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tv   Worldwide Exchange  CNBC  September 9, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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welcome to worldwide exchange. i'm carolyn roth. >> these are your headlines from around the world. >> japan's nikkei posting the biggest point gain since 1994 closing higher by more than 7% after prime minister abe leaves the door open for easing. >> and stocks make the second biggest jump in the year taking the s&p and nasdaq out of correction. >> it could cause a panic and turmoil with september rate hike. we're still on shaky ground.
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>> you knee a weakness in the world economy. the recovery is not as strong as we expected. some emerging markets are already in recession. including russia and brazil. >> we have a plan. european commission president jean claude jnucker says it's time for action on the european migrant crisis. >> now is the time for determined concerted action by the european union, by it's number states and by it's institutions. >> good morning, everyone. we have a ropper risk rally going on. the stoxx europe 600 index is pushing higher by 2%. started yesterday in europe and asia on the back of the good trade data out of germany and
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more easing measures, stabilization measures coming out of china but i want to show you what the asian markets are doing in today's trading session. huge, huge gains for the nikkei. let's show you the picture for the asian trading session. the shanghai up by roughly 2%. australia also seeing very strong gains. up by 2% and the nikkei, this is the market that stole the show today. up by 7.7%. this is the session chart and we close at session highs here. this is the biggest percentage gain. since october 2008, the biggest point gain since 1994 and why did all of this happen? well, first of all because of the very positive risk sentiment that also came through from wall street but also because the japanese prime minister ignited hopes of further easing at a speech to investors where he outlined a plan for corporate taxes. the leader said now is the time
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to invest in japan. nancy, you have to wonder how sustainable the gains really are. that's what we usually see. huge gains and big losses the next day. >> absolutely. some speculation whether or not it's bargain hunting or if the gains can hold. especially as we get closer to the fed decision later in the month. >> the markets were boosted by strength in europe. traders came back really ready for business and every single market here had the second best day of the year. particular strength with the dow jones up 2.4%. nearly 400 points here and we saw buying across the board. all the sectors were in positive territory and the s&p 500 and nasdaq coming out of correction territory. the dow hanging in there slightly. let's see if the gains are going to hold today in the session. it's looking like good news for now. markets in the neighborhood of 1.2% to 1.4% here. they'll take a queue from the rally in japan and other asian
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markets especially if gains hold here in europe we'll see another positive day on wall street. the world bank warned against raising rates in september. they risk triggering panic and turmoil in emerging markets. jeff has been speaking to the world bank's china chief about the slow down. he joins us now. we're getting encouraging comments out of beijing as well about the china finance ministry about willing to step up as well. is this something that's been welcomed on the ground? >> absolutely. the issues here as far as the markets are concerned are well understood. we had a very dramatic correction in the shanghai composite and those economists are putting their hats on here and saying what was this correction? was it a 1980 style u.s. correction where we spent the
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next decade going higher or was it actually something like 1997, 2007, when it was a structural problem that the markets were starting to signal. now everybody wants to tell you it's not. it helps if you get that around that. that's what we've had from the finance ministry overnight and there's rumblings that we're going to get further monetary stimulus. perhaps a cut in the rrr reserve requirements for the banks. let's set that aside for the moment. that's the china story but swimming around this, those warnings at the world bank suggesting that if the fed are to go in september with lift off that could cause problems for emerging economies and have a
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secondary impact on china so when i spoke with the country director for the world bank here burt hoffman i raised that issue about just why the fed should hold off and how strong in reality they look around the world. >> the recovery is not as strong as we expected. some emerging markets are already in recession, including russia and brazil. so things are fragile. as for china, china doesn't have an awful lot of exposure in international debt so a lift off won't effect them too much. >> the key challenge for china is to continue this rebalancing of the economy. it builds up vulnerabilities and credit to gdp is already very high so easing out of that continues to ease out of that is the most important thing to watch. >> if you really wanted to know
