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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  April 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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thick. >> and retail sales tomorrow. >> we won't get those for quite some i'm. i really appreciate it. that does it for "closing bell." "fast money" begins right know. phony phony starts right now. live from the nasdaq market, overlooking new york city 'times convey. tonight, crude's long national nightmare is over, or at least so says one closely followed market watcher. he'll tell you why now is the perfect time to buy oil stocks. >> and a crucial -- and cool about calamity for stocks, what that is and how you can protect yourself. you will the know believe what mark zuckerberg said about donald trump. we'll tell you the comments that are absolutely burning up the web. but first the markets, the dow closing higher with thor han 164 points, and with today's move the s&p is just 3% away from all-time highs. if you've sat out the recent
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surge, what can you still buy in this market? tim, i'll kibblic it off with you today >> buy the charts that are stick kicking out. there's no fundamental reason why u.s. steel should be up 80% this year except people are pricing these guys to go out of business. while the s&p is grinding sideways, and we can make a lot of technical arguments and fundamental arguments, you can see they stocks that are breaking out. oil closes above the 200-day. that to me is very significant. we have talked about that in the path. until it did that, i know, dan, for you that was a problem. >> are you a little worried, though, they have this high debt load. it seems like these are not exactly -- the ones that can continue to work on momentum,
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but fundamentally not exactly the names up to chase. i would look at some lag guards if the market is going to break out, which i've been very skeptical about. ultimately it will be because we're in a better place. that means that the fed is going to be more hawkish, then you want to buy the bank stocks. i'm positioned for the other way, but that is the trade. the second worst performing sector in the s&p 500 behind health care. >> i agree that i think tapeles and some of these things that are overbought as ubs' julienne emanuel says, the overachiever, you have tore cautious on those, but some free cash flow positive when in fact they're not going out of business including steel dumping is under control and you have some recovery in prices, some recoveries in demand, the u.s. construction cycle is improving, so these are not just trades that you are buying momentum, when you look at the things overly defensive, they're very, very expensive.
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>> and not too long ago, or maybe even some now would say this is dash for trash in terms of the energy materials, but also we have participate in the intention i have -- in tell com, we're seeing good performance recently in banks, does it make you more optimistic? >> i am more optimistic, though that hasn't always been the place to be even this they miss tomorrow, i n't think it matters. i think retail is a decent play to be, places like anthem, and i also think the volatility index is low, if one is cared about the market, i don't trade around my positions that much, then you with support some s&p puts. >> closed off of that, but that's been a strong performer. coca-cola another continues, to make all-time highs, home depot. not defensive stocks, but
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defense stocks ex-boeing, could be be there. i thought crude was going to fail, no question, and it's probably five or six dollars higher than i thought it would get ovx got blasted then climbed. maybe it means some people senior positioning for uncertainty on sunday's meeting, but that still stays elevated. crude hag rallied significantly, but at some point one of those two things is going to give it up. >> the oil trade sets up as a disaster. when you think about the -- we had a headline from the kremlin today, that they don't need iran for a cut. if that doesn't happen on monday morning, we're going to be oil and oil-related stocks, don't force, we saw crude oil at $36 just a few trading sessions ago, right? we did, so it's banging around a
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lot. so what are the catalysts? >> except for the fact that oil setup is a disaster trade, or at least 20 -- >> who is pressing it? who is pressing it with a two handle? >> i think there have been a lot of people that suddenly have gotten more constructive. i don't mean you, i -- i don't know who was pressing it, if you look at speck shorts in the oil space, they've absolutely been erat indicated, about but oy also think we're in a place where i think people have blanked. saudi can't continue to let them on float freely. they know that, i know that's correct so that's what's going on. to tell me the entire space hasn't blanked, that global shut-ins aren't happen, $50 oil will be good for the oil market. that's getting priced in now. >> do you think the move from february 11th lows on oil are because of hopes there would be a freeze, so therefore on
