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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  January 21, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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had levels we last saw 2012. i think rallies into earnings. >> good stuff. hope you had fun. i did. see you tomorrow. catch "fast money" tomorrow at 5:30 p.m. "mad money" with jim cramer begins right now. my mission is simple -- to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere. i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to make you some money. my job is to teach and entertain. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. or tweet me @jimcramer. i got a glimpse in the market's mind today. i was able to do a genuine
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vulcan mind meld. while you can look at the average dow gaining 116 points, s&p climbing 0.5% and nasdaq advancing i actually know precisely what happened inside the market today. so listen up, because reality is stranger than the science fiction notion of inside cranial information. first off, if you didn't know it by now, all that matters is the direction of oil. we live and die with oil. you figure out where oil is going and you figure out where the market is going. one look at this market, tells us we collapsed because oil collapsed first. okay. here we go. this takes us down. and the s&p 500 bounced because we hit a technical level right here. above the average line. but these are one and the same. this is a few seconds earlier. don't believe me, you think i'm cherry picking on the big decline one day in the life of the market i have an idea. do this for me. set your alarm to 3:00 a.m. all right. you can stay -- extra half hour.
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set your alarm to 3:30 a.m. like i do. check out as trade trades down a few pennies and the s&p trade down a couple of picks. all in a vacuum. pajama trader, selling the s&p. like a dog being dragged by the oily tail and never the other way around. but today i saw something amazing. when i peered into that cerebral cortex of this market, what i saw was not that the averages do well when oil goes higher. it's that certain parts of the market do exceedingly well. and i didn't have this meld going on if i didn't have it going on inside that brain, you'd never believe which parts did well. so today we had this huge counterintuitive rally up to
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$29.62 within striking distance of that key $30 level. i say counterintuitive because the eagerly awaited oil levels was fundamental. it's just that the trading in crude is so oversold. something that's gone down week after week is due for a bounce but here's where it go from counterintuitive to totally wacko. what stocks went higher as the oil spiked? let's see. we had a colossal gain in the consumer spending stocks like the retailer, travel and leisure place. we had big moves up, outrageous moves up in the airlines and the cruise ships stocks. what do all of those sectors have in common? why simple. their earnings go up when gasoline goes down. that's right. these companies report better numbers as crude plummets. nobody makes more money than the
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gas guzzling cruise line companies that soared today. nevertheless, the airlines and cruise ship stocks have been in a world of hurt since the new year began as oil got crushed one for one. every tick down, that's right, every tick down in crude provides a boost to the bottom lines in the companies. go listen to the conference calls which they are all about how they're saving billions of billions in fuel costs. the greatest thing that happened to their bottom lines. what about the stocks? they couldn't get out of their way until today. even when they reported amazing numbers like delta, they were greeted with a yawn or a sell-off, but with oil zooming, their stock soared. even spirit jumped up 5% today. key raw cost is oil. which is up 4%. same in the travel and leisure stocks. priceline is in the how was pain, but not today. it's levered to more and more people traveling had the first good recession in ages. i thought a law had been passed so marriott stock couldn't go
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higher, but they catapulted 2 bucks. more and more people are going to hit the highways because the lower gasoline. but this was oil's biggest rally of the year. or how about retail? i was trying to figure out what could make the stock go up again. if the consumer had additional dollars wouldment she go buy something discretionary at best buy. it rallied but not as much as walmart and home depot. and i can list any restaurant chain and its stock put on a good move too. even as they had been crushed with the daily oil pulverization. i will tell you exactly why they rallied really hard today. you see the big trigger pullers the big portfolio managers, the ones who buy stock in bulk and therefore can influence trading -- buy buy buy buy, they have decide as oil goes lower -- so goes the economy.
