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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  May 3, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> igoing into the jobs report n friday, buy. >> good number? >> thanks. >> it's been >> fast money, half time tomorrow. mad money with jim cramer begins now. my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere. i promise to help you find it. mad money starts now. >> welcome to mad money. welcome to cramerica. call me at 1-800-747-cnbc or tweetny @jimcramer. sell what's too much may third.
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on a day like today where the dow sank 130 points. nasdaq lost 1.3%. my nonpoetic logic helps you stay grounded and thinking about what matters if you want to make money in the stock market. let's think about the process of buying stocks. we have very big trends going the way of the bulls. they don't go that way every day. oil's going higher. china is bottoming. >> and the dollar is getting weaker. allowing companies to raise their numbers when they give us a forecast. the stock market gave up some of its recent gains. have the themes gone away?
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they vanished. we got a number out of china. didn't fit the positive thesis. there's been much too much positive data out of china lately for me to jump ship. oil it got clogged today. that's because opec increased production last month. iran's back online. i'm surprised opec isn't producing far more oil than this. why? >> because right now demand in china and the u.s. is picking up. supply is dropping more quickly than most people think. the bankruptcy niflings are very telling. two big producers just filed last week. reports that there have been 65 exploration production in the last 18 months. 65. they don't necessarily mean that oil won't get pumped. it cuts back the supply. the cut backs combine with the increased demand, make me think today's declining crude isn't
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something. it's an opportunity to buy the oils. when you see something like freeport, it takes your breath away. finally, there's the dollar itself. it's true the dollar opened weaker and strengthened throughout the day. i'm not concerned that we're at the beginning of a new strong dollar trend. even though i heard that instantly. we aren't seeing clamoring for rate hikes from the fed. i think it's a lull. we're in a lull. and when we get a lull, we like to take the temperature of the market and look for some bargains. first thing i see, the continuing rally in the area of retail. you heard how amazon was eviscerating retail. we got two upgrades that were con 2r0e versial. costco stock, it's controversial, because they had a relationship with american express. i look at a lot of conference calls to see what companies are mentioned. the executives had a field day
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hammering costco. why not? america wouldn't pay up. the berkshire exec who's on the board of costco was plain nuts. costco is a powerhouse you want to be affiliated. costco's not the only retail that rallied today. the stock of cvs soared even as the quarter seemed humdrum. i like that, cvs didn't deliver one. i like this company very much, and was surprised the stock had been biding time. today felt break outish. and i bet cvs isn't done going higher and higher. how about clorox, the fed is raising interest rates and the valuations have gotten out of control. there was amazing volume growth, i like the stren. in all the different divisions. the group's had its big move and it's over and the axes with the
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industrials. i was struck by how much the stock could advance. an all time high today. that's not supposed to be in the script. if companies in the consumer package beat the numbers, there's no little stocks. same with 2350iz pfizer. i haven't been enamored with big pharma. pfizer put up a big number. and certainly every bit as strong as bristol-myers. and the move seems to have some staying power. then we have some rallies in three stocks that haven't been able to get out of their own way recently. bill ackman gave scott wapner one of those cases. it seemed pretty compelling. it's been called a sewer by charlie monger the same day. the resurrection is duly noted. and the back from the dead jump today. maybe -- let's just call it extraordinary. maybe it is a new beginning. i'm open minded.
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i took a lot of trashing on social media, when i said the stock at chipotle wouldn't be destroyed. it's one of those moments i become so used to when i stick my neck out. i'm rated as a crown. call me crusty, see if i care. the stock is unchanged from the end of days quarter. i reiterate that, i believe the stock's going higher over the long term. last but not least, there's apple, stock had been down for eight straight days. last night tim cook came on mad money, and cook made a case that perhaps the service revenue stream isn't being valued correctly. it will keep going regardless if the unit slowed down this quarter or not. cook made a case for apple stock to be bought. bought right here because of that under evaluation. we know he's purchasing stock. i know many bears who had heard cook double down. they were everywhere. you'll be able to watch the rest of it on tonight's show.
