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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  January 12, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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tle bit of money off the table if you want to do it with upside calls. >> pit boss talked about it earlier, jim kramer all the time look at the move of bmy. bristol meyers my mission is simple to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. >> middle aged men and they have been dying at a far greater rate than they used to. binge drinking
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. we saw this when stocks looked like they would run with the bulls. when i fired up the pc at 3:30 a.m. it seemed like our market was about to explode up perhaps as much as three quarters of a percent. since every major stock market was roaring and oil was drifting down, not a lot of fervor. and then a parade descended on this market like a flock taking everyone by surprise. first oil rolled over in a big way. i will tell you about oil later. every time oil gets pounded not
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a gentle push but a genuine beat down where sellers are giving it the business you get a huge slug of selling just about everything. only the restaurants and bio tech were spared because restaurants are viewed as beneficiaries of lower prices at the pump. there is a lot of deal making at bio tech. we have a box of morton salt and a sack of mrs. dash poured into the wounds by goldman sachs. it is one bullish forecast for oil pretty much in half as news trickled down of that bludgeoning. you could tell crude would drop. and then we got not one, not two but three punches right to the gut. three announcements that cut out the hearts of the bulls as swiftly as extracted some pour guy's heart in that moment in
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indiana jones. we know the consumers got spare change in their pockets. i felt so flush after spending only $1.99 on gasoline yesterday that i bought a wholeal gaen of windshield wiper fluid. you know what i didn't do? take the extra $20 once destined for the pump and splurge at tiffany's. maybe that's why tiffany's didn't make the numbers. last week we had two which gave you bummer numbers. tiffany doesn't really specialize in items below $5. and it doesn't coupon the heck out of the world. maybe it should because publicly traded store severely disappointed in the united states when same store sales falling 1%. i thought the u.s. was strong.
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the result a 14% stunning decline in this stock. it was a breath taking unexpected move. it just brought retail to its knees not to be outdone in a stock market horror land. tech star san disk which made flash memory one of the hottest areas preannounced a real doozie of a short fall citing retail weakness. last week micron gave us an inkling that things weren't so hot there. no one seemed to care. this was no inkling today. this was a flash anville dropped on our heads. san disk is a much loved stock because it has robust growth which many seem to think will protect it from the down side. the stock rivalled tiffany. like tiffany those terrible pin
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action as san disk is a component in a lot of devices especially samsung products. literally every component stock got pulverized. i have sky works, a terrific play. micron fall back to the lows of the day last week when reported that flash had gotten weaker. looks like we were whistling past the downgrade. i know it could have been worst. last blast how about one that was totally off the beaten path a seat mileage short fall from american airlines. when i saw that i couldn't believe it. i was double checking and triple checking it. i can't fathom how san disk relates to energy. american airlines? wasn't that the sweet fall? a revenue short fall was
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unexpected. ozunexpected as tiffany was to retail. all airlines had to get hammered. it was ugly. it was ugly. it was uglier than peyton's arm. ugleer than aaron rodgers's leg. i thought the damage could be to retail tech and airlines. oil broke down another dollar another 6 1/2 year long. get used to that term. whole oil and gas slaughtered. i know there were bulls that noted even though oil hit a low the oil stocks are still well off lows. many of the more positive folks, there are a ton of them. they are taking that failure to take out the lows as a sign that we are close to a bottom. i have to come back to the fact that so many people are trying to call a bottom. why weren't we totally oblit
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rate obliterated? bio tech darn stocks won't quit. we will be talking to companies in the stock all this week. the next generation saved this generation's day. isis jumped another 1.5%. it's the good isis. nps pharma taking advantage of a terrific drug franchise. acoroa. agios jumped again on the strength of an interview with meg terrell. regenron did it again. bristol-myers announced a break that it had to break up the study because it just wasn't fair to deny the drug to those taking the placebo. it was hard to keep the entire market down. when the first big decline in
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oil the market does get hammered. it tends to go down in oil and the rest of the market consolidates and causes so much of the market to stabilize that we are back to depending on the new set of earnings and whether we will rally or fall. good news later on in the show. alcoa good but it is the day to day. tech, oil and retail took a stand. restaurants and bio tech couldn't save us but it wasn't for lack of trying. how about sherry in new york? >> hello jim. i must tell you i am a huge fan. i just adore you, love your positive energy enthusiasm and the sanity you bring to this manic market. >> you have a british accent too. >> caller: i hope i am not too cheeky when i say i look forward to you every night, jim. >> not cheeky at all. very reassuring. >> caller: i am calling about
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dlak which is a play of these falling oil prices. you think this stock would be up orders of trucks and suvs are up. ford and gm stock are up. trak had a rocky day. i want you to stay in it and i want to thank you for those masterfully kind comments. made me feel pretty good. i want to go to teeno in arizona. >> caller: booyah, jim from arizona. >> you are going to be the site of the seahawks patriots game. what is going on? >> he's a colts fan! he didn't like that. he is looking for green bay and colts. it does happen. i won't make that mistake again. kevin in maryland. >> caller: booyah to you.
