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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  September 26, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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an inexpensive way to head your portfolio. >> i'm melissa lee. for more "options actions" check out the website. we are on ""fast my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there is always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." other people want to make friends, just trying to save money. my job not just to entertain but teach and put it in context. call me or tweet me. we bounce back from yesterday's bruising. i don't know about you. that bounce tells me something. dow gaining 167 points.
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s&p climbing. nasdaq falling. i think it says there are plenty of people who want in. they just wanted a pullback like yesterday to throw money at the market. you can average in three days and even after yesterday's beat down come out ahead. even though there are larger forces that would normally indicate this is not the time to commit new money. i am kind of in that camp here especially because i was heartened to hear about a ukraine russia pact over energy. the real reason why we rallied so hard. i think this market is not what it once was. the rallies don't inspire confidence anymore. some say it is better to scale out rather than buy into. there are too many unknowns. this hair trigger does you no favors if you are a bull. best example, the jump bond ignited by departure of bill
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gross from the firm he founded, pimco. you don't get to be the bond king by being a bum. when i read the headline william h. gross joins janus capital i said that is not bill gross. it is some other gross by the name of william. it was bill gross. normally i wouldn't give a hoot about a bond manager leaving a firm. i have to believe his exodus would create exodus from the bond market. this matters because pimco is so big. now they might become fire sales by pimco. some going to janus but some are growing. some are trying to sell a lot of high yield bonds to boot.
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that is not my style, not on this show. it might not even payoff because who knows the circumstances? i think we have to sit back and watch the drama and learn more monday. forced out, fired, time to go we need more information. all we will hear about is bond market and disarray. with the bill gross soap opera out of the way what is your game plan for trying to make money next week? first on monday i think we are going to hear about more strong sales of the new iphones. despite the nine people who have complained to apple about how bent out of shape the new phones are, given thousands of people who waited in line for cell phones today you have to think either foreigners don't care about the possibility that the new iphone bends or like the fact that it bends but doesn't
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break. new sales pitch guys from apple. i bet we hear more more and apple continue the climb. and we saw that happen today. stock was up $2.88. it made up for a lot of thursday's losses. apple being down yesterday really weighed on people's minds. to me the highlight of next monday might come from ford's first analyst meeting with new ceo mark fields. i know the company will show off the new f-150. i care about the possibility of the stock going higher again. doesn't it feel like it doesn't go up at all. it would be nice to hear there is a glimmer of hope for a strong 2015. put it another way you know what we need? we need to feel a pulse from an auto maker. we need it now. alcoa went up because f-150 has a lot of aluminum in it. we want to hear what the
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analysts have to say about the new found activism from the rest of share holder base of yahoo. starboard which created a ton of wealth could do the same at yahoo where the sum of the parts are easily worth more than what the market is paying for the whole. starboard suggested yahoo use winnings to buy aol. the gist is that ceo marissa mayer isn't the best steward of her company. given the remaining stake in alibaba i tire the attacks on her at yahoo. the stock was at $31 a year ago. now it is over $40. for what it is worth yahoo goes to $60 if it goes up to the one stock mobile operator.
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sometimes people should listen to me because i'm right. tuesday we get results from walgreens. for years the company has been among best performers in retail. it has become a hated, despised, rejected, dejected stock that is now toxic. it has become the love canal of drugstores. . i expect a terrible quarter. we are whosing to look deyond to come together to be the world's largest drugstore. right now people feel the ceo can't do right. i don't know when it will turn around which is why the charitable trust left a lot of room. if you have patience i think wag works. no one has patience. wednesday we focused on an ipo i
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expect could be strong not because of its own science but because it looks like another bio tech. i am talking about calithera. a stock that rallied on news that i told you would happen. break through blood cancer drug might have good phase one results. i know phase one is usually too early to talk about. the anticipation of more information is driving it higher. a similar method of killing blood cancers that will peique interest. you think we are going in a recession? junk bonds going down. that is the latest word around wall street which is amazing given the fact we just got the revised gdp number. i can understand the fear. the rest of the world has slowed down which could turn people to higher growth staples as we head to the end of the year. if you are a fellow traveler to
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the recession camp you better pay close attention to two companies that report thursday, mccormick spice maker. i still use the stuff on my tomato sauce and constellation brand. here is the deal once known as a wine purveying is doing well with the brands it got as part of the forced investiture. the stock is down eight points from its high of $94. i like this one very much. even though i am worried we might hear the wine business was jared by a recent california earthquake. i love what the company is up to. finally we get the labor department's nonfarm pay roll
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number. i told you if we get two weak payroll numbers in a row the stock market gets clouded. that is plenty meaningful right now because last month's numbers are awful. a lot hinges. i'm not alone in recognizing the pattern. we might sell off in front of the number. it is simply another unknown we are coming into ahead of the labor report. as i said at the top of the show too many unknowns means wait for a better time to commit the cash. that is exactly what you should be doing. i like this hand sitting modality right now. i think it makes the most sense. why don't we go to cora in illinois. >> caller: boo yeah, dr. cramer. >> i didn't know i was a doctor.
