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tv   Squawk Alley  CNBC  February 4, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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impact still, clorox managed well. another one is yum brands after the bell today. huge international exposure there. the good thing for yum is most of it is actually in china. >> china. >> which manages its currency. but we'll see. they've been expanding all over asia and they have a european presence. >> i'm glad you got your new thing. what's it called again? >> special fx. >> isn't that a good name. >> stories throughout the week and into next week as well because this is shaping up to be one of the biggest headaches. >> without a doubt. important overhang on the market. as you point out perhaps not as much as people might think in certain sectors. >> send it over to you carl, for "squawk alley." >> see you soon. thanks, david. good morning, 8:00 a.m. at disney headquarters in burbank, 11:00 a.m. on wall street and "squawk alley" is live. ♪
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♪ and welcome to "squawk alley" for a wednesday, joining us once again this morning, jon steinberg, ceo of the "daily mail" north america as always, kayla tausche, jon fortt, on a day where the market is hanging on to gains, watch oil, though, awfully close to $50 once again after inventories came in heavy. let's begin with disney, shares in the green after earnings and revenue obviously topped expectations. the company was helped by a jump in theme park attendance as well as strong sales of those "frozen" themed toys. julia boorstin spoke to bob iger in a first on cnbc interview and she's live in los angeles this morning with more. hey, julia. >> hey, carl. on the better than expected results bob iger sounded confident growth will continue on the strength of disney brands including "frozen" and on digital innovation.
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as to whether offering espn with dish's over-the-top streaming service could drive cord cutting, iger said simply no. >> we believe that in a media environment changing right before our eyes, that some experimentation is necessary and i don't want to just chalk it up to an experiment because we believe this is goings to last, but we are going to take a, you know, a careful approach and, obviously, not put in jeopardy the expanded basic bundle which is so value to the company and to the industry. >> while iger was clear he has no plans to break up the bundle, he said he does see opportunity for not just espn, but also for disney, marvel and even "star wars" to sell more directly to consumers. he pointed to value in a tighter customer relationship to really understand what customers want and also to cut out the middle man. and in the meantime disney says it's staying ahead of digital advertising. >> we've been seeing money
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flowing from traditional advertising platforms to digital for quite a while. as i've said before, we're both a buyer and seller of advertising time. when we buy advertising for our parks and resorts, for our studio, we typically have media plans that have significant digital components to it. i think this is a way of the world. >> iger also pointed to disney's maker studios as way to learn and profit from the spike in original digital video consumption and ads. find more from my interview from iger on >> great stuff. thank you so much. by the way, the stock at 101.14. split adjusted as an all-time high after already lapping the s&p over the past ten years as cramer pointed out, guys, $11 billion franchise and they just are building more all the time. >> disney is an advertiser. the ip buffeted the current quarter. weakness in advertising, weakness at abc and advertising and subscriber growth.
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as they migrate to over the top, which is really a bit out of the playbook talking about will they, won't they, do it a little bit, does it become more of an ad revenue business which is really not disney strength. affiliate fees is their television strength. hopefully they can preserve that as they go over the top. >> so long as they can offset that weakness and dense in their earnings by merchandise where operating income was up 46%, that was a standout segment for disney. i think that they have something to offset that. they have strength there. but now you can see why they were so upset that hasbro was potentially going to merge with dreamworks and partnership there because now they'll start producing disney merchandise next year and this is a merchandise company too. >> "star wars" will be bigger than "frozen" as big as "frozen" was star wars has to be bigger. when people continue to buy media like netflix and hbo they're in a fine position. if the who world looks more like
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youtube and everything advertising based and amazon decides to make this and you can't charge more for content you will able to charge for "frozen" but the abc tv shows remains to be seen. >> can't forget about marvel, age of ultron coming out. >> pixar. >> disney unlike any company i can think of has assembled the modern mix at every age level. you have fix ar and frozen at one level, marvel, "star wars," so i think what's interesting also is digital. you look at that digital line in their earnings report, they said hey, the console cycle is off, you saw revenue go down, what will they do to beef up that leg? maybe some in e sports, i've been doing research on e sports because it's an area growing a lot and would fit in with all of disney's portfolio from espn to the gaming stuff and all the characters. >> e sports when you hit the golf ball at the screen or what? >> competitive video gaming. >> okay. >> not just sports titles but
