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tv   Options Action  CNBC  March 28, 2015 6:00am-6:31am EDT

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>> in this episode of "secret lives of the super rich"... >> we're asking $85 million for this house. >> that's insane. [ engine revs ] but then how many homes have a gallery for cars and their own candy bar? >> we are here in a part of patek philippe who has been never seen before on tv. >> a trip to geneva, switzerland, for an exclusive look at a $2.6 million timepiece. and who do you call when your private helicopter begins to show a little wear and tear? this guy. >> all the hardware for this seat is 24-karat gold-plated. >> who else has a glass floor in their apartment and also has a car elevator and personal car garage with 360-degree views of the whole city? it's a lot of "wow!" >> "secret lives of the super
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rich" starts now. >> when i was building this house, my mission was to build the most beautiful house in southern california. >> this mansion is one of the biggest bets ever made in beverly hills, and our cameras were the first and only allowed inside. >> this is about a $500,000 furnished dining room. look at this shower. you could fit nine people easily inside here. i spent $1 million on this living room set. >> and this is the millionaire who built it. >> and it also has an extra-large zipper pocket on the back for your cellphone. >> bruce makowsky -- he made a fortune selling handbags on qvc, and he came to l.a. to retire but became an accidental home flipper, making millions buying and selling homes.
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and now he's onto something bigger and riskier. >> you can fit six cars in here. >> he built the home on spec -- meaning, on speculation -- without a buyer, and the price is shocking. >> we're asking $85 million for this house. >> that's insane. >> you know, you say it's insane. i will tell you that i think it's actually, believe it or not, undervalued. >> it's a bargain? >> this bar was $200,000. i actually have $70,000 worth of candy here. >> you get all that dom with the house? >> it all comes with the house. >> this would be, i guess, the master suite. >> pretty spectacular, right? >> now, you made something like $500 million selling handbags and shoes on qvc. what, from that business, that success, did you apply to this house? >> when i was building my shoes and my handbag collections, it was always about using the finest-quality materials and
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having a lot of texture. so, if you see the bed behind us here, it's done in italian ultrasuede. it's lattice, it's beautiful. over to the kinon material that we use over here, which is a poured resin -- >> this is like a louis vuitton store. i see that all the time. >> i'm the first one that's ever brought it to residential. it's absolutely beautiful. so, the mixing of textures -- the fendi carpet, as you see here, the beautiful hermès orange chairs -- butter-soft leather -- lalique crystal, it's an explosion of senses. >> and an explosion of logos. there are logos in every room, even on the paintings. and this place shows a lot of skin, from the models in the promotional video to alligator-suede furniture, alligator-lined drawers, and even doors in italian lizard skin. bruce isn't selling a house. he's selling a lifestyle. the artwork, like this $250,000 grenade, was commissioned specifically for this house. the cars and models are just about the only things that are not included.