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i run a distribution company and the fuel bills have been wonderful. we have a 35% decrease. the stocks are doing wonderful. would fed ex be a good one? they can be using fuel on the air and the ground. >> some parts are passed through. fed ex has been a hot stock. it is consolidating after a dynamite quarter. a lot of people were worried about the overall economy. as fed ex comes in i suggest buy it not sell it. when oil comes down quickly you are best to run for the hills. as much as bio tech tries to save us. remember we are in a day to day market right now depending upon earnings. speaking of earnings "mad money" tonight a closer look at alcoa. stocks soared more than 50%. i have ceo. how low can oil go before players start feeling the heat? kicking off our new series bio tech with the biggest deals
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of the day. i am getting right behind this. we like this. and also i will talk to the ceo and get his take on the biggest trends on the smoking hot sector. why don't you stick with cramer? don't miss a second of "mad money." follow at jim cramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer. send jim an e-mail to or give us a call. miss something? head to
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with the first earnings season of 2015 kicking off today it is time for us to pay close attention to alcoa that is always the first company to report and a company that gives you vast insight into auto trucks, commercial construction packaging and heavy industrial machinery. i have been a huge fan of alcoa and the leadership of the one transforming into more of a diversified manufacturer of high
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value added aluminum products for airplanes and automobiles. moving off a 29 cent basis with higher than expected revenues. let you dig deep with chairman and ceo of alcoa and hear more about the quarter. welcome back to "mad money." >> hello, jim. >> this was the first quarter where i feel like alcoa is a bit like 3 m, like honeywell. you have organic growth of things that you have created. how much of your earnings which was a nice surprise came from things that had been inventedory discovered or invented since you became ceo. >> many of those things makes it hard to pin point to when it starts. we are happy at where we are with 14% revenue growth 15% of that organic. if you look at the last quarter we basically showed we are using organic as well as inorganic
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growth opportunities. announced and closed it and we hope to close in the first quarter, very confident with that. that increases our portfolio on the jet engine side and the titanium field. at the same time we announce things like micromill materials which are total break through new materials combining things that could never combine before it was strength and now you can get it all in one. that's where we are going. we have a full pipeline with these things. this is i think what we will continue to see. at the same time on the upstream side weal have been coming down mitigating against wherever the volatility of the markets will get us. that is the whole philosophy. we have been talking about that and we can see it. the impact i think is something we would benefit from. >> you are predicting acceleration in aero space.
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i am trying to see what it will look like at the end of this year. you see it getting stronger. we arice iclooking at primarily an auto company with other provisions being pulled along. >> the good news is we love aero space and automotive. you see aluminum growth because we are replacing existing materials and innovating. i would not say those are the only things we could get excited about. look at commercial transportation. we talked about the u.s. truck market and it has been an exciting market. it continues to show nice signs of strengths which we predict for the next year. we are in with wheels which is a very nice one. look at the north american building and construction market. it finally came back last year.
