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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  November 12, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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>> you've never heard me mention this stock. best buy. >> welcome to the fertilizer space. >> on the back of the cyberarc news. >> meantime, "mad money" with jim cramer starts right now. my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere. and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. >> hey, i'm cramer! welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. just trying to make you a little money. my job, just not to entertain, b but to educate and teach you. let's do thing we haven't done here in ages. let's talk about apple. here's a company with a stock that goes up wildly, almost stealthily almost every single
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week. not discussed at all, including today, when the dow opened big. nasdaq advancing 0.31%. a lot of that because of apple. apple's endless inexorable rise is a gigantic underpinning of this market and we must never forget that fact. oh, we may focus on the gyrations of ali baba and marvel at the possibilities of twitter. we may be fascinated how macy's rallied. nevertheless, it's apple that's the leader. and that in itself is amazing, given everything we ever thought possible about any one particular stock in this market. consider, here you have the largest stock in the world, with a $650 billion market cap, and the darn thing is up an astou astounding 39% year-to-date. we expect that kind of move from the stock of a company that's being taken over, or maybe a smaller capitalization junior growth stock or a biotech with a
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red-hot product. but from the biggest company on earth? who'd believe it? mega-cap stocks simply aren't supposed to give you these kinds of epic moves. >> that was easy. >> hallelujah! >> now, i want to deal with a moment with all the noise stocks. but then we'll return to apple. first, alibaba. here's a stock that ran up into singles yesterday, which is the chinese version of christmas, hanukkah, valentine's day, and your birthday all rolled into one. but no stock could maintain that momentum, and it spooked people, a lot of knewnewbies chased it and complained that jim cramer, it was my fault. there are a lot of things that are ascribed to me. i want some of the good things, like the trashing of the panthers. a alibaba is valued more cheaply than facebook. that's why it bounced right back today. it's my fault it went back.
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singles day saw a massive acceleration in revenues above current numbers, which makes the clap, clap louder. we keep hearing about angry shareholders at yahoo! and how some are agitating to have tim strong, the ceo of aol merge with yahoo! and run the joint, giving marissa "do-nothing" meyer the boot. let's deal with this idiocy head-on. aol stock is actually down about a percent. how about an nfl analogy. let's stick with that, okay? would you want to dump the coach of the lead-leaguing arizona cardinals for the coach of the oakland raiders? hey, do you want to sack belichick for rex ryan? be my guest. i hear endlessly that all myers did right is begging off selling 100 million shares of alibaba, a bad deal lined up by the previous ceo. if she wouldn't have done that, yahoo! would have left more than $6 billion on the table. people don't want to credit her with that. but if meyer let things slide when she took over and not
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smoothed over ruffled feathers with the ceos of alibaba, yahoo! would have lost out on the easiest money it's ever made. perhaps to them try to make some hard money through an accusation that may or may not have panned out. i think myers is an incredible ceo. and i applaud her for three reasons. first, she didn't double down yahoo!'s existing advertising business. no longer a surefire way to make money. thank you, google, for recking all the advertising with problematic trading. she was able to buy a video ad service for $47 million last night. this could end up being a smart acquisition because video is the only place on the web where the advertising dollars haven't plummeted. finally, myers has been amazing at buying back yahoo! stock. something that was a much better bet than throwing more money into a disparaged business line. she's now in position, where she will have enough money, where she can potentially put together an online yellow pages.
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marissa, call me. buy for the online business, snap up yelp, get into grub hub, purchase trip adviser, and snare zillow, yes! we'll cull it yillow once it's done, yahoo! and zillow. she can make all these acquisitions at pretty fabulous prices. i'm banking on meyer who's free to reinvent yahoo!. but i don't know what she has to do to silence these haters that keep criticisms myers' leadership regardless of the fact. tim armstrong. dare i say, sexist. then there's twitter. another noisy stock that put on a grand show today at the analyst meeting, revealing metrics that are good at least for now and potentially saving dick costlo's job for now. i'm convinced that the opportunity is much bigger than management realizes, but for one brief day, they seem to have a glimpse of how to monetize the 500 million people who come to twitter each month. the stock roared today, a lot of it because the cfo did most of the talking.
