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tv   Worldwide Exchange  CNBC  November 18, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> gunshots and explosions on the streets of paris. one terrorist remains in the apartment that's been a focus of a police operation that's now lasted for six hours. one woman has blown herself up. >> meanwhile, authorities say there was no evidence of bombs on the two air france klm planes that were diverted on route from paris to the united states. >> stocks in europe are on the way down. u.s. futures point to lower
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renewed tensions in the streets of paris but crude continues to rally with brent 2% higher. >> in m&a news monsanto plants the seed for a new syngenta bid. shares trade sharply higher after the u.s. firm says it's still on the hunt for a takeover. >> all right. let's get to our top story this hour. the disturbing scenes on the streets of paris. the northern suburb of the city. a police operation is still underway in the french capital. more than five hours after it first started in the early morning hours. french police concerned there's still one terrorist left inside the apartment at the center of this raid. one woman in the flat has been
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killed. she killed herself at the beginning of the assault by blowing herself up. three men have been arrested from inside the part and reports are that one civilian who is passing by at the time of the operation has been injured as well. these are disturbing scenes that we're keeping a close eye on and they're after a high value target. the mastermind behind the attacks but there's still no confirmed reports whether she's one of the three arrested inside the apartment. whether he's still at large or what we know of him at this point. >> we believe he is involved in this flat and we don't know that for sure yet. but the thing that's astonishing this morning is this is so close to where the attacks took place. it's in the outskirts of paris. where the attacks kicked off in that district of paris and suggests whether or not all of the planning was done from there or part of it that really are
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close to the action. much closer perhaps than we might have feared originally. >> let's get the late fres the streets of paris. hadley gamble is standing by. hadley. >> good morning, susan. french president hollande said this is a country at war with terrorism and events we have seen over the last several hours in the northern suburb of paris. they certainly reflect that. what we know of course so far is five people at least have been arrested. we know that french media reports that some of the police involved in this raid have been injured and we also know that at least two terrorists are dead. we have also been told by french police that at least one terrorist remains inside of the apartment that's been under siege now since around 4:30 al local time this morning. of course i'm standing here outside. later today french lawmakers are going to be gathering here and debating the emergency of powers that are right now in place in the streets of paris and across france. they want to extend the powers for another three months and the
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bigger question going forward is what that will mean for security and intelligence officials in terms of the tools they can use to go after rists. >> in terms of the terrorists targeted in the raid overnight, do we know if they were related to the terrorists attacks overnight or planning a completely separate attack? do we know to what extent they were linked? >> right now a lot of this is unclear. we had various reports in french media saying they're possibly a link to the mastermind of the attacks on friday. but no information from the prosecutor's office or the police themselves as to whether or not the man behind this attack was involved in particular. we have seen 128 such raids since the attacks took place in paris and we have to highlight the fact that the french security forces, president hollande wants to increase police presence by 10,000 jobs over the next two years but already we understand when you speak to western military and
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security officials that the french are considered to be very, very strong in terms of their internal security and how they have been tracking terrorists over the last couple of years. it speaks volumes that we've seen such a scrambling of security and intelligence personnel over the last several days. >> hollande saying france is at war and this raid this morning on the outskirts of paris highlighting that particular fact. let's explore what the likely reaction is by the french over the next couple of weeks. air strikes already picking up a pace. the guest you had about half an hour ago on worldwide exchange, he did say the phrase boots on the ground. is sentiment in france shifting toward that as a likely ev eventuality and is that coming sooner rather than later? >> we've seen that reflected on papers and topics in french
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press and media over the last couple of days that more has to be done and there's a recognition that liberties may be sacrificed in this fight against terror but we have spoken to a member of the parliament that is expected to be a runner for france but what i have been hearing from diplomats in particular is russia getting involved with boots on the ground and the fight against the islamic state is crucial. that is a game changer and that means we could see president holland going to the u.n. security council and get ago approval for a resolution against the islamic state. so a lot of events moving rapidly here in france and certainly this raid this morning that's been taking place since around 4:30 a.m. reflective of the changing nature of this fight against terror here in france. >> we heard of course about the need for cooperation internationally between the u.s., europe, and russia but we
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also need cooperation within countries and there's a sense that there's much more political division than say there was 14 years ago where the response was pretty unanimous in the united states. we have divisions also in terms of the best course of action within france and across europe. does that mean that any form of action is going to be much harder to come to? >> possibly over the long-term. you have at the moment everyone coming together and there's a real sense of unity and this post attack phase where everyone is reeling from the impact of what happened here in france on friday night but it's not just here in france or in the u. k. that we have the political divisions. you also have them internally in the united states. so many governors saying they're unwilling to take refugees.