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if oil is headed south and south fast that means we're going in a recession and that means restaurant, travel, leisure, retailers are going to be annihilat annihilated. in this mind set that these people have there's no way you should pay up for an airline stock that you think if we're going into recession regardless of whether jet fuel is going down. why? because these stocks get cut in half. if we're going into a recession. nobody goes out, nobody spends in a recession. so why would you invest on a company that invests in people going out and spending? but the oil bounce, there goes the spare change that consumers have left over from the pumps so let's sell the discretionary spending stocks. no. no way. the money managers are like, whew, despite how tight fisted the fed has become, no recession
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in sight, rejoice and buy. they don't accept the idea that oil is going down because there's too much supply. they believe it's lack of demand. demand. just like there's not enough demand for copper or iron or steel or nickel. because well, aren't they all commodities? isn't oil another commodity like the rest of them? they're sincerely report which we'll slip back into resession and those stocks have been headed down because of the thesis. today's oil remarkable rally took that thesis right off the table. at least momentarily. the good news spread to the oil and gas itself. the $31 billion colossus -- formally $80 billion colossus. it managed to meet its own forecast. and who thought that would happen? the relief rally in kinder morgan caused the stocks to do higher. do you know what got sold the hardest today?
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recession proof drug and food stocks that outperform in a recession. who wants to own the slow down stocks if the mind of the market is made up that there's no recession thanks to the new found demand for oil. now, of course all this can and will be reversed if oil goes back down. you'll want to stay tuned to the history of oil, so you can see how difficult it is to project the tea. those that benefit the most go up in on the oil. when oil goes higher this market's clinically depressed mind starts to believe that the consumer just might live to spend another day. instead of being mired in the upcoming for certain chinese inspired fed induced recession. yet the bottom line is that thanks to my vulcan mind meld we know that for a day at least the buyers are taking the recession story off the table and saying that the consumers ready to spend and travel and enjoy. how do we know this? simple. the rally in oil told us so.
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kevin in arizona. kevin. >> caller: hey, jim. the fibonacci queen stated it went down to 18.12 and bounced back. since we touch it are we going do unto 1700 -- >> no, i checked in in with the quick queen carolyn boroden she said we'll put in a short term bottom either yesterday or today. well, she got it. yesterday was a short term bottom. it went to her level, through it and then bounced back. she said if we went up a little bit higher it would be an actual trading rally. so we bounced off the levels she said -- not bad. chris in new york. chris. >> caller: jim, i'm an older investor and looking from the tech sector. what do you think if skyworks or yahoo! is a better pick? >> yahoo! is a big base, it's got a big piece of alibaba and
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sky works is a momentum stock. i would much rather see you in a company that reported the absolutely terrific number today and that's verizon. which is a stock i had been pounding the table on day in, day out since the year began. verizon had a superior quarter, john ledger i know from t-mobile you didn't like it. but the market did. the stock roared up 3.2% and you're getting a 5% yield. that's what i like. chuck in colorado. chuck! >> caller: jim, thank you for taking my call. >> of course. >> caller: yeah, in 2010 i was -- with the westminster dog show and does it get any better? >> i'm sorry? >> caller: i'm wrong on taser. and a dead cap -- you know, with the new updated consumer stun gun and several months back motorola announced -- how does
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this play out? >> this stock is in just a world of pain and i think it should be freed from the pain. i think it represents a bargain at $15. as i said that smith and wesson should be sold that day. i think that the taser represents value considering what's going on and what municipalities have been doing which is ordering tasers instead of lethal weapons. what does today's rally in oil tell us? that the consumer isn't going to be helped by lower oil. but you'll be death by recession that may not happen right now. listen, remember, the mind meld. the debby downer attitude that kicked off 2016 isn't limited to the overall averages. i have a company suffering from a case of chronic negativity. it might be a good thing. after the rally in oil, one thing is clear. no one knows anything when its comes to the price of the commodity. i'll explain. 2016 was supposed to be the year of the banks but after a rocky start because first horizon make sense here? i have the ceo here. so why don't you stick with cramer!
