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tv   Power Lunch  CNBC  December 8, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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we will do some final trades. >> goldman sachs hit another new high today. >> we are on the same wave length. i like morgan stanley. >> the banks, all right. >> ameritrade. this is a breakout 15 years in the making. look at the long term chart. "power lunch" starts now. "halftime" is over. "power lunch" and the second half of the trading day start right now. welcome to "power lunch." three things you need to watch this hour. flu season, experts say get ready for a really bad one. also, watch out for one big storm about to hit a big part of the united states. it is going to cause travel problems and more. watch out for christmas thieves. a terrible new trend popping up. the danger starts at your door step. first let's check in with sue at the new york stock exchange. >> stocks are struggling this hour but one drug stock is soaring right now.
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it is cubist pharmaceuticals. merck buying the company. meg terrell was ahead of the story on friday telling us a deal was in the works. she is in san francisco at one of the biggest cancer meetings of the year and scored a live interview with merck's ceo. >> thank you so much. let's bring in ken frazier, the ceo of merck. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, meg, for having me. always good to be on cnbc. >> well, so this is a big deal in a space that has been a tough area, antibiotics and a huge public health need. tell us why this makes sense for merck. >> every year in this country about 2 million people have a form of infection that is resistant to conventional antibiotics. about 23,000 of those people die. so these kinds of infections are
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critically important in our society. so this is a great opportunity for us because merck has been committed to the field of antibiotic research for 70 years. and cubist has also been a leader in this area bringing forward novel antibiotics that can be useful in the context of growing global resistance. >> this is an area that policymakers are focusing on a lot more now. does your move in this way by buying cubist signal optimism about a space that has been difficult for drug makers? >> we are optimistic about innovation. cubist has been a very innovative company as has been merck. we see this as an opportunity that married unmet medical need, public health need and innovation in scientific opportunity. >> as part of your strategy you have outlined four areas you are focused on.
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one is oncology. you have done other big deals including identics. what can you tell us about your business strategy? >> we think we have the balance sheet strength and the cash flow strength to look for additional opportunities that fit our strategy. as we have always said our business development goal is to get the best science, best innovative science. we believe we have the ability and flexibility to continue doing that. >> you know, a lot of your peers in the industry have been doing these larger industry-type consolidation deals. you told us that doesn't make sense for you guys. how big of a deal is that to you guys? >> we don't have a specific upper limit but you are right. we have said we are not interested in doing a large consolidation of the industry-type transaction. we are more focused on licensing opportunities that allow us to have innovative drugs. you mentioned you are out at the
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ash meeting. you know there is a lot of excitement about immuno oncology. merck is on the forefront with the first drug of its kind approved in the united states. we have innovative drugs in hiv, osteoporosis, cardiovascular. it's an exciting time to be at merck. we don't think a big merger will help us bring those kinds of drugs to the patients who need them faster. >> ken frazier, ceo of merck thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me, meg. i'll pick it up there from meg terrell. thank you for that. sticking with us health as the kind of top of the broadcast theme. get the chicken soup ready it is shaping up to be a rough flu season. bertha coombs has more. >> i haven't gotten my shot yet but i am headed across the street to get one soon.
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the cdc says it is early yet and have seen elevated flu in texas and georgia and alabama and the south. they think this could be a bad season because of the severity of the flu strain they are seeing already. this year the h 3 n 2 is most prevalent. in the last three times we have seen it over the last decade most recently in 2012, 2013 it is one of the most severe flu seasons when we get that strain. officials say this year's vaccine is only about 40% effective towards that strain. so they still say while it offers protection for children and the elderly it may not protect everyone completely. analysts say it resulted in a boost to sales and earnings. >> if you think about drugstores growing this kind of got you undermid to high single digits.
