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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  October 8, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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deals. >> it's no chess game. >> thanks for watching. see you tomorrow. my mission is simple -- to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to make you some money. my job isn't just to entertain but to coach and teach you. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. or tweet me @jimcramer. you mean to tell me after all that chatter about the need to raise rates it wasn't even close?
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that's right. it turns out the federal reserve is pretty darn worried about faltering global growth and its impact on the u.s. when it met last month. it wasn't about to pull the trigger on a higher fed fund rate. and when we found out about how pragmatic the fed was about whether to raise rates or not, the september minutes were released after 2:00 today, you could almost here the collective sigh of relief. and then the rush to buy stocks! dow gaining 138 points. s&p jumping 0.88%. nasdaq is also climbing. for weeks now we have labored under the impression that the fed was ready to tighten on a moment's notice because it was sanguine about the economy. we thought they were happy about things. they were hardly sang wing.
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that's what they tell us they're about to tighten and the federal reserve is worried as most business people and investors were about a china led slowdown could bring down what little strength our economy has. given that last month's unemployment number wasn't so hot you can only conclude that the fed is prescient than the incessant fed bashers. these people are embarrassing. that clarity, the knowledge that the fed has the back and is about to shoot us in the head with the rate hike pretty much buy whatever merchandise was down. even as their major focus remained the new darlings of the fourth quarter. the heavy industry stocks, transports. the oils. the retailers and the package good stocks. yep, buyers are taking up value. and they're eschewing the much
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loved growth stocks. it was an amazing session for a host of reasons. the worst performers in the third quarter remain by far the best performers of this new quarter. it's a remarkable winning streak. first of all, oil won't quit. we're getting word that there won't be a restart in production in any amount until oil goes back to 65 bucks. only at 50 right now, so the oil bulls have plenty of room to run. given this new roof. at $30 prediction from goldman sachs, maybe not. anyway, that plus the possibility that the saudis may relent and stop pumping like mad because they're running a big budget deficit, caused one more wave of buying in what has been the single most hated group just ten days ago. hated. that's incredible. i don't think i have ever seen a sector go from most hated to most loved in a short period of time. we might see more declines in
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the rate counts. in other words the bear market in oil has went up into thin air. that resulted in the massive redemptions and they ended the moment the third quarter closed. we'll talk to the ceo of enbridge about this. a stock that's now springing back, springing back with alacrity. still, this is one weird market. i mean, because you know what else is heading higher? companies that benefit from lower not higher commodity prices. the consumer package goods were on fire today and they're gigantic consumers of commodities like paper or plastic or fuel to get them to the stores. with the fed on hold, the 3% yields on average look darn good versus the bond market competition. retailers were word aried too because consumers were spending more at restaurants. now, not many retailers still
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report monthly numbers but the ones that did, wow. with the exception of one, gap. elle brands, nine increases. and it looks like allegedly not so hot back to school season might have been better than we thought. i know there are plenty who believe that a rate hike would be good for the stock market, but today showed the fallacy of that kind of thinking. that's because the auto and the housing complex were under a ton of pressure from those worried about higher rates. i reiterate that if the fed were to tighten their earnings estimates would be cut almost immediately. instantly. no wonder those stocks took off. and you want to know what's the most mystifying aspect of the advance? the market is in love with anything industrial. we are seeing huge gains in 3m and honeywell and boeing. you couldn't find a buyer of those stocks three weeks ago. the most underperforming in the group. get this, general electric hasn't looked back since pelts
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took a big stake in the company and re-ignite it with a gigantic buy back. now that they have gone back to being one of the biggest manufacturers. and then old tech, the slower growth economies, intel, cisco, hewlett-packard, that i keep ti tiptoeing higher. ibm too. dell was going to buy emc. further strengthening the case that there's just too much value in this old tech cohort to ignore. now you have to ask yourself, where the heck is all the money coming from to fuel this value rally? and the answer is it's still streaming out of the high growth stocks. they can't get out of their own way. you would have expected them to be led by the usual gang of growth. not at all. today, we got a perfect picture recommendation, one of the best i have seen for the stock of google. with my charitable trust owns. it was a major firm tracing out the reasons why it was so darn
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cheap. the results -- sell sell sell. google went down. two separate analysts told you that apple would be on the upside and the stock went down, sold to you. high growth semiconductors like skyworks avago, no, untouchable. gopro i wanted it to go up and watch the ongoing crash. i'm sure people who like to run mobile eye, it keeps smacking into the retaining walls every time it goes higher. and tesla can't get any traction. meanwhile, amazon can't get out its own way and facebook is having trouble rallying. the only men of f.a.n.g., facebook, amazon, netflix and google is working is netflix. it was wallowing in its own tears until the company was
