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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  April 8, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> it is a mocking tone. >> it is not. it's not a mocking tone. >> i'm melissa lee. see you back here tomorrow for more "fast money". "mad money" with jim cramer starts right now. right now. my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always work in. i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to criamerica. i'm trying to make you money. my job is not to entertain. call me at 1800707 cnbc. here we go again. we have a huge 6% break in the price of oil. just when i was beginning to fret. that perhaps gasoline could be
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jumping here. of course what happens? stock market turns south at least from its earlier heights. it gained 27 points after being higher. the s&p climbing. it's got me upset. i have said it once a thousand times. higher oil is bad. higher gasoline is terrible for the stock market. higher heating bills are horrendous for the stock market. there. there's nothing else to it. end of story. but, let me explain, in case anyone is unclear about this. obviously a market that could go into the red at one point today doesn't get it. my biggest worry for this market right now is the transports the index which has all the
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different levers of commerce in it. transports have been rolling over for days. we did a whole segment last night how transports could be in trouble. it's a serious thorn in the bull side. we get a $3 decline. and suddenly the case changes. now we have a chance to see higher earnings and better gross margin comparisons for the most important group in the market the airlines. including two of my favorite spirit air and southwest. those are the most two to the u.s. traveller. southwest is down nearly 5 bucks. spirit at 75 off ten. instead of thinking this group is breaking down as our chartist said last night. we is craft a thesis that the airlines are too cheap given their impending earnings report. it's nirvana. i like that. you temper your chief worry. you give the analysts a reason to reload their
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birecommendations. the dow transport average can u turn taking the market with it. then the restaurants and retailers. i have been getting nervous gasoline prices can damage these. it's off 9 points from its high. yesterday jack in the box was down 6 bucks. forchinate leit's a coming down. isn't the perfect time to go back to sonic? now that the risk is removed by that low recent guidance? fiesta restaurant group, even after today's run it's down 11%. same with pop eyes buffalo wild wings. even as it rallied six bucks to 183. i was worried about the fortunes of these stocks given the upward trajectory of gasoline. not after today. you had to be concerned by
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dollar general, dollar tree. even macy's if gasoline was going to start heading higher during the summer season. today make me feel better. kroger is now free to break out of its trading range. don't forget spare change that lets you go by underarmor shorts -- and how about all those hedges about oil? the many of the consumer package goods companies. when the second half was supposed to benefit from the lower energy costs. the upward trajectory of oil had my concerned by coigate. don't forget kraft. its cost will come down dramatically if energy stays down there. after today's decline i'm thinking it is. how about disney how about
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apple? bear with me. i don't know if you've been watching disney stall as i have. i was beginning to think the loss was from driving your guz guzzler west or east to disney. apple, it is a thousand dollars purchase. iphone $600. sure you may be saving as much as $200 at the pump than last year. that's not going to take you too far in the apple store, right? wrong. i think you're not thinking big enough. i want you to think about this apple watch. which could be the kind of discretionary item that might land you in the apple store because you have extra money. stretch your mind for a second. i read the reviews. they must be people written by 30s, 40s or 50s. these people are not thinking
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about the ipod. they aren't thinking about my youngest daughter back then who asked for a second ipod when apple was at 50 before the seven for one stock spotlight. she had a blue one, she needed a pink one for the holidays. i didn't know it was fashion. i have been recommending the stock ever since. if you've seen the watch you know it's the ultimate fashion accessory. the under 25 don't wear watches. how about a device with more than two dozen wrist bands some coming in multiple colors. they are as cool as can be from what you can see from the ads. they are the ultimate present. not for the rich because of these price points but for the middle class feeling a little more flush. how about the present you can get that doesn't cost you an arm and a leg who you can give to the many people who own an iphone. the watch is the ultimate discretionary purchase.
