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  Squawk Box  CNBC  March 10, 2016 8:02am-8:32am EST

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>> good morning. >> we're going to get right to politics and polls and primaries but you just heard the news that we're reporting here, and we've said it. what we're really talking about with the ecb, mr. trump, is they want their currency down and you've bean person that talks about other countries taking their currency lower to take advantage of, you know, of trade and we see it almost every where. i mean how would this be something that the united states would respond to under your administration? >> well, you see it almost every where except the united states and what's happening in the united states is we're losing a lot of jobs, our good jobs, not the jobs you report about with the 5% number which s-obviousis obviously not a real number. we're losing our good jobs and it's a sad situation. everybody is doing what i just heard your report and everybody is doing that except us.
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and manufacturing is going elsewhere. and lots of other things are going elsewhere. and we still do nothing about it. >> and we've even had almost universal agreement that when you have a bigger thy neighbor and when everybody races to the bottom, it doesn't help anyone and takes away from real structural things that need to be done in these countries. that's another thing that's resonated the public. >> we do nothing about it. everybody does it. we don't do it. we do nothing about it. we sit back and let everybody do it. that's getting to be very dangerous as far as i'm concerned. you look at the jobs that we're losing. look at the companies we're losing. we're losing companies. we're losing large amounts of, did you know when you see pfizer and these companies leaving the country, there are thing that are very structurally wrong with
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what we're doing. >> i wonder what we do and what kind of action makes sense that -- you know, you talk about mario draghi, you talk about china, you talk about connectiono, there's days r basement currency every where. how should the united states respond. should we take the same route or stop these other people -- >> there's only one thing you can do. you can do devalue but you can do something else which is much better, you can charge a surtax or a tax for products that they sell in the united states. they are taking advantage of our country. we don't have strong leadership. i don't think we have strong economic leadership at all. you look what's going on with the world. and you look what other people are doing to us and what other countries are doing to us. i mean china is the grand master of all. my relationships with china are fantastic. i have great relationships and business relationships with china. and even those people say they
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can't believe what they are getting away with. >> mr. trump, you haven't had all good days in the media, in the press, not even at the "journal". today you had a good day on the editorial page suffering from trum trumpophobia. get over it. even on the front. the lead story. free trade loses political favor. a lot of republicans that say you are not a republican because or not a conservative because of your anti-free trade or what they see as anti-free trade suddenly that seems to be coming in vogue too now in both parties. >> well, joe i ham a free trader but to be a good free trader you have to have smart people on our side also. we're being out negotiated at every corner. so i like free trade but you have to be represented by very,
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very good and smart and cunning people and we are not. other countries are. and that's why they are all taking advantage. the concept of free trade, i love it. i love it. i think that's great. the bad news is it's not good when you don't that have right people representing you. >> it's not all good news. there's some poll that came out and a lot of positive poll. one came out yesterday polling everyone about what percentage could eventual support you and it's still not a majority. just a plurality. i know polls change. i'm not sure -- i'm not sure whether that couldn't change in the future but why do you think that is you're a lightning rod and you do conjure up some strong feelings in people that are anti-trump. can you bring these people into the fold somehow if you become the nominee so you can beat hillary clinton and how would you do that? >> well, i think so, joe. it's very interesting, the whole thing with the polls, when i
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started out in june, a long time ago now it seems but when i started out it seems there were 17 people. a lot of people. obviously i started very strong in terms of polls and i went to the top and almost have been at the top from the beginning, just about from the beginning. i've been in the center of the stage from the beginning. and, you know, i've taken a lot of incoming as they like to say, a tremendous amount. and i've had to give it back. when you give it back and i gave it back harder. i won't mention names because they are gone. but when you look at all of the people, all of whom have been on your show many times in many cases, you know they were very tough on me and i was tough on them and they got down to zero or 1% and i'm now at 49%. the last poll, cnn poll i was at 49 and number two is at 15. so that's a big difference. to do that you're not