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what's going on here in china you have to cut through the data and talk to the business people in core areas of the economy that are sensitive to changes in the direction of growth so it was interesting to speak with the president of the business and they provide other commodities to the chinese market and that was the focus of my discussion with him. right now, just how much weakness are they seeing in what they're delivering to china. >> i wouldn't support the collapse tomorrow. there's no foundation. you can see it better from new york or london but not from china for sure. and as i said, we have quite a stable situation in our view and this may happen for, i guess
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some political reason or something else but for the moment we can't see any problem in the future. >> reality check though. he may be seeing he doesn't see any dramatic collapse in demand for china but this is a company that decided to take 200,000 tons out of production in june because they recognized weakness not only in demand from china but other parts of the world right now for what they're producing. back to you guys. >> you did a panel earlier today and i wonder if you were able to glean any information or any further details on potential for further devaluations of the yuan. what were they saying? >> that's a very interesting question. the folks here that i spoke to, i had a banker on the panel and
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a former advisor to the people's bank of china and devaluations of the currency is just one topic i don't think anybody wanted to touch. everybody wants to stick to the official line which is china is on the way to liberalizing their economy. it's part of a decade-long program to come off the fixed peg. nobody wants to say they're trying to stimulate growth through active policy of devaluations and when you look at the data it's pretty hard from that very modest fall we saw to say the chinese are actively trying to weaken them at this stage. so i think we're all going to have to wait and watch on this one, the g-20 meeting that steve attended had what i thought was a relatively bland assessment of
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the whole currency story and didn't really point too much of a finger at the chinese and they argued their case quite well. so here at the economic forum it's not getting too much play and anybody that you talked to that's anywhere close to the official position will tell you it's part of a longer term process. back to you. >> thank you so much for that. engineering company abb has lowered it's medium term revenue growth target. it sights a slow down in emerging markets broadly and weakening chinese demand in particular. they now expect to grow sales between 3 and 6% over the next five years. they also announced they will launch a strategic review of the power grid business. so many details from the company this morning. they want to save $1.2 billion in cost. how are they going to do that? job cuts. they'll probably come in administrative positions and what's really interesting too is that the company has been under
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increasing pressure from activist investors. there's a swedish investor taking a 5.1% stake in the company and that's now the second biggest shareholder. is there any more pressure to make further divestments? no plans for that but obviously under more pressure. >> what about acquisitions in this space? you do think more consolidation could be the answer. is that something you expect to see? >> that's a good point. abb has always been pretty active. not so much about the new ceo but in the past that's been part of their strategy. there's in acquisitions at this point, obviously because valuations are lower but what they want to focus on now is streamlining their business. try and get a better sense of what the oil price is doing. they have a small oil and gas business and because the oil prices dropped so much, obviously there's lower incentive for power saving
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systems. that's been -- >> part of the problem. a little bit of a pop here. so moving focus here a bit, european commission president jean claude juncker called for action to deal with the european migrant crisis. he says they need a permanent and shared relocation scheme allowing 100,000 people to enter. >> it's not the time to take flight. it's time for determined concerted action by the european union, by it's member states and by it's institutions. the first of all the matters before other considerations is a matter of humanity and human dignity and for europe it's also a matter for historical.
