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tv   Closing Bell  CNBC  March 4, 2016 3:00pm-5:01pm EST

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sectors. >> right. >> which is why i'll be going back to north -- almost said north carolina. going up north next week. >> getting warmer at least. >> it's like 40. >> that's good. >> thanks for watching "power lunch." closing bell is up next. >> hi, everybody, welcome to "the closing bell." i'm kelly evans. >> tgif, i'm bill griffeth. an hour ago we would have been talking about a good rally but it has been fading i guess in spite of the stronger than expected february jobs report out this morning. that data helped to ease concerns for some and maybe the economy was heading towards a recession. we have all kinds of per mutations about that but we'll get to that. >> energy stocks helping to drive the gains led by a rally in oil prices. $36 a barrel for wti, up 9% on
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the week the oil price. the energy sector solidly in the green for the year. is there still an opportunity here? we'll talk about that coming up. >> plus, a little bit later an exclusive interview with front-runner hillary clinton. we'll get her reaction to last night's republican presidential debate and latest developments in the controversy over her personal e-mail server and her positions on trade and the economy. that's coming up in a little bit. >> marco rubio claiming donald trump's companies have hurt small businesses we've got to two small business owners debating whether trump would be good for bad for their companies. >> that and a lot more. let's start with the nitty-gritty of this morning's jobs report. who better too do that than our men on the job, steve liesman. >> i don't know, maybe the market is following what i'm seeing from economists right now and they've got a little bit more hawkish about the job
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report than they were earlier this morning in first round of commentary i read. if the data cooperates in the upside, they are saying april is possible. they are saying you know what, why does the fed have any reason to wait until april? why not just go this month in march. >> and steaming ahead at the current pace, it will be tight by the time they take another serious look at raising rates in june. here are my key takeaways, june rate hike and some this afternoon saying before june and americans returning to the labor force. this is the latest story. americans getting back to work with a surge of those counting themselves as part of the labor force. the workforce has grown for five straight months and up 2 million compared to a year ago.
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biggest year over year increase march of 2007. janet yellen said there is a slack in the labor market. as people have come in they found work and it's why the unemployment rate is unchanged at 4.9%. here is where the jobs are educational services, surging 86,000. retail doing great here, maybe because of lower oil prices mining is down 150,000 jobs in the last year, when you add what's happening in support area, manufacturing down 16,000, although a lot are saying the fed could move early, the street consensus seems to be around a june rate hike. but those are the economist. i don't know if they are there yet. >> thanks steve. we'll talk about what this does
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mean to the economy going forward. >> matthew slaughter, of the tuck business school of dartmouth and former member of the council of economic advicers under george w bush and tom g gimble at post nine of the la salle network. how do you interpret the data, the good news the job growth but the wage component is lower. what's going on here? >> steve gave a really great overview of the good news, strong job growth and people coming in the labor market. the labor market is quite strong. the one big downside was poor wage growth hourly wages fell a little bit. weekly wages fell by even more. that continues to show we're creating too few of the high paying high wage growth jobs that we need.
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that reflects poor productivity and we're not doing a lot elsewhere in washington, d.c. with policy change to support creating good jobs. >> tom, is there any possibility that the workweek dropped because of increases to the minimum wage? >> i think that may be a little bit. we're seeing in health care and retail and hospitality services that those are minimum wage were added. we're not seeing the mid to high figure jobs that are really going to move the needle forward for the economy. >> why is that? what's your take on that. you're on the front lines there and recruiting the kind of people who would want those jobs, that pay more. >> a couple of things, number one, companies aren't hiring people for lateral moves, people still aren't willing to take a job -- if you're an accountant rkts you're not going from an accountant at different companies but to accounting manag manager. you're only seeing promotions to move, not lateral movements. in the mid-2000s, we saw
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companies paying more money to do the exact same job that new company they were doing at the hold company. that tells me we're not seeing mass hiring by big companies. >> going back to this phenomenon of wages dropping, do you think because of changes to the minimum wage, is that a reflection of these people coming back into the labor force and kind of jobs they are taking? what do you think is going on there? >> good question. people who tend too come under the labor force this late in recovery tends to be people who are out in part because maybe they don't have the highest labor market skills, it's terrific they are getting a foot hold back in the labor market. what tom pointed out is really important. when you have a really healthy labor market supported by productivity growth, new companies growing quickly or existing large globally connected companies, that's when you see job creation happening at high wages and higher wages throughout the whole labor market. we're just not seeing that right now.
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that connects back with not seeing policy changes on high skilled immigration. infrastructure investment, that promotes good jobs throughout the economy. >> let me then say, we can talk all day what we think about the jobs number but the only opinion that matter is the federal reserve. you've been in government at the highest levels, are they likely -- or will that matter and are these reports enough to get them to start raising sooner rather than later? >> great question. janet yellen and colleagues at the fed understand monetary policy can change the numbers but to acknowledge there's little they can do to shape real wage growth. a lot of the measures that janet yellen mentioned for the health of the labor market, it looks
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quite healthy. >> before we let you go, what is the hardest position for you to fill? >> software developers, we're still in that phase that where some of the best developers and it's a different conversation than what we are having for the race for the white house. we don't have enough software and data architects in this market. >> it's not there are people taking our jobs, it's that people we want to take our jobs isn't staying in the country? >> absolutely. we need more of those people and we don't have them. the jobs aren't getting filled. >> you can right code you're golden. that's the story. thanks a lot. >> thanks very much. >> let's get to our closing bl exchange for friday with the dow barely hanging on to gains after having been up 118 points on the open this morning or highs of the day i should say. doug gordon is with us. to the new york stock exchange
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and rick santelli checks in from chicago. what's going on here today? >> i don't think today -- clearly i don't think the job report had a major impact or effect on the markets struggling with 2000. other day monday or tuesday i said i thought here's exactly where we're going to go and hit resistance and that what it seems we've done. job report was maybe better than expected but as the prior guest just said, they are not really the best created jobs. they are not this -- >> let me throw another element ks oil which as long lately been catalyst for the equity market, it's starting to perk up here closing above $35 a barrel. >> we're up 10% from the lows three weeks ago on the s&p. the market needs time to digest and we talked about this before. the market should at in time disconnect itself because it shupt be that connected to every
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time it goes up and down. it should be functioning on its own. we're starting to see in fact that happen. >> i was looking down so i apologize, i do agree, i remember something mr. labor secretary said, job creation in three very well paying sectors, education, health care and construction and business professional services. so there seems to be a little gamesmanship, i think we're in the eye of the fed storm. most of the rate moving down was because stocks are moving down. they were moving down because they weren't ee namerred with normalization of rates and dollar was moving up because of that. let's look at the week. we're up big even considering today on the s&p and dow. we're up pretty big. dozen basis points and the dollar index is down almost a full penny. to me that is -- the high yield
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story it's risk on because the fed at least in the eyes of investor may not be in play for a while. i personally think when i look at the six-month average, and look at the one year average, it's 223,000 and look at the charts over the last four years it's pretty steady. in that regard i would agree with the labor secretary. i don't see how the fed can't normalize and these issues aren't going to come back and start the fear of normalization cycle at some point, whether it's right after the march and before the april meeting or if it's later on towards the summer. >> doug, what do you think is going on here? clearly the market are coming back, finish our third positive week in a row. oil now at levels we haven't seen since the beginning of the year. it appears that winter is over for the markets but what if the fed does start raising rates. what's going on do you think?