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kind of first person, all kinds of things like that. >> we can talk about the places wheres disney needs to grow and where it may be lagging but look at stock chart to see that investors believe in this story and iger has delivered. the most stark chart i've seen is the one you showed in the 9:00 hour, the disney against the dow, since 2005, which is iger's tenure, it was nearly triple the dow's performance up like 244%. >> if you read the book on pixar, one of their founders. >> what a book. >> they have institutionalized the ability to come up with great creative time and time again. pixar has never had a flop. that's pretty astounding when you think about it. >> as a footnote, top public shareholder of disney, steve jobs -- >> steve jobs. >> nearly $12 billion. >> iger still on the board of apple and iger was the first person to put the tv shows over the top with itunes when itunes started doing television on the
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first video ipod. >> next up happy anniversary, satya nadella. one year ago today nadella was formally announced as microsoft's ceo. his performance has been mixed. some success with a renewed focus on the cloud but he did run into trouble, of course, with those comments about women and compensation. but if you bought microsoft a year ago you have made money. shares up over 14% since that time. jon, you were the most recent of us to talk to him and he has moved past those comments some argue. >> he definitely did and i think his first year is a success. i don't think you can give a strong letter grade to it because first years are squishy that way. you can screw things up in a first year but it's too soon to judge the trajectory. i went back and looked at where tim cook was a year in. the iphone 5 hadn't come out, the major controversy he was dealing with was labor abuses in china. he hired john browette as head of retail. hadn't fired him, hadn't fired scott forstall. year two where we see the things coming to light, the apple watch, iphone 6, started under
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development. what satya nadella starts doing tomorrow is probably going to have a much bigger impact on where we see microsoft in a year. >> sophomore year is where you see growing pains too and there's also the argument that he took care of a lot of the low hanging fruit, he made the company a leaner company, he refocused it. >> yep. >> he added some of the new products that were already in the pipeline. but now he actually has to build on that and strong growing. >> windows has basically 2 to 3% market share in mobile. let me give you numbers how stark this has become. i was looking at a chart, you can call it the 30/70 split. two years ago most had 30% of their traffic on mobile, 70% on desk top. now everybody is basically flipped. you see a chart where it just inverts itself and they don't have much of game on mobile. one bright spot they lounged outlook for ios last week. i have never seen a microsoft product in recent months or recent years get that much praise. the best gmail client is the product that microsoft makes. bright spots i think.
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>> jon, last quarter, wasn't all roses. rick sherlin turning tale, 9% in a day. only happened three times prior to that ever. >> part of the reason why the quarter was bad, look at japan, pcs were down, the office attach rate was down because in japan when people buy pcs they tend to buy office also. saw a similar effect in china. a lot is short term though. strategically windows isn't as important as it used to be and satya nadella is realizing that. windows more important for how it drives the growth of microsoft's applications like office 365, how it drives the overall cloud strategy and as the enterprise cycle includes those things. i don't think they need to reach 10% market share in mobile, but they need for windows on pc to do well enough that they get that momentum in the enterprise. that's their bread and butter. >> let's move on to amazon. ceo jeff bezos a rare appearance on "cbs this morning" to talk about amazon's series
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"transparent requests which won the golden globe for tv sears and asked about amazon's profits or lack thereof. here's what he had to say. >> we keep find new things to invest in but we have great frans franchises we've built over time, e-commerce, amazon prime, video, and, you know, kindle and amazon web services. and then we're also always investing and looking for the next -- >> investing and we won't make profit because we'll always find better investments. >> i don't know about always. that's a long time. >> always is a long -- at least we know somewhere down the road, kayla, thinking about profitability as opposed to investment. >> you didn't hear fire tv, you didn't hear really anything mentioned about fire. it's pretty clear, when you hear him listing his top priorities for the business, how he sees them segmented and how he sees them prioritized. the most fascinating statistic about amazon was in a "wall street journal" last week, in its entire corporate history not including this past quarter, 400 plus billion dollars in revenue,
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$1.9 billion in profit. over its entire corporate history. but you've seen the company that it's become. it's needed to inns vest to keep doing that. investor right to question to what end. but they've shown they can deliver. >> how many of these businesses belong together? slight murmuring could amazon web services be spun off? that would be ap amazing cloud business. a lot of things he's investing in that appear crazy now will not appear crazy in a few years. alibaba testing drone delivery today in beijing. the government is totally on board with it. i think you will walk out your door in five or six years and there will be drones flying down the street and amazon could have a big roll. if you said self-driving cars three or four years ago people would tell you that would never happen. i was with an executive that said i'm pretty sure my 5-year-old will never need a driver's license. that's a profound way of putting the it. these things could happen. >> ten years ago, executives 5-year-olds wouldn't need driver's license because they get driven around.
