you want to get away from utilities. >> this stock was a $90 stock. that's what i'm saying. this stock went from 90 to 25 in the last 2 1/2 years. you get a nice dividend to sort of tuck you away for a little while. i don't think it's that ridiculous call by him. so don't throw the coal thing out there, grinch. >> i'm just asking. i'm an analyst. i'm asking the question on the minds of everybody out there. >> come on, happy new year. >> if you think high nat prices, why not just go coal? >> or why not gas? that's another way to do it. >> unless the price reaches a point where it alters demand.
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>> that is true. there's also -- there's some built-in demand for natural gas. you had a lot of gas switching going on the residential. those two sectors are making up as much, if not more than the energy sector right now. than demand for gas, consumption of gas. >> i'm going the other way on this. i think this actually goes lower. this is the name. this is the short. >> exactly. >> it had a huge, huge year in 2014. i shorted this about 208ish. about a fort night ago -- >> that's two nights for you guys on the metric system out there. >> so going your level here? >> four score and -- >> i could go four score lower, that would be quite a drop. yeah, exactly, would be fantastic. if i got a chance to short this at 200 again, i would be salivating at that. i think they have to drill a lot
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of drills, a lot of holes. >> i go for one of the better balance sheets. i do thing there's a huge trade in gold when gold finds a base around 1100. it may tick lower. somewhere in there, the gold miners don't recover until gold finds a level. >> the last top trades of course of the year 2013. first up, netflix. up nearly 300%. what happens next, guy? >> i still thing it's going to trend higher. reed hastings has done a great job. he had that precipitous drop back in september i believe. went basically from 390 to 320. that was the flashout. you saw it on huge volume. the stock still remains in a very steep uptrend, very well contained uptrend. i think the story's intact. was talking last night about the content side of the equation in terms of stocks. valuation's been concerned.
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people shot against it incorrectly. i don't know if it will have the same type of year it had last year or this current year. i still think the stock goes higher. >> up next here, twitter, it was up today, it was well more than double since the last two weeks has been a a roller coaster for investors. >> certainly not a stock for those faint of heart. >> do you feel like you missed that window? >> no, for a longer term, i don't think so. it would have been better to buy that two years ago around the $60 or so. that was the ideal place to buy it. i still think this goes north of 70 here. if you did buy it this morning, think it opened around 61, i would move from 54 to 58 here. just trail the stop higher. this is a very volatile stock, lock in gains when you can. >> action today make you more optimistic about twitter? to his point, if it is going lower what about selling puts to
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create your position with a better price? >> can certainly do that. that's just not my area of expertise. selling options in general, i wouldn't buy calls necessarily just because directional calls for me -- >> they're expensive too. >> especially on this thing. >> yeah, yeah, absolutely. >> fine', the ultimate in top trades. it was a killer year for a select few of the top hedge fund managers. cnbc's jkate kelly. >> even though the index funds did super well this year, in fact, close to 30% as we learned, there were a huge funds that did better than that. the glen view capital opportunity fund, the smaller, returned 97% yesterday. the flag ship which has tighter position size limits has about 33%. recovery fund hatched late in 2008 generated about 60% for this year. largely on robust financials like blackstone and apollo alongside mortgage related names
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like radiant and jen worth. returned roughly 39%, this is through kind of a few days ago, thanks to event driven bets like buying vergeant media before the liberty buyout and other solid performers like sotheby's and yahoo!. they went heavily into hospital and other health care names. this is something they've been smart on for quite some time. big winners for them in that broad space. included life technologies, thermal fisher, mckensennd hca. as well as zero rocks. in general, glen view has been active with what it calls. with a focus on improving the capital structure. a theme i'm hearing quite a bit about as we move into the new year and i'm starting to talk to money managers about what they expect to see. they expect to see activist and sell patco activistism which you might call constructivism. >> kate's eluding to, you have
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to buy the private equity guys. this environment, everything you just said about hedge fund managers, this is as good an environment right now for some of the bigger hedge fund managers. blackstone to me, first of all, i expect them to do that for the next four or five years. pension funds, endowment, sovereign wealth fund, these guys are advocating. they have to go to people at blackstone because they need size. the exits from a lot of these private equities. broad gate real estate in london. a pharma company in india. there's an environment for them to offtake any buyer of their deals. >> amen on blackstone. from the beginning of the year when it was a $15 stock, we've talked about it for all the reasons timmy just cited. it doesn't mean it can't continue to go higher. i think 37, 38 was the peak of the stock. there's no reason to believe it can't trade back there. >> aig, is that worth holding on to? >> i think it is, i think it's
