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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  February 4, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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coming up today. >> gold corp. holding 24 and ready to break out as is gold. >> i'm melissa lee thanks for watching. see you tomorrow at 5:00 for more fast. >> my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends, i'm just trying to make you a little money. my job is not just to entertain you but to teach you and put it all in perspective. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc or tweet me @jimcramer. this market this market is like watching the movie "scar face." it's filled with violent moves -- that have big
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consequences for your portfolio. although, they were masked by today's roller coaster of a session. dow ultimately advancing just seven points, s&p dropping .42% nasdaq .92%. we were up a lot more half an hour before the closing bell. made noises about how it was going to crack down on grease. yeah, we're still caught up in that greek tragedy. but i say let's talk about the wild swings in u.s. stock. and what's behind them. not about greek bonds and what's not. i say we have to understand the violence, if not embrace it. see if we can profit from the damage and the extreme moves to the upside that might not yet be finished. the most violent down move today, let's go right there. i think it's chipotle, which dropped 50 points. on what's widely regards as a less profitable quarter coupled with disappointing guidance.
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so what are the sellers thinking? that's what we need to do in this show. what's in their heads? well they went out before chipotle's string of double digit same store sales runs out. it's too difficult to own given the company doesn't want to raise prices and can't keep the streak of amazing performance going. i think that judgment's dead wrong. first, the quarter was marred by the decision to not take work from a supplier who treated pigs inhumanely. go read the conference call, and believe me you will agree with that costly decision. second i think the market's view proved to be shortsighted. or as said on the call while it may look like we're staring down the pike at sort of flattening sales and no increase comps, it looked that way ten years ago and nine years ago and eight years ago and seven, six, five four, three, two, one years ago. then acknowledged the possibility of flattening again. however, he added, we hope our continued focus on trying to do
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everything we do better will work out just super. you know what, i think it will work out just super. now, stocks that are down this big in one day tend to go down big the next day, too. you buy on day three. that's been the right move every time for chipotle. i researched it again today. i think it'll be right again. next act of "scarface," say hello to my little friend the price competition in the biotech space. there's wholesale selling in the group because gilead decided to cut the price drastically. an astounding 46% on average, no one was looking for that that's hideous, but necessary in order to take business from rival abvye. what do the sellers think? we're trying to get in the head of the sellers in this piece. they want to get out of those companies that compete with each other and into the companies causing the competition, so they can make money. namely the pharmacy benefit managers like cvs health care or the hmos. i'm not against that. but what do you do now? i think you keep buying the
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health care cost containment plays. you know i like them, i like the amerisource, they're terrific. but you should begin purchasing those biotechs that do have no competition to speak of and big numbers in the out years, celgene and regeneron. again, when you see a stock down badly like gilead or abvye, there's a second day of pain coming as the sellers willing to dump those stocks down 4% 5% 6%, they'll be back tomorrow. they're not done. that's how it works. more losses ahead. that's just what the -- and that's angry dissolution portfolio managers who can't take the pain anymore. they will sell gilead and abvye because they can't take that address. how about the slaughter in the oils? now, we know the price of oil ran up too much in one week a 19% gain a bull market in a week. a bull market in a barrel! unsustainable, pretty much any commodity. so we're due for a kind of decline that we had.
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it was pretty vicious, though. we know from the brilliant ceo of kinder morgan that oil may be too cheap in the low 40s. put yourself in the shoes of potential buyers. they know there's voracious demand which held on january 28th. they'll try to buy oil around 45, that's about $3.50 below where oil went out today. remember, oil gave up the gains from yesterday, it was a truly hideous day of trading. surprised the market wasn't down more because of it. what do you do? means you can let the oil stocks come down for a couple of days more. this is my theme here. but they are now buys after they've done. my charitable trust owns royal dutch went from 61 to 66 for today's $1.58 pullback probably another couple bucks down. then, eog is your high-quality independent. that hasn't even gone down for the year. and if you want to go into the oil service, you do halliburton, schlumberger. you want quality in violent situations like these because the rest are just too dicey.