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ebay's recent troubles, vindicate amazon's investment decisions. look at ebay, used to be described as the perfect e-commerce business model. people criticizing amazon for the amount of investment. clearly ebay failed to invest at the level they should have in the mobile era. didn't build an ecosystem, didn't build -- they overrelied on google and we see that company, frankly, crumbling. yes, jeff bezos has been wise to invest even though there's a slight miss overall he's a winner. >> question of whether or not prime becomes like your facebook log in or google log in, purchasing for everything. up 50% year over year. that's a here and now business for everything that you buy, whether it's electronic or physical. >> maybe in the future we need a facebook log in, gmail and prime account. that's what guy kawasaki said on the show yesterday. >> speaking of amazon by the way, one of its newest stars is going to join us later this morning. jason lee, you know him from various nbc shows, going to be
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here at post nine to talk about his show on amazon coming up this hour. jon, always good to see you. >> good to see you guys. >> thanks for lighting up the phones as always. >> we want to get a check on the markets. dow at about 19 points in the green. much of that is because of the good graces of disney which is good for about 45 points in positive territory. when you look at the s&p you are seeing health care as the biggest drag on that index followed by energy, of course. crude reversing what was a four-day rally hovering close to the $50 mark on wti. shares of chipotle slipping after revenue missing analyst expectations. sales growth at the restaurant chain came in below estimates. sales growth 26%, wasn't good enough, and food costs are rising. that stock down nearly 8%. staples announcing this morning it will buy office depot in a deal worth $6.3 billion. office depot is moving to the upside, staples down by about 11s%.
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carl, that deal would be merging number one and number two players in the office products retail space. that all depends on how washington comes down on that. >> not a slam dunk by any means, at least that's what symptom stemberg said this morning. when we come back lending club announcing a partnership with alibaba yesterday. the ceo of lending club will join us in a first on cnbc interview in a moment and move over amazon, another company getting ready to test its delivery drones. we'll tell you who a little bit later on. and speaking of amazon, talking to the latest star of an amazon original series, jason lee at post nine later this hour. the dow as kayla said up 31, apple trying to break through 120. back in a moment.