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necessarily as politically correct or as nice as you would like to be or as you are as a person. i think what it gets down, it's ending fairley soon i think and u see very much different. i've taken my positives up a lot. but it's hard when you're in a battle like this because you want to win the battle and you have to win the battle. so that's the way it is. i will say this. the biggest story in all of politics worldwide is the amount, for the massive amount of voters going out to the primaries and voting, there's never been anything like this in the history of politics in this country. and you see what's happening. they are up 65% from four years ago when you had a very failed candidate named mitt romney who is a failed, horrible failed candidate and should have won the election and didn't and what happens we're up now 65%. people that never voted before are going. many people who never voted,
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50-year-old people, 60-year-old people never voted before and voting enthusiastically. people that are democrats and republicans. massive turn outs in every state. now the democrats are down 35%. there's no enthusiasm. so i think i'm doing okay. >> mr. trump, you pointed out that you've had to get tougher than you might have otherwise in the primary up to this point just because it has bean very difficult race, a lot of tough things, things have been thrown around by a lot of the candidates. you said you like to take it more positive, you have been bringing up your positives. once you get to the general election, let's assume you'll go up against hillary clinton will it be a positive campaign or again drags down into some of the mostly clear? -- muck? >> i can't say. you don't know until the moment. i get a kick out of these guys.
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at this state we'll do that. it doesn't work that way, in my opinion in real life. you have to see where you are at the moment. that's how i've been running it. that's the way it's been working. some people that are down now are establishment people and i wouldn't say they are exactly thrilled with donald trump but tend result has been a very positive result and, you know, my whole theme is make america great again. when i hear your report just before i got on and i've been watching it during the morning, i watch you folks all the time, but you see so many reports. a lot of these reports, these things are done to take advantage of the united states. and we're like the money supply. we're the one that gives them the money and gives them so much. we have so much power we don't use it. but when you look at komatsu tractor and how well they are doing. japanese use numbers on the end
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in terms of devaluation so it's hard to compete. very difficult situation. we have to be stronger as a country and have to get better people in that know what they are doing. we can't let the world take advantage from us from an economic standpoint. >> just staying on trade message we did have larry kudlow here this week and he mentioned he endorsed your tax plan. one issue he disagrees with you is on the trade situation. he seems to think you can be a little mallable. some of this is talk but when you get out there you'll reach out on both sides and negotiate. >> larry is terrific guy and he's given me great marks on my tax plan. larry is free trader. so am i. but it has to be fair trade. it has to be good for us. it can't be fair trade where we lose 100% and they gain 100%. it has to be fair. even if it wasn't 100% fair it
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has to be reasonably fair. take china as an example. the numbers they have in terms of trade imbalances is astronom astronomical. if you want to do business in china it's very hard. i have friends that are manufacturers. very hard time getting their product into china and if they do get it in it gets taxed. now china on the other hand has a very easy time getting its product into the united states and there's never even a talk of a tax because they are free traders. but china is not a free trader because china taxes its products. i know of examples that are horrible what china has done and the amount of the taxes astronomical. i'm talking about taxes so high you wouldn't believe it on the show. nobody ever talks about that. as much as i watch your show i never see you talking about that. you should do an investigation of how much china is taxing
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product going into china. well free trade means we're not taxing each other. you can't have one nation being taxed and the other nation not being taxed. so, you know, a lot of things wrong and i believe i will be able to straighten it out. >> donald can we talk sacks for just a second. everybody wants lower taxes. but there are two analysis done suggesting that wean dynamic scores, forget about stat i can scoring that your plan adds $10 trillion to the deficit. >> yeah, but they haven't seen the caught. they haven't stein waste, the waste in this country, the tremendous fraud in this country, the tremendous amounts of money that will be cut and they don't look at that. nor have i necessarily spent a lot of time on doing that because you'll see that as you get in and as you get there. but there's tremendous amount of
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waste, fraud and abuse that we'll be able to cut in addition to the fab that the economy will become dynamic. right now you look at gdp for last quarter it was essentially zero. okay. if that ever happened to china it would be a depression, the likes of which nobody has ever seen. china is open and it's massive disruption. we're at zero. we're actually at zero. and slightly above. but whoever heard of a thing like that. it's not even a big story. so we need -- we need to do things to -- number one we have to do things to keep countri countries -- companies in this country. it's far worse than what you report. pfizer to me is incredible that pfizer is moving. they are moving for a number of reasons. they are moving because taxes are too high. but it's corporation inversion and they are moving for something else. they can't get their money back. i know companies that are
