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tv   Worldwide Exchange  CNBC  November 16, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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wait and see what attacks are on the horizon. faced with this war against terrorism, we can't disregard any piece of information or any tools to help protect the french people. we will act on all fronts in order to destroy isis without respite. french police carry out a
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series of overnight raids across the country in counter terrorism operations as a paris prosecutor identifies two more terrorists this morning. president obama says the u.s. will work with more allies to hunt down those responsible. france has bombs dropped on isis strong holds in syria. air france, ackor trades sharply lower. we are still waiting for the french interior minister bernard casanov set to hold a press conference. he's going to talk about the raids carried out in france.
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we'll monitor that and bring you any headlines as and when he does speak. french prime minister manuel valls says that more attacks can happen. speaking in the past hour he said friday's attacks were planned from within syria and that the government has foiled five other plots since summer. >> translator: faced with this war against terrorism, we can't disregard any piece of information or any tools to help protect the french people. we will act on all fronts in order to destroy isis without respite. >> french police have carried out about 150 overnight raids across the country in counter terrorism operations. the searches were carried out by manuel valls with five main locations targeted. this as an international manhunt continues for a belgian born man believed to be directly connected to friday's attacks in
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paris. the man has been identified as salah abdel salam. nbc has said he was stopped in the imneed yat aftermath but was left go. they have identified two new attackers, ahmad al mohammad born 10 september 1990 in idlib, syria. and samy amimour born 15 october 1987 in paris. allegedly involved in the shooting at the bataclan theater. let's get out to hadley gamble who's been covering the story in paris. hadley. >> reporter: hey, carolyn. right now france is in a state of emergency. basically what we know right now is that french president francois hollande will ask both houses of parliament in versailles if he can extend the
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state of emergency. i'm joined be by nicholas, a reporter from politico. what will happen with the french people in the next several days. now there are some questions being raised, aren't there, about how safe they really are? >> absolutely. as the details emerge about the identity of the attackers and how they were able to plan and carry out this attack, there's a lot of failures that are being pointed out in the intelligence gathering, our ability to monitor these people. there are currently 10,500 people in france being monitored as radicals. that's a huge pool of potential suspects in a case like this. already we're starting to see the sort of spirit of national unity kind of crack up a little bit as francois hollande's political appointees are pointing out the cracks. we should be working on a
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political scale. we should be al lying with russia and bombing more aggressively in syria. all of that is coming into the debate today. >> reporter: interesting, isn't it? what we've heard from french lawmakers speaking on cnbc all morning, there needs to be serious allocations of cash. we have thousands of military personnel across this country. the country is in a state of emergency. what more really needs to be done? >> well, absolutely. i think currently with the resources available the military and french police are overstretched. they're at their absolute limit. what needs to happen is a significant investment to increase the means of intelligence gathering. the dcri which is the french equivalent of the -- sorry, the dgsi, french equivalent of the fbi has only been created in 2013 and is still lacking resources, lacking manpower, lacks money and surveillance equipment and people are saying,
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well, now it's obviously too late to prevent this attack. with other attacks possible in the near future we really need to sort of open the pursestrings and start to invest in these means. >> intelligence sharing, president obama speaking at the g-20 yesterday saying they were going to do everything they could to grease the wheels between the intelligence sharing between france and others in particular. they're facing it in belgium and other countries across the e.u. do you see any cooperation gaining stleem? >> i think that there's sort of police-to-police cooperation between france and belgium has been pretty smooth. it's been able to sort of follow the investigation through from paris to this neighborhood in belgium where the plot was likely attached. i think that the bigger problem is how to flag individuals as they're traveling through the european union. as you know, it's a free travel
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zone all the way through greece to the united kingdom. potentially you can get through that area without ever getting your passport checked. now there's going to be -- we don't know exactly how the terrorists got through the different countries, but what it's likely is that some of them were able to travel from france or belgium all the way to syria, come back, possibly taking migrant routes, and re-enter france. so at the time being as european countries are welcoming tens of thousands of migrants into the country, it's proving almost impossible to check the background of every single person who comes in and yet it seems like that might be what's needed now. >> nicholas, a reporter with politico. thanks so much for joining us. back to you. >> hadley, thank you so much. let's get back to the markets. we are coming off the worst week from wall street since august this year. the first negative week we've seen in the past seven. u.s. futures and what they're
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telling us ahead of wall street. since we have the boards up there. above fair value. s&p up 4 points. nasdaq, gains of 15 points. let's get to some inflation data that crossed the ticker here from the eurozone. october inflation if you want to strip it out and food, the core inflation number looks like we're up .2%. that's a sequential number month on month. in an economy plagued by deflation. inflationary figures are a problem. the vice chairman of the ecb bank says the low inflation rates still reflect a sluggish recovery in the eurozone. this means we could be getting more stimulus before the end of the year. >> will? >> the french interior minister has just begun talking.