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sunday, it will be a -- or if they don't do a freeze, it's also sell oil. its way discuss it set up to be a set, you're at a place where i think global demand was overestimated, and i think we have a casey, where he, anytime there's talk of a freeze -- this is when people were pushing or pressing or not on the short side, one thing they should never have avoided was the reality if there was ever a production cut it was going to fly in their face and probably not the place to be short. >> that february 11th headline that came from. uae, that stopped crude dead in its track and has not looked back since. i don't know what po templeally could come out, but anything less than perfect in my opinion could actually get a retracement in the crude price. >> you mentioned the dollar. imtire the dixie has come down to 94, five times, what has it done? rallied 3%, 4%, so i think
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pressing the dollar here is probably a bad trade. i think you see oil come off the next few weeks. >> today it was actually 4%. massive 1% surge in the last week alone. our next guest says something big just happened. paul hickey is cofounder of bespoke. what happened? >> so last week we saw crude oil break above its down trend that's been in place for a couple years. oil stocks and the energy sector hadn't quite done that. we were noting that that was psychological resistance. if we got a change, a break above that, it would be good technically and psychologically. so today we got that. that ground trend has been small broke to the up side, but also the 200-day moving average, 388 trading days below was trading at that left. longest streak going back to at least 1990. so since september 2014 was the
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last time we saw it trade above that level. dan, what you were saying before is oil has come up so much for setting up for disappointment on sunday. short-term performance of the sector has shown some weakness, taking profits, obviously if it's going above the 200-day after a long run, it's getting extended, but for the long-term prospects, we think that oil at these levels are rising oil prices are certainly good for the energy sector and sometimes before we get to be really worried about oil prices at higher left. >> so it's a long time to go back to get to this kind of data, but when you last were there, and is sounds like you're bullish, but how bullish would you be? >> think about it this way, we're talking about, we've had a big run in oil.
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typically when you see that kind of sentiment, you see the sector or market outperform. short interest got above d. it's come in, but still 12%, you have to go back to like 2007, 2008 when the financials were in a lot of trouble. there's still a lot of bets, so vergeually they'll have to come in and cover unless we see oil prices. or raising forecasts for the sector. so you have this dichotomy where oil and commodities have been rebounding, material sector stocks have been seen and estimates increased, but the energy sector has been seeing
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estimates decrease, so there's a dichotomy there, we wouldn't be too aggressive towards that sector right now, because the bar is set high for the sector. >> paul, thanks for stopping by. >> thanks. how do we trade this? >> it's interesting, the energy space, now you have some big portland in the aftermarket, you just saw some stats out. i don't know in jackie is still there, but crude is probably giving back half of what it gained. i still think the oil volatility index is telling us we're in a dicey environment for crude. it's been wrong, by the way for the last seven or eight dollars, but at some of the point i think it comes home to roost. >> what happens on sunday if we sigh that brent is trading lower, markets go down also? >> i think they absolutely rally with crude. and you hope you get the
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opportunity -- there was -- buy best balance sheets on here. what paul just said is technicals, we paint the pictures with technicals, and we want them to say, technicals today were eviscerated, i think it's not positive. >> i think that's an important point. when you look at largely integrated names like an exxon, it had only one down year. earnings got cut in half, but they rebounded back in 2009, well, last year exxon's earnings were down 50%, expected to be down 38% this year, so when you think about it, this very extended period of very poor sentiment, at some point they probably overshot to the down side. it's been consulting. big technical resistance there, at some point it likely breaks out. >> full circle. what's left to buy? energy stocks in that group? >> the ones really levered, those are up so high, that kind of scares me. the ones that timmy always talks
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about, those have rallied as well, i would rather be there. you could just turn the spigot right back on. if oil goes to $50 a barrel, so those pumping that he be better for them than those that had to shut in. up next, a sudden development with one of the valeant's creditors, plus mark zuckerberg took a swipe at donald trump. we'll bring those comments to you. and it's the one part of the market that would be signaling serious trouble ahead for stocks. we'll tell you what that is and how you can protect yourself when "fast money" returns. n peoe who don't have access to basic banking, but that is changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now a person is able to start a business, and employ somebody for the first time. the microsoft cloud helped us to bring banking
