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tv   Worldwide Exchange  CNBC  March 12, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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we want them to die down. we don't want them to take the rest of the market with them. though. i like to say, there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to try to find it just for you here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer and i will see you tomorrow! hello. you're watching "worldwide exchange." i'm ross westgate. the headlines today from around the globe, concerns grow in china with copper down 5% pushing equity prices lower in asia and europe. futures falling by their daily limits. malaysian authorities hold the latest press conference in the disappearance of flight 370. the world's biggest staffing company, adecco, reports a jump in revenue, helped by
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recovering, pushing shares atop the market. and investors are cheering the potential, the firm hiking its dividend after quarterly figures and extending its business activity in asia and africa. >> announcer: you're watching "worldwide exchange," bringing you business news from around the globe. all right, a warm welcome to today's "worldwide exchange." we're waiting for the latest press conference on the mysterious disappearance of the malaysian flight 370 to begin. this is the room in kuala lumpur where that will be held. as soon as it does, we will be going there. meanwhile, a very good morning to you. welcome to the start of your trading day. this morning, the dow right on
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fair value as well as the nasdaq. the s&p clearly down 9.5%. at a moment, just a particular above fair value. london copper down at 44-month lows. ftse lower 0.8%. xetra dax down 1%. the cac 40 off 1.22% and the ftse mib off 0.75%. adecco near the top of the stocks 600. the companies making progress and cutting costs while improving higher in italy. the stock up nearly 5%. nearly 5% for potential. the green for the fit company after posting a 17% jump in operating profit last year.
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the british insurer saying its asian business remains fairley well positioned. investors reacting to the news that it signed a new 15-year bank assurance partnership with standard chartered. standard chartered down 4% today amid concerns about what's going on in china with the program there. and swiss re, traders citing costs and trusts controlled by families could be looking at buying stake. now, as far as bond markets are concerned, the stock/losses bond markets, ten-year treasury yields, yielding 2.76%. you've got to remember, post the jobs report friday, yields lower in germany. a little higher in italy, 2.4% and ten-year gilt yields, 2.74%, as well. in the currency market, dollar/yen still around the 103.
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102.83. you've got to remember, we got a six-week low for the dollar. and euro/dollar, just marginally lower, 1.3848. we hit that 2 1/2 year high are friday. let's check in on the commodity webs as well. copper down 1% today. london copper down at 44-month lows. spot gold do i know doing fairley well today, gold coming up to a 4 1/2 month high on the safe haven demand. brent off marginally, below 108. nymex, just below 100 at 98.79. that's where we stand an hour into the european session today. sixuan has a wrap of what happened in asia. >> thank you for that, ross. worries around china's economic woes and the shanghai composite ended down a modest 10.1%. is shenzhen down by 0.1%. in hong kong, the hang seng
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index dipped 1.6%. in japan, hurt by a stronger yen and those china jitters, the nikkei 225 had its worst loss in over a month ending down by 2.6%. in south korea, chemical and steel shares came under pressure on the earnings for you. investors continued to sell down shares for the third straight session. the kospi ended lower by 1.6%. in australia, although miners made a rebound today, still lower by 0.6% as we got a very weak reading on consumer confidence. as for individual stocks, china's baoding tillway splitted 5% after delisting posting net losses for two years in a row. its corporate bonds were suspended ford second session spurring credit default jitters. on the other hand, let me show you the bright spot in hong kong
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today. chinavision surged almost 200% after news that alibaba is buying a 60% stake in the tv and sales proction firm for over $800 million. this comes one day after the dotcom deal while china's internet players have been racing each other by joining forces for the smaller firms. that's a look at asian markets. back to you, ross. we have news out of the international association of travel agents. it's revised down 2014 airline industry forecasts to $18.7 billion from a previous 19.7. that's downgrade driven by the ukraine prices and weakness in latin america. and just a reminder, we're still waiting for the latest press conference on the mysterious disappearance of malaysian flight 370 to begin. this is the room in kuala lumpur
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where that will happen. we'll keep you updated. away from that, concern about what's going on in china. big sell-off in copper. patrick expense, the managing director of institutional equity sales. patrick, very good morning to you. shanghai copper down 5% on credit fear these morning. what's your take on this? >> morning. well, just before actually coming out, i did check the price of copper. and, you know, copper basically, from its 2008 low, is up 130%. and the crb index, the beginning of this year, has been quite strong. just a little bit of profit taking, maybe. a little bit of weakness with regard to worries around ukraine. i'm not overly concerned with regard to that. there's certainly deflationary concerns in the market. >> what it is, it's easing concerns.