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perhaps the arbinger of christmas future. terry london, one of the few people who can cut a forecast and still have the stock roar. we've come to expect a conservative earnings from macy's. lundgren is the man with the midas touch. i spoke with the founder and ceo of the container store, who put up similar numbers and saw his stock plummet 25%. as we'll hear later in the show. same numbers, one guy goes up 5, the other goes down 25%. for macy's, it's about the exploitation presentation game. and lundgren is threading the needle perfectly. even though in a moment of peak and idiocy, i cut him from my fantasy team to pick up teddy brid bridgewater. don't worry.
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which brings me back to quiet money-making machine apple. most of the stocks i follow have tremendous moves like apple are championed all the way up. you hear them every day, razzle-dazzle, yeah, yeah, pound table. yet i haven't heard a peep out of many of the former loud-mouth apple analysts, for the simple reason, they don't have anything to say. that's because all they want you to do is trade apple. trade it on apple pay, which is supposed to be a bust. until we learn that almost every major bank andwo major credit cards support it, which was kept secret. trade it on iphone expectations. trade it on allegedly weak ipad numbers that any other computer companies would kill for. it trade on lagging itune sales. trade it on appletv's lack of promise or vision or whatever. the trick to apple has always been the same in cramerica. don't trade it, own it. when you think apple makes the most expensive of its iterations, think about this. whether it be phones or
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computers or ipads and these devices sell in the millions, you know exactly how unique this company really is. it's also a testament to how much money there really is out there, that people wind up all over the world to buy their new, fancy products, and every company has to kowtow to apple's terms. so let me give you the bottom line. you can bash them for the performance at yahoo! say that jimmy merged with lagging aols so tim armstrong can take it over. tweet your love for twitter! even with this current management team holding down its value. marvel over how macy's handsome man club lundgren only knows how to make you money. but i'll take apple's tim cook with his slow and steady wins the race to the elusive, yes, i'm going to drop it, trillion-dollar market cap approach any day of the week. matt in minnesota, matt! >> caller: hey, cramer. boo-yah from the snowy twin cities. >> sounds good, what's up? >> caller: i was kind of wondering, i had some monster
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beverage, about 200 shares back when it was at 21. i'm wondering if we should sit on that through the coke buyout that's going to be happening, or maybe better off to sell some? >> i look at monster beverage and keurig, you know, the coffee roasters, as like teddy bridgewater and the minnesota vikings, since you're from the twin cities, the defensive to the vikings. you want to play them both. don't sell either. hold on to them. dave in california, dave?! >> caller: boo-yah, jim, from los angeles, california. >> boo-yah. >> caller: boo-yah. jim. i'm kind of in a dilemma here. i've got kind of a high-quality problem. i have a good position in bristol-myers, but i'm -- >> bristol-myers! >> caller: bristol-myers, yeah. but i'm up almost 40% on it, though. and even though it's bristol-myers, i'm thinking i should take some profit in this, what do you think? >> no. it's bristol-myers! you don't sell bristol-myers, we
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keep bristol-myers. i like it. 40%, not enough. maybe 50%, you give me a jingle, right back at you. vinod in new jersey. >> caller: a new jersey boo-yah to you! your book is an encyclopedia of knowledge. i use it every day. my question is on chevron? >> it's a boring stock with a good yield. i prefer royal deutsche, because it's got a better yield. so i say ixnay and go with royal deutsche. there's plenty of noise stocks, alibaba, twitter, there's macy's, but i don't hear much about apple. but that's a stock i'll take every day. on "mad money" tonight, big headlines about a major market player that's benefiting from the domestic energy ref luvolut.
