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tv   Worldwide Exchange  CNBC  April 29, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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amazon shares soaring after the e-commerce giant blows wall street expectations. >> a crude climb. oil prices jumping 20% this month alone. now more than 75% above their 2016 lows. >> plus the world according to carl icahn. he tells cnbc why he no longer has a position in apple. "worldwide exchange" exchange begins rights now. ♪ ♪ >> good morning and welcome to "worldwide exchange" on cnbc.
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i'm sara eisen. >> and i'm wilfred frost. good morning to you from me as well. and happy friday. let's have a look at u.s. futures. sharp declines. over 1% in the dow. expected to open slightly positively. essentially we are flat in the pre market but called higher by 4 points. and the s&p by 1 and the nasdaq by about 17 points. let's look at the 10 year treasure note. yields ranging around 1.7 and 1 .9 over the last three weeks. china's central bank fixing its currency t yuan higher. in fact at the sharpest pace since 2005 when china removed its peg to the u.s. dollar. there have been huge swings in currency all week long led by yesterday's massive jump in the yen. how did i miss that? a 3% move in the yen.
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bank of japan's surprise decision to do nothing and leave the monetary policy unchanged. and -- of course the big importance is the chinese currency's depreciation in the beginning of the year that was spooking markets and it's gone the other way and that is calming. the dollar index, dollar briefly hitting its allows since august. the nikkei in japan was closed for a public holiday. the regs of the asian markets closed slightly lower. but a quarter of the percentage declined pushing high comp. earlier trade we're got a lot of economic data in europe. french gdp up half a percent still. that market is down 1.5%. the german dax down 1%.
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>> the weaker u.s. dollar you mentioned that's really been the story of the week, particularly against the yen yesterday. big pronounced moves once again today. and when you look at the two main pairs, against the euro and against the yen it is almost extraordinary when you think of it that we're seeing continued move for those two currencies despite strong easing measures and one wonders how much longer that can go. but with the momentum who would bet against it. a percent again today in the yen. >> -- in the u.s. which continue this quarter to report massive losses from the stronger u.s. dollar. so not helping quite yet. but we'll see if it changes the outlook. companies like dupont did say that it does brighten the outlook for the rest of the year. >> let's have a look at broader markets as well. oil prices once again turning in at a very positive week. we're at 46.4 for wti. up.8%.
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brent up something. chevron and exxon reporting today. gold prices a quick check on that. gold sightly higher by 1% today. 1.278. >> the other big top story, amazon crushing earnings estimates last night. posting its most profitable quarter ever. soaring revenue in its cloud computing business helping the online giant pull that off. shares up 13% in after hours last night and on that jeff bezos raked in another $6 billion bringing his fortune to 60 billion dollars. the takeaway here has to be aws agm. if you haven't heard of it that is the cash cow amazon has.
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and that is what's powering all the expenses amazon deals with with'. >> the bigger take away for me is how they managed to beat google and ebay and netflix other --. as we said we'll be discussing amazon with an analyst in a couple of minutes. >> fa. netflix and google disappointed so we've got two going. >> fa, oongh. >> -- >> more than double from last year. among the reasons lower costs and slower asset sales. >> other stocks to watch today. lot of earnings movers. pandora reporting a wider first
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quarter loss. the streaming music is raising its full year revenue outlook. baidu fell to its lowest level since back in 2012. the chinese internet giant, search giant now expects revenue growth slip even further in the second quarter. and another beat on technology linkedin first quarter results came in ahead of forecasts. the company raising full year outlook on strong demand for hiring services and higher ad revenue. linkedin may be benefitting from the --. the last quarter it reported the stock fell 44% in terms of reaction. so this little 8% pop. >> are you on linkedin? >> no i'm not. >> so -- drives me mad. the only social media or business media, whatever you want to call it where turning
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them down. get an e-mail about three a day to join it. >> a lot of other people are on it. drives me mad. >> a lot of other people are on. >> --. back on facebook this week. so there you go. another one to check in on. am gen's first quarter results beating. the firm is also raising full year profit and revenue outlook. >> expedia plans to push home into cities such as paris where airbnb has dominated. it's up 11 %. >> astrazeneca fell in the first quarter due to higher spending
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on drugs. >> carl icahn, the activist investor announcing he sold apple on the heels of the tech giant's disappointing earnings. that cut into gains yesterday. and the stock finished lower and may have taken the whole market down. icahn is concerned he says about the company's future in china. have a listen. >> we no longer have a position in apple. in apple, today as opposed to maybe even six months or a year ago. while in this one there is no need for activism, assuming you can even do it. because i think they have a great management team. but in this one, you woor little bit. and maybe more than a little about china's attitude in what you have been seeing. >> chalked it up to china.