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are we going to see defaults across the financial sector? copper and iron ore. >> yeah. i think, you know, the big concern here is about china and china slowing. china, in reality, is 13% of world gdp. on the world stage. so it's important, but it's not significant. and i think the other thing is what you've got to remember is that china, just like my point about copper, you're taking a bit of a pause for breath here. basically, china in terms of u.s. dollars, china has doubled its gdp since 2008. so it continues to grow nicely. i think we have just -- it will be priced in at the margin, isn't it? >> the chinese stock market hasn't done very much at all and resource stocks last year were underperformers. >> but then when you look at the developed markets, developed markets are flat this year. emerging markets are down 5%.
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so, you know, when you start to cut liquidity, like you do with tapering, capital finds the right -- finds its right level and it finds the right areas to invest in. and the right areas to invest in at the moment are the developed markets. you know, japan has taken a bit of a pause. europe continues to do okay. the u.s. has been the place to be and will continue to be the place to be. very much so. i mean, if you look at what's happening to corporate earnings recently, corporate earnings are the best they've been for three years. corporate earnings -- >> are they good enough to justify current -- >> i think they are. everybody talks about the market being expensive. once again, just before i came out this morning, pes are basically not about where we're going, they're just a reflection of where we've been. if you look back at 2008, pe is at 60. the following year, the market was up 20%. i think you're in the same scenario. but pe is now 1516.
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you know, they're on 20, 30-year averages. so, you know, they're not cheap, but they're not expensive. >> there's a lot going on. patrick, stay there. come back and see you for a little bit more. what's the corporate view on china? we've been catching up with some of europe's leading executives this morning. listen in to what they have to say. >> we do a little better. probably better there is a company that i will not name, but asian markets. long investors. >> okay. >> is there money that's been going in and out. if you look at the big numbers, markets are fine and, really, these economies are really very well managed. >> also from china, we expect similar growth, like last year. china will definitely continue to grow more rapidly than the average.
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nevertheless, he should not forget that the base gets bigger every year and, therefore, percentage rates will come down sooner or later. but we are very confident that china will stay on course and we will see another year of good growth. >> as far as the agenda is concerned for the states today, the monthly federal budget statement is out at 2:00 p.m. eastern. on the early side, look for retailers express and williams sonoma. as well as krispy kreme and veil resorts. we're still waiting meanwhile for the latest press conference on malaysian fly 373 to begin. when it starts, we will be there. and this is the search for that flight continues into its fifth day and confusion still reigns over the plane's final path. malaysia's air force chief has denied reports that a military radar detected the aircraft off the western coast of the peninsula, a detail that would
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confirm the plane turned back on its course. it scaled back a sea search while it waits for more information from malaysia. still to come, as well, new jersey says good-bye to tesla, voting to ban the direct -- in the states. why would they do that? we'll have the details, after that. that.
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president obama plays host to the ukrainian prime minister in washington. and china expands its serve for the missing malaysian plane and its passengers. and we are still waiting for the latest press conference on the disappearance of malaysian flight 370 to begin. it will take place in this room in kuala lumpur. we will go there as soon as that starts. before that, call it the s&p 501 index. standard & poors is changing how it plans to handle google's stock split.