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still valuable. it's in the penalty box. five years ago, it definite he deserved to be. trading below book value. this is a company that if you're in the insurance industry, you want to go work for this company. it's back, it's back big. that chart that you're seeing there i think is just the beginning. it trades at about 75% of book value. >> coming up next on "fast," how did our traders do in 2013? we hold their feet to the fire and get their best and worst trades of the year. we sent our very own out into the madness of times square to get some of your biggest regrets and biggest triumphs of the year financial and otherwise. >> biggest financial regret 2013? >> i sold some of my facebook a little too soon. >> what does that mean, a little too soon? >> before it hit its current price. if you're living with moderate to severe crohn's disease, and it feels like your life revolves around your symptoms, ask your gastroenterologist about humira adalimumab. humira has been proven to work for adults who have tried other medications but still experience
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as everyone counts down to the ball drop, he has his own kind of nerdy countdown. he jobs us now. you need to see before the new year kicks off. let's kick it off with it is a countdown chart number three. what is it? >> perfect. what's interesting about this,
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there have been a lot of up years in the market, as we know. but up years with this kind of little complacency in variance is what's so unusual. the presumption is it will foot continue. if you look at the average daily move in the s&p this year, you're talking about 50 basis points per day. and that is a very, very low percentage. typically markets move almost 1% a day. so these peaks you see here, this is the 73, 74 bear market. this is the 87 crash. this is the september 11th event. this of course is the great recession. what happens is after plunges like this in terms of the day to day variance, you get ricochets. and so whether you're bearish or bullish, the presumption is the buy and hold strategy, the number one strategy this year, is not going be to the number one strategy in 2014. so the conclusion is day to day variance in the market will be much greater than 50 basis points per day. >> so it will be a stock
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picker's market in 2014 as opposed to riding the indices overall? >> i think if you look at this, one of the things the fed does since 2008 is take volatility out of the market and accept that volatility. as they withdraw this liquidity, they'll reintroduce normal volatility into the market. the good way to play this might be to sell some puts on the vicks. that's the way i'd do it. >> we'll see you for chart number two and chart number one later on in the show. we want to take a look back and see how traders actually fared this year. bad news first. so worst trade of the year? >> november, early november, i came on, said you should be getting short western digital and almost by definition seagate and western digital probably trading around 72 1/2 at the time. i had talked about the individual discussing that in april when the stock was trading 30. i thought this finally might become the time the stocks become commoditized. it's not over.
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here the stock at 84, looks like it's imperfess to anything out there. my bad is so old -- i'm never going to say that again. >> that's a new year's resolution, buddy. >> really, that's sort of a lame resolution. >> i was wrong but my bad is like bad. >> #jerk? >> #jerk. sorry. >> my bad for 2013? >> might as well get it in, today's the last day. >> i recommended in april to buy icic bank which is one of the big and best ways to play the indian banking system at a time when i thought inflation say systemic problem in india, was nowhere to be found and some of the reforms prime minister singh had promised were coming through and the banks would benefit. i was totally wrong. the indian rupi has been one of these things that has been one of the things that's the story of 2013 because it's a story of a lot of the currencies as well.
5:18 pm
i sold some of that position and crystalized a loss because i didn't feel comfortable with the currency risk. it's up about 40%. india's market is actually all-time highs at this point. this is a stock i want to stay in. i crystalized losses. it was the wrong time to play it. it was a very big position. sometimes it's not even when you bet, it's how much you bet. i had a big belief in what was going on structurally in india. >> you are not alone on this one, this bad trade. >> this is bad trades. it would be badz with a "z" at the end. i tried to buy gold about five times this year. it just did not work out. it was probably only about a month ago i actually ended up getting short gold. that's worked out. but since it's the last day of the year, i'll go out on a limb and say i think next year's going to shine. >> would you buy gold or the minors? >> i would buy gold but i like
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the abx trade. they've already raised capital. so that's the place to be if you're going to be in the gold mines. >> jim. >> i was wrong volatility. let's face it, anything conservative this year was the wrong trade. we were long the visioxy and it just went nothing but down the whole year. maybe carter says we'll be right right next year. >> time for the victory laps now. the best trades of this year? >> mastercard's been an animal for a long time. it's had a lot of great news. i think the stocks continue working in 2014. >> tim. >> dry ships. this is a name that basically suffered with all of the commodities. a stock i bought a couple years back. i had taken some pain on it. i think supply's been taken out of the market. a lot of the chinese producers are offline, have gone bankrupt.