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about a year ago icahn wrote a letter saying he thought the market cost was about 200 dollars. it's current cost is about half of that. and more. >> did you see what cramer was saying, don't just listen to icahn's view on apple. and i couldn't agree more with him frankly. you know there is a point with activist investors where they are very self serving. a year ago he's calling for a trillion dollar market cap. and then we don't hear. and when we do. the sale price is dropping oh i'm doubling down. and i've already pulled out. and you don't hear interest them regularly enough. and after they have made their decision on these big calls. i think it is important as well to take other points of view.
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and interesting as you said not specifically. the macro picture which hasn't changed much. all more on their attitude. their attitude certainly hasn't changed in five years. so i don't really understand this change in sentiment. and i think it's a little self serving when you hear him calling it out like that. >> i think it feeds into the takeaway from this week. especially after the brutal selloff yesterday and you have to do your homework. >> absolutely. >> it's been a gloomy oil season, but there have been notable winners. amazon, facebook, linkedin. expedia. we're going to talk about some of these. >> let's talk to someone who has studied all of those crucial company fundamentals. we've just had a blow out quarter for amazon. shares trading sharply higher right now. joining us is james --.
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good morning to you. so amazon as we're saying. is the biggest takeaway the fact that amazon managed to perform when the others failed to? >> hats off to jeff bezos. wow. that result last night. to your point aws, that is a huge driver. at the same time you are seeing retail up as well. gross profit dollars are accelerating. the point i want to make here is that the fact that before we had this interdependency between amazon and --. and we've previously heard amazon web services referred to as the potential tax on businesses and now i think you can make that same argument as amazon being a tax on vendors in order to reach customers as
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prime becomes bigger and bigger component of people's lives. >> we know aws is the cloud and we know the cloud is sexy but there is also a lot of competition in the space. explain the aws model. why it manages to post 60% growth when all of the big cap technology companies are getting in on the same business. >> they were the first ones into it. and at the same time they were the first to expand into so many different geographic regions as well. so they have been investing in it for a long time and microsoft ibm and google are playing catch up right now. aws, they have a 29% margin right now. i think you are -- limit. as you do look forward we're probably going to maintain around that range but at the same time that could put pressure on industry margins for ibm or microsoft, for instance, where we are seeing cloud margins come down. >> how important is management for these type of companies.
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zuckerberg got a lot of credit for facebook. --. you do actually have a buy on that as well. >> huge. you can have the idea but at the end of the day it is about the quality of the execution. what we see from bezos is an absolute clarity of vision. and you read his annual shareholder letters. and the fact is it is a very simplistic story. and the fact that he does, you know, simplify the ultimate mission and creates that fly wheel i think is a testament to the results that we saw last night. >> looks like it is going to pop 12% at the open. would you still be a buyer? >> right now we came on the sidelines at 675 at the beginning of the years. that we kind of run tripped it to the pre open price today. there is some uncertainty into the back half of the year. we don't see the huge lift we
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saw in the first quarter well-being replicacan be replicated to the same magnitude etc. >> great stuff. pleasure having with you with us. >> when we come back, your trade in the day. what a spike could mean for global stocks. >> but first this date in history and it was five years ago today that will and kate said "i do." the royal wedding. excellent two day extra holiday we got. very happy weekend for everybody. that particular event did help britain have its best ever year for tourism. however because so many people took off work that week it is estimated the drop in productivity and revenue caused a 6 billion pound loss to the economy. there crow go. congratulations on your
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trade of the day. u.s. surging something. look at what happens to s&p stocks when the japanese currency rises significantly versus the dollar. a strong yen is bad news for the s&p. they trade down on average against the yen. top performers are bond related securities. they also looked to --. for more go to
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>> when the yen is rising, it is one of those safe haven assets. you buy it, like treasury, like gold during times of stress. it's also been a key liquidity measure and a key read of central bank efficacy. makes sense it would spook investors. in the meantime in brussels on may 9th. a tentative meeting was planned for thursday but called off after insufficient progress. the head of the euro group s saying there is a sense of urgency over greece's $86 billion euro debt. not seeing that sense of urgency in the markets like you were. >> no. not as ground breaking a moment certainly. >> but still dealing this. >> and will be for a while i fear. a live report from michelle
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caruso cabrera in iran. >> and the major averages. the dow is up .8%. the nasdaq down and the s&p 500 up nearly --. >> here is today's national forecast from the weather channel's jen carfagno. >> we have another round of thunderstorms. possibly severe weather right across the heartland. large hail a threat. isolated tornado risk. and heavy rain becomes a big concern for the weekend. getting back into houston by tonight and then we've got a couple of days of rain here. by the way we've got a snow storm going on in the rockies. temperatures in the southwest a little below average but at least we'll have the dry
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conditions there. in the east heating up in the southeast. approaching 90 in atlanta. "worldwide exchange" continues after this. (gasp) shark diving!