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>> i think the comments that rick made and mat and tom earlier are spot on. we have to think what informs the likelihood of the fed moving in march. those chances are modestly higher but still will roll into the blackout period and there's still a material disconnect between what the fixed income futures market is pricing and where the fed is at. that said, i think what we might hear in march, it might be kind of this very -- not very hawkish, but modestly hawkish statement speaking to every meeting is live including in april and still be this data driven situation. >> quick question to the equity guys. the dow is almost at 17,000 again. do you think we go and test 18,000 or 16,000 next year? >> who me? >> that's a great question. >> both of you, but doug first. >> i'll chime in. i think there's probably ail lit by of asim met tri given the monetary policy decisions and
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monetary decisions in front of you. risks are more to the downside than the upside. we'll get more clarity. i would agree, i think there's more a ridge we go lower before we go higher. >> rick, did you want to chime in? >> i think we're very close to unchanged. i'd be shocked in equities don't climb above unchanged but it's going to be dicey beyond that for several quarters. >> thank you so much. >> have a great weekend, everybody. that dow is almost at 17,000 today but we've come off highs of the session, only up 19 points, and s&p bear i uply up a point and nasdaq is in the red. >> a lot to come hillary clinton speaks with us exclusively about her new plan to raise wages and create jobs and keep them in this country. >> and workers too apparently. >> also ahead, energy stocks leading the markets this week, a top analyst says it's not too late to buy some on the cheap.
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up another half percent today and an hour ago it was up 100 points again. we have some examples of where some of the strength is. landstar, intergraeted management solution company and ch robinson worldwide and up 1.6% and kirby, which runs domestic tank barges and transports bulk liquid products, that's up as well today, lately they've been suffering because of interestingly the decline of energy less business for them to do. >> that's exactly right. as they are rallying, guess what, so is oil and so are energy stocks charging higher. dominic chu is here. >> we're watching where these things are overall in terms of majors. i'm hanging out over here checking out what's going on at post eight. you can see as we're coming back to what's happening over here, we have a couple of big energy
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names going on right now. we have exxon-mobil and chevron trading over here. you can see we're still up but not up a lot. we're talking two tenths of 1% so the majors not participating as much. let's follow over here, what we have here is post six. we have other names here, the major ones like bp, bp trades up here, up about a half a percent but very much off the high so far on the independent exploration of petroleum, an outsed winning and valero, refiners, noticeable weakness. not participating in the energy rally. let's go over here to what's happening with post five some the biggest moves today not come from the integrated oil companies, we're talking about offshore drillers, check out up here. this is nobel corporation. those two stocks, you can see up
3:19 pm
up about 4%, well off of their highs, two stocks with good amount of shortage there, short covering part of this rally giving back now also marathon and chesapeake as well. a whole bunch of names really driving things in the energy side right now and appetizer plate if you will of the energy stocks are still outside performers but given a lot of gains as we head to this important hour of trading. >> everyone is wondering is this one for real? can we believe these rallies, let's talk more about it with anthony grisanti. good to see you, what are you picking up there? >> thanks for having me. you know, the state on the floor the long are we stay above $30, the less likely it going to go through $30. we've been dropping in the u.s. about 160,000 barrels over the
3:20 pm
last five weeks. it's starting to take effect. the low prices on some of the producers out here, so if that continues, that pattern continues, we will not see below $30 again this year or at least until the end of the year. the other significant thing, kelly, we broke through good resistance levels, today, the bottom level from the bottom at 33%, we're through that and through the 50 day crude. the market barrelly reacted to that so it's been -- we're calling the dow leading crude oil this week. and every week in the last five minutes of trading for crude oil or every day this week, we rally. >> i was going to bring up that very phenomenon on wednesday when that inventory data came in much higher than expected we had a build of 10 million barrels and at the end of the day oil was trading higher again.
3:21 pm
there's some real relative strength coming into this market, isn't there? >> there's a lot of shorts also, let's not forget those, a lot of shorts that enter under $30, getting squeezed right now. some that came came in under 35. if we start to rally and i think we could. this could have legs, get us up to 37 or 38, the fundamental picture is still very ugly for crude oil. we're not paying attention to fundamentals right now. >> absolutely. >> are there any particular companies that are well positioned here? >> there's a couple that i like. i like the refiners a lot more about a month ago when crude oil was a lot cheaper. as the price rises, their margins are going to get squeezed a little bit. you're not going to get the move you got from january 1st until now. i do like swn, a small company, mostly natural gas but some
3:22 pm
crude oil, but i like it. i like exxon-mobil, pays a nice dividend, it's been beat up obviously. hasn't reacted today but even if crude oil drops another $5 or $6 a share, i don't think you'll see it reacting in the stock price, it's felt the pain already. >> you're the second trader that's toll me they've been buying energy stocks to pay a dividend. >> only because what i'm preaching is being cautious because as i said fundamentals are still very bearish for this market. crude could take a shot back towards $30 and it doesn't look as likely right now. so be cautious, wade in there slowly. >> dip a toe in the water, just not all five toes. >> and exxon and chevron, the kinds of names they think will be safe enough. we've seen so many getting cut. on that programming note chevron ceo john watson will speak exclusively with us on tuesday. we'll discuss if he thinks crude
3:23 pm
oil is at bottom and we'll ask him about the dividend and few other things. >> thank you, we'll see you later. we have less than 40 minutes left in the trading session and the dow was much higher earlier, 118 at the peak. back above 17,000 for a time but that's not the case now. up 42 points. in fact, that's the better of the three averages, nasdaq was leading to the upside but not up just a fraction. >> a facebook first, social networking giant is a major institutional stock. eric has that story and we'll discuss the latest tax dealings in the uk that could cost it millions. hillary clinton will be here talking jobs and taxes in an exclusive cnbc interview. you do not want to miss that coming up. what are you working on? let me show you. okay. our thinkorswim trading platform aggregates all the options data you need in one place and lets you visualize that information for any options series.
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the dow is up about 52 points again. we've come down almost to the flat line, clearly the market trying to digest. here's a look at the components of the dow today. dupont and apple having a nice session and caterpillar rising again, up about 9% this week and on the flip side, you've got home depot and microsoft there in the red, not a very clear pattern to discern even when you look at it. >> still a good week for caterpill caterpillar, up almost 9% for the week. facebook setting a key milestone on wall street.
3:27 pm
eric has the story for us. >> how are you doing, bill? the story is interesting, we have new data exclusive to us from the investment and shows in their top 20 most widely held stocks across institutional portfolios, facebook is narrowing the top 20. the ranking is number 16, more institutions own facebook than stocks of home depot and citigroup, the kinds of names we think of as being wildly held. look where it was a year ago at number 35. few months ago at number 23. it's made a huge jump up in the last few months. but of course, it hasn't cracked anywhere near the top three yet. those spots are held by alphabet and apple and microsoft. they've been the top three consistently for the last seven quarters. facebook is growing up but not totally as mature. >> after facebook had that big runup, we talked a lot about facebook had such a good year and now it's market cap one of
3:28 pm
the top five, but we just hadn't really heard much about the ownership and now we know what's going on. >> why are they getting that kind of cooperate sponsorship now, just the performance of the stock, what is going on here? >> there's a couple of things, performance of the stock means as you try to match big indexes you need them in there to track what the rest of the market is doing and there's more interest. you know if the performance is good, you've got to get involved. here's the interesting data point, only 13% of these institutions have a stake in facebook, you need to be at 20%. it could have a stake that's dujted across the institutional investor universe. think about that. where its market cap now is but many as twice if many get involved. >> tell us about facebook changing the corporate tax structure in europe. how much more on taxes will it be on the hook for over there?