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welcome back to "squawk alley." lending club and alibaba partnering up to provide financing to small u.s. businesses buying parts from chinese suppliers. the move comes as founder and chairman jack ma of alibaba has been pushing to enter markets beyond its home market in china. renaud laplanche the ceo of lending club and joins us this morning out west. good to see you. >> hi, good morning. >> first of all, tell us how this partnership came about? how long were you guys in talks for? >> we've been working on this for a few months. we had the pilot program. we tested things out and so it takes a while to get there, but we are really excited to have
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launched the service in production and really u.s. based small businesses to more efficiently enter into transactions and buy goods from china and finance this from lending club and sell goods in the u.s. and pay back the credit. it's a program that will be for u.s. businesses. >> i know you often get feedback from the small businesses that are already borrowing from lending club's platform. what were you hearing that led you to say hey, maybe we should strike up a partnership so they can access some of the cheaper products on a platform like alibaba? what were they telling you? >> what we hear a lot about f, m we've invested in the technology that designed to evolve quickly and we where kae roll out new products. there was a specific need for
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short-term financing for three to six months, finance and turn that around and pay back the loan and able to launch the products and provide a really low-cost financing, 0.5% a month, low cost, flexible terms in perfect match with what they really need. >> i'm wondering, renaud, alibaba already has a captive financing arm. they do a lot of small business lending. you as lending club already do a lot of small business lending. why couldn't you do this on your own or why couldn't they do this on their own? >> so alibaba is a financing a arm in china. the program is a domestic program to help u.s. businesses. it is a great combination because alibaba platform is a massive marketplace where small businesses buy goods from
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chinese suppliers. economically it's a fantastic distribution deal. for alibaba, they did not have the financing, the underwriting, servicing in the u.s. to do this on their own. so it's a really good partnership that combines the strength of each marketplace and benefits all of our customers. >> well, it is true, renaud, it will help u.s. businesses source products potentially more cheaply through alibaba venders. there will be critics who say you're taking this business away from u.s. suppliers that may be already were supplying some of the small businesses with these parts. what do you say to critics and say to people who raise questions about quality control? >> yeah. i mean, the alibaba platform has been in operation for a while and it's designed to buy goods from china. that's what it does. in terms of quality control, i think alibaba is very focused on
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providing as much protection as possible to u.s. buyers and at the same time they offer the financing for lending club, they are offering a new program which is a buyer protection called insurance that's allowing them to guarantee both the delivery and quality of the goods. >> hopefully you'll come back in a few months and show us what type of fruit the partnership is bearing. we appreciate your time this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> ceo of lending club. >> getting breaking news here on net neutrality. op-ed from tom wheeler. eamon javers in washington. >> hi, carl. the op-ed appearing in "wired" magazine on right now in the op-ed, ftc chairman tom wheeler is going to use his au thoorts to propose regulating the internet under title 2 authorities of the fcc. that's been a long anticipated
11:22 am
decision triggered by some comments publicly that president barack obama made back in november. now, the fcc saying that they will use this regulation to enforce net neutrality. on the surface that would appear to be a win for the internet companies and not so much for the internets service providers but an important nuance here, in the op-ed, wheeler saying he wants to modernize title 2 so that it doesn't have onerous repercussions for the companies in the business of providing broadband service and is going to apply it to mobile as well. so a lot of new nuance here in the op-ed and obviously something that a lot of people need to start taking a look at, carl. >> very interesting. eamon. we were looking at the stocks moving on the back of this. major cable providers up. comcast, time warner, cable vision. netflix falling by about 1.3%. something that investors are already taking into account. eamon jabsers in washington, thanks. >> up next, thanks to a new partnership here at cnbc we have a new way to bring you inside
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information on some of the biggest crowd funding projects today. what do you think is the top money maker right now? we'll tell you when "squawk alley" comes back.
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welcome back. today cnbc is unveiling a partnership with crowd net to bring you the best way to track equity crowd funding deals by sector. kate rogers at hq with more. >> that's right. individual investors they're looking to cash in on your vices. they're doing this through equity crowd funding allows credits investors to own a piece of new ventures. they track equity crowd funding in real-time across the globe. they have been growing. check out the vice index, for example. they're tracking the average daily capital commitments raised by private companies for things like tobacco, gambling, firearms, alcohol and pot. in the past year alone, this index up more than 550% to $234,000 a day.
11:27 am
the top rates, island club brands created this incubator platform for alcoholic beverages to develop, test and scale new brands. raised $1.75 million, they have a target of $2 million. grow generation in the number two spot having raised $600,000 out of their goal of $2.5 million. open and operate the hydroponics and specialty gardening super stores in the colorado region. in the third spot the company called moms on the rocks have laughing glass cocktails ready to serve low calorie margaritas raised $565,000 with a goal of $1 million to hit. and the fourth hottest company here, 490 entertainment looking to rethink the old strip club model and open a small empire of gentlemen's clubs in new york and raised $450,000 so far but have a $1 million goal to hit. crowd medic are indexing the top
11:28 am
50 equity raises overall with real estate and tech investments from acredited investors and follow them at finance. back to you. >> thank you so much. kate rogers at hq. bring in michele caruso-cabrera count you down to the close in europe in two minutes, where we got good retail sales action. >> couple pieces of data, but so far the market is mixed to flat except for greece up sharply today. new data shows the private sector grew at the fastest pace in six months in the eurozone still the continent transfixed buy the ongoing greek drama. the new greek prime minister got a warm welcome from the eu chief in brussels this morning. exchanged a kiss like you saw for the camera and then walked off holding hands. behind the scenes may not be so pleasant because they want help from the eu the country's largest creditor but members of the eu want a clear signal from the greeks they're going to pay off the debt.