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hula dancing? cliff jumping! human resources can work better. with xerox. which allergy? eees. bees? eese. trees? eese. xerox helps hospitals use electronic health records so doctors provide more personalized care. cheese? cheese! patient care can work better. with xerox. that's it. welcome back. let's get caught up on market action. little action in u.s. futures. slightly higher with dow futures up 20. s&p up 3 nasdaq up 24.
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the dow's worst day since back in february. february 11th is when the market bottomed so we'll see if that gain can hold and build momentum. let's show you currencies. the story of the week, the japanese yen rising 3%. continuing to strengthen again today. and the euro charging higher. the weaker dollar has we'll been a hallmark of the trading session over the last few days and weeks. >> the lifting of the nuclear sanctions against iran means non u.s. companies can now do business there. however most companies for the most part are still prohibited from doing so. even if they could. the iranian government would they really want american investment? michelle caruso cabrera joins us from teheran. >> more evidence of the tensions between u.s. and iran this week when you see the war of words over the u.s. supreme court's
5:25 am
decision to seize -- to allow the seizure of 2 billion in iranian assets. but those tensions date back to 1979. that is when diplomatic relations ended when iranian students took over the u.s. embassy and held 52 american hostages for more than a year here in teheran. and we ran into one of those students. she was a spokesperson. here she is back in 1979 given an interview to nbc's george lewis and fred francis. >> let us unite together and by persecuting the criminals of our time establish peace and calm in all the world. we peoples of o iran. you peoples of america and all peoples of the world let us unite hand in hand to establish justice. >> teheran mary is now obviously grown up. much older now. and she is now a vice president of the country in charge of the environment.
5:26 am
we ran into her at an event. and i asked her if now she of all people would welcome american investment. >> are you open to american investment. >> yes. the country is open to american investment. and actually there have been american firms directly or indirectly coming to iran and looking for opportunities, for business opportunities. we look forward to working with all of the members of the international community. >> it is astound to be me to hear from someone who's been involved in the revolution for so long to say that you now welcome american investments. should it not sound astounding to me? >> it shouldn't sound astounding. the problem that we've had, many nations in the world have is the aggressive and militaristic attitudes of the politicians who have some -- american politics into the military adventures and
5:27 am
intervention in other country's affairs. but on the other hand, dealing with the american nation, dealing scientific level, cultural exchanges, business level, i think that there is basically no problem. and now our governments have been dealing with the nuclear agreement. >> she's considered part of the reformist camp. meaning less hard line in theory and more open to integration with the west. even though we remember her at that painful time in american diplomatic relations. >> you have been on the ground a couple of days do you get the sense there is huge pent up opportunity for growth in iran? given that sanctions have been imposed so long that there is opportunity for some very successful investments to be made? >> there is a lot of pent up
5:28 am
demand for a lot of things. part is the lifting of nuclear saxs for sure but also because of the president rouhani they have had a much more orthodox macroeconomic policy. inflation has come down. interest rates are still around 20%. but if they get those things under control there is opportunity. there is still deep state intervention into the economy in a lot of the places. price controls and things. and difficulty for investment because you don't which part of the economy is controlled by the irgc, the revolutionary guard. and american businesses are prohibited from doing business with them. and overseas if you try to do any financial attractions involving the dollar and then you have going to have trouble as well. >> are you a lion or a fox?