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we project it to continue to grow further this year. we have a full range of products for this market. finally i don't know whether you saw it somewhere hidden in the message there the turbines. >> it has been such a drag. is that natural gas shift occurring around the world? >> no no no. it's actually smart management of some of the oems. there has been innovation that has attracted the desire from customers to invest and change their portfolio. it's largely the big new highly effective, highly efficient gas turbines. the second thing is that companies have been very creative in finding ways how to revamp existing products where we actually benefit a lot from because most of it requires that
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you shift out a lot of the internals, the blades and those types of things. that is the stuff that we make. you are right, that's a very nice thing that we are seeing there, finally. >> a lot of people have been bemoaning the fact that oil is coming down. alcoa has a different thesis. when energy costs come down your earnings go higher. >> actually yes, they go higher directly because we directly benefit from it. i think the bigger aspect here is what i think we have been hearing from the experts in the last month where it looks as though this seems to be not something just fluctuating but could stay around for a little while. the predictions that i have seen from renowned economists where if they say oil stays at $40 a barrel you can get a boost for the economy between 0.4% to 0.8%
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additional growth. that is obviously wonderful and would be a nice thing to happen. >> are we going to put to rest now that you see the cost structure go down, put into rest that alcoa has to break up? >> well look you see the logic that we have. we really are firing on both cylinders. we have always said we have two prong. we want to build out on the multi material innovation powerhouse. that shows the results in the mid stream and down stream. at the same time we said let's make sure that we also get the maximum value out of our upstream business. i can't predict where premiums are going to go. what i can predict is if we are low enough on the cost curve at one time i make more money and the other time i make less money. the question we are asking ourselves can other owners add more value to it?
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we look at this all the time. at this point we have come to the conclusion this is a very good combination and it works. >> last question can you make enough of the f-150 metal for every car company that wants it right now? >> well we as alcoa are catering basically to the whole industry. the industry has been a little tight on this. our philosophy is relatively simple. we believe it's not just about making the same material. that's why we announced in december our micromill based materials. that's the logic here we want to have product that create value for our customers and create value for us. this is where the designers knew if i want more strengths i get more weight and less ability. we found a formula where you
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have less weight and more strength. that's a formula that pretty much every car designer has been looking for. this is our philosophy there. we have a nice automotive business growing and doing fairly well. you see some of it in the fourth quarter numbers. >> congratulations for your best quarter in many, many years. good to see you, sir. after the break i will try to make more money. coming up, surviving the slide. as black gold continues to plunge which players in the oil patch have what it takes to withstand this massive decline? cramer's drilling down to see who is best equipped to weather the storm.
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at what point is the price of oil too low for its own good? at what point do they start playing havoc? these are important questions right now. it is hard to pin down solid answers. we have denials by pretty much every firm that it might be trouble and opportunities for secure debt. take southwestern energy. in october before oil and natural gas the company picked up $5.3 billion in properties including 413,000 prime shale acres in pennsylvania and west virginia.
6:26 pm
it included 1,500 wells producer 360 million cubic feet of gas every day. since then pricing for oil and gas has collapsed. even though the newly acquired acreage is good we know it didn't spike during polar vortex which suggests it might have gotten the short end of the stick. since that southwestern has dropped from 32 down to 24. this stock was trading at $48 last april when there was heavy call option buying. man, was that ever wrong? one thing is for certain. after today nobody is going to bid for southwestern. 20 million depository shares. the offerings will cure any issues involving cash flow. crisis averted. here is the problem. with oil plummeting goldman sachs a former bull now turning
6:27 pm
bear and using $40 price target, the one thing we do know is there are a lot more out there. very few have southwestern's pedigree. southwestern is the highest of high quality gas companies. if you have been stuck owning the stock the offerings is the last thing you wanted to see. they won't be able to raise money easily. i think there is still way too many people bullish on the oils if goldman sachs. consider this company is the best of the best by far finest oil in the world. given the decline from $118 in july around the time that morgan stanley pronounced the greatest opportunity in the year down to $78 i think that perhaps maybe
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now is finally a great opportunity, certainly cheaper than morgan stanley did. but then i looked at where oil was trading the last time it visited the levels was around $100 a barrel. i looked at how many recommendations were around the thing. i discovered the vast majority remain bullish. that combination makes the stock too dicy. it is the highest quality company in the world. there is more pain ahead. >> don't buy. >> if oil goes below 40 i believe there will be a cash flow decline. i remain bullish about what lower oil can mean for our economy overall there is no way to be bullish on the oil patch itself. not with the pain that gets triggered by the short fall and the possibility of the southwestern scenario or worst, the companies that bought off