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what's up? >> caller: what is your take on flowers foods? >> that is a very tough business. i think it is too up and down. i don't want to touch it. i don't like that business at all. let's go to katherine in california. go ahead, katherine. you're up. >> caller: hi, jim. how are you doing? >> how are you? >> caller: i'm real good. listen, a couple of years ago i took your advice and bought some mccormick. i have been really happy with it. it seems to be stalled. i was thinking about buying more what do you think? >> let's take a hard look when they report. other than nike up $9 in one day for a point it is getting you a chance to get in. i think it makes generic and regular. they are the spice company. i like that.
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heather in washington, d.c. >> caller: hi, jim, how you? >> all right. how are you? >> caller: i'm good, thank you. quick question on pet smart. i heard talk about the company being bought. >> i like pet smart. they answered my call for having a better website. i think pet smart is way too cheap. i was worried about amazon competition. you can't buy pets through amazon. it is nasty to think about. this is not the time to commit new money. i think there are too many unknowns. we have the employment number at the end of the week. i say wait and see what happens a bit. "mad money" shares of nike sprinted on a swoosh of a quarter. can they keep tearing things up? don't miss my take. finish line back pedalled more than 10%. can the company regain the footing? one of the hottest
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industries you have never heard of. surging off of helping truckers top off their tanks. i cannot believe how good these stocks are. don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a question tweet cramer. send e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to sfx: opening chimes sfx: ambient park noise, crane engine, music begins. we asked people a question, how much money do you have
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the contrast yesterday couldn't be more crazy. first you have a stock market that has its worst day in ages driven down by worries thanks to dive in the consumer numbers all around angst of rapidly declining europe. then after the close nike reports and it is the best nike quarter ever. got the triple play.
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15% revenue growth. 170 basis point expansion of margins. nike had a 14% increase in futures orders. it does a terrific job of forecasting how the business will be doing six to nine months down the road. stunning, just stunning. no wonder the stock rose 12% and was responsible for a big chunk. there is so much good in this quarter. amazing acceleration in western europe. acceleration, you heard me. 25% and astonishingly strong number in china. there were no sneakers on sale this quarter. got me thinking this contrast between the macro and the microwhere nike put up amazing results shows you how hard the market has become. let's go back to 3:59 p.m. yesterday when the s&p was off 1.62%. didn't nike seem like the most
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natural short in the book at that moment? how could you not bet against it during the day yesterday knowing the payoff that awaited you when nike blew up after the close because of slowing china, europe, united states. you knew nike got a boost from the world cup. that was in the past, one time only. you knew that nike stumbled in china. how could the business recover that quickly especially with what we know about how poorly the chinese economy is doing now. western europe, who is going to buy expensive sneakers when the economy is down shifting quickly? european unemployment is rapidly increasing. wouldn't it be a safe bet to think it would be -- the dollar is so strong. you have to think there is no reason for optimism in europe. in reality china was driven. europe was terrific. emerging markets, forget about it.
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incredibly positive. every single area was better than expected for nike except for russia and israel. and the outlook was more impressive globally including the impact of exchange rates. that is very meaningful considering how the dollar has been so strong, something that toxic earnings will cause you to see estimates. some of the strength is because nike is so darn good. as the company's under rated ceo said up front it is a complete offense that encompasses brands, and channels when all of the company components are working together the portfolio generates amazing growth. everything worked together. that is still nobody is that good. and the products nike sells are hardly necessities. i think you can live without these particularly this combination. and the negative macroforce is
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overwhelming. how could western europe be up 25%? i started thinking maybe things are more contained. maybe we were too negative yesterday. maybe there is some kind of negotiated diplomatic solution coming. the bottom line it looks like that certainly could be the case because the market did jump when word got out about a pending natural gas deal or maybe it is simply business as usual. some parts of the global economy doing better and some worse. every day we seem to react to the latest input. today was nike. monday whole new day. ryan in florida. >> caller: thanks for having me on. last week you said coors wasn't a buy at 75. would you say it is a buy now? >> i wasn't crazy about kors. let's understand that. i don't think kors is that good. i think it is still too expensive. came down so much i thought it could bounce. the fact that it couldn't bounce is really saying something.