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>> i think i'm a lion only because it was so far down that there is still room for upside at this point. >> when we come back on "worldwide exchange," this morning's top stories, including a preview from big oil. plus when life hands you lemons. leave it to beyonce to make lemonade. ♪
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good friday morning. amazon in its prime. shares soaring after results beat the street. >> markets now. u.s. equity futures are pointing to a higher open as the nasdaq tries to battle back from its worst week since mid february. >> and you want to live longer? well you better keep working and we'll tell you why coming up. it's friday april 29, 2016. you are watching "worldwide exchange" on cnbc. ♪ ♪ oh my god ♪ it's the weekend ♪ >> i've never heard that song. >> good friday morning to you. [ laughter ] >> let's check out the global market this is morning. looks a like we're in for a mini rebound. dow futures pointing to a higher start up 201. worst day for the dow yesterday
5:33 am
since february 11. >> we haven't been down more than 1% for over a month. amazing. >> true. >> shows the resilience. >> a month of calm. though the nasdaq has underperformed and it is down about a percent for the month of april. can it finish the month on a high note? we'll get to that in a moment. s&p futures up 3. the european action doesn't look as bright this morning in european trade with the german dax down a smidge. >> this month has been a lot better. europe played catch up in april. 3, 4% gains this month for most of the indices. >> the japanese stock market. the nikkei was closed for a holiday after a brutal slide the day before. more than 3.5%.
5:34 am
down 1.5% from hong kong. the australia did eke out a gain overnight. >> the nikkei down about 5% for the week. broader markets. oil prices turning in another strong week. we're up another percent today. both up nicely today. the u.s. 10 year noep note has been range bound over the last couple off weeks. it is at 1.84% this morning. the dollar soft again. particularly against the euro and the yen. yesterday a 3% move in the yen and another 1% today. extraordinary momentum behind the strong yen at the moment. 107.03. the euro at 1.138 at the moment. gold price is up almost a percent this morning.
5:35 am
>> no question the head liner this morning is amazon, crushing earnings estimates last night. posting it's most profitable quarter ever. soaring revenue in its cloud computing. shares jumping in pre market. set to open up more than 12%. helping jeff bezos add 6 billion to his own fortune. and the key here was -- shows the importance of this cloud computing business. still a small fraction of the overall revenue but really a cash cow. high margins. >> absolutely right. and the bottom line is this.
5:36 am
the core marketplace business beat ebay significantly. the amazon web service beat google significantly. amazon prime. they massively out performed the peers. and you look at both facebook and amazon and you look at jeff bezos and mark zuckerberg and applaud their management. they have also newly become a profit maker. amazon has this replication of missing profits and not even making profits. just spending everything it was bringing in in terms of sales. that changed. that is why the bottom line beat looked so enormous. analysts were expecting 50 cents and they got over a buck in earnings. they have had profits in the last four quarters. >> a nice bump in the price today. let's have a look at other stocks to watch. gilead's first quarter profits fell.
5:37 am
ab inbev is putting more assets on the block. now offering to sell sab's operations in several countries. >> verizon says it's made its best and final offer to workers who walked off the job earlier this month. union say workers are standing strong. q1 employment cost index. 9:45. april chicago pmi. the precursor to im
5:38 am
manufacturing index out next week. and then more stuff. >> in earnings central, exxon and chevron report results before the bell while oil prices hit nearly 13 year lows. oil executives insist their companies can ride out the downturn. so far chevron shares are up and --. >> let's start with chevron. the street is expecting a loss of 20 cents a share. last quarter the free cash flow was negative. that number needs to improve. and it is definitely one to watch. recently there's been large interest of puts in the stock betting that the price is going to go lower. also the dividends are key to both chevron and exxon.