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the service revenue stream is irrelevant. tim cook is desperate, blah blah blah blah blah. please. he's no more desperate than any other ceo who booked a $10 billion profit in the last quarter. many not desperate at all. i don't think past performance is reliable. it's up today, but that could be due to what happened yesterday. chipotle has to give some sense that may will be better than april. you know there are some anxious analysts ready to jump ship on apple. maybe tomorrow's the day to jump ship for these guys. the price targets are all like 170. still, here's the bottom line, i think the major trends, the weaker dollar, higher oil remain very much in place. and even when they aren't, you still are getting pretty darn good moves and a different set
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of stocks. and it means to sell in may and go away isn't a strategy, it's a real stupid limb emmeri limeric. dave in texas, dave. >> caller: how about those cowboys! which one has the potential for the quickest turn and get in and get out. >> i saw tony romo this week, he was so great. why couldn't he have been mean to lisa. either way, it's neither here nor there. i think schlumberger was down a few bucks today. i really like them, but we have a lower basis. john in california, john. >> caller: jim, boo-yah from sacramento, we love you out here. >> 10th and p where i used to live in my car, that was one great intersection. what's going on? >> i had a question, i'm a long time listener, i know you say
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don't care where stocks are going. i'm holding gilead for a long time. >> i didn't like that conference call. they have to make an acquisition. that company is just as nondesperate as apple. you do have to recognize that that p, the price earnings ratio cannot go up until they do an acquisition. ryan in jersey, ryan? >> boo-yah. should i be worried about espn or disney's revenue from other cases? >> i'm not worried about espn, i was joking this morning about how i watch the summary on my handheld opinion i don't need the description. i watch the summary, my wife says, will you turn off the phone already. i'm not worried about espn, and very excited about the movie schedule, which is extraordinary and long live. don't get it twisted.
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when it's in reverse, there's a sit of good moves. mad money tonight, it's the wholly grail of revenue. they all have it, i'm reviewing just ahead. then i'm getting to the core of apple, and how the company represents something beyond the products it produces. when i consider my conversation with tim cook. call it the changing the guard or the end of the era. one of the last old school tech pioneers is moving on. i'm going to find out what is going on with that company following his resignation. stick with kramer.
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not all revenue is created equal. to paraphrase a line from animal farm. some kinds of revenue are a lot
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more equal than others. the holy grail here is service revenue, the customers don't mind paying, because it represents a valuable asset they don't live without. you don't jump up and down and extreme like it's a tax. i use the term asset rather than cost. who has a service revenue stream like that? how about costco. i'm proud to be a costco member and happy to pay the membership fee. if i have spare time and there's a costco nearby, i'm going to it. the other day i was going to the white house correspondent area, she said my wallet was too stuffed. i took it out, pulled it out of my pocket and showed her how i made the wallet thinner, she said it wasn't thin enough. what the heck, why aren't you leaving your costco card at home. you're not going there tonight. i said, i'm never without my
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costco card. i left it in, took out a bunch of ones and fives. netflix is a ridiculous bargain, given how much i love the original content. i don't even know how much i pay for that amazon prime thing, but that is worth the price. i no longer walk across the street to get toilet paper or paper towels. i gladly pay more for it. another revenue stream appears to my e-mail, my service stream from apple. one of my family members didn't back up his iphone, we have billions of pictures. who cares how much it costs, we learned a lesson, doesn't matter, get the backup. apple has a family music plan, i don't know how much it costs.
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i asked my wife, she told me. pay more, it's an apple. tim cook talked about the service revenue stream, one day people will pay up for apple stock because of that stream. there are a billion number devices out there, a number that's going to continue to grow and grow. whether it's because lots of people are buying the latest or the seven coming out later or whatever else is out there. you buy the device, your relationship with apple doesn't end, it begins, listen to tim cook. >> the relationship with apple doesn't stop when you buy an e phone. it continues, you might buy apps across the app store, you might subscribe to apple music, because our customer loyalty is so high, the likelihood that somebody upgrades to another apple iphone in this particular case, is really great. >> it's like the raiser i buy from gillette. i pay a fortune for the blades.