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sure, kinder said oil should be around $65 to $70 a barrel because of demand. to the point where it's actually starting to work although the greek news was a setback today. but i think you have to recognize the supply is still coming on at a startling rate which is why oil can't have that v-turn that everyone wants. the first quarter could be peak u.s. production, by the way, despite the dramatic decline in rigs and equipment. as we heard from varco, nov, which means we're more likely to have a u-shaped rebound than a v. then there's ralph lauren. wow, down 31 points. after reporting negative same-store sales. these were violent moves. what are the sellers thinking here? i bet they're saying sure the price of gasoline's come down but the people who benefit from that aren't going to buy a purple label, the black label, ralph lauren. namely the dollar stores including dollar tree and dollar general. i think they still represent value. the big box retailers do better
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and that's not where you buy ralph lauren or tiffany for that matter. finally, there's wynn resorts. plunging nearly $10, sharp decline in gambling revenues. the chinese communist party out of nowhere is cracking down on corruption and smoking in any kind of vice. it has crushed the junket business and is talking about an all-out ban on smoking. something that deters a lot of gamblers. to me this group, no collateral damage, nothing, i say we stay away. how about some violent upside moves. why be downbeat. disney's on fire because the shortsellers who expect their theme parks to be weaker after tourism is slowing down last week courtesy of the stronger dollar. plus suspicion that espn would soften. so the short side cover, longs embrace the quintessential growth stock of the era. more on disney later. and then there's life sentences, up $7.85. why, it's build a better mouse
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trap versus open heart surgery. i like that, numbers went up. whirlpool up $14, blowout quarter. thatst the consumer once again, using the savings at the pump to buy a new washing machine, maybe a dryer. coupled with the new pricing that's coming because electrolux is buying the appliance business. it's too bad general electric moved out of the appliances when they started taking off and moved into oil and oil-related businesses precisely the wrong time. just saying. or how about coalkohl's up more than 6%. these are kohl's socks. you expect a guide up from kohl's? i never thought that. that was unbelievable. it's 180 degrees difference from ralph lauren. kohl's represents a direct transference. but, i was denied a credit card for insufficient funds. there were 14 people behind me too, it's really awkward. is that cramer? is that cramer? boo-yah. take smucker, buying pet brands
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kibbles and bits go buy fresh pet. a recent ipo that offers fresh food for pets sold in nifty refrigerators at a chain store near you. why? how about richard thomas used to be ceo of meow mix. if smucker's can rally more than $6 million on the acquisition of the old company, the new one is far more natural and organic offerings, how much would a food company pay for that one? i bet a heck of a lot more than the $500 million that the fresh pet's commanding in market capitalization. here's the bottom line this is the scar face market. too many dead bodies to count. but with major gains, as well. remember that stocks are like vampires. they can come roaring back to mix movie metaphors, especially as they help themselves as the winners have been so many cases since the market's bottom almost five years ago in 2009. let's go to illinois. >> caller: hello, mr. cramer.
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>> yes. >> caller: the stock went from $23 to $4.55. but since mid-january, dropped 80%. >> yeah. >> my question -- >> go ahead. go ahead. >> caller: is this company financially stable and capable enough to serve in an oil market? or look elsewhere? >> i think you have to look elsewhere. i've been recommending the highest quality wells which have been crushed. this one is not a high-quality oil. that's all i want to say about it. you're on your own if you can read between the lines about how i feel. let's go to larry in massachusetts, larry? >> caller: greetings to the danny myer of carol garden. >> whoa! 140ty tequilas. >> looks great on youtube. >> go ahead. >> caller: apple pay suggests this engagement with all things plastic given the unevenness in the retail quarter, does hawk's
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new digital initiative suggest there'll be consensus? and you can't exactly give your honey a gift card for valentine's day or to mom for mother's day and expect warm fuzzies back. what happens to hawk for the rest of the year? >> well i'm in trouble because that's what i did for valentine's day. so -- well, speak for yourself. i think hawk's terrific. and i think they've got a lot of product in the pipe. it's a $1.8 billion company makes too much sense as a acquisition. i think veriphone, i like both of those, pay and hawk. they ought to combine, pay and hawk. i like it. sounds like an iowa university team. all right, let's go to cheryl in california, please. cheryl? >> hi jim, thanks for having me on the show. the company is ardx. it had a 30% slide the other day due to a poor clinical trial. what direction do you feel this company is heading? and should i stick with it? >> you know what, it had a safety profile issue that was bad. and i've got to tell you.