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>> there is still a great deal of resistance on the part of hungary and others to accept the permanent quotas, is that correct? >> what we heard from juncker is europe isn't doing enough. we also heard a bit about this africa fund as well. 1.8 million euros but i think that there's a bigger question here in terms of he's talking about 160,000. way more people than 160,000 are flooding into europe and he's talking about setting up a plan where there will be legal pathways to gain some kind of citizenship or be able to work in europe but i think we're a long way away from that. that's going to take jockeying
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behind the scenes. that's something you can expect to see next week. >> angela merkel has been praised for her response. she has been very very welcoming to many of the migrants that arrived in immunic and other places in germany but is there a sense that authorities are overwhelmed but also because angela merkel has been getting a lot of pressure from her sister party. do you think the german stance will weaken some what? . it's a tightrope. they have billions of people flooding their boarders and they have managed to take care of them for this long. why aren't they doing more? there's more pressure to get something done but whether they can square that with their national interest is a different question. >> it's a difficult balance to strike. everyone wants to do their
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northerly duty and find a home for them but there's the concern that if you make it too much of a permanent resolution you invent advise more to come that weren't considering it at the first place. >> absolutely. that's the big attack you heard from so many people. also folks in hungary and slovakia and that you'll be using the balankin states as sa zones. >> these discussions not over. we'll see next week. >> queen elizabeth ii will become britain's longest reigning monarch. she had have been on the thrown for 23,226 days, 16 hours and 30 minutes beating a record set by queen victoria. she'll celebrate the day in scotland opening a new railway and head to for a slide show on the queen's historic reign. usually you would think you only work for about 40 or 50 years
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max. so this is a job for life. >> it is and no matter what your feeling are on the monarchy it's an incredible milestone no doubt and she's out there doing her duty very often at her age. it's impressive. >> she's been incredibly healthy. >> her husband as well. going strong. plenty more still to come on worldwide exchange. expectations are running high but can am keep investors as well as consumers sweet? we look ahead to the latest launch. what happens in vegas, stays in vegas, but find out how passengers safely escaped a fire on a british airways plane. and sorry seems to be the hardest word for hillary clinton as she finally apologizes for the e-mail scandal. >> i'm sorry that it's raised all of these questions. i do take responsibility for having made what is clearly not the best decision. ooñóokñ.??????ó
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welcome back. let's take a look at how the global equities rally is trickling over at this stage. we've seen this renewed risk appetite reversing the movements we saw in the euro and yen trade. off about 20 basis points at the dollar this morning and the green back making gains against the yen.
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this comes with the massive rally we saw earlier. sterling is down slightly against the u.s. dollar. we could see additional moves here when we get breaking data from the industrial figures due at 9:30 local time and also seeing strength in the aussie dollar perhaps with drops in copper overnight. strength in copper after it hit a 7-month high and spot gold up barely at this stage. brent crude continues to hang in positive territory but wti crude dropped nearly 20 basis points and this comes after continued weakness in crude as's markets here. forcing selling across the board with the 10 year treasury off about 22 basis points. we did see some renewed bets that the fed rate hike could be on the cards in september as traders went into the long holiday weekend now we have sri
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standing by in singapore for us. how is the rest of the picture? >> what you saw was imble mmati to a certain degree today was no exception and the real question was sustainability and longevity heading into the fomc next week. that's going to rattle the cage out here some what. nikkei 225, monster rally toward the close and we were up for most of the session. up by almost 8%. so the biggest percentage gain since late 2008. there's a number of factors that galvanize these moves. the first thing is really re
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reinvigoration of abenomics. he seems to insen yuate that wee on the last part of the talks. he did signal tax cuts in the corporate tax rate. that was poz tisitive. there's still opportunity to be had in the japanese markets. there's also a sense that we could see more movement from the boj, more movement from the pboc as well. so let me finish by saying we've seen these gains before and whether they're going to be short lived or whether they're going to be sustain sd the big open ended question here especially as we're heading toward the fed meeting next week. that's where we stand. back to you. >> thank you so much for that. let me pick it up here with european markets we are seeing
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the european equity markets charging higher. dax up by 1.7% as well and cac 40 with bigger gains of 2.2%. let's take a look at some of today's best performing sectors. cyclicals driving the gains across the stoxx 600. bmw higher by 3.4% and these are the stocks that suffered as a result of their exposure to china and close behind is the auto sector's basic resources with miners trading higher across the board remember on monday we saw the big debt cutting plan that spurred gains in the sector. also up by 4.3%. shares of ryanair are soaring after they raised their profit outlook by 25%. this thanks to a strong pound
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and poor weather in northern europe. you can understand people are flocking to get to the sunny beaches of course. >> absolutely. when's the last holiday you took? >> too long ago now. >> we can't even remember. united continental's chairman and ceo stepped down effective immediately. he's being replaced by the board member. his departure comes amid probes in the relationship between united and the port authority of new york and new jersey. they're investigating whether david sampson demanded favorable treatment or personal favors from united. the airline fell 1% in after hours trade in germany up by 0.9. >> a german court has rejected the request for an injunction which could have presented a second day of pilot strikes. around 1,000 flights are expected to be cancelled today. shares in the airline are following the rest of europe higher although looking at the picture just about flat. almost half of long haul flights
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were stopped yesterday in the 13th strike amid on going clashes mostly over pay. the walk outs cost them around 100 million euros so far this year. >> consolidation lift off aerojet offering to buy alliance. this comes after discussions back in august according to sourc sources. >> they were made through a joint venture ten years ago. >> and it's virgin australia's 13th birthday and siri chard bransen is opening a new terminal. >> they built a formidable airline. the quality is great. it's given qantas a real run for their money. they have thrown everything at us to try to put us out of business and they have failed
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and we have come out the stronger for it. >> now this is a very scary story. a british airways plane in las vegas leaving for london was covered in spoke and flames after catching fire. the 172 passengers on board exited by the emergency slide with around 13 people left with minor injuries. a journalist from the guardian newspaper on board tweeted the plane came to a crashing halt. fortunately no one was injured. >> apple is holding a product event in san francisco today. they're expected to unveil new iphones which will have a 12 megapixel camera and faster processor and the touch feature found on the apple watch. apple may also show off their redesigned apple tv box and it may unveil the larger screen ipad prothough it typically uses an october event for the ipad. currently germany up by 3.2%.