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it's not a such i like every stock i just mentioned here, apple joins costco, netflix and amazon with assets i think about without thinking about it. you can't value apple only for its devices, by the time they recognize that fact. i bet apple stock will be higher not lower. if you don't think, so if you think it's just a dodge that the company used to hide device slowdown. feel free to trade down on the stock. i'm not putting a gun to your head now. as is so often the case with this company. right when people are losing faith in the largest company on earth, something new comes along. the service stream is another reason to own, not trade the stock of apple. mike mike mike in new jersey, mike. >> caller: boo-yah, jim, what's happening? >> what's going on? >> caller: long time holder of
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verifone. it feels like it's turning into a growth stock. >> the problem is this whole emv thing, this chip, how quickly it's being adopted and where it is -- if they come on the show, we could really get the straight story, verifone, there's your invite, i hope to see you next week. >> caller: calling from orlando, florida about charter communications. charter is in the process of merging with time warner and also looking into another outfit that operates in florida and michigan, i believe? and i wanted to hear what is your take on this merger? >> we like it. we did off the charts about a month ago, we liked it then, we like it now. stay long. oh, wow! that's it, it's jorge not george. that's my bad. and that's because i'm so ranned
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up in my service revenue, costco, netflix, amazon wrap, i forget. when you pay for a service without thinking about it, that goes to a company's bottom line, it's the service revenue that makes costco netflix and amazon standouts. that's what makes apple a stock to own not trade. much more mad money ahead. including my continuing conversation with apple. this time i'm focusing on the company's secret weapon. find out when we speak to tim next. not only did it report earnings last week, the ceo announced his resignation. it's a name many of these prepaid gift cards and debit cards you see near the cash register. could a tough retail environment impact potential? i got an exclusive, i have an idea, stay with cramer.
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a week ago everyone freaked out after apple cut its guidance for this current quarter. and gave you its first ever decline in iphone sales. after getting a chance to talk with tim cook last night, everyone acts like apple is merely a cell phone maker. the truth is, it's so much more than that. the company has transformed the way question live in so many different ways. look at the clip apple was running in april for autism awareness month. >> so many people can't understand that i have a mind. all they see is a person who's not in control. now you can hear me, the ipad helps me to see not only my words, but to hold on to my thoughts. >> his company can give someone with autism a voice.
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>> i realize you can't put a price on this kind of thing. >> this is a powerful example where apple is not going to peak and fade away. it's a fabulous company. you factor in the new small form apple ise not to mention the iphone 7 coming out later this year, i think the future is brighter than people think. check out the rest of our interview from last night, with apple ceo the terrific tim cook. what is the tim cook apple stand for. >> apple has always stood for building the best products on earth that enrich people's lives. and whether it was steve's apple or -- i don't view it as my apple today. i'm the ceo of it, we're
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still -- that's what we're about, we want to change the world through our products. and we produce product that is give the people an ability to do things they couldn't do before. in doing so, we changed things. we tried to do things. we conduct business in a way that is right and just. what does that mean for us? we care deeply before the environment, about how we make our products. about the amount of energy they use. about using renewable energy for our company. we care about human rights, and so we stand up for people's rights. we care about privacy many that led us into this recent conflict. and so these things are how we conduct ourselves, we care deeply about our employees. we've biven our employees all -- this was really important for
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us, for us to do. and so i think all of these things help us stand for something. i think that's what people want. >> is that what you're most proud of is their initiative, thought process? i know that you want to make the best product. but i know you also think beyond that. one of the things we've been talking about is health. this device is about saving lives as well as telling time, new field versus the tv or the connected car. >> yeah, i'm most proud of the products that apple makes. that give our customers things to -- the ability to do things they couldn't have done. the autistic kid that's given a voice. i mean, these things light me up and make me excited. the kids in the classroom who all of a sudden are delivered into -- who are being able to communicate in a digital way. and learn faster, learn more.