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when we got high-quality stocks like gilead down 10%, you need to step up the food chain. you need to go away and toward a regeneron. all right! say hello to my little friend. this market's just like scar face. stocks can roar back to life. they just need to help themselves. taking a closer look at the company behind the behemoth that is grand theft auto v. take that "frozen." can take 2 interactive keep tearing up the joint? i don't know, i've got the ceo. "frozen" is just one of 11 disney franchise that banked more than $1 billion. i'm setting sail in my 17-foot boston whaler of course with the ceo. stick with cramer. don't miss a second of "mad money," follow @jimcramer on
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twitter. #madtweets. send jim an e-mail, to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to
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well that is something. that's a great lead-in to our next guest. last night, take 2 reports the nearest thing to a picture perfect quarter. just spectacular results, great guidance stocks spike 7% in the afterhours trading perfectly, perfectly. then after what i thought was an excellent conference call and i still do. a bunch of analysts start fretting about not enough visibility into the new game release schedule. then this morning, the stock opens down slightly and continues to decline, closing down 3%.
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what is going on here? take 2 is the company that created the grand theft auto franchise, consistently the best seller in video game history along with "red dead," "civilization" and top-notch sports games like nba 2k and mlb 2k. seems "grand theft auto" or the lack of is all some of these -- some, not all, wall street analysts cared about. didn't matter the 25 cent earnings beat off $1.22 basis. and dramatically raised the full-year guidance. didn't matter if they did great in digital or they have the best catalog or that the company's incredibly profitable. and much more consistent than the analysts would have you believe. didn't matter that take two had a huge title launch next week "evolve." but you know what, stock market's your opportunity and we played this video game before with terrific success. take two has given us a quick 25% gain just since i last spoke to the ceo in october. i think it's headed higher maybe much higher you should
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use today's pullback as a buying opportunity. let's check in with the chairman and ceo of take two, find out about the company and where the company's headed. welcome back to "mad money." >> nice to see you, jim. >> have a seat. >> on a day when we're reporting a good quarter, it's refreshing to note there's another titling that did do indeed better than frozen in terms of the time it took to get to a billion. >> yeah and for next gen, as well. 10 million units for the title "next gen." >> and yet twice on the conference call, we called "grand theft auto" a high-quality problem, right? >> yeah i think when the question is raised you know you keep increasing your comps because your results are so good, it's hard to argue with that. that's a problem i'd like to have. i think these are the most mosaic
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mosaic pastice of quarters. kind of like an air jordan for nike nike. >> we sold in that title and a virtual currency sales are up 90% year-over-year. >> now i thought that you teased, but you've always been very nonpromotional, which i appreciate. but i'm going to read something which says you -- you asked about "evolve", and you gave your typical, i don't know i don't like to predict that but you did say first time this title won best of show at e3 and games comments never been done as far as we know in the same year. and the buzz is massive. so, i mean. >> this is a live product, by the way. legit. >> what is happening here is this people keep saying you don't release titles don't release dates. they're looking at it the analysts are looking at it incorrectly. you do release titles and you have a pretty good, if not disney-like schedule. >> we had this enormous holiday schedule, five releases that was huge.