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that is a pretty good trajectory change. >> demand was so high there were shortages of the children's formulation of tam aflu and they say they have produced sufficient supply for a severe flu season and are working with physicians and pharmacies to monitor demand. the health care sector tends to outperform the s&p during flu season between october and march. some of the best performers in recent years not just in drugstores but tenant health and hospitals and anthem. some of the ones that lose are medicaid players who have seen high costs. >> absolutely. thank you very much. a big cold wet storm certainly isn't going to help the flu situation. brace yourself. this major weather event is set to start almost any minute now. here is carl parker. >> so we are going to see a pretty strong low coming up
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along the northeast coast in the next couple of days largely a rain storm for the coast and a pretty good snow storm for interior parts of the northeast. this is what it looks like on the maps. the low pulling in a lot of relatively warm air and a lot of moisture. the result in the colder air is going to be a pretty large area of heavy snow, broad area of several inches in the empire state and maybe a couple of feet. heavier snow in northern new england. mostly a rain storm up and down 95 with a lot of wind. it's not going to be a picnic. that wind will be strong enough to drive the water into the coast line tomorrow morning there along the jersey shore there are coastal flood alerts in effect anywhere from tidewater, virginia in through long island tomorrow. we may see another low later this week. >> carl, thank you very much. whatever that storm brings it
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won't hold a candle to the typhoon that hit the philippines this weekend. terrible flooding. people wading through knee deep water. other parts of the philippines also heart hard hit. the nation is on stand by for mudslides. oil markets continue to tumble. prices down about 4% falling to five-year lows. morgan stanley cutting the 2015 price forecast for brent to $70 from $98, but says prices could go as low as $53. gasoline prices also falling. prices at the pump hitting four-year lows. the average gallon of gas in the u.s. is now about $2.67. to dominic chu for a "market flash." >> let's continue that theme here. the drop in oil is having a huge effect on the energy stocks overall. the s&p energy index is the weakest sector by far in the s&p 500. you can see down by over 3%. big oil has taken a hit, as well. if you look at big names like the exxon mobil, chevrons all in
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the red as are oil service companies. big names are taking a hit, as well. oil service companies, exploration and production companies the energy sector the worst performer on the day. >> thank you. meanwhile americans' love affair with cars hitting a new major milestone. phil lebeau is in chicago to explain. it is a real shift for consumers and auto makers. >> huge shift. it used to be if you told somebody you were going to buy a car and you earn $55,000 to $65,000 people say that is pretty nice. nowadays it has become the new norm especially when you look at the latest data put together by true car. true car looked at all of the average transaction prices and look at the shift. sales of vehicles under $50,000 up just 4.1% this year. if you go over $50,000 sales are up 30.8% according to true car. why are people buying these more
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expensive models not just cars but also suvs? a couple of things are happening. remember most of these vehicles are leased. about 60% of them are leased. if you can get a lease for $550 or $600 a month that is a pretty good deal. in some of the vehicles you could get a six to seven year loan meaning you keep monthly payment under $600. when you look at this segment of over $50,000 vehicles a couple of things stand out. one is large high end suvs are in demand. take a look at the gmc yukon. depending what you get it will sell for $46,000 to $63,000. sales up almost 50% this year. when you look at the cadillac escalade sales up 32.6%. that is a vehicle you are spending at least $75,000 for. it is up 32%. when you look at shares of general motors. i know people want to focus on what a tough year it has been in
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terms of recalls and charges the company has taken. when you look at what they are doing on the high end particularly with suvs that has been a bright spot for general motors this year. $50,000 is no longer considered really pie in the sky expensive cars. for a lot of people it is the new norm. >> it is the new norm and i'm sure they don't worry so much about the gas mileage with gas averaging $2.67 a gallon. thank you. goldman sachs making big calls today. the firm is neutral on the restaurant sector as a whole but rating starbucks as a conviction buy. putting a buy on burger king and chipotle. it has a sell on panera bread. goldman also upgrading the airlines to buy from neutral saying fundamentals remain favorable. southwest stock up 120% this year alone.
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welcome back to "power lunch." keep an eye on shares in the technology sector. if you look at the sector overall you see it is down about a percent on the day. big name technology stocks are leading the way to the down side. apple is good for almost a 14 point negative drop on the nasdaq 100. you can see shares down by 2%. microsoft a drag. the charts near the sharp drop in the s&p that we saw noon to 12:30 today. apple and microsoft the two most heavily weighted stocks. tech the most heavily weighted sector in the s&p 500. this is a good way to get on a naughty list. the ups truck driver was easy prey for a couple of teen thieves. a neighbor's camera caught one young man stealing a macy's box. five people were arrested in chicago for the same crime.