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the deadline. thank you very much, seema mody. karen, what are your thoughts? could it be that the bondholders is obligated in some way? >> i think it's a technical matter of them, i don't know what the lingo is called. so if you don't fix it, we can declare default, but they do have time to fix it. i have no doubt they will come to some deal. >> it was belong believed this could happen, but it was believed that creditors don't want this to happen. >> but think of the holder base here -- sorry to interrupt. the world "default" is very scary if you're in this without knowing the situation that well. >> this notice doesn't necessarily mean dead acceleration. that's what the company is
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saying on the tape. maybe in fact they have filed it and we have in fact to comply, but it doesn't force you to do something we don't want to do. >> i think the rick is much too b -- why is that interesting in i don't know what's going on, but what it says is maybe there's some m & a chatter back in the biotech space that hasn't been there. maybe valuations have gotten to make sense, and maybe the ibb has a chance to get through to the 285 level. this is actually one of the more encouraging signs i have seen in a white. >> and metavations said it was exploring alternatives. so here we have headlines saying yeah, maybe they are exploring. facebook kicking off our top trades. mark zuckerberg speaking at the
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developer conference, announcing many new features, but it was these comments taking aim at donald trump that really got the street talking. take a listen. >> i'm starting to see people and nations turning inward, against this idea of a connected world and a global community. i heard fearful voices calling for building walls and distancing people they label as others. for blocking free expression, for slowing immigration, reducing trade and in some cases around the world even cutting access to the internet. >> what do you make of those comments? >> i think kudos to zuckerberg. i think there was a time a few years ago shortly after the ipo where we were making fun of his hoodie and cracking voice, and looking like a kid, and he's come into his own. one of the biggest stocks in the world and just laid out a
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ten-year plan. i'm not telling you to go bike it at $110, but i'm saying this guy is going to be around for a long time whether sandberg is there or not and probably will be the next coming of jobs, gates and that kind of stuff. >> do you want a company, a ceo to dip into the political fray? is that in general a good thing? >> it seems to happen. my biggest problem with the comments, if he has something to say, saying it. >> he said it eloquently i think. >> if you want to go far, might as well go all the way. >> i don't know that the natural follower of zuckerberg would overlap very much with a trump supporter. >> the trump supporter wouldn't even hear that. >> probably not, but i totally agree with dan, he's grown into not just the leader of facebook, but a great businessman like a bill gates. >> generationally, this vast divide between 35 and under, and
5:20 pm
north of 35, especially in the media space, how it's consumed, how people are communicating, and these guys are so well positioned, and it's to be whatever they want to be. the nice thing about facebook, i think it's very apolitical, but i agree with guy, say what's on your mind. here's the point. there's nothing wrong with having a view. that to me is what social media should be all about, should be stripping down the ability to force people to stop saying what's on their mind. >> how do we feel the stock up 35%. >> a couple people taking their numbers say face this quarter, but long term they still like the stock. i don't think you fade the quarter. i think you can buy is into erpgs. i think at 35 times forward erpgs, giving the ways they have to make money, it's a buy. csx just out with earnings moments ago. we'll explain. i'm melissa lee, and you're watching "fast money" on cnbc,
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welcome back to "fast money." susan lee has more. >> melissa, this was always going to be a tough quarter for csx, because they had some pretty tough comparisons to last year and falling commodity prices to contend with. revenue fell more than expected, down 14% and freight volumes were down 5% in the quarter. also pricing what csx can charge for carrying cargo, declining twice as much as in the first three months of the year, which really highlights the demand weakness that csx is facing. it's also been hurt by falling coal demand as a bigger proportion of the revenue from carrying coal than any other railroad. michael ward earlier on "closing
5:25 pm
bell." >> the coal is very challenged. as you saw, we were down 31% in this quarter, and we expect a similar reduction as well in the second quarter of this year, and if you think about this, both the strength of the dollar and the low commodity prices, it's impacting a lot of our markets. >> as you mentioned stock is higher. and analysts have been encouraged, and csx's stock has rebounded off the three lows, still, though, a third down from november 2014 records, melissa? its thank you very much, susan lee. >> if we heard erv in that report except for costs coming down you would have thought doom and gloom. the data points we're getting so far, alcoa yesterday, e p. s beat, revenue miss, jerusalem person that was a disaster they warned on.