5:20 pm
it was a sector where bankruptcy was the name of the game. you're seeing recovery. it was a great trade to buy at 165. >> your best trade of 2013 and 2014. >> absolutely, absolutely. >> brian kelly. >> got to be japan, long the nikkei, short the yen. you didn't have to do much for the year except hold on to it. that i would also stick with in the new year. >> jim levinle that. >> small cap name, winnebago. the rv manager. in this lukewarm economy, most people thought these guys couldn't sell anything. it turns out these guys are profitable when they're losing only 40% of their capacity utilization. now they're starting to make money. it's been a great trade. i think there's more in it, especially after the end of the year dip. >> have you ever taken one out for a spin? >> not as far as you know. >> i would in a minute. >> sounds like there's a story there, jim. >> i would love to have one of those. >> really? >> i'd never buy one but --
5:21 pm
>> you drove the weiner mobile, didn't you? >> no, but i did apply for that job in college to drive the weiner mobile. for some reason, they felt like i wasn't qualified. >> you driving? >> i'll drive. >> no, no, no. you'll drive what? >> i'll drive the rv. >> no, not with us in the car. >> let's move on. we heard from the traders about their year but we want to hear about your year. we sent guy out in the chaos in times square. take a listen. >> biggest financial regret, 2013? >> i sold facebook too soon. >> your biggest financial regret in 2013? >> i am going to college this year so i don't have a lot of money. >> that shouldn't be a regret, that's a great thing. >> i'm here with tynis and erica. ways your biggest financial regret of 2013? >> buying an ex-fro froex-frien
5:22 pm
birthday gift. >> what about you? >> a birthday gift. >> the undertones are bad, men did you wrong. your biggest financial regret in 2013? >> my boyfriend. >> is he your biggest regret? >> yes, he is. >> any new year's resolutions? >> workout. >> good for you. happy new year. >> how was it? because you were actually in the penned-in areas. >> was what your biggest regret of 2013? >> i mean, you got to be -- you got to be a sturdy human being to go out and -- >> we, you used a different word earlier. you said there were a lot of whacka doodles. >> it's 17 degrees outside, they're not allowed out of their pens. if they go out, they're not allowed back. >> if nature calls -- >> i think the guy on facebook -- there are a lot of people that would have said the same thing.
5:23 pm
maybe even twitter. facebook was the poster child for an ipo of a company who we have no idea how they're going to monetize all this enthusiasm. this was a stock in a tailspin before it found its footing. >> coming up later this how, no plans for new year's yet? we talk to the manager of new york city's applebee's about how it's getting customers to pay up for this big night. the demand for whiskey has doubled in the past decade. we talk to the ceo of whiskey dog. [ man #1 ] we're now in the approach phase.
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there's no place on earth like times square on new year's eve. ringing in twim2014. let's check in with stephanie in the thick of things. >> hi, melissa. rehearsals are going on as we speak. on the stage behind me, you might be able to see the '70s icon blondie. she was rehearsing a moment ago. as we get ready for the big show. the ball will be officially raised at 6:00 local time. that's when the official party will kick off. i can tell you that there's a lot of festivities going on. people very excited. the energy is building here in times square as we get ready to ring in 2014. we're live here in times square. back to you. >> stephanie, thanks so much. looks pretty cold out there. >> it's chilly. >> freezing. >> blondie reference, it looks like the tide is high. >> oh! >> okay. >> that's it for b.k.
5:28 pm
>> that was weak. >> oh! i could have done it -- >> well, bring it. bring it. >> we're going to talk whiskey now. whiskey demand apparently flowing strong. global demand for scotch wihisky has doubled in the last decade. more than $7 billion worth of scotch is exported from the uk each year and the brown beverage isn't just a tasty way to ring in the new year, it's also an investment idea that could lead to big returns. joining us is the founder and ceo of the whiskey dog. great to have you here. and you're dressed up in full spirit here with the kilt. >> of course. i thought i'd don on the kilt and make my way through times square and share a few whiskeys. >> so you brought along a few. these think are ones that people can buy in stores. so these might be ones you could use tonight for new year's. >> absolutely. i wanted to share a few
5:29 pm
whiskeys. my personal favorites that we sell is of course the winky which is actually a corn beef whiskey. the japanese make some fantastic single malts and other types of whiskey. often overlooked by the west . n the second one of course is the glenrothes. i'm actually a big fan. selling for about $99. just under $100. great price point. and then the 21-year-old, which is a highland winky, it is a little hidden gem. people especially in the states, people love mckallen. this is my version of mckallen. this is $169 a bottle. 21-year-old single malt scotch whiskey. slides down like a penguin in a wet suit. >> like a what? >> exactly.