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we've already announced some titles for the next fiscal year. and certain things i think people have overlooked. for example, we're launching civilization online in korea in 2016. you know that's a massive multi-player game that's a very significant title. we have high hopes for it. not something we're pro moting. but that's another great opportunity. we have 24 million registered users for nba in china. >> that's incredible, in china. >> i know. revenue and profits every month. >> now, there were some analysts who question i hate to even give them the time of day, but they do -- feel voluminously about your company. if you believe the stock was 20 going to 10, that's called a sell partner, evolve someone questioned if it's a four for one game and we don't know if that intellectual property is any good. i have to believe that you thought about these things before. >> it's innovative and it is a fair question. we're going to see how it plays
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out. and the good news is we put the title into the hands of hundreds of thousands of people in open testing and it seems to be very well received. but what's exciting about it that very innovation. it's the first time you can play as one of a team of four or the monster itself. and we think that's really exciting, and we think consumers agree. it remains to be seen. it is lining up well. usually this close to a release, you begin to get a sense, obviously we see our preorders are coming in looks very positive. >> okay. for those of us who aren't gamers on my head writer who understood and is waiting for this title for two years now, when things when they win those kinds of awards, what does that mean. >> those awards and the metacritic scores that come out right as it occurs have a meaningful influence on sales. it's very different, for example, than the motion picture business. >> that's important. that's what i want you to point out. you know both businesses very well. >> you might, and it might not affect the box office as well. you might get bad reviews. and if it's a crowd pleasing
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comedy people will still go. but you're going to have a hard time with your video game. if you get a great score, for example, the score on gta for next gen is 97. that correlates highly with the sales. our consumers watch those scores. they watch the reviews, they care about awards, they care about quality. >> right. i know you care about quality. 2,000 people care about quality. >> very much so. >> last thing i want to talk about is this notion of bob eiger, said listen we have -- 11 very $1 billion franchises. when does take two get that kind of credit? do you have to have like five of these, six? >> it's funny, we have ten franchises that have each sold at least 5 million units per release. >> okay. >> so at $60, you know that's $300 million and there's other sales after that. >> and market cap's a little smaller than the $180 billion. >> quite a bit smaller. i think we're really proud of
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the intellectual property we have. the company owns it all. and much of it is still yet to be meaningfully exploited. the way we exploit it. >> that's why i think the stock can go higher. ever since you've been here it's gone up, it hasn't gotten new adherence, but it has with the buyers. and they are the ones that control the price. congratulations on a fantastic quarter. that's the chairman and ceo of take two interactive. you've got to read the conference call. you'll see what i mean. and you know what this game is going to be huge. that's me saying it, but i know gamers. i don't game but i know gamers. after the break, try to make you more money. coming up "frozen," football and the force. it's all behind the walls of the magic kingdom. but can you still buy disney after a nearly double digit move this year? you won't want to miss what cramer's got to say next.
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call episodeic. a good movie followed by a weak movie, strong theme park attendance followed by blah sense of numbers. bob has changed all of that. he has transformed disney during his remarkable tenure changing it from a hit or miss organization to one with the consistency of a packaged goods firm. he's built movie to toy to theme park ride franchises that de-risk the organization while adding some brilliant, seamless technology that made the parks more efficient so they could handle far more people in a guest-friendly way and, of course, make you spend more money. the result, last night's quarter, which is causing disney stock to be re-rated from a strong company with good growth to the ultimate consistent growth play. to the core holding. that's how a big-cap stock journeys from $15 to $101 in just six years, adding tens of billions of dollars in market capitalization along the way. when i compare disney to a packaged goods company i mean
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that disney's become a lot like proctor & gamble with retail franchises. 11 products including mickey and miney, spiderman, avengers and frozen that generate more than $1 billion in annual sales. proctor, which built the reputation with that kind of staying power has stalled in the growth. but for disney, the hits, they just keep coming. including the release of the new "star wars" movie this december. how do i know it will be a hit? please, two entire generations were raised on this franchise and the trailer has been watched. for the new one, 123 million times. that's how disney can keep up the string of endless earnings beats, including this latest remarkable 20 cent beat off of a $1.07 basis. i don't want to chase disney up here, there's too much market volatility right now. but given the smoothness of the