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the president of the united states saying we're going to take these refugees. there's not that much they can do but it highlights the internal divisions and that's a bigger part of the debate going forward. later today as i mentioned they'll be talking about the extension of the emergency powers and talking about the tools that they want to give to security and intelligence personnel to make it easier for them to take on terrorists but we're talking about a restriction of liberties and search and seizure and things that have been held sacred for many years so it will be difficult for people to stomach once we get away from this close period on friday. this will have to be a longer conversation down the road. >> i want to get your reaction to one final part of the story. investigators cleared two airplanes that were diverted. nobody was hurt in any of those instances and cleared of bombs
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being on board. what is the reaction on the ground in paris to that story despite the fact that it's now cleared of having any bombs on board? >> it's just a bigger reflection of the fact that there's a sense of tension in this city but also a sense of events moving faster than anyone's control. when you have 128 plus police raids in a three day period that will be adding up to intense moments for security and intelligence personnel. people hurrying to and from work the last couple of days. sirens all night long. there's a tense feeling in the city and that adds to the pressure people are feeling. if you think about this from the u. s. perspective as well, it's something over the last several years, lines at the airport. airport security becomes a very, very important component of the fight against terror but at the same time we understand that events are moving very, very quickly right now especially given the threat of the islamic
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state and certainly something going forward that you'll probably see lawmakers as early as today is going to be what more needs to be done in terms of keeping our airports safe. >> for now, thank you for that. we'll be back out with hadley throughout the show of course. >> let's get back to the markets and checking in on u. s. futures and what they're indicating ahead of the u.s. open today. this satisfy the flat session that you saw on tuesday. looks like the implied open is telling us we're going to open up at fair value today. lower by one point by the s&p. dow jones industrials called down by 13 and the nasdaq pricing in losses of 2.3. >> and european market trade in the red today to the tune of 1% in france. 0.7 in germany and in the u.k. down just shy of .5%. do bear in mind that yesterday we had a very strong rally in europe. the broader stoxx 600 was up 2.4% so a little bit of a correction following yesterday's
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gains. >> shares are trading higher amid hopes that monsanto could come back with another takeover offer for the swiss firm. this after they said executives had, quote, conversations inside about acquiring rivals including syngenta at an investor day. >> also shares are continuing to move lower today after it agreed to buy air gas for $13.4 billion. this was an all cash deal and if it is approved it would make the french group the world's largest industrial gas company now by sales. the air liquide ceo saying it will be reached between the two and expects the deal to close in 2016. >> norfolk southern is all but rejecting a $28.4 billion take over from canadian pacific calling it low premium and saying it would face significant hurdles. they're offering $95 a share and a cash and stock offer. a 9% premium to choose data closing price.
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the combined railroad would offer unparalleled customer service and competitive shipping rates and satisfy u. s. and canadian regulators. let's have a look at price action in german trade. >> still to come on the show, a realty check. housing starts are out at 8:30 a.m. eastern. but do bricks and mortar matter before the fed lift off? we'll discuss next. that's when we come back in two.