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if it were just a watch store you'd by buying it based on the consumer being rich from the energy savings. al i wonder how many wrist bands i'll have to buy once i get both kids this device that plays music with wireless head phones. al i know they'll sneak it now. many in the younger demographic, being a kid wears a watch. i don't have to worry about the displacement factor. they're not wearing a rolex. i may have to say good bye to my bright lam. they will say hello to their wrist for the first time. we're scratching the surface. you could be a store of its own just stelelling this product you would want a piece of that stock. you can go own apple unless you want to be one of those analysts that tells you buy sell. i guess they have nothing else
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to do. we have to deal with the decline in the oil stocks including the crushing of royal deutsch in the way for it's ridiculous overpayment. i hope exon or chevron is up. how much do we love perrigo? plus just because world deutsch blew it it doesn't mean smarter companies won't be discouraged to buy properties that are worth a lot more than they're selling for. as rich morgan recently did with that pipeline purchase. maybe he is in need of a spare billion. i shouldn't need to remind you how positive lower energy prices are for the stock market and economy. there is some hedge form that uses oil as a barometer of economic strength. concern after friday's ugly
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unemployment number this might mean something that's dire and scary. there are plenty of funds that sell it for some sort of reason. the market can be very stupid. we're being given a gift or maybe a reprieve from an oil spike spoe that would have undone whatever we've had here. sorry for not being more negative. maybe i'm the only one that feels richer when i pay less at the pump. somehow i don't think so. how about alvin in michigan. >> caller: i would like to thank you for all your hard work. my question is about facebook pe ratio being in the 70s. two questions do you think facebook is high because the price is too high or the earnings are too low yes. >> let me introduce you to the out. i don't believe they are too low. i think this company is earning a lot more money than people
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realize. it will turn out to be incredibly inexpensive when we see 2017's number. that's why this stock sells for where it is and why i think it's worth $100. curtis from north carolina. >> caller: buoo-yah thanks for taking my call. my question, tonight is in reference to union pacific railroad. do you think that the temporary closures of the ports in california this year will have a direct impact on the quarterly earnings report? >> yeah. i do. having listened to the -- how about that lulu lemon. did we tell you that one? they called i think it's -- i think union pacific is going to be a buy. not until we see the whites of the quarter's of the eyes. i'm afraid they won't make the numbers. then what are we going to do? buy buy buy. mike in iowa. >> caller: you and i share a birthday. same year, close on the date. i was able to retire recently.
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i hope you sure never will. because we surely need your help. >> pop had a big -- pop passed away in november of 2014 at 92. he was having a huge month in his business. you know what? that's a goal for me too. >> caller: anyway, the ltk they're going to be at a show this next week, an expuscission will that move the needle? >> it might. what's moving the needle is the realization of our allies that we're not going to be there to bail them out. all our defense companies are doing better. we did a feature because it was well-behind the rest. i like lock heed martin. i like orbital atk. none of those companies have come on air. that makes me very very sad. how many times do i have to say it? lower energy prices are a good
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thing. just say thank you and use it. and don't forget about that apple watch as a discretionary purchase. i want shares in the apple watch store. activists are back in the business headlines again. should you follow their every move once they take action? i'll take a look at the stock. then, two huge bids says one biotech biotech, one in oil. i have an exclusive that just scored a huge valuation of helping companies manage their brands online. why don't you stick with cramer? >> don't miss a second of "mad money" money". follow us. send jim an e-mail give us a call at 1800-743-cnbc.
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. last week the wall street
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journal published a critique of the proliferation of activist hedge funds. it's an -- we know activists shareholders try to strong arm shareholders to do things their way. they currently mask $120 billion in assets. that's up 30% in the last year. they pointed out that you don't necessarily make a lot of money if you invest in their funds y. can tell you i've singled out one of the actives as a moneymaker you can piggy back up. you can trump the averages. al so how is it that these supposedly brilliant actives aren't worth following and can give you subparreturns? let me give you an example. case study to show you watt it
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looks like. more and more hedge funds are trying to play the game. it's easy to raise a lot of money for most managers. raising money is a key part of being a hedge fund manager because i used to be one. i don't want your mind to go to a deep pocketed corporate raider or a turn around specialist. no, the technical example of activists is advisors. that's a firm you may have never heard of. last month announced along with bearington capital it taken a two% stake in prc. and it's urging the company to make a bunch of changes to create value. the news caused the stock children's place, not just the attire but the actual stock to joint 8.6% in a single session. so first of all, we need to ask, why are these guys targeting