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thinking about moving because they can't get their money into this country. the amazing thing is the democrats and the republicans agree we should all let -- there's $2.5 trillion outside, i think it's $5 trillion. i don't think our country has any idea what it is. i think it's more than $2.5 trillion. stale lot of money. $2.5 trillion should come back in and easily. the democrats and republicans agree. everybody agrees for three years they've agreed. they can't make a deal because they don't have leadership. i could make a deal in 15 minutes by getting people in a room, 15 minutes. everybody wants that money to come in to the united states. we cannot get a deal. it would be so easy because we don't have leadership. >> mr. trump, you've heard about these p.a.c.s standing together. we use this word republican establishment and republican elders and the secret meetings supposedly in a private island
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off georgia which, donald, that was sea island they were talking about, that's not like a private island down there. but my question is, you know, you had to sign the deal that you'll support the nominee and i figured they all signed it so now to a lot of them it's not going the way they wanted it and it's almost like they are reneging on their pledge to support the nominee and you said if you're not treated fairley it's not going to be pretty. who is it? is are you being treated fairley? >> i'm being treated fairley by is voters. so the voters get it. the voters are smart. they hear me. they hear me speak. i have the largest rally. i had 25,000 people the other day in orlando. we have rallies the likes of which nobody has ever seen. it's the biggest story.
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the likes of which nobody has seen. what should happen the establishment whatever that is because i don't know what the establishment s-i was probably a member of the establishment in may and then in june when i decided to run i probably became no longer a member of the establishment. i was a member of the establishment in very, very good standing, i could tell you that. whatever the establishment is, they should embrace what i've done because i've brought -- look at the ratings. look at your ratings. look at the ratings of the debates. the debates used to be throwaway. they never got ratings. now they get 24, 25 million people watching them. it's the biggest thing. teen other night where i won so much, i won the three big states. the ratings, the viewing was tremendous of the votes coming in. you know, the establishment or whoever, whatever name you want to call it, some people call them the elites which would
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indicate i'm not elite, which is fine. but whoever these people are, they should embrace what has taken place, and, you know, i will say this. if, for some reason, i don't make it or i don't -- you know, if it ends, i don't get there, they are going to have millions and millions of people that will walk away from the polls and never vote and the democrats are assured a victory. if the democrats win they will pick four or five supreme court justice and the country will never recover from that. you'll never have scalias. you'll have people that are extremely liberal on every issue so when they start talking about third-party, they are talking about an absolute guaranteed victory for demonstrate and if they do that you'll have four or five judges. i pick very conservative judges, the kind of judges you would be very proud of, frankly. but it is a very strange thing.
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even democrats have told me i can't believe that the republicans could be so stupid as to not embrace the millions of people that are coming in. we're taking people out of the democrats, we're taking out of the democratic party, we're taking millions of people and it's hard to believe. i mean so many people as an example, democrats a man comes up to me the other day mr. trump i've bean democrat all my life. i just joined the republican party because of you. hundreds of thousands and millions of people like that and that includes independents. you would think this movement which is a movement. it's benton cover of "time" magazine now four times. you would think that the republicans would say wow we have hit pay dirt. this is incredible, let's embrace trump and let's win election and let's get the judges we want, let's get these assets. instead they are, i guess they are upset because maybe i don't want money. i'm self-funding my campaign and
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they want to put money into people so they control them and they feel maybe i'll do the right thing for the country but i'm not going help them. i'm going to help everybody because you have to help everybody to turn the country around. >> mr. trump, you just pointed you you have drawn from former democrats, drawn from independents. one of the things that ted cruz has said about you is you're not a true conservative. he says he's the one who would be appointing incredibly conservative justice. would you have a litmus test a fiscal judge-like litmus test for anybody you put on the supreme court? >> i would. i want conservative but extremely competent. the problem with ted is that he'll never get anything done. bigger problem it's impossible for him to get elected. he's very strident. he'll never win states that you have to win. he can't. because of his views on things.