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broke they'd put through a dollar a month pricing increase and that turned the stock around in a flash. he gained 12 points, 12 points from the low of the day. but it was a lonely rally. not surrounded by the high growth generals. almost of which are under tremendous pressure and are sources of funds. off the netflix -- pin action, no. how is it happening? i think it's simple. the fed's on hold while investors are getting bullish about the state of the world. europe getting better. even some improvement in china. it could be happening. with that combination, who needs the high growth names? why risk it? why not just buy cheap stocks that have the possibility of exceeding the estimates because they have been beaten down so long. they may not have all that much fluff in them. which means they can be owned without fear of the huge spiral lower like we got from the skyworks or a gopro. geez. hey, these low stocks have already been there. so let me give you the bottom
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line, a fed on hold all over the global economy that might be improving and commodity prices that are rising, hey, that's a recipe to do some serious buying for all the companies that don't need a healthier world why'd economy to beat the numbers and yesterday, high growth remains in its own bear market. fortunately for the bulls, there's a heck of a lot more value than high growth in the indices which is how we now have an extraordinary five day win streak. the best of 2015. peter in new hampshire. peter? >> caller: hi, jim. how are you? >> i'm doing. i'm fired up. how about you? >> caller: i'm going through the holdings and i'm wondering about olin corps. >> well, you know olin corps is a very inexpensive stock. i think it's in good shape. this is a great level to own it. let's go to mitch in texas. mitch? mitch? >> caller: yes. >> you're up, mitch. >> caller: hey, booyah from the lone star state, how are you?
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>> man, i'm good. how about you? >> caller: pretty good. hey, listen, i want to get your take on gopro. the stock has been annihilated recently -- >> that conference call was terrible. and you wouldn't touch it. that's why no one is touching it. let's go to cory in massachusetts. cory? >> caller: jim, i want to say one thing. you know what's getting me through this whole market and biotech head wind? >> the mets playing -- >> caller: -- shots together. >> hey, you know what i'm buying. well not for everybody. maybe for you. could really -- wipe out my profits. >> caller: i'll take you up on that. my question is on emc. i think it's funny to point out that pure storage around this happened -- like davis farber said earlier, dell would have to do $40 billion in debt financing. what's your take on that? >> i don't know. it's going to happen because he's got great sources. i would sell emc right here. i would shift that money to cisco!
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all right. we have the magic recipe. time to do some buying for all but the companies that don't need international love. on "mad money" oil has come off the lows but still been a crude couple of months for the commodity. i have the exclusive with the key pipeline player. have you noticed more money in your pocket? the savings from cheap gasoline are working back into the economy. who is profiting? i'll tell you. and domino's ceo took over, but is it time to ring the register, let's get the story from the man himself. stick with cramer. >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer, #madtweets. send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to
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♪ some neighbors are energy saving superstars. how do you become a superstar? with pg&e's free online home energy checkup. in just under 5 minutes you can see how you use energy and get quick and easy tips on how to keep your monthly bill down and your energy savings up. don't let your neighbor enjoy all the savings. take the free home energy checkup. honey, we need a new refrigerator. visit and get started today. with the price of crude gradually rebounding, including today's rally up to nearly $50 a
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barrel is it finally time to circle back to the beat up down pipeline stocks even if they don't have anything to do with the price of crude. this has been crushed courtesy of lower energy prices and the possibility that the fed will raise interest rates making the high yield less act tracktive. take enbridge, running through canada and the united states. and a natural gas gathering network. it plunged back from $54 to 35 and change last tuesday. but i guess in the recent days rationalization came back, it's roaring back. it sports a generous 3.3% yield. enbridge is much less exposed to the price of oil and gas than most people. it makes the money based on volume. last month, it dropped down a bunch of the assets to the master limited partnership and enbridge income fund, something
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that allows a lower cost of capital as it spends tens of billions to build the pipe. it raises the dividend and the company has some of the best dividend growth in the industry, with the payout to increase -- from 2016 to 2018, double what most of the companies i follow will do. as it finished going lower, we'll speak to al monaco, he'll e plain it to you. >> good to be back. >> there are some companies that have built a lot of pipe that are levered to oil. there's less oil being pumped right now. there are others that built a huge north american pipe line system that is the way to play the cheap natural gas in the country. that's you. >> absolutely, jim. in fact, that's exactly what we have been telling investors over the last two days in toronto, new york. the headline for us is the resiliency of the business model. that's driven by a few things.