3:29 pm
>> another sign of growing up. it may not be as much as you think if you look at some of the data points on the chart here, they had 800 million pounds in ad sales in 2015 in their uk subsidiary but only 100 million pounds of revenue they reported the year before. the way they move things between uk and ireland, they can play games, they'll pay millions more. but it probably won't be 100 million more, maybe as little as 20 or 30 million which doesn't move the needle for a stock like that t only going to take a small portion of their uk sale and put them into uk taxes. >> eric chemi on the maturation of facebook. thank you. >> all grown up, time for an update with sue herrera. >> in a speech in detroit, democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton says companies that move jobs and production out of the united states would lose previous years
3:30 pm
tax breaks under her proposals and in in a cnbc exclusive interview she'll be on live with john harwood. a convention is what the washington establishment wants but he doesn't think it's going it's going to happen. if they try to steal the nomination from the people it will be a disaster. researchers in london announcing they have discovered a way to steer the immune system to kill cancers and find unique markings within a tumor, kinds of an achilles' heel, allowing the body to target the disease. president obama called scott kelly this morning asking how it felt to return to earth after a year in space. kelly said the ride back to earth is like going down nigagoa falls in a barrel that's on fire. we're glad he's home safe. that's the news update. we're back to you. >> my favorite part of the story, he gained 2 inches. >> i was going to say.
3:31 pm
>> lost two inches, already lost them there. >> usually you shrink when you're -- the analogy to the ride, going over niagara falls in a barrel that's on fire. >> sounds like fun, doesn't it. >> thank you, sue. dow is up 57 and s&p up about 6 points. the transports are stup 6 points today. there are weird things going on here, nasdaq up 10 points. will the market hold on to these gains into the close. in case you hadn't heard hillary clinton will speak with us exclusively next hour in the program. we'll get her take on the unstoppable donald trump coming up.
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♪ no, you're not ♪ yogonna watch it! ♪tch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪ ♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. stocks have guy rating around today. alan, what do you think is going on here? >> you're right. what got this going was the jobs report early this morning. much better than expected. but wages are still down and so there's a little debate whether feds will raise in may or april.
3:35 pm
not going to raise in march and maybe double up and raise 50 basis points. but the backbone is oil. it had the market -- >> is it possible it was up because of stronger numbers job, because of the same better growth move here? >> it's possible but i think oil looks like it's bottomed out down here and go for a little run. i don't think it's time to uncork champagne bottles but we will have a rally for a couple months into the early part of the summer. >> thanks for joining us, have a wonderful weekend. >> as you probably know, another feisty republican debate last night. eamon has highlights. >> what's an astonishing moment on the fox news channel. this was a debate that had plenty of policy but all about the character of the various candidates and whether they are fit to serve as president of the united states take a listen to
3:36 pm
this exchange involving donald trump. >> you change your tune so so many things and that has some people saying what is his core? >> megyn, i have a very strong core. i have never seen a successful person without a degree of flexibility. >> ted cruz comparing himself in many ways to ronald reagan. >> i think the american people understand that yelling and cursing at people doesn't make you a tough guy. we need a commander in chief that will rebuild the military like ronald reagan did coming out of the weak jimmy carter administration. the economy took off and generated millions in high paying jobs and trillions in any revenue. >> some vulgarity in last night's die bait. i'm old to remember that people were astonished that bill clinton answered the question
3:37 pm
whether he wore boxers or briefs and that's unprecedented in american politics and we'll see where it goes heading into march 15th. >> name the young journalist who asked him that? >> tab tha soren. >> very good. that's why you are where you are. eamon, with the g-rated highlights from last night's debates. >> a recent poll from the online small business direct tri shows donald trump is the overwhelming favorite for president. 38% of the respondents chose him. next in line was hillary with 21%. last night's debate, marco rubio declared some of trump's -- have hurt business owners leading those to wonder if it would be a positive force for small business or not. he's two gentlemen here on left mitch free from znc machining and thinks trump would be great
3:38 pm
for small business. on the right, biz to who thinks mr. trump would be the worst president for small business. gentlemen, we thank you both, we'll try to keep the political rhetoric down and what you think about donald trump. what is it about the donald trump's stated policy or business that would be bad for small business? >> i would say basically three things, being a fourth generation immigrant and small business where we help thousands get access to credit, seeing more and more businesses every day. this sends a very bad message to every hard working immigrant and work business in this country. they are the ones struggling and the second thing, it also sends out a bad message to a lot of immigrants who come here and specialize because we're a knowledge economy. we need those people.
3:39 pm
i came here as a student and a business -- >> you're saying though that a lot of his rhetoric about illegal immigration will affect the legal immigrants that come in and serve businesses and so forth? >> absolutely. not only as he said things about the illegal immigrants but countries like india and china has taken away jobs and people are not having jobs. we know this is knowledge economy an we need those people there. >> mitch, what is it about donald trump's policies and his business that would help small business in this country according to you? >> certainly his experience of building a business. he's obviously built many businesses and had successes and failures, one of key attributes the president needs to have, the ability to put together an organization that compliments and fills in his weak spots and manages and leads the organization.
3:40 pm
there's no different than you have to do when you build a business. he has sh failures but what entrepreneur hasn't. that's part of the american spirit. you learn more from failures than your successes. >> sure, what about though where it hits points about immigration. in your experience, just being in touch with different people, who you're employing and trying to hire. what kind of efblgt do you see that having? >> i don't see that having any effect. my wife is an immigrant. a legal immigrant, we have other employees working on h 1v, i think donald trump, what he's saying illegal immigrants need to leave the country and come back legally. we have no problem with legal immigrants. we have a law in this country. we have a law we have to follow the law just like we would any other law in our country. if we're not going to enforce the laws, we don't have a country.
3:41 pm
>> we're running out of time. let me get to other points, some the biggest concerns about small businesses right now regulations, paperwork involved, and taxes you have to pay and cost of all of that. >> yes. >> donald trump is a businessman and would presumably want to get rid of all of that knowing what the burden is to small business. >> that's something sad donald trump has not talked about those issues but building the great wall of mexico, costing $12 billion and have mexicans to build the wall. has he ever talked about helping small businesses -- >> but he would lower taxes surely that would be good, right? >> lowering taxes is not the only solution, you have to lower against cost. >> i would much have someone in the white house who built a business and had successes and failures in business than someone never built a business -- >> let me does, you mitch, about
3:42 pm
the 32% tariff he threatened against mexico and china. meg whitman was saying that could force the u.s. economy back in recession again. is that good for business? >> well, i think that would certainly be a high tariff. a lot of companies are dependent on those goods made taking advantage of a arbitrage but that's a starting negotiation position and you would have to phase it in over time. you have to do something to level the playing field relative to the currency manipulation, et cetera. >> trump or hillary, who would be better? >> it will be hillary clinton right now. >> all right. gentlemen, mitch, i think i know where you come down on that one. >> thank you so much. mitch free there. with about 18 minutes to go until the close. >> and slowly moving higher again here. dow is up 66 points, we've got -- that's the strongest of the three major averages with 18 minutes left here.