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as a result, the s&p will now have more than 500 stocks listed, but will still just represent 500 companies. is that clear? and get the champagne out. because today marks the 25th birthday of the internet. what did we do before that? the idea of the net was conceived in a swiss computer lab in 1989 by the englishman tim bernersley and has since gone on to change global communication. so do tech stock valuations sit. now the right place, patrick, 25 years since we invented the internet. what do you think of techs? people say that there's a massive -- of tech valuations and they're overvalued. what do you think? >> it was referred to yesterday
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as nose bleed valuations. my clients get a bit concerned b about how to get their arms around the value. that's why we come from. how do you value these fantastic companies? to me, it's all about the treasure at the end of the rainbow. these companies are like private companies operating in a private on equity environment. it's all about land grant market share and not profitability. so i can understand why people get concerned. but the opportunities, you happen, we were just talking about tesla in the break there. i was looking this morning, worldwide sales of cars is 2 billion. now, if tesla were to take, say, a 5% stake of that, it would be 100 billion. and the profitability of that 100 billion for tesla would be around its current market cap of 30 billion. so you can understand, you know, rainbow at the end. you know, it's basically investing today for profit tomorrow. so i think they're adequately
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priced, and with that example -- >> a lot of investors don't care about whether they'll reach that tomorrow. they want to be along for the journey until the end. >> yes. but if you look at things like tesla, for instance, there must be more jam tomorrow because 40% of the stock is short. so, you know, people talk about the bubble valuations. bubble valuations don't come about with a short position. there is legacy tech, things like intel which still have good margins. but for the expensive techs, which is isolated, i still think they've got tremendous opportunities. >> you mentioned tesla. let's just recap why we're talking about it. new jersey, banned auto sales effective april the 1st which forced tesla to use dealers instead. new jersey is now the third state to not less tesla sell cars directly to customers. most traditionals make it
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through franchise dealerships. tesla currently has two stores in new jersey and the state's rule requires the dealership to be larger than 1,000 square feet and have a service facility. tesla says the move is unfair. >> the tesla business model, competition ensures that there's a vertical monopoly in the sales process and it restricts consumer access to very valuable and very important public safety considerations. >> this is not fair. this is not fair at all. what makes this not a dealership that you can't come in here and get an oil change? i don't think so. it's a dealership. >> tesla sales are down 2% on tuesday. this is supposed to be the home of free market capital. this seems to me unbelievable restrictive trade practice. and look, imagine if they said
5:20 am
you can't sell books direct to the public? where would amazon be? isn't that the same principal? >> yes. >> that you have to go through an old fashioned shop? i find it extraordinary. >> i find it disappointing. it's just noise with regard to tesla. he referred in that interview about tesla's business model. you look at tesla. it employs ,000 people and has a market cap of 30 billion. fiat employs 225,000 people and has a market cap of 13 billion. it's about productivity. it's about technology. it's about breaking down these traditional barriers and the way we sell. this will just get swept apart. so i agree with you. i think it's uncalled for and unfair. >> amazing. good to see you. thanks very much indeed. patrick spencer, joining us from buried. now, another alternative, the u.s. attorney's office in
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manhattan has reportedly opened a probe into gm's recall of 1.6 million vehicles worldwide. prosecutors are examining whether gm is liable for not properly disclosing issues with its car and prompting recalls last month. gm and the u.s. attorney's office have declined to comment. gm shares down 5% tuesday. the worst one-day performance in more than two years. down another 2.5% today in frankfurt. now, just how satisfied are you with the service at your local starbucks? if you are very satisfied, you can leave a virtual tip for your barista. starting next week, the tip option will be available in the coffee chain's updated iphone app. after paying, customers can leave tips of 50 cents, $1 or $2, anytime within two hours of the transaction. starbucks says roughly 10% of all purchases are now made with a mobile device.
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so has the tipping gone too far? what services do you tip for? let us know what you think. you can e-mail us,, tweet @cnbcwex or direct to me @rosswestgate. should you be tipping the barista for your morning coffee? i don't have drink morning coffee. i have a cup of tea. make it myself. this morning, on the down side in europe. decliners outpacing advancers by more than 9/1. we'll continue right after this. .
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just a reminder, we are waiting for the latest press conference on the disappearance of malaysian flight 370 to begin. it will be taking place in this room in kuala lumpur. u.s. futures meanwhile are indicating a negative start a little later this morning. the dow down 67 points yesterday. it's currently called down 32 at the open. the s&p 500 which was off 9.5 points in tuesday's session, currently down nearly 5 and the nasdaq implied lower by 9 at the open after having its first four-day consecutive losing streak since august. as far as asian markets are concerned, the nikkei down 2.5%.