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stay tuned! plus, i've got a list of companies consistently pulling in cash as the cost of oil is going down. and is the container store at last the next great growth story, or will its history of earnings missteps get a lid on the stock? i've got the exclusive inside their beautiful midtown manhattan store. why don't you stick with cramer! ♪
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if there's one takeaway from this session, i think it might be very simple. buy dow chemical. here's a huge chemical company that has been in self-help mode for some time. selling off assets, repositioning its portfolio in order to have less commodity exposure and more exposure to higher margin specialty chemicals. dow's most important quarter was a terrific beat, and happened to
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be the company's best quarter since 2007. and remember, as a chemical company, dow actually benefits enormously from some of the declines in some portions of the oil complex, although the stock tends to go down if oil goes down. today, when dow chemical hosted its investor forum, we got the real kicker. first we learned that the company is boosting its dividend by 4%, bringing its yield up to 3.35%. at the same time, we learn they're adding a new $5 billion tranche to the repurpose program, bringing the total buyback to $9.5 billion. that's 17.7% of the company. geez. it's almost as if the company is trying to take itself private. then dow outlined its strategy going forward, how it's going to generate increased cash flow and consistent earnings growth, how it's going to sell its angus chemical company, and overall increase its divestiture target to 7 to $8.5 billion in asset sales by mid-2016. plus, the company is changing its reporting segments to give investors greater visibility into their key value with
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drivers and not have so much unallocated chemical throughout the place. but put it all together. i think dow deserves a reward today. the market barely blinked, sending the stock up just 38 cents. this oil factor i think goes higher. let's check in with andrew livers, the president, chairman, and ceo of dow chemical, hear more about today's big announcements and where his company is headed. andrew livers, welcome to "mad money". >> nice to be with you. >> i want to cut right to the chase. you are doing so many things for shareholders, yet there was a little throwaway line in your previous quarter's conference call, which talked about the notion of oil going down and how it could kind of hurt dow. can we put this in perspective for our viewers, to know that this is not the driver of dow and what's driving it are the actions you're taking? >> thank you, jim. yeah, look the oil overhang is our past. when we were a pure commodity company, there was a lot of view that commodity companies would go down in profits if oil price dropped. that's because of loss of price
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power. but we are, firstly, as you articulated with our announcements today, a very different kind of company. secondly, we have assets around the world, like in europe, where our low oil price has helped our margins. and thirdly, our low oil price is a massive discount for the world's economy, like a tax break. i was just in china these last couple of days, and they see it as a very positive thing. and china's engine needs to start re-umming, it needs a low oil price. at the end of the day, this is very good for us. i think this oil overhang point will eventually bleed away. it's actually, we have very advantaged, flexible, low-cost feed stocks in 80% of our assets going forward, from saudi, to argentina, to canada, to right here in usa. >> and your company has been uniquely, i follow them all, the one that has cashed in on our natural gas renaissance in this country. you are building the most projects of any company in this country right now. >> yes, sir. and down here in freeport, texas, where i am, 100 miles south of houston, where all of
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our investors are today, they're doing a tour as we speak, it's really a phenomenal thing to watch. we have a pipeline infrastructure down here, storage cameras, incremental investments. we have $5.5 billion worth of investment going on right now as we speak. and frankly, we've become a cash engine, a cash machine. and this cash is going to fuel organic growth, like down here in the u.s. gulf coast, plus also the share buyback program and the dividend increase is our board and our company saying, we're going to reward you, our shareholder. our ever-widening generation of cash, a lot of it's coming back to you, our shareholder. >> let's talk about the buyback. of the large companies i follow, you now have the largest, as percentage of the float, and also, your time frame for when to complete it, is very aggressive. why be so aggressive with the proceeds of these different divestitures? >> because we believe we're undervalued.
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and frankly, people cast us by our past. when you're 118 years young, it really, you're looked upon as your previous 118 years, not your next 5 to 10. the statement we've made on the buyback, our board and our management is we believe in our future cash generations from this new company. as you said, i think yesterday, we're not like some of our competitors. this company that makes money in four or five very different places. we sell out our assets and we sell up our assets. we make money from low costs and value ad. and this is a statement that we believe our valuation is low, and we're going to buy back shares, as our valuation improves. >> andrew, i know that you've got a meddlesome investor, i call him meddlesome, that's in the your term. according to press reports, you met him recently. the new paradigm is activists pick on the companies that are doing the best. your stock is up 12% this year and it's doing real well. there are others that aren't
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doing as well. is dan loeb, let's say, at least saying to you, this is a good pace, or is it not enough? >> we talk to all of our investors, and you know, you obviously mentioned the third point, which is a serious investor and we take all of our investors seriously, and since third point came into our stock, i think they've done very well. our one-year, three-year, and five-year tsi is beating the s&p 500 and the s&p chemicals. we're performing, eight consecutive quarters of year-on-year earnings growth. we are doing very, very well and we said we will continue to do better and we see third point and their interactions with us as a positive. and we have all said that. and our interactions with them are professional, we're engaged, we have dialogue, and we take a lot of things we say, as we do with all of our investors very seriously. >> last question. your kind of buyback, as i understand it, is one that when the stock drops as it did during the ebola period, you're in there, right?