3:43 pm
still ahead, the critically acclaimed house of cards returns to netflix today. but the series represents what is seen as the video version of an arms race with the streaming services with netflix spending $5 billion on content. we'll discuss if that money is well spent coming up. also still to come, john harwood's exclusive live interview with front-runner hillary clinton. he'll talk jobs and economy and donald trump.
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owen! hey kevin. hey, fancy seeing you here. uh, i live right over there actually. you've been to my place. no, i wasn't...oh look, you dropped something. it's your resume with a 20 dollar bill taped to it. that's weird. you want to work for ge too. hahaha, what? well we're always looking for developers who are up for big world changing challenges like making planes, trains and hospitals run better. why don't you check your new watch and tell me what time i should be there. oh, i don't hire people. i'm a developer. i'm gonna need monday off. again, not my call.
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take a look at your screen, not often do we get to see this. >> right on that. look at that, it just moved a point, 17,000 pretty much. the s&p sitting right on the 2000 mark. boy, it just again we were talking which would be next for the dow 16 or 18,000, but for the moment it is up about 60 points. here's are sectors of the s&p this week, everybody in the green. >> oil was up 9% and energy stocks up less than 6%. financials too. that tells you what a little bit of a cycle cal nature we're
3:47 pm
seeing and lagging there is health care with such a strong performer previously. >> we have more comeback stories on wall street. mike santoli has a list of stocks that turned fortunes around here. >> it's a whole category of stocks, not just a handful of ones that have come back, heavily shorted stocks and blasted stocks in the energy space. if you look at an etf, small cap energy, up 6% today, the most heavily shorted stocks and indexes of the most shorted stocks, they've outperformed in this three-week rally the s&p has had by 7 percentage points. you had the receding of those recession fears and economic fundamentals held together, huge amounts of money, $8 billion flowed into junk bond etfs and mutual funds and we basically have a lot of companies that are off the death bed. we have a reprieve. not a pardon. hedge funds, long short hedge
3:48 pm
funds have been up-ended and turned backward by this activity. >> whether it's often early stages you see stuff like this but you have to see it flesh out and per sist here. >> real buying policy. >> mike santoli with 12 minutes into the close here. it's interesting, we spoke today and pointed out that it really has been the close that has been year to date but now a gain of 61 points in the dow. >> as you were saying that art cashin just signaled me it's a flat close expected right now. they've paired off the buys and the sells going into the final bell today. good job number today is just the latest piece of date that that kevf in this case kolson putting a rate hike back on the table. he'll explain after this.
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3:51 pm
joining us right now, kevin nicholson. you have an ecb meeting and opec meeting to talk about and our
3:52 pm
own federal reserve here. what rou expecting over the next couple of weeks? >> i think when you look at all of these various meetings, the ecb will have to ease further, mario draghi disappointed last time so i expect this time they'll extend their bond buying program to about 80 billion euros per month from the current 60. >> will that support stocks everywhere or buying europe or nothing like that. we have been buying europe and that's a theme for us for a while. we think that if they continue to ease there, you'll see the euro depreciate this meeting, russia will participate and oil is already acting as if they are going to freeze production in some ways, does that present an opportunity for you yet or is
3:53 pm
there still a lot of skepticism. >> the reason being is that you have seen production kind of halted but they are halting it at january levels. so we still -- last week we saw 3.5 million barrels added. until you have cuts it won't stabilize oil for the long term. >> what do you think we'll say, 16,000 or 18,000 as we stare at 17,000 into the close? >> i think that we're not going to go much higher from here we're kind of capped until we see oil have production cuts, at the end of the day, oil is driving a lot of this rally. >> financials have been rallying perhaps a fed increase as well. >> the fed is now you would think with the good economic data and good retail sales and cpi was good and good nonfarm
3:54 pm
payroll number. a rate hike is back on the table but probably not going to occur until later in the year. towards the second half of the year. >> thank you. >> thanks very much. >> we're going to go -- hear a lot of applause over the next 30 seconds to one minute because ringing the closing bell is the latest recipient of the medal of honor from the white house, navy s.e.a.l. petty officer edward byers will be making his way through the new york stock exchange. this man got the medal of honor but a real hero. >> you have not read his story, go read it now. here's somebody who already received a purple heart twice and bronze star of valor five times and going back, he's going to continue serving overseas, there he is with his wife. >> a rare instance where the person who has received the
3:55 pm
medal of honor goes back to battle usual. usually they receive a medal and that earnings their career or they are retired or whatever. he has already said i'm going back. i have a job to do and medal of honor which by the way for a rescue mission that retrieved a hostage, american hostage in afghanistan, a harrowing story as kelly said. now that he's got -- >> with his body holding fire to the wall with his bare hands, trying to save the lives of others because he has medical training. truly an incredible story. >> there were a number of traders on the floor here, who themselves are veterans and they love nothing more than to have someone like chief petty officer byers come to the floor. one of the traders on his trader's jacket, some of his own
3:56 pm
medals as he waited for mr. byers to come to the floor. he'll ring the closing bell today here at the new york stock exchange. we'll komg come back with today's closing countdown. >> you're watching cnbc, first in business worldwide.
3:57 pm
3:58 pm
i am benedict arnold, the infamous traitor. and i know a thing or two about trading. so i trade with e*trade, where true traders trade on a trademarked trade platform that has all the... get off the computer traitor! i won't. (cannon sound) mobility is very important to me. that's why i use e*trade mobile. it's on all my mobile devices, so it suits my mobile lifestyle. and it keeps my investments fully mobile... even when i'm on the move... ahhh. >> we've got 90 seconds before
3:59 pm
we close. dominic chu, sort of luke warm numbers to finish the week but for week let's see how the dow and everybody else does, a gain over 2%, three weeks in a row of decent gains and we're finishing close to 17,000. wti, 9.5% gain this week. >> it has been for the past couple of weeks, a strong move over the past week 10.5% move for wti crude. it's continuing that today although it's interesting though because we've been talking about the relationship tradingwise between stocks and oil. you would think oil ripping as high as it has, you would get a bigger reaction of the stock market but maybe we're not seeing that right now. >> maybe that tempering that to some degree would be this, the 10-year which has been moving higher. had a low of 170 and here is a 187 right now. >> watch the vix as well. volatility index, backed off a bit. >> thank you. >> see you later. we're going to go over a 54
4:00 pm
point gain. medal of honor winner edward byers ringing the bell for this friday. [ applause ] >> at the nasdaq, thanks for joining us, kelly evans continues with hour number two. have a good weekend, kel. >> thank you, welcome to "the closing bell." here's how we're finishing the day on wall street. the dow is up 61 points and s&p up 6.5. the nasdaq adding about 9.5 points for its part. 17,500 is the level and 1999 change is where we're closing up. all sectors of the s&p 500 in the green for the week. energy the outperformer there. crude oil prices are up 9% on
4:01 pm
the week. joining today's potential, mike santoli and evan newmark. for more on market action and fast money trader guy adami. welcome one and all. michael, your thought on interesting kind of choppy on the session today. >> it's an obvious point to take profits, you've got a big rally, up more than 10% of the s&p and got the 2000 in the s&p and 17,000 on dow. we were talking here about the fact that the market still craves good economic data it's not at the point where bad news comes -- good news comes from bad data. we got that with the jobs number but already priced in that no more recession imminent fear. i think it makes sense that the rally lost a little steam. >> we did seem to be flickering between the scenario of the jobs number was strong and maybe the fed will do more and wait the wages were kind of weak and maybe that leaves them out of the picture. where do you sit here?