6:29 pm
more than they can chew. don't try to be a hero. i think it is too early to start bottom fishing in the group. let's go to arizona. >> booyah. big fan, big fan. today my question is juneau therapeutics purchased it at the ipo. do i hold it or do i sell? >> i want you to sell half and play with the house's money which is a thing of beauty and my ultimate goal in life. we need to go to ann marie in indiana. >> caller: thanks for taking my call. my mome state of indiana. i hope you will help me. and then part two i have conoco and chevron, which one do you
6:30 pm
prefer? >> conoco yields 4.6. all it has done is gone back to what it was in the spring when oil was higher. >> how about jake in california? >> caller: how are you? >> i'm doing good. how about you? >> caller: i'm doing fine. two questions for you. i like solar city. with oil dropping so much i am hesitant on buying an energy stock. what is your take on solar city short term and long term? do you think now is a good time to get to oil? >> too early to get into oil. more down grades and more things we saw at goldman. solar city will get taken down with it. as much as you may like the company it does trade with oil. maybe it shouldn't but it does. there is a point where oil is considered too low for its own good. i wouldn't be surprised if we
6:31 pm
see more pain in it. much more "mad money" ahead including a stock i loved. got the exclusive with the ceo. my week long series the next generation continues. stocks up more than 3% today. plus a stock call just ahead in a brand new edition of "the lightning round." stay with cramer. so, how do you feel about cash back? i would not say i'm into it. but
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let's see where this goes. [ buzzer ] do you like to travel? i'm all about "free" travel, babe. that's what i do. [ buzzer ] balance transfers -- you up for that? well -- unh. too soon? [ female announcer ] fortunately, there's an easier way, with compare hundreds of cards from every major bank and find the one that's right for you. it's simple. search, compare, and apply. [ ice rattles ]
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is this a terrific moment for nearly all things bio tech which is why all week we are diving in with our series bio tech next generation paying close attention to the health care conference kickoff. this year it is looking like no different. this morning we got a strong sales update from therapeutics. it is to make a drug that helps
6:35 pm
patients regain ability to work which is being studied to see if it can do the same thing for stroke victims. the company is developing treatments for neuropathic pain nasal spray and thanks to its recent acquisition it is promising inhale dry powder formulation. the big jp morgan health care meeting and gave robust guidance for 2015. stock is giving us an astounding 78% since we talked to the ceo trouncing the s&p 500 of the same period up more than 20% since we last spoke to them. let's check in with the president and ceo and find out more about how the company is doing. welcome back to "mad money." >> thanks very much. great to be here. >> how were you able to accelerate sales so
6:36 pm
aggressively? i was shocked to see a 21% increase from 2013. what are you doing? >> we were very excited by the result. part of it is that our commercial team and our medical education teams just doing a fantastic job out there educating prescribers and patients. and then also what we noticed last year for the first time since launch is we seem to have cross d over the inflection point where it is considered to be standard of care for people with multiple sclerosis. people are coming into the office and doctor sees they are having difficulty working and immediately they think we need to try it. >> you told me that could happen. why does it take so long? >> like anything else that is new. this is blazing new trails. there had never been a medication for walking before we
6:37 pm
improve. it takes a few years to get people to try it and see what it does in their own hands and see what people with ms are saying. after a while people get educated and they realize and then they make that transition. it is now standard of care. >> are there people who are saying i want to be in the study because i am having trouble walking and i think this could do the same for me? >> we really are excited about this phase three clinical trial in people who have had strokes and having difficulty walking. people are very excited about it. for people who are really interested they should go to our website, and right on the home page you see a way to get information about enrolling in the trial. >> parkinson's continuing to make good progress here. >> another thing we are very excited about. we acquired a terrific bunch of folks who have been working on this novel way of delivering the
6:38 pm
therapy of choice for people with parkinson's. it gives them back the ability to move properly and so forth. this is inhaled so it works very quickly. we have a phase three trial going on and people with parkinson's disease they can go to the website and look for information on the trial. >> people have to understand ron is trying to help you because he knows i was trying to get someone in these trials. this is not just look at our website. this is actual. if you have these you want to try it. i was surprised you are deferring development of the neuropathic pain drug because there is so much on your plate or because it is not working well? >> it is because there is so much on our plate. we had two full phase three programs that requires a lot of attention and a lot of investment. we have a very big pipeline as you mentioned and something had to give. so we are just prioritizing and doing things at the right time
6:39 pm
we think. >> you have just done a great job for shareholders. the president and ceo. thanks so much. >> "mad money" is back after the break. [container door opening] ♪ what makes it an suv is what you can get into it. ♪ [container door closing] what makes it an nx is what you can get out of it. ♪ introducing the first-ever lexus nx turbo and hybrid. once you go beyond utility there's no going back.