6:21 pm
this is not some buyback that is just $50,000 a day. you're in there buying large when this stock gets hit. >> $3.1 billion to date, jim. and a lot of that happening more recently with this dip. >> well, you have done a great job, andrew. it's really terrific to watch the reinvention of dow chemical. and i just think that this is a great core holding for people who are trying to figure out how to get dividend and growth. andrew liveris, president and chairman of dow chemical, thank you so much for coming on "mad money". >> pleasure to talk to you, always, jim. >> all right. guys, this is the kind of stock you buy, all right, and you get good yield, you have growth, it's what you want and self-help. dow chemical, large position for charitable trust, which it were even larger, after listening to that interview. stay with cramer. coming up, lifting the lid. the container store has storage supplies galore. but the stock has been struggling to hold any real gains. can the company start putting
6:22 pm
some profits on the shelf, or should you shop for another bargain? cramer's browsing the aisles with the ceo.
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when i saw oil down again early this morning, around 4:15, i figured the program traders, the machines, the algorithms would send all stocks into the red at the opening of today's
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session. because that's how they're programmed. when oil's down, they sell, sell, sell. all stocks. these moron machines and the idiots who run them can't help but try to scalp 30 cents here and 60 cents there by selling all stocks and buying them back about 15 minutes later. and that's exactly what they did at the open. but one thing's for certain. the big run in the averages, the gigantic leap we've had over the past month has coincided completely in a massive decline in the price of crude. one that's taken crude down to a three-year low as of today. meanwhile, the dow and the s&p are barely off their all-time highs. so anyone who actually sells stocks, other than the stocks of the oil companies is downright delusional and should quickly be prescribed some mind-altering drugs or ushered out of the stock game entirely. this advance has been led by two different kinds of stocks. and the spare change corporations that do better with a stronger consumer.
6:26 pm
let me tell you something. these lower oil prices are a godsend and they're coming not to a moment too soon. right now the consumer is faced with some real headwinds out there. food prices are too high at the supermarket, even as much of the food sales have plummeted. the affordable care act is supposed to be affordable and jacked up health care costs for many working people with lower paying jobs. these are precisely the people who need gasoline down more than anyone and they're getting it. cheaper gas the the tailwind that equalizes the situation. the corporate consumers also need oil lower badly, because many are in an international nature and they're being walloped by a strong dollar, with petroleum a principle ingredient for pretty much every single consumer package goods company heading down, numbers may be too low for the cloroxes, the proctors, the coca-colas and doctor pepper's, i like that 52-week high. that doesn't quit. it's good to see how the airlines have been such leaders of the market and then the ebola whipping boys are now bouncing back so quickly.
6:27 pm
they are in the clear now that catching ebola is not the death sentence, at least in country. hardly a day goes by without the restaurant stocks going higher because of gasoline. they rank up there with airlines as direct beneficiaries. which reminds me that the stocks of panera and chipotle are back to where they were before they reported their so-called miserable quarters. and the red lobster free darden has become a fantastic stock to own too. we know there are great concerns that people in the 16 free oil producing states of this country will have their incomes cut back by a decline in the oil drilling budgets that so many are looking for. so far, though, we haven't seen any declines to speak of. and natural gas remains quite strong. even as i think that can't last, because so many of the natural gas companies are frantically selling off the stuff in the futures markets. after listening to a lot of the oil conference calls, as i promised you i would, i'm no longer as concerned as i was the budgets will be trimmed, at least nor the onshore drillers.
6:28 pm
but it's not a big enough factor in the hiring of workers and it's just concentrated in a handful of states. here's the bottom line. you must, must, must view lower oil not as a windfall, that would be too bullish, but as an offset. an offset that allows companies to make their numbers on both the expense side and the revenue side, as those additional dollars stay in the system, but now go to a plethora of stocks, and not just a handful of oil companies and the greedy folks in opec. headwind, tailwind, offset each other, allows for this kind of rally. peter in florida, peter? >> caller: hey, jim. boo-yah. >> boo-yah. >> caller: i'm originally from bourbon county, new jersey, having recently retired and moved to boca raton, florida. >> you have the edge on me. what's up? >> caller: i got away from the rain and the cold and the snow. i have three questions about kmi. number one, with the price of oil going down recently a lot, how do you think this is going to affect kmi's profit and, of course, its stock price?