4:02 pm
>> feeling patriotic. we had the medal of honor winner. that was great, jobs numbers were good. oil is making a move like i've told you for several months it would. >> and we tip our hats to you, sir. >> everything i think is pretty good. is the economy great? no. i don't think might be said the economy was doing great. it's doing okay and the market has been in the bond market is still kind of pricing in a recession. if you don't get a recession, then certainly the bond market looks kind of expensive right now. >> you bring up an interesting point, if you look at the 10-year treasury note today, we hit a high of 1.9% which is extremely low by historical standards but in this weird environment we're in is a big move. >> it's a huge move. but it's still versus where it started the year, the yields are way down.
4:03 pm
the next phase here besides what happens with oil is really what's going to happen with the negative yields overseas. that's the next thing, either the u.s. economy is pulling the rest of the world up or we're going to be pulled down. my gut feel is we're going to pull -- >> that's a great point. i know it summerizes, the different ways you and evan view things. others might say, well, wait a minute, rick santelli hit this point many times, the yield on the german bund is relevant as our own economic data. >> i understand what he's saying, i get it. it's unfortunately i probably take the other side. i wish i could look at it differently but when you have global rates trading where they are, our 10-year at 1.85, whatever it is right now looks pretty appealing. since february 11th and if you just look at the couple days around president's weekend, the huge move on the 11th.
4:04 pm
but the really interesting move to me was february 16th and evan talked about the rally in oil. well, it all goes back to oil volatility index topped out at 81 and closed at 71 and look where it is now, either side of 60 and we talked about that back then as much as i would like to think we could pull the rest of the world, i think we'll get dragged down and negative interest rates you're seeing in japan and europe, they are little bit scary to me. >> sure, they are scary by the way to a lot of people in the system. >> the big question really, you were talking today a lot about brazil. the brazilian stock market is up 23% since mid january. the end of january. certain emerging markets are up huge off the lows, a little bit of lift in commodity prices and fact that the dollar stopped raising higher. the big question is not so much are we in a wonderful economic world right now but are the pockets of such ulter weakness
4:05 pm
of the past couple of years bottoming out and maybe going to add slightly incremental growth. >> i know we focus a ton on oil because it is the nexus place of the whole market. look what copper has been doing. >> i talked about bhp for a couple of months, much rather on a share bhp than twitter. the dividend was cut but the shares are up 40 to 50%. i'm not saying it will never go down again. i'm not saying the price of copper is going to rise forever higher, i'm saying this is tends to be the way share prices bottom. and bhp is down probably 70 or 80% off the highs four or five years ago, you're not talking about new highs, you're talking about have we seen the all-time lows and the answer might be yes, maybe. by the way, i don't -- the theme for most investors is not to sit there and time these things.
4:06 pm
it's you have to have a little paeshs. you shouldn't think the world is coming apart every 15 minutes. >> is this a donald trump rally? don't talk to me about that. >> we are going to talk about it and move to politics and talk a little bit about what's happening. today's employment report could overshadow the fireworks from last night's presidential debate although it's hard. our next guest has a op i have ed, i voted for trump to destroy the gop and outlines how the death of today's republican party is essential for its long term survival. we're joined by the author bruce bartlet, former white house economist. great to have you with us in the piece you are basically are saying that people voting for trump are pretty -- >> i think that trump is guaranteed loser in the general election in he gets the republican nomination. i think the republican party
4:07 pm
needs to face up to the fact that it's gotten on the wrong track and taken over hostile takeover by forces of intolerance and crazy people. they really need to get back to a more reasonable mod ral governing majority i think the best way is for trump to lose big at the top. >> thinking back to the midterm elections to the huge inflow of state leg ors and governors under the obama administration, there seemgz to be a ground swell of support for the gop granted it is in tea partyish clothing. aren't you happy the turnout is so high? aren't you pleased that you're making all these inroads across the country in terms of other positions republicans are holding? these are voters putting them
4:08 pm
into office who aren't necessarily as you're saying binded together by hatred. >> the important thing they control the nominating process. they knocked eric cantor because he wasn't strongly enough anti-obama. i think you have to differentiate between the congress where gerrymandering has helped the republicans get control and keep control but those very forces i think are preventing it from getting back the white house and i think it's almost certain that we'll have a democratic president in the next four years. talk about the democratic party and describe them as centrist democrat. can't you also say what is going on in the republican party has kind of been going on in the democratic party as well, where you have basically the progressive wing of the democrats -- somebody like bernie sandsers is probably unimaginable 10 or 15 years ago
4:09 pm
under bill clinton. isn't the same thing happening in both parties? >> well, certainly there are forces pulling both parties towards their respected bases but it's important to understand that i don't think bernie can possibly win the nomination the people who support him will not walk away from the democratic party. they will vote for hillary, but i'm not so sure about trump's supporters, if he's denied the nomination, i think they are going to have a scorch to earth policy against the gop. basically they are damned if they do or damned if they don't. >> you did also mention that obviously the embrace by the republicans of the tea party wing has been something you view as a mistake. where that's most manifest probably though is in congress. is there anything going to change here even through this election even if for example, hillary clinton is elected president when it comes to the treatment and way that congress behaves? >> we'll have to see.
4:10 pm
a lot may depend on what happens in the down ticket races for especially for the senate where the democrats have good reason to believe that they will at least pick up a few net seats. that could make an enormous difference i think the republican had this anti-obama position so deeply in stone for so many years, they have a pent up demand to get some stuff done themselves and i think they may be more willing to negotiate to compromise and make a deal in the next administration. >> bruce, what happens if trump does win. you voted for him. >> well, i -- i'm willing to accept the possibility of that but i think it's so unlikely. -- >> all right. >> i'm willing to take that chance. >> thank you for joining us. >> you can buy the way check out his piece on cnbc. guy adami, any thoughts? >> fascinating, a fellow
4:11 pm
georgetown guy. i totally get what he's saying and i would push back on democrats being centrist but that's all -- listen, it's all comes on whatever side of the fence you're on. i will say this, i don't think the rally over the last couple of weeks had anything to do with donald trump. i don't think it had anything to do with politics at all. people trying to play catch-up in a market they got themselves backwards in. >> thank you for joining us. >> see you later. >> guy adami, more coming up at fast money talking to analyst who put a sell rating on valeant before the crash. he'll explain where the company is going next. coming up here, an exclusive interview with democratic front-runner hillary clinton, we'll get the reaction to last night's debate and latest developments in her controversy overer e-mail server and craft beer is decreeing a boom for the jobs markets. one brewery planning to double
4:12 pm
its workforce in the next two months. you're watch s cnbc, first in build worldwide. man 1: i came as fast as i could. what's up?