5:26 am
the shanghai composite down 0.2% despite the fact we saw copper down 5%. hang seng down 1.6% and the s&p/asx down 0.5%, as well. collide, nice to see you. it's been a while. we're suddenly very worried about copper and credit limits. how much of this is due to fears about the slowdown, industrials slowdown and the fact that copper is used as collateral? >> well, i think ahead of some chinese economic data, which will be out tomorrow, industrial production, i think there is some anxiety going into that. we have seen obviously weak export numbers. i would argue this is quite impacted by some seasonal issues. but it seems like investors are not willing to -- to have too much risk in their portfolio heading into some more sensitive
5:27 am
chinese data as suggested. >> that export data, i actually wonder whether part of that was on the comparisons of last year. because we had a lot of sort of fake deals around, capital controls out of hong kong. i just wonder whether we had unusually strong data by which the comparisons weren't going to look great. >> yeah. i would agree with that. i think that there's certain question marks about the quality of the data, obviously, but particularly seasonal in january and february. i think we need to be careful about reading too much into it. however, nevertheless, even if one want to quibble about the data in the first two months of the year, one can. but it's indisputable that the overall transfer of china continues to be slower growth. and i think that drum beat is what's leading to underperformance versus regional tiers six months, 12 months year-to-date, take your pick. >> and china's governor has increased investment in the electricity grid. growth still out from the first
5:28 am
two months of the year, one a healthy 6%. so i mean, there are some good things going on, besides all the fears. >> well, you know, again, the quality of those sort of -- that sort of data may not be perfect, shall we say. i think that the data that we can rely on such as bank lending data, total society financing, you know, those sort of in numbers could continue to point towards deceleration and growth, i would suggest. and i think, again, that's the backdrop, which is leading to this, you know, continued selling, steady selling in the china market. >> collide, nice to see you. short but sweet. thank you for joining us from standard chartered bank in singapore. we'll take a short break. still to come, as president obama prepares to host ukraine's prime minister, will congress back all sanctions against russia? we'll be in moscow and washington, d.c. right after this. ♪
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this is "worldwide exchange." i'm ross westgate. cop erp futures falling by their daily limits. ur asian authorities set out
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with the latest press conference. china expands its search efforts. the jobs picture, the world's biggest staffing company, adecco, suggests a jump in revenues in europe forces shares towards the top of the market. and investors hiking dividends after strong quarterly figures and extending its business activity in asia and africa. >> you're watching "worldwide exchange," bringing you business news from around the globe. hello. you're watching "worldwide exchange." i'm ross westgate. good morning to you if you've just tuned in stateside. we had a fall in u.s. equities yesterday. it looks set to continue this morning. we are weighted to the down side here in europe. as far as futures are concerns, the s&p at the moment is currently 2.5 points below fair
5:33 am
value. and the dow is some 2 points below fair value. asian markets have been down fairley heavily today. this is where we stand, the nikkei close to 2.35% lower. the kospi down 1.6%. the shanghai composite off 0.2% and the s&p/asx 200 off 0.5%. the european markets down, as well today. the cac 40 and the xetra dax down 1% off 0.8% on the ftse. what about our guests today? here is roadway cap ooh some of the thoughts we've had on the channel. >> the end basically is really quite a lot in the last, especially ukraine price. obviously, the flow, stay defensive at the moment. so you have the problems in the ukraine and spilling over in the end. but also, at the same time, we have seen weak data and weak pmis in china, as well.
5:34 am
it's to go along on the dip commodity surge. >> i think you're will say already seeing that would be associated with tensions. and i think you are seeing the periphery in particular from those tensions. you've obviously got relatively nice yields at the same time and under the umbrella of the ecb safety net. i think you're also seeing that. >> if i can make money from italian banks trading up through value, i can make 50%, you know, on my money or more, then why wouldn't i do that? yes, in three years' time, no balance sheet growth. it's a major issue for me. and that type of issue is now being felt in places like scandinavia and some of the others that were much quicker examine cleaner about coming out of this.
5:35 am
>> and just a reminder, we're still waiting for the latest press conference of the disappearance of malaysian flight 370. we'll get those starts. and this is the search for the flight continuing into its fifth day. confusion still reigning over the plane's time path. malaysia's air force chief has come out and denied reports that a military radar detected the aircraft over the western coast of the malay peninsula, a detail that would have confirmed the mistaken turned back on its course. vietnam says it's halted its air search and scaled back a sea search while it waits for more information from malaysian authorities. the ukraine and politicians in did you ma said they would welcome crimea into the russian federation if it voted to break away from the ukraine in a vote over the weekend. kiev has branded the ballot and an acting prime minister is due
5:36 am
to fly to washington today to meet with president barack obama. nbc's jim maceda is with us in moscow. jim, is the ukrainian president flies to washington, what's going on in moscow? >> hi there, ross. well, the duma or the russian parliament has a law an exing crimea sitting on the table, ready to be passed after the sunday referendum, one that looks increasingly like a foregone conclusion. and here is why. apparently there will be two options on the ballot. they'll ask crimeans if they want to be part of russia or if they want to be independent with links to ukraine. but if they vote for independence, the crimean parliament has already said that as its first act of independence, if you will, it will declare itself part of russia. so as one ukrainian crimean put it, quote, we are voting for