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many of the suppliers in taiwan raising in anticipation of that unveil but shares have suffered since mid july on china concerns. >> they have. you can see off by 10% so apple is putting it's hope on this. concerns over the iphone numbers in sales especially in china. so interesting to see if we get an update on that. yesterday they were talking about the u.s. and showed generally the stock actually falls about 6 out of 8 times in recent history. >> it does. >> there's a lot of buying and expectations going into the release and everything is priced in. >> maybe not this summer. we'll see. >> maybe we'll get a surprise. we'll see. >> well today we are asking if apple's product launch will be enough to win over investors. if you want to join the conversation here on worldwide exchange get in touch with us by
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e-mail at and our personal handles there on the screen.
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japan's nikkei closes higher after prime minister abe leaves the door open to further easing. >> u.s. stocks make their second
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biggest jump of the year taking the s&p and nasdaq out of correction. >> the world bank warns the fed it could cause panic and turmoil with a september rate hike. the agency's china chief tells cnbc we're still on shaky ground. >> we see a weakness in the world economy. the recovery is not as strong as we expected. some emerging markets are already in recession including russia and brazil. >> we have a plan. european commission president says it's time for concerted action by the eu on the migrant crisis saying the european union is not in a good state now is the time for both determined concerted action by the european union, by it's member states and by it's institutions.
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>> let's have a look at what sterling dollar is doing. we're seeing a big fall there as a result of bad data we got out from the u.k. they ballooned to 11.082 billion pounds in the month of july. that's the biggest short fall in a year good exports plunging. off by 0.2% and we have more data out. >> yeah, the picture on industrial production isn't looking better here. we did see a fall about 0.4% on a monthly basis for industrial output in the month of july. that's well shy of forecasts. we're calling for an up tick around 0.1% and they're attributing it to car shutdowns and disappointing exports. it will be difficult to see how this plays into tomorrow when we have it due. we could see more of a split calling for a rate hike but if the data continues to disappoint
4:33 am
i'm not sure that's the case. we'll have to wait and see. >> let's have a look at european markets. we're seeing the bulls back in force and this is as a result of the positive picture out of asia with the nikkei seeing a 7.7 increase. ftse 100 up. xetra dax seeing 10,442 so firmly back above that 10,000 level. just a couple of days agatha market entered the death cross territory. the cac 40 up by more than that. up by 2.1%. some of the cyclicals like the awe toes and miners really driving those gains. >> and those individual gains carrying over into the euro stoxx 50 up just almost 2% here and investors getting the lift from the gains we saw in wall street overnight and the continued rally in the asian session as well. >> in the bond markets what we're seeing is a little bit of selling. yields are going higher. the 10 year treasury note yield is at 2.216%.
4:34 am
the ten year bund yield at 698 basis points. >> we're seeing some dollar strength as people moved out of the safe haven euro and japanese yen and the focus will be on sterling moving lower after disappointing manufacturing and industrial output data. >> meanwhile, strengthening ties with china is top of its priority list. this after the agency's new chief delivered a speech in beijing. this comes as the nuclear deal is on track. they secured enough from preventing republican opposition from having enough power to block the pact. this as they head back after the summer break. meanwhile, let's look at how oil prices are fairing. brent crude up 1% and wti crude moving higher now .5% after we saw softness earlier just in the last half hour. let's bring in the head of research.