6:29 pm
number two, kmi, is it an lmt or will it eventually become an lmt? is it appropriate for my ira? number three, the stock price recently, since i bought it, has not moved at all. when do you think it will hopefully move or go higher? thanks for many i advice. >> kmi, whether it's good for your ira, i say, you've got to go with your accountant on these things. the reason i say that, there are certain rules that could be in play. let's deal with the substance, though. kmi is around a lot of arbitrage pressures as this deal closes. i think it will go up to reflect the fact that it's going to be yielding -- it's yielding 4.5%. i think the stock will go higher. it's going to increase the dividend every single year for the next five years. the stock is too cheap. i expect that to happen once the deal closes. kmi does not have a lot of direct oil exposure. there is a little bit, but this is more of a toll road. i don't think it's 100% toll road, because they are a big oil producer in texas. also a big co2 producer. they all cancel each other out. it's a good growth vehicle with
6:30 pm
a good yield. let's go to derek in georgia, please. derek? >> caller: hi, jim. good day to you. i actually was going to call you about eexi and kmi, but i just heard you speak about kmi. i was wondering whether i should old eexi or is it going to go further up with the oil price? >> we did our show from the oil rig and it's just, look, it's just been horrendous. this is exactly the kind of oil company that was most stretched. they have a series of deals to be able to pay. i know the company does not feel anything i said is true. but what i'm doing is looking at a stock and saying that this has the same record, say, as oakland, okay? it's the oakland of oil companies. and that are the raiders. and that means it's not in first place. and that's the way i'm looking at it. right now, lower oil prices are a godsend, and one that is not coming a moment too soon.
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view the drop as an offset, not a windfall. there's much more "mad money" ahead, including a closer look at the container store. it's a great place for bins and baskets, but is it the right place to store your money? i'll get the wrap from their c other. and speaking of baskets, don't put all your eggs in just one. i'll help you spread the wealth when we play, am i diversified? and forget the polar vortex. a brand-new edition of the "lightning round." stay with cramer. where the reward was that what if tnew car smelledit card and the freedom of the open road? a card that gave you that "i'm 16 and just got my first car" feeling. presenting the buypower card from capital one. redeem earnings toward part or even all of a new chevrolet, buick, gmc or cadillac - with no limits.
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as the container story, tcs, finally found its footing, here's a company with the largest retail chain devoted to storage and organization. it's been punished as the container store has repeatedly missed earnings and reported decelerating or even negative same-store sales. the key metric, hence why the stock is down 51% year-to-date. however, in the last month, the container store has rebounded from 15 to 22, and the company has a number of new initiatives that management believes will help get these store s really growing again. they've rolled out contain home, where they'll come into your home and set up everything for
6:35 pm
you, soup to nuts. expensive proposition, it's working. they've created a new loyalty program that's signed up more than 1 million new companies since it launched in july. and a new line of luxury closets that it's currently testing at seven stores in the dallas-ft. worth area. could be rolled out across the country. could this be enough to turn the company around. i got a chance to speak with kidnap, the ceo of the container store. we're in your beautiful midtown manhattan store, it's decked out for the holidays already, so i've got to start, how is the holiday season going? >> it's early, but i think it's taking off very well. you know, we are mildly optimistic about this holiday season for all retail, particularly nor the container store. we're hopefully going to be minus some of that weather we had last holiday season. and for the first time in my career, i think a lot of consumers didn't finish their christmas shopping last year. i think they just got stuck with the weather and particularly in the midwest and in the southeast, where the only two weekends between thanksgiving
6:36 pm
