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tv   Fast Money Halftime Report  CNBC  January 8, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm EST

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but then specifics. >> ballmer, the clippers owner dancing to fergie. >> we needed that on a week like this. let's get over the wapner and the half. >> joe terranova, josh brown, pete and jon najarian are the co-founders of option monster. dan greenhouse with us. btig's chief global strategist. and larry altman joins ounce the telephone today. our game plan, looks like this. halftime portfolio, your 2014 champ laying out his playbook.
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and downgrade of google. whether the best days are behind the tech giant. we begin with stocks up again and a good debate developing over one of the strongest bull markets investors have ever seen is just about over or entering a new stage. whatever the case it's been one heck of a run. lasting almost six years. one thing is clear, volatility is back in a big way. we get negative and then this v bounce. we keep repeating. what is going on. >> volatility works in both directions. and i got to tell you this, particular v bottom that's taken the place over the course of 18 hours is one of the most vicious in a series of vicious v row cover ris for this market. this one is just incredible. >> is it time to be bullish or bearish. >> 90% upside participation right now. why are you looking to be countertrend to what's happening in front of your face? >> joe? >> i i don't know if i could
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classify any sentiment as bullish or bearish. i'm neutral overall and that's the way i want to be. >> mid october we have this big pull back. and everybody is negative. and then a v bottom the likes of which we haven't seen where you get an explosive rally through mid october through the end of the year. >> i think the move in october was much larger in terms of this move. much much larger. >> down 4% so far this year. >> but we dropped 10% in the move from the baba high so to speak. so i think it's much different then versus now. listen, i think the way again in terms of january to play this thing is you have to hear the earnings stories. i think that is the catalyst and i think it is going to be good catalyst overall. and i like that oil is down today and equities is moving higher. we talked about it. i think pete mentioned he just wanted to see stability and i think you are seeing stability if you want to call that in the
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oil price. >> the question at the very top whether the bull market is nearing the end? or if it's just simply entering this new and still explosive phase. >> no i don't think so necessarily. i agree with most of what joe just said. beside that i think the volatility argument is importants because we had gone from october, november 2011 through the middle of 2014 with very little volatility relatively speaking. there were selloffs and standard deviations in terms of the market but it was very benign. since the summer is a new era, if you will, what we're calling a new staining of the bull market where as josh noted volatility can work in both directions and you are seeing it on the downside and today on the upside. >> so larry altman, why are you word about where we are in the market? you are as good a read of sentiment as anybody? jooi. >> caller: my biggest worry is the move in crude oil.
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it shows regulation has taken liquidity out of the market. the idea that the largest commodity in the world halves itself in weeks. and it happened so fast we really don't know the implications or what could possibly be the result of what happened. but liquidity is gone. i mean, markets go up just as fast as they go down. and you have seen it. i mean there are no more commodity steps. there is no more speculation in crude oismt it is a supply and demand story. but energy is the largest commodity on the planet and we just halved it and we don't know what the effects are going to be. >> we do know with the effectes on the consumer. certainly there are broader impacts being hotly debate. >> caller: yeah but we could destabilize some pretty important countries. we could destabilize the entire geopolitical situation. but forgetting about that, it
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just shows you that without all these commodity depths and through the volter rule, the banks on the other side of trades, markets go up and down now like air. these moves in the last couple of weeks? how about the move we had into the december expiration? the s&p rallied 90 points in three hours. and closed in december -- expired on the high. so if anything, you know, i'm not suggesting that the market is going to, you know, crash or go up. but what you will find is that when the markets start going in directions, get out of the way because there is really nobody on the other side. >> larry this is jon najarian. i agree with you a 100% larry, and i'd even maybe paint it this wasmt with all the big layplaye out of the market basiof the volcker and the things on the
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regulatory side to take players out. it's no longer elevator down and stairs up. it's elevator up or elevator down. and this is something that's been happening over and over again. you throw high frequency trading and so forth into it. i'm not demon iezing. it's a fact. you can recognize without as many individual players like larry and joe and pete and i on the floors of the stage, instead just algorithms running things. the it really is elevator up, elevator down. willem no stepping at all. >> etf has to be a part of the conversation. when you think about the effects to be market. i know old school tape readers who have been talking about this for years now but it's so apparent that so much money is now passively indexed. about 230 billion came into ishares -- state street.