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your first step is to call pg&e. together, we're building a better california. i have been telling you we need to be cautious ever since the fed first tightened back in december. but it's also worth remembering especially on days like today where we got a nice bounce, that it's simply doesn't pay to get too negative. in fact, there are times when being excessively skeptical can hurt you. i'm not talking about the retailers. consider burlington store with 540 stores widely known as burlington coat factory. which is something incredible last week. remember the whole apparel complex was in a house of pain
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during the fourth quarter because the weather was so unseasonably warm and they couldn't move a lot of the winter merchandise. the apparel space was one of the most hated groups out there. fast forward to next monday when burlington preannounced the fourth quarter results with the numbers coming in at the low end of what the analysts were expecting. yep, what happens? instead of getting crushed this stock surged 14% in a single session. and it hasn't looked back since. with burlington stores rallying another 2.4% today after getting a nice solid buy recommendation from goldman sachs. how is it possible they can preannounce a weaker than expected number and still see the stock fly in the stratosphere? simple. this is what happens when wall street gets gloomy. in the expectation that a company that sells winter coats would get obliterated after the heat wave that lasted through christmas. you had tons of money managers shorting this stock it seemed
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like a layup. yeah, it's like shooting fish in a barrel for them. at least they thought. and when that's that much negativity surrounding a stock in a group think mode you don't need much good nice news to send it higher. while burlington numbers was higher they were much better than most people feared and at the same time, we get a huge cold snap practically overnight. suddenly the stock was totally hated, because a new found market darling during a period where every other stock has been put thousand the meat grinder. how did the success propel burlington stocks higher? first, you need to understand that burlington had a not so hot year in 2015. stock falling 9.2%. what made the year so rocky? even burlington had a robust first quarter and weaker than expected same-sex -- same store sales, thanks to the port throw down, the sub par same store
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numbers were a profit. however, the buyers they had a totally different view. burlington was in show me mode after the quarter. so when they delivered second quarter results in the second quarter, the stock jumped nearly 7% the next day. those gains were short lived. by the time they reported again in late november it seemed like the summer was never going to end and winter might not come at all this year because the weather was so darn warm. i think that's a big reason why in stock plunged 17%. between the second quarter and the third quarter. as investors of course assumed the worst. isn't that what in market has become? assuming the worst. when they reported muted but not a hideous growth, burlington stocks spiked 7% the next day. things weren't so terrible. the problem is no matter how well burlington stores did, the weather related fears kept piling up, as the late fall/early winter heat wave
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continued, we got hideous results from macy's was talked about tepid spending by domestic customers in apparel. hold it, that's burlington's wheelhouse. so even though -- remember even though burlington stores had beaten the earnings estimates for eight straight quarter, they had a history of delivering solid same store sales you can understand how it got caught up in the whirlwind of negativity, especially companies with the exposure to winter apparel. money managers just assumed there was no way that the company -- at least we thought it was burlington coat factory could do well in an environment where nobody wanted to buy a darn coat. never mind that the company actually sells all sorts of apparel. not to mention all sorts of accessories and housewares. the reality, the whole time is that burlington stores is a very well run company that under the leadership of ceo tom kingsbury
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has upgraded the inventory systems, finding new sources of merchandise and making its store look even better. i mean, look at this. this coat, this is what -- this coat is 69 bucks. that's what burlington does. it gives you a value, a bargain. that's what the consumer wants now. ever since kingsbury took over he's been aggressive about paying down the company's enormous debt load. remember it was a public company, went private, public again. he's cut the leverage ratio if half. that's allowed them to roll out a $2 million buy back which brings me to sweet delicious monday of last week. when burlington stores made the fated preannouncement and the short sellers got creamed. remember all the shorts were betting that the fourth quarter had to be a disaster. absolute disaster for burlington. warm weather suggested that there -- they wouldn't be able to move this. come on. this thing is hot. what really happened, burlington
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narrows the guidance to the $1.46 range. the shorts expected a major miss. instead, analysts said, hey, it's not that great. but it's fine. they also brought down the revenue growth forecast to the low end of the previous range. talked about flat same store sales. and again, if you were one of the many short sellers betting against the burlington stores, you expected hideous, negative revenues. you expected really bad same store sales, you thought there would be a major hit to earnings and the big cuts. instead, you got a preannouncement that it was a tiny bit worse than the company predicted. so all the shorts who had been anticipating such a bad number had to come in and buy. they had to cover the stock they previously sold in order to close out the position and take the loss. suddenly loss of the investors on the sidelines, they mine worth owning, they finally get it. by the time that burlington
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preannounced the heat wave turned into the cold snap and the next quarter might be better than we expected. i think that's going to happen with the storm coming. that's how the stock went 14% higher the next day and how it continues to rocket higher even after shallow pull back. so here's the bottom line. when investors get too complacent in the negativity of the stock, it's easy for the company to send it soaring. and that's exactly what happened with the very fine company that is burlington stores. and on the eve of the year's first big snowstorm i bet this company is starting to do very well here. although given the run and given the way that the market trades off oil you might get a pull back before you do any buying. the stock did well today. don't worry i expect the market will give you another broad based sell-off and you can use it to pick this one up on weakness. because if oil does go down, don't forget i peered into the plain of this market and it says, sell all stocks whenever oil goes down.