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"the lightning round" is sponsored by td ameritrade. >> it is time. it is time for "the lightning round". are you ready? time for the lightning round. i'm going to start with john in indiana. john? >> thanks for taking my call. >> my pleasure. >> what is your take on zimmer holdings? >> i think zimmer is going higher. i like zimmer. i think these are the sweet spots in this market place. maybe they come in and then you pull the trigger. thomas in texas. >> booyah big jim. my stock is out front media.
6:43 pm
>> i don't really care for the billboard business. i know it has a good yield. carmen in connecticut. >> hi jim. thank you for taking my call. it has been slowly trending lower. >> a lot of people ask me about that when they saw me in a bunch of places. this is a multi year theme. when the stock goes down like this it is an opportunity, not something you should run from. dave in california. >> booyah jim from southern california. >> how are you? >> miserable weather here. >> jim, i called in late last year and i had a high quality problem with bristol-myers when i was up over 40% and getting a little nervous. you said why don't you check back when you are over 50%. should i trim? >> you hold bristol-myers. did another great thing with a lung cancer drug.
6:44 pm
this is a premiere franchise. do not sell. rachael in my home state of new jersey. rachael? >> caller: hi. thanks for taking my call. i have been wanting to talk to you forever. >> okay. >> caller: hi. >> go ahead. >> caller: thanks for taking my call. i said i have been wanting to talk to you forever. >> thank you so much rachael. what's up? >> caller: okay. and i like to hear all your comments and all your good advice that you give us. i'm interested in knowing basically tech stocks if they are a good buy but oracle in general? >> oracle i think can stay higher. i don't think oracle is going to shoot the lights out but i think it will go higher and it has a decent cloud business. i saw today sap do well. >> can i go to adele.
6:45 pm
>> i want to know about ndrm. >> that one escapes my pen. i may have to come back on that one. don't know the answer. >> how about corey in new york? >> jim, what's up? you are the man. >> thank you. >> what do you think about glw? like long term? >> long term it's fine. i worry short term when i saw san disk. i know corning is not san disk. i worry about component companies. long term i think you are absolutely terrific. can i go to sean in wisconsin. >> caller: thank you for helping us stay the course when things were so crazy a few weeks ago. >> i appreciate it. >> caller: zillow it lost value and now it is trading side ways. what do you think about it? >> it does look like for the moment that it has peaked out. i want to speak to the ceo.
6:46 pm
it made that deal. it made a good deal and paid a lot of money. now it is kind of resting. i'm not going to push it right here. i just can't push it right here. let's go to mark in florida. mark? >> yes, sir. >> you are up. >> caller: got a question for you regarding bp buy, sell hold or short. >> you have to pay that dividend. i don't want to own bp. got way too much risk. i will go to barry in florida. >> how are you doing, jim. booyah. >> booyah, barry. >> what's up? >> you tell me. >> caller: i like to know what is going on with family dollar store and the merger with dollar general? >> i think dollar tree is going to buy them. dollar tree will get it. there won't be a competing bid. >> let's go to roy in maryland. >> good evening, jim. thank you for answering my call.
6:47 pm
i'm retired and the dividend investor and i'm wondering as far as the mid streams like enterprise products, can i expect over the next five years that the dividends won't be renegotiating, i can expect a 5% dividend and 3% appreciation on stocks like enterprise? >> i like them both. i think they are fine. the yield, they are going to boost that dividend. when they do i think you will do just fine. i think they are both good companies. i don't like the oil and gas business in general. that is the conclusion of the "the lightning round." >> "the lightning round" is sponsored by td ameritrade. cramer you are super. you are awesome. >> i'm a first time investor. >> thank you for inspiring me to
6:48 pm
get in the game. >> your show is the best. >> you have transformed me. thank you, cramer. can't say thank you enough. you have made my life special by being apart of it. (everyone) cheers! glad you made it buddy. thanks for inviting me. thanks again my friends. for everything for all your help. through all life's milestones our trusted advisors are with you every step of the way. congratulations! thanks for helping me plan for my retirement. you should come celebrate with us. i'd be honored. plan for your goals with advisors you know and trust. so you can celebrate today and feel
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confident about tomorrow. chase. so you can.