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security footage in new york city shows the mailman dropping off the package and a thief picking it up hours later. shop lifting a major concern for retailers and small businesses this time of year. kate rogers here with very, very alarming statistics. >> that's right. added foot traffic and an increase in seasonal workers may mean boosted bottom lines for businesses but means added risk for shop lifting. this year's retail survey conducted by retail knowledge finds 11% of losses that occur in stores are due to shop lifting. more surprising here is that employee theft is the biggest cause of shrink or losses at 38%. travelers insurance notes the holidays bring about added risks when it comes to theft especially at small companies because they have fewer resources to combat from internal workers and external shoppers. according to travelers small businesses have a few things to
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kpael combat. pair hires up with workers you know and trust. let them know you have a zero tolerance policy towards shop lifting for external shoppers as well as those who work at the business. investing in a security camera isn't a bad idea eeth. keep them near the cash register. experts say to let workers know that they are there and being monitored to discourage any sticky fingers you may have in the business. they say small companies skimp on background checks. it is something worth investing in. >> helpful tips there. how can businesses keep themselves from losing money? scott humfry is a director at travelers. scott, welcome. good to have you with us. kate focused on the amount of loss attributable to employees. do those numbers surprise you at all? >> actually, they don't. employees tend to count for
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greater amount of loss than shop lifting. the good thing is while this is their time of the year unfortunately theft goes with it. the good thing is employees or employers can manage that loss the same way. >> meaning what? >> well, as kate alluded to you want to hire the right people and do a background check. install visible security cameras and make sure employees know that they are working. have a policy that says how you are going to deal with theft so that you know you are serious about it. you certainly want to monitor transactions. if you have cash registers make sure that you know who is allowed to open them, who is allowed to void a transaction, return cash to somebody and another big area is monitoring daily transactions. so if you want to understand whether or not certain products are walking out the door and you are not collecting money for them monitor the profit margin
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on certain items that you sell. >> how do you spot a thief? how do you catch him? apart from a security camera that might reveal it. >> well, if you're talking about a shop lifter one of the best ways to do it is have the right number of people available on the retail floor. if you don't think you might have a situation where it may actually warrant having a security guard. >> we got to leave it there. thank you very much. very helpful advice there. we appreciate your being with us. have a happy holiday. no pressure but it's 16 days until christmas. as stressful as that might be for you it is just as bad on the other side of the counter. is it make or break time for the retailers? yes it is. who is winning and who is losing in the battle for the holiday dollar? with us is liz dunn, retail analyst and ceo of
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talmeteorology associates. >> my husband went shopping over the weekend and was able to find a parking space at the mall and didn't find it that crowded. how are the malls doing versus specialty retailers? >> i really didn't have a hard time finding a parking space at the three or four malls i went to. we do see a lull here in the second week after black friday weekend. it doesn't look like there is a lot of shopping going on right now. >> what does that lead you to believe the holiday season will look like overall? >> like i said, it is sort of typical of this time of year, but typically -- >> that would be me. what stores do you think will come out on top? what do you like at this point? >> macy's looks fantastic.
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i think they are winning with strategies. i do think nordstrum is doing a good job, as well. tiffany is doing a great job. beyond that the mall based retailers, specialty retailers in teen are really struggling. earnings report last week were horrendous. a lot of promotional commentary. >> that is a tough group to sell to. they are so fickle. if you don't have just the right mix you will miss out. >> they have changed. they are not the same as they were. they are very individualistic. they are not impressed with brands and are not wearing a uniform. >> thank you very much. which do you think is a better long term investment? stocks or owning a home? there is mathisen's law that says whenever i buy a house in your neighborhood house prices will peak within six months.
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we will break down the numbers. join the conversation go to up next forget the fruit basket, a startup shipping manly boxes just in time for the holidays. >> we hand select stuff guys love and send every crate with a crow bar. >> my wife loved the products in there. >> will the power pitch panel love man crates? >> stay tuned to vote live. are you in or are you out on this week's startup? go to right now and get ready to start voting.
