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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  May 12, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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and gets them engaged. >> whose your favorite pop star these days? i love jack white. >> what about you? >> i'm still into theater. >> hey, we love that too. thank you so much for being here this afternoon. that does it for us on closing bell. they're going on tour and we're all going to have a drink. >> that's a good idea, right. >> fast money starts now. live from the nasdaq markets overlooking new york city's times square i'm melissa. tonight topping 60 bucks a barrel. golden not buying. why goldman is getting this hot trade wrong. plus the real winner of today's multibillion dollar deal. it's not aol and not verizon. could be the guy smiling there. first on the day when the markets were flat one stuck out. moments ago the accompany
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responding to the ruling in maryland. let's get straight to phil with the latest. >> melissa, just a few minutes ago we heard from tesla and the accompany said these laws, the laws changed in maryland will not only guarantee people have choice on which vehicles to buy but how they buy them. that's the response from tesla to maryland. the governor there signing into law basically saying looking now at direct sells in the state of maryland. it will allow direct sells under new law. they will use the stores for their sells and it's the latest states to negotiate a deal with tesla. how many states are actually banning sells directly to consumers? we're like we saw in maryland. we know of five for sure and there are other states that have gray laws. arizona, texas, michigan, connecticut in the process of
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changing theirs as well as new mexico. those five currently banned tesla sells directly to consumers. all of this important because you have the model xsuv coming out starting in the third quarter and that's the beginning of a very important second half of the year for tesla in which the accompany will be ramping up sales dramatically. keep in mind there's a lot of things going on with them not only here in the united states which is really the focus for so many people here as shares of tesla jumped up over $240 a share. there was news early morning, guys, for tesla. the accompany pledged early this morning that it will be meeting chinese charging standards. that's important because there's been some confusion in that market about whether or not tesla would conform to the
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chinese standards. they said this morning they will. they had a shake up in terms of the staff earlier this year, jobs were cut and management positions were changed and they brought new people in there and eline says the situation will improve and some are saying it might slightly be improving at this point. that's the latest news both here in the u.s. as well as china. >> thanks for the update on that. the move has been pronounced in the past month looalone. the second half already pricing the stock. >> i don't think they're pricing in the stock. kudos once again. he's called the move picture perfect. he said the last time i was on the show with him he thinks it's going to be another new all time high. if you look at it through the prisma of 291, it's up to the 618 tracement.
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i was about to say before bill brought up china, they're not talking about production. they're talking about home charging units and selling directly to the end client. if you look at it through that, it's still a buy. >> what are option markets telling us about? >> the applied volatility is near the bottom. just a couple of weeks ago we were sitting closer than this. when we broke through the day april 27th and see what's going on in terms of this battery and now with this china story, i think that plays out because that was a big concern, right. we were all wondering how come they're failing so much in china. maybe now that's the next leg up. i think the stock to your point goes higher. >> let's get more on tesla here. jamie has the highest price target on the street for tesla, $400 a share. good to have you with us. you're obviously, with these two guys here. in terms of the second half of the year there's also a head win
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and that would be a capitol raise. we've talked about that two conference calls ago saying it would not be a raise but sort of a lingering overhang on the stock. >> i really quickly want to agree with pete. i think the china comment is spot on. it's the removal of the negative. it shows they are making progress. that's one of reasons the stock was up today. as it relates to the capitol raise, the biggest constraint has to can with the the market. they've given us reason to believe not only is the addressable market for autos but stationary. as we're all going back to the drawing board and i'm not saying eps is going to be effected but to the extent they can address the same market the solo panels did we start to bill out the broader story. if there's stuff to invest into then i think there's less of a
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risk and they've done a good job providing us with data for a broader market. >> specifically, for the autos, when you talk about the total addressable market, did that expand significantly in your view by how much when they eliminated range anxiety? >> i don't think on that comment in particular, i think there's a comment quiet frankly from the fourth quarter being overlooked. there's an adapter to take the old road administer to a 400 mile range and i think what they're indicating there is that the model three is likely to be well north if you're willing to pay for it of the current model s range of 260 to 265 miles. i think they're piecing together how they're going to get to the addressable market with the model three. the factory is going to play into that and drive battery cost lower and keep them profitable. we can debate gap, nongap. i think they're, the catalyst flow here is still going to be positive for sometime.