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regardless of the positive impact that higher gasoline prices would surely have on the enterprise. much more "mad" ahead. oil futures hit the lowest levels this week but today the commodity spiked up more than 4%. what gives? i'm going to reveal. first horizon shares have dropped more than 15% since the year began, but could that signal it times to buy? many people are living with limb loss in the u.s. and i have a company that's giving you a chance to walk again. so why don't you stick with cramer.
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today we rallied hard. because oil jumped more than 4%. ♪ hallelujah >> is that something we should be taking to the bank? have we seen the bottom of oil? perhaps because history says that the direction of oil is harder to predict than it sounds. buy buy buy, sell sell sell. i went back to articles written about oil at this same time last year. the talk back then was almost about the shape of the letter. where we're -- where we are going to have a veer recovery
6:27 pm
was puts oil back on the course of 100 before the crash get gann in june of 2014 or more of a maddening -- soft rebound, oil might not be higher than $70 a year later as in now. i couldn't find anyone who thought the oil would break down hard at the levels. even goldman sachs who targeted it would go much lower. they're focusing on a slower return to higher prices by the end of 2015 back then. in other words they kind of felt like it would drift up or shoot up. maybe though we shouldn't be so shocked. last night rusty brazil is the author of the domino effect and he show sent me a chart of a similar crash that occurred in the '80s. the january to march march in 1986. oil was $26.53 on january 6,
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1986. just where it traded to yesterday. less than three months later on march 31, 1986, oil traded down to $10.25. you heard me right. 26.53 to 10.25 in less than three months. yes, that happened. there's several things that amaze me about the comparison. first, we often hear the strong dollar is behind the decline now. because oil is priced in dollars but that stunning 1986 decline came during the biggest and fastest collapse of the dollar at any time in the last century. a 40% pummelling in a few months time. if the dollar is going higher you can be on the other side of the oil trade. this time around, we heard we couldn't have this boom/bust cycle because so many oil drillers would be simply -- so able and easily and quickly close the tap. and the price of crude would come roaring back. nonsense. the tap stays open because the
6:29 pm
debt has to be paid. i have been going through some of the balance sheets of those that went off the deep end off the peak. astonishing how much stock they took on. all of the v and u predictions were predicated on the idea that saudi arabia wouldn't cut the prices but they had done it before. why do we ever think they wouldn't do it again? plus we're surprise as they had been pumping for so long. but u.s. production has barely dropped and may not be down much this year because of massive increase in production coming online from the gulf of mexico. as long as we keep pumping they'll keep pumping. what's their mission? to drive our companies out of business. could oil go down to $10? it's happened before. to be fair you have to adjust for inflation. kind of like $22.34 today. but that may be too sophisticated for the mind of the market to understand if they look at the chart i did. here's the bottom line. i don't foe if it's going to 10
6:30 pm
or 40, but i would say this. it certainly could happen again. because if there is a one thing we can learn from reading the back pages, it's that nobody seems to know anything about nothing. when it comes to the price of oil. let's go to shari in indiana. shari! >> caller: hello, mr. cramer. i'm interested in marathon oil and was wondering what your thoughts on this stock. >> i'm not a fan of marathon. i took a loss i talk about the winner, i have to talk about the losers. i was surprised. i did not think they had the controls in place that i expected. if you do have an oil rally, i suggest you trade out of it. don't count me as a fan. how about brian in colorado, please. brian. >> caller: booyah, jim. >> booyah, brian. >> caller: jetblue and american airlines down 30% from the highs. i know prazal is under pressure, but unlike the airlines, lower
6:31 pm
demand, low oil for the foreseeable future and record profits quarter after quarter, why is prazal the be all end all. >> i agree with you. i think amr american is good. remember they had a difficult s integrace. i think this is priced in. the whole group is kind of nutty and too cheap. but everyone is so gloomy, brian. that you may have to weather a bit of a storm. it's really nutty that these stocks go down when oil goes down. crazy. but i have a bead on that. rudy in texas. rudy. >> caller: booyah from the great state of texas, jim. >> great to have you on the show. what's going on? >> caller: hey, i wanted to see what you thought of exxon mobil. i know they exceeded expectations last quarter. if it's worth a buy now or after their in -- new earnings. >> i won't tell anyone to buy