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thank you for joining us. >> pleasure. >> we're taking a look at how they're impacting equities and you hold the assumption that oil will stay relatively low for longer but we can't look at it with one broad stroke. you think there's some countries doing better than others here and some you would place a stronger bet on, is that right? >> absolutely. some of the countries that will do better are the ones whose current account deficit has been generated by the oil or the energy subsidies. among those countries, for instance, are egypt which not only is embarking in good reforms but it also has made a very significant discovery very recently in an offshore gas field around 30 trillion cubic feet which is going to help the industries and the ones that are energy dependent. >> also impacting the oil picture we have iran. looking as though president
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obama is moving closer to having the sanctions lifted but you say it's not just the oil region. in fact some of the banks in the region they look to benefit once these sanctions lift; is that correct? >> absolutely. you have a big nation and wealthy one that's been under sanctions for quite sometime. they're going to explore the entire world and want to establish trade ties and you have countries that will benefit immediately like the uae. it's right next door and ready and has been building a fantastic financial hub that can capitalize on any nation. >> talk to me about the sectors we're going to see that. i've been told the real estate sector is looking for a major boost. if you're looking to buy a home in teheran it's incredibly expensive where as in dubai they have the entire history of the iranian and uae trade and people
4:37 am
want to live there. it's easier to buy a home there. where are you seeing that influx coming from? well, there's no nation that goes there in the matter of a few years. it will take ten years for them to build the economy right. but during that period there's states more ready than the other so you're going to see some wealth and business from the uae and iran. >> you already have flights and these are companies that stand to benefit from the growth. >> absolutely. >> they're going to benefit
4:38 am
tremendously. >> you say that emerging markets could underperform the region of the short-term in part because we have very good currency pegs in place i just wonder if that theory actually holds. we had a guest on that said after the devaluations of china, the gcc currencies could be the next one to drop. what do you make of that? >> i'm not sure that the pegs will stay forever. most of the countries are intended to keep them but this will be put to the test. the only reason it may outperform is on the yield. this is what is going to give some resilience to these top valuations. >> okay so by the divy yielding stocks. >> this is our team for the year. >> thank you for coming in today. head of research.
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>> hillary clinton has apologized for using a private e-mail server during her time as secretary of state. it's the first time clinton has publicly apologized and comes a few days after she refused to say sorry. clinton outlined her remorse. >> did you make a mistake? >> i did. i did. as i said it was allowed and there was no hiding it. it was above board. everybody in the government that i communicated with and that was a lot of people knew i was using a personal e-mail but i'm sorry that it has raised all of these questions. i do take responsibility for having made what is clearly not the best decision. >> wouldn't her poll numbers look a lot better had she say sorry much longer ago? >> now is it too little too late? it will be interesting to see how the polls he act to this.
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>> absolutely. too little, too late? jeb bush will propose broad tax cuts if he's elected president next year. the republican candidate will outline the plan in a speech in north carolina later. it would cut the corporate tax rate from 35 to 20% and reduce the number of individual tax brackets from 7-3. he'll be on squawk box today at 7:40 a.m. eastern time. he seems to be doing reasonably well but then the republican field is so incredibly crowded. >> it's so crowded but it's a nice break to be talking about something substantial here. tax cuts, the economy, for way too long we have been talking just about personality and the different characters on the campaign trail. so i applaud him for making this effort and getting us to talk about something serious but it's still so early on in the race. we lose sight of that. so much has been said about trump taking a lead in the polls but it's very early on. there's a lot of candidates that
4:41 am
haven't even stepped up their campaign efforts. so only time will tell but the other surprise as we just talked about with hillary clinton i don't think anyone really thought she would have any competition and now it looks like she has serious competit n competition. >> joe biden too. >> so it's not a dull race for the white house in 2016. >> still to come on the show, get the picture. stay tuned to find out the latest business move from photo sharing site instagram. will it please investors? we'll be back in two. i'm watson. and today hundreds of companies are putting me to work. i'm teaching watson to help your vet speak dog. you're a dog, right? i'm teaching watson to help you make healthy choices. i'm teaching watson to help design a vacation around your personality. don't judge. i'm teaching watson to answer endless questions.