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certainly the fact that we have low cost structure is a big one. we're connected to the right base ups and importantly we deliver -- basins and importantly we deliver to the best markets. we have lost cost infrastructure there that really provides a tremendous advantage. but i think the biggest issue is the commercial underpinning of our assets and the fact that we have a low cost structure allows us to really gain in this kind of environment. in fact, in the environment we're in today, we're extremely well positioned. >> well, i mean, natural gas was at a 15 year low. people say that's horrible, but you want people to use more natural gas. that's what they do when natural gas is cheap. >> the fact of the matter is, you look to the utilities a great example in toronto area, two plus million customers. it has a huge advantage over othefuels and that allows us to keep building that franchise larger and larger.
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the unconventional resources we have in north america are unparalleled and natural gas gives it a tremendous advantage relative other fuels. >> well, they're go oing to news a lot of -- they're going to need a lot of natural gas and you'll supply it. >> well, cheniere is one of them, that's a great point, jim, because it's amazing that in north america we don't have connectivity to the rest of the globe. >> right. >> we have a tremendous resource base but we don't have connectivity, either for natural gas or certainly crude oil. so you have huge resource space but not connected to the rest of the globe. it's actually very frightening. >> now, natural gas liquids, people don't understand what that is. it's a source that plastics are made out of. we have to be the lowest cost producer in the world, cheaper than saudi arabia. >> very much -- second or third in some cases and number one in other cases, jim. you're absolutely right. this feeds our costs at this point in the cycle, it's
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extremely low. that puts another competitive advantage at play for north america, relative to the rest of the globe. that's what's going to spur more natural gas production going forward. >> so then, al, we have to circle back. the stock went down as if it were a big producer of oil. and all it does is build pipe from bakken and from permian. how could there be such a misinformation and an imperfect security given how stocks are supposed to be relying on all the corrective information? >> i think there's been a reaction here for sure, simply because there's been mass selling. it has been indiscriminate. i think what we try and get across is this. look, we may have the threat of higher interest rates. we may have low commodity prices right now. we've got issues around china's growth and all of that. our point of view is this. regardless of all of that, over the next five years there's a very high degree of predictability that our cash
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flow will grow and that's because of the cash model and the resiliency out there. that's how we built the business model. >> why don't people think -- you have a consistent record of boosting the distribution. why are people questioning you can do it? >> i think as i said in this market, i don't think it matters that much. you have seen selling across the board. but that's why we have to continue to tell the story. >> and that's why i'm glad you're here. good to hear somebody rationale talk about this. thank you so much to al monaco, president and ceo of enbridge, the most reliable producer of entire distributions year after year. stay with cramer.
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at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping.
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is the consumer spending some of that gasoline pump windfall? has that money at long last started to throw back into the economy rather than being stuck in bank accounts earning next to nothing in bank interest? far lower than we thought, the savings from cheaper gasoline simply stayed in the pockets of the consumers. visa came out with numbers that consumer hadn't responded to the lower pump prices or didn't think it could last. it just didn't matter. then out of nowhere it took
6:24 pm
hold. this morning, it shows that the consumer are spending at restaurants and supermarkets. jpmorgan looked at many accounts and it showed a big pickup in retail spending. this is spectacular news for one of the most ailing part of the stock market. as the restaurants have been in a built of a funk. now, we're seeing that empirical study rubbing off on and l brands reported. no wonder at jumped to the all time high. nobody wanted to touch costco. they'd rather shop there than buy the stock. the business is strong, buyers started to come back to the stock. i think it's got a lot more room to run. what else? the spare change from the pump could be the root of the strength in the mcdonald's. i bet they'll get more of that money now that they're starting to serve breakfast all day. i like gamestop. consumers got more money to
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spend going there too. kind of bottom at macy's and jp penney breaking out. given the new aggressive management. i like them. lowe's is taking off and home depot remains with one of the best performers in the dow. you can be encouraged by ralph lauren. since the change of management. and pva around nike which is the best of the best. in this market, you can ask how long can this last? guess what? there's an assumption that every move is ephemeral, part of the rolling bear market, the pulling of individual sectors beyond all recognition and while other groups prosper it can be reaching the conclusion when it comes to retail. if you want a real boost to consumer, wait until you see the heating bill. with natural gas hovering at 15-year lows, more savings are ahead. a lot more discretionary income that people can use to buy things.