6:32 pm
exxon. as we used to say at goldman sachs when i worked there nobody ever got hurt buying exxon. i'm not a big fossil fuels fan, but exxon is a very well run company as is schlumberger which reported a good number after the bell. can oil go low? history says it can, but the fact is that no one knows anything about nothing when it comes to black gold. much more "mad" ahead. the fed raised rates back in december, but the regional bank stocks didn't rally. what is happening? i'm going to sit down with the first horizon ceo to get some answers. new hope for amputees. i'll tell you about it just ahead and your calls, rapid fire, in tonight's edition of the lightning round. why don't you stick with cramer! ♪
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lost shipments, lost invoices, lost prospects, lost respect. well-crafted solutions for today's problems in commerce. pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce.
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here's a conundrum. what the heck are we supposed to do with the banks in the environment? 2016 was supposed to be the year of the financials, federal reserve on track to raise interest rates four more times. something that will make banks more profitable. what are we supposed to do here? right now, despite recent protestations from bill dudley,
6:36 pm
i find it hard to believe that the fed will follow through with the plan. the fact that the rest of the world seems to be slowing and if the fed decides to put the tightening spree on hold, where does that leave the banks? considering first horizon, and they have more than 200 locations across the south, along with a wealth management business that's booming and fixed cap tap market offerings, they had a miss off the 21 point basis. and they have some nice loan growth, 5% interest. but the banks earnings did get hit by a noninterest expense. can they get much lift without more help from the fed? let's go to bryan jordan to find out more about where the company is headed. welcome back to "mad money." >> thanks for having me back. >> all right, it's driving me
6:37 pm
crazy. you had a great quarter. you have loan growth. you have no charge-offs to speak of. you're down in texas but you missed that any of the oil problem. why is your stock trading as if all that matters is what the fed is going to do? >> yeah, i think, you know, you have seen the whole industry trade off since the beginning of the year. we have been largely in line. i have to say i'm a -- i see disappointment down on the one hand. on the other hand, as you note from our earnings call and in the past couple of days we have said we want to buy some stock back, so we look at it as an opportunity, we'll buy some. i fundamentally think that the economy continues to be pretty strong. that the overall recovery could -- continues at the slow, modest pace we have had for the last several years. and so given the strong loan growth, the strong credit quality, it is a little surprising that we traded off since the beginning of the year. but as i said it's on sale, we'll buy back in our stock
6:38 pm
repurchase program. >> let's talk about the notion of top line growth. your bank has it. you basically do. there's a lot of big banks that don't. you're in a very robust regeion. is 20162 year to look at growth banks versus value banks? i like growth. >> yeah, ping -- well, let's start with the fed. i think as you noted in your comments in the last several weeks and some of the fed presidents have stated this four rate move is not certain. it may be more or less. and it will be hopefully data dependent. we think against that back drop where we can get some help we'll continue to do what we've done in the last several years. and continue to grow loans, continue to grow customer relationships and a high quality fashion. as i say shooting at the heart of the market and winning those relationships and those customers that matter for the long term. and if we can do those things,
6:39 pm
and continue to capitalize on our financial metrics and what we refer to as the bonefish target we'll continue to create significant value for our shareholders and what's likely to be of continued difficult operating environment. >> do you think in some of your areas you're in a lot of good ideas i would be like to be a buyer that real estate has gotten too hot. we are seeing that in so many regions of the country. boston has gotten too hot. new york is insane. are you experiencing that because of how cheap money is? can. >> no. to date we're not seeing that. we have a big presence in nashville, we continue to grow there. and even in nashville where you have seen the most appreciation in real estate in the state it still is being supported by activity and continued growth. the number of people that are moving in to that marketplace is tremendous. and the projection for what middle tennessee is going to do
6:40 pm