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's greet and red money. all in or all out of 500,000 stocks at the time. and it seems schizophrenic until you realize people are buying baskets of stocks with one click where they used to accumulate different names at different prices over time. >> you have to have a strong stomach. no doubt but the bulls are going to be yelling out, when are you bears going to learn? the market goes down and it's proven to be a buying opportunity more often than not. who knows whether this is the same old thing or truly something different, pete. >> right and i think all you have to do is look at the volatility index. it's down significantly now close to 17. we were talking about it being up at 22. the oil index volatility, the ovx was three year highs now it's down underneath 51. so there is movement everywhere you can and you can see this each and every day. and it all comes down to stabilizati
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stabilization. even if oil starts to sift lower the markets can go higher. it is these violent moves that pull the rest of the market down and those are opportunities. >> larry if you get a sense that crude oil is stabilizing which maybe over the last couple of days we're starting to get the grip on that? are you a buyer or no? >> no -- i mean yes. a buy as a trade. but look at the bad months of the crude oil. you can buy december of 17 at $62. and the suggestion that oil is going to just jump back up. oil hasn't found its home yet. oil has -- you know, the actual price is not there. so whether it goes, you know, the suggestion is it is going to go to 14, it is going to go to 35. i don't know where it is going to go. but the market is now supply and demand. it is no longer speculative. look at the market. paul jones just closed had
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commodity department. you have seen through regulation that these markets are becoming supply and demand markets. and the scariest part, i mean the day before thanksgiving, four weeks ago crude oil was $75. 30% of the down move came in three weeks. so for me, what i'm looking at markets now, i look at them like they can do anything at any time. >> that's for certain. >> the suggestion that the dollar has gone up too much. there is no such thing anymore as it's gone up too much or down too much. it's meaningless. >> dan greenhouse give me the last word. >> my last word is a question. are we saying if not for regulation oil would be at call it 55 dollars a barrel? $60. are we saying because commodity desks have closed these last 30 have resulted. >> yes. >> i'm saying. >> in the front month was the
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cheapest on the board. dennis guardman talks about turn structure. the turn structure was wider at the highs than it is at 45 dollars. the front month is only trading 40 cents fwlbelow the next mont. and the interpretation of that is if you really think crude oil is going back to 70 dollars, you can buy all you want. you can buy december after 18 cheaper. >> thanks too you. good discussion. retail -- >> it's just -- one final. mark cuban has done an excellent job talking about what's problematic in the markets. and you see the first couple days like we're having here in january. and it has to be suggested that there is something that is wrong with the infrastructure of how markets conduct themselves right now. larry is talking about commodities and players stepping back from that. you have to look at equities as well. there is less arbitrage down right now and that is not good
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for the markets. overall we're going to have a day where we're not going to like the result. >> in other words, buckle up. >> b absolutely. >> are google's best days over? one analyst thinks so. do the traders agree? and are you brave enough for these trades? the traders reveal the play that might be crazy enough to work. and here comes 2014's trader of the year joe terranova about to reveal his picks for the new competition. is he going to stay ahead of the crowd? ♪ [upbeat music]
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>> joe terranova won our inaugural trader of the year. can he repeat? eog, mckesson, apple, vxx which is a volatility etf and also holding 20% cash. why is this portfolio going to get you to the top again. >> this really is just going to get me through early january which is all i'm trying to do. it is a neutral position right now. so i have a thesis in 2015, which is rent the consensus, don't own it. and that is one of the things that helped me in 2014. there was a time where i made the foolish call like others, let's go with the rate trade.
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i got long the tbt but i rented it. i didn't own the consensus if you think back to the liquidation when ten year yields went to lows in october. thats the liquidation. i'm renting on the belief i think apple is going to have a spectacular earnings in january. probably three four weeks after i might lick date hello. >> so you roled those from last year. >> and mckesson. >> so you're making it clear you are planning on being an active trader. >> of course i will. i think that's the point of this show. i'm not as active as others may be but there is a hybrid model i believe in being active and passive and to me it involves renting the consensus. just to mention real quick mckesson. why them? what is the consensus? 93% u.s. revenue exposure. higher dollar.