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welcome back. let's remind you of the headlines. gunshots and explosions heard in paris as police conduct an operation lasting more than six hours. monsanto is on the look out for m&a opportunities and may revisit syngenta and it takes over air gas for $13.4 billion. >> let's give you a run down of what to watch for on this wednesday. likely dropped last month but are expected to remain at levels consistent with a market that is recovering at a pretty healthy clip. meantime building permits likely rising last month. at 3:00 p.m. we'll get the
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minutes from last month's fed meeting. u.s. fed president bill dudley they're all in a regulation to discuss policy and giving his first talk on the economy and fed policy this afternoon. when it comes attornto earnings reporting before the bell and let's pick up on the latest u.s. housing data and the home starts and housing starts that we're expecting today. senior executive vice president joining us live from los angeles. good to have you. so you are saying that basically we're going to go steady with housing starts. what does that say about the health of the u.s. consumer and the u.s. economy? >> good morning, thanks for having me on the program. you're right. the numbers are expected to be around 1.1 million units of single family and multifamily housing and that is very consistent with what we have
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been expecting and the underlying theme of what's happening with u.s. real estate whether it's residential or commercial is demand continues to outpace new supply. the construction levels are rising and indicate a healthy market on the commercial side and residential side but by far we're short of what we're seeing by the job driven demand coming back into the marketplace. on housing in particular the single family numbers are very interesting to look at because we're looking at 6 to 700,000 units of completed homes compared to 1.6 million prior to the last recession. so we're still well below prior peaks and household formation has picked up pace pushing about 1.5 million units. so the balance between supply and demand is very favorable. >> well, let me just ask you if this consistent steady trend continues when, let's say the fed hikes interest rates next month. >> well, the fed is incredibly
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data sensitive as we saw earlier in the year where there was some tribulation in the markets in the third quarter and they basically paused. job numbers are coming in strong and because of the fact that we have now seen two or three cycles of expected interest rate increases that have been postponed the markets are expecting on the real state side anyway the fed to move forward with an interest rate increase. having said that, the accommodative attitude and the fact that inflation is not a problem with energy prices falling and the wage growth just starting to take form, we believe that we're going to have a more data driven fed. >> sure but are they still going to be interested in that space if the fed hikes rate? because the yield differential will obviously fall away. >> well, the margin in the
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market, the spread in the market is still very healthy. yields are still attractive compared to other alternative investments. even for apartments, really the only sector seeing a sizable volume of new construction the supply-demand is still so saverable on top of demands that we're seeing today that the market is anticipating yield increases to the degree that it's still below the rent increases we're seeing in the overall commercial real estate sector. it's really the balance of occupancy increases and rent growth versus the increased cost of debt and that balance looks good but you're right. we're seeing the degree of sales growth and investments slow down a bit on the commercial side and that is actually a positive signal is that we're not seeing too much leverage. any kind of an overlending that we saw in '06 and '07 which obviously lead to a lot of
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problems and that is keeping the balance in the market pretty healthy. >> thank you so much for that. senior executive vice president. >> still to come on the show, we'll bring you up to date with the on going enormous police operations underway in paris as it closes around those potentially responsible for friday's terror attacks. we'll leave you with the live pictures from paris. we're back in a couple of minutes.
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welcome back. breaking news from the northern district of paris. two new arrests taken the total relating to this overnight and morning raid to 7. we knew that three did come from the flat that -- the apartment that remains in question with one person still inside. two from outside of that and the latest also adding the total to 7 arrests in this raid which has been going for the last five or six hours. let's get reaction live from paris. hadley joins us now live. >> what we know right now is that 7 people have been arrested. we also know that at least two terrorists were killed in this raid on going since around 4:30 a.m. local time. one of the two killed was a