in the next 10 or 15 years is going to be huge growth. around the state, memphis, knoxville, johnson city, we think we'll continue to see healthy growth in commercial activity and particularly in commercial real estate growth. it doesn't feel like it's getting out of ground at this point and we're comfortable with what we see in the broad real estate market. >> let's talk about texas and energy. you haven't done anything there yet. people were worried we saw the distribution, you put out a good pie chart. showing you have no exposure yet to speak of. when do you pounce? do you wait until oil goes to $10? wait for loans to go bad and you scoop -- what happens? you're the only guy with fresh capital down there. >> yeah, you're right. we don't have much in the energy space today. it's less than 1% of our loan portfolio. and in the neighborhood of $200 million in aggregate energy
6:41 pm
exposure and only about half of that is in houston. we do think we have a great team of bankers who are long term, experienced in houston market and knows the customer profile. the customer base in the market place. in some sense as you described it we're looking at this like 2009, 2010 when we had fairly low or modest exposure to commercial real estate. great opportunity to pick up lodge term relationships and do wit the strongest borrowers in the marketplace. so we'll pick our spot. we think we'll have some opportunities in 2016 and those opportunities will continue to grow in 2017. at some point the oil markets will bottom out. i wouldn't be in the business of trying to pick when that will be. but we'll be there. we'll be prepared to pick up those relationships when we have the opportunity to do it. >> well, just one last question. i listen to the political -- i'm not a politician. everybody wants to break up the banks or bashing the banks. is that good for a super
6:42 pm
community bank like first horizon? are the big dogs out of favor in your area? >> yeah, i think that is a very unhealthy dialogue and i think we've painted with a very broad brush for the last eight years when it comes to describing the financial services industry. banks like first tennessee, mid sized banks that are in that, you know, less than $50 billion range, i would argue less than $150 billion range. but certainly in our space as you described we're a large community banking organization. we live and we work. we participate on main street. we're involved in serving our customers and community just like the smallest banks in the community and the larger banks. we're not participating in the exotic products that got us into the trouble that we had in 2007, 2008. so i think it's an unhealthy dialogue. i think the sooner we can move beyond that, i think it's better
6:43 pm
for the economy. and it's better for the industry. because the overregulation or the desire to overregulate will free up the ability to serve our customers and communities in a more flexible way. >> the discourse has to change. bryan jordan, president and ceo of first horizon. thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. the stocks are making money. time to buy them. stay with cramer.
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>> announcer: lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. >> it is time. it is time for the lightning round. you say the name of the stock. -- sell sell sell sell -- when you hear this sound -- [ buzzer ] -- then the lightning round is over. are you ready, skee-daddy? that, ladies and gentlemen, is -- miles in louisiana, miles? >> caller: i want to get your thoughts on emerson electric. >> i'll be down there twice this year. i have to tell you, i think emerson even with the 4% yield is not a buy. because they keep missing the numbers. sam in new jersey, sam? >> caller: hi.
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>> go ahead. >> caller: i'm sorry, i would like to know about the baidu -- >> we don't recommend chinese stocks. we have enough problems with american stocks. todd in washington, todd? >> caller: hi, mr. jim. cxs. >> corrections corps? no, i'm not keep on privatizing and making money off that. i don't want a political situation developing either so ixnay. joe in new york, joe? >> caller: jim, great tarmac? >> when i go to that area, i go to the zone. i go to autozone, why, incredible buy back. dalton in washington. dalton? >> caller: hey, cramer. i have -- i'm a young investor in college. i received stock in diamondback energy -- >> i think you have a chance to lighten up diamondback energy. we're not going to fool around with fossil fuels. you should be focused on high
6:48 pm
growth stocks. let's go to emily in arkansas. emily? >> caller: blackrock holding. >> i like that stock. management isser t terrific. down on the luck, but we had the ceo on, it was darn good. sarah in massachusetts. sarah? >> caller: hey, cramer, thanks for taking my call. i have a quick question for you on sdi. >> okay. oh, you know this is a play on funerals. it's a pretty consistent business. boy, that stock has come down way too much. i have to do some more work on that. mark in california, mark? >> caller: greetings, jim, from beautiful california. do you think it's wise to be a long term investor in teledot -- >> i'm not proud -- it's too crowded of a space. and one more. john in north carolina. john? >> caller: jim, so wizard of wall street, this is john in south port, north carolina.