5:26 pm
gap a disaster as well. >> everybody knows these things have been talking about. tim talks about it all the time, so why is csx rallying? it's not a lot cheaper, but it is cheaper than norfolk southern, and a lot cheaper than a name like kansas city southern. you get the point. i think what's happening is people are saying, all right. i know the things that have gone wrong and can go wrong, but there's a lot of up sides if things can turn just a bit better. >> it sounds like the company has always been very well managed. if you look at their earnings, they're printing since 2012 in between 11 and 12 billion in sales, so that's a sentiment think. i agree with guy, if you ever see a demand up tick, you would see a multiple expansion. >> we don't care that -- >> it's all relative. the first quarter volumes they firmed up in january, got better if february, year over year
5:27 pm
there's comps, csx to me has more pricing power than their peers, a lot cheaper. i this think the stock, the up side is limited. i think it can trade at 27, 27.50. >> the cost cuts shows good management trying to get their arms around the issue, and then if they get a bit of revenue increase, they'll get some operating leverage from that that they didn't have on the way down. >> so we would have to see shoal shipments go up, not likely to happen is my guess. we need an up tick in the energy sector, continued stability and strength in the auto sector, i would think. >> you need the stuff going down. if you're sort of the peak -- if coal is still in trouble, then you know what? it doesn't auger well for the
5:28 pm
railroads, but if people are saying coal has bottomed, then to karen and tim's point, these stocks, especially csx, i'm sorry, dan. >> c'mon. >> are relatively inexpensive. i love dan. sorry, dan. >> if you have to say you love dan, i don't know. jpmorgan kicks off earnings toempl before the bell. but the one bank could see the biggest surprise of the quarter, you won't blef which one united states. later, the gold trade that just won't quick. while one trader sees another huge run for the yellow metal next month. all that ahead we've got trouble in tummy town.
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. welcome back to "fast money." the dow have been the best day in a month and many s&p is positive again, as crueloid rallied 4 percent. here's what's coming up in the second half of "fast money." the big banks gearing up.
5:32 pm
and plus it's no surprise our traders are twitter pros, how dan nathan is using twitter to make money. he'll reveal his secret right here on this desk in a special "fast money" first. first we start off with the markets. they're in rally mode, but our next guest says one key area is about to get hit with a rolling blackout. michael is the head of high-yield strategy at merrill lynch, and he is here, and he's known here as -- i don't want to say it. >> high yield hottie. >> even without the beard?
5:33 pm
>> this is what say happened to oil in a bad way. >> i think it does a really good job of describing what we say. it startwood gold, metal and mining, then energy, a bit in retail. remember, the coal story started two years ago. so the next question is what is the next sector that respects its blackout moment. is it tech? telecom? media? pieces of pharma? you know, i don't really know. i have some ideas, and i think some of those sectors has been tore the ones i would be keeping an eye out for, but the point is you don't need a recession to have bad markets. you can have they individual discrete events without having this big recession that was priced in between january 1st and february 11th.
5:34 pm
>> why couldn't it be a black yao and there's no rolling aspect that has too hit another sector. >> i think that's a great point lend everyone standards have gotten tighter, and is it doesn't matter if you're a commodities issuer or not outside of commodities, they're through the roof. this is much more than a commodities story, it's just the weakest lynxes go first. >> it's difficult to argue with the argument that credit conditions are getting tighter.
5:35 pm
i'm reading your numbers 22 billion last month, so clearly high yelled issue wand is back in vogue, isn't it dangerous to bet against they? >> i think what you're seeing in high yeefrld is a bifurcated market. food and beverage deal, are definitely able to tap the market. the lower quality portion of the market is not shut, but is incredibly challenging, okay? >> this is sub-c? >> triple-c dead and some of the portion of single b market. so i think you're right in that it's very bifurcated, and some companies will be final and other countries will struggle here. >> what could peel at home buy or sell to take advantage? >> obviously they have the efs, large etfs.
5:36 pm
>> but in terms of how you might may interest the stock, what typically has that meant? what happens to the sector? >> on the equity side, i think we traditionally see equities follow credit more than the other way around. we obviously saw that late last year. so i think if high yield does go through the scenario i'm talking about, equities are going to likely follow suit. you know, as a strategy house, you know, i no savita comes on the show at times, we're looking at the price target at the s&p, and i think that credit conditions and high yield, it's going to be bad for all risk assets. >> rolling blackout, does it mean if it hits another sector, it's done with the prior sector?
5:37 pm
>> not necessarily. not necessarily. listen, i think you could have situations where maybe other sectors are recovering, but onit necessarily has to be that way. michael good to see you. >> the high-yield hottie. >> thank you. karen, does that make you worried about your retail holdings? >> everything makes you worry. the retailers are generally in great shape, particularly the ones with a lot of net cash, so i'm not worried. >> the whole notion that a rolling blackout could hit a sector doesn't necessarily roll over and move on, but it can grip a sector and take another one, and he's saying that conditions are tough, so the likelihood of -- one most point. he talked about -- on a couple instances over last year, and then again in january, we had very sharp selloffs in u.s.