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children's place? this is a perfect example of how the actives are choosing their targets. basically someone is targeting children's place because the company has a long history of underperformance. ever since the ceo took over. the stock has lagged the broader market. he points out that under the tenure the company has posted negative to low single digit sales. disappointing, again, disappointing. subparresults aren't the only they thaz look for. in order for these guys to say that high level changes need to happy. current managers have to prove that they can point to past mistakes to illustrate out the executives in question have failed to meet goals. what they did was out of the activist's play book. she talked about optimizing
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inventory management. yet they pointed out inventory level has declined every year. they are up 44%. five years later. management is still pointing to inventory management as an area that needs improvement. second they believe that children's place tried to expand way too quickly. in late 2012 they back tracked and decided to close underperforming stores. obviously they made a serious mistake. still, it gives them one more way to attack management and. they called out children's place for mucherchandising mistakes. they talk about the high level of management turnover. which isn't a bad thing but signaled the leadership is disaway. remember cost co. perhaps the worst thing they can do is publish embarrassing facts
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about a company. remember that? we had that with the dan lows attack on the ceo of dow chemical last fall? when it comes to children's place, the ceo is taking home a much bigger pay package of the retailer carter's. and we also known that they have done a ton of insider selling dumping almost 50% of her shares. i recognize an insider sell for many reasons. it's the grist that activists salivate order. when you're small you go after companies that are inept investigators. those are not the companies they should be in. we like best to companies. this stock of children's place roared higher. i think it's a huge mistake to buy after that smiek. let me explain what happened
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here. the the activists has orchestrated change. in many cases they were only interested in boosting their own returns. they want the current ceo fired and replaced. we know they're replacing a lousy ceo with a better one can be helpful. they want to return more -- to make all this happen activists wants seats on the board of directors. we feel that a fresh perspective in evaluating results is warranted. it's critical they add new directors. ideally they would like children's place to put itself up for sale. they say under the right management treme they believe they can double their earnings. no wonder the stock shot through the roof. here's the thing, the big reason
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why i think you have to take many of these activists with a grain of salt. bearington capitol combined only earned 2% of children's place. 2%. that doesn't make the mistake one of the largest shareholders. when you own 2%. while you can make demands there's not a lot you can do the enforce demands. smaller share holders who in the past would have given up on the stock have been able to get themselves a mega phone and bomb throw at campaigns like this one. just because the smaller activists are going after children's place that doesn't make it more attractive stock for you to own. remember, there's no guarantee the activists will succeed. if they do maybe their strategy is wrong. i think it makes sense to sell into what they generate rather than buying it. you can still sell children's
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place. that's so much more prudent given that if nothing happens because the small time activists don't own enough. you'll end up earning up a -- i'd rather own ross or macy's than children's place any day of the week. so let me give you the bottom line here. you should never invest in a company just because a so-called activists have gotten involved. children's place is the perfect example. the lower profile activisted that are performing poorly. here we prefer to own well-run companies that don't need to change everything they're doing in order to send -- rocket their stocks higher. remember, if the activists lose they can blow out their stock. maybe even without you knowing. leaving you holding a very uncertain bag. instead of a shoot the lights out retailer that's having a
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fabulous year. hey, you know what? there is so much more ahead from mad tonight. including the deals dominating today's headlines. royal deutsch. who got it right? don't miss my take. then the world's top brands need a lot of weapons to handle the world of social media. i'll introduce you to a new leader. let's give your portfolio a checkup. i think it's time to play diversify. stick with cramer.
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talk about the right way. and the wrong way. to do a deal. today we got the goofts and a gallant of the world. gallant proposes a stock in cash takeover bid for priogo. they've been held back by a couple of one time only issues. my only potential was nearly 15%. goofus shell on the other hand surveys the world and decided to issue stock in cash for the poorly performing bj. a company in the worst most glutted part of the worst and glutted oil complex natural gas.
6:28 pm
and sure enough world deutsch gets hammered with all the value accruing to the target. why not? world dutch paid a premium. they best hope is someone comes along paying more. relieving shareholders of this ridiculously overpriced acquisition. i love this deal as much as i love perrigo. the ceo, during his myriad visits to the show. last time i was more pumped about perrigo than he was. the last quarter was marred by a mild flu season it hurt the business. i think both are one time only. you want -- if they put the chinese communist flag on supplements, would that make you want to buy them more? anyway, i think it's going to dove tail perfectly. there's always a possibility that someone tries to buy it and
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get to perrigo. this deal smacked of all the right kind of acquisitions we've seen lately. activists understood that it is a much underdeveloped o botox that would be competitive with the field. the stock activisted roar roars and roars. heinz international food power house is run as lean as can be. takes on kraft. a bloated domestic company with brands that will thrive overseas even post nuclear war where they've less sensitive to kraft's inorganic and unnatural offerings. fed exbuys tnt lower. coming in when europe is not on a down draft. it's brilliant.