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wellness trend, great diversified healthcare name. healthcare is in vogue. that is the consensus. i'll rent that. >> i think mckesson is the one i want to ask about. why that name again. did you decide because know it so well and wanted to hold on to it or some other process as opposed to the pharma name. >> i know the company well. and you me the them better than me. very well diversified. i like the 93% u.s. revenue exposure. their best quarter is not going to be this one, but the next quarter that follows and i think when you see them possibly earning 1090 this year this as stock that could go to 240, 250. >> and cash as well just as last year. >> yes. my question is what if the consensus is not what you think? meaning look how quickly everyone gets negative. look how quickly the aii, numbers shood down and the
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commitment of traders reports. every dip oh that's hit t bull marketed ended. what if the consensus is more nervous than you think and the vix and cash position are some kind of quaside facto consensus. >> i'm sitting 20% rigcash righ now. and everyone wans to buy energy. that is just a fact. we'll talk later the indicators i'm watch when the buy energy. i'm going taking that 20% and i'm going in energy. am i going to do that the whole year? no. for a trade i'll by a approximate, xd or range resources and probably flip it out after 6, 8 weeks. >> good stuff. and good luck. >> thank you. >> tomorrow on the half t rookie and current leader by the way, jim lebenthal is going to reveal his 2015 pk picks. you may know about j.c. penney already. it's paying off at least to this
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dick's sporting goods toon e move today after the company announces it is exploring going private. >> doc is the co-founder of option monster. want to get that out there for
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2015. >> doesn't that put him in the lead. >> 3,000 percent. >> don't you have a few commercials coming down the road is this. >> yeah a few. >> hey call me. >> right at the top of the show you talked about dicks and you were talking about the halt t trading halt and was a of that we were saying well take a look at these trades just ahead of that. that trading halt focus was basically because of the extreme move the stock had made. speculation that just like petco these guys could perhaps go private and that was just moments ahead of that somebody bought about 2,000 calls for 25 cents. some for as little as 10 cent. that is that 3,000 percent move. they went to $3. whether or not this person had insider knowledge, the fact day occurred just seconds before that trading halt. >> literally seconds before. >> like 11 seconds basically as
12:23 pm
long as it takes pete to run the hundred yards. >> there you go. and i'm pretty quick. >> they swept multiple exchanges, philly, cboe, meaning they bought everything that was offered all the way up to 25 cents. when they reopened it was up to $2 and it was off to the races. >> thanks for calling it out. >> sure. >> google hitting a new low. heading for the worst eight day losing streak since 2010 and a downed grade with the firm saying it's best days could be behind it. the analyst who made the call no stiff. he was over at morgue substantial aen stanley. the guy knows tech. >> i think google's performance has been disappointing. i think there are initiatives they need to embark upon in 2015. i don't know if they have to be the serial acquires that have been in the past. but think he's pointing something out obvious to all. and when you look at google
12:24 pm
traded around 500 bucks. you have to be concerned. >> how about the comment from this morning's show from kramer. facebook is investing in profits. google is investing in wonders. >> yeah. and he makes -- that makes total sense. that's what we've been seeing play out and that's why the stock is now under 500 a share. not that she's so negative on the company right now he just doesn't see what the catalysts are going ifrd. >> do you? >> no i don't either. >> the thing is when you buy assets correctly, that is the catalyst in and of itself if you have patience. you don't need there to be a catalyst next month to justify owning google. >> so what is the catalyst for the next 12 months. >> i don't need to know what it is. this as cash machine trading essentially as the bull market multiple. >> yeah they see no significant upside for multimillion or multiple expansion. >> fine. but guess what? this stock is already down 20%.