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he's holding a conference live. we won't listen to it live. it's in french. we will bring you the flashes of that coming over in the next few minutes. let's check in on european markets first. looking at positive gains, minimally positive across the board today. it was pretty much flat for most of the session. the ftse 100 up by 1/4. dax up by similar members. cac 40, similar advances. let's get out there to sri. >> hi, susan. it was a risk aversion broadly after the atrocities in paris over the weekend. we saw some safe haven buying of the japanese yen against the u.s. dollar and other crosses. we saw some 6 1/2 month lows follow the yen against the euro and against the u.s. dollar.
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broadly, as i said, negative with the exception of the greater china markets. shanghai composite and the shenzen, they were negative and we saw them come off the lows. some bargain hunting going on there. elsewhere, dates coming up in japan. in the july to september period, the economy slipped back into recessi recession. the bank of japan meets november 19th. what kind of form is a policy response going to take? what would be crude policy options? there will be a supplementary option? is it going to be more fiscal support at this moment? it's a bit open ended. we need a little bit more clarity on what we are going to see. november 19th will be key. back to you. >> so much for that. now i want to read more statements coming out of the french interior minister, bernard casanove. he's been speaking recently. he said the investigation is
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ongoing. they've made quick progress. threats are high, he says, and six attacks have been foiled. i'm not quite sure the time frame of those six attacks. the recent medium term as opposed to the very recent term. 87 websites have been shut down and 62 people have been forbidden to enter the national territory. he has said that how arrests, 104 have been started in the past 48 hours. he says authorities have conducted 168 searches overnight. that's at the interior minister you can see speaking ongoing in his press conference. more coming up. still to come in the program, we're going to take a break. days after the attacks in paris, world leaders pushing for a peaceful resolution in syria. more on this right after the short break.
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welcome back. remind you of the headlines. the french prime minister warns another terror attack could come at any time and claims friday's deadly rampage was planned from syria. french police carry out 168 raids overnight across the country in counter terrorism operations. and president obama says the u.s. will work with its allies to hunt down those responsible as france drops 20 bombs on isis strong holds in syria.