6:26 pm
oh, if your home is heated by propane, all you'll be doing is shifting from mcdonald's to olive garden. unless you own stocks in petrobras because it can buy you a six pack, the tale of the price at the pump is a feel good story. the gasoline's decline is a statistic. because it will allow you to make more money and save more money and spend more money at retail. i have to tell you, that's being to continue. even though the price of crude has been rebounding, i think it's only going to get better from here for the stocks of restaurants, apparel companies and retailers which hitherto have been one of the most challenged groups of 2015. that's right. you can still buy them. let's go to chris in virginia. chris? >> caller: booyah, jim. i'm a senior in the college. shout-out to the lc hornets and my dad the stock jedi. since it's never too early to start investing for tomorrow,
6:27 pm
can you give your opinion on starbucks' 2016 outlook? >> i think china is getting stronger for starbucks. they hired a chief technology officer who will be strong. they have kj in there, kevin johnson, number two. of course, howard shultds is not turning back. we'll start to see the roastries nationwide. i like that. the pumpkin spice latte, have you had it? holy cow. that sent me to the moon. joe in texas, please. joe? >> caller: hi, jim, thanks for taking my call. >> of course. >> caller: i'd like to know what you think of wen right now? >> oh, geez, i was sad to see the ceo retire. if mcdonald's can go to 103 then wendy's can go back to 11. vinny in massachusetts. >> caller: hi, thanks for taking my call. i have one question. with the recent announcement of the microsoft -- what's your take on fitbit?
6:28 pm
>> i -- look, fitbit is caught up in the rotation that i'm talking about that people hate high growth and they have high growth. i don't want to give up on a company that is so well run. when i sat down with james park, i heard a compelling long term story. let's recognize this may be one of the survivors of high growth. it's for real. all right, better late than never, the consumers are using that spare change from the pump at retail and restaurants and you know what, i think it can get better. more room to run. more "mad money" including a big miss for alcoa. i thought, you know what, so let's think about the stock a little longer term and then i'm going to dive into what patrick doyle has to say about that quarter of domino's. could it be a real earnings mis, does it raise a red flag? let's explain before we sell the stock. all right, plus your calls. today's edition of lightning round. stick with cramer!
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tomorrow, kick off the trading day with "squawk on the street." live from post nine at the nyse. >> i mean this deal has to get done. it will get done. >> you think -- >> it will get done. >> all starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern.
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all right. what happened to domino's pizza stock today? this has been one of the best performers stocks around. patrick doyle has led the company through a remarkable turn around. the strongest growth stories in the restaurant space. in fact, just last week domino's which has 11,700 locations across the globe announced some spectacular same store sales. but today the stock was plunged down $5.39 or 5%. in part because the company does so much business overseas that the strong dollar has been a real problem for the numbers and even though the same store sales were excellent, the money it makes from supplying the 11,000 plus franchises brings us to the
6:33 pm
big question -- did they hit a speed bump giving you a terrific opportunity to buy the stock, especially when there might be some new found flexibility for a special payout because of some bond action or do we need to get more cautious? let's check in with patrick doyle, the fabulous president and ceo of domino's pizza. welcome back to "mad money." >> thank you, jim, i appreciate i. >> typically i would talk about technology. we'll talk about the new emoji pizza ordering and how much is ordered on digital. but i need to ask you, there was confusion involving the head winds. foreign exchange, i think people understand -- people don't understand the interaction between food prices and how that affects your bottom line. maybe if you walk us through that people understand this is not such a disaster of a quarter. >> right, yeah. i appreciate it, so it's really pretty straightforward. when food prices are low it's great for our franchisees. when they're higher it's tougher.
