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tv   Street Signs  CNBC  April 20, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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cla clapp. welcome to "street signs." heineken shares bubble to an all time high after a 7% rise in first quarter beer volumes. the chips fall differently for intel and arm. the tech giant slashing 12,000 jobs on slowing pc sales while the iphone supply celebrates rise in demand.
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big wins in the big apple for donald trump and hillary clinton. >> we don't have much of a race anymore. based on what i'm seeing on television. >> today you proved once again there is no place like home. >> it's swagger on wheels. we're live at aston martin headquarters to find how the storied british brand is reinventing itself to boost the bottom line. we'll speak to the ceo of ast mart coming uon martin coming up. >> welcome once again. top stories today. we're waiting for a media briefing from mitsubishi after shares fell over 17%. this after company admitted unspecified number of its cars failed fuel tests. looking at live pictures of that press conference as it begins in toko and we'll bring you more as
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we hear more on the details. let's give you a look in the meantime. active, a market this morning we're just lower by .2 of 1%. relatively unchanged for the last hour. 7-3 red-green this morning. we really with see the sentiment turn over night. oil track lower. seems to be a resolution on the kuwait oil strike. so that had han immediate impact. and 3% higher for the oil markets yesterday. very much filtering into what we're seeing here in europe this morning. just bucking that trend slightly
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is the xetra dax. you can get a sense of that. still above $40 a barrel for wti. key question for fuel is do we see buying on dips as a result or some cycle liquidation here? who knows? but on that story the union pledged to return supply to its normal supply as soon as possible. let's check in on how the asia markets reacted to that. sri is in singapore. we did see a real change in tone from earlier on in the asia session. >> particularly in the north asian market. so that correlation between oil and equity still a strong one.
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lot of these markets heading south, not by a big margin, but there are issues in china about the durability of the economic recovery. mi mitsubishi got hammered today after the company admitted to failing, one of its models failed a fuel economy test. the president will be addressing the press and we'll get more clarity and detail about the number of cars affected and the scope of the problem. the stock went limit down by well over 15%. the biggest one-day percentage loss in almost 12 years. mainland china equities. we have had a pretty good run since february. exhaustion associated with that rally is now setting in. because there is a sense that the economic numbers may not be as good as perhaps the data is
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making them out to be. so some issues there with the longevity of the recovery that we are seeing in the ppi. stabilization. let's get forget this is a company still saddled with a lot of bad debt and going a drag on growth for the future. picture there is of the mitsubishi press conference just starting now so you may want to bring the viewers up to speed. more developments when we get them. >> absolutely right. we have got some announcements from mitsubishi. used fuel economy testing methods not in line with japanese regulations. mitsubishi has set up an independent panel to investigate. vehicles including the ek model involved. and they are saying actually that the vehicles involved also include 468,000 vehicles made
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for nissan. they have stopped making and selling the vehicles in question. so that is so far the announcement from mitsubishi this morning. we are talking about 468,000 vehicles they made for nissan. and a panel has opinion set up to investigate further. we'll continue to bring you headlines from that press conference as we get them. for now let's get up to speed with some earnings this morning. hijack heineken hosting a 7% growth in sales. they benefitted from a 22% growth in sales in asia thanks to the lunar new year. arm saw profits rise over 7%. the chip maker however logged
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higher rempbl spending costs. maintaining full year revenue guidance as long as market conditions exist. the slow down in sales growth was impacting his business. >> in you look at the device unit numbers the growth rates have slowed. that is a fact we've been talking for a long time and anticipating for a long time. in terms of the innovation going into smart phones, that is continuing. we're seeing core counts in the processers inside the phones going up. the sophistication of the graphics processers. the connectivity in the way smart phones used to control other devices. that is going up all the time. so innovation still very alive and well. >> first quarter net income hit $500 million. this despite a miss on the top line as the slump in energy takes toll. the ceo said abb is on course to
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deliver significant cost savings this year. >> all together at the measures we have in place to improve abb, we are on track. you have seen progress and we are committed to deliver on this year. so all together the progress is in line with expectations. >> james joins us now. good to have you on the show. we haven't had that much yet from the european earning season but so far it's clearly been a tough one. >> six beats and six misses. but if aggregate the trends it doesn't look good. i'm encouraged by the results by heineken this morning. and typically when indices remain buoyant as they have in europe despite the very weak first quarter. and i think the consumers remain
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fairly strong. where we'll see strength in the earnings season this season is probably in the consumer discretion and staples like we've seen in the united states, probe healthcare. and quite a weak tech sector and we'll see the first sign of what interest rate policies have on banks as well. a >> if we shift to the u.s. and look at earnings expectations. in the heaviest downgrades we've seen since the credit issue. the comparables going to be tough, tough numbers. how much does it matter when expectations are so low? >> same old story. for the last four years we've been talking about analysts low quality beats. in other words downgrading expectations only for the
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company to beat expectations. but i think the point you made there, we've seen downgrades over the course -- this quarter's expectations fall by --. but encouragely most people will start to discuss year on year and majority of figures will be negative. when you start to look at q 1 versus q 4 we're starting to get a bit of a pick up. >> interesting. we heard concerns about nigeria, impact of oil prices and the follow onto the consumer and yet i see bank of america, merrill lynch saying we're actually going structurally positive now in emerging markets. and you're actually saying the time is nigh, why?