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international reactions, president obama and vladimir putin both agree on a deal on the sidelines. the syrian-led transition that does include u.n. mediated talks is probably the best course forward. meantime, president obama has described the paris killings as, quote, an attack on the civilized world and said that the u.s. would work with its allies to hunt down those responsible. >> we will redouble our efforts working with other members of the coalition to bring about a peaceful transition in syria and to eliminate daesh as a force
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that can create so much pain and suffering for people in paris and other parts of the globe. >> reporter: a wide variety of countries is having syria talks in vienna including the united states and america as well as regional arrivals, saudi arabia and iran. there was nobody representing syria there nor from the assad government nor from the opposition. the diplomats that were there underscored the need to double down on their efforts. the fact remains that there are many different players involved in these talks with a variety of different interests which is going to make things all the more harder, the reality is it's turning into some sort of sectarian battle. iran with the backing of russia supports the assad regime and iran will want any deal very tehran friendly. syria is very important for iran
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and they don't want to lose the ground they've made there over the years. iran will also want to apply a terrorist label as broadly as it can for the groups supported by saudi arabia. the saudis are backed largely by the u.s. want the removal of assad before anything else happens there. they're also clearly unhappy about iran's participation and the wider sphere of influence since they inked the deal. what they agree on is that they need to reconvene in a month to see where they are. by january they want formal talks between the syrian government and the opposition and within six months they want a cease-fire between the two sides and the drafting of a new constitution and they said within 18 months there need to be free elections in syria monitored by the u.n. to highlight how far apart the two sides are, over the weekend in vienna secretary kerry said that assad had cut a deal with
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isis, the terrorists, and was buying oil from them and not attacking their positions while russian foreign minister said he just can't accept that argument. back to you guys. >> ali, thank you so much for that. while you were speaking angela merkel, the german chancellor, has also been speaking at a press conference. she's been speaking in german. let me try and translate some of the comments for you. she says that terrorism must be fought with many different means. we're all focused on pinpointing who the perpetrators were and who were those involved in those attacks. we want to bring those to justice. we have to stop the financial means flowing to those terrorists. we have to cut off the financial means, she says, but she also stresses that everyone has the responsibility to offer refuge to those refugees and those seeking help. she has agreed with u.k. prime
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minister cameron to hold a conference on the syrian crisis on february 4th. concerns about safety are expected to add to the weak outlook for the hotel sector following the attacks in paris. shares in french group have sold off sharply leaving other european travel lower. cowen hotels can have more falloff. it will weaken hotel room demand. meanwhile, defense firms are possibly expecting to receive a boost on the increased military response following the terrorist attacks in paris. the grimt raytheon, lockheed martin and boeing are going to be used against isis. this will likely lead to a boost in sales according to those analysts. let's have a look. the share price action in the last month up slightly so far.
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airline stocks in the asian pacific sold off in the aftermath of these paris attacks. analysts expect a short-term hit to tourism. many are seen canceling or delaying their trips to europe. the impact is probably being mitigated by the fourth quarter being seasonably slow for outbound chinese tourism. eunice yoon is joining us. the horrific images around the world for people to put off trips. >> reporter: that's right, susan. that's what's happening. many people here, especially chinese tourists, have become much more fearful of traveling to europe. travel agents in big cities like beijing have reported 50% of cancellation of trips to europe. france and europe is a very popular destination in november and december because of the
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christmas holidays and thanksgiving. the visas are much more open. people here have been hoping to travel to europe around this time of year. in fact, paris and france was actually nominated in a couple of opinion polls as one of the best tourist destinations this time of year. paris, in terms of the average spend, chinese tourists actually spend an average of 3100 euros per visit. obviously very popular, but now travel agencies have said they have been in an emergency mode for the past of couple of days. companies like chunar as well as c trip have said that they have already put in place refund policies and full refund policies for many of the travel agencies who are becoming concerned about what their business is going to be like in the next couple of months. in fact, many of them have redesigned now some of their tour packages to other parts of the world.
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susan? >> eunice, thanks so much. for the ongoing latest on the paris terror attacks, "squawk box" live on has all the head lines plus full background. you can also check out the market reaction online including analysis of the flights to safety assets. check that out over the next couple of minutes whilst we take a short break.