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upside surprises, this stock has become the must-own growth story for portfolio managers worldwide. disney has surpassed even the golden age of big pharma from the '80s through 2000 where blockbuster drugs and repeatedly raised numbers have become the norm. disney simply got too many irons in the fire not to deserve a super high premium priced to earnings multiple. maybe the highest of all major large cap stocks in the s&p 500. i'm not kidding. its franchises are too powerful, parks are too well-run. too rigorous to bet it's going to sputter now. and, in fact in each of the major divisions with the possible exception of television, there's a ton in the pipe. $100 million in india, new theme park in china, couple potentially amazing pixar franchises. the sunk costs of new programming now taken. it's funny, the quarter was thought to be difficult, that's what the hedge fund community was saying. you had an ebola scare at the beginning of the quarter, just running its course, that created
6:30 pm
skepticism, no the to mention this new measles outbreak. the theme parks in the u.s. that investors believed would be hurt by the strong dollar extrapolated from visa's conference call last week where the credit card titan told us that powerful greenback has restrained tourism. versus when frozen was released the year before and it just didn't matter. not one bit. because eiger has done so much to generate new hits like clockwork. let the stock settle in as the analysts rethink disney's earnings power. wait for some event, perhaps like greece like we had at the end of the day, like russia or china, create a market-wide pullback. when disney's new them park opens in china, this will be the stock everyone wants to own. and if you've been watching the show from the beginning, you know i have said repeatedly that if you could give your kid just one share of stock to help him or her understand the market and make money in the process, it should be d-i-s. consider this stock a collectible.
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disney's not a trade, it's a keepsake. a gift that keeps on giving thanks to the hard work and insight of bob eiger, one of the most remarkable and, yes, least pretentious executives of all time. david in my home state of new jersey. david? >> caller: hey jim, dave from new jersey. >> what's going on? >> caller: i want to ask you about yahoo. i bought shares in july, alibaba ipo and strengthened my position a few times since then. yahoo shares are dropping about 50. >> i think yahoo is obviously, there was a moment, your height of the stock was at 50 i mean 50 52 and everything was going great and then china cooled. i think yahoo is the one to be in. i don't want to be in alibaba, i want yahoo. value underneath. i wouldn't mind holding it. joe in ohio joe? >> caller: jimmy, it's a great day in cramerica. love the show. thanks for taking my call. listen, early on in december,
6:32 pm
you had nike on your game plan. you liked it at $90. it hasn't quite got to that level just yet. i'm waiting, i'm waiting, i want to know. should i -- >> let's be price sensitive. underarmour reported. people aren't going crazy for it. there's a lot of craziness. i've got to wait for the conference call. kevin plank, of course tomorrow on "squawk," team player. but i do want to tell you that i think nike's worth a great deal. i like to be price sensitive, because in a market that's this volatile you get a chance. disney has become the great american growth story that everyone wants to keep. keep it! don't question that. there's much more "mad money" ahead including my exclusive with brunswick. the stock going to continue to splash in 2015. i've got the ceo. and then the chaos and crude in the case to spread your investments across multiple sectors. i'll see if your portfolio is up to snuff when we play "am i diversified." plus a massive storm of
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now that we know the consumer's going strong buying lots of big-ticket items, i think it's time to check in with brunswick corporation, bc for you home gamers a member of the gat gatsby index. it is the world's number one maker of recreational boats on earth, including everything from fishing boats, my own 17-foot boston whaler to boat engines, as well as fitness machines. talk about toys for the wealthy, though. 3/4 of the company's sales are boat related. now brunswick reported last week and the company hit it out of the park. a 6-cent earnings beat off a 21-cent basis.
6:37 pm
rose 13.5% year-over-year. even better management gave strong guidance for 2013 a big reason the stock jumped from 51 to 55. it's been a huge winner for us, stock's giving you 34% return from dividend since we last spoke to the ceo a year ago. i think it can keep climbing. let's take a closer look at the chairman ceo, great american company, brunswick to hear more about the quarter and where it's headed. welcome to "mad money." >> hey, jim. appreciate it. >> it find when i'm on the conference call, maybe i don't know, maybe they're not brunswick owners like i am of a great boat. they always seem to think that you're one quarter away from just the big tipover and that everybody who has a boat wants a boat. but i've been looking at charts about how many people who want boats and also about where the cycle's been in other times. and, you know we can show the chart, but it looks like that there are way, way more boats that can be sold. >> absolutely, jim.