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>> i think the strong dollar until late last year forced economies. trade and exports are broadly much more positive now so they have become more disciplined with their fiscal balances and we see if there is any further aappreciation from dollar which we don't expect in the near term. >> define near term. >> up until june i would say. >> do you think there is a risk of a hike in june? >> there is. it would a policy error if they didn't. this is our view. and if you look at what the fed focuses on and unemployment and the -- unemployment typically at the start of the rate hiking period is 4.69%. we're at 4.9 now. so it suggests there should be hiking on that. the nay rue when it falls below
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this level --. the only thing missing, payrolls certainly suggest we should hike. we should start to see inflation. what the feds focusing on is volatility and the strong dollar. >> all pets are off when they are something something. >> so you have had emerging markets are an option. be specific. what should investors be getting involved in here. >> well dare i say brazil. looks like roussef will be
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impeached. >> if she's not impeached? >> that is the risk. if she's not -- >> risky bet you're suggesting get involved in. >> i thinkemerging markets is typically higher. if you want less risk, we believe emerging market bonds, you are being positive ly compensated for the risk involved. >> great to have you on. ♪ sky took a big hit in 2013.
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since then the group has strengthened its relationship with the likes of hbo and launched a full takeover of its german and italian businesses. i sat down with them and asked if they were sustainable in the long run. >> that will come down to two or three things. first the efficiency of our business model. and one of the things we've done incredibly well and often overlook is reduce our back operating costs dramatically over the last period. actually taken something like 6 or 7% of sales out of those cost. of course we can reinvest that. it depends on growth, our ability to grow the business. and depends upon our ability to persuade customers that that product is still valuable and something that they want to keep
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their spending in and good value for money. i think we're doing a really good job of that. actually our sports writer, percentage of sales haven't really increased over time because of course we've been growing ourselves at such an accelerated rate. >> can you imagine a point where the rest of your business justifies walking away from those? >> certainly sky has been much much broader today. one of the benefits is a great number of options around the things we do. i can look at sky atlantic and investments in entertainment content and that's allowing us to appeal to more people in the household and perhaps who don't want to get sky for sport. and it gives us then more options around what we invest in. as we've invested around more domestic football for example. we've walked away from some other sports as well. >> tonight at 2300, cet.
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>> coming up what does a classical music star from china have to do with europe meets swagger? well we spoke exclusively to cnbc, find out more when we return. you shouldn't have to go far
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where you can use all of our latest products and technology. and find out how to get the most out of your service. so when you get home, all you have to do is enjoy it. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. first quarter results in line with expectations. however they lowered earnings guidance citing negative foreign exchange effects. the ceo joins us now. thank you for coming on the show. explain to us about the forecast downgrades. is it just about currency impact? you were also very concerned last quarter too?
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>> it is entirely there. we are tracking exactly as to what we planned and guided in january. so it is all about a currency effect. >> last quarter you also downgraded your sales estimates. clearly the big factor was the bio energy business and concern making it difficult for clients given low oil price. if we look at the jump we've seen in --. higher by some 25%. what are clients saying now? >> i think of course ethanol prices in the u.s. will be trailing upwards. and that is good for our customers. and of course eventually if this continues we'll also try to start selling the more -- the more -- the better enzyme solutions that gives them higher yields, which has been difficult to sell for the last year or so.
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so that is good news for us but we're not booking that yet. i'm cautious on all prices. we'll have to see. but generally higher oil prices is good for our 17% of revenue that comes out of bio fuels. >> do ju juyou just have to ass ult matdly there won't be a supply freeze here?imately ther supply freeze here? >> well we don't base the business on hopes. we're planning it stays as it is and then we'll take the upside as it comes. again, we don't have particular insights in that. of course we follow it very closely. because when you look at a company like novozymes that offers a ton of solutions that actually help the world become more sustainable, then when oil prices and other commodity prices are very low, that is a more hard sell. so we follow it very closely.