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the artist that's able to express themselves more, the person -- the grandmother who's able to communicate across face time with her grandkids where -- she can't visit because they're a thousand miles away. the person who's connected to a wedding that couldn't be in the wedding, but they're now connected via face time. all of these things excite me, because they're bringing out the best in people. we're about empowering people. >> do you think that we are at a moment where politicians don't get that? you understand the ethos you just laid out, you wouldn't be like a donald trump saying, they have to make the product here? bernie sanders talking about how corporations are destroying the moral fabric. these seem to have nothing to do with what you just talked about about. >> i any government in general has gotten quite dysfunctional
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in the u.s. and in some other countries as well. and so what that does, i believe is put more responsibility on the every day citizen and companies to help promote exchange and improving things. i don't mean to play a government role, but it -- it's not just government who can change things. all of us are responsible for changing -- >> if you inject yourself in that debate and i'm with the government, and i want to break open a phone, i'll say, listen, you're creating an atmosphere of flicks, here's some politics for you. open the phone. i don't care about people's believecy, you're coming in and telling us how to do our business. >> we didn't tell them. we've always worked with law enforcement. if they had a valid warrant we would give them the information
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we had. we did that in the case you're referencing. the thing that was different, they asked us to create a product that we don't have much an we believed in doing so, it would put millions of people at risk, that was a bridge we thought we shouldn't cross that was not good for america, so we stood up. and we said, we're not going to do this. so they decided they would sue. and right before the hearing dropped pursuit of that. i think when you -- when you'ral proechd like this you have to stand up for what you believe in. and regardless of whether it's the government or someone else. and you have to exercise the system and then you have to have the faith that the system will decide the right answer. now i'm hoping -- we never
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thought this belonged in court. we always thought it belonged in a discussion where the different groups were represented from intell against to law enforcement. this is a complicated issue. it's not a sound bite issue, and i'm hoping that that will occur. and that the courts -- the exercising in the courts is a matter of history not something that will happen again. >> finally, i care about your legacy. who do you admire? is it jefferson, lincoln, ben franklin, who do you admire? >> i had incredible love and respect for steve. and i think there has never been anyone like him, and believe his contributions and gifts to the world were unbelievable i also
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deeply admire people who fought for human rights, and were -- would push humanity forward. the people i think of when i see that are bobby kennedy, and dr. king these people ultimately risk everything including their lives, to push people forward. so that everyone could be included. they were all about inclusiveness, i'm a great believer in inclusiveness. i have always respected them and believed that we need more people in the world with that kind of view. >> let's leave it like that. tim cook, ceo of apple. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. >> tomorrow, kick off the trading day with sidewalk on the street live from post nine at
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the nyse. >> i'm getting tired of stocks going down. i want to find out what's going on it all starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in.
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what do we make of new developments in cyprus semiconductor. it plunged to $6.30 in february. since then, cypress has bounced back to $9 and change as of today. the stock is still well off its highs. there's a case we've made that it's a real bargain. cypress is the number one maker of chips that power touch screens. low power semiconductors with a ton of applications across industries. a little over a year ago they combined with another company. they now make sram chips. last week we got big news from cypress semi. the numbers came in better than
6:35 pm
expected. and the guidance for the next quarter was well above what wall street was looking for the deal could be added within the year of closing. the stock did next to nothing because we found out the long time ceo was stepping down, effective immediately something i'm a lot less interested in. let's check in with t.j. rogers. the founder and former ceo of cypress semi. hear more about the quarter and what these moves mean for the company. >> thank you. glad to be back. >> i'm mystified. you finally got $60 million in for deca. we talked about it many different times, have you this amazing deal from broad come the business has thousands of customers. you have the expansion acquisition that's really playing out. you have a stock that's down
6:36 pm
from its high is this a time to double down on tj? >> well, first of all, i stepped down as ceo. i'm still on the board, and i'm going to do more technical duties many that is the success plan that the board has looked at every year since i turned 65. that's a planned event. i'll be here full time, still working 60 hours a week. it's always been my plan not to have my butt glued in a boardroom chair 32 hours a week. i'm going to go back, we have some big deals, great start-ups. and i'm going to make some money for the company that way. if you look at my trading record, you'll see i've been buying. you'll see me buying in the near
6:37 pm
future. if you ask me why that is. i can guess along with you, obviously, i have been buying weakness, and i'm still bullish on the company and i've never changed. >> you said some things -- you're a straightforward guy. you said, and to be urged me to bring new blood into operations. i don't know, i like old blood what's with these executive staff for deciding they need new blood. >> thank you for that. i wrote that press release every word myself, it's 100% true. the board chose to let it go the way i wrote it. my secretary gave me a shirt a while back. a picture of john wayne on the back. i agree with you.
6:38 pm
like indevelopers i become impatient. i can be a tough guy when i'm impatient. i can be difficult when i'm tough. step back, be on the board, go to our operations review. now, my young guys are in their 40s. it's an opportunity for them. the guys in the company, they've been here a minimum of 20 years typically 20 plus years. it's an area for them. work on the stuff i like to work on. you don't know it, every thursday i do this anyway. on thursday, i always have kept a technical project going. >> larry ellison resigned and people thought he was done. he's drilling down on the technologies he likes.