12:25 pm
this stock is down 6% last year. this thing is off 20% from highs. so now you are going to say this? now you want to sell it? there are only four mega cap stocks in the country that trade at the peg of under 2 with greater than 10% a year earnings growth and google is one. and it is not crazy expensive and i don't really love the wonders debate because look at some of the stuff facebook is doing they get a pass on. virtual reality. the street is fine with it. whatsapp for 20 billion dollars. what is the oauto e on that tea. >> instagram. >> being too negative on google? >> totally. i think it is a late call. i understand what he's saying but he's saying out of the other side of his mouth valuation is nothing to not like. >> let's go on the internet. nobody likes amazon. google is at a new low, worst losing streak since 2010. what are we going to buy? >> yahoo. >> linkedin.
12:26 pm
>> yahoo. i think it's going to 55 or 60. very short-term. >> you think starboard is going to rattle the cage over there. >> i think they have rattled already and i think it will continue and who knows what kind of americae mergers or acquisitions over the next six months but there is enough catalyst for yahoo to go significantly higher. >> google has been cheap for a very long time. management is aggressive. they are not going to sit back and loet 2015 without doing anything. the problem is what they have done is i would argue has been unze unsuccessful. and. >> coming up we've seen his crazy dance moves but we have yet to see his crazy trade ideas. the traders give us their high risk and potentially high reward coming up. >> this never gets old, scott. >> i'm taking ballmer though. his moves are a little better. >> yeah. >> up next, three plays one
12:27 pm
financial analyst says could have a big year.
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>> we have breaking news with
12:30 pm
phil lebeau in detroit. take it away. >> this news is actually out of washington. the national highway traffic safety administration says honda has agreed to pay fines totallying $70 million for failing to report 1,029 accidents over an 11 year period where people were injured or killed. and honda will pay two separate fines of $35 million for failing to report accidents where people were injured or killed. back to you. >> thanks so much. motorolla solutions, ge spin of the simms financial. and --. not our next guest how far. he is here to tell us why these companies are the plays to watch for. janus portfolio fund manager. >> thanks for having me. >> great to have you. why do we like these companies?
12:31 pm
what is the theme? the theme are spinoffs. and i run the janus contrarian fund. we focus on change factor investing and one of those are spinoffs. they are interesting regardless of the macro economic environment because of the management teams can set their incentives to be more in line with shareholds e of the core business as well as control the cash flow allegation as opposed to upstreaming them to the parent like in the past. >> do you think we're going to continue that run in 2015. >> spinoffs didn't perform as well in 2014 as historically so we think in general they set up very well. we don't buy everything one. we're very selective in the ones we have in our portfolio. >> let's talk about some of these here. and we can take motorolla solutions first, msi. >> it is a gem of a business. basically produces the government public safety infrastructure for two-way
12:32 pm
radios, so if you are pulled over in norway or nebraska, odds are that motorolla solutions in the police car to inform the public safety worker who you are and what you are up to. that's going to trend globally so we think ultimately the business will grow. what's so interesting about them that spun off a few years ago is it sold another subsidiary at the end of last year generated a lot of cash and now is shrinking the share count aggressively. >> let's take the next one. knowles acoustics. i don't think we've ever talked about that company on the show. why should we be buying it. >> it's interesting. spun out of o dover corporation. they are a classic industrial company that had effectively from almost like a venture capital perspective or private equity incubated knowles corporation within its portfolio and spun it out last year. knowles is the dominate player in the men's microphone market.