5:37 am
separation or separation. but what complicates are matter is that neither side recognizes the other. kiev, of course, calling the current cripplean parliament illegal because it wasn't elected. meanwhile, moscow where i am claims that kiev is illegal, the keyest government is illegal because it's based on what they call an unconstitutional coup. kiev out of all of the countries in the west have called this whole referendum process illegal. so the bottom line is that the only power that can make the crimean vote stick is russia's military vote on crimea. we talked about this before, two to three -- on the peninsula, now some 2,000 troops aligned along russia's borders. and you mentioned, ross, in your lead the prime minister trip to washington, he's got to be making the case for u.s. and uk military help. military help, i repeat, against
5:38 am
moscow. he's not going to get that. the diplomacy is going nowhere. so here, putin once again is the decider. he can opt to do nothing at all and sit on the situation having the russian crimea in his back pocket. back to you, ross. >> thank you for that, jim. the press conference is under way in malaysia. we'll listen in. >> in the south china sea. 42 ships and 39 aircraft have now been deployed to search for mh beside 370. 12 countries have joined the sear search. this is a multi national operation. we are thankful for the cooperation of our friends and neighbors, which is unwavering,
5:39 am
quite overwhelming and we welcome even more. expert assistance. the way forward, ladies and gentlemen, is to be more -- to analyze both the civilian and the military data in the east or in the west on land or in the water. this is exactly what we are doing today. we are now working with many experts, the u.s. federal aviation authority and the u.s. national transportation safety transportation in this investigation. any questions? can you state your name and -- [ inaudible question ]. >> i cannot confirm that.
5:40 am
[ speaking foreign language ]. [ speaking foreign language ]. >> some 12 kucountries have now joined the search for the plane and they're bringing more experts to analyze civil and military data, as well. let's see if we get any more out of that through the q&a. but not all of it is in english. we'll keep our eyes on that. meanwhile, president obama is
5:41 am
visiting with the ukraine prime minister today at the white house. while the gesture is seen as a diplomatic dig at russia, they're securing -- and sanctions against russia. joining us from the united states capital, washington, d.c., is greg, chief political strategist at potoma research group. very good morning to you. >> good morning. >> what are the u.s. going to do about the ukraine and russia? >> i think there will be some aid to ukraine. i think there will be some sanctions against russia. but, ross, i have to tell you -- excuse my voice this morning. i have to tell you, i think the consensus is growing that crimea is gone, that it will be annexed or some form of annexation, but that ukraine, kiev and all of ukraine will not be attacked because vladimir putin knows if he did, the reaction from the markets would be devastating for
5:42 am
his economy, for his ruble. so i don't see ukraine being threatened. i do think crimea may be lost. >> greg, stay there. we're getting more information coming out of this press conference on the malaysia flight. we'll just go back to that for a second. >> the prime minister indicate that the area of search and rescue are going to be extended. we extended it to -- [ inaudible question ]. >> yeah. i totally understand that. this is unprecedented what we are going through, coordinating so many countries together. it is not something that is easy. we're looking at so many vessels and aircraft, so many countries, and the vast area for us to search. and each time that passes, i fear that the search and rescue
5:43 am
becomes just a search. we will never give up hope. and this we owe to the families. and the longer it takes for us to find the aircraft, i think the family members are the ones that i feel so -- as i said in my earlier statement, i feel for so much. >> despite all the -- [ indiscernible ]. >> i don't think we can label it to any particular nation. china obviously agreed because they have so many of their national res involved. and it's natural in a crisis and of this magnitude as some time passes by, emotions, but it will not distract us from our main
5:44 am
focus, which is to find the aircraft. >> can you tell me when was the last known recording of where the plane was according to military radar? >> military radar? >> the radar -- >> on the radar, the last moment in time was to 02-15 local. >> okay. this is -- we say this is possible. why possible? because we have team to forward th this. at the moment, we are still celebrating with the units, csb.
5:45 am
their position is -- >> no, no, we are still doing forensic. we have been very consistent. on saturday, the prime minister indicates that we're going to expand our search and rescue operations. on that day, also, we made a statement to say that there is a possibility, and on that same day, too, we expanded. i indicated to you the number of vessels and also aircraft in both areas. we have as of today not found
5:46 am
anything. so basically, we have been very consistent in what we have been saying in the last two days. [ inaudible question ]. >> aim afraid not. >> when and where did it last transmit data? and did it stop at the same time as the transformer's box? >> okay. in our -- in our -- we look at our data and about 1:21 in the morning and it disappeared at 1:30 in the morning. and that is because we have a
5:47 am
secondary data. then the -- and there was an indication of a indication and possibility. [ inaudible question ]. >> what is the altitude when it
5:48 am
was in the threat -- could you access the altitude on the other side of malaysia? please tell us why the information data, aircraft data, communication was anything that at the point that -- >> talking with the commissioner and then that's t on the military. >> i think the -- as i mentioned, again, i wanted the to -- however, this is secondary data. >> no communication, nothing? >> nothing. nothing at all. >> the last after parameters locked.