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>> you also mention clients remain sensitive to cost. i guess the point is they don't have the luxury to be able to pick more expensive solutions here. they just have to protect their margins at all costs. do you think we've reached a peek in that sensitivity? >> i think it's bottoming out. i think it is actually improving. and volumes are also good in the u.s. so even though margins are low for our customers. and they still are, volumewise they are doing okay. so this is not a perfect situation. of course we would hope they make more money and regain an interest in getting higher yields. but i think it is bottoming out now. >> clearly the commodity prices, the emerging markets are very much tied to the performance of
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your business. we've had analysts come out this week and say we're going bullish now on emerging markets. how does that impact your views as all? i know you said you don't rely on hope but are you still concerned? or do you think we've reached a bottom here and actually emerging markets could improve from here? >> we see good growth in asia. we are excited about the asian emerging markets. we don't have a awful lot of business in eastern europe, in russia. but of course russia is a case of its own. our issue is almost entirely latin america. which is slow. we worry about brazil. in our business venezuela basically went away in the course of '15. so there are certainly some worrying signals out of latin america that we have booked in our projections for business. but we have also booked that it goes better in asia.
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>> thank you so much for talking to us this morning. getting your perspective on the outlook for the business. ceo of novozymes. languaos angeleang lang gav performance. cnbc was there and speak exclusively to the star himself. >> i'm here are lang lang who's just played a concert and master class for over 5,000 mostly children featuring his two proteges from the foundation. lang lang thank you so much for joining me today.
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>> thank you so much. such a pleasure. >> we all thought the concert was incredible. mostly children out there. was it difficult to play to such an audience. >> today our aim is to inspire to the next generation of music lovers and musicians. and we were so happy to have this sunday matinee. and we can have this incredible stage and to do it together with two of the most incredible students from our foundation. >> he's a brilliant pianist. and he's taught me a lot of things on the piano and it really helps me with my playing. >> i think performing in front of so many people is really, really fun.
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and the get with lang lang was really, really amazing. >> it is very important thing to send out a message that no matter whether you are a professional or not professional, music need to give us the positive love and positive soul and positive emotion first. you know, and this is something that which will make huge difference when they start practice. they have a hope, they have a dream. they have a love. rather than depressed, bored, disappointed. >> lang lang, when you were first starting or early on in your career, how difficult was it for you coming from china and mastering the european compos e composers? >> for me learning music is like learning a culture and language. and the earlier you start you are more used to this culture. and for me i started to play
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piano before i can actually talk. and so in a way i hear mozart same time of listening to chinese music. and i start to know at least same time as when i'm watching tom and jerry and transformers and other cartoons. in a way this culture is also part of me. inside our heart. so i never really felt difficult. >> we're going to take a quick break but coming up on the show. her name is -- or very own spy at aston martin's headquarters. >> one i accepted with pleasure. we are here on the street as aston martin showcases over a hundred years of british
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manufacturing. what's in store for the next hundred years as this brand tries to revive its financial fortunes and a meet a new history.
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mitsubishi admits its fuel economy tests failed to meet japanese regulations with nearly half a million nissan cars also involved. >> heineken shares toast a 7% rise in first quarter beer volumes thanks to strong growth. the chips fall differently for intel and arm, the u.s. tech giant slashing 10,000 jobs on slowing pc slys while the iphone supply celebrates rise in demand. >> and the big apple a win for
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hillary and trump. >> today you proved once again there is no place like home. so we are just waiting for some uk unemployment data and average earnings data. we've got the uk unemployment rate in the three months to february coming in at 5.1%. the jobless claymont lesless co to 2% of the workforce. average earnings in february coming in at 2.2% so a touch higher than expected. and the three months to january average earnings unchanged at 2.2%. so maintaining that level over
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the prior two months despite expectations of a slip. overall no change in the unemployment rate. no change also in average pay to march. let's take quick look at sterling. relatively unmoved as you can see there. touch weak owner the session overall. but no surprises in that data. let's take a look at u.s. futures this morning as well. we have seen the tone change in the back end of the asia session feeding into what we've seen in the european session. i suppose no surprise that we are taking back a bit of ground as far as these implied open for the u.s. markets. lower by 4.4. 47 points for the dow. and 1 points for the nasdaq here. -- 13. also a quick look at european markets this morning as well. we're a touch lower overall here. .3 for the ftsi 100. the xetra dax lower by .1 of 1%.