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>> is china in your model at all? >> a year ago i would tell you there was more china in my model. i think we've went through a reset as i said earlier. they're trying to go at it alone. they're one of the only manufactures trying to go at it alone. it's unclear they're going to be unsucce unsuccessful. >> i'm trying to figure out with a $400 price target, how much of that if any of it is china? >> i don't think you need to be in china. >> 400 without china at all? >> that's correct. >> help me understand. is 400 dcf, earnings base ult pal, where do you have earnings in 2016 when people are anywhere from a lot of people lowered their numbers. pretty descent, no question. when i keep hearing people say i agree with you that the storage is very, very positive, this tesla 2.0 is giving new life to we don't have to hold this accompany to any specific numbers. great accompany.
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great technology. it's a fantastic innovator and i don't want to lean on that but $400 for a accompany that's probably going to earn 140 this year means the stock is trading over 250 times earnings. >> we were throwing darts three years ago. i think we have more day to to go on now. still throwing darts but based on a little bit more run rate we can sink our teeth into. let's fast forward. in 2017 i'm looking for 110,000 units of model s and model x. that's preaddressable market. the higher volume, lower price point vehicle. at 25 times on our estimate for 2017, about five times the average auto manufacture. at that point, the question becomes can they hit the 500,000 unit per year guidance for 2020 and i think we're going to see a lot more confidence in that 500,000 number as we progress to
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my hundred thousand unit. 25 times is five traditional manufacture and they have 5 x, the growth at that point. >> got it. thank you jamie. 2020s great. love 2020, i want to know what to do with stock now. >> how to trade the stock now, i think you start taking profits and this is only on a very short term basis. we've had an awful lot. when you have this positive news flow out, that's the time to take profits. if you get something like a capitol raise, that's the time to buy the stock. you see the pieces of the puzzle coming together. they might have about $800 million worth of preorders which would put it online with the i foen original launch of a billion dollars. we don't know if that's going to happen but it seems to be a new product everybody wants. >> they might not have until the fourth quarter of the year.
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if you want to own into that, you're not going to own it if you take profits now and wait for the capitol raise. >> you know, keep pushing back the model x. may not be a bad time to wait and say we haven't priced in all kinds of great news in the last three weeks to a month, today's news isn't necessarily anything to do anything about it. it shows you can sell directly into 44 of the states in this country. so great accompany. why do you need to buy it now? agree with brian. >> here's why i disagree with both of you guys. i think this is the one time this comes into play. the last month absolutely incredible but this is very similar in certain cases when you go back in time. you look at the break out to the upside in there. i think we're seeing with the volatility at the levels it is right now, why sell it? you're going to do one of two things. buy protection, allow yourself
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to stay in the stock or then you do sell it and put on spreads to the low side. take advantage of the volatility. >> that's a trading move and that's really what i'm talking about. stock replacement with cost. >> let's go to news alert and get to don in the news room. >> melissa, two pieces of data for you first. first of all, chicago, america's third biggest city has been cut to noninvestment grade status. this on the idea that their pension reforms are not going to go through and ben voided by the illinois supreme court. this is important because it could accelerate bond payments. then moving on to what's happening with the real-estate firm zillo reporting earnings of $0.05. that appears to be comparable to an analyst census loss of $0.11. a beat there. revenues come in 127 million. that's less than the expectation of 136 million. they reaffirm their guidance of
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$690 million. that's above analyst investments. you got a stock up 2.5%. there you have it. it took a while to reopen but it's now there. 283,000 shares traded. >> thank you. he did it again. here we are on top of the gain. it's up 3% at this point. >> it seems like they're separating themselves. it seems like they're the only name there. if you look at the chart it's a mixed review and been beaten up and seems like now it's building a nice base and after earnings out to be up 3% sounds like a win/win. >> he moved also, not only did he go into this thing very positive but moved to target.