and christmas were annihilated by weather, i think people didn't finish, i don't think anybody is going to let that happen two years in a row. if i didn't get you a gift last year, i'm going to get you one this. >> it's been a tough front for shareholders, but frankly, i don't care where a stock's been. i care where it is going. you've unveiled a couple of initiatives, including the most major initiative, where you're talking about tcs closet. i need to know whether these can create a turn in the overall revenue growth of the store, not just adding stores, but i guess you could say, comparable store sales? >> well, we're adding stores. we're adding 12% square footage growth a year, which is actually quite rapid for retail right now. there's still kind of a tepid real estate development thing going on in retail. so most retailers are not quite up to double digits. so we're proud of that 12% number. periodically, over 36 years, the container store has had little -- you don't go like this, you go like this. and so periodically, we've had sluggish comp store sales or
6:37 pm
specifically for the past couple of quarters, traffic that's a couple of points below where we expected it. and that drives us crazy. and we're turning over ever stone to fix that. but i think we'll see that turn very, very soon. we're in it for the long term. we've had great comp store growth for 36 years. the morale of the employees is the best it's ever been. the customers haven't stopped loving us. they don't like us, they love us. so we're anxious to get on with the holiday season. and we have put out initiatives that are vying for the quarter appetite, you know? we joke that, you know, it's conscious capitalism, not quarterly capitalism. so we have three initiatives that we feel like will really be game changers when it comes to both traffic, which has been the pesky thing the last couple of quarters. >> something i know you're not happy with. >> you're not happy with it. and i mean, the difference -- most retailers have having a
6:38 pm
little bit of a traffic problem the last year or two. how many retailers do you know that are delighted with their traffic? i mean, it's a point or two off of where everybody -- where we expected it to be. >> but at the same time, your historic average, containing to the new book on container, which was a lot of fun to read, historic average, 21% historic growth rate since its inception. can it you get back to that growth path? >> 21% includes, we're a very small company. i'm not sure that -- i think that we can approach those levels. no one wants to grow faster than me and us. >> hold i pex. >> well, some people may want to go faster than us. but, you know, rapid growth is in our future. we've always done that. we're kind of like a horse that's been in the barn too long since the great recession. we're waiting for real estate development to pick up. the difference between a turnkey and lease for us and one where we're putting our own capital in, with a finite amount of capex dollars, you can only open so many stores. we're opening a lot of stores. we're opening much faster than
6:39 pm
most other retailers. and never before have our new stores done more for us. we're getting what we called four walls ebitda of about 23% first year out of these new stores, and what's exciting, is we used to think we had to open in new york and l.a. and chicago. kansas city, salt lake city, indianapolis, those stores were fantastically profitable for us. so we're doing a lot of that. >> all right. now, i know you talk about conscious capitalism, but i know you're friendly with walter rob from whole foods. i know that senegal is a hero of yours. but these are people who are also -- they judge themselves by the day. i know this, because i've talked with walter, i own a restaurant, and i said, listen, walter, i'm looking at those receipts every day, and he said, so do i. so how do you dovetail the idea that you're about conscious, not quarterly, but some of your idols focus on quarterly. >> well, we focus on quarterly. we are determined to have excellence each and every quarter. the initiatives that you eluded to, the tcs closets is the biggest initiative of our
6:40 pm
history. never before have we done such a big -- maybe when we bought elfa in 1991 -- >> but since your conference call, i figured you could give us a little insight whether there is a big pickup in that initiative? >> it is. it's only in the dallas-ft. worth area now. it will roll out over the next year, and every time we add a new store or add a new city, we're getting this multi-thousand-dollar average ticket. our average ticket is $60. $2,000 on the in-home, the contain home initiative, which just means we come out to your home and do it for you. but the tcs closet, since we bought elfa, we said, we own the factory, we need to buy elfa, but some people want that solid, built-in look. so now we'll give them whatever they want. >> could be a brighter 2015 as you roll it out. >> you use the word "funk" this year, do you regret that you use that word? it suggests that perhaps it's out of your hands. and when i read, uncontainable, i think that's the last thing