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and i actually happen to be very conservative except some people say on trade i'm not because i'm not a free trader but as i told you before i am a free trader but fair trade now. smart trade. it's not going to be stupid trade. what we have in our country now is stupid trade and all you have to do is look at what they are doing to us with your previous report. just take a look at that and you'll understand exactly because that's all about how do we get more business, how do we suck more blood out of the united states. >> donald, i know you want to bring people together but i wonder if you can react to this quote from mayor bloomberg. you had him on "the apprentice" twice. he said you have run the most divisive and demagogue presidential campaign playing on people's prejudice and fears. you said obama and others have been divisive. how do you bring people together? >> well i've always been a unifier.
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i've always been someone that's been able to bring people together. we're in the midst of a very tough campaign, very harsh campaign. they say one of the harshest. i've even been able to get along with joe for many years. if you can do that you can do anything. joe is a friend of mine. i've always been able to bring people together. we have an african-american president. and i thought one thing, i was not thinking he was going to be a great president because i disagreed with a lot of his views but i thought he would be a great unifier but he turn out to be great divider. there's a great division in this country. and interestingly, as an african-american, look how poor a job he's done for african-americans and it's incredible to me. african-american youth is 59% unemployed. the even african-american people in the age of 30 to 50, very
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prime ages has a very high rate of unemployment. he's done very, very poorly for african-americans and they should be insulted and they should be angry about it. but they don't seem to be which to me is amazing. so i am a unifier. i am not a divider. i think when things settle down and when this very vicious event that's going on right now is over, i think that people will see that. >> do you think that if you were to just take senator rubio aside as, i don't know, some day your friends, at this point do you think you'll win, you're back up 20 points in florida. do you think he should not go through with his political career with the vote next tuesday he should come out -- there's been some scuttlebutt that maybe some of his advisors are thinking that.
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should he go forward and let florida perhaps hand him a what would be a humiliating loss or should he hang in there? >> i think if he does lose -- who knows what will happen. maybe he'll have a great come back but he has to do it quickly. i think it will be very bad for him. i can't advise him. he has to -- >> can you win ohio, mr. trump? kasich is ahead there? >> i think i can win ohio. i'm very close. you know you're going against sitting governor. they have a lot of problems in ohio. i think that i request win in ohio, yes. we're working on that right now. five days is an eternity for me. for the life of trump, five days is an eternity. so we have five days. we'll see what happens. i think i have a good shot in ohio and i think i have a much better than good shot in florida and the polls are, you know, have 20-point lead in the florida. i'm in florida now. i own a lot of property in florida.
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built a lot of jobs in the florida. with that being said, these stupid people like club for growth, these are stupid people, they come to my office ask for $1 million and i say for what. they said we're the club for growth we would like to you give us $1 million for club of growth. what is the club for growth. they said it's this and that and they gave me an explanation that didn't make any sense. they wrote me a letter and asked for a million dollars. i very nicely said no. then all of a sudden they became hostile and doing ads all over the place. they are they are extortionists. they are terrible people. i have a lot of ads in florida and elsewhere from the club for growth which is a phoney organization and from other people that aren't necessarily phoney that don't know me and
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i've taken tremendous incoming in the last week. that's why i'm so surprised i won michigan and, you know, i won in hawaii, i won michigan. i won mississippi in a landslide. mississippi almost 50%. >> that was supposed to be cruz territory. >> it was supposed to be his win and i won in a loaned slide. >> westchestlch was on yesterda whether an indictment would be a good or bad thing for republicans. if hillary clinton was indicted they would bring out joe biden and then elizabeth warren would be riding in the carriage with him and that would be a much more formidable team to take on the republicans. some doesn't want an indictment. do you think it would be a positive or negative or either or neither, it wouldn't matter for your campaign. >> i don't think it will matter.