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woman. she detonated an explosive vest during this raid. there were policemen lightly wounded over the last several hours in this raid as well and also so much speculation in the french press. several different reports relating to this installed tent. the folks that had been arrested this morning were planning an attack, essentially, against what is that area of paris which is essentially like our city area in london. the business district. that's one of the many reports we're hearing from the french and local press here. we also heard other numerous reports about the fact that he may be at the center of the raid. he may be the target of this raid. unconfirmed reports at this point but that's the general rumor we're hearing on special media and from the french press as well. later today lawmakers here are going to be debating the extension of emergency powers. they want to extend these
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emergency powers here in france for another three months and that will give intelligence and security operations more tools to fight terrorists but of course that also means that liberties may be at risk, guys. >> i just wanted to follow up on the extra two arrests that we've had in the last 15 or 20 minutes or so. do we know if this is in the same region we're looking at live pictures of now where the raid has taken place all morning or is it a separate raid? part of the same raid, do we believe? >> we believe that. we're talking about multiple raids here. over 128 police and military raids across the country since the attacks took place. a lot of moving parts. it's a fast moving story as you have seen. these attacks coming at a crucial time for the french security services. president hollande wants to add at least 10,000 security jobs over the next two years and we already understand from multiple
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sources in the united states government and earn governments as well that the french security services are considered some of the best when it comes to taking on terror. so upping their abilities is something that the french president wants to get done and wants to do it with an extent of the emergency powers later this week. >> thank you for that. we'll be back out in paris with hadley before the show is over of course. let's have a little look back at certain arkt actions and look at oil prices in particular which have rallied today following of course a bad couple of weeks and months and, indeed, a soft couple of days leading into this. we're down 1.8% on wti. 41.4. brent 44.6. that's up 2.4% itself today. this slight rally, though, carolyn, i suppose not so much related to the geopolitical concerns. >> that was according to the
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api. we're getting the official government report later on today and i'm looking at a recent note saying that inventory is 20% above it's five year average. so guys, for a long time, the supply-demand balance will be driving the prices. we're going to go for a quick break. >> yeah. still to come on the program, we get you the latest from paris of course. the on going attacks and the operations underway. so which presidential candidates do americans think will keep them safe and protect their country against terrorism in the future? we'll have at a later on in the program.
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one terrorist remains in the apartment that's been the focus of a police operation that's been underway for the last six hours. two more suspects have been arrested which brings the total to 7. >> meanwhile, authorities say there was no evidence of bombs on the two airfrance klm planes that were diverted on route to paris from the united states. >> meantime, the stock reaction on the markets, we're looking at declines. u.s. futures are pointing lower on renewed tensions in paris but
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crude prices rally with brent now nearly 2% higher. >> in m&a news monsanto plants the seed for a new syngenta bid. shares are higher after the u.s. firm is still on a hunt for a take over. welcome to worldwide exchange. we are keeping on top of the scenes in paris right now. we have a police operation underway in the northern suburbs of paris and we'll keep you updated on that and go live back to hadley gamble. let's get you caught up on what the markets are doing. do we have risk aversions or fears? we'll be down by one and a quarter points. the dow jones pricing in losses of 12.5 points and we are lower by 2.5. here's the lead you're getting from europe today. we're in the red giving back a lot of that 2% rally we saw just
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yesterday and yeah, here you go. so we have the ftse mib lower. this might be a little rotation here and risk aversion with the headlines and the scenes we're seeing on our television screens in terms of what's happening in the northern suburbs of paris. let's check in on gold and safe haven play. we are looking at the six year lows once again for gold pricing. we're on the other side of the wall here. 1070 an ounce. we are expecting the fed to tighten interest rates next month for the first time in close to 10 years and there might not be any need to hold gold anymore. let's check in on the dollar index guys and as a safety play we also look at the u.s. dollar and we're looking at a quarter percent down so far. >> you are looking at live shots on the northern outskirts of paris where a massive police operation has been underway for more than six hours now.