6:34 pm
we price on a cost plus basis so the pluses are our margin, that remains constant. when commodities are down that actually means our revenues are selling to the stores will actually look lower. but we make the same amount of money as a company. whether the commodity price is high or whether the commodity price is low. so they're low right now, we're saying down 5 to 7% for the year versus last year. that's a good thing for us overall. the profits in supply chain were good. it just makes the revenue line look a little bit kind of, you know, lower than it would be otherwise. >> also, i think people have to understand the magnitude of the foreign exchange. what would have been your numbers 2011 versus 2015? >> yeah, we're missing over a billion dollars in retail sales. you know, so kind of in the range of 30 million plus in royalties. if we were at the same exchange rate we were at four years ago. so, yeah, we're looking as much as $20 million hit to the bottom line for the year this year
6:35 pm
because of the head winds. we have to perform through that, we have, our growth is terrific. we're excited about where the business is overall. but certainly the fx head winds are strong. >> there was an insurance item that was hard for people to understand. the supply chain, it made people feel like maybe we have a pizza hut on our hands here, because that was yesterday's disaster. >> yeah, i think you covered that well yesterday. clearly it got some things they have to work through. but i mean at the end of the day, what matters for the health of the business, are we getting, you know, the top line growth, double digit up. same store sales growth domestically fourth quarter in a row. up well over 7%. almost 8% on the international business. we feel very good about where we were. clearly, a little bit more story this quarter than usual. but we feel very good about where we are. >> talk to me about emojis and loyalty.
6:36 pm
>> yeah. so emojis we just continue to find new ways for people to access the brand. it keeps us very top of mind around technology. we want to make it easier for people to order from us than anybody else. we continue to do that. and loyalty is a great add on. we have been working on the research in this for a while. we like what we see. we just rolled it out nationally and, you know, we feel good. when people get it right and what it means is simple. you can make it simple. it drives things for customers, so we'll see. you know, it's all fourth quarter. but we would. have rolled it out in the fourth quarter unless we felt like it was going to do good things for us. >> all right. i saw some numbers that were disappointing in yum, not just china. they had a big decline in india. india is very important to me as you know because i know that a vegetarian company to some degree should be good results for you. are you seeing a slowdown in india like they saw at pizza
6:37 pm
hut? >> no, we're not. our master franchisee had released they were up mid single digits. the economy had been slower in india. our store growth in india continues to be terrific. we're opening in the range of three stores a week in india. so overall, we're in good shape there. >> when you talk about the food price coming down, just to circle back to that, if you're a franchisee you want to open your stores. part of your growth is not just technology but to have more stores. >> that's right. the best thing in our numbers is our franchisees are making more money than ever. last year they made 89,000, and it costs about $300,000 to build a domino's store. this year we're saying we show should be at or above $100,000 per store. that would be all-time record for our franchisees.
6:38 pm
so they're building more stores because they're excited about the investment in domino's. >> all right. a noisier quarter than we're used. you're a straightforward guy. i get it now. patrick doyle, president and ceo of domino's. good to see you. >> thanks, jim. i appreciate it. >> we haven't seen this stock have a discount before other than one other time when it was in the 30s going down down to the 20s and then you caught a five bagger. i like domino's. "mad money" is back after the break. i asked my dentist if an electric toothbrush
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>> announcer: lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. >> it is time. it is time for the lightning round. you say the name of the stock. i don't know the calls or the -- sell sell sell sell. when you hear this sound -- [ buzzer ] -- then the lightning round is over. are you ready, skee-daddy? time for the lightning round. jason in massachusetts, jason? >> caller: back alta. >> this is the kind of stock that nobody loves. that's why i want to buy it. i say pick some up right here. let's go to rebecca in illinois. >> caller: jim cramer, how do you feel about holding bp for the long term for people in their mid 20s? >> well, you know, if you want to be in your mid 20s you want
6:42 pm
to be in a growth -- you want to be a sim arex. that group has had way too big of a move. if we had bob dudley on to talk about where it is. bob, you're always welcome on the show. josh in california. how are you? >> caller: cool. i'm calling about the dutch company, the semiconductor. >> this mark has changed. nxpi is high growth. these are in bear phase. when it's over, we can buy them. i don't want to get in front of a freight train. nxpi, 75. rethink. go to nick in texas. nick? >> caller: booyah, cramer. >> booyah. >> caller: i wanted to see if now is a good spot to get in >> had a remarkable quarter. it's a high growth stock. i get you can get a little rotation, get it between 72 and
6:43 pm