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even more rewarding. ink from chase. so you can. welcome back to "power lunch" i'm michelle caruso-cabrera with a "market flash." check out petrobras. the man in charge of fighting corruption in the brazilian government resigned amid scandal centering around this company, petrobras. he is 76 years old and said he has done his duty and it is time to rest. he may also be frustrated because earlier this year he complained that his office's budget was cut to the point where he was having trouble paying the telephone bills and electricity bills of the corruption office. time now for the power pitch where entrepreneurs get 60 seconds to convince the panel of experts that their business has
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what it takes to be the next big thing. i'm john beakman. we sell unforgettable gifts for men. we hand select stuff guys love like best gear, grub and pack it in wooden crates. for us it is more than just a physical product. we use technology to enable a personalized gift experience so our customers can participate in the opening experience through a mobile app. the result is a totally differentiated gift and it makes our customers look like total rock stars. we know guys are difficult to buy for and every year americans waste billions of dollars on throw away gifts. at man crates it is our mission to make gift giving fun. we are off to a great start. we built a fun brand that people love. we have tens of thousands of passionate and engaged
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customers. we are making gift giving fun again. >> we just heard the pitch from man crates. let me introduce you to the power pitch panel. on set is kelly hoey. she has curated products and advises e commerce startups. also with us is nikhil kalghatgi. and we also have paul cianciolo. first in shopify and pinterest. great to have you with us. john, you are in the hot seat. kelly, it is always ladies first. what did you think of the pitch? do you have a question for our founder? >> i have a question. i enjoyed the pitch.
1:28 pm
things go better with bacon. does ply wood go with shipping a package around the world? >> that has been something we have been working to reduce. this year we are shipping products on the east coast which cuts shipping costs by 30%. >> would love to get a sense of how you are selling a manly product to the purchaser who is mostly women. >> 65% of our customers are mostly women. we decided to make sure our brand was tastefully irreverent. we are helping deliver something that creates an impact. >> where do you acquire customers? how have you seen it evolve? >> when we started we were doing this out of my apartment. i was acquiring almost everyone through google ads, bing. that went from about 100% down to less than a third today. the rest of the bulk is a lot of word of mouth that is heavily influenced on social media.
1:29 pm
we get people from pinterest and facebook and we are hoping to continue growing. i would expect the trend to grow in the future. >> can you talk to how you will grow a stable profitable company and when do you think you will be a profitable company? >> we were profitable from day one. we have grown and raised a little bit of money in 2012. all of our growth has been funded from -- we have really high margins on our products. >> i was wondering if you take inventory risks and are you profitable on each box that you sell? >> yes. we haven't been able to overspend to acquire customers. our average initial acquisition costs are lower than gross profit on first purchases. >> now we need to find out if the panel and you are in or out on man crates. what did you think? >> i got concerns over warehousing and costs and shipping. and i think it is a crowded space and we didn't talk about the dinosaur in the corner, amazon, what is stopping big
1:30 pm
e-commerce site like that from doing this. you have an experience founding team. i think the growth on revenues to date which makes me say i'm in. >> one in under our belt. >> my wife loved the products in there. and i think the overall experience so far was pretty unique. the customization. i like that. i think it is really early, though. i like to give you a chance, though, so i'm in. >> my concerns are really around the season ality of the gift giving business. how do you build scale and acquire and re-acquire customers when dealing with transactional model. so for those reasons i would like to see you reach a little more scale so for right now i'm out. >> two ins, one out. what is your reaction? >> thank you for the advice. when we set out to start we wanted to build the first company dedicated to building really amazing men's gifts in the market. i think we are rolling into a busy holiday season and would
1:31 pm
love to come back and change your mind, paul. >> i look forward to it. >> thank you very much. our live voting is just about to close. thank you for your in or out vote. that is today's power pitch. >> that, folks is a close vote, 52% say they are out. 48% say they are in. for my part i would be in on that. i thought the guy knew what he was talking about business wise. crates, crow bars and bacon. i'm in. >> that is what you are getting for christmas, ty. let's go to the bond market in chicago and rick santelli at the cme. >> long term yields move lower. curve flattening. look at the 24 hour chart of tens. we are doing 3.35 and now down several basis points. dollar index having one of the
1:32 pm
rare down days considering you look at the next chart we are still very close to the best levels since april of 2006. remember right around the crisis it was at 61. now we are hovering under 90. sue, tyler, back to you. consumer discretionary stocks on a tear this month. will that rally last? the ceo of tupperware joins us. how is the american classic staying fresh and relevant in this environment? would you give a better long term -- which would give you a better long term return owning a home or owning stocks? go to and weigh in. ♪ [ radio chatter ] ♪ [ male announcer ] andrew.