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this stock is in real trouble. i like kors simple. nike whole earning sale. today reaction to latest and greatest. there is much more "mad money" ahead. finish line is out of shape today stumbling after a report. and then mad tweets i take on your twitter questions on the air. one of the hottest corners in global payments market is riding under the radar. a company with nearly 1 million customers in 24 countries and you do not know it but maybe you should buy it. stay with cramer. "hello. you can go ahead and put your bag right here."
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"have a nice flight." ♪ music plays ♪ music plays traveling can feel like one big mystery. you're never quite sure what is coming your way. but when you've got an entire company who knows that the fewest cancellations and the most on-time flights are nothing if we can't get your things there, too.
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it's no wonder more people choose delta than any other airline. in this volatile roller coaster of a market we are on the hunt for the kind of long term themes that can keep making you money regardless of what happens in the world economy or the high profile bond funds. that's why all week i have been highlighting the global payments industry. secular growth stories and these are almost invisible to most investors. until we started the series with jack moore helping me on research assistant i didn't know these ones at all. just a couple of them.
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let me give you a quick recap. on monday i recommended the credit card visa and mastercard. and then on tuesday i told you to stay away from the global money transfer stocks like western union because they are long term secular decline. wednesday we highlighted the two largest players in green dot which i think needs pullback down to $20 and then black hawk which immediately gave you a fabulous gain yesterday after the company announced a major acquisition in the incentive card space. i said you should buy a little blackhawk and wait a week to buy more. after this news no way the stock is going back to where it was two days ago. i still think blackhawk is a buy up here even after yesterday's magnificent market defying move. even better, how about we search
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for the next blackhawk? another under the radar payment company. i want to introduce you to global payment plays. two companies known as the fleet card business. i bet you don't know the fleet card business, fleet corps and wex. what is the fleet card business. when we talk about fleets we don't mean a fleet of ships. it is a card similar to the managers of vehicle fleets and they give the cards to their drivers who use the cards to pay for fuel and cover maintenance costs. this is a real business. let's say you are running a shipping company and you have thousands of drivers and thousands of trucks. why would you go out of the way to give drivers a special way to
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pay for gas. the idea is that the cards let the companies better manage and monitor their drivers spending patterns and save money. for example, the product helps customers reduce fuel expenses by an average of 15% per year. in an industry like trucking where your biggest cost is fuel, big deal. how does giving every driver a fleet card help a company cut costs? this is the genius of the companies. they don't just do business with companies running big fleets of cars and trucks. they also partner up with merchants specifically gas stations. here is how it works. they go to a chain of gas stations and say you except our fleet cards and give our customers a discount and we will help direct a ton of traffic your way and everybody wins. the issuers make money from both sides and charge a subscription and get a piece of the revenue
6:27 pm
from the gas station partners. that is a terrific business model. and although you probably never heard of it before today global fleet card industry is growing by leaps and bounds as managers look for ways to collect data on employees and cut costs. this year purchases made are suspected to pass $1.5 trillion world wide. that number is still on the rise. from an industry you probably never heard of. not only is this a large and fast growing market it is fragmented which is where the opportunity comes in. it is the number one player. they only have 3% market share. that makes them nearly three times the size of wex. fleet cor is my favorite. nearly 1 million commercial accounts. second, they have exclusive contracts with over 800 oil companies, bp, shell, chevron. anytime a customer uses the card
6:28 pm
they get a cut of the transaction. third, the company's payment platform is the best in the business. they offer proprietary chip and pin. the best thing is it is not just a card issuer. it is common with private equity firm. it specializes in finding under madmadmadmamadivive customerive around. since the company has made 60 types of acquisitions. 60 just like that. and they turned the takeover process into a science. every ones of these deals seem to take over within two years. while it is the largest player in the space they only control 3% of the global market which means the company can make lucrative acquisitions until the cows come home. last month the company announced it is buying com data for 3.5
6:29 pm
billion and the deal was expected to be immediately added to earnings. now, scale is usually important. with every deal they make the company becomes stronger which i why i think growth opportunity is tremendous for this fleet card consolidator. i can see the stock headed to $200 over the next year or two. however, with fleetcor stock is not cheap. if you are looking for more of a bargain here there is nothing long with buying wex, the number two global fleet card pay controls 15% of the market. they are in the early innings. the company has built a solid position in europe. can you believe this business is out there and don't know about it. they process payments for the top only travel agencies like price line, expedia and orbits
6:30 pm
among others. the stock is relatively inexpensive at 18 times earnings despite the fact that growth rate should accelerate. here is the bottom line. the fleet card business may be the hottest industry that you have never heard of. my favorite player top dog fleet cor, the serial acquirer. if you rather go for the bargain i'm willing to give wex my blessing. let's go to california. >> caller: big fan of yours. >> thank you very much. how can i help? >> caller: on the day payroll is announced what do you think about the future? >> any electronic payments processing that is new and different is going to impact correctly. i like your choice of ver ifone.