5:33 am
7 suspects have been arrested. two of those were confirmed in the last two minutes. let's get the latest with hadley gamble in paris. >> this is a rapidly developing situation. seven people have been arrested so far. at least two terrorists were dead. one of him was a woman who detonated an explosive vest earlier today. massive presence since 4:30 a.m. this morning here in paris and we heard from multiple security sources and multiple reports in the media. lots on going about what these suspects, these seven suspects who have been arrested were really up to. one of the reports that we heard is they were planning an attack on the city area, the business area here in paris. there's other questions of course as well about the woman who detonated this explosive vest. she exploded the vest early on in the raid. security officials told people
5:34 am
to stay in their homes. they told people to stay away from schools and in their homes and this leads us back to the emergency measures that the president put in place a couple of daysing and here later lawmakers will be debating as to an extension of the emergency powers and the hope is they will allow them to have more tools at their disposal, guys. >> do we know to what extent the 7 arrests overnight are in anyway, shape, or form related to the taedly attac-- deadly at on friday or were they planning separate attacks. >> there's been a lot of speculation in the french press and local media here and twitter as to whether or not the mastermind of these attacks last friday is at the center of the raid. there's a lot of chatter about that and a lot of speculation. guys. >> thank you for that on going
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coverage of the unfolding situation in paris. let's get back to corporate news. we just got flashes coming from goldman sachs relating to am. they added apple to their conviction buy list. they expect data points around apple's supply chain to remain challenging but they would use any potential shareprice weakness around supply chain data points as an opportunity to build positions so apple added to goldman sachs conviction buy list. let's stick with u.s. and retail. strong sales figures helped delay fears about consumer spending at the peak of the shopping center. there we go. yesterday, walmart up 3.5. home depot up 4.4%. another slew of retailers set to report before the bell today. consensus estimates for lowe's called for 78 cents in earnings per share.
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up from 59 cents in q-3 last year as the company looks to capitalize on growth in u. s. home sales. shares are up 25% over the past 12 months. yesterday they closed up 1.7%. >> staples also set to report as it looks to complete it's acquisition of office depot. the takeover was approved in june but still needs to win regulatory approval. a decision is expected by december 8th. shares were down by almost a third sfoor this year. >> and finally, target preparing to report third quarter earnings as the company rolls out 10 days of black friday deals in an effort to try to jump start it's sales leading it into the all important holiday shopping season. the retailer is looking to increase it's online sales which only accounts for around 3% of the company's total sales in the second quarter. target shares are up nearly 10% in the last year but they're off more than 13% from 52 week
5:37 am
highs. let's get straight to detroit. joining us today. good to have you. thank you for getting up so early for us. the consensus call is for 86 cents when it comes to eps on revenue of 17 billion which is in line with what we saw about a year ago. >> right. and i mean the key figure of course is same store sales and i'm looking for a 1.5% increase in same store sales. similar to what we saw from walmart yesterday. >> what about target itself. they went through it before walmart did but it's been on a come back trail over the last four months. >> it has. they did hit a rough patch. of course the infamous credit breach, the system's breach had a big impact on the business a couple of years ago and they brought in new management and
5:38 am
ceo brian cornell that spent time heading up sams club which is part of walmart and he's done a good job refocussing the organization on some of the things that differentiate target. one of the big pushes has been to focus on their signature categories -- >> i'm going to interrupt you briefly for the latest developing on the raids in paris. we're hearing that the raid is now over. of course developments has seen seven people now arrested from the raids in the northern district of paris. a number of sources, quoting police sources that the raids are now over. this is the latest from that situation. the raids believed to be over. let's in the meantime get back
5:39 am
to patrick. >> yeah. patrick, i just wonder to what extent the issues of a lot of inventory that have really troubled macy's also apply to target. what we could be worried about is falling margins, mark down in inventories. is that a problem for this company? >> right. probably a little more so than it might be for walmart. walmart said that their inventories were down 1.5% in total. that's not what we're seeing from other retailers. most retailers have much too much inventory and it will be a very, very promotional holiday season. target has more exposure to apparel. much of the inventory excess is. so target is more exposed to that dynamic we're likely to see
5:40 am
in a mayor way. >> let's talk about that all important holiday season. what target has unveil sd ed ise shipping, extended price matching. how competitive are they going to be against the likes of amazon because they want to bring out a new deal every five minutes as opposed to every ten minutes now. >> yeah. super aggressive. they're spending a billion dollars this year on digital. digital investments and they are going into the holidays with the free shipping offer. walmart is not doing that so yeah they're looking to be very aggressive versus amazon. one of the broad reasons i'm neutral is i think that the target is more exposed than walmart and some of the other discount retailers that i cover to amazon. to pure play online retailers. more of a similar customer demographicic.