5:30 pm
that's how silky soft this it. >> what's a penguin in a wet suit? >> that just sounds very slippery. >> absolutely. >> so it's very -- >> well, that's the point. >> i know. we were talking about demand for whiskey. you can make some good money if you know what to invest in. what should you look for? you brought one bottle here. if you can walk us through why that bottle would be an investible bottle. >> this whiskey i've poured, i say money makes the world go round but whiskey makes it spin twice as fast. when you know what to buy with single malt winkhiskey, there's lot of lucrative money to be made. the difference with single malt whiskey investment unlike wine when you invest behind the brand, you're really looking for that one individual component. in this case, this is a 1978 single cast bottling of the glenrothes. what we talk about investment grade whiskey, so if you want to
5:31 pm
have a little nose of this straight off the bat, lots dry fruit, ginger, if you want to take a little sip of this. cheers. what you get here is beautiful. it's almost like liquid creme brulee right across the palate. what do you think? >> i can't -- i mean, liquid creme brulee, penguin in a wet suit. >> it sounds like a party at tim's house. >> nicholas, thanks so much. happy new year to you. >> cheers. >> don't go anywhere. the traders are going to reveal their first trades of 2014.
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welcome back to "fast." we're live at the nasdaq market site. a lot of police presence in the heart of times square. just a few hours away from the final countdown to midnight. carter is getting closer to his top chart to see before 2014
5:35 pm
arrives. >> chart number two. so it's the spread between a major asset class equities and commodities. you know commodities spike well above equities. now we have this equally impressive spike in terms of equities above comb moldties. the presumption is this cannot last. here's the tell. the most important commodity all, copper, has all the hallmarks of an important head and shoulders bottom. here's the neckline. this looks like it's going meaningfully higher. what that suggests is that commodities actually outperform equities in 2014. >> which would be fantastic -- >> we talked about it as well. if charter worth is correct, and he typically is, the names that timmy mentioned should do well in tworn. >> 2014. >> copper's holding but the companies themselves into this environment are going to absolutely outperform the
5:36 pm
underlying commodities and that's where you want to be. >> does that mean stocks will decline? >> stocks can be quite fallow after a big year like this as commodities move higher. we're seeing it as tim said in certain steel stocks and so forth, they're acting quite well. the suggestion is this will be fixed. it's too extreme. >> all right, carter, chart number one on the way. we'll be back ton you with that. in the options market today, there appeared to be a lot of bullish activities in the retailers. i wanted to go to mike with the action for today. >> it was interesting, you know, it isn't a day where you would typically see a whole lot of pgs s activity. we saw about 20% less than we normally would but not, as you point out in several of the retailers. target traded almost four times its average daily call volume. family dollar saw about 1.3 times it's average daily call volume. and dollar general store saw almost seven times it's average daily call volume. it was opening call buyers of the february 62 1/2 calls.
5:37 pm
dollar general paying about 1.5. those twice betting bullish those stocks would be above. so that sort of caught my eye. because, you know, this is a space that wasn't performing particularly well today but that's a bet the stock would be up almost 7% in that time. >> thanks for that options action. every friday, 5:30 p.m. eastern time. check out our website. coming up next, what makes a party on new year's eve? obviously, location, location, location. we'll find out how one location in new york is doing it. ♪ [ bell ringing, applause ] five tech stocks with more than a 10%... change in after-market trading. ♪ all the tech stocks with a market cap... of at least 50 billion... are up on the day.