6:38 pm
before the recession, we were selling around 310,000 new units. the recession hit us and we sold 135,000 new units. now, we're back to 170,000 units. but what's happening is the recovery is very very uneven. we have boats like pontoons that are well above pre-recession levels. >> okay. >> there's one indicator i'd always hit. use boats, which are trading hands at higher numbers today than they were prior to the recession. so people still want a boat, they want a different boat. but what's changing people are looking at boating differently and want a boat that fits new and different lifestyles. we have pontoons that are well above recession levels, aluminum fishing boats now at recession levels. and then we have some types of boats that haven't gotten there, but we found when we introduce boats in those size ranges with new and different attributes we can't make enough of them. >> let's talk about that. several times on the conference call, and i always like to reference the conference call. it's where the kind of genesis
6:39 pm
to the next ten points comes from. there were people who were basically saying you know what is the demand really that great. and your response is -- >> we're sold out. and we have models that are sold out for over a year. >> and so it's a waiting list to get some of your -- >> absolutely. >> and how about a 42-foot boston whaler. is it hard to get one of those? >> it's going to be very hard. we've just started to make them. and we had to build a new plant, jim, in order to build a boat. we introduced it at the ft. lauderdale boat show in october. so if you want a 42-foot boston whaler, you need to get your order in quickly because we're going to get filled up. >> now, i saw some numbers. who's buying all these boats in europe? we hear greece and europe's been bad. and your numbers are great. >> our numbers are great in europe and a couple things happened. we introduced a lot of new product, had a lot of product that hit white space and we took share. and the people buying them from the nordic regions and selective
6:40 pm
individuals throughout europe have the money and want the product. and we've introduced so much new product, we've really begun to hit the mark in those markets. >> numbers up 27%. incredible. now boeing, name sake. >> our namesake. >> pretty much gone. >> it is. >> why? >> well first, nothing was for sale at brunswick, but we were approached about our bowling retail operations. and i had an opportunity to be with you, i don't know, several months ago, and i talked about the fact that we thought bowling was going from a recreational activity with leagues to an entertainment activity. >> totally. brooklyn bowl, man, it's one of the most fun things i do! >> absolutely. well, we were going to have to convert a lot of centers in order to make it happen. we had run pilot projects knew what the capital was going to take. and offered us more than we thought it was worth in our hands with the changes we had to make. so being a good steward of our shareholders value, we made the decision to sell. >> but now you do have a lot of
6:41 pm
cash. i like a story that has great product and great growth but also a lot of cash on the balance sheet. acquisitions, buyback, dividend, or just keep plowing it back in because you need more manufacturing given the demand you have. >> well we'll maintain a certain level of cash. but then the main thing we want to do with our money is plow back into the business. >> right. >> we're investing in growth, we look at capital expenditures to fund growth at about 4% of sales. r & d about 3% of sales. and that's how we're winning. we need to keep the crank turning. >> i think people are underestimating, and all i can say is because i have a boston whaler, maybe i'm overestimate overestimating. one of my favorite things in my life. sir, thank you so much. guys, this stock may have just begun its move. "mad money's" back after the break.