6:31 pm
alex in new york. >> caller: thank you for taking my call. >> i own [ inaudible ] as part of my portfolio. it has pulled back maybe 4% in the last month or so. just in general what do you think of bx as a long term investment and in particular with respect to yield? >> i think that a lot of people feel like what do they really have in there? do they have housing exposure? what is going on with propritear hedgefunds. this is a well managed company with a good yield. that is all you need to know. i am blessing owning the stock. i have locked it for more than 12 points and i reiterate that i like it. got profits in the cards? i am talking fleet cards. the industry is on fire. i think it is best to be fleet
6:32 pm
cor. a lot more ahead on "mad money." nike soared but finish line fell flat on its feet. ios, the apple operating system is fixed which means you can give me a call. the lightning round is just ahead. don't bend the phone too much. all your tweets at # mad tweets. i love having a free checked bag. with my united mileageplus explorer card. i have saved $75 in checked bag fees. priority boarding is really important to us. you can just get on the plane and relax. i love to travel, no foreign transaction fees means real savings. we can go to any country and spend money the way we would in the us. when i spend money on this card i can see brazil in my future. i use the explorer card to earn miles in order to go visit my family which means
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a lot to me. ♪
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what the heck is going on in the foot wear business? last night nike blows away numbers. then this morning finish line, the foot wear and athletic apparel retailer reports what many view as disappointing quarter. talk about the market sending mixed signals. finished line earned a miss on lower than expected revenues. looking for 4% increase. apparently basketball related merchandise was weak. management maintained full year outlook which suggests they think this was a one off problem. finish line could be a bargain
6:36 pm
at these levels. if something structural is wrong stock goes lower. i bet it is the former. let's check in with the chairman and ceo of finish line to hear more about the quarter. welcome back to "mad money." >> hi, jim, good afternoon. >> thank you for coming on. i'm not an analyst who was recommending the stock the day before and had to slash numbers. i am looking at whether this is an opportunity given the fact that you didn't take down the near and talked about how the macy spend is almost over. do you think this is a one quarter phenomenon? >> jim, you know, i have been doing this for about 12 years. and we have had a relationship with nike and with brand jordan and i have to tell you in the 48 quarters i have been working we haven't had too many disappointme disappointments. this one was unusual during the back to school season. some of the product coming out
6:37 pm
of what we worked on with the jordan group really didn't work the way it usually does. so usually a layup for us not this time and it hurt our back to school business. >> now, on the nike conference call mark parker called out very good strength in air jordan xx 9. was that one of those that you had or was that not in your stores? >> that is part of the assortment. jordan basketball is a big part of our basketball business. so we are heavily levered towards that. a big part of the assortment including retrows are all important styles to us. some of the more performance styles and the off court styles were the challenge for us. i got to tell you over my career i have said this to you before. if i am going to make bets i'm going to bet on the jordan group, sustainability,
6:38 pm
consistency has been their earmark. we will be back. we are going to fix the problem. we think it is 60 to 90 days and we will rebound. as you pointed out and i said today we will be back and will deliver earnings for the year. this is a blip on the screen. >> one of the things i think is positive you had this gigantic in the conference call said time consuming macy's rollout. macy's has told me the same thing. that rollout spend does end which means you will be more focused and more concentrated six months from now. >> for sure. that will enable us in the macy's business to focus on sales and operations. now that we are all set up with them in roughly 400 locations across the country. we are optimistic that the investments we made to get ourselves going will come off the table. i think we will start to not
6:39 pm
only see great sales but strong profits, as we go forward over the next couple of years. >> is there a way to be able to quantify how the other guys are doing? you have other merchandise. we talked with skechers and they said business is good. some people are saying that has gotten bad, that back to school is not good for a bunch of different lines. it seems like that is wrong. back to school has been good for a while. >> i think back to school is good. i think we made some bets that didn't work and that happens in our business. and we will rebound stronger and better than ever. >> did you see good sales for what you do at skechers? >> skechers has been a significant part of the macy's business. that has been really strong for us. so that's been a real positive in that macy's part of the deal. >> now, when you look at the stock itself, is this an opportunity -- can the company go in and buy back a lot of stock betting it is really one
6:40 pm
time? >> we have a little over 3 million shares out there on a board authorized buyback. i would think we have used that opportunistically over time. you might say this kind of looks like an opportunity. >> under armour up big on this. just trying to get it is concentrated in the jordan group. >> jordan is a significant business to us. under armour growth opportunity only in the foot wear business a couple of years now. we are looking for great things in the future. right now in terms of the present jordan brand on our radar. that team led by larry miller have been engaged with us since we saw some of this softness. so i assure you we have been working diligently with them and will get this thing right back on track. >> i know you are going to do it because you didn't say i'm not coming on. it was a tough day.