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quick look at oil prices this monday morning. we're rebounding from the lows that we saw last week. wti coming off the worst week since march. 8% last week. currently higher by more than 1%. .43%. joining us live from denver is a research analyst from steeple. the energy sector had a rusing week. down 6%. the worst week since august. to what extent was that overdone? >> well, i think actually it's probably a harbinger of more to come. we don't see oil prices recovering for a while. we think it's going to take the bulk of 2016 before oil markets get back into balance. >> but the problem is many of these companies are actually working on their balance sheets. we're also seeing a little bit of mna happening in the sector. is this not being rewarded,
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michael? >> it is by the companies that are divesting assets. the market wants to see those companies improve their balance sheets so, yes, that is being rew5rded. i'm not sure it's new investors, probably more short covering. the market is heavily shorted in this group right now at the highest it's been in the past five years at about 12% of the overall float. >> michael, oil prices up around a percent today. how much of that do you think is in reaction to the weekend's events? oil prices relatively resilient in the face of geopolitical concerns in the past 6 to 12 months? >> yeah, i think it's hard to determine how those kind of events will really actually impact oil prices long term. initially it doesn't look like there's any additional threat to oil supplies, if anything, it looks like it could hurt demand as your previous speakers
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indicated. travel being down, airline industry being hurt by it. i don't see it as being a significant supply threat. ? okay, michael. thank you very much for joining us early this morning. michael sciala, research analyst at stifel. we go back to paris as america mourns the 129 lives lost in friday's paris attacks.
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welcome to "worldwide exchange." live from london and paris, here are your headlines this morning. >> reporter: france is a country at war with terrorism. the french prime minister saying another attack could come at any time. >> translator: faced with this war against terrorism, we can't disregard any piece of information or any tools to help protect the french people. we will act on all fronts in order to destroy isis without respite. french police carry out a
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series of overnight raids across the country in counter terrorism operations as they identify two more terrorists this morning. president obama says the u.s. will work with its allies to hunt down those responsible as france responds to the attacks with 20 bombs dropped on isis strong holds in syria. >> we will redouble our efforts working with other members of the coalition to bring about a peaceful transition in syria and to eliminate daesh. european stocks having some early drops. others are still trading sharply lower. u.s. president barack obama and russian president vladimir putin have agreed on the need for a political transition.
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the two leaders said a syrian led transition that includes u.n. talks is the best course. let's go back out to hadley gamble in paris. hadley. >> reporter: hey, carolyn. a lot of moving parts to this story. essentially what we know right now is the french have been ramping up attacks against islamic state positions in syria. thus far, most of these attacks, at least five have been kind of a nominal effort by the french. we know they have been big sillers of weapons to countries like iraq. they haven't been ponying up when it comes to taking action against the islamic state and syria. that is all changing right now. we heard from leaders at the g 20 summit in turkey. they were showing solidarity. they were going to grease the wheels in terms of the security, in terms of the intelligence sharing. take a listen to what president obama had to say. >> we will redouble our efforts working with other members of the coalition to bring about a peaceful transition in syria and to eliminate daesh as a force
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that can create so much pain and suffering for people in paris and ankora and other parts of the globe. >> reporter: president obama there basically saying they're going to redouble their efforts to try to find some sort of political solution in syria. you have to understand there are so many moving parts to that focus in syria. right now we know, of course, the russians are there, they have troops on the ground. that's causing some major concern for the arab states as well. their biggest problem is the removal of bashar al assad. when is that going to happen. when are the foreign troops on the ground going to be removed. two big questions standing in the way of any kind of diplomatic solution in syria. that comes back to what's happening in france and europe. serious worries about the shangen agreement and whether there will be any movement on that as they meet later in brussels. later today president francois hollande wants to extend the state of emergency for another
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three months, guys. >> hadley, as you said, lots of hurdles to be crossed for a diplomatic solution. in terms of a military solution, we saw an immediate response by france striking around 20 targets in syria from the air over the weekend. will we see a step up in military action perhaps with other countries like the u.k. joining the air action in syria or possibly the existing forces stepping up from the air and moving to ground forces? is that a possibility? >> that's the bigger question, isn't it? that's something that david cameron is going to have to put to parliament at some point or another. at this point what we know is talking a lot about brexit. you have 630,000 migrants that we know of that have moved into europe in the last several months. that will present a big problem for the u.k. in terms of securing their own borders. it's doing so already. the bigger question is are you going to take the fight to the terrorists in syria and iraq. that will be a big political question. each of these countries have to
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answer to their voters on this one, aren't they? in fransz this is what francois hollande have done. many say what's happened over the last several days is the direct result of the overt nature of france's involvement in the fighting. for security services, this adds up to one big problem, doesn't it? they have to sift through so much intelligence. this he have to go through all of this intelligence with limited resources. that's going to be part of what president hollande is going to do. they have to take this problem to both houses of parliament in versailles. he has to ask for more power and more money to put towards military and security services. >> we're back out with hadley later in the show. now i want to bring you some flashes coming out of the u.k. prime minister david cameron is at the g-20 meeting. he's had a bilateral meeting with president putin and some. flashes coming from cameron.