12:33 pm
which means that in your iphone or even xiaomi in shine the microphones are made by knowles. and we've moved from one to three microphones per device recently. so the content is moving up over time also. >> real quick about synchrony financial spin out of general electric. this has had a fantastic performance last year. kudos to pick it up then. how do you certificates of deposit and toings like that going to be something that benefits them going forward in 2015. >> funding costs will low. and credit strong. the company gents roa of three and a half percent. that is exceptional within financials. the stock trades eleven times. with spin, the last part i mention should have mentioned
12:34 pm
earlier is they are orphaned in some a way where they are just not well known entities even though in synchrony's case it is a big business. we think as the market comes to understand it it finds a home analytically and on the buy side. on the sell side people come to appreciate how good of a business ge spub of last year. >> dan thanks for coming on. >> great to be here. >> synchrony a good name. solid company. market cap somewhere around 25 billion. i like that the best. >> the incredible dollar continuing. greenback index rising to a fresh high today. and jackie deangeles and the focus are all over that. >> watching very closely here at the nymex and in fact we're up for 13 of the last 15 sessions. pretty remarkable action here. about the highest level we've seen since 2003. jim i want to get your take and
12:35 pm
the impact it's having on the market today. >> there is no question that the big exporters were reporting in the next couple weeks may have an effect from the strong dollar. the bigger issue though is are they sophisticated enough to heng that risk and have their earnings be less effected by it? the answer is probably yes. so in so ways we have to concentrate on the positive economic effects of the dollar and it's a very unrecognized catalyst for lower crude and lower commodity prices. all in all it's probably helping more than hurting. >> curious to get your take jeff because we've got a big jobs report coming as whelm examinations are not as much growth as last time. does that kill the dollar rally? >> i don't think it kills the rally. we've seen the dollar suppressed for years. i think the job number is important but remember the fed drops the krcriteria becomes bo. they are looking more month to month. it's all about the ecb and it
12:36 pm
seems a fore gone conclusion they will be coming with serious qe if they don't we could see a move. the dollar right now is up up and away. >> for more check out the live show on 1:00. also talking to carter worth about the s&p 500 and why the rally receive wean may spell good things for the year ahead. 1:00 p.m., see you there. >> jackie thank you so much. coming up next. mary barra's first anniversary at general motors. back live to detroit for her record card on what's next for gm. but first the greater the risk the greater the return. the traders are busting out their craziest trade idea. should you follow them into the fire? she inspires you.
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out losses for 2015. it's early yet but we'll take it. oil rebounding. so where is the value? try the oil riggers why these stocks should be on your buy list. and made a lot of savvy tech investments. now peter thiele is making a bet on marijuana hoping investments grow like a weed. he speaks exclusively to us. and it's being called a game changer in the race to find new antibiotics. that whole whole world has been stalled for decades. this could be the tip of the iceberg. a lot of those drugs come from dirt, not kidding. back to scott. >> thanks so much. as oil kpaeps take a hit. hedge fund heavyweight mark hasry is buying up net. here is what he had to say this morning. >> when you talk about energy everybody is saying crude soil is going to be 70 to 90 two years from now. if that is correct everything
12:41 pm
we're buying at 60 krebts today is going to be worth par. if you do the math you will make somewhere around 30% returns. >> kate kelly joining us from 30 rock. >> i think a hedge fund community agrees with hasry on beast a couple points. . i think his view is a bit of an outlier in other ways. some market watchers note for every ten dollars crude falls spreads widen another 30 to 40 basis points and the cost of funding for energy companies has effectively doubled since september. amid the junk bonds trading
12:42 pm
considerably beneath par are sand ridge and swift energy. sand ridge is in a good spot but swift looks troubled and it is unclear where their game plan is going to be. they could come up with more funding or they could be bought i out. but ultimately the downside scenario in any of these kapss is bankruptcy. and i think therein lies the problem people may have with lasry's thesis. because the default in brups risk and the uncertainty of who could restructure and who could sell itself some companies are staying away. you want to be familiar with both credit and energy. we're just going to stay away. >> kate thanks. joe? >> when it comes to investing i think you basically use the analogy of your palm. having a different type of print
12:43 pm
for every investor. so for marc lasry i think it's great he can go out and that's what he does and has a track record being successful for. however he's saying two years from now oil is going to be 70 to 90. i want more evidence. a leading indicator for me when to buy energy is the high yield market. there is no coincidence that spreads bottomed on june 23rd and oil peaked on june 20th. so analyze each company. exco resources trading around 1.80. when you look at their debt if you look at their bonds, i don't like the way their bonds are trading currently. oasis petroleum. those bonds appear to me to have gotten past the worst in december that. gives me encouragement to go out and buy oasis equity. so i want to use the high yield to tell me what to do in the equity market. >> some say it is a crazy trade to bet on energy stocks right now but michelle caruso cabrera
12:44 pm
is focused on something even more daring. we're going to europe. we're going shopping. >> greece and venezuela. >> ooh. >> marc lasry told he he is involved in one of the first trade i'm going show yosmt greek government bonds is the vernacular. i don't know the specific trade he's put on but hoe and a another are investing in ggbs. >> if you wanted to today you could buy three your ggb matures in 2017, july. the price 80 cents on the dollar. look at the yield. 12.65%. considering that the coupon is only 3.37%. so what is the rationale that fear of a greek exit are over done. so when look at german yields doing what they are doing and look at that. greek oil, you can wi their company. they have a bond that is going to pay you in november 2017.