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>> coming up, move over quarter pounders. now you can get your mcif you have fin mixed all day long. the skinny on why this may not be a great thing. as the cost of cyber crime adheres the trillion dollar mark we'll talk to the accompany at the line. the deal between verizon and aol. why tim oorm strong may be the biggest genius we've seen in years. all that ahead on fast. 00-345-20 [ male announcer ] your love for trading never stops, tdd# 1-800-345-2550 even on the go. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 open a schwab account, and you could earn tdd# 1-800-345-2550 300 commission-free online trades. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 so when a market move affects one of your positions, tdd# 1-800-345-2550 schwab can help you decide what to do. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 with tools like free live-streaming cnbc tv tdd# 1-800-345-2550 that give you the latest financial news and trends. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 and bubble charts and price charts that let you see exactly
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if you don't like it, you have thirty days to call and get your money back. with comcast business internet, you literally can't mook a mistick. i meant to say that. switch today and get the no mistake guarantee. comcast business. built for business. oil breaking through 60 bucks a barrel. >> yes, i understand what they're saying in the sense that it's self-defeating because as we start getting back to the prices it's easy to turn those on and get the supply goming out of it. that being said, goldman hasn't called this well on the way
5:17 pm
down. what they're missing is part of this move is driven by the dollar. you don't have a dollar as an input. that's part of the story here. it wouldn't surprise me to see oil rolly up to 72, $75 range. that wouldn't shock me. ultimately, those are going to come back. >> you're making the point fairly that not many have gone this way at all. >> the closer you are to the story the more you know about oil, the inventory, the oil and the more wrong you've been on the price of oil and part of this, brian, is about the price of a dollar. to me, 75 is the moving day average. we had our line in the sand show last week and $74 to me is the
5:18 pm
move. i think that's where it's going. if you look at demand, we will consume 95 million barrels of oil next year. even with u.s. supply continuing to grow, you're crazy to sell this. >> the other point was about stocks saying they're trading now at historically high multiples. >> not only high multiples but they also factor in $85 barrel ati. >> do you agree with that part of it? >> i do. you get that with the comments and that's causing a nice ceiling for a lot of these names. i do think that the oil sector is getting ahead of itself. >> next up, apple ends talks to bring apple pay to china. tim cook saying we very much want to get apple pay in china. i'm bullish on apple pay. cook also saying china is a
5:19 pm
market where everyone will own a smart phone. he's hoping to present a reasonable percent panel to do so. >> this isn't new news but this is very good news. apple and ali bbaba trying to form. alibaba doesn't necessarily run on the same technology. it makes a lot of sense for apple to want to partner with them. >> i totally agree with tim. this is a smart way to get in the system and execute the strategy. let's be hongs. we talked about last night pen tri penetration. everybody wanted it. we know it's about brand. this allows apple to jump in
5:20 pm
there. >> would this be icing on top in terms of their reason to buy apple? >> nobody's talking about apple pay period. forget about china and anything else. people have focused on the watch and saying what a failure the watch is going to be. instead of worrying about the watch, how about worrying about the things they're doing right. the market has been shaky and the market doesn't know which direction it's going to go in. if the market starts to tail off, these stocks are going to be used as a source of funds. that's something you need to think about going forward. >> next up, mcdonald's restaurant chain stops serving breakfast at 10:30 a.m. >> they're talking about the expansion. the part of the problem, everybody says why wouldn't they do this? apparently, it has a lot to do with what's back behind what we don't see. difficult to offer both. that's been part of the problem. obviously, this expansion
5:21 pm
process is a test. mcdonald's has to find a way to get people back. what i read about is easterbrook and the idea he wants to get that menu, everything we've all talked about for a long time. much more streamlined. particularly, the drive through, taking some of the names off. that way it actually gets the folks in the drive-thru to order what's on the screen and talked about the $1.50 and $3 menu. >> some crazy number of revenue derived from the drive thru. >> i'm surprised it's not more. >> it's so complicated to pete's point. >> take a look at bojangles.