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yahoo! may have to pay taxes on the $23 billion it hopes to get from the planned spin off of its alibaba stake. the irs denied it's request for a private letter ruling on whether the transaction would be considered tax free. yahoo! is weighing it's options which include going ahead with the spin off either way. yahoo! shares fell 3% in after hours while alibaba dropped 4% during the regular session as it cut it's sales estimates largely due to softness in china. if we look at how the stock is fairing in germany yahoo! off even more and alibaba off .3%. >> instagram is opening up it's platform to most advertisers
4:45 am
worldwide as it tries to compete with snapchat. they'll debut in 20 more. instagram has 300 million monthly active users. it's parent facebook has consumer information that can more accurately target an audience. >> netflix is stepping up further into asia launching in south korea, hong kong, singapore and taiwan later next yearful the streaming service announced plans to launch in japan. it already operates in australia and new zealand. they're borrowing $1 million to help pay for the global expansion that it expects to complete by the end of next year. this comes as netflix fell for a 7th straight day tuesday after they argued that they're not generating positive cash flow. >> the number of detected cyberattacks soared in 2014 average more than 115,000 incidents per day. allianz says the worldwide cyber
4:46 am
insurance market is now estimated to be worth around $2 billion. joining us now to discuss the outlook for that market is nigel pearson global head of cyber and crime products. good morning to you. the cyber insurance market is you say worth $2 billion. sounds like a big number but it's still a niche market, isn't it? >> very much so. the product only kicked off about ten years ago in the states and 2 billion is a small number. >> in the u.s. it's a much bigger market. they have to inform customers when their data is breached. it's very similar here in the u.k. and europe. do you foresee any changes in the privacy laws here? >> absolutely. so the major change is the general data protection regulation in europe. it's been debated but we're
4:47 am
getting quite close to the end of that. we have to notify data subjects and regulators so we're all gearing up for that to come in in the next year or so. >> i wonder about pricing too. cyber crime is so incredibly complex. it can take on so many forms that few people know about. it's much more difficult to price than any other pnc claim i would think. >> it is and it's going to take years before we have data to do that. two big challenges are the pricing and aggregation and it's going to take time. >> these cyberattacks have a risk of becoming more and more prevalent. we had target on the big end but more companies are being targeted and you say that fewer than 10% of companies are thought to have purchased insuran
4:48 am
insurance. why are they so slow to respond? >> they have bits of cover. it's quite difficult to figure out where they have cover within their insurance portfolio. the product is still developing as well and the cost aspect too. they're beginning to understand the insurance and what does drive the notification laws. that's what is driven in the u.s. and the market started to take off with the notification laws and european law coming in will kick start that process too but there's also growing concerns about an energy company and utilities. >> there's been quite a few studies on modeling what an attack would look like on those companies that are fairly critical to national infrastructure. utilities, water, gas, power,
4:49 am
transportation and they could have a huge impact. >> plenty of reasons to step up on that front. thank you for joining us. antivirus software tycoon confirmed he is running for president. privacy is his main motivation and he set up a new party called the cyber party. he said he would win because of his huge underground following on the web. >> cyber party. at least he's not running for the republican party. >> way too crowded. >> he would be the 17th or 18th if you counted kanye west of course. >> you never know. >> macy's plans to close 35 to 40 unperforming u.s. stores next year. as part of the annual review they have not named the locations yet but the move comes as more consumers are shopping online. they have nearly 800 stores and
4:50 am
900 worldwide. they have announcing a partnership with best buy. courtney reagan has the full report. >> an interesting announcement from two retailers to kick off the week. macy's is adding to its partnerships this time teaming up with best buy. starting in early november best buy will test licensed consumer electronics departments in ten macy's stores. they will be staffed by best buy employees and cover about 300 square feet. not build enough to sell appliances or tvs but they'll find smartphones, tablets and smart matches and other devices and accessories. neither macy's nor best buy would comment further than the press release that was issued on the partnership but macy's has had success with other shop-in-shop partnerships including finish line. they also got blue mercury. it will announce further
4:51 am