11:29 am
this is on the eve of the talks that happened in bruise sell. juncker underlined the eu would show flexible helping greece to deal with euros in foreign debt but ruled out wholesale policy changes they will not allow them to roll back reforms like the greeks have started doing when it comes to privatization and public sector employees. greece's finance minister meeting with mario draghi head of the european center bank. he told reporters and investors in the time leading up to elections he would demand the ecb give the countries easier repayment terms. before he got to the meeting today in an interview in the italian newspaper he says he's going to pay the ecb back in full and on time. so much for that. now he's hoping the ecb will keep providing liquid to greece's banks. german newspaper reported about 20 minutes, half hour ago that ecb governing council did agree to allow greece's banks to use what's called an emergency liquidity procedure. tomorrow the greek finance
11:30 am
minister meets with germany's finance minister. i would love to be a fly on the wall of that meeting as that will be extraordinary. the two could not be more different. back to you. >> a lot of meetings to be flies on the wall for. thanks. when we come back, shares of disney all-time high today, a lot of that thanks to the incredible success of the movie "frozen." we'll get answers in a moment. plus you know him from "mall rats" or "my name is earl" today the latest star at amazon to talk about his new show for amazon later this hour. dow up 57. back in a minute. for trading ne. so if you get a trade idea about, say, organic food stocks, schwab can help. with a trading specialist just a tap away. what's on your mind, lisa? i'd like to talk about a trade idea. let's hear it. [ male announcer ] see how schwab can help light a way forward. so you can make your move, wherever you are. and start working on your next big idea. ♪
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apple shares have hit a record intraday high, $120.35. that is your new record intraday high for the share price. that means apple is worth a whopping $700 billion. the shares are up 65% over the course of the last 52 weeks. versus the s&p 500 which is up a respectable 17%. jon, still another milestone here for apple shares. back over to you. >> yes, indeed. speaking of apple we have google, we have bing, is apple getting into the search game. the tech giant could be according to apple blog nine to five. the site says it spotted a job posting on apple's site which i looked up looking to hire an
11:34 am
engineering project manager for something called apple search. in my opinion, this is probably not a search engine. the listing says the company is looking for someone to oversee back-end operations for a search platform, supporting hundreds of millions of users but they have lots of things to coordinate. search in siri, search in itunes, ios and have to deal with partners. this person could be a point person for all that. but now let's get back to disney. earnings at the media giant beating expectations thanks to an increase in theme park visitors and a jump in the sale of toys based on the hit "frozen." the stock also in the green this morning. so can disney work this same magic twice? anthony is an analyst with nomera and has a buy rating on disney, $110 price target and i'm looking at the movies coming out this year. "avengers" for the summer, "star wars" colossal on the back end of the year. given how successful disney has been at merchandising based on
11:35 am
franchising is that factored? does wall street have any idea how much they can make off titles like those. >> one thing that "frozen" has proven to the street is that it's not just a one-hit wonder. these franchises have longevity. they have legs. disney is different from other media companies in that they have an ability to create a franchise that has trajectory beyond just the first year of release. so when you think about the consumer products ramp up into "star wars" in december or two pixar films which could be new franchises, they didn't have any pixar films last year or marvel, it's possible that the street estimates aren't factoring upside from those. we'll see if the cycles continue to bring them an incremental tailwind. >> what about streaming? are people assuming that the old "star wars" movies are going to come to streaming platforms and factoring that? or would that be an upside surprise? >> that would be an upside surprise. a lot of the upside for "star
11:36 am
wars" is on the accounts of disney's rights to the new movies, questions about rights to the legacy movies. i think what they acquired with lucas is perspective. the main time here is that disney is different from other media companies where, you know, we're seeing some concern ability the ad market, espn advertising was down in the quarter, so was abc advertising, but disney able to crush numbers despite that. it's almost like the anti-media company or you've got this buy furcation or decoupling of disney versus the longer tale of cable tv. >> a point at which production costs, rights costs at espn and the like, catch up with the broader company? >> they're beating numbers at a time where they're in the midst of a huge bump in program expenses because of nfl and college football playoffs. the second half of the year the expen es moderate. 25% increase in program expenses in the first half for espn and it's incredible they're able to