5:22 pm
38% of the revenues come before the hour of 11:00 a.m. this is breakfast all day. >> 60 pefrs comes from. >> mcdonald's has both of these. for someone's. >> they don't have breakfast all day. >> whose eating breakfast all day other than pete. >> this is the highest growing category. >> at 4:30 in the afternoon mcdonald's is open and you're getting breakfast until 11:00. >> you wouldn't get a biscuit? >> they're refranchising abunch of these. there's a capitol allocation program that's good. steve easterbrook is a key. >> i would say at this point you buy mcdonald's. >> that's the point. that's the point here. you don't buy mcdonald's because
5:23 pm
they're revamping their menu. the reason you buy mcdonald's is it's so bad it's good. how much worse can they get. they have to get positive news coming out of here. revamping is not the answer. >> i disagree with that. i think the menu is the entire answer because people will be junk. we know that they will. junk food sells. the problem is when you have too many menu items. >> hold on. would you only have -- >> he stops eating breakfast in the afternoon. >> bottom line. still ahead, sertex spending virtually the entire day jumping higher after hours after an fda panel voted in favor of the accompany's latest. plus here's what else is coming
5:24 pm
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total cost of cyber crimes could skyrocket by 2015. while that's bad news for most businesses, the heightened threat could be the cyber security industry. one that could benefit is shaking up businesses like ibm. it's also earned a place on this year's cnbc's list. along with co-founder and ceo. julia. >> thanks so much, melissa. jay, thanks so much ffr joo joi here today. how is it different? >> thanks, julia. so the vast majority of enterprising are -- where are
5:28 pm
the insecurities? they bring a global. we centralize them on the technology platform that enables th to engage with the customer base. if you compare us to an ibm like you mentioned, these are consults shops that come in. they give a report and leave. you're really tied down to these couple of individuals that are doing this work. on the other hand, they broaden the community and leverage a much broader workforce who operates on a continuous basis. >> it sounds like you've hired abunch of other nsa guys in the u.s. it sounds like your whole model is finding them around the world. how hard is it to find this employee base? this is what the whole business is based on. >> it's one of the big problems a lot of companies struggle with today. there's roughly a thousand individuals out in the u.s. that's trying to, 30,000 jobs
5:29 pm
available. clearly, there's a supply and demand problem. we've tapped into this broader community. certainly, it's not easy to find good people out there. people are back in the government space. these are highly qualified individuals and at this point a lot of the interest comes in balance and we have a process to find the best people verses people who might not know what they're doing. >> and making sure the white hat hackers are white has. >> i was wondering how you see yourself fitting into this cyber security specific with names in the network, how you might compliment their businesses and also, if you see a time when you might be hires by them to test their accompany? >> yeah, it's a great question. security is very much in what the accompany needs to take and it's one of those layers.
5:30 pm
we are identifying as a rule nur blts that could be out there and potentially breech the compromise. companies are more about spotting bad actors that might be inside of networks. there's always going to be a variety of technologies and variety of different solutions that enterprises need to employee to have a wholistic understanding of what their security posture is. we've seen the retail, banks, models applicable across the board. our customers are appreciating. >> a quick final question. i know you're growing fast. how big is the potential market for the services you offer? >> well, cyber security is estimated to grow to $77 billion with 8-10% year over year
5:31 pm
growth. i think the market is quiet substantial. >> thanks so much for joining us. i really appreciate it. congratulations. melis melissa, back to you. >> thank you. let's talk about this because why they might be private, they underscore this growing area of the market. it was a hot idea. >> it was. look at how it's traded recently. it's done very, very well. $40 is really a lot. look how it traded today. it opened low and went to $40. for me in the space i think you go with -- as much as it pains me to say. >> up 30% year to date. up 24% year to date. much more consistent chart. if you don't have to stomach for the ups and downs, cyber threats are going to continue. >> one of my favorite names. i think you can go back to my old friend. they have the mcaphee.
5:32 pm
f5 networks do everything. security is one of the many things they do. i think that's one of those names. look at where the stock is trading. to your point trading well all year. >> this whole concept very, very interesting. this top 50 list very, very interesting. companies actually start to overcome issues. first quarter numbers were good. i like to chart. >> all right. next on mad money, cramer sitting down with a man disrupting the way new inventions hit the marketplace. do not miss jim's exclusive interview at 6:00. after the break, why did aol ceo have this huge smile? he may be the biggest winner. we found a striking similarity between shake shack and go pro that could leave investers with a serious case of indigestion.
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verizon about 50 bucks a share. tim armstrong with the $276 million his shares are now worth, is he the only real winner here?
5:36 pm
cara joins us on the fast like. great to get your take on this kind of thing. do you think he's the only winner out of this whole thing? >> well, he's always going to make a lot of money here. it's not that big of a premium over when aol went public. the question is what's going to happen to aol including the content. that's the big question. what are they going to do with those or is it just verizon getting into the market which i think it is. many agree. >> what's the latest, kara, because you had an article this morning about aol possibly looking for a buyer for huffingtons post? >> he's been talking to the private equity while this is going on. it's part of the potential deal.
5:37 pm
verizon did not want to and there's a possibility of doing the joint venture where they would hold some of the ownership and then get investment. content is super expensive and so is the huffington post. they have a ton of competition. they're valued. i think they got a huge amount of cash to spend. it's really an arms race how close they could beat them. they need to make big investments. >> i'm curious, when you saw the headline that aol was going to be bought. i'm sure you thought back to time westerner aol when that first went down. what went through your mind as you're experiencing that d de ja vu? >> it wasn't too much.