5:38 pm
equities, between 2060 and 2100 on two instances, and it happened all at once. when you -- when we start have larry mcdonald and the hottie back on, get worried about your s&p -- >> nice to have michael on when times aren't so crazy. there's no question that credit conditions are tightening, but think about the sectors where there's been irresponsible lending, and it's in energy, even in parts of the biotech chain where a lot of capital is thrown at businesses where we're not sure how profitable or the cash burn is incredibly high. could the gold rush just be getting started? why one raider is betting on huge base. all of our traders use twitter, what are they doing to get the social media edge? . >> oh, yeah, baby. >> yeah, danny. >> much more "fast money" is straight ahead. "super food?" is that a real thing? it's a great school, but is it the right one for her?
5:39 pm
is this really any better than the one you got last year? if we consolidate suppliers, what's the savings there? so should we go with the 467 horsepower? ...or is a 423 enough? good question. you ask a lot of good questions... i think we should move you into our new fund. sure... ok. but are you asking enough about how your wealth is managed? wealth management at charles schwab.
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glee we have breaking news on pauly group. >> >> this is the ongoing ballots. moments ago, a member of the board, james grassvel has
5:42 pm
resigned effective immediately. in a letter he says since the board meeting, i have been excluded from a number of quench board meetings, and therefore seen no youthful purpose of remains on the board. >> shares of pulte have been flat, and been in focus. >> so an ally of bill pulte who was calling for dugas' resignation resigned? >> i don't know if it's tradeable espent. it seems like a back gonchacy event. >> for a wlong time? >> i've been toe -- i was just trying to make a call for a
5:43 pm
sector. again it's a function of whether it's supply or demand. a lot of these guys are in positions where it's not any supply. the valuations are not bad. we're at peak -- >> housing hasn't -- by wee don't they have better? the results are not particularly good. i have to think that home builders are not far behind? >> i think about the fact that lending has not gone back to the place where it was? >> to be pulled through the system, but they're not going to ratchet growth. i think they're trading at
5:44 pm
multiples. let's look at special pharma. plunging to the tune of 26%, this after announcing guidance would come in far below the street's estimate. it really goes beyond that. it's a large percentage of their expected projected earnings, coming in the back half of the year. >> it is odd how three months ago they had a different taye, yet they would feel quite comfortable. clearly the space is facing some terrible pr, but i think the business model is facing this really treacherous headwinds. i wouldn't touch it right here. i know it's down 25%, but. >> we were just talking about valiant.
5:45 pm
i don't want to say murphy, but probably not really watched area of the market. >> you could say murky. obviously this was a big move. this stock has been an extraordinarily volatile stock for the last three, four months. anywhere from 5% to 8% moves a numbs, so do you buy it down 25%? same way with valeant. i will say this metavation news is really interesting. still 285 is cry that will that it gets through. that was carter wirth's refusal that he said it got there and, but next time up, it was. 4 playable in and out people are starting to see, okay, we understand the headlines, the valuations are so com pegs, that
5:46 pm
the m & a we put on hole. while the stock may be in the gutter, there's for secret -- but many have been asking you how we use it. dan reveal his ways to kroo it. check it out. >> oh, hi. i'm dan nate many. i'm here to tell you how i use twitter during the trading day, the source information, and basically come up with trading ideas. i start my day with this, my iphone and the twitter app. i'm using it bask his as a customized news feed i bring it up. this is the second way i use it real-time search. disney announced news about you succession plan. i want toss what they are saying here. i will put in a hashtag with the dollar sign. i get a slew of things from all
5:47 pm
different news sources about what's going on specifically at disney. this is probably the most important throughout the trading day is using it to community indicate through other traders. are skyrocketing. i put the catch tag win in here. just links to the investor relations page. there's an investor data tomorrow that would caught put primeuals to skyrocket. i could say here you go. follow he at rich reversal. >> that's like a giant trade school. what did you see today? >> it's interesting. i just put pulte in there and we get the real-time thing. it's the mobile application of it, and we don't have to be at our systems anytore to get information the way we did back in the day. i'll just tell you this. there have been very few tools
5:48 pm
that have helped me or made my job easier on a day-to-day basis than using it for real-time things, really gauging sentiment. we love hearing from viewers during the show, tell us it's that whatever, and then the. >> but then too bad twit errant monetize this. . twitter feed short twitter. >> right. but i think what dan is talking about is the sentiment factor is also that who do you listen to, because there's a lot of noise out there. the curating what twitter can do, and listen to people and the market's perspective. that's up to you to figure it out, but ultimately having a resource where you can go right to people, and this for retail trader is very powerful. there's a lot of professionals
5:49 pm
on twitter to get their view out there. you make up your own mind, but that's the beauty of v it. >> i think the underbelly of all of this is that this generation's chat room. >> exactly. >> it can be. >> not everybody can be a journalist or newscaster, but everybody can get the news. that's the same thing with twitter. not everybody has to be an active use are on twitter, but everybody can benefit from what twitter puts out there, which is why i said we have to stop this monthly active user nonsense, getting away from it. it's not important. twitter will figure this out. >> but you can drop a rumor on twitter like that. >> there's a lot of room for improprity, but i would say -- when it was all going on, here's the thing. if you care what i want to say, and why put premiums have gone up. if i'm not engaging with you, then i'm not a good tweet, as they would say. that's a twitter person, tweet.