5:39 am
and now for exxon the street is looking for earnings of 31 cents a share and revenue of about $48 billion. earlier this week the energy giant losing its coveted aaa credit rating after 86 years. and exxon also has a large chemical business. commentary on this is significant because the division is not reliant on the price of oil guys. >> landon. thank you very much for that. and sara i do find it interesting they lose their aaa credit rating. today's top trending stories. work hard, live longer. a study out of oregon state university says that working past the age of 65 could extend your life span while retiring early could put you at risk for
5:40 am
early death. delaying one year could make all the difference. >> and -- >> [ inaudible ]. >> just don't buy the study? >> no. burrito lovers are not happy with dunkin' donut this is morning. the all day breakfast favorite was one of dun kin's briggs drivers but it will be replaced imminently. >> do we describe them as the coffee company then? >> doughnuts and coffee and -- >> name implies doughnuts. >> true. a lot of new yorkers like the coffee. i don't know why. i think it is very weak. when you have to wake up at 3:00 a.m. you need strong coffee.
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>> could beyonce's album lemonade give the drink lemonade a boost in sales. >> ? it just might. the chain saw a 33% increase in sales over one weekend alone. there we go. >> and the -- emoji is all over the place now. >> i need to listen to this album. >> it's widely available. you to. >> the -- but now it's on all forms of sales. >> you don't just have to do tidal. yeah. >> our facebook and twitter question today. tech had a rough april with the nasdaq declining 1.3%. could w we see a may turnaround? >> very important question given the earnings we've seen this week. get in touch with us. we'll bring you results after the break. still to come, today's must
5:42 am
reads. the blame thy neighbor economic excuse. and our very own sat down with president obama. we'll discuss that after the break. and the last trading day of the month. wti on pace for its best month of the year. gold risen and the dollars off 1%. back in a couple minutes. continue clip [ dolphin chatters ] so when you need a little house painting or a complete remodel, we'll help you get the job done right, guaranteed. get started today at angie's list, because your home is where our heart is.
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>> for prosperity. and after that the dollar has really weakened substantially. he says all of these moves are wrong. not just the fed and u.s. but other countries as well. he says it is up to the fiscal authorities. what you are getting as a result is currency instability. and this week was a perfect example of that. >> perfect example. and it is absolutely right to say that the people seem to be focused on foreign situations for their own monetary policy. but amazingly the fed's performance has actually worked. they have taken off the hawkishness and they have a much weaker dollar you. feel slightly for the kuroda and draghis who aren't giving everything they are seeking. >> and the weaker exchange rate and low growth and low demand is end result is going to be a problem. >> my must reed. it comes from the "new york times" magazine from andrew roz sorkin. it is his interview with
5:47 am
president obama reviewing obama's economic legacy. it is very much the definition of a must reed. a great article. and i want to talk about what obama says about wall street. one of the constants i've had to deal with is folks complaining even as the stock market went from 6,000 to the 16,000s. a fair point. but it is interesting to pick up and talk to andrew about now. because in terms of the financial system he was pretty clearly critical of the republicans policy and only sleight --. says it is not something you can do to just redesign and break up and put back together the economy without any consequences. so some veiled attacks perhaps there on some sanders rhetoric. andrew does join us now from new
5:48 am
york. and whats's you view on that? do you think that is a fair reading on some of those lines from president obama? >> i do. i do think he's thoughtful about some of these things. more than some of these things. and when you think about his relationship with wall street. i -- if you were just to look obviously at the stock market and how well this world that we cover so often has done, it's sort of hard to look and go this is been terrible. which is the rhetoric you hear over and over again. so yes i'm with you. >> beyond that andrew, the question you pose i this i is a good one. and i think it is one that we wonder about too. which is if jobs have improved so much during the administration then why does everyone still feel so miserable and lousy? that is in the data? >> i think there are two stories here going on. one is -- well part of it is how do you measure the man.
5:49 am
and are you measuring against where we were eight years ago or where we are today and how that feels and it is hard for people to feel that on the relative basis and then there is the wage story and the growth story. and the growth story doesn't feel like it had 10, 20 years ago. so i think we're all trying to search for a by gone era. nonetheless. >> and what about the deficit story? i thought that was a particularly interesting point that the president made to you. >> that is the other complicated part about this whole situation. deficits have come down. in truth our debt has gone up at the same time. but if you would like to bring our debt down f that is the number you want to bring down, it is hard to imagine you could bring that down in any substantial way and at the same time stimulate the economy and think you are going to get more jobs out of it. so you have these very almost
5:50 am
bizarre competing interests at some level. >> more coming up on "squawk box." >> warren buffett. the big berk sher hathaway shareholder meeting is this week. susie decker is also on deck, if you will. she used to run yahoo on the board at berkshire hathawayway. getting her thoughts as well. >> look forward to your thoughts and a must read for the weekend. >> when we come back we'll get you caught up on the market. managing director and chief economist at barclays with his takes on this week's central banks decisions. "worldwide exchange" will be right back. from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card
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welcome pack. this week's central banks were a major market driver. next week u.s. jobs. the employment report is due out friday.