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he said he has agreed to take steps to cut off terrorism financing. he says he has urged putin to work with the international community and he says that everyone recognizes the need for compromise over assad's future. the gap in views on assad's future had been enormous but he hopes the process on assad's future could move faster than it was so far. about half an hour earlier he did say that the u.k. security services had foiled an attack in the u.k. in the last month adding to some of the ones he's mentioned a month or so ago. carolyn? want to tell you a little bit more about the market fallout from these deadly paris terror attacks. no surprise the travel leisure sector is the worst performing sector. off by roughly 2%. here are some of the names trading to the down side. acore, a big hotel group, is
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down 7.3%. aeroports de paris is losing 4.81%. iag off by 3 point be point 7% as well. the luxury stocks, obviously anything that happens in paris will have an effect on paris. how are futures looking, susan? quickly check on u.s. futures ahead of the wall street open today. we are coming off the worst week in seven and the worst week since august. checking on the implied open, looks like we are above fair value. the s&p 500 up 3 points. dow jones industrial higher by 30. pressing in gains of 11 points or so. right at the start of the trading session, susan and wolf, we did see big losses to the european markets to the tune of 0.8%. futures looked dreadful. what we've seen over the past
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few hours is quite a bit of recovery. it's still weighed down by many of the travel in the cac 40. the ftse 100 eking out a gain of roughly 10 points. will. a moment's silence will be held in paris at 12:00 cet or 6:00 a.m. eastern time. this will be followed by the new york stock exchange and nasdaq which will hold their own moments of silence at 9:25 a.m. eastern. trading will open as normal at 9:30. the nasdaq will display the peace for paris symbol, the eiffel tower within a peace symbol. that's on social media. it faces outwards towards times square. "worldwide exchange" is back in a couple of minutes.
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the paris attacks taking center stage in the u.s. presidential race. at the start of the cbs news debates in iowa, the democratic candidates observed a moment of silence. that gave way to a tough exchange later on between hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders over the u.s.'s role in the world and how best to respond to terrorist attacks. >> i think that we have to look
5:42 am
at isis as the leading threat of the international terror network. it cannot be contained, it must be defeated, but this cannot be an american fight although american leadership is essential. >> saudi arabia, iran, turkey, jordan, all of these nations, they're going to have to get their hands dirty, their boots on the ground. they are going to have to take on isis. >> meantime, republican candidates are linking the paris attacks to immigration and border security. speaking at a two-day gop summit in the state of florida, several say that this is a sign that u.s. president barack obama has failed to confront the threat of isis and they are pledging stronger military and diplomatic action in the future on nbc's "meet the press" jeb bush describing what he thinks president obama should be doing in the coming weeks. >> lead, that's what i want him to do. i want him to lead. he has the capability of doing this. we have the resource toss do this. this is a threat to western
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civilization and we should consider it that way. let's get out to washington, d.c., nbc's tracie potts is standing by. tracie, some commentary this morning saying that the paris strategy has maybe shifted the race for the white house in 2016 and a recalibration when it comes to the voters minds saying who they want to vote fornext year. >> reporter: well, if you take a look at the republican side, we've seen donald trump and dr. ben carson leading for some time now. the washington outsiders. but typically when there are national security issues at stake, people tend to go with candidates who they are familiar with, comfortable with, the so-called establishment candidates who do have experience here in washington, who do have experience dealing with national security issues. we've got a number of senators and governors who fit that bill, and so it will be interesting to see in the wake of these paris attacks, not that you want to polite size it at all, but what affect that it may have on the