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for anyone who thinks i spend too much time highlighting bio tech spots take a look at the amazing news we got this weekend from nps being acquired.
6:51 pm
remember this is a 51% premium from where it was trading before the speculation started. this acquisition is a huge deal. it confirms the strength of one of my absolute favorite themes bio tech companies that develop orphan plays. now clear that old school big pharma firms are willing to pay up. nps has had major effects for a drug so the patient needs to be fed through a tube. helps these people digest food allowing many to go off the drip entirely and lead a normal life. company's got upside management expects fda to decide whether to
6:52 pm
approve the drug by the end of the month. started recommended october 2012. it is roaring higher year after year. $45.35. that is a 450% gain. it's time to ring the register on this one. i think the acquisition is a very important deal. let's take a closer look and a victory lap with the president and ceo of nps pharma. welcome back to "mad money." >> good to see you. >> when you first came on the stock was $8 and you chased a course of a drug that had so few patients that i know i was skeptical. why does it matter how much it costs and how few patients it is because obviously shire is a huge company. they don't mind it is just a few patients that take the drugs. >> so what we do in the disease
6:53 pm
business is select an indication where there is no other treatment, where there is a huge need and limited number of patients and it is one of the drugs that bring value to the patients. >> i thought it was interesting and the presentation building on nps's pharma success there is a great business. how important is it to identify patients who need these drugs? >> critical. if we take short bowel syndrome in the u.s. between 3,000 patients. these are chronic patients. we need to find them and we find them one patient at a time and finding them is just the first step. then you walk we have to walk them to the process of reimbursement through a very complex and then train them on the drug. the disease business is dealing with one patient at a time. >> recently mercke bought cube s
6:54 pm
pharma. i see that shire is taking a leap here. you have a huge drug you talked to us natpara neither you nor nps seems to be worried about an approval. >> the drug is reviewed by the fda. we are confident that it will be approved in the u.s. >> i want to go over what it is like to be an investor in these companies. you have convinced people and i know many people watch the show. goldman sachs november 11 trends short. they didn't like it. october 24 they downgrade your stock because of uncertainty about natpara. how do we keep investors in stocks where the future is so great when we know it is a bumpy ride? >> it will be a bumpy ride and
6:55 pm
it is absolutely not a linear growth. remember, it is one patient at a time every patient counts. so some quarters you have many more patients. others you don't. and all of a sudden what you need to look at is a trend and not really at the point for point basis. >> shire is very confident that this deal is a creed -- >> this is what they said. what i can say is they have experience of rare disease. they have a strong gi franchise and a global international presence. >> do we have to worry about a declining economy? do we worry that europe will slip back into recession? >> our pricing strategy is built on value. and with that frankly we might be immune to the larger economy. as long as we focus on the value i think we are in good shape. >> that is why i think people have to be in these stocks. people have to worry about high
6:56 pm
quality franchise uses. president and ceo of nps pharma. what a run. this is why you have to stick with stocks like this and stick with cramer. >> thank you for helping beginning investors like me. when you talk about the market i believe you are spot on. >> thank you so much every night we watch you i have learned and earned. she's still the one for you. and cialis for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment is right. cialis is also the only daily ed tablet approved to treat symptoms of bph like needing to go frequently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach,
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maybe it doesn't matter. right now the market is in a funk. he said that energy going down is going to stimulate world wide growth and you shouldn't be so negative because energy is taking a quick hit. i think it will go to 43. don't forget bio tech has absolutely nothing to do with energy. one of the reasons why i like acorda and celgene. and when you hear him talking about the bid from shire. there is always a bull market somewhere and i promise to try to find it for you here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer i'll see you tomorrow.
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(man) this is the shark tank where hopeful entrepreneurs come seeking an investment from the sharks-- five powerful self-made investors worth billions. in the tank, the sharks are ready to invest using their own money... okay, i-i'm on the fence. but only for the right person with the right business. this is so crazy. i can't believe... (speaks indistinctly) okay, if you don't have cats you don't understand. (laughs) and if the sharks hear a good idea, they'll fight each other for a piece of it. i like this product, the idea. so make an offer, harrington. no, wait just a minute. but first, the entrepreneurs must convince a shark to invest the full amount they're asking for or they'll walk away with nothing. sales are going down the market's getting soft, price points are coming down. i wanna slit my wrist. who are the sharks?


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