5:53 am
joining us ahead of that is manage director and chief economist at barclays. one of the biggest numbers and potentially spookiest came in first quarter gdp yesterday saying stall speed for the u.s. economy in the first quarter. how hard is it going to be to bounce back from that into the second quarter, michael? >> i don't think it will be hard to bounce back. but i wouldn't look for a very aggressive bounce. i think some of the factors holding back consumption spending are likely to be trans tory. we're looking at autos coming off a high pace and that weight on consumption spend. still have the drag from strong dollar and low oil on energy investment and trade. but those are likely to fade over time. as you mentioned in the last segment the dollars not rising anymore. oil isn't falling anymore. so we look for a combination of those three factors to push growth into the two to two and a half range but probably not substantially stronger than that going forward. >> how much of a zero sum gain
5:54 am
are we in at the moment. if the dollar weakens we get to see a pick up both in sentiment and also in performance. but that then means very soon we'll have to hike rates again and that will eradicate once again the positive sentiment. >> the risk is you get back into the negative feedback loop between the potential for dollar stress and the strain that puts on markets outside of the u.s. and then does that destabilize the u.s. and cause the fed to delay? i wouldn't say we're completely out of this feedback loop yet. if central banks could coordinate a stable dollar i think that would be a much better outcome from their point of view. we're still trying to figure out the tension. >> how do you square the two negatives we're getting on the kmi right now. the idea that employment growth continue osteohappen and unemployment are at the lowest
5:55 am
level in years. at the same time the u.s. economy is growing and quarter profits are shrinking for the third quarter in a row. >> productivity growth has only been about half a percent a year. we're dealing with overhang from the crisis i think. keeping predictivity low. to you need a lot of -- growth to get economic growth and that weighs on cost of firms and you are not seeing the top line revenue in product growth. there is a productivity story here that we don't have the answers to but the world would look a lot better if we just got a minor pick up in productivity growth. but i think it is a productivity story. >> earlier in the week we saw the fed seem to remove its concern from the global global economic picture. is that fair? do you think the things have
5:56 am
fundamentally improved around the world? >> i think they have certainly improved relative to earlier this year. at least financial conditions or market stresses have come down quite sharply since the middle of february. i think it is right to take that concern down. but on the fundamental side, i think it is fine to let this play out. they need to see evidence that china is stabilizing. they need to see actual evidence that consumption is rebounding and the inflation firming. i described it as the fed being undovish. and not ready to be hawkish and move on a forecast either. they teed to be seeing that things are strength tenning in a way so they are still cautious. >> thank you. before we say goodbye we do want to say thank you to kate rooney,
5:57 am
our great producer who is moving on from "worldwide exchange." we're having champagne. that does it for us today. "squawk box" is next. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better. and what an amazing time it's been, decade after decade of innovation, inspiration and wonder. so, we say thank you america for a century of trust, for the privilege of flying higher and higher, together. ♪
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good morning amazing amazon. company blowing away expectations and jeff bezos is laughing all the way to the bank. warren buffett speaks. becky sat down with the nice legend. and we're going to hear what he's saying now about the market, the economy and interest rates. and are you ready for some football? the first round, nfl draft is in the books. the number one pick. quarterback jared goff going to the los angeles rams? everything old becomes new, doesn't it.
6:00 am
a controversy and is how a social media hack cost one player millions of dollars. it's friday, april 29, 2016 and "squawk box" convince right now. >> live from new york where business never sleeps, this is "squawk box." ♪ >> good morning. welcome to "squawk box" right here. becky is in omaha this morning. she had a chance to sit down with warren buffett. before we go there let's check out a couple of things. u.s. equity futures looking in the green. dow higher, s&p 500 about 3 points higher and the nasdaq opening about 23 higher. the nikkei closed for the holiday. but we do have a couple of other markets that were trading overnight.


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