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i think you have to do what's right and what's right is -- it's very unfair to a lot of people that have done far less than her and ended up going you know where. it's been a -- it's a very, very unfair situation. and i think she's being totally protected. they wouldn't let it go this long. certainly if they would do something they wouldn't let it go this long. i think she's being protected by the democrats. how could they let her go this far out and without knowing something. everybody knows what the situation is. every time you turn on television or pick up a paper you read a legal analysis of what she did. and almost without exception she's guilty. now i don't know that she's guilty but any time i read a top lawyer talking about what she did they say she's guilty of some pretty serious things. so you say why are they allowing it to go this long. it's very interesting. i imagine she's being protected and therefore will be the
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nominee. >> mr. trump you must be thinking about potential running mates. is chris christie on your short list? >> well, did you say chris christie? >> yes, that's right. >> well, chris endorsed me and i was very appreciative. he sees what's happening. he called me up a couple of weeks ago and said it's amazing what's going on and i would love to endorse you and i took his endorsement with gratitude. he's a terrific guy, did a terrific guy in a couple of debates especially with marco where marco just melted down. i've never seen anything like that. it was rather incredible to watch. but, you know, chris is a good man and chris is somebody that i very much appreciate. but he did not suggest anything for that. nor would i listen to that. it's too early. it's too early for me to be thinking about that. i'm somebody that likes to get the deal closed and i know how to close deals and sort of like we have to know how to win.
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the country doesn't win any more. our country doesn't win any more. we don't win at trade. we can't beat at isis. we don't win at health care. we don't win at anything. that's the problem. that's where this movement is such a strong movement. at the right time i'll pick somebody that will be very good. >> if it comes down to a two man trump versus cruz situation will you be -- will it be scorched heard will we hear lying ted or some day a trump/cruz ticket. i guess that's not happening any time soon. but anyone that went up against you could any of them serve as your vice president after, you know, what you need to do to win the nomination? >> without mentioning names there were 17 people total when we started and we're down to four and down fewer than that pretty soon. we're down to four. over the course period of time yes i respect a number of those people. not all of them, to be honest. but i do have a great respect for a number of those people
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that were up there fighting and some of whom are not fighting for this. but i do respect some of the people i competed against yes. >> there are some signs when you do head-to-head with cruz it's very close between 2000. so that's why i asked. >> and there are some studies when i go against cruz head-to-head that have me absolutely killing them a lot. >> do you think it will come down to that? kasich and rub jobs i don't know the path seems difficult unless they alban together knock you off in those winner take all states. >> you know what i do? i just do my thing. focus on what i have to do. it's been working really well. it may be against cruz or may be against somebody, who knows. who knows what happens. it's politics. crazier than business.
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crazier than business. and, you know, whatever happens i'm totally prepared that i can tell pup >> thanks for all your time, mr. trump. we appreciate it. don't be a stranger. we'll see you again -- you know we're very close, if you're in new york we're right -- i'm sure you have a building around here somewhere. >> on 6th avenue. >> we have the ground floor studio. never been in here. over in new jersey like there's something wrong with new jersey. but now we're close enough where you can come in here, all right? >> i will get there. believe me i'll get there i promise and this has been a lot of fun pup have a great show and a lot of people watch it. great influence and very important show. it really is. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> much more still ahead this hour. up next twitter's co-founder biz stone is leading the charge of 50 business leaders, philanthropist and entrepreneurs called the best school day.
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then mario draghi speaks out on his country's biggest move. we've been watching shares and stocks up sharply. and carly fiorina will join us. we'll get her thoughts on donald trump and the race ahead. right now as we head to the break take a look at the u.s. equity futures. the futures skyrocketing. dow up by 140 points. s&p 500 up by 17 and nasdaq up by 45. you're watching "squawk box" on cnbc, first in business worldwide.