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bae systems. we need to be ready for my name's scott strenfel and r i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california. frmgt the craft beer business is
4:15 pm
red hot and mary thompson was at one brewery in connecticut experiencing its own growth spurt. tell us about it. >> craft brewers are opening at the rate of one to two a day in the u.s. still to trade group brewers association says the market is not saturate and that's good news for people who want to go to work making suds. >> just three years old, half full brurry is moving at full speed. >> we currently brew 3,000 barrels a year. trying to get to 15,000 barrels five years from now. >> requiring more hands and mouths and heft. >> as we go from 3,000 barrels onward to 15, we'll be adding roughly two to three people every step of the way. >> the step swla challenging for the owner who like others in the craft brew industry wants to add experienced workers to its current staff of seven. >> i would say the toughest thing in the industry as it
4:16 pm
grows is finding people with advanced level of knowledge. >> that's meant paying up for seasoned workers and the intern program helps to bring in new blood. >> we have hired i believe three of our interns into full-time positions. >> along with a veteran manager to handle the brewing operations, looking for sales people and most craft brews sold close to home, success is closely tied to ability to tap into local taste. >> reporter: now, given half brew is located in maybe a high rent district, he pays on average about 20 to 30% more than the national average and that is typically in the mid 20s up to six figures for the more experienced workers in the industry let's say a master brewer. i'll drink to that. >> are there degrees for this? it's interesting to hear him say he's looking for people with skills. is this something you learn by trading? i see magazines about people
4:17 pm
making beer at home but it sounds like a more advanced thing he's talking about. >> reporter: april lot has to do with work experience but there are a couple of schools that are offering some certificates, most notably san diego university have a profess professional certificate in the brewing of craft beer. some schools are responding to make sure there is a certain level of quality not evenly in the product but in the process as well of making craft beer. >> thank you. you can go to san diego state university -- san diego get a degree in making beer. i mean, this -- you get well paid. it's a booming industry. >> it smells like microbrewing bubble. it's a brewing bubble. come on, kelly. >> why can't you enjoy. >> it's almost as bad as the bond bubble. >> stop it. >> i've gotten invites to that
4:18 pm
place she's talking about. many people love it. do no not go anywhere, coming up hillary clinton discussing her economic and tax plans in an exclusive interview. and house of cards is back. will that get netflix the edge in the streaming wars? that's next on "closing bell." our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 ½ months? that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express
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take control of your rates. visit a local office or call see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance we believe in the power of active, by debating our research to find the best investments. by looking at global and local insights to benefit from different points of view. and by consistently breaking apart risk to focus on long-term value. we actively manage with expertise and conviction. so you can invest with more certainty. mfs. that's the power of active management. welcome back. >> here's what's happening this hour, groups of rival plo testers clashing outside the
4:21 pm
home of the brazil's former president following his detention regarding national oil company. they exchanged insults and blows with detractors and police officers beating back some of those protesters with batones. >> rupert must dock and jerry hall posing for pictures, it is the fourth marriage for the 84-year-old murdoch and first for the 59-year-old hall. although, she was the long-time partner of singer mick jagger. gop presidential contender marco rubio campaigning in kansas this morning drawing about 300 people to an airport rally near to peek ka. he warned nominating donald trul p would destroy modern conservatism. >> the iditarod kicks off in anchorage and for the first time in the 43-year history, they had to import snow from outside the area. there you see the seven rail
4:22 pm
cars packed high with snow and travel 360 miles from fairbanks to be spreads over the ceremonial start route in downtown anchorage. who knew? that's the news update this hour, back to you, have a great weekend. >> thank you so much. something for those rail cars to do. there's like a third of the rail cars in the country sitting idle because of the drop of coal and other things. >> they use it for snow in alaska. >> that is fantastic. >> love those dogs too. up next, our exclusive interview with democratic presidential front-runner with hillary clinton on everything from foreign policy to taxes and jane wells talking to two of the biggest names in ufc. one made one get up and leave in the middle of the interview? you have to see it to believe it.
4:23 pm
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4:26 pm
nevertheless the s&p 500, 1999. >> for those people who don't think this thing is run by a bunch of commuters, look at that number. that doesn't happen bit chance. >> penny left over. >> a penny. the penny -- >> a couple of other interesting things were happening, transports we're looking at there, up about 50 points, that has been a really important indicator. it was telling us last year that there was problems coming and it's been outperforming. >> the messy, dirty industry stocks have been leading and most are flat year to date outperforming. you've had this complete reversal from the dynamic of last year where you had a really clean universally loved growth stocks like the fang stocks and big nasdaq stocks. is it economic signal or just that we stretch too much to the down side and you've got a little relief on currency and other things? that's the big question right now. what you saw today, quality stocks, so to speak quality stocks that have high returns on
4:27 pm
investment and things like that. they've been everyone's favorite bet and haven't worked. >> it's a different year. >> the race for the white house is heating up ahead of tuesday's primary. democratic front-runner hillary clinton has a large lead over bernie sandsers as she tries to lockdown the party's nomination. she joined john harwood for an exclusive interview from detroit. john? >> reporter: kelly, thanks so much. secretary clinton, thanks so much for being with us. >> thank you, john, good to be with you. >> let me start by asking you this. the conservative writer peggy noonan said the real divide is between those who feel helpless and unprotected against social and economic dislotion and those kind of people live in washington and new york and for whom it's going to come out today and whatever happens with our debates on trade and taxes. bernie sandsers when he says i
4:28 pm
want to see her speeches at goldman sachs is suggesting maybe there's a retore cal, don't worry about, it's going to be okay nod to them. those who keep coming out on a short side have a right to be angry at the people in charge like you? >> i think there are a lot of reasons why people are angry and fearful. underneath some of the anger is a real sense of insecurity. the economy has been really tough, the great recession not so much millions of americans sat down, 9 million jobs lost, 5 million homes lost and $13 trim trillion in family wealth wiped out. americans haven't had a raise for 15 years. after the great economy when my husband was president, we went back to trickle down economics and we saw the results and went back to letting the financial markets and mortgage markets basically do whatever they want. i was against that and i was
4:29 pm
very vocal in being against that. not just against the bush administration i was the one who bent to wall street and said they were wrecking the economy. so i felt frustrated because you could see a lot of this happening, like a slow motion train wreck. where we are now and i don't think president obama gets the credit he deserves, he inherited the worst crisis since the great depression and it could have been even worse. we've had 70 months of job creation, good jobs report today and we're standing but not yet running. and i think a lot of americans are really worried that it's not going to get better. that's why i'm running on specifics and policies and what i think i can do. >> >> the middle class hasn't been running for a long period of time, 40 years really. if you're a voter out there and look at someone like donald trump who's running, totally out sds the system, businessman,
4:30 pm