12:45 pm
2015, 2016 and 17. 58 cents on the dollar. the yield is 36%. the yield when issued was only 8%. some are buying this as well because the belief is venezuela absolutely cannot default on oil company debt. they must keep the oil company running because that is where they get all the revenue. >> about looking for big yield opportunity in a low yield environment. and lasry is no strange tore buying distressed debt and done quite well if w that strategy. >> he told me he bought a couple of months ago so it's down since then. but clearly he and lot of other people believe that once the election is passed that it is potentially going to get better. they think the guy everyone is body about the leftist leader is more of a pragmatist than other folks.
12:46 pm
>> how about busy trades from you guys. >> from crazy eye geist? how about this one s luki oi. the bonds. and you have you are buying it for 74 cents on the dollar. >> josh? >> very similar. the rsx. not get specific with a particular russian company. just buy the index and base you you either lose all your money or triple it. the title of the segment is crazy trade. this is not one i'm putting on in real life. this is a massive potential upside but buying the most insane thing on earth right now because we all know the issues with the ruble and devaluation and capital controls down the list. >> the oil -- the outlook for where crude could go.
12:47 pm
if crude stabilizes and gets a bump. >> blood in the -- >> yeah. you want do something insane, you can do that or get a face tattoo or whatever you want to do. >> they got a six year bond with 70% coupon you can buy at 64 percent on the dollar. kate made me feel confident. i still think it's crazy but if you are looking for yield and upside, that is one of them. >> joe? >> i would say the euro currency. near term pain. long-term gain. say greece exits and the weaker players. >> play the euro. >> say the weaker players exit. you are left with germany and the stronger economies and a stronger euro. >> it was at 117, back up to 118. but interesting stuff nonetheless. coming up it could be the greatest job of all time. however it is today's worst trade.
12:48 pm
and mary barra kicking off her second year at gm. what is her plan to turn things around? we go live to detroit when e come back.
12:49 pm
12:50 pm
let's send it over to morgue morgan brennan. >> it started early in the week when jc penney announced strong holiday sales. today it announced its ju
12:51 pm
underperforming stores. the stock is up more than 1.5% just today. aeropostale also moving higher, a small-calf name but we've seen big moves to the down side over the past year. today it's about 20% higher after raising guidance for the quarter. costco also gaining ground after reporting better than expected 3% increase in same-store sales for december. that's trading up nearly a percent higher. and check out target and macy's. both of those hitting all-time highs today. target's up more than 0.5%. macy's trading about flat right now. the one downer, family dollar after it reported a weaker than expected first quarter profit as comp sales fell about 0.4%. so the street was looking for a 1.3% gain and we're seeing family dollar trade down about 0.5%. back to you. >> morgan, thank you so much. dr. j, the jc penney thing, you talk about that could have been gone in the other segment we just did.