6:39 pm
that will be the same? >> that's right, exactly. >> now -- >> i will basically work on the hottest thing to get going. most like when i whatever the technical issue is, i'll review the technical stuff, not financial numbers. >> one last question. some of these analysts are saying this is the chance for the company to sell itself i don't hear anything from you now that makes me think this company is for sale. you are going to work on it and still be on the board? >> well, even if we were going to sell, the question on valuation before -- i had a chart here, it -- i'd reerj verbalize it. if you want to look at semiconductors, i wrote a paper in 1996 i'll tell you, that
6:40 pm
paper is on our website ps ratio is the first click after that many there's a paper i wrote in 1996. the company's under or over valued. right now -- if i knew why that was, i would have fixed it and it would be there. i think the fact that our revenue went from 475 million a quarter down to 425 is probably part of the deal. we actually, most of that revenue decline was businesses we divested because they weren't going to be profitable ever. we wanted to clean up during the merger. so i believe the stock is undervalued. i'm one investor, the other investors don't, that's fine, i'm buying, we're not buying, and we'll see who makes money the rest of this year. i'm very bullish on the company, including his comeback acquisition, gives us a state of the art technology that embeds our portfolios. radios, processors and the best in the world. >> i'm totally with you. i said i felt bad.
6:41 pm
i'm not that good. i think that you have made a great statement for the value of the company, and you built a great company, sir, i'm thrilled you're coming to us now. and i'm proud that i've been able to champion you. for all these years, including well before the show began. thank you so much, sir. >> thank you. >> stay with kramer.
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it is time. >> sell sell sell. >> buy buy buy. >> and then the lightning surround over. time for the lightning round. start with joe in ohio. j joe. >> caller: boo-yah, jim. do you think there's much room left for growth in csx? >>. >> i'd rather see union pacific. csx is good. i think you have to play it. that's the pecking order.
6:45 pm
>> dr. cramer, with whole foods reporting tomorrow, i wanted to get your take on tree house foods. >> they do the private label for everybody. i like tree house very much. >> beverly in new york, beverly. >> this is beverly from staten island. boo-yah. i'd like to know about dine equity, buy, sell or hold. >> remember that the company was hurt by the fact that mcdonald's is going to do that all day mcdonalds. i think we're going to stay away until we get a better quarter. >> my question is -- >> we decide, remember that one is a little too -- we were saying that was a little too controversial. >> frank in pennsylvania.
6:46 pm
>> caller: starbucks. >> they're going to go to 1.84. we can't wait to buy more. jim in florida. jim. i bought seagate technologies. just a few weeks ago at $35. >> that conference call was a bad conference call. the guy down there was really amazing. people feel the dividends not safe. that was one tough conference call. nobody stops, nobody knows. dillon in pennsylvania, dillon. >> caller: hey, jim, how are you doing? >> good, how are you? >> caller: i have a question about chk, chesapeake oil. >> they've moved up like freeport. these are ones that have been a short squeeze. i prefer the much more well balanced ones.
6:47 pm
of cour occidental. let's go to joyce in new jersey. >> how are you? >> i'm doing good. >> caller: i've been following core coresite and i really like it, should i get in. >> we recommended it a little while ago. you should get a bit of a pull back, that's why i pull the trigger. rick in pennsylvania, rick? >> dr. jimmy, mr. jim, medmax. >> i don't know the mednax. let's go to larry in colorado. >> thank you for all the teaching you've done on the stocks. my energy is -- >> buy, sell or whole. >> i think we're worried about the extra heat exposure.
6:48 pm
all these energy stocks have moved up too much right now. that is the conclusion of the lightning round. stuff, what are you working on? let me show you. okay. our thinkorswim trading platform aggregates all the options data you need in one place and lets you visualize that information for any options series. okay, cool. hang on a second. you can even see the anticipated range of a stock expecting earnings. impressive... what's up, tim. td ameritrade. i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands
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of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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when i look at the recent action of black hawk network holdings. the purveyor of gift cards and
6:51 pm
prepaid cards makes me want to scratch my head. here's a stock that's been on an epic multiyear run since then they've taken a beating. what's wrong here. the latest link started a year ago. black hawk provided the number of results -- even as the company prached a huge 32 cent basis. the earnings guidance came in well below what the analysts were looking for. the reason for the results. right now the united states is in the middle of a big transition to an emv compliant credit card system. many retailers are lagging behind. some of them take an increasingly restricted measures to prevent fraudulent transactions, including putting limits on how many people can buy gift cards.