integration in the future which could include shops within the stores. separately it announced it will close 35 to 40 underperforming stores in early 2016 but they just represent about 1% of total sales. macy's has 770 stores in total and says it's all part of the annual store review process. it will announce the locations of the closing doors at a future date. macy's is also in the process of opening six new backstage stores. it's the experiment into the world of off priced or outlet retail for macy's. back to you. >> these are dramatic live shots coming from hungary of what appears to be migrants attempting to cross the border. hungary has been trying to close that border to macedonia by building a wall. but many migrants are still trying to cross the border to move north toward germany and austria and sweden. those country which is have been
4:52 am
a lot more welcoming to those refugees and migrants. >> let's get another check on the global market space at the moment. we're continuing to see this strong risk rally across the world. >> china's finance ministry indicated more fiscal stimulus could be on the way. we're seeing gains across the board in the neighborhood of 1.5% and it looks like u.s. markets will have another strong open today after the second best day on wall street so far this year. >> let's talk about sports. serena williams took down her big sister venus in the quarterfinals of the u.s. opens tuesday night. she won in three sets in front of a celebrity filled stadium. they hugged it out at the end. er is vena is two matches away
4:53 am
from becoming the first-person to win the grand slam. and i saw her play at wimbledon. she was stunning. she always comes back. >> she always comes back. >> i know you have sisters. i have a sister and i love this story. nobody knows your weakness and your strengths better than your own family and at the same time she is happy for her because getting that grand slam is fantastic for the whole game of tennis and not juster serena. >> but venus has been playing well. she's 35. that's old. >> very proud parents i would say. >> absolutely. >> well sticking to sports for the moment the national football he league kicks off the season tomorrow night. the primetime match up between the pittsburgh steelers and super bowl winning new england patriots.
4:54 am
they're giving fans more ways to watch their winning teams. julia has that story. >> the nfl is launching a new subscription service as part of a group of offerings that are alternatives to traditional television. for $99 a season an nfl game pass ap will allow subscribers to watch on their tvs. games as soon as they're over to listen to regular season games live and to watch preseason games live plus watch different camera angles and additional content that's not on linear television. this comes on the heels of the nfl launching live in season games to be available for free to all verizon customers. plus this fall the nfl will offer games exclusively on yahoo!. the october 25th game in london between the buffalo bills and jacksonville and it's streaming for free, two more cbs games than last year. that's in addition to streaming the super bowl and playoffs: the league's chief digital officer
4:55 am
tells me they're hedging against the future. they don't replace additional television but you now have more options than ever. back over to you. >> eu commission president has outlined his plan to deal with the on going migrant crisis to the european parliament this morning. he unveiled a quota system for 120,000 migrants and told maps that he didn't want to be part of a europe that didn't help. his speech was interrupted at one point by an italian mep wearing an angela merkel mask. >> they're taking it in good humor with the handshake there. >> nevertheless quite a serious
4:56 am
situation going on there. expectations are running high but can apple keep investors as well as consumers sweet in we look ahead to the latest launch. and what happens in vegas stays in vegas. find out how passengers safely escaped a fire on a british airways plane. >> and sorry seems to be the hardest word for hillary clinton as she finally apologizes for the e-mail scandal. >> i'm sorry that it has raised all of these questions. i do take responsibility for having made what is clearly not the best decision.
4:57 am
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welcome you're watching worldwide exchange. >> these are your headlines from around the world. >> japan's nikkei posting the
5:00 am
biggest point gain since 1994 closing higher by 7% that's after prime minister abe leaves the door open to further easing. >> we're on course for another up day on wall street with the s&p and nasdaq out of correction. meanwhile the world bank warns the fed it could cause panic and turmoil with a september rate hike. >> apple is expected to unveil a trio of products in san francisco. the apple tv could be the star of the show as they make a bid to take over your living room. >> we have a plan, jean claude juncker says it's time for concerted action by the eu on the migrant crisis saying the european union is not in a good state. >> now is not the time to take flight. it is the time for both determined concerted action by the european union by it's member states and by it's institutions.


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