73. if you take a three or five year view, go buy one. one of the few ones holding up. john what. >> caller: hey, booyah, jim. i'm a retired police chief who thinks that taser is the right stock at the right time because they have great products and now they have a continuing revenue stream. what -- >> i couldn't agree more with you. the stock has come down. we like the stock in the teens. went way too high. it's come down to the level that's totally sustainable. i want to buy it. let's go to chris in texas. chris? >> caller: booyah, jim. [ inaudible ]. >> you know, this is a company i have been talking to some -- talking to my friend stephanie link, she's talking about the auto parts company. we have 18 million cars sold, i think you want to own this stock. you know what? this is one of those by the way where dupont may have given it away too easily and that could be one of the reasons why -- well, let's just say i like the
6:44 pm
stock. let's go to lou in pennsylvania. lou? >> caller: thanks for taking my call, jim. biopharma has been out of favor for a while. i'm looking for long term prospects for pharmaceutical -- >> those stocks are in bear market territory and they're not going to come back yet. those stocks are in a bear phase. but take a longer term view than i do, bless it. let's go to jim in california, jim? >> caller: booyah, jim, i love your show. i'm calling about nvidia. >> is that a value semiconductor they're going up. it's a buy. it's a buy. let's go to brian in arizona, please. >> caller: booyah, cramer! >> hey, cramer, we're watching and i learn something new every day. >> all right. >> caller: a question, i own stock in clean energy. is this a good long term
6:45 pm
investment or short -- >> you know what? honestly i need a better balance. i have natural gas that makes much more sense than that, i say buy enbridge, not clean energy. and oh, and a gigantic thank you, family booyah. that ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round! [ buzzer ] >> announcer: the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. cramer, you are super. you are awesome. >> i'm a first time investor. >> thank you for inspiring me to get into the game. >> your show is the best. i'm so glad you're on tv. >> i want you to know you have transformed me. thank you, cramer. random? no it's all about understanding patterns like the mail guy at 3:12 every day or jerry, getting dumped every third tuesday. this happens every third tuesday. we have pattern recognition technology on any chart, plus over 300 customizable studies to help you anticipate potential price movement.
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there's no way to predict that. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this.
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what's the word from alcoa in first quarter since it decided to break up into the commodities business and high lirr -- highly engineered product. we checked in with klaus kleinfeld when they split up and then they came in shy of the wall street estimates, delivering a 6 cent earning miss, slightly lower than anticipated revenue. nobody thought this was going to be a good quarter and i think you need to think of the new alcoa not the old one that's mired in after-hours selling. let's dig deeper with klaus
6:49 pm
kleinfeld, the chairman and ceo of loalcoa. mr. kleinfeld, welcome back to "mad money." >> hello, jim. good to see you. >> all right, this is is a tough quarter for a lot of people because it's a snapshot in time. the company won't look like this. it's almost as if -- i almost want to throw away the quarter but i do know that because people feel that the earnings were below the estimates someone going to say, wait a second. maybe the company that is the upstream company is losing money and the company that is downstream, the value added is making money when you split this up. that's not necessarily the case is it? >> no, it's absolutely not the case. i mean, there are nuggets of really fantastic performance also on the upstream side. we have had the best nine months basically since 2007, and also, i mean when you look at the businesses, the energy business, they're good businesses and
6:50 pm
they're performing very well. the one business that's currently under additional stress is the aluminum business and we have put together a new restructuring program for this. and we have been launching it. so all in all, i mean, the upstream company would stand on five businesses the ones that i just mentioned. >> now, when i look at the upstream business -- i don't want to spend too much time on it, because i'm excited about the higher value added but if it were stand alone right now, we're engijoying a mineral and mining rally, whether it's rio or freeport. would the upswing company be part of the rally given it believes that we have seen the trough in global slowdown and that china may be back on line and we're not looking at china correctly? >> well, i mean, we are
6:51 pm
providing some of this also. when you look at -- i mean, prices are at a relatively low level compared to where they were historically, right? so a lot of the producers are under water. so this cannot sustain for a long time. secondly, we have seen that supply and demand are coming more unbalanced. our experts actually project a deficit for next year in aluminum. then we have seen the stock, also what's in the warehouses coming down the levels that are below the levels that we have seen before. so i think there could be a lot of optimism in there. but a lot depends obviously on the sentiment. because the sentiment plays a major role and there's a lot of volatility in the world these days. that's kind of confusing and mixing it up and we have seen it this quarter and we have seen it continue also in the discussion today. >> all right. let's talk value added. the acquisitions you made have made it so that you're suddenly in a much larger total addressable market.