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internet speeds that have gotten faster 13 times in 12 years. the innovators and inventors at comcast labs are creating more possibilities for more people every day. comcast nbcuniversal. bringing media and technology together for you. welcome back to "power lunch." let's draw your attention to the dow jones industrial average. we are down triple digits right off session lows. the dow being led lower by the likes of big energy companies.
1:36 pm
also watching shares of j.c. penney. the stock is moving lower. no specific news here but trending downward down by nearly 70% and down by 20% just since black friday. it has lost nearly half of the value since the beginning of september. j.c. penney shares certainly one of the stocks in the consumer discretionary space you want to focus on. one sector that has been on a tear over the past month we have kept it a secret until right now. take it away. >> it is consumer discretionary. under performed all year. it is one of the top two best performers. holiday shopping season for starters. according to our data partner the sectors jumped each of the past five decembers. if you bought consumer discretionary etx and sold
1:37 pm
december 31 the average gain just under 3%. the biggest winners home builders, media and cleersh. we are seeing names in all of those groups lead again this year. so starting with cruise ship operator royal caribbean that stock up about 17% over the past month and the newest member of the s&p 500, a retailer making new moves. target after better than expected earnings. their aggressive approach to the holiday season. lowe's we got a 14% gain over the past month. in general home improvement stocks intented to outperform in december as well as january. take a look at cablevision that stock up about 12%. that is as cable rate increases have offset subscriber declines. heading into 2015 analysts and strategists say there are three
1:38 pm
significant tail winds that should continue to benefit the sector, lower energy prices, higher unemployment and rising consumer confidence. the group expected to feel the benefits of those first restaurants. >> morgan, i will take it. thank you. the dow down triple digits down 116 points on the trading session. art hogan is the chief market strategist and portfolio manager at advisers asset management. good to see you. >> thank you. >> i'm going to start with you if i could. we are very swiftly approaching the end of 2014. what do you expect in general of the market in 2015? a lot of people are looking for more volatility. others say no it is pretty much steady as she goes as we go into the close of the year. what are you looking for? >> there are too many things going on in the world that we get concerned about whether
1:39 pm
triple dip session. we've got enough of this year left to know that we are going to focus on energy prices and how the consumer is doing. that seems to be the chief focus on the market. we continue to be the case. what we are doing is groping for a bottom in the energy commodity and hoping to get to some point of stabilization. as far as consumer goes we will look at every tidbit of information coming out of the mall and online sales and see how that portends to a better holiday season. >> weigh in on what you are expecting in 2015. we are having a hard time getting above 18,000. your overall target for the market is 20,000 which if you look at going into a new year could be achievable if the bull run continues. >> i think that will, sue. the fact that the market is doing so well without energy. energy and a bearish trend here speaks volumes about the breadth of this market.
1:40 pm
it is not a micromarket but a macroone. we will see lower oil prices benefit a number of sectors. consumer discretionary, industrial, materials, metals, chemicals. i think they will benefit. the airlines, the shippers. this market i think still has legs to go. higher in 2015. >> you also like consumer discretionary, correct? >> hang on one second. i'm going to art. >> you look at the three legs for the consumer heading into this holiday shopping season and you have lower energy prices and more of them working. unemployment rates are coming down. you have a higher level of consumer confidence, highest level since 2003. as you look at the consumer he has tail winds that we haven't seen in several holiday shopping seasons and several years in the
1:41 pm
cycle. names like wolverine and deckers and steve madden and limited brands have a lot of way to go. some favorite restaurants are red robin. i think we have great opportunities here. >> you mentioned that you also like the consumer discretionary and technology, as well. you have been right on health care for the whole year. >> i do like health care very much here. you look at subcategories of health care and they are showing very good relative behavior. medical devices. the group looks really solid. technology continues to look very good and the industrials i think are going to benefit from lower energy costs here, too. another area i like very much. >> gentlemen, thank you so much. good to see you. merry christmas, happy holidays. >> thank you very much, sue. and let's see, where are we going right now? which gives yo athe better return? homes or stocks?