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>> what i wanted to do is give you that experience, like if you were on your mega-yacht or you were on your really expensive private aircraft. i wanted to bring that to home. so i worked on a collaboration with bentley the car company. and what we did is we built this furniture out of italian burled wood. >> and he's obsessive about the details. >> i spent over $100,000 to make one-of-one. this leica camera is one-of-a-kind also. what i wanted to do is create an auto gallery. this particular one is on a spinner. it's a 17-foot spinner. >> oh! >> and the cars today are so beautiful -- the exotic cars -- that it's great to look at it from every angle. >> now, the danger with a house like this is that you're building it for a fantasy buyer -- someone that's a billionaire who loves machine guns and bugatti spinners and candy bars and bentley chairs in the living room. the risk is, that fantasy owner may not be out there. it took three months and a $15 million price cut, but bruce
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found him, and these are his feet. 35-year-old swedish billionaire markus persson tweeted this pic from inside the house after paying $70 million for it. he got rich making video games. he now lives in the ultimate bachelor pad. if you want to tell time like the wealthy, you can drop $20,000 or even $50,000 on a cartier or omega. but for super rich watch aficionados, cue the private jet. the true test of time is here in geneva, switzerland. it's home to the most expensive wristwatches on the planet. and the king of luxury watchmakers -- patek philippe. for the first time ever, patek is allowing an inside look at their top-secret watchmaking lab. this is beyond rare access. we're entering the brain room of
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patek. it holds industry secrets and watches worth millions. you know it's serious when even patek's president puts on booties and a lab coat to get inside. >> we are here in a part of patek philippe who has been never seen before on tv. >> thierry stern is dressed like he's going into an operating room. that's because the work here is like surgery. it's so precise, they have air filters to prevent even a single speck of dust from getting inside a watch. and watchmakers in this room can spend years making just one timepiece. but we're here to see patek's masterpiece being built. price tag -- $2.6 million. it took 100,000 hours to develop. over 1,300 parts, each of the tiny pieces are handmade and measured in micrometers. assembling them isn't a job. it's a science that required six new patents. with 20 complications, it's the most complicated wristwatch
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patek has ever built. they don't even call it a watch. this is a wrist-format timekeeping instrument. its best feature is a face that flips. and super rich watch collectors know this sound... [ watch chiming ] ...the signature patek chimes. >> as we call it now, grandmaster chime. >> but even if you can blow $2.6 million on a watch, that doesn't mean you can own it. you actually have to apply for it and prove that you're a sophisticated collector. [ watch chimes ] the wealthy like to put their initials on their clothes and their cuff links, but you've got to be super rich to put your name on a completely custom, multimillion-dollar helicopter. and that's where this guy comes in. eric roth and his wife, adrianne, specialize in extreme makeovers for private jets and helicopters. >> the average interior could be anywhere from $2 million to $4 million.
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>> today his crew is working on a new project that we're getting to see before his famous client. >> well, i guess, at this point, there's no hiding who our latest client is. >> if you haven't guessed, it belongs to donald trump. you may have seen one of his helicopters in the opening of "the celebrity apprentice." trump also owns a boeing 757 that eric remodeled years ago. >> when i got a call from the owner, i hadn't spoken to him in two years, since we did his boeing. and he said, "eric, could you come down? i want to meet with you. i'm buying a new helicopter, and i want you to outfit it." i said, "well, what does it look like?" he said, "that's why we're meeting." >> this helicopter is a sikorsky. it's like the bentley of helicopters. a chopper like this costs between $5 million and $7 million, but even at that price range, this is what the interior looked like when trump bought it -- old and outdated. >> we gutted the whole helicopter, and we started fresh. >> and by "starting fresh," he means, "out with the old and in
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with the gold." >> all the hardware for this seat is 24-karat gold-plated to match the rest of the gold-plating throughout the aircraft. 24-karat gold in the plane, 24-karat gold-leafing. this is his family crest, and we wanted to keep it in gold. you can easily go into the rolls-royce showroom and buy a couple of rolls-royces. maybe that would pay for the interior. >> in other words, the tab on this extreme makeover is approaching $1 million. [ bell rings ] a week later, we show up on delivery day. workers are frantically polishing what looks like a brand-new chopper. >> this helicopter came out awesome. and if it's got the trump name on it, it's got to be the best of the best. and this helicopter is worthy of his name. >> apparently, donald thinks the water bottles are, too.
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and even though mr. trump is fond of seeing his name and face on just about everything, he asked eric to deliver the helicopter in private. so he's off to see the donald without us. >> keep your eyes closed. >> don't look at the kitchen that hasn't been updated in 20 years or the small, outdated bedroom. otherwise, you'll miss why this ugly little house is actually a gold mine. >> this just looks like a bookshelf. >> yes, it does. >> but... >> so, the second bedroom is behind this secret bookshelf. what do they think of this? behind this secret bookshelf. what do they think of this? >> it's a lot of "wow!"