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campaign when voters look at who they would want to be involved when you look at this. president obama dealing with diplomacy as well as our military which continues its afr strikes and the g-20 summit trying to garner more support. bernie sanders was talking about more countries, other countries getting behind this effort. he also sat down for a pretty long meeting with russia's president vladimir putin for about 35 minutes they sat down and talked, a lot of it about syria. different interests with the united states and russia right now and how they're dealing with the syrian situation, but given the fact that the russian jet went down and isis took credit for that, both countries also very focused on defeating isis in syria in its strong hold. >> tracie, thank you so much. now let's move onto the leading companies and so-called sharing economy because they are opening their doors figuratively and literally to help those affected by the paris attacks. one firm that's already faced resistance in france is coming
5:45 am
under a new round of criticism. let's get out to landon dowdy standing by at cnbc headquarters. >> uber is facing complaints for a practice that car sharing services said it didn't employ hours after the attacks. rumors spread. the surge pricing it raises fares and others say the company suspended service altogether but uber tells digital news site coors it shut off surge pricing within 30 minutes and the drivers worked through the night to ep be sure people got home safely. the company has been criticized by french taxi drivers and government officials for violating city rules. they face a criminal trial in february on charges of operating an illegal car service. in new york city during hurricane sandy in 2012. the company has since planned to cap surge pricing in new york during emergencies but it still has no global policy for how it
5:46 am
will adapt its pricing model. air bnb has launched a portal to help those affected by the paris attacks to find or find a place to stay. if you got stuck in the city during border closures, you won't have to pay a thing. it's waiving its service fees. and facebook says it will use its safety check feature more widely after paris. it sends users in a crisis a message asking if they're safe. users can mark others as safe and keep tabs on other connections in the area. developed by facebook's social good team, it's only been activated five times since being launched last year. facebook says 4.1 million people used the feature within 24 hours this weekend, but some question why it wasn't also activated for other recent terror attacks, including the suicide bombings in beirut on thursday. back over to you. >> landon, thank you so much. let's get to the headlines on this monday morning. the french prime minister warns
5:47 am
another terror attack could come at any time and claims friday's deadly rampage was taken out from syria. there are counter terrorism operations. u.s. president barack obama will work with its allies to hunt down those responsible as france drops another 20 bombs on isis strong holds across syria.
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welcome back. let's have a look at what u.s. futures are doing ahead of the open on wall street. we're expecting a slightly positive open. the s&p opening up by 3 points. the dow up by about 30 and the nasdaq up by about 11 points. joining us now live from chicago's the chief market strategist, alan. thank you very much for joining
5:50 am
us. are we expecting today a risk off move given the events over the weekend or perhaps a bounce back, a risk on move given that we had such sharp declines last week for u.s. equities? >> well, i think the price actually right now is telling us the latter here. we're seeing a positive movement. you have to look at last night for us anyway when the markets old. they were sharply lower. the dow has bounced almost 200 points. we've moved into positive territory. i think people are going to see this as some bargains. some bargain time here after the selloff. that's the first week in, what, six weeks we had the nasdaq down 4%. the other markets down 4 perc% well. if you look at the s&p, of halfway point is 19.90. that's the point from the extreme low in august to those november highs. that's something you want to see how the markets react if we get close to that. >> oil prices have been remarkably resilient to geopolitical concerns over the
5:51 am
last year or so. i wonder whether that changes this time around, of course also coming off the back of a particularly soft week for oil prices last week. >> yeah. oil is a very difficult market. they've kind of taken all of the emotion out of it and it's really become just a sideways trade. we're stuck between $50 and $40. we're at the lower end of the range and that extreme low i think was at 37. if you go back to the extreme extreme low back in the financial crisis, $33 is the key support point. that was the level back then. so you can probably lean on it as we move lower, but oil has just not been a great opportunity here recently. the stock market's been where the action is. you know, oil still at low, low levels. that should be a positive fundamental for the market in the big picture, but like you alluded to, we've already had such a gigantic move in equities that it was due for a pull back. >> alan, also taking a look at