1:42 pm
go to to join the conversation. diana has been digging into this. she is live in washington while she reports you decide. you vote. take it away. >> just as the stock market soars the government announcing new guide lines for mortgages with just 3% down through fannie mae and freddie mac. they are pushing homeownership again as a way to build wealth. is it? a panel made the case that you will build more wealth through the stock market than you ever will through owning a home. no question going back to 1987 when the s&p 500 index was invented stocks win by a long shot. they are more volatile but they yield owners more not only through appreciation but through dividends. home prices do rise over the long term but not nearly as much as one might expect and you have
1:43 pm
to pay into a home in the form of property taxes, maintenance, home improvements. you have to pay capital gains tax on stocks. schiller actually charted this going back to the turn of the 20th century and it has held up for well over 100 years. you can argue that a home pays you in kind that is you get to live in it which is it is more of a consumption good like a car than an investment vehicle like a stock. it is a savings vehicle. paying down a home loan is your fourth savings. >> which gives you the better return? homes or stocks? 43% say a house. 58% say stocks. >> they're listening. >> they're listening. i agree with that. i'm in the stock camp. i have always been wrong on houses and when i was right my ex-wife got it anyway. that is the way it goes. >> too much information, sue. >> i was just going to say that.
1:44 pm
we didn't need to know that. the dow is down 127 points. the nasdaq is down the equivalent of about 150 dow points. look at the heat map. chevron, exxon, mcdonald's weighing the most on the index. we will continue to follow the sell off on the dow. nasdaq down 52. we are back in two.
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you don't need to think about the energy that makes our lives possible. because we do. we're exxonmobil and powering the world responsibly is our job. because boiling an egg... isn't as simple as just boiling an egg. life takes energy. energy lives here. welcome back to "power lunch." leading the way downward denbury resources hitting a one-year low on falling prices. sue, as we look at almost a minus 20 point day we keep the stocks in mind. >> absolutely. we will. we are focusing on oil.
1:47 pm
let's go to jackie deangelis. part of the issue also for the kmacommodities sector. there is a lot in play. >> absolutely. let's start with pricing right now. very deep slides driving the equity market down. we are looking at wti and brent. wti trading at 63 and change. brent 66 and change. a lot of traders telling me they do not want to be caught here trying to call a bottom because the momentum now that we have hit technical levels is to the down side. this could get pretty ugly. morgan stanley saying it is bringing the target down to 70 for 2014. you are absolutely right to point to the dollar, too. back to you. >> thank you very much. the nasdaq took a dive just a few minutes ago. art cashin putting in his note that it kind of fell off a cliff. let's goto bertha coombs. >> you look at some of the usual suspects often the most
1:48 pm
volatile. when it is time to sell people hit the sell button. go pro now off 6.25%. tesla, netflix, these are names that when there is a sell off get hit hard and are leading the way down. apple is the big one with its massive market cap and despite the fact that we are seeing analysts continue to be bullish about their prospects as we go into the holiday season for iphone sales it is getting hit hard and responsible for about 15 points. bio techs continue to hold up. that is the one bit of positive news here on the back of the acquisition news for cubist. >> thank you very much. we should note that the 30 year long bond has extended gains. that is pretty much the case all the way across the curve. the money is going into the safe haven of the bond market. it certainly is leaving the nyse. mary thompson is here with me. it is energy stocks but seems to
1:49 pm
be more to it than that. >> talked to a couple of traders and they said actually it was technically driven. you have the s&p falling below support here at 20.72. and then you add in energy stocks and sector weak throughout the day and then tech took another leg down, as well. so all of that combining for this 100 plus selloff we are seeing in the dow right now. >> everybody expected the dow to go through the 18,000 mark last year. there was disappointment that it wasn't able to do that. >> coming in we had weak data overseas from china, japan, germany. art cashin i was speaking to him earlier there is a historical negative bias to this week. december is a fairly strong month. once you get around the levels there is a little resistance you run up. people are looking ahead to
1:50 pm
retail reports out, as well. there are a couple of other data points that maybe investors feel they need to see before they push markets higher. >> thank you so much. >> thank you very much. the dow down triple digits. as you see there two of the more highly priced stocks leading the way down or three really, caterpillar, chevron and mcdonald's with bad numbers out today. all of them weighing on the index. power lunch will be back in two. exxon down about 2 1/2%. blp new cadillac.... ♪ ♪ my baby drove up in a brand new cadillac.... ♪ ♪ look here, daddy, i'm never coming back..... ♪ discover the new spirit of cadillac and the best offers of the season. lease this 2015 standard collection srx for around $359 a month.