11:37 am
put up such a quarter. you'll get the profitability espn really kick in the back half when the expense numbers moderate. >> the core business has seemed to be largely immune to macro pressures. u.s. parks revenues going up and when many thought it wouldn't because of the dollar strengthening but international parks is down and people are wondering if that's the beginning of a longer term trend as we see weakness in outside the u.s. does that continue? >> i would say the international parks weakness had to do with the strength of the yen in terms of the royalties from tokyo japan, a little bit to do with hong kong. i think that's a smaller driver. i think the main consideration is that fx has not impacted or currency has not impacted visitation in the u.s. walt disney world -- >> the measles going forward? >> i mean that's not something called out to investors on the call so i think for now, we're going to assume it's a relatively small impact and, you know, i think that's a different issue politically, so maybe we
11:38 am
will stay away from that one. the key on parks their investments in my magic pluses because those investments have allowed, despite the macro environment, despite the health of the consumer, have allowed them to increase the through put into disney world, increase the per capita spend. >> night and day going to disney world because of that technology. thank you. >> thanks, guys. >> talking about sports rights. a live shot of boston today, bad weather could not stop the victory celebration for the new england patriots. there's a look at the -- looks like tom brady. saw jonathan kraft talking a moment ago, making its way through boston, beaten the seahawks in super bowl xlix. matt lauer going to talk to pete carol, talk about that last play, i think we might see some of that previewed tonight on "nbc nightly news." congratulations to the pats. let's get over to meg terrel and a market flar. >> hey, carl. not a celebratory day for the biotec biotechs.
11:39 am
gilead higher than expected on the hepatitis c drugs. the concerns are weighing across the industry dragging not down gilead to achillion but cholesterol and cancer as well. gilead trading down 8%, achelion and abby. merck which issued a weak outlook this morning is another competitor in the space trading down about 3.3%. carl, back to you. >> and that was a whopper of a currency comment in merck. >> when we come back another company may have already beaten amazon to the punch when it comes to delivery drones. who they are in a moment. plus he's best known for "mall rats" and "my name is earl" but today amazon's latest star. doesn't always look like that. join us in a few moments. rick santelli what are you watching today? >> we will be watching three areas. we will talk about 10-year and yields you ought to be aware of, talk about the distance or
11:40 am
spread between 10-year yields here and 10-year bund yields overseas and last but not least, we're going to talk about one day in particular in the oil futures market. it's all after the break. sound good? great. because you're not you, you're a whole airline... and it's not a ticket you're upgrading, it's your entire operations, from domestic to international... which means you need help from a whole team of advisors. from workforce strategies to tech solutions and a thousand other things. so you call pwc. the right people to get the extraordinary done. ♪ you total your brand new car.
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. coming up one of the biggest bulls on the street unwavering in his outlook for stocks. we'll ask tony if he's too optimistic. is the worst over for oil? why one expert says the bounce is a fool's move. and burrito smack down the
11:43 am
najarians face off over chipotle coming up in about 15 or so minutes. we will he see you then. >> we'll be there. thanks, scott. in case you missed it alibaba is working on delivery drones. the company will start testing delivery in beijing today. expecting to deliver ginger tea to about 450 beta shoppers over a three-day period. the drone can supposedly fly for four minutes, carrying a package of 700 grams and according to our units people in china are skeptical about the drones, no surprise, especially because they don't deliver straight to your door. instead they'll land outside residential buildings before being hand delivered by couriers. interesting to see how that will work. hoping to have footage to show you tomorrow morning. but jon, these page are -- these packages are supposed to be delivered within an hour. seems like a head start. >> i want to know how they will cut through the smog in beijing. can they see where they're going?