12:52 pm
that looks like a home run at least early on. you want to comment on the retail thing? maybe we don't talk about costco enou enough. >> i don't think we did. it is the most steady retailer out there because people shop there whether they want to say that they're bundling trips when gasoline prices are high or whether they're just going there because they can get these deals. i love them. they manage the costs. the people that work there love working there. everything's good. >> yeah, good comps. doc? i mean joey? >> hypermarkets trade. that's what you call it. it's not just costco. it's target, walmart. they've performed well since oil's declined and will continue to do so. >> today marks one year since mary barra took over as ceo of general motors. the stock is only down 10% under her leadership. so the worst really behind that company? phil lebeau is live from their headquarters in detroit. hey, phil. >> reporter: hey, scott. i think the worst is probably behind general motors relative to the safety and recall issues from last year. no doubt, there are still some major issues out there for 2015
12:53 pm
including a doj investigation. but the focus of the comments today from mary barra, most of them were on the state of the business, the specifics with all the barands at general motor. first of all, they're very optimistic in terms of overall industry sales. they've set their target of u.s. sales of between 16.5 million and 17 million, that's for the entire industry with continued strong demand for trucks and suvs. and that forecast of up to 17 million in annual sales for this year, well, if you take a look over the last five years, that's continuing the trend that we've seen for the u.s. auto market of sales increasing. for mary barra, she says the focus now for her and for her leadership team is to continue to build on the changes that they've already put in place. >> i hope you see that gm is what i feel moving in a very positive direction and we're getting to the core with the right products, the right brands and making the right decisions. and i think you know me well enough now with all the time, we had the opportunity to talk last
12:54 pm
year, that i'm a very results-oriented person. getting by is not my idea of winning. and i also hate excuses. >> reporter: and with regard to not liking excuses, she made it very clear, ultimately general motors, whether it's gaining market share or not, needs to grow profits. and when you look at their earnings from last year, they did better than some of the other automakers, but she thinks there's still room to grow there, guys. you mentioned the stock is down 10% in the last year. it has been moving higher, however, over the last couple of weeks. scott, back to you. >> all right, thanks. phil lebeau for us at gm headquarters. coming up, you are going to decide today's worst trade. is it jon's dancing or steve ballmer's? tweet us. they're related, that's for sure. we'll be right back.
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all right. welcome back. well, you are lucky today.
12:58 pm
because you're going to decide the worst trade. is it steve ballmer on the right or jon najarian's dancing skills that are the worst? we want you to vote. najarian versus ballmer. some of the texts coming in, it's close. but ballmer is worse and not as handsome, somebody says, doc. >> there you go. >> both sexy bald men. >> there you go! >> jon, what do you call that move? the gremlock? >> that's the gremlock. >> i like it. i like some of the tweets, some of them i can't read. >> of course not. >> a little bit colorful, i'm sure. >> around the hoern and do final trades as we move on. joe. >> cf industries trading 2.90, i think it gets to 300, that 9 versus 10. >> all right, josh, i guess we're going to resume this debate over google. >> not really a debate. i don't know that there's a near-term catalyst. i think the stock is chief up in to buy, hold on it. i think this could be a company that blossoms for 100 years.
12:59 pm
i don't need a catalyst tomorrow. >> 100 years. >> five below, f-i-v-e. >> that's the rating on your dance moves. >> unfortunately, that's what i got on "dancing with the stars" last night. no, this one, strong upside activity, judge, bought it today. >> and how about you, pete? >> i'm looking at these chemical names and the way they've been reacting and the huge move over the last couple days. dupont getting towards those 52-week highs. we had activity. i think it's going higher. >> what has more truth to it, the first five day that were pretty ugly in this market or what could be another pretty strong day to the upside for stocks? >> how about tomorrow's jobs report, so none of that matters. i think tomorrow's jobs report. >> reset the board. >> new world, new market. >> it took it back to unchanged. it's exactly right. and you got rid of the amateur hour so thousand we can get back to real trading. >> you get conversation about what the fed may do. more dovish charlie evans. >> charlie evans last night
1:00 pm
lifted the s&p's 12 handles at 9:00 at night and just hours earlier we heard a more hawkish federal reserve who wasn't going to pay so much attention to low inflation. >> i like it. and i think the number will be good tomorrow, judge. >> adp, we'll have to see. have a great rest of the day. that's it for us. "power" begins now. >> "halftime" is over. "power lunch" and the second half of the trading day start now. >> thank you very much. and i won't dance today at this hour. though i might, happy days, are they here again for the bulls? take a look at stocks at 1:00 p.m. on wall street. the dow industrials with big moves higher today. so, too, the nasdaq. the s&p 500 and even the russell, which has been a little bit of a weak sister here, is moving up, coming along for the ride, up 1.5% at this hour. two major breakthroughs today to tell you about in the pharmaceuticals industry. one less expensive cancer fighters and finally, a new super bacteria antibiotic. and


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