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the dow 50 day moving average line crossed above its 200 day moving average sfiing a golden cross.ignifying a golden cross. cnbc was exclusive broadcast partner of allocator in london last night. cohen caught up with some them. >> nobody know what you are speak about when you talk about --. but nowadays i think that it has becoming a new asset class that is growing very fast year by year. >> we think the pricing surrounding brexit and the pricing surrounded a chinese devaluation of the best
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opportunities for what we do this year. >> when you say pricing around brexit what do you mean? what's pricing to the currency? >> yes. what's pricing to the currency and we think that's very interesting because we think the market has significantly underestimated the damage that will be done in the event of a decision in the referendum to exit. and that the henli inghedging n the commercial community haven't been met my by any stretch of the imagination. >> the dollar for one. other countries, sweden is really taking off and showing much better results than expected and that divergence in the economies is what really drives opportunity. >> we think that the number of sectors that will need to restructure as well. like, for instance, the italian banks are on the eve of the major restructuring. so we position for those. >> it is a status many start ups strive to a achieve to be one
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day worth $1 billion but as my next guest suggest this is magical unicorn valuation may be leading to a responsible behavior. whose behavior is irresponsible? >> there is a certain drive for entrepreneurs to be on the unicorn list because that logically gives you a lot of composure. sometimes you see investors get very good conditions so the entrepreneur gets their organization in the unicorn list. and those conditions later on their life could turn out to be very difficult. so what i said is keep things simple. it is good for an entrepreneur to look at not just valuation but also the conditions that come with it. >> we came into 2016 asking whether or not more of these companies would actually have to ipo because as interest rates rise or the situation on the
4:35 am
economy changes there would be less private cash available. as we're talking about perhaps overinflating valuations. how many of these unicorns would be able to raise cash in an ipo do you think? >> my point was more as a -- as a lesson which i learned. we had a company before we --. it all went very successful. but if you are at the point where you need to raise capital at lower valuations it is not good for the motivation of everybody, even though you are hugely successful. so i thought next time around when i have another company we'll make sure we have everything very simple and look not just a as salvation but also very carefully at conditions. and with adyen i've kept everything very simple and --
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>> they look to exit. shaping themselves around that exit point. in the u.s. it is not forecasted on whether or not they can shift effectively and therefore we stunt the growth of our own start up. so is that the perception? >> i think historically that is where we came from and europe is a little behind but we are catching up. it was more logical to exit. you now see a couple of companies which don't do that. so to a lesser extent today. >> you cater to the big web-paced firms. collect cash in local currency. tell us how you are different from square, paypal, stripe. >> interesting trend, they really really sell globally. if you want to sell around the globe you run into so many challenges with payments. and for such a merchant their
4:37 am
brand name is very precious to them. and if there is a consumer who cannot pay that is frustrating. and we have all see it online. it never happens in a store. in a store if you are there with your card it is always successful. and around europe about half the transaction would fail if you don't have anything in place for local market. so those large brands are our focus. that is why we're different from our competitor. i think we have 7 of the 10 largest online brands in the u.s. so they all work with us. and we make sure that consumer experience works well. >> all week we've been talking about european swagger. european companies getting confidence back, being more on the front foot i think, broadening out there exposer to european markets.
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>> we have all development in europe and probably a more loyal base probably than what you could have in silicon valley. but from like how you experience us, we are everywhere. large local teams with a lot of knowledge who will give you the support, implementation support. >> very flexible. great to have you. a night dominated by the front runners. donald trump and hillary clinton enjoyed comfortable wins in new york a place they both call their home state. run us through the numbers here. how well did they do? >> well hillary clinton actually overperformed as of this morning. it likes she's got about 58% of
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the vote. for donald trump he did as well as expected. it was a huge landslide for him. he took all but three of the delegates that have been awarded so far. so for both of the front runners, they really solidified their place here and made it much easier to see a clinton/trump competition in november. donald trump was able to shutout ted cruz. he got most of the delegates, at least what we've seen here so far. cruz able to focus in on next week's contest. which if we doesn't perform well will make it mathematically impossible for him to walk into that convention center this summer. john kasich who came in second but a very distant second says that he's continuing to fight to stay in this and he's counting on indiana, which is a mid west state. he's done very well in the mid
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west. on the other side you have got hillary clinton who's now looking at the nomination saying he's on the path to this nomination now. she's reaching out to bernie sanders supporters talking about unity, saying come join us. he certainly has not given up this fight and is already focusing on those northeastern states that are voting five of them next tuesday. >> let's introduce our next guest. great to have you on the show. let's talk donald trump to start off with. is he going to get the nomination? >> well it is always hard to say how things are going to go. he's certainly looking towards that magic number of 1,237 which is what he still needs. he needs to at least get close to convince another super delegates to giswitch to his si. he should do relatively well next week as well.