looks like he's been successful pretty aggressive and then look at you, who's been at the very top of national politics for most of the last generation, 25 years really, jim web, your former colleague in the senate said today, i don't know if i'm going to vote but i can't vote for hillary clinton because we would get the same stuff. isn't that a problem? >> well, let's talk on a factual basis. i was part of an administration in the 90s where incomes went up for everybody, not just people at the stop, where the median family income went up 17% and median african-american family income went up 33% and more lifted out of poverty than anywhere. i think that's a good record. were we on the right path? i would argue we were. >> some people say that was a tech bubble. >> well, you know what, i would say it also matters whether
4:31 pm
you've got good leadership and you can look around the world and seat difference and certainly see it here. when the republicans came back in, we got trickle down economics and even know when you listen to republicans vying for their nomination, it's the same thing, cut taxes on the wealthy. in fact, trump says wages are too high in america. others are all playing the same game. they don't have an agenda for the working class middle people, poor people trying to get ahead. i think it's imperative that i do everything i can in this election to make the case that we can get back to a growing vital middle class and build ladders of opportunity. that's why i talk about breaking down barriers. i know that's what we have to do. >> tax policy center wrote an analysis not unsympathetic to
4:32 pm
your point of view, analyzed your plan and sand erps' plan. they said sanders' plan would raise taxes $4700 on middle families and you would not do that. but the center also said that your plan to try to encourage longer term investment may not work, that you would make the tax code more complex and that the tax increases you would have would discourage savings and investment. given where we are economically, to actually deliver and improve the lives of the people you're trying to serve, don't we need more servings and investment. >> that's not how i read the tpc analysis, i was pleased they found i paid for what i am proposing and focused on raising wages and will not support a middle class tax increase and that i have a competencive plan. they raise questions about how best to deal with capital gains income and investment income. and i've laid out what i think would battle what one of our
4:33 pm
problems in the economy is. and that's short term iism it's the emphasis on quarterly earnings, where we need it, getting into paychecks and helping to train workers and investing in research and experimentation and the like. i think their analysis pointed out my main concern about senator sanders' plan, it would raise taxes on middle class families and probably disadvantage working folks, people on medicate even because they would have a hard time paying for his taxes. i think i have a proposal that is sensible and defensible and it is far more responsible than anything the republicans are proposing. >> you come out with a proposal to try to claw back tax benefits for company that's go overseas and put out an ad this week, very tough against pharmaceutical companies saying you're going after what you
4:34 pm
consider predatory pricing. a lot of people in business who think that you're chasing bernie sanders rhetorically, if not in policy and think that you are making them targets, do you want business and voters to hear the message you're going to be bad for business? >> i don't think what i'm arguing is bad for business at all. it certainly is focused on bad behavior of some businesses and when i was a senator, i had the same positions. you know, i called for reigning in ceo play and closing the car rid interest loophole and moratorium on mortgage foreclosures, anybody who has followed my career knows that i support businesses that create jobs and invest this their employees and communities, when you see a company like nabisco which has taken a lot of
4:35 pm
government benefits and now picking up and moving production line out of our country and johnson controls, which came hat and hand to washington to be bailed out along with the rest of the auto industry and now wants to take advantage of an inversion and pretend to buy a company and move headquarters in order to avoid paying american taxes, when the american taxpayers bailed them out, that's bad behavior, john. that is the kind of behavior that we do have to go after. because we're in a company right here, that has great productivity and great reputation and invest in their workers, the biggest woman owned company in michigan and it's a place that i want more companies to look at and be part of. it has unionized labor. they work together. so i have a strong commitment to encourage behavior for long term and invests in americans and
4:36 pm
gets the middle class growing again. >> let me ask about quickly about e-mail. your republican o poents have begun to suggest you could be prosecuted or go to jail as a result of this issue. when the average person out there hears there's an fbi investigation and some guy who worked for her has gotten immunity from prosecution, shouldn't they be tempted to conclude maybe she could get prosecuted? >> no, not at all. this is the same security review that has been going on since last spring. i'm happy that everybody now has been cooperating and giving information because i think that will finally end this and show that only appropriate steps were taken. i know the republicans are engaging in a lot of wishful thinking. >> in terms of your own
4:37 pm
reflection on this. let's say you're right and there's no legal case given the fact there's more than 1,000 e-mails and i recognize the xlut, classified or top secret, would you concede you and the people who work for you at the state department were sloppy in the way you handled top secret information? >> no, because let's be clear about this. there wasn't a single one of those marked classified either sent or received. that hasn't changed. what i think the public may not understand is that when a process is undertaken to determine whether e-mails should be public. i asked, nobody told me to. i said make them all public. i've been the most transparent public official in modern times as far as i know. when that process is undertaken, other agencies gets to weigh in and get to say, wait a minute, i don't think that should come out
4:38 pm
now. whether or not the state department or some other agency agrees, that is par for the course. now whether it should be or not is a whole separate issue but it doesn't change in any way, nothing was marked classified and you know, that is just a fact. it's i think one that bears repeating. >> secretary clinton, thanks very much. >> good to talk to you. >> kelly, back to you. joan harwood thank you so much. we'll get reaction to the exclusive interview from both sides of the aisle. "closing bell" is back in two.
4:39 pm
4:40 pm
4:41 pm
>> moments ago our john harwood sat down with presidential candidate hillary clinton. here's a bit of what she had to say. >> even now when you listen to the republicans who are vying for their nomination, it's the same thing. it's cut taxes on the wealthy. in fact trump says wages are too high in america. the others are all playing the same game, appealing to special interests, appealing to their donors. they are don't have an agenda for the middle class. >> joining us right now with their reactions to this interview, susan del percio, a republican strategist who worked for rudy giuliani and former member of vice president's staff and welcome to you both. >> i thought it was a great
4:42 pm
interview. k kudos to john harwood and very interesting and set up particularly for bernie sanders in sunday's debate. she called herself one of the transparent elected officials ever. and she did that in the context of her e-mail scandal. he has been asking her to be transparent on her speeches to the big banks and to let those transcripts out. i think it will be interesting if he chooses to seize upon that moment and hillary clinton is walking a tight rope every single day. she wants to get back to the center a bit but she has to keep worry bg bernie sanders on her left. i think they will be the nominee but bernie sanders is not going to go away and will call her out at every opportunity. >> john was asking her about the likelihood of her being prosecuted now that we know one of those advisers has agreed to cooperate with the fbi and her quote was that i've been the most transparent public official
4:43 pm
in modern times as far as i know, seemed to dismiss that prospect all together. >> right, i mean, i think that she has a fair claim to make and she is correct when she says she was the one who wanted to make those e-mails public. let me just say, my reaction to the whole interview, including that part, was gosh, what a relief after what we saw last night in the republican debate. i mean, that was substantive and talked about the middle class and tax policy she really drew important distinctions where she's coming from and others are. and she gave i think pretty straight talk about the e-mail problem as well. i think it's refreshing to hear a grown-up sound like a grown-up. >> just following up on that, isn't her big issue, especially if she runs against somebody like donald trump, that she is perceived as part and par sill of the elite washington establishment, whatever you want to call it.