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some names outperforming and some ending the year in red. let's go around the table. i guess the question here is old technology. who wants a piece? >> i'll take a piece. hp, so broken at the start of
5:41 pm
this year. the recovery was about repairing the danimage and cost cutting. pc sales are actually stabilizing. jpmorgan says you're seeing printing volume start to pick up again. what i love about this company is $8 billion of free cash flow expected by 2015. this guy is in value territory. if you look at the management, it has really been turned around. while not an exciting business in 2014 can continue this run. >> it was a double, by the way in 2014, among the 20 best performers in the s&p 500. nice performance by hp. in august, the ceo ballmer will step down at some point in 2014. >> a lot of places in old tech you can look for great returns. the intel, the cornings, the ibms of the world. i don't care what you say about
5:42 pm
xbox or nokia, it's still windows. that market is saturated. there's nothing allen my laically, if he comes over from forward, can do. >> cisco underperforming, roughly half the gains of the s&p. >> having a great year until that november quarter which was a disaster. i thought it would hold 21. didn't. traded back down in the ensuing weeks. they're the benefactor of a good tape. now trading 22 1/2. that felt like as bad a quarter as they possibly could have reported. i think the stock on a value basis might be okay here. i think it can recapture 25 easily. >> if you had to go another network -- >> given the fact -- given the sell-off fear, think cisco's more interesting than the other two. >> ibm finishing in the red. will big blue turn things around? this falls into the drawino dog
5:43 pm
dow theory. >> it was a fort night -- >> again with the bow tie talk. >> very sophisticated show. ibm was almost 12% down for the year. had a 9% rally over the last couple weeks. i don't think this performs well in 2014. >> you don't buy this cloud's going to bring things back? >> the problem, they're spending all their money on buying back stock. cash flow declines, they're not going to be able to engineer earnings like they used to. they lost a big contract to amazon. this is a name i would be short in 2014. >> it was a government contract. >> they said engineering the earnings. without implying anything more than that, these guys have managed to make earnings look very good for a long time. >> $20 billion added this year so a lot of engineering. applebee is cashing in on new year's. the two locations in times square tonight charging $375 for dinner, which does include a buffet dinner and open bar.
5:44 pm
the chairman and ceo of apple metro runs those restaurants. zane, nice to see you. so on a regular basis, you can go to applebee's and have dinner 2 for 20? >> you can. >> tonight, it's $375 a person. >> it's also 25 degrees outside. >> oh, so you think the colder it is, the better value 375 -- >> absolutely, absolutely, you stay warm, you can use a bathroom, and you eat. we give you all the food, all the drink you want for -- from 4:00 to midnight. and you walk outside. and you see the ball drop. it's the best deal actually in town. if you think about it, walk uup down broadway, there's $5,000, $2,000 -- >> what is this, we're in the middle of an interview here. >> actually, i'm leaving that. you don't have to rush. >> you had me at bathroom. >> you like that? >> that might be worth 375. >> that work for me too by the way. >> for many people, i think it would.
5:45 pm
do you have any tickets? >> no, we sold out. we had 500 tickets. at 50th street. and 500 here at 42th street. we sold out. >> there's going to be 500 people in that applebee's around the corncorner? >> yes, it's two stories. the one at 50th street is three stories so yes, there will be 500 people. >> does anyone ever actually get $375 worth of food and drink? drink that much? >> absolutely. it's more about being in new york. it's more about being in manhattan. we have 38 other restaurants. all the boroughs. we serve a champagne toast and give $2 for, just like you said. >> we're showing what, some other chains. your $375 a person could be a bargain compared to ruby tuesdays or planet hollywood. how do you come up with the pricing? you say 375. that's what people are going to pay to be at applebee's in times square. >> we're the sweet spot in terms
5:46 pm
of population. applebee's. so candidly, i didn't know what any other chains were charging. i don't look at anybody but what we do and what we're about. that's what we thought we could get for new year's eve. we've been doing it for a decade. this is not the first year. for whatever reason, it went viral this year. i'm delighted to have it go viral. i don't know what anyone else charges. honest to god. i just know we wanted to do to come home. we started this ten years ago at $200. people thought we were nuts at $200 a decade ago. but we want to be fair to the consumers as well. that's how we came up with the number. >> last question, because i know everybody on this desk wants the answer. do you have riblets there tonight with the jack daniels sauce? >> oh, yeah. >> oh, gee, it's four guys and one of me? >> no, come on. >> we're not going -- we're going to ruby tuesdays instead. >> actually, rib lebts has been off our menu for about a year.