11:44 am
crashing into buildings? >> our producer suggested infrared to cut through. we'll be looking forward to tell us how that works. >> rough place to live right now. over to the cme, rick santelli. good morning, rick. >> good morning, carl. we'll stick with the theme for many sessions in a row and it's going to be the technicals. because there are a lot of important levels on a lot of varied market sectors. my favorite 10-year. october 15th is just a gift that keeps on giving. let me refresh everybody's memories. we had treasury weigh in, didn't know what the volatility was. i can tell you what the volatility is. the market is getting smaller and smaller in terms of tradeable treasuries and things like primary tealers that used to be the toll keepers of liquidity have scaled back. there's going to be more of these at some point. that day the low yield intraday was 11 for 5s never had a close below it never.
11:45 am
186 for 10s when you did close below it a wild ride, and, of course 2.67 was 30s. 30s are marching to a different numbers at this point. the 1.86 as i look at the board today, 1.83 yield. should we take out 1.86. all bets are off say technicians. use 1.86 as the upward sell pivot. should we close above that level that will be significant. right now we're more on a sell rally yield buy dip mentality. it would change at that level. the second area if we want to talk about 10/versus bunds throw up the charts in september. a while since we've had a 1.50 close. think about a rubber band. 1.50 significant with regard to how it stretches and snaps back. we're around 1.45. haven't closed at 1.50 since i believe january 8th. the reason this is important if you believe 1.50 is your growth premium home base, you would have had it right with the small
11:46 am
mini move and we'll see how long it lasts in deference to the 1.86 close. the last one many turn on their computers and have blind charts. down here, the only chart that's important are bar charts. open, high, low, close. this is about wti. on the 15th of january one session i want to draw your attention to. opened 4.48.60. what's notable is the last significant top with a loyer close before the ultimate low. which means, 51.27, the top is important. yesterday, we traded through it we exploded closed well above it. dabbling under it today. on a closing basis if you think there's more potential upside to oil you need to close above 51.27. back to you. >> that's the line in the sand. we'll watch it, rick santelli in chicago. up next after the success of its show "transparent" amazon hoping it has another hit with a new show "koked" staring jason
11:47 am
lee. >> my parents won't buy me gun video games. >> well, the only folks opposed to guns are folks who never stared down the barrel of one. know what they are? mice. in this world, you are either a mouse or a snake. >> we'll get an inside look at "koked" the star will be live here at post nine in just a moment. "squawk alley" will be right back. financial noise financial noise
11:48 am
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after big wins at the golden globes amazon continuing to make big bets on content. bezos was on "cbs this morning". >> we started adding video streaming to it and then started doing original content and it's sort of one foot in front of the other, charlie. we started out in books and what we're finding is that it's fun for us to do another kind of storytelling the original content. >> joinings us is a star of another of amazon's new series "cocked" jason lee joins us. great to have you. >> thank you. >> talking during the break you shot the pilot. >> yes. >> all these pilots will start streaming like open to public comment in way. >> yeah. i think there's six streaming right now and you can watch, rate and comment.
11:51 am
and it's basically feedback. >> you play grady, right? >> yep. >> this family gun business, is it in dallas? >> it's in colorado. >> colorado. >> yeah. my character is -- he's running the company that's been, you know -- he's third generation firearms company and he's not doing a very good job. >> i actually got a chance to see some of the pilot. i say some, because i was watching it at work and some of it is not safe for work for the viewers out there. you're involved in a lot ofú4i4 parts that aren't safe for work. (t&háhp &hc that was definitely -- it's really -- it's super racy. this guy is -- he's a drug addict. he's definitely off the rails. but somehow he's passionate about what he does. he's an amazing engineer. an he makes some incredible guns but he's not very business savvy and the company is suffering.