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>> parking in new york city can be a nightmare. the rich pay up to $1,000 a month to get a spot. but the super rich pay millions to be above it all. welcome to the sky garage. how many buildings in new york have something like this? >> there's only one. there's this. this is the sky garage building in new york. to be able to just drive in off the street and never, ever get out of your car before stepping into your kitchen... >> now, while some of the rich want a view of their car, others
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want a view for their car. this ferrari has a view of the empire state building 14 stories above manhattan. and sky-high views come with a sky-high price tag -- $20 million. but if the garage isn't enough to sell you, wait until you see what's inside. broker ryan serhant is giving us an all-access tour. >> duplex apartments in manhattan take up space with stairwells. so we said, "let's rip out the staircase, put a glass floor over it, with operable glass doors. >> show me how it works? >> sure. it's pretty simple. you ready? >> yep. >> so, now it's up, so we're gonna put it down. there's five pieces of glass, and they basically disappear into the floor. >> and how much did this whole thing cost? >> a significant amount. >> hundreds of thousands of dollars? >> oh, yeah. yeah. >> what the... the sky vault is great when it
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works. [ switch clicking ] even the super rich have technical difficulties. but super brokers keep on selling. >> this is new york. >> so, while it's being repaired, we tour the downstairs by taking the elevator. >> right now, we're inside the vault. this whole space is architecturally significant. it is an art space. we use it right now as bookshelves, but this could be a wine closet, this could be a place where you showcase art, watches, whatever. then there are doors. so, this just looks like a bookshelf. >> yes, it does. >> but... >> wow. >> it's the second bedroom. >> isn't that how they open the batcave? >> this apartment would be perfect for batman. >> if he needed a pied-à-terre. >> yeah, a pied-à-terre in manhattan for $20 million. >> so, what's the reaction been among people who come to this apartment and see it? what do they think of this? >> it's a lot of "wow!"
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it's a lot of that. who else has a glass floor in their apartment and also has a car elevator and personal car garage with 360-degree views of the whole city? i mean, this -- this is, like, the most normal part of the apartment, for me, by far. >> forget the outdoor waterfall, the home theater, and the $1 million worth of onyx in the master bath. in a $16 million mansion, this is all actually pretty standard. the one thing that may really attract the wealthiest of buyers is actually out back. i've see marble bathrooms, i've seen marble kitchens, but a marble mega-yacht dock. >> that's correct. >> that's a first for me. >> do you know what that means? >> no. >> it means that the owner had a lot of money. >> it may not look that impressive, but broker sonata azim and i are walking on
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a dock constructed out of solid marble. the cost -- 2 million bucks. >> 450 feet of direct water frontage. all the marble was imported from italy. [ boat horn blows ] >> italian marble across 450 feet -- that's the length of three statues of liberty and enough stone to make more than 90 marble bathtubs. but the draw here has absolutely nothing to do with all that fancy marble. the super rich are building bigger boats, some over 400 feet that cost more than $200 million. and very few homes come with a spot large enough to park them. finding a dock of this size anywhere in florida -- does it even exist? >> it doesn't even exist. i mean, this is very special. >> special because, in this new age of super-yachts, even a $19 million mansion is just another accessory to the
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$200 million boat. this 10,000-square-foot, $20 million miami penthouse sits atop what the super rich consider the rolls-royce of hotels. but the dog that lives here needs to check out. >> i don't want anybody looking at anything. >> it's a rare moment when aaron shows a house in the hollywood hills that he doesn't shows a house in the hollywood hills that he doesn't want anyone to see.