6:41 pm
you didn't find a reason to cancel. it is a tough day. i think your candor is much appreciated. glen lyon thank you so much. >> honest good executives tell you what they did wrong and why they will fix it. i think finish line knows what they did wrong and will fix it. "mad money" is back after the break. they're custom made trains. you can't get any better than that. siemens trains are not your grandparent's technology. they're something that's gonna change the cities we live in today. i find it so fascinating how many people ride this and go to work every single day. i'm one of the lucky guys. i get to play with trains. people say, "wow, we still build that in the united states?" and we say, "yeah, we do!"
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it is time for the lightning round. and then lightning round is over. are you ready? time for the lightning round. i start with stan in florida. >> caller: stan from florida. thank you for your good advice on your good books and for action alerts. >> thank you. been going overtime lately. how do i help? >> caller: looking good and i have been going to sports bars and checking them out. buffalo wild wings is packed. is it trying to get back in?
6:45 pm
>> i think it is coming down and nice benefits from inflation and sally smith is doing a good job. florence in new york. florence. >> caller: yes indeed. am i excited to talk to you? you are my daily companion. i saw that empire state realty became visible on your screen every night i can tell exactly what it was worth. >> i want more growth. i have to have more growth. i like more yield. we go with washington. wpg. that is my new fav. washington prime. it is a riet. let's go to kansas. >> caller: let's go, royals. how are you today? >> i like the royals. what is going on? i don't take the chiefs monday.
6:46 pm
>> caller: what about mgm? >> we have to be careful. the stuff coming out is awful. so we will be on hold for those stocks. let's go to terry in tennessee. >> caller: hey, jim. boo yeah. i'm calling concern of glu mobile. >> can i go to elliot in new york? >> caller: hi, jim, how are you? >> i'm fine. >> caller: long time watching and listener. >> thank you. >> caller: jim, my stock is marathon oil. >> i'm a little cool on that. i sold marathon oil. we took a big gain and not looking back. jeff in kentucky, jeff? >> caller: how are you doing, cramer? jeff in louisville.
6:47 pm
i'm calling about eco lab. >> nice consistent gainer. i have been recommending for years. really good call. let's go to phil in north carolina. >> caller: from the research triangle area of north carolina. >> i remember when ibm used to live there. what's going on? >> caller: my question is recently within my ira i purchased a position in halliburton a couple of months ago. it is now down about 10% from where i bought. i have heard you talk about the company on your show before. and i think you had the ceo on there. and i really appreciate your thoughts. >> i like halliburton. i know this group has gotten out of favor. i like halliburton and i am willing to stick with it. we go back and forth saying it wasn't the right levels. i want to wait until it comes back a little. how about jeff in new york? >> big boo yeah!
6:48 pm
how about -- >> i am not recommending parts and suppliers. the only one i feel i can get my arms around is skywork solutions. and that ladies and gentlemen is the conclusion of the lightning round. the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. gary indiana. i have been waiting for a gary, indiana call the whole time i have been doing the show. rea in alabama. >> caller: yeah. boo yeah. i don't know how to say that. >> you are from the south. you have the right to say it any way you want. >> number one is aig. number two is boeing. number three is -- >> i'm quitting my job.