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>> we'll have to leave it here. thank you for your time. managing director and senior equity analyst. >> coming up later on the program courtney has a exclusive interview with brian cornell following the retailers earnings report and that conversation coming your way at 12:15 p.m. eastern time which will take place on fast money halftime report and with black friday about a week away and as the company comes off a difficult earnings report macy's ceo will be sitting down with the squawk box crew today at 7:15 a.m. eastern time. so it's an extravaganza of all the retailing ceos and it's time to do some finger exercises to get ready to keep hitting the refresh button on black friday. amazon planning to start rolling out holiday deals every five minutes starting this friday and running through black friday. last year it launched promotions every ten minutes. amazon will host ten deals of the day on thanksgiving itself. up to ten more on black friday.
5:42 am
plus more than 150 of these limited times lightning teals on its mobile shopping app and deals might include maybe 45% off samsung and lg tv screens and half off toy brands which includes barbie and hot wheels. still to come on the program, banks are behaving badly. several of the world's biggest financial firms are facing fines or targets. and we'll also bring you the latest from paris. stay tuned for more. hi watson. annabelle, your birthday is tomorrow. i'm turning seven. what did you ask for? a princess. and a pony. you like things that begin with p. i like pink frosting too. will you have a cake? yeah. i was too sick to have one last year. the data your doctor shared shows you are healthy. are you a doctor?
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no. i help doctors identify cancer treatments. i want to be a doctor someday. i can help with that too. watson, i like you.
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>> welcome back. the latest is that the police raids are over. they started around 4:30 a.m. local time and continued for around about 6 hours and over the course of those six hours seven arrests made in total and those raids have now come to an end. you can see the northern area of paris as well as a spokesperson
5:46 am
confirming the detail of the raids and confirming that the raids are now over. more from paris later in the show. >> and we'll be checking in with hadley gamble but before that let's get back to the market. several banks are coming under scrutiny for their past bad behavior and could face a round of big fines. landon is standing by. >> good morning to you. barclays could face another $100 million fine in a spending settlement with new york's financial regulator. reports say it would resolve allegations that they rigged the currency markets. the settlement could come by next month and reports say the probe centers on a practice of backing out of trades at the last minute if the market moves against the bank otherwise known as last look. they agreed to pay $120 million to settle a u.s. lawsuit accusing it of conspiring with
5:47 am
markets. it also resolved charges related to euro and dollar trading in the stock market. u.s. prosecutors are pursuing criminal charges against executives for selling flawed securities. the authorities are trying to determine whether bankers ignored warnings they were bundling too much into investments and whether it's constitutes fraud. it would be among the first filed against specific employees of wall street firms over the housing market collapse prosecutors are preparing a civil case and that could result in major fines. it received a subpoena seeking information about it's mortgage backed securities business from 2005 through 2007. checking shares of rbs, jp
5:48 am
morgan and ubs they're all trading higher today. >> let's remind you of the headlines. gunshots and explosions heard in paris as police have completed an operation and raids that lasted more than six hours. 7 arrested in total. monsanto is still on the look out for m&a opportunities and may revisit syngenta and shares fall in paris as it takes on airgas for $13.4 billion. we're back in a couple of minutes.