4:41 am
>> kasich was an interesting one here. a protest vote to the protest vote for some republicans here. what does this mean for cruz? >> i think it's obvious he didn't have a good night last night. and in fact some of the things he said in the iowa debate where he talked about new york values certainly cost him inside that state. the question is where does he pivot? because he's not going to be strong inside the mid atlanta this next week. also some of these western states as we go forward, certainly the narrative has been changing. trump with this big victory last night. the question is can he turn it around? it is very questionable? >> how does he? >> well i think he has to keep doing what he's doing. he has to pick off delegates one by one going into these convention where they actually chose choose the delegates and hope he can galvanize support and win some western states and hope trump stumbles along the way and he convinces enough delegates to vote for him on the
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convention. >> and for sanders, do you think he hangs in there until july or do you think he see him increasingly fade way here? >> he's going to have a bad couple of weeks. i think he's going to hope again some of these western states are going to turn in his favor and again there is some type of stumble by hillary clinton that allows him to get back into this race. it becomes very difficult but then again sanders in some respects has always been a bit of a protest candidate. get getting that message out there is very important for him. and hopefully the message starts to change in his direction and he can switch the super delegates later in the summer. >> do you think hillary clinton starts to pull more to the center grouped nd. something something something. >> well i think both candidates for the republicans and the democrats are going to start pulling towards the center now
4:43 am
preparing for the general election and that is certainly going to be the case with hillary clinton as well. she's going to have a good couple of weeks here in the mid atlantic and you are starting to see a pull towards unity and a central message. and one she's going to need to do. she has high negatives along with donald trump. so both are going to have to start pivoting and probably pretty soon. >> do you think trump seemed more presidential than ever last night when he gave his winning speech? i've seen a lot of copy suggesting that. >> >> well i think there are certainly we saw him actually use the titles of his competitors. "governor kasich," senator cruz, something he hasn't done in the past. some are attributing that to his new campaign management. we'll see how long he can keep this up. he has a tendency of going back and forth if he gets criticized. certainly for him it is a far more gracious way of approaching these type of encounters with the press.
4:44 am
>> do you think people understand the difference actually what a president like donald trump will mean for the country versus what hillary clinton will mean? because i think from an outsiders perspective we have a fairly good idea of what hillary clinton will mean. whereas donald trump, just sorting through the rhetoric is tough. do americans understand the differences? similar to what we've seen here in europe with populism, you go with what you want to hear? >> i think it is always tough to say a particular president is going to go one way or the other is going to be like this. i it is hard to say and we also have to remember international events are going to play heavily for whoever takes over the presidency. hard to say. i do think there are certainly personality traits we can take from both candidates, both positive and negative. and of course those are going to play out in the campaign and eventually in the presidency.
4:45 am
>> thank you so much for your perspective there. a court ruled the russian state doesn't have to pay $50 billion in compensation for shareholders. shareholders in the defunct oil company are attempting to sue the russian state alleging they were pushed into the bankruptcy for political reasons. now we take a look at what's making headlines around the world. riots in cairo. after an argument witnesses say got out of hand over a cup of tea. cuba's president raul castro has been reelected for another five years, dampening hopes of
4:46 am
economic reform. however in speeches the 84-year-old announced he would step down before his term ends. in brazil rousseff did something. and it's 420 day across america. many people preparing to light up at 4:20 this afternoon in celebration. 23 states of legalized medical or recreational marijuana. wonder why 420? if you know tweet me. we speak to andy palmer and check out the car giant aston martin right after the break. don't move. this is worth seeing.
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the case would mark the second head-to-head between eu authorities and the u.s. tech group. google has already been accused of promoting its own shopping services in internet searches. mar gret vest jer joining us tomorrow at 9:10. so don't miss that.
4:50 am
>> shares under pressure as a result. intel was also announcing it will cut 12,000 jobs globally as it works to diversify away from the swooning pc industry. cfo stacy smith was on closing bell yesterday. >> this restructures is a tool do that and what it louse allowo be more efficient, more profitable and to increase investments investments in new areas like the data center and 5 g and the client space in areas we think we have great return and the generate growth in the future. >> intel on to yahoo.