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it is time -- it is time for the "lightning round" on cramer's "mad money." rapid-fire calls, play until this sound -- and then the "lightning round" is over. are you ready, ske-daddy, time for the "lightning round" on
6:45 pm
cramer's "mad money." start with andre in delaware. andre? >> caller: boo-yah, jim. i've got with the gopro earnings coming out, what's your take? >> a gun to your head my friend. a crazy market! don't want to put a gun to your head. >> don't buy, don't buy. >> rick in illinois rick? >> caller: hey jim, how are you doing? >> couldn't be better. how about you, rick? >> caller: we're doing good. it's snowy out here. hey, what do you think of this ssy? >> no, we're staying away from that one. we don't like the 3d space other than when hp spins off. that stock is not done going down in my opinion. ron in pennsylvania. ron? >> caller: hey boo-yah, cramer. >> boo-yah. >> caller: thanks for taking my call. need your opinion. >> take the money and run, my friend. steve miller's hallmark. don't be a space cowboy. ralph? >> caller: hey jimbo, welcome from the people's republic of california. >> i hear ya. >> caller: alaska airlines. >> i like alaska airlines southwest air, my friend and
6:46 pm
compadre jack moore saying be a little more selective. but alaska air is fine with me. molly in texas, molly? >> caller: boo-yah, jim. >> boo-yah. >> caller: i wanted your take on vmware. >> no, too high multiple for me. a lot of technology stocks under a lot of pressure. i say, no. matt in new jersey. matt? >> caller: boo-yah, cramer. >> yo, yo. >> caller: just keep up the good work. >> i'm sure trying. they're coming after me but i won't let them have me. go ahead. >> caller: yeah. i noticed it took a bit of a hit today. i'd like your thoughts on acquiring a long position in the drilling services company. the neighbors. >> neighbors is much lower quality. and you can buy schlumberger. if you can get it in the 70s. i've got to tell you, you can buy that one and put it away. i don't think i want to be in neighbors. that's not high quality enough. liz in new mexico. liz? >> caller: hi.
6:47 pm
>> man, i've been chanting versus a grim, bleak outlook. go ahead. >> caller: i'm a second-time caller and still a long-time admirer of all you do for us. >> thank you. >> caller: my spec stock is one you thought was too much of a risk and, wait for it you were right. they made terrible moves initially. but before the end of last year they announced they had met their 2014 objective and at that point the stock rallied hard. and it's kept most of those gains until this week that corrected some. this stock is ovas. >> yeah it's been strong. it's a fertility stock and i feel like i've missed it. i was negative and i missed it. sometimes you have to say, i missed it. i missed it. jim in california, jim? >> caller: hey, jim. hey, with the price of fuel down and paying less how are they
6:48 pm
going to meet the numbers? >> that's a good point. we liked it lower, had a big run. jack moore you know we went over this. and you're right, i mean, i think that -- maybe there'll be a hiccup here. could be a hiccup. it is a great company, though. debbie in california debbie? >> hi jim, thank you for taking my call. >> of course. >> and thank you for your help from coast to coast and beyond. i'm calling about pilgrim's pride. >> no, it's a little bit too commodity for me. look we've got hane, that is a good one nice quarter, by the way, a lot of people were betting against them because of the strong dollar. some bet against irwin simon. has that been a smart idea to date? let's go to tom in virginia. tom? >> caller: boo-yah, jimmy. >> boo-yah, tom. >> thanks for everything you do for us little guys out here. >> of course, of course. >> caller: how about a long-term hold for long-term addition of blackstone. >> i totally agree. buying a lot of distressed oil companies.
6:49 pm
and that is terrific division. it's only 8% of the business but i really like. it's an excellent hold excellent holding, i've liked it for a double now, there's more ahead. heather in new york, heather. >> caller: hi jim, boo-yah from syracuse, new york. >> syracuse! orangemen. >> caller: syracuse orangemen. i currently own md and wanted your long-term outlook. >> i think you've got a winner there, i feel like i missed it. you hit it i did not. well played. and that ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the "lightning round." >> the "lightning round" is sponsored by td ameritrade. mr. cramer absolutely love the show. >> we really appreciate you out there, man. >> boo-yah from my kids emma and aiden. >> boo-yah, mr. cramer. >> i know you hear this all the time, jim, but thank you, thank you, thank you, so much. >> this has been my best year by far and away in the market. >> i want to thank you for, you
6:50 pm
know, looking out for the regular guys out there. >> i'm trying to teach people to be better investors and i'm doing my darn best. that's the goal here. >> great to hear your voice and now you're there for us.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
the swings of the past few days may have been excruciating or exciting. diversification is the only way to weather this storm, period. that plus a daily dose of "mad money," of course. so let's play "am i
6:53 pm
diversified." you call me tell me your holdings, i tell you if you're diversified enough. maybe you need to upgrade the quality. let's start with a tweet @jimcramer. here's one from @scotthoynuski. am i diversified, c.a.t., scop, there are some issues here. caterpillar, the great machinery company is down in the dumps. i don't like it right now. conoco, good oil company, mcdonald's food company, charitable trust owns nice gain recently. and norfolk southern u.p.s. both transportation companies. we're going to get rid of u.p.s. i think has screwed up right now, been frozen. and we're going to put in yes, bristol-myers because you have no health care. how about peggy in kansas. peggy. hey, jim. thanks for taking my call i'm a big fan of your show. >> thank you. >> caller: and greetings from southeast kansas where a week ago today it was 76 and right now it's 28. >> that's the problem. that's why i live in jersey.