5:38 pm
i think it was at some point the same as the aol time westerner. that was a content accompany buying a content and technology accompany. verizon is a mobile accompany and technology accompany and it's not a publisher like time westerner and an entertainment accompany. that was the idea time westerner had in cable to what aol had in broad band. that was the idea here. this is, you know, verizon wanting to get to a business of advertising technology. they don't want google to run the show and have mobile adds or facebook or others. they want to be part of the business and aol has a good property sense. >> going to leave it there. thanks for calling in. good to hear from you. >> thanks a lot. >> now we know what the landscape is going to be in terms of these wire line mobile
5:39 pm
carriers. we have at&t, direct tv and verizon and aol. had you rather at&t, direct tv or verizon and aol? >> they're both struggling. there's nothing sexy about this deal for verizon. if i'm looking, actually i need to play the game don't i. >> kind of. i thought you were getting at it. >> what's going? >> i'll go verizon here. this deal is a nonevent. this deal is not sexy. >> i'm going with the verizon too by the way. i look at what verizon has now. they need to get themselves in the add world and they did. it only cost them $4.5 billion. in today's dollars, the 4.5 billion here is nothing. >> should yahoo shareholders be the sigh of relief? >> yes. this is a tie up people were more less tying up. if you're buying adtech, by
5:40 pm
google or facebook. buy google. >> verizon is up 6% verses at&t. since we're talking about t-mobile up 30%, quietly. now, they're not going to do anything there. about 30% quietly year to date and that's a crazy ceo that gets it done. >> given a choice or a or b you go c. >> yeah. >> i would go with at&t actually. >> perhaps i don't understand. >> low risk. >> low risk but i had much rather be in at&t. risk reward wise trading at&t. >> that smile with tim armstrong by the way. >> it's eat and grin. >> good for them. >> we got -- let's get to don in the news room. >> shares down 8.5%.
5:41 pm
325,000 shares traded. posted for the current quarter as the accompany does see revenues between 14 and $15 million. that's below the $17 million some analyst had suspected. shares again down 8%. however, this stock up 48% this year. giving back some of those gains move down 8% again on 325,000 shares. back to you. >> thank you so much. the closest comparable stock, if you will, to this, would be a solar city. >> if you look at where people's expectations are in terms of some of these parts on a lot of these guys, there's enormous up site. ultimately, this is a move that's gone from 8 bucks to almost 15 on the charts. i would get back in this thing. >> tomorrow we should know who will have the ceo. greg butterfield joins us on fast money 5:00 p.m. eastern time.
5:42 pm
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check out shares. vertex moving. stock halted all day pending on the panel. the results of the vote. >> hey, melissa, this panel adviser with the fd recommended approval of what can be the combination of cystic fibrosis. it looked a little daisy during the day. critical questions to the accompany. ultimately turned out positive to the shares trade out. robert, brian says he thinks there's almost 100% chance of approval here. now the discussion goes to what it's going to be. one-half of the combo is on the market. more than $300,000 per patient. the population with the same price or lower.
5:46 pm
positive news after hours. we're seeing negative news for another biotech accompany. we saw the shares trade down today on bizarre events. remember two months ago we talked about how the stock was up because it looked like how there was an unexpected cardiovascular event. now there's information coming out today saying it may have been too early to say there was a benefit there. some reporting from forbes. matt whose been driving the whole story including the investigator saying the accompany mislead patients and investors. then after hours the ceo of the accompany and a bank of america president defending the accompany and actions saying it did not mislead investors or patients. now the accompany is in a dispute with its partner over whose going to pay for the broad cardiovascular outcome. now down 15%.
5:47 pm
a very bizarre day. bad news there. a weird day at trading right now. how big is it for that? i'm curious. pepsi drugs on the pharmacy benefits managers. those drugs cost so much. there's a big market for these drugs. >> current patient population of 28,000 patients world wide. if it's even expanded to more patients. the number of patients decided on today or what the recommendation was about was 8,500 patients in the united states. very, very small. it's a $5 billion peak annual revenue drug. >> thank you. >> you know, in this space eileen on two different names. one of them because it trades like a farmer name and that one's going to be out.