6:49 pm
these people are better than i am. >> it was and then it went and then it split and hasn't done anything. >> huh? >> someone broke my pencil. >> i came out early so we can link start. sand. do i bend down and sift? not this kind of sand. it's got higher quality to it. i think the sand stocks are too high but this is the premiere before its time sand. sand. ouch. i'm getting pounded by sand. all fun and games in the sand box until someone gets hurt.
6:50 pm
it's still sand. >> sand worked. five tech stocks with more than a 10%... change in after-market trading. ♪ all the tech stocks with a market cap... of at least 50 billion... are up on the day. 12 low-volume stocks... breaking into 52-week highs. six upcoming earnings plays... that recently gapped up. [ male announcer ] now the world is your trading floor. get real-time market scanning wherever you are with the mobile trader app. from td ameritrade.
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having a perfectly nice day, with the mobile trader app. when out of nowhere a pick-up truck slams into your brand new car. one second it wasn't there and the next second... boom! you've had your first accident. now you have to make your first claim. so you talk to your insurance company and... boom! you're blindsided for a second time. they won't give you enough money to replace your brand new car. don't those people know you're already shaken up? liberty mutual's new car replacement will pay for the entire value of your car plus depreciation. call and for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. switch to liberty mutual insurance and you could save up to $423 dollars. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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before we get to tweets we have homework to take care of. back on september 10 laurie asked us about alliance data industry.
6:53 pm
it is data driven marketing services. we had the ceo on back in june i definitely think alliance data systems is worth owning. at a time when retailers are relying on loyalty programs every retailer i hear about has that going while shifting add budgets this is the kind of company i think will benefit. ads has had an enormous run. lately it has cooled off. that makes me feel like this is a good entry point especially since alliance data looks poised to have a good year. i like the acquisition and the stock. next up santa in new york called in about kite pharma. it is a bio tech with a billion dollar market cap. the company is working on immunotherapy treatments for cancer. it is antigen receptor technology.
6:54 pm
ktec 19 involved extracting c cells and modifying them to target a specific protein found on the surface of cancer cells so they can be sent in to search and destroy the cancer. there are three phases and the results so far have been extremely positive. unlike other companies kite's platform has a better safety profile and easier to manufacture. kite believes they can launch c 19 in 2017. remember, that's a short period if you are a bio tech company. over the next year we get more data on the drug for other indications like chronic leukemia, one with the trial results with other candidates. kite is not the only player in the field bound to face competition but the only publicly traded pure play. while the stock is down 3.5% i bet if you go higher over the next 12 months small cap
6:55 pm
development stage bio tech stock i like it. now your tweets. joe keenan tweets last night's "mad money" very helpful showing how not to panic after down day, thanks. >> panic made anybody dumb. when we get down days remember what i say. the market gets too negative on no real new data points. and when that happens it is an opportunity. there were no real new data points at all yesterday but the market fell very big. that often says people are too negative, look out. is hcp finished going down? these are real estate trusts that have been clobbered. people don't believe in yield support anymore. yield support always comes back. you get a 5% yield. i like it. i would say it is not done going down. if we continue to get action
6:56 pm
that means it will go to 5.75%. we have a tweet who asks me to ring the register at $60 for agio. here is how i feel about it. if you bought it it seems like a lot of people did then i think you should sell some. i got in because of a new york article by dr. jerry who is the foremost guy when it comes to this analysis. i stick by it. it is not done going higher. and those of you who laughed and criticized me on twitter for saying good things about it why don't you rethink yourself and start focusing? stay with cramer. if you ware a denture, take the simple test.
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and the most on-time flights are nothing if we can't get your things there, too. it's no wonder more people choose delta than any other airline. i'm telling you this russia ukraine nat gas pact made this market go up because russia and ukraine is what drove the market down. if you look at the charts and
7:00 pm
when the down turn occurred. any peace breakout will send the market back up. we have to wait to see if we get it. there is always a bull market somewhere. somewhere. i promise to help you find (man) the sharks are back, and they're looking for the best products and businesses america has to offer. the only thing that really matters--what is it? money. hopeful entrepreneurs come to the shark tank seeking an investment to start, grow, or save their businesses. i just really need to succeed. if the sharks hear a great idea, they're ready to invest using their own money... if you can teach me how to play the guitar... i promise you i can right now. and fight each other for a piece of the action. i'm gonna beat this jerk's offer. here comes her blood-sucking offer. what a witch. but first, the entrepreneurs must convince a shark to invest the full amount they're asking for or they'll walk away with nothing. there's nothing that can stop me. it's actually about $100 million a year market.


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