6:52 pm
they're going to take a $51 million revenue in 2016. this problem should be a thing of the past. is black hawk a high quality company? or do we need to get a little more cautious here. let's take a closer look with bill towser. hear more about the quarter. welcome back to mad money. good to see you. haven't seen you. >> this is pretty jarring. and i know that a lot of us who use these chip cards are kind of frustrat frustrated, frankly. i'm not doing it. i'm not doing it. we're all very frustrated. it looks like this change did impact directly. >> the associations and credit card companies said if you don't mutt emv reader systems in the fraud is on you, a lot did,
6:53 pm
walmart did, target did, the drugstores did. for some reasons not clear, most of the major grocery stores did not. what happened as a result, as the charge backs begin to come through in january. the grocery stores began to notice a pretty good correlation to gift cards, if you think about what you might do with a fake credit card, getting a gift card might be -- >> exactly. >> what also happened is the amount of fraud surprised everybody. the fraud sisters were moving to the stores that didn't have emv because your credit card doesn't work, that's the whole reason for emv. the last manned standing is in trouble here. we take a look -- took a look at all of this in january. told the world where we thought it was going to be, frankly, the situation got worst. more people took restrictive measures. the fraud was rising on them.
6:54 pm
the people that were closing down, were pushing the fraud into a smaller number. some people were missing their date. we came out with new guidance that was worse than what we said before what will we tried to do is get as much coverage as we could. by the time we hit september 30th, 90% of everything we do in the u.s. will be emv compliant. we have 25 that make up 9% of our business. that leaves 17 of the 17, 10 have taken restrictive measures. >> they might bring a manager over. some places they've taken the cards off the wrack. >> how do we buy the stock? >> how can we buy black hawk here, not knowing these guys are going to fix this. >> there's two things you need to know. retailers hate this. the charge backs are killing
6:55 pm
them. if you're a retailer, you hate toll put friction in front of customers. you walk into a store, someone tells you can't buy $200 worth of gift cards. retailers know that, they want to be emv compliant more than any of us. they're going to get it done this year. >> why is it so hard? >> the grocery retailer is very complex. tons of cases have to be tested. then there's a third party that has to certify it, it's not an overnight thing. >> you were a spin-off of safeway, where's safeway on this? >> they just -- >> they created you. >> wait a second. that's a little counter intuitive, season the it? >> they're not. >> all of these guys -- this is a bigger issue. >> the whole country is gripped by this. we didn't see it coming. >> i don't think anybody did. i think people knew there was fraud out there.
6:56 pm
now, it's sort of gotten itself concentrated in a smaller base, and it's focused more on gift cards and other things as it turns out. >> we don't know when they're going to be finished. we have to believe they're right now working around the clock. >> are there guys working around the clock at a safeway? >> we know the dates they're shooting for, and we're watching those dates like a hawk. we're talking to them every week. we think we're in pretty good shape for it to be gone by the time we hit the fourth quarter. there may be a ramp up period, this is a 2016 event. >> i was shocked myself. i said i cannot believe that these guys, everyone saw this coming. how many times did these credit card companies tell us it was going to happen, and they still didn't get it done? >> no, they didn't. >> you're a straightforward guy to come on the show. i have to tell you, i'm a little skiddish, these guys should have figured it out. i mean, these are big companies, with lots of money. >> they clearly had some issues,
6:57 pm
software providers were giving them trouble, et cetera. the good news is, it's a 2016 event. one more thing. the rest of this company is doing spectacular. we're literally beating every number in everything that we have. >> all the acquisitions have been terrific. i feel bad for you, because it sure was out of your hands. but you still came on the show. >> the dharm of black hawk network hidings. it's not his company that caused the problem, it is a problem. stay with kramer. tokyo-style ramen noodles. freshly made in the japanese tradition. when you cook with incredible make incredible meals. get your first two meals free at
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