6:54 pm
always, you know kansas jersey. >> caller: apple, nike bristol myer whole foods, and proctor & gamble. >> i've got a portfolio here kansas, horse sense! about sclutsolute absolutely. i love this. whole foods, i think they're making a comeback i do. i love the action in that stock, by the way, but that shouldn't define things. everybody else has been left by the wayside. nike, just talked about that one, i think that stock is under $90. got to buy it. apple, don't trade it, just own it. another 52-week high. proctor, the good consumer products company and bristol-myers, good yield. drug retail, apparel, consumer product good and tech. i say, perfection! ernest in california ernest? >> caller: jim thank you for taking my call. >> my pleasure. >> caller: my stocks are johnson & johnson, kinder morgan, disney disney 3m and nucor.
6:55 pm
>> wow. everyone's wise to the game today. wow. all right. kinder morgan that's rich kinder's company, great yield, up 9% average oil company, went down 47 disney congratulations, all-time high wonderful, nucor, good yield, steel company, 3m yes, once again, delivers a remarkable quarter! and j & j, well i didn't like the quarter, but it's a great company, aaa balance sheet, only one of a handful, a drug company, entertainment, steel, industrial, and oil! really a pipeline! why don't we take another. since we're on a major roll of i'm the only one who senses that. let's go to paula in massachusetts. paula? >> caller: hello, cramer, thank you so much. it's an honor to talk to you. >> well thank you. do you know how to fix outlook? just kidding. >> pardon? >> caller: no, go ahead. my husband and i started investing for our 7-year-old daughter. >> yes.
6:56 pm
>> caller: her stocks are johnson & johnson, hasbro, apple, nike and disney. >> you know what this is the kind of portfolio. think about it. you're a little kid. you know every one of these brands. you know them better than your mom and your dad! that's what i like about this portfolio. nike is apparel, j & j is drug disney is entertainment, hasbro's toy and apple is tech! and they will know this everything from a band-aid to a sneaker to let's go to the theme park to all right, one of those toys is not that interactive but still makes sense like a board game! and, yes, apple, the ultimate tech toy industrial manufacturing power house stock i have liked since the beginning of the show. i say stick with cramer! so why pause to take a pill? and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? with cialis for daily use, you don't have to plan around either. it's the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating urinary symptoms
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7:00 pm
>> right now on the "car chasers"... it's a feeding frenzy when meg and i hit one of the largest auto swap meets in the country. oh, look at that. it's a little cameo truck. >> this truck needs everything. >> if i buy the truck, i'm gonna nickname it... >> both: "everything." >> plus, i take a shot at the perfect period-correct wagon owned by my protégé, billy hayes. >> i love the car! >> oh, i don't love the car? >> not like i love this car. >> man. >> but with billy, it always gets personal. >> are you listening to what you're saying? >> i am! >> you're out of your mind! [ engine revving ] >> i'm jeff allen, and i buy fix, and flip cars. along with meg, my partner in crime, and eric, our mad scientist, we're flat 12 gallery. my main competition is still my dad, the toughest negotiator i know.


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