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and older whose flu symptoms started within the last two days. before taking tamiflu tell your doctor if you're pregnant, nursing have serious health conditions, or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior, stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. call your doctor right away. don't lose another moment to the flu. when there's flu, tamiflu. >> we have a new poll out showing that americans see donald trump and hillary clinton as the top choices to address terrorism following the paris attacks. now when asked to choose from the entire field of presidential candidates 20% of people chose
5:51 am
clinton while an equal number picked donald trump. similarly 33% also selected donald trump followed by marco rubio who is a member of the senate foreign relations committee. meantime the white house holding a 90 minute conference call with plans to increase the number of refugees accepted into the u.s. there's 23 governors that won't allow syrian refugees into their states. this is after french authorities say that one of the paris attackers may have posed as a refugee. let's get the latest from washington d.c. tracie potts is standing by. >> good morning. strong comments overnight from president obama who is traveling overseas targeting the republicans. the governors, those here on capitol hill that want to reject syrian refugees. the president says it's irresponsible and not a smart response to isis. he says it could be used as a
5:52 am
recruitment tool for isis that we should not be expressing fear but that we should be looking at letting in these refugees. the push back in the wake of the par paris attacks has been it might be easy for isis to slip in. it takes 15 to 24 months so up to two years to clear a refugee into the united states but here overnight also sbel yens briefings and after that we heard from lawmakers clarifying that it's not foolproof. there's no third parties out there to verify who they are so there's still concerns on capitol hill that letting in so many refugees could be an open door for terrorists to get inside our boarders. >> thank you so much. >> meantime, the french government has confirmed that
5:53 am
the raid is over. according to media reports, 7 suspects linked to friday's attacks have been arrested and two killed in a standoff with police. one woman blew herself up in an apartment targeted by police. five officers were lightly wounded. let's get back out to hadley gamble. >> this massive security raid started around 4:20 a.m. this morning local time. we now know that seven people are in custody. at least two terrorists were shot and killed. we also know there were minor causalities among police officers on the scene there. we also know that there are multiple reports as unconfirmed by nbc news that the man that's suspected of being behind these attacks here in paris on friday is the target of the raid and this is a raid like so many others over the last several days since friday which is likely to continue. that's according to many of the
5:54 am
french lawmakers we have been speaking to over the last couple of hours. now they will be debating the extension of the emergency powers that the president hollande says for a country at war with terrorism is necessary. >> i want to pick upton target and the reason why the raids started. they were after the mastermind behind the terrorist attacks. they thought he was in syria and all of a sudden they think he is in paris? >> exactly. this speaks to the volume of information and possibly misinformation they're trying to sift through. what we know is that the french authorities here, french security officials are some of the strongest in the world in terms of taking on terror but there's so much information coming in it's difficult for them to tell what is accurate and what is not. >> mean tile, we have seen an intensification of the bombing in syria overnight. this is not coordinated with
5:55 am
intensification of the russian bombing, is it? >> it's interesting that we have seen all the intensity surrounding the fight against the islamic state in syria because what we know is that over the last 24 hours we heard from putin that was going to intensify his own strikes against the islamic state and question going forward is when these governments were going to be able to get together in time to find a consensus on what they're going to do next and many of the diplomats i have been speaking to is that the fight that they're involved in the islamic state and taking the fight to the terrorists is the turning point for the fight against isis and that means there may be a move to take this to the u.n. and get a security council resolution. >> so perhaps getting slightly closer to international cooperation although comments this morning would put a little bit ouf uncertainty over that particular point.
5:56 am
what about getting a united front within france and within individual countries? is there still that unity on the ground in france as to what the best course of action is going forward? >> the mood here is one of unity but you have to also of course remember there's lawmakers on every side of this issue. lawmakers saying we are ready to give up liberties in terms of our own security but we want to know exactly what's being done. we want this to be a very transparent process so a lot of conversations will be taking place over the next few days are rewards to the extension of the emergency powers and how many traditional liberties that the french people hold dear will have to be curtailed. >> thank you for that and for your coverage this morning. so the raids are over confirmed by the french government. 7 arrests. that's all we have time for today on worldwide exchange. thank you so much for watching.
5:57 am
we'll be back same time tomorrow. next up, squawk box.
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>> an overnight raid near paris targets high level suspects involved in last week's attacks. seven are arrested and at least one is dead after a woman killed herself detonating a suicide vest as police formed the apartment. in a developing story, two air france flights bound for paris were diverted after bomb threats. both plane versus been searched and cleared. security concerns in the global markets. it is wednesday, november 18th, 2015 and squawk box begins right now.
6:00 am
>> good morning, everyone. welcome to squawk box here on cnbc. i'm becky quick with joe concerner and andrew ros ross sorkin. police are seeking suspects in last week's attacks. a government spokesman says the raid is now over. michelle is on the scene and joins us with the latest. michelle. >> hey there becky. 8 hours ago the operation here began. this is a suburb just north of paris. happening in an apartment about 300 meters. that's about three american football fields behind me. there's a massive police presence. here's what we know at this point. federal prosecutors, french prosecutors say they began this operation about 4:30


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