5:50 pm
so that's really what i think the company really has to, you know, get their arm around the facti not just a bull horn for kanye to rant people and not engage. engagement has to be organic. still ahead, jpmorgan kicking off earnings, but shareholders of one of the other bank stocks could get blind sided. we'll sxlap. plus gold hitting a three-week high, why one trader is making a big bet. you're watching "fast money" on cnbc, first in business worldwide. lexus is 300 all-wheel-drive. with twenty-five percent more base horsepower. once driven, there's no going back.
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♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. the answer right now in our "earnings edge." >> this is jeff harte. the large-cap bank we expect to price this quarter is bank of america. we expect it to be a surprise to the downside. we hef the headwinds are more than people think and credit costs may be higher to specifically balance again oil. this is jeff harte with "fast
5:54 pm
money's" "earnings edge." >> karen, what do you think? a surprise to the down side? >> i think the bar is already low. i hope it's low enough. >> guy? >> jeff harte, that's interesting he brings that up. that would be a surprise. he mentioned all the headwinds that he thinks is in the name, but a bank of america to the down side would be extraordinarily interesting for the broader market. >> would it presumably take down a lot of the bank stocks, so therefore offer an opportunity to buy the stronger ones? >> it would, but i think that people are separating the different businesses, even the money side. jpmorgan has a lot of room, and frankly i think they're going to make beat it toempl. >> some of the regional banks are looking quite interesting, so i think first quarter tailwinds are better than people think with regards to some of the profitability. >> well, if dan is missing,
5:55 pm
because he's not next to me, it can only mean one thing. he must be at the mars board breaking down a look at the gold. >> call volume was nearly three times that of of puts. there was one tray i had that call might ute. 130, 138 call presents, paying 38 cents to open. that breaks even up at 130.38. here's the one-year chart. we know that gold had that massive rant from the december lows, right around the if ed meeting where they raised rates. playing for on move out of the that consolidation. here's the ten-year chart. it just broke here. traders continue to roll up calls. i want to make one last point about open interest in the gld. it is so levered toward calls, about 2.7 million, about 965,000
5:56 pm
puts. look at the strikes where all the consolidation s. all about the 125. we're at 120. traders keep betting for higher. >> guy, just quickly. >> going up? there's a lot of reasons for gold to go lower over the last couple months. it hasn't yet. so clearly something is going on. gdx with a high. i'm with dan nathan. i find mimeself on which in his camp. i'm in there now. for more check it out on capses action. coming up, final trade. here at td ameritrade, they work hard. wow, that was random. random? no. it's all about understanding patterns. like the mail guy at 3:12pm every day or jerry getting dumped every third tuesday. jerry: every third tuesday. we have pattern recognition technology on any chart plus over 300 customizable studies to help you anticipate potential price movement. there's no way to predict that.
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twitter is calling this lucky baseball fan sticky fingers. bill dugan caught five foul balls in the meantime first eight meetings. after the incredible feat, he gave all of the balls away to children. implts that's why you bring your leather to the game. >> no, you don't. tim. >> it's been a rocket. take some profits. >> yes, oil rise, i like --
6:00 pm
>> imibm reports. >> and -- juniper -- thanks for watching, see you back here [ bell ringing ] my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere. i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. people want to make friends. i'm just trying to make a little money. my job is not just to entertain but to coach or agent but to teach you. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. or tweet me @jimcramer. i love to be


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