5:49 am
200 now. i'm not saying it's -- at 370, okay? >> sorry? no. >> secondary data is talking to the aircraft transponder. and it gives you the aircraft type, how high it flies, and the second -- but on the data, it just gives a plot. it doesn't give the
5:50 am
identification. >> the primary data does not give you that. that requires -- which we have brought in also. >> the bodies have been found, malaysia -- >> you are increasing criticism now. you're searching east, you're searching west, you don't seem to know what you've seen on a radar and it's taken you until now, five days later -- >> i think that's not true. >> this is utter confusion now. >> i don't think so. i think it's far from it. the only confusion, if you want it to be seen to be confusion.
5:51 am
we have made it very clear that we have been very consistent in our search. we had searched in this area -- >> does this mean now you have extended the search and gotten the indian government to help you? >> the indian government has come on board as part of this multi national operation. and it's something to be commended. this is not a small operation that we're looking at. and until we find it, we will do whatever it takes to find it.
5:52 am
>> we have discussed that today. we are a working mechanism. they have come out with that. and by tomorrow, we should sit down again and, again, we have to plot the mechanism so it can be prevented so that we can work together in a way to find the aircraft. there are some things that we're going -- >> military and commercial have been also scheduled in order to be analyzed and to look at it moduative. >> a warping was issued, warning about weak spots, the fuse language of the 777. do you have confidence in the utmost integrity of the 777? >> the aircraft, when it's
5:53 am
flying, complies to all the directive that has been showed by the state of design, that is usa, to all of the -- >> you receive -- >> of course. of course. at a time of the flight, the aircraft was -- [ inaudible question ]. >> no. we ensure that all our aircraft are already and can fly to all and it shows with manufacturer. >> yes. >> on the plane, sir, did you -- >> on is this specific plane, i
5:54 am
will have to check on the course. but as a policy, malaysia air lines ensure that all its -- complying with -- >> so this -- >> i have to check on this. but as a policy. >> the fighter plane for the region. >> we are in touch with them. >> the data, yes. five days into investigative -- and little progress? >> there's a lot of speculation that we have answered to in the last few days. credit must be given to those that have worked hard to ensure that any speculation or issues that have been raised have been investigated.
5:55 am
we have been very open to the media and the public. secondly, on the issue of more data, i think that is -- and today was indicated other agency that coming to help with that investigation. finally, the issue of getting the multi national cooperation to different levels of cooperation, that will be from time to time. >> yes. >> why is it that the issue of -- when you lack transparency in the nation? >> because as far between -- >> it keeps changing. >> no. i think that's -- that's --
5:56 am
>> you've been listening in to the malaysian authorities press conference with regard to flight 370. there has been, of course, confusion over the last known position of the aircraft and they said we officially saw the plane at 1:30. and the military came out and said we had a radar spot at 2:15 local, an unidentified plot which may or may not have been. so it's unidentified what it could have been or it would have been. i have to tharng greg who has been very patient with us. we'll have to get him to rejoin us. right now, you videoers in asia and the united states will take over with "squawk box." that will count down to the open of the markets stateside.
5:57 am
futures in europe, they stay with "worldwide exchange."
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5:59 am
this morning, stocks in asia take a hit about more concerns of china's growth. gm will reportedly face a criminal investigation over its handling of that recall. and more questions surrounding the search for missing malaysian airlines flight 370. it's wednesday, march 12th, 2014, and "squawk box" begins right now. good morning, everybody. welcome to "squawk box" here on
6:00 am
cnbc. i'm becky quick with joe kernen and andrew ross sorkin will be joining us from las vegas. kicking things off at 7:00 eastern time, we've got home depot chairman and ceo frank blake. then we will be talking to the ceos of masco and mohawk. then andrew will be grilling with frank webber. >> has anyone spoken to him yet? >> who frank blake? >> no, andrew. is he on a roof, on a mattress? is he in a refrigerator lost where he -- >> no. maybe we should send someone to take some photos. >> this is vegas and this is andrew. has anyone heard from him at all? >> what is it, it's had o'clock on in the morning there right now, right? >> yeah. >> there he is. there he is. >> okay. yeah, you had that ready? i


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