6:30 pm
both stocks so right. world dutch, on the other hand could have bought so many other distressed distressed properties. the company could have paid much less for bgment. it will be just glutted for years to come as u.s. floods the world with liquefied national gas. we can. al it's embarrassing. the only thing that saved world dutch's stock, if you can call pa3.42% decline salvation. although givethen price tag and the death taken oil by royal dutch. that promise may prove to be hollow. it just should have passed. the $70 billion deal reminds me of adv's deal for $21 billion after the stock was up. the natural buyer should have been j and j which owned the
6:31 pm
rights to the best drug. it was obviously so worried about its made product going off patent. it just threw it's one valuable stock. paying -- what can only be described as an outrageous price. the bottom line royal dutch for bg instant wealth destruction. perrigo instant wealth increase. how about dave in new mexico. >> caller: thank you for taking me call. i love your show. >> thank you, david. thank you. we always have an existential crisis about whether we're doing a good job. >> caller: sny and regenron have put up a new medicine. the stock is going through the
6:32 pm
roof and sanofi seems to be stuck in the mud. i would like to know if i should sell. >> management turmoil there, but they have a lot of other drugs besides the other. let's stick with buy regenron john in california. >> caller: hello. we're in sacramento. >> holy cow. it probably doesn't look anything like when i did. it was very pruvinchal those days. >> caller: i have a question of chevron. i know shell made a big move acquiring the company. i love shovechevron. what did i think they're going to do? >> they can pick and choose. they're a smart company and royal dutch is a stupid company. that is a determinate of stock price. i didn't think royal dutch was so stupid and realize what price they paid. chevron is much more cherry.
6:33 pm
let's go to nick in missouri. nick. >> caller: nikki. >> i'm sorry that was my bad. when you're 90 years old like i am your eyes are going. >> caller: i love your show and i learn something every week. at your review i picked up a natcherate gas utility in february of 13 called cross techs. it doubled. i loved it. in november of '14 it changed to nlk and it's been dropping. it still pays great divdnds. >> this is one that doesn't have -- i believe it doesn't have a lot of actual price risk. you know i mean the one that i always stand by is morgan which was up today. despite a downgrade what does that tell you about that 4.2%? i prefer it to the one that you own. sorry. all right. we are seeing the best of deals and the worst of deals.
6:34 pm
i love the myelin move but the royal dutch purchase not so hot. instagram, twitter facebook tumbler leave out the e for savings. the list never ends. i'll take a look at the billion dollars player behind the platform major companies are starting to juz. we're a few percent away from all time highs. you're calls answered. hump day, mike mike mike edition of the lightning round. stick with cramer let me talk to you about retirement. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. sure. you seem knowledgeable professional. would you trust me as your financial advisor? i would. i would indeed. well, let's be clear here. i'm actually a dj. [ dance music plays ]
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one of the key players in the marketing cloud which raised $46 million last months. it's a social media management software provider which gives it's customers an intergrated platform. this is the future of marketing in the age of social media. so let's take a closer look with the founder and ceo. learn more about his company in the intersection of cloud and social media. welcome to "mad money"." good to see you. have a seat. okay so my first question would be is why haven't the social media people like facebook or more importantly a twitter done this themselves? how did you get in there and they haven't? >> well there are 20 plus social networking. while linked in is great and
6:39 pm
facebook is great at personal stuff and twitter is great with connecting with strangers, brands have a challenge. they have to listen to every channel and conversations that are happening around the web. they need one interface to be able to do that. they can't train their customer care folks on every one of these channels and the new ones that are coming down. >> there are some very -- that you have published fortune 500 companies. let me ask you about mcdonald's. they introduced some new burgers. immediately my friend said that isn't what they want. i'm going to party. that's the last thing that mcdonald's needs to do. you would actually have a better idea whether that's the last thing they need to do or not? you may be the best source? >> they now know using our platform -- they are the best source because we are a technology provider. >> right. >> but what our platform allows a company like mcdonald's to do is instead of relying on a
6:40 pm