4:51 am
revenue tumbled in the latest quarter. quarterly results aside everyone was hoping for comments on the company's search for a suitor. ceo saying the auction process is a priority something something something. yahoo's share price off about half a percent in pre markets. those are the results yesterday. today earnings from the likes of coca-cola, qualcomm. we also get something else too. but only by about a quarter percent at this hour. julia back to you. >> thanks wilfred. >> maybe james bond's car of choice but for only $3.4 million
4:52 am
you too can live out your spy fantasies. that is the value of the new aston martin vulcan of which only 3 of 24 vehicles made will hit the u.s. market. the racer is part of the british car giant's plans to launch at least one new car and two special addition models each year. nancy is at aston martin and for those watching "squawk box," i take it all back. i do really like that car. >> i knew i could turn you into a car girl eventually julia. and that vulcan standing right behind us. but with just two dozen of these it is not going change the financial future of aston martin. so to talk about a few more of the cars that could, let's talk to martin palmer. here we are looking at several of your cars old and new. you have been brought in here to
4:53 am
reinvent the brand for the future. where are you in that and returning to profit. >> it is also about making the company sustainable and able to fund its future as an independent british company. the independent british car company basically. we've broken down to three phases, the bridge with the current cars. then the start of the sports cars and then the diversification of the brand to include the crossover or the suv as sometimes called and relaunching the --. so it is about selling the db-9s and the making special versions. getting back to our basics. second phase, launch of the db-11. followed by launch of the vantage and the next vanquish and launch of the dbx. >> and with that are you
4:54 am
confident -- >> at least by then. it's more than that. it it wouldn't be so ambitious just to come to profit. we actually want to make this a really sustainable business where we actually continue to invest in the portfolio. and behave as you would expect a luxury business to behave. not just an automotive business but a luxury business. >> and your rivals --. the trouble with independence comes in the cost side when it comes to r&d especially as cars move to more technology. do you expect to have further partnerships to improve the cost side? >> yes. we have a very good relationship with daimler. we've recently announced a relationship with -- in terms of the electric vehicles. we also need to play to our strengths. you are right we're not part of a volkswagen or a bmw or a fiat.
4:55 am
we're independent. let me use the analogy of judo. the little guy can can throw the big guy as long as he or she plays to their strengths and our strength is agility. our strength is hand crafted cars and that is how we have to differentiate ourselves. we only have one robot in this factory. everything else is made by hand. and you won't find that naturally in other big companies around the world. >> yet you are diversifying to other customers as well. getting outside of the very high end top luxury, race car, if you will. you have now entered the crossover segment. tell us about that. >> well we do both in fact. on the one end you have car likes this. we've recently announced collaboration to do a super car. so we're still very much in that sports car expensive segment. but we are diversifying. and the suv segment is emerging.
4:56 am
recently the bentley has a new car in that space. we need to do it our way. we do beautiful motor cars. beautiful means that we probably are going to do what we call a dbx, which is a crossover. it is somewhere between a sports car and suv. it comes in 2019. our proxy customer is an american. professional lady called charlotte. >> interesting to ask you what james bond thinks about charlotte but you were one of the top at nissan. you know the mass market very well. over in japan mitsubishi just becoming the latest auto maker to get wrapped up in fuel economy standards allegations there. what is your take? how serious is this problem as it applies to the mass market either complying with new standards or in some cases cheating? >> i think you have to separate between cheating and managing to the cycle. for a long time manufacturers
4:57 am
have had a test cycle imposed upon them. and like any athlete they opz to the cycle. is that wrong? right? i would argue the cycle is not appropriate. the cycle needs to change. the way you test the cars needs to change and it probably needs to move into more like a real world type of cycle. cheating is something different. nobody con doens cheating. >> that is the ceo of aston martin talking about the industry as a whole and the challenges the company itself faces going forward. back to you. >> thanks so much nancy and that's it for today's show. worldwide exchange is coming up next. so don't move a muscle. see you tomorrow.
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good morning. under pressure. crude prices falling after kuwait oil workers end their strike. >> earnings central, intel shares dropping as the chip maker lowers revenue guidance and announces 12,000 job cuts. decision 2016, big wins for donald trump and hillary clinton in the new york primaries. but this race looks far from over. april 20, 2016 and "worldwide exchange" begins right now. ♪ you don't want to go to work ♪ but you got to go to work >> i'm sara


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