6:52 pm
the aerospace, the lockheed martin, the airbus, these are contracts that let's just say you would never think about trying to get. but with the two acquisitions that you made in the last year, you're almost a shoo-in to get them. >> well, that's true for the lockheed. lockheed contract. i mean, $1.1 billion we announced earlier this week. actually that's for titanium or 100% of the titanium products that go into the strike fighter the most advanced aircraft on this planet. obviously we would not have gotten it because we wouldn't have had the capability. the interesting thing is when you look at what we're doing for the strike fighter we are providing a lot of parts and we'll be the ones in the other businesses to do a lot of value added applied to the mill products. this is clearly a wonderful thing to have in the first quarter where we have just closed rti. it was the 23rd of july, so this is actually very, very good.
6:53 pm
and the other contract on the airbus, on the -- on the billion, we would have been able to win before. but i do believe that our increased presence in the aerospace market we are really very strong player when it comes to aerospace structures and when it comes to jet engines. this capability has helped our customers and when they win, we win and that's what we have been seeing here again. >> there's so many things i want to talk about. i want to talk about the ford contracts and i want to talk about all of the different things that you're doing in order to be really -- to take share away from copper. but i have in my hands something you sent me which is a triangle, a 3-d triangle that's a technological marvel. 3-d printing but the tensile strength -- i dropped it. this is what the new alcoa is. can you please describe how this particular value added piece of material is the new alcoa you
6:54 pm
should be thinking about? >> well, i mean, what you have there is a 3-d printed metals piece and in fact, it's actually the 3-d model of the alcoa logo. i don't know if you have seen that, right? and you can see also it's very, very fine resolution and this is made out of metals powder printer. the interesting thing in this business, i mean, the powder it's the most critical thing in this. we have announced a few weeks ago that we are actually building a powder facility for those type of applications outside of pittsburgh. so we will be making what i would call the smart ink for metals part of printing. we also at the same time said we have developed technology called mp forge where we can use other 3-d printing in metals and make them through other processes. make them as hard and as stress resistant for applications that today are not those type of things are not usable. so that's one part of how the
6:55 pm
new alcoa will have new name, jim. will look like. and another thing is the micromill. we announced two things. we announced a joint development agreement with ford. and ford on the my row material going into auto, stronger, lighter and more formidable. a combination that before was not possible. made possible through this revolutionary technology. and ford as we speak is putting it into the new f-150, and working with it. also, we announced an agreement with danielly, that we're commercializing this technology so we're revolutionizing the business model here. we're going to commercialize this and we're doing to get the licensing agreement -- licensing revenues from it. so pretty much no capex, but licensing agreement, good model and i believe that most people understand that. i call it a software model. >> that's what i wanted people
6:56 pm
to realize. it's a technology company that you're getting if you take advantage of the value added. not just an aluminum bending company. klaus kleinfeld, chair and ceo ceo of alcoa, thank you for coming on the show. if you sell the stock at ten bucks, you're making a big mistake. stay with cramer. jim cramer you're one of my heroes. >> i look forward to your show every night. >> thank you for helping beginning investors like me. >> when you talk about the markets i just believe you're spot on. >> i love it. thank you so much. every night we watch you. i have learned and earned. morere data means more freedom o do..whatever. that's why at&t is giving you 50% more data. that's 15 gigs of data for the price of 10. because the more data you have, the better. and right now at at&t get $300 credit for every line you switch when you trade in a smartphone and buy any smartphone on at&t next.
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a big debate about whether alcoa signals you know what, the big commodity stocks have moved up too much. my take is as they come down, you can buy them if the fed is on hold. because they do represent some serious value. i don't want you to sell alcoa. i feel better about domino's after listening to paddy doyle. i think that decline from high might be the opportunity. so the two stocks that are down that we had on tonight i kind of like them. i think enbridge can pull back a little little before you have to buy it because the oil stocks have gone unlike this. there's a bull market somewhere. i promise to find it here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer and i will see you tomorrow!
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