survey or a focus group of 20 people. they can listen to millions of conversations that are going on about the burger they just introduced. >> millions not just twitter, facebook, wherever it's public. >> blogs over the web. we track 300 million different services and help brands understand what is it that they like. not that they just like the new burger. which part of the burger do they like. what part of the experience should they tune up and what part should they keep and build on. >> so tell me why they should use you rather than have their five person team at their own company? >> they should use their five person team and the team should be using us. >> okay. you're tools. >> we are enterprise software product that these large companies use across their customer care across the marketing and sales team. and across their recruiting team. essentially their entire front
6:41 pm
office. >> wow. i got to tell you, i have been talking to a lot of people at ibm. ibm is saying they can perform this function too. very similar to you. have they approached you or do you think they can't catch you? >> there's a lot of big companies that want to and are playing in the space. al there is -- i believe that this is the next big enterprise software opportunity. we've built our current front office functionality, the sales infrastructure, the call centers over the past 50 years. in the last ten years, consumers have completely done 180. where they refuse to call in and wait on the phone for you. >> okay. but now -- here's -- the reason i'm thinking this is because i'm just wondering whether there isn't someone who says look these guys can't do it they don't have the scale. they're not big enough. because on the one hand if you want to become public.
6:42 pm
people want a profitable company. on the oerd hand it seems like your company is growing so fast it would be outrageous. you have to spend as much money to keep the other guys out. >> we do but we have a phenomenal model. when we grow the way we do, twin and quadrupling there's a lot of money coming in that allows us to fund our business organically in addition to capital we have taken on the outside. >> you are in the sweet spot. a lot of people gunning for you. it's also possible that one of them could buy you. i'm sure when you're at that stage anything could happen. you are exactly the epicenter where people have to be. he see the founder and ceo. there are a lot of good articles. google it.
6:43 pm
"mad money" is back in a bit.
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it is time for the lightning
6:46 pm
round. and then the lightning round is over. are you ready? for the lightning round. ernie in new york. >> caller: boo-yah. what do you think of global payments? reported earnings today and i was pretty -- >> it's one of the few upsides we've seen in 2015. they go higher. this is one of those 90s that may go to 120. julia in arkansas. >> caller: hello. >> hello. >> my question is at the beginning of the year i bought shares. even though i realized the gain i'm wondering if i should hold it -- >> you got to hold. vip shop is one that's done great. we recommended it a long time ago. china is hot i'm not going to tell you to sell. it's going to keep hitting high said. we ought to go to tom.
6:47 pm
>> caller: hi there first time caller. and really like the show. i've been interested in 3 d systems. i was wondering what your thoughts are. >> i'm going to say no. talk about glut. it's a glut like oil, 3 d systems. there's too many guys going into that. hp is going into that. we're going to say. don't buy, don't buy. i'm trying to have clarity there. debbie in montana. >> caller: hello, cramer. a rocky mountain big sky boo-yah to you. >> denver broncos front row, 50 yard line seat boo-yah. >> caller: fcx. the long term investors is it a good value here? >> fcx. no. too much debt. i don't like the fact they had to cut the divdened. i have to tell you there's
6:48 pm
better fish to fry. how about we go to utah. >> caller: hey, jim. how you doing? >> couldn't be better thank you. how about you? >> caller: i used to work on the amax in the late 60s. i'm calling about canadian solar. >> i'm liking this first solar because of yield co. that's the better one. the solar stocks are doing quite while despite the fact oil has gone down a lot. keith in new york. >> caller: how are you? boo-yah to you. >> haven't had a creative one like that in a long time. maybe even the staff, the guys who were tweeting woke up. >> caller: how do you feel about mbt? >> what's that russian company?
6:49 pm
no. the last thing we liked about russia is they helped win world war ii. we're not going to buy that. jean in kansas. >> caller: a big kansas city royals boo-yah. >> hey got game. i'll throw in an andy reed boo-yah. >> caller: google, buy sell or hold? >> google is great. it acts horribly i still think it's going to believe to monetize youtube. when it does everyone will want to own google. mike in new jersey. mike, mike mike. >> caller: boo-yah. the stock i'm calling about is in the 160est what about pxt? >> we've been -- it's a good company. it just got failed by the fact that oil got crushed. i think that pxd is a growth company. we seen oil at 43.