6:41 pm
that's out of your hands. >> nothing's out of your hands. we have different climates, we're impacted by that. but we love nothing more to ignore the economic situation and go after it. on a quarterly basis, on a long-term basis, we are -- we've only been public a year. we have always taken the notion of long-term orientation, like a family farm, what you do with that soil today is helping you years down the road. senegal always talks about, just care about the stock price ten years from now. we care about it quarterly too, but mostly what we're good at is build this long-term business that advances year after year after year, and that's what we're doing. they're going to roll out, and every week, every month that we have a new initiative, it will help comp store sales, traffic, and average ticket. >> at the absolute bottom in your stock, the same day, you use the word illogical about the stock price. it's almost like, i give up! >> it has been a little bit amazing how volatile it is. but people are passionate about
6:42 pm
this business. and so, we, we were a little surprised by some of the volatility. but i think what's important is the medium to long-term, and we keep plugging away on that, and i think as we get into the remainder of this year, we're quite optimistic about the holiday season. what happens to us in the fourth quarter is the elfa sale. we put our best-selling product on sale. and january and february are bigger than december for us. >> that's important, because you've been saying, look, 60% of the last quarter, the basketball game, the last quarter for you is not -- does not end on the holiday. >> no, january is everybody's worst month. it's our best month. and february is too. it's like a basketball game. just miss the first three quarters and come look at the fourth quarter. you want the very best first, second, and third quarter you can get, but our whole ball game is in the fourth quarter. i wish it wasn't that way, but you can't change the holidays. and elfa has a life of its own, so we have to keep the elfa sale
6:43 pm
where it is. it's the best product i've ever been associated with it. it's so exciting to put it on sale. we've become a manufacturing and production facility. we design your closet and cut it to order and install it for you. and that's really retail at its purest purest essence. it's like laguardia at holiday time. that's when our years are made or not. >> that's ahead and that's what matters. i thank you very much, kip, for having us in your store. that's kip tindall, the cofounder, ceo of the container store. we miss all thdecline down. maybe we're at or near the bottom. (receptionist) gunderman group.
6:44 pm
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it is time, it is time for the "lightning round" on cramer's "mad money." it's about rapid-fire calls, i don't know the calls. when you hear this sound, the "lightning round" is over. are you ready, skee-daddy? it's time for the "lightning round" on cramer's "mad money." let's start with mary from my home state of new jersey. >> caller: hi, jim. thank you so much for taking my call. i enjoy watching your show for many years and i appreciate you sharing your expertise with all your viewers. my question is about verifone, pay. >> there was some research out today from a small house that liked it very much. i like it even more than that small house. i think it is integral to apple, ipay. i think that stock will have a big year next year. bill in new york, bill? >> caller: hey, jim, bill from long island. >> yo? >> caller: i want to thank you for all the good work you do. including that twitter call you made this morning. >> yeah, did have a hot one there. >> caller: this company that has carl icahn involved, has no ceo
6:48 pm
at the moment. does hertz have the move higher? >> i thought it did. i violated my own rule. i usually take irregularity equals sales, but i've been told by so many people not to worry about this. every one of you who told me, i am coming from you, it was just bad. and they have good tax accountants too. i think hertz is very cheap, uh be i've got to see the accounting, the final numbers. mike in california, mike? >> caller: hey, jim. i'm wishing you a sunny boo-yah from simi valley, california. >> thank you, mike, mike, mike. what's going on? >> caller: i want to get your take on a company called ddr, a real estate company? >> it's good, but i prefer federal. federal was down badly, for no particular reason. i think it's a better one. so frt down two bucks, i like more. how about uberg in texas? >> caller: hi, jim, how you doing today? >> pretty good. how about you? >> caller: good.