5:47 pm
what we do have are fantastic baby back ribs but riblets are off. >> that's an inside joke. >> there's so many different -- you're bring meg doing me down dangerous road i refuse to go down. you brought us a lovely shrimp platter. some lovely pasta. >> i'll have to use my hands soon. >> it's not beyond you. >> lovely. >> smells delicious. zane, thank you so much. good luck tonight. >> thanks. applebee's ceo. let's trade some restaurant talk, tim. >> i look at dining stock, certainly very well positioned. >> which is the parent, by the way. >> if you look at the whole entire space, multiple expansion is what weem seen. when i look at the value territory, i still like old mcdonald's. these guys are relative to themselves where i think they should be in terms of value
5:48 pm
territory. paying 24 times for dine is not expected when you're getting 25% roe. >> other place is darden restaurant. you do have a bit of a floor under it. if it can get through 56, technically, it looks really nice. >> it's been unbelievable. i think it started this year. it's basically more than a double this year. it's a huge move. valuations. it's not ridiculous. it's just a move in the stock. might be a little too much too fast. you've got i-hop as well. we're all big fans. >> the rootie tootie fresh and fruity. >> sounds perfect. >> blueberry syrup. >> ooh, that would be nice. >> we have all this food, we had whiskey. >> sweet potato fries. >> i just found out about it. it's delicious. >> oh, good. >> maybe i'm a little behind the ball. >> just a little bit. >> coming up, a little birdie told us you have stock questions for our traders. we'll head to the
5:49 pm
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now, the moment you have been waiting for. ready to reveal his top chart, the number one chart you need to see before 2014. carter what is it? >> it's nothing to do with me. here's what it is, if the market is up in the first five days of the year, something known as a january barometer, january for the month is up 76% of the time. that's going back to 1928. and then it ensues that of course the first five days are up, if january itself is up, for the month, the year is up 82% of the time. so we're going on vacation tomorrow. when we come back, those first few days determine so much of the probabilities of the year. here's a chart of the last year that we just ended now. this is the month of january. as we know, it was up 5.5%. with tonight's close, we close the year up 30%.
5:53 pm
as january go, so goes the market. as the first five days of january goes, so goes january. >> you buy that? >> what i say, when carter speaks, you listen. do i buy it? absolutely. along with the applebee's bone-in riblets. buy that too. >> they're not riblets if they're bone-in, they're just ribs. >> she's slow walking into it. >> come on. >> carter, thank you, happy new year. all right, you tweeted, let ae' get some of the tweets tonight. >> it's never a good sign when the market closes on an all time high and lou lou is a low. feels like all the bad news they possibly could have had they've had in the last month. think you can trade if from a long. >> what will be an alternative emerging etf to the eem or ewz? >> i think they've been underperformers. these are two places i think
5:54 pm
outperform in '14. >> when do the traders expect to see volatility return to the markets at least on a limited basis? >> as we talked in the beginning, probably the first -- maybe give it the second quarter here. somewhere between march and june as the fed really starts to withdraw that liquidity. that will introduce volatility to the market. >> buy sell or hold pfizer? >> hold it. there's a lot of cancer drugs as well as their atrial fibrillation drug. buy it. >> from tesla to twerking, a look at our top five "fast money" moments of 2013. >> our next guest -- >> are you guys talking about me? >> 50 years old and still looking great and young and handsome. >> isn't that -- i mean, regis, you are the man, an absolute stud. >> no, no, you are the italian stallion. >> tesla, tesla,s at the h s at
5:55 pm
>> nice. tesla. tesla. >> if you really want to be taken into the real pool of scotch whiskey, this is it. >> i want to be in the real pool of scotch whiskey. >> i can take you there. >> fire them all. if you twerked the other day, you shouldn't work. if you twerk, you don't work. >> amen. >> a lot of people got fired after that. >> nice job. >> how do you feel about that? >> i feel great about it. you know, ho, ho, ho. >> grinch. >> go twerk. all right. first move for 2014 when we come right back.
5:56 pm
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5:59 pm
the mix between ge cap 2, their industrial business is moving more towards the industrial. this say great company. china ordered book $8 billion now, go there. >> brian kelly. >> 2014, energy and rates. that's where you'll make your money. you get those right, you'll make a lot of money this year. uso, buy some oil. and a merry new year to everybody out there. >> merry new year, nice. jim. >> listen, it may sound boring but making money's never boring, right. apple. that's your first pick. you're going to be up at least 20% on the year. >> really, apple up at least 20% on the year. >> bk, merry new year. any idea where that's from? >> no, i don't. >> "trading places." >> oh, i've seen that movie too. >> we had a bad week with you with movies. you couldn't figure out -- >> i can watch a movie and i will purge it from my mind immediately. >> today? >> i'm boycotting, i'm drinking
6:00 pm
whiskey. >> right on. >> in a pool. >> a whirlpool. >> in a whirlpool of whiskey. happy new year to everyone, have a safe, safe holiday. we'll see you on thursday at 5:00 for more "fast." "mad meantime "mad money" with jim cramer starts right now. my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to make you a little money. my job is not just to entertain you, but to teach so call me at 800-743-cnbc. tonight i'm going to tell you who i


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