4:44 pm
how in the world does she distance herself from that? why doesn't she embrace it and use it that way? >> i don't know what embracing it would look like. it is an anti-establishment election. she's very much a member of the establishment. i think what she's going to do and trying to do to pivot to substantive policy. we worry about establishment optics but really it's about the middle class and economy and how people are going to get ahead in around economy that's growing and still left a lot of folks behind. >> susan, that's what i was hoping to get to. once we get to general election, presuming hillary clinton is the nominee, how do you pivot from saying the middle class is having an incredibly hard time and going on for decades but by the way let's continue the policies of what we had after eight years under a democratic president? it seems a little nuance in there you have to convey. >> it is a lot of nuance and there's going to be her most challenging party going forward. how is she going to find a
4:45 pm
message that's going to get people enthusiastic about her candidacy. voter turnout is at historic lows for the democrats not p rz. she has to find a message that gets people excited and it seems like more of the same. unfavorable numbers are still high. she's got to crack through it. right now, she's just not doing it. even with her answer on e-mails, the fact we're talking about the e-mails is still problematic. she has a lot of work to do. >> as you -- i'll let you answer that but let's talk a little bit about the effect that donald trump will have as he continues to leads the pack. he's really there's a real response to him, a ground swell behind him. yes his unfavorables are high but so are hillary's. >> and i think the conversations you were just having is important. i very much agree with you and i think what we try -- i think what we began to hear both in the speech that hillary gave in
4:46 pm
detroit today but also in john's interview is an angle we haven't heard enough about and that has to do with trade, international trade. there are a lot of people out there and by the way, this answers your question too, a lot of them are trump supporters who feel that globalization has just been a real -- just a very negative force. >> if you're a voter concerned about that, why will you vote for hillary clinton instead of donald trul p who is wrapping himself in a clotak of trade an improving it. >> she's trotting out policies that go hard at currency manipulation. there's a clawback idea supposed to help with take offshoring back onion shoring. it's a pretty crystallized program targeted at bringing jobs back. i think when it comes policy head to head, hillary clinton will probably do better than donald trump. she has a much more policy kind
4:47 pm
of person -- >> which is what we don't need right now. exactly the point. >> policyish kind of person? >> susan? >> she made a very good point. people are angry but more importantly people are scared and to calm people and make them feel secure you do not give them lots of nuanced policy. >> i don't think you give them bluster. what hillary will try to do is kek her policies to the well being of middle class people. >> let me hit last night's debate. i understand what you're saying, you have to sell the message. do you think that's what happened last night? the 16 million, big number of people tuning in last night. what message do you think they came away with? >> this is all disgusting. i think it was a really -- as much as the moderators tried to keep everything on issues, the
4:48 pm
candidates, with the exception of governor kasich were at it in inappropriate ways and it was disappointing to see these are the people running for president. think you will see some changes within their demeern. donald trump i don't think is ever going to change but that will start to work against him as well. >> i think it is starting to change a little bit, watching it as he talked about the h1v visa thing and way he talks about planned parenthood and national health care. he's definitely in the last couple of victory speeches delivered after his primary wins have been much more toned down, much less like the donald trump of last summer. you don't think there's been a change there? >> not when he makes a comment about his hands, that washes away everything. he is growing as a candidate but then it's like his inner trump comes out and he can't help himself. that's what people are looking at. >> that's why people love him
4:49 pm
too, his supporters, that's one of the reasons they like the brashness and the swagger if you will. >> i think that that's definitely kind of tint lating for now but when it gets to general election in particular, at some point people will be listening to how is this candidate, if i give him or her my vote for president, how are they going to help reconnect my living standards to that of the economy? because the economy -- >> they are going to make america great again, come on. >> that works with a primary base electorate. i think when you get to the general it becomes does my policy agenda seem more plausible than yours? >> polticy agenda -- >> when the americans go to the polls in november, both sides will be doing it holding their nose because in one will be happy with what they've got. >> all right. thanks very much. the debate last night and
4:50 pm
interview, number of things, susan del percio and jerry bernstein. dupont and dow chemical have agreed to a break up the deal. the details when we come right back. i am benedict arnold, the infamous traitor. and i know a thing or two about trading. so i trade with e*trade, where true traders trade on a trademarked trade platform that has all the... get off the computer traitor! i won't. (cannon sound) mobility is very important to me. that's why i use e*trade mobile.
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1z welcome back. let's go to seema mody for a market check. >> reporter: a bid for dupont takeover. the deal is still bending. the chemical giants are both under antitrust review by the u.s. regulators so we'll see if the story changes. the stock is up 5% on the support after hours. kelly? >> seema, thank. a stock, mike, that was already a top performer in the dow today. >> without a doubt. very interesting. been the big kind of unanswered question as to whether longtime rival directly of these two companies, and, you know, if they did, dow and dupont get together, it is a big threat to basf. >> the euro and all the things that will fit into it, plus, of course. any trust on two continents.
4:54 pm
true? >> evan? >> one of the things that is stuck in brussels for about a decade. >> you know, look, i don't know, i don't know how it's going to turn out, but these deals in general, these are good deals in the sense that strategically plus or minus they bake sense. not some lbo fund coming in there trying to pick at pieces. i'm not saying how it's going to turn out, but the good news about all the m & a activity really over the last couple of years is generally it's kind of strategic, generally makes sense. >> a lot of times it hasn't been approved if it's too overlapping. >> that's the problem when things make sense. they make sense because -- they make sense because they run into monopoly issues. >> mike, the dow-dupont deal itself, any bad taste coming from it? why do you think now and why do you think bsf may be opportunistic here? >> i don't think between the two partners, no. i think there was a general question that they would have the deal approved and if you have to make major divestments and, of course, bad optically in the one sense that the rationale
4:55 pm
for the deal is exactly all the synergies we get ow of it which means firing a lot of people in strategic states across the country and, therefore, if it really is kind of on the cost line that the deal makes sense, politicians don't like it. >> they have also said they will break it up into three companies within 18 to 24 months and both competitively and from an argument and government point of view, i wonder if that's one that will involve basf and dupont. >> wouldn't say that basf has the upper hand, put it that way, coming into it at this stage of the game. >> it's a big employer. >> basf looking at a bid for dupont loalready in a tie-up wi dow there. >> will the winning streak continue into next week? "closing bell" is back in two. or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. paul holland, an early netflix investor. his stock is soaring. what's up next? find out monday on "squawk alley" 11:00 eastern cnbc. >> finally moved through the jobs report, the biggie that everybody was waiting on, and in fact not a huge market reaction, just like this and how do you think this set this up from here? >> i think we may shop around a little bit. one thing i'm encouraged by is people are looking at this rally skeptically. have a bear market mentality and maybe that means you can add
4:59 pm
around the levels and i think you've left the stage where everyone is consumed by fear and we're not yet to a stage where people think corporate fundamentals are improving and they are getting greedy. >> not hearing the word recession. >> now it's like, okay, the fed won't raise in march and maybe june, it's a totally different discussion than was had two weeks ago and amazing how quickly things change when not a lot has changed. >> you're right. so interesting. the psychology is really that -- that -- i don't know what you call it. >> just to your point. >> leading gaujts of brighter signs, if you will, copper this week. up 7%, so weave talked about how crude oil was up 9% so other metals participating, so at the same time i don't know if you saw the news today on gold which has also been rallying. i think it was blackrock and whoever manages the biggest gold funds won't continue to issue new shares because it's already trading high above its net asset value? >> demand for gold. neglect trif interest rates on trillions of government debt in
5:00 pm
the world is driving some strange stuff and one of the things is the gold. >> one of the things to look for, ecb is getting together. i i'm hoping ecb gets together and you know what, this negative interest rate thing is crazy and we don't even know what you're doing anymore. >> we'll check in with you next week. thanks so much. mike santolli, that does it for us on "closing bell." thanks for tuninging. have a great weekend. "fast money" begins right now. thanks, kelly. "fast money" does start. live froms nasdaq market site overlooking new york city's times square. i'm melissa lee, traders are tim seymour, steve grasser, brian kelly and guy adami. tonight on "fast" the man wholed can a the fall in valeant, the only analyst with a sell rating for nearly two years on the stock. he tells us how he saw it coming and when he thinks is next for this beaten down stock. plus, one of the most important indicators in the market is flashing a buy sign. we'll explain why it could finally be safe to start buying, and later facebook making the list of the most popular stocks on the street and following the in


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