6:49 pm
i would like to get your take on peabody energy. >> no, i know the coal trade and my friend lakes to coal trade. i see the chart getting better, i know that it's an important coal. i know that china is, but i'm still not going to do down and do the coal trade. let's go to ray john in new jersey. >> caller: hey, boo-yah, jim, from new jersey. this is ray john, and i wanted to ask you about the stock symbol isbc. >> i'm not going to recommend it. don't take it personally, guys, because i love you, but i'm not going to recommend investors. why? because i happen to like the stock right here of bank of america. wow. all right, cory in massachusetts, cory? >> hey, jim, how you doing? i hope your dad's doing well. >> thank you. >> caller: my question is on isis pharma. >> i don't want you to sell, i want you to buy. it just moved up to 50, but this has a great pipeline. dan cook is doing a fantastic job. i am a buyer of isis
6:50 pm
pharmaceutical, a little bit lower from here. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the "lightning round"! ♪ for tapping into a wealth of experience... for access to one of the top wealth management firms in the country... for a team of financial professionals who provide customized solutions... for all of your wealth management and retirement goals, discover how pnc wealth management can help you achieve. visit
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6:52 pm
i know that the past few weeks have been mobbed by all kinds of oil, isis troubles in the mideast, much more. when we take a step back and think about the positives we've seen this year, the market s constantly hitting new highs, i
6:53 pm
can't help but get optimistic for what's ahead in 2016. it's keep our eye on the prize and make sure we're being smart when it comes to our money. and that means making sure you are diversified. let's get to it and play a round of the super fun game, "am i diversified?". you call me, tweet me, i tell yo you whether you're looking good or need to mix it up. first up is kevin in texas. >> caller: boo-yah from oak cliff, texas. >> fantastic. >> caller: hey, man, eog, halliburton, citigroup, and yahoo!. >> i think you've got a tail bar in there too. okay. let's go to work. all right, eog resources, great independent oil company. uh-oh, halliburton, a great driller. baker hughes. we've got three in the oil patch. that's not so good. we have citi, that is, of course, a bank, and yahoo! which is tech. we're going to take bristol meyer out and put bristol-myers out. we're going to take halliburton
6:54 pm
out and put in honeywell. and then we will have what we need. so baker hughes and hall are gone. you're a mist or oil. how about john in kentucky, please. john? >> jim, you there? >> let me help you. a kentucky boo-yah to you. and throw a couple stocks at you here. we're looking at celgene, apple, alibaba, and yahoo!. doesn't appear to be diversified. >> you're right. but celgene, we've got some coming out soon that will employee your socks off. yahoo! that's that alibaba derivative. we've got apple, a tech machine, and boeing, which is air space. we're going to keep yahoo! believe it or not. we're going to sell alibaba, because they're two of the same, and i like the fact that it's valued at nil. and we can't put bristol-myers in there, so we're going to
6:55 pm
retreat. can't put honeywell in, because we have boeing. let's add -- you know what, let's add dow chemical. let's get a little industrial going in there with a good yield and a solid buyback in the place of alibaba. and then i'm going to tolerate the fact that apple and yahoo! are together. one's internet and one's tech. brian in michigan. brian? >> boo-yah, jim. >> boo-yah. >> caller: jim, a second-time caller this year. i was wondering, after reading your book, "get rich carefully," i'm trying to follow your best of breed and bankable ceo of style of investing. with that in mind, jim, how do you feel long-term about gilead, alibaba, apple, lockheed martin, and mobiley. >> this is speculative. let's just not -- let's recognize that. alibaba is a common theme here. people like baba, that's okay, online internet. lockheed martin, great defense company. gilead, i think they'll have
6:56 pm
good look with their hep-c pricing. apple, like that very much, top of the show. i'm going to have mobileeye in there and not compete with alibaba and apple, because it's speculative. mobileye does auto technology that's very, very important. i'm going to bless only if we recognize that those are not the same. let's go to mel in michigan. mel? >> caller: all right, jim. boo-yah to you. >> boo-yah, mel. >> caller: i've got black rock, blk, reagan and plat, leg, international paper, ip, gannet, gci, and buy my stock, bms. >> we have packaging and packaging, that's not so good. we have gannet, which is going to be internet and a newspaper stock, black rock, and leggett and platt which is housing related. we are going to sell bemisand
6:57 pm
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all right. after the bell, cramer faves, cyberarc. i like siber and then i like palo alto. remember, i clear palo alto as we got near 110 and then i like fire eye. i know this group matters a lot to people, but fiber is the hand to play. i like to say there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to try to find it right here on "mad money". i'm jim cramer. i'll see you tomorrow!
7:00 pm
>> i'm jeff allen, and i buy, fix, and flip cars, along with meg, my partner in crime... >> that's a rip-off. >> ...and eric, our mad scientist. >> we've got an anti-gravity trick. >> we're at flat 12 gallery. last year, we moved into a new building. [ cheers and applause ] and we sold over a million dollars in inventory. well, you know i'm getting anxious. i got to get there. >> yeah, i can see how this is, like, inconspicuous. >> this year, with new ventures on the horizon, business is gonna be booming. here we go! bigger deals, tons of cars, high-end auctions, and even more transformation. we're putting more cash on the line than ever. 38 grand. >> 38 grand for a '56 post? >> stakes may be high, but the yo


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