5:52 am
the fed funds futures, almost 90% probability the fed will hike funds. we're still 220 and change. some say we won't move off the 220 bound. >> well, a couple things to look at the bonds. first off, you know, the bond marked if you look at the 10 year and 30 year, they had moved up a quarter percent in the last few weeks. they're not directly referable with the last few weeks. it looks like a done deal. the markets move forward on that. also looking at the treasury markets, i use that as a key to see how money flows. even though we saw a lot of unwinding in stocks last week, not a big bounce in treasury. so we're not seeing much positive action there. not much flight quality. so that tends to tell me that there wasn't a whole lot of money taken out of stocks and put to work in the safety of treasuries. >> all right. alan, thank you so much. alan, chief market strategist of bull's eye options. let's get back to the paris
5:53 am
attacks. our top storstory, the only sto the french interior minister saying they've carried out 168 raids in counter terrorism attacks. 23 people arrested. 104 individuals under house arrest. let's get back out to hadley gamble who's standing by in paris. hadley, coming up to noon in paris and we're awaiting that one minute silence. >> reporter: that's exactly right. basically what you see behind me are hundreds of people already gathered here to commemorate the loss of 129 people that died in the attacks on friday. you have to also remember that this is the second time in just a year that this city has come under attack. french president francois hollande is saying this is a country at war with terrorism. in an hour we expect to hear him address both houses of parliament. he's going to ask for a three-month extension of the
5:54 am
state of emergency that already exists. these people are gathered here, they're mourning, flowers, candles around this monument here. the big question for everyone here, are we safe and can the president keep us safe? >> hadley, thank you so much for that. now i want to bring you the latest flash we're getting on the unfolding situation. a report coming through that one of the people thought to be involved with the attacks thought to be one of the eight that did, in fact, escape, that he has been arrested in belgium. we are awaiting confirmation from the belgium prosecutor, but thus far we understand that salah abdeslam has been arrested in molenbeek. i suppose, guys, in terms of other developments, lots of action overnight and over the last 24 hours by the french and the belgians in terms of trying
5:55 am
to respond domestically. also quite big action pretty quickly in terms of attacks in syria from the french air force as well. >> absolutely. it seems a lot of focus has been on the belgium capitol, brussels. specifically that one district you talked about. over the weekend one official said we've lost control of that district. so that's where a lot of the jihadists are actually coming from. >> i think it's also a rethink of middle east policy. how much do you tolerate to the assad regime and on a short-term basis do you keep them in power while you target isis. france has been opposed to and the u.s. has been given opposed to. given the audacity of the attack i think there's a rethink on the middle east push going forward. >> many questions still to answer. our thoughts and prayers. that's all we have time for here on worldwide exchange. >> i'm wilford frost. >> i'm susan lee. >> i'm carolyn ross. u.s. "squawk box" is coming your way next.
5:56 am
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good morning on cnbc. i'm becky quick along with joe kernen and andrew ross sorkin. we have a lot to talk about this morning. as joe mentioned, the global markets are taking all of this in stride at this hour. take a look at what's been happening with the futures. the dow futures indicated higher, up about 30 points right now. s&p futures indicated up 2 points and the nasdaq up by 10 points. this all comes after a rough week for the markets. the dow last week lost 665 points. a decline of 3.7%. the nasdaq off. this all raises questions about
6:00 am
what will happen next from the fed. that may be part of the reason you're seeing all of this today. we will talk more about the markets and all of these issues. we are now approaching noon in france. we've been waiting to see what happens. there's going to be a moment of silence that's observed and we're going to observe that here as well. take a look at some of the pictures. you see the french president. francois hollande.


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