6:49 pm
i want to thank you for taking my call for the sixth time. energy transfer partners -- >> very controversial. we cut it to two-thirds and ribbons in the 40s. trying to make a stand in the 20s. not working out, the stock is going higher. jack moore who is my portfolio manager. research director has written some solid things about it if you want to know more. that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round. [ buzzer ] >> announcer: the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. it was always just a hobby. something you did for fun. until the day it became something much more. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. ♪ ♪
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every night i come out here and help you figure out how to navigate your way your the stock market. but sometimes there's a privately held company that's doing something so cool that you need to know about it. which brings me to bionx medical technology a maker of prosthetic lower limbs that basically let amputees walk nearly as well as if they had both of their legs. thanks to what i can describe as a bionic ankle. whoever built the $6 million man has nothing on these guys. just take a look. >> you're wearing me out. >> now you see why i had to have
6:53 pm
this company on. ment is that incredible? so far 1,100 people have been set up with the company's bionic ankle device and the reviews have been outstanding. this can be a game changer for so many people, especially veterans. earlier i got a chance to speak with dr. chuck carignan, the ceo of bionx medical technologies. take a look. doctor, i don't think people realize how revolutionizing this is. can you explain? >> most are passive in nature and they need to low back and muscles to move around. they get tired quickly and they have pain issues associated with that. with this technology, we can overcome all of those issues. >> all right, well, judy, tell me how it's changed your life because you have an amazing story. and it seems like that this has brought you back to where you were before your accident.
6:54 pm
>> oh, 42 years ago a motorcycle hit by a drunk driver in germany. prosthetics were horrendous. wood leg. rubber foot. no function whatsoever. and then today with this, bionx, gyroscopes in the knee. it's changed my life. >> are you back to where you were almost? can you do some the things that you were able to do? >> yeah, it's given me back the lower part of the leg that's missing. >> how does it work? because obviously it's a smart machine. so give us how it's controlled, what you do. i notice you have a device there. >> sure. so it's essentially like a wearable robot. so it does two main things. it moves at the ankle so just like our human ankle moves and as you walk it senses how fast you're walking, the speed, up and downstairs and then it pushes off. we use a bluetooth connected tablet for the individual
6:55 pm
patient, their weight and speed they typically walk at. then we can record that and give them really a perfect adjustment to match their biologic leg. >> how big is this market? please talk about the veterans because obviously this can return someone to -- well, no one's whole after they had a tragic accident. but it makes them to be able to do more in their lives. >> sure. there are 2.5 million amputees in the u.s. so it's quite a large population. about 175,000 prosthetic legs though are made every year for people either to replace existing legs or new amputees. >> these are the so-called dumb prosthetics. >> those of them are the dumb prosthetics. we have 1200 patients that are working on the biome. >> so the v.a. does a good job. are they saying this is a test and we'll give everybody this or
6:56 pm
are they sticking with the old fashioned? >> yeah, the great news is that the v.a. is very supportive of this technology. they reimburse it very well. most veterans have access to the biome. we have a number of young soldiers who were given the bionic ankle. >> what has been your experience with this? >> i work at the boston v.a. and i just -- i can't say enough good about it. it's given me back my life, almost to what it was before. >> so people can climb mountains who weren't able to climb mountains and what are some of the activities that you see people do that they thought never could happen? >> yeah, we have people at all levels. we have people climbing and running up rocky slopes. we have people golfing. we have some of our patients who are bilateral amputees have jobs where they're carrying heavyweights and we had one of the patients run out the game
6:57 pm
ball for a 49ers game. >> well, this is quite an extraordinary development. i congratulate what you have done and how you have been a i believe to tell the story. i want to thank dr. chuck carignan and judy with a great story. stay with cramer. i think it landed last tuesday.
6:58 pm
one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here.
6:59 pm
♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪ i like to say there's a bull market somewhere. i promise to find it here for you on "mad money." i'm jim cramer. see you tomorrow!
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