6:50 pm
doesn't make -- when oil breaks down at 46 47. how about duane in ohio? >> caller: boo-yah. jim. >> yo-yo. >> >> caller: my stock i'm calling about is reseptose. i recommend it. it's amazing about stocks sometimes, they go down. but i like it. even though it has gone down. that's a reaction to my great twitter -- some of my twitter followers today. that is the conclusion of the lightning round. >> the lightning round is sponsored by td amertrade complex trade. so you'll be confident enough to do what you want. i'll pull up their number. blammo. let's get those guys on the horn. oooo
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. all right. today we got our share of deals. some good some were let's just say needed improvement. unless you want to end up with a raw deal of your own, i suggest you diversify. i've been doing this thing for a long time. it's the best way to keep you out of. >> the house of pain. >> the board is falling off. let's play mam i disversified. let's check a tweet at jim cramer. love the show, fire the trolls. top five. apple, eog, kmi wendy's facebook. #amidiversified #amidiversified.
6:54 pm
we have face bag, that's social media. okay. kmk energy company. this is natural gas, this is apple. and it's technology. this is wendy's restaurants. let's see, we have too many. we've got face bag is tech. we have to keep apple. we don't trade that. we're -- i'll let you keep face back. you ought to take your choice. i'm going to say let's keep kinder. buy bristol meyers instead of that and you'll be fine. we'll go back to calling it a facebook. it was a mistake, but i kind of liked face back. don't you like that? that would be the mock facebook. let's go to frank in california. frank. >> caller: yeah, jim how you doing? >> pretty good how about you? >> caller: i'm doing fantastic. here's my stocks.
6:55 pm
teva trgo cfe, ccl, and kr. >> okay that's good. let's see. carnival as we just profiled that the other day. let's call that travel and leisure. kroger will break out. perrigo. you have that we have to make changes. let's call this a knock off and not sell it t. you know what we're going to do? buy a kinder morgan. let's go to jennifer in ohio. >> caller: hello. >> jennifer. >> caller: my stocks are apple, ford gilliad, skyworks and the last one i'd like to know if i
6:56 pm
should sell before reports next week and the suggestion, for replacement and it is slumber j. we're all over these. let's see. gilliad, one of the four horseman. skyworks terrific technology. that's david alders the inside of a cell phone. ford that's more fields doing a good job there. we're hoping the numbers get reduced so we can buy more. i want no changes to that portfolio. matter of fact, i'm liking that on face bag. stick with cramer. to healthy food. for the first time american kids are slated to live a shorter life span than their parents. it's a problem that we can turn around and change. revolution foods is a company we started to provide access to healthy affordable, kid-inspired chef-crafted food. we looked at what are the aspects of food that will help set up kids for success?
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making sure foods are made with high quality ingredients and prepared fresh everyday. our collaboration with citi has helped us really accelerate the expansion of our business in terms of how many communities we can serve. working with citi has also helped to fuel our innovation process and the speed at which we can bring new products into the grocery stores. we are employing 1,000 people across 27 urban areas and today, serve over 1 million meals a week. until every kid has built those life-long eating habits, we'll keep working.
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6:59 pm
all right. now remember we're in earnings season. whoever reports last suddenly just colored the whole process. bed bath and beyond did not deliver the number people seemed to like. retail will fwoe down on that. think about lower gasoline. do not make a decision based on that. alcoa not everybody was crazy about the quarter. it's a company in transformation. i like to say there is always more. i'm jim cramer i'll see you tomorrow. >> tonight on the profit... i go inside skullduggery, a toy
7:00 pm
company that should be filled with imagination and fun. >> it was kind of, like, confusing. >> can you read? >> instead, i find two brothers struggling to make a profit on merchandise that kids don't want while falling short on creating new hit games and toys. >> it's our first game ever. it didn't do very well at market. >> the toy industry, while enormous, is a brutal and competitive game. >> these toys seem like they're already out there. >> and if the brothers can't learn to innovate and sell... >> steve, why do you think nascar's good for skullduggery? [laughing] >> they'll get shoved to the back of the closet with the other forgotten toys. you basically just said, "[bleep] you, i'm just not gonna do it."


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