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>> aaron kirman is a superbroker who shows off some of l.a.'s most expensive homes. he's always passionate, and he really knows how to push a property... >> huge ceilings, beautiful windows. this house is the perfect house for entertaining. "royal" is the real word to describe it. >> ...but not today. >> keep your eyes closed. don't even look around. i don't want anybody looking at anything. >> it's a rare moment when aaron and neyshia go, an agent on his team, show a house in the hollywood hills that they literally don't want anyone to see. >> keep your eyes closed. >> don't look at the kitchen that hasn't been updated in 20 years or the small, outdated bedrooms. and don't be distracted by this horrible little bathroom. otherwise, you'll miss why this ugly little house is actually a gold mine, with a $7.5 million price tag. >> and... now. this is what i want you to see. you have the entire city of
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los angeles before your very eyes. >> wow, wow! wow, wow! >> that's beautiful. >> these guys instantly see it. the view is right. the house is 100% wrong. but they know a bulldozer can fix everything. that's because land prices in this area have more than doubled in just the last five years. >> the two gentlemen that i'm walking the property with today are the high-end developers specializing in ultra-luxury estates. >> aaron makes it clear he's not really selling this house. >> the house is irrelevant. you're buying a piece of dirt. >> what he's actually selling is an opportunity to get very rich. >> when you finish the right house here, we could ask $40 million for a completion house. >> what's it gonna take to buy it? >> you know, it is so competitive. it really is gonna be substantially higher than asking, and i want to just be clear about -- >> $100,000 more? [ both laugh ] we thought, a nice round number of $10 million would work. >> that's $2.5 million over the asking price. surprising until you do the math. buy for $10 million, spend
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$10 million to build a new house, and sell for $40 million. that's a profit of nearly $20 million. in a matter of days, these guys are outbid by a $12 million offer, and it's all cash. >> you know, there's a saying, "build it, and they will come." and this particular house, "destroy it, and they will come." >> why the dog living in this come." >> why the dog living in this $20 million penthouse wants out.
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plus enjoy special savings when you purchase any new verizon wireless smartphone or tablet from comcast. visit to learn more. >> this 10,000-square-foot, $20 million miami penthouse sits atop what the super rich consider the rolls-royce of hotels -- the four seasons.
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but the dog that lives here wants to check out. more on windsor later, but, first, meet her mom, lora drasner. >> we can see south beach. and then we have the downtown city views. >> lora and her husband, fred, a former owner of the washington redskins and the new york daily news, bought the entire 54th floor of the four seasons just to gut it and handpick nearly every painstaking detail. >> we chose the leather floors as a nice contrast to the stone mosaic tiles. and then the carpet is from tai ping in new york. it's all silk. the waterfall bathroom in my husband's office is something we saw in new zealand in a restaurant, so we thought, "oh, we need a waterfall toilet." >> the couple's custom overhaul cost millions, and they spent millions more to literally cruise through the renovations. >> we were on our yacht, going around the world -- 3 1/2-year honeymoon. >> a 3 1/2-year honeymoon --
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that is the way to remodel. post-honeymoon, the couple and windsor checked in to their hotel lifestyle. a growing trend among the super rich -- lavish private residences complete with five-star amenities. you just pick up your phone... >> mm-hmm. >> 3:00 in the morning and order a cheeseburger and ice cream sundae? >> you can order room service 24 hours a day. >> lora and fred added their own amenities, too, including this $5 million home theater. >> the entire room is suspended in springs, so when we turn on the theater, we're not waking up the entire four seasons hotel and residence. >> 55 speakers, more than a dozen amplifiers, and 5,000 watts of sound. [ music plays ] >> too loud? >> no, it's perfect. >> [ laughs ] >> and they've even designed a room to showcase some of their most prized possessions. >> this is the world's largest blunderbuss collection. >> a blunderbuss?
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>> blunderbuss -- that comes from the dutch word "thunder gun." they're anywhere from 1605 to 1850. >> wow. >> they were used, you know, when pilgrims were around. my absolute favorite is made by a woman. >> what does it say? >> "happy is he who escapes me." >> [ laughs ] >> [ laughs ] >> after spending millions on all those details, it's home sweet mega-home, right? wrong. the couple wants to sell for $20 million. why? well, that brings us back to windsor. >> we have a dog now who prefers the weather in aspen to miami. it's a little too hot for her, since she's always wearing a fur coat. and so it's just mostly that reason. we're in the mountains more than at the beach now. >> a $20 million decision, all because the dog can't take the heat. >> announcer: the following is a
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