5:48 pm
seems like abunch of to hold on to. straight line around the $100 level. i like the two names. one against the other. >> it's been a sideways trade. in that sense it's almost been lower value. 340 is the ibb. this is a place. very concerned about a break down. >> look at xbi too. that's going to be more names and 225 to 230 where it is right now is that line in the sand that i don't think you have to rush in to buying these at these levels. just give it, be cautious here. if this does break, it's going to really break down. >> big movers of the day. up 5%. >> yeah, russia's leader is a mobile operator in russia but major holdings in europe. talk of take over. not a reason to jump in the stock. these guys haven't been there. i'm not happy about it. >> call for humana a 4% peak.
5:49 pm
>> we hear analyst that etna or cigna might be looking at this. talking about $200 a share. >> headline was they mised their quartly filing once again. down 20% year to date. i wouldn't be there. i also wouldn't be in c.a.r. that's down 20%. both names look like they have further to drop. >> adding insult to injury. they're going to possibly lose some insurers. this thing is in a free fall. do not go against the grain and buy it. >> i see what you did there. >> fun. still ahead. we'll tell you the one thing go pro and shake shack have in common that could spell trouble. we have the name after the break. stay tuned.
5:50 pm
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go pro and shake shack might have more in common than you
5:53 pm
think. look at this chart. fell from there. could shake shack be headed in the same direction trying to get the position ahead of shacks earning reports and that would be tomorrow. >> you know, food cost is an issue that's going to face something for shack. i think that's one of the things that's going to be something investors have to look past or this stock is going to get sold off. it's been rising like a helium balloon. i wonder when it's going to drop. >> it sets itself up for disappointment. >> it's tough to compete with these stocks. it's obviously there and apples and oranges. this is to me, these things should not be trading in 40 and $60 earnings. >> yeah, when it came out, i thought it was pete burger.
5:54 pm
i said that before. there's a ton of competition out there. yes, this is a great franchise. i think it can go much lower. if we're playing of game of would you rather e, i had much rather go pro. >> wow, i like how you pull yourself into the game. >> yeah. shake sthak made its own game. >> a small float. it really looks like this is ork straited to go one way. be careful. >> next up here, macys set the report before the bell tomorrow. >> i tell you, this top line slowing and growth concerns and strategy questions including m and a and i think there's good things in macys. i don't know that you kind buy into earnings but wait for these numbers to come out and these guys to get guide answer. it's not as bad as it appears. >> i think you're going to mention t.j. max. >> they're going to competition and the off brands and are going
5:55 pm
to put stores in new york. they're already warned. that should be built into the stock. i don't think you want to chase it into earnings either. >> j.c. penny reporting earnings tomorrow. now some strtraders are betting more games to go. hey mike. >> hey, so we saw well above average. a lot of that coming on the call side. almost 40,000 calls traded overall and more than half of that coming from the most active strike which was the may 9th calls, institutional fires worth firing. the stock up 4.5% by the end of the week. over the last eight quarters, this wasty stock moved as investors are trying to figure out as mike has come back to the accompany straightening things out. actually paying only $0.30 to make that probably makes cents if you're looking to make a bet. >> tim, quickly. >> i think they're doing enough.
5:56 pm
i think the bar is low. i stay long. >> thanks, mike for that. for more options check out the live show at 5:30 p.m. eastern time. don't go anywhere. we have your first move tomorrow. stay tuned. ameriprise asked people a simple question: in retirement, will you have enough money to live life on your terms? i sure hope so. with healthcare costs, who knows. umm... everyone has retirement questions. so ameriprise created the exclusive confident retirement approach. now you and your ameripise advisor.... can get the real answers you need. start building your confident retirement today.
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time for the final trade. tim. >> trade last week, don't overstay your welcome. i'm taking profits tomorrow. >> keep an eye on adt. somebody today, a smart trader came out and sold the may '38 calls and bought the june '39 calls. they think the stock is going to go higher. they're kpmting to see the stock get up through 39 soon. >> tim's been talking about a recovery in china over the last couple of weeks and has b.k. thinking. i don't want to play the traditional names. i want to go las vegas. we got $50 as a great base here and if things get marginally better, one thing better, it goes up. >> that a boy. >> there were a couple of names interested in buying crm, one of
6:00 pm
those names were sap, they denied it. when you look at sap stand alone up year to date, i would still be a buyer. >> thanks for watching. >> my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to try to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. >> hey i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money" welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm trying to make you a little money. my job is to educate and coach you. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc or tweet me at jim cramer. brainwashed. that's how i feel about anyone that


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