11:52 am
and the brother who left the family because the family is crazy is forced to come back in and sort ofqku help the company. >> do you expect this to reopen a debate on gun control? it's an interesting company and the space has been under fire recently. i'm wondering if politics played producing of it? >> it's really for the viewer to sort of decide. i mean, it's not a pro-gun project. it's not an anti-gun project. it's just so happens that that's the business that they're in and you do have the argument in the pilot that guns are dangerous and from the perspective of my character, guns are a necessity. you know, in terms of protecting yourself. how do you defend yourself. this guy believes it's with guns. >> edie falco of "nurse jackie" was talking earlier or late last year and they asked her what she was watching and she goes i'm watching a lot of stuff on amazon where i used to get my
11:53 am
toilet paper and it's now where things are happening. >> or you can get both. >> what was your thinking as you got this pitch? >> it's always the script, always the material, who's involved. sam balm who created "lie to me" did a fantastic job with the script. it's always about that first and foremost. you're interested. amazon, that's, you know, but it's more and more happening now. with the netflix thing and -- and it was shot everything about it felt like shooting a pilot. they gave us a lot of creative freedom and -- but i like the idea that people can chime in and give their opinion about it. that's pretty cool. we'll see if it goes to series. we'll know relatively soon. >> jason, give me your 30,000 foot view. you've done network tv. you've done movies. now doing this. what's the impact of netflix and amazon on this space? is it making things more creative or consen traiting the
11:54 am
green light for certain projects in the hands of billionaires like reed hastings and jeff bae zoes? >> i think from an audience per spec five if it's a good show they'll find it, amazon, netflix, hbo, whatever, people follow good shows. but i do think it's going in that direction. i mean i watch a lot of stuff on my iphone. you know, if i'm, you know, crashing early and want to watch something pop my headphones into my iphone and watch something. i've been watching the amazon pilots on my iphone. it's futuristic and weird to think you can watch a television show on your phone but at the end of the day, i think it's the material and people will find good material. >> but ultimately with what you're doing it's up to not whether you think it's good material but the public thinks it's good material. how much do you worry about the future in the longevity of some
11:55 am
of the projects? >> oh, man. well, i believe if something is -- it will happen if it's meant to be. if it's good and it's done well, people like it, they'll watch it. >> is it preferable than having it up to a few suits relying on market research? >> this seems more interesting to me. because if you're -- if i've created a show that's streaming on i'm going to listen to the audience and if this show goes to series i will take some of the feedback, you know, and sort of a apply it to the material. and then i think it also gives people a sense of they feel like they're maybe a part of it, part of the overall sort of creative process of it. it's definitely a first. >> it's great seeing you. >> thank you so much. >> can't wait for the show. >> thank you. >> "cocked" the new pilot streaming on amazon. jason lee. president obama's first reaction to seeing the iphone in 2007.
11:56 am
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in his book "believer" former adviser to president obama david axelrod revealing
11:59 am
the president was given a sneak peek of the original iphone from none other than steve jobs in 2007. after the meeting the president praised the device saying, quote, if it were legal i would buy a boat load of apple stock. this thing is going to be really big. this is like the most delicious political story in years. >> what i wonder about this, the iphone launched january 10th, 2007, when was this meeting? did he get an in-depth look or in the first week of january he got to see it? >> i don't know. if he had shown it to congress at that point, buying apple stock would have been legal so good thing he didn't, right? >> that's not a bad point. does brings us to apple shares after a lot of teasing in the morning session about whether or not it would get above 120 it did manage to do that. right now a penny below at 119.99. all-time high for apple, all-time high for disney as i said on twitter anything steve jobs touched is at an all-time high today. >> gm also we're watching today.
12:00 pm
hiking its dividend or seeking to hike it by 20%. people are looking at that stock too. >> bunch of earnings before finally it tapers off on friday. see you guys later on. let's get back to headquarters, scott wapner with the halftime. we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ thanks so much. wam to the halftime show. starting lineup, jim lebenthal, president of lebenthal asset management, josh brown is the ceo of rit holtz wealth management and jon and pete najarian ohm optionmonster. crude joke after a surge is the worst really over for oil? or will black gold hit the skids yet again? burritos or bust? high flyer chipotle chewed up after earnings. is the pullback a buy or signs of a momo stock about to go bust. the best levels of the day right


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