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1:53 pm
. welcome back. tesla down. global suggesting tesla is waiting for new stickers with updated epa driving range estimates so shares down by 4%. in this hour of power the dow hitting session lows. moments ago the s&p 500 hitting session lows in our hour. the dow down 120. s&p down 16. the energy sector, the biggest loser on the day after oil prices fell once again to new five-year lows. merck's ceo saying he is not
1:54 pm
shooting for a large consolidation-type transaction in cubist. we will get you up to date on the markets. dow is down 120. nasdaq is down 45 points. we are back in two. and cialis for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment is right. cialis is also the only daily ed tablet approved to treat symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any allergic reactions like rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial. you're down with crestor. yes!
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american companies with big businesses overseas have a new headache. it's the strong dollar. tupperware may be a strong example. >> thank you very much. welcome to chairman and ceo of tupperware. more than 90% of your business is overseas. that strong dollar has to be a headache right now. >> it is peaks and rallies with regard to it. we have had a market basket of about major about 45 countries and when you put it all together this year it's a headache. sometimes you are the windshield. sometimes you are the bug. over a decade it's been pretty neutral. >> if you take that and combine it with some of the weakness we have been seeing in emerging markets what is the outlook for next year? >> i think we have enough currents that are in our favor
1:58 pm
that are the wind at our back in the emerging markets that big populations there, limited earning opportunities for women and emerging middle class i think it helps you overcome what is happening with currency or decline in spending. >> talk to me about how the direct sales model is working out. we have seen pressure on these companies. your stock has under performed lately. herbal life, avon, these companies using this type of model. >> we are very much traditional relationship seller. the bulk of our product goes to the end user out there. you will find some companies are multilevel marketing where people sign up to get a discount. our particular business model works well in all kinds of markets. it provides entrepreneurial opportunity for women. we don't have the basic cost of a retail infrastructure of rent. it's usually sold via relationships.
1:59 pm
you look at our performance over the past decade it has been very strong. >> if you look at the stock consumer staples have been pretty hot as the price of oil declines consumers have more money. yours has lagged. you think that is a result of overseas exposure? >> no. we have had markets where we have had more issues of our own in those markets. we believe most of those are short term and our value proposition is very, very strong for the future. >> thanks for a glimpse inside tupperware. the chairman and ceo of tupperware visiting us here. >> it's great to have him. i have a lot of tupperware in my house. let's get you up to date on the markets. we did see a selloff. dow jones industrial down 133 points on the trading session touching a session low. nasdaq composite down almost 50 points. that would mark its session low. and the s&p 500 down almost 20 on the trading day.
2:00 pm
so we will hand it off to "street signs' at the session lows on the trading session. >> rather dramatic selloff just in the post noon period. a day of the likes of which we haven't seen in a while. a lot of red numbers. >> "street signs' begins right now. have a great afternoon. we will see you tomorrow. well, stocks and oil are tumbli tumbling. the dow on the low of the day. crude crumbling. welcome to "street signs'. breaking developments and insight into the stories plus what may be wrong with mcdonald's. we reveal the if you had $1,000 to invest where would you put it contest? >> the s&p energy sector is the biggest loser today. with crude at five-year lows chevron and exxon are down


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