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tv   Worldwide Exchange  CNBC  May 6, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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"worldwide exchange." >> bringing you up to speed on all the latest songs and let's get you up to speed on the latest in the markets. yesterday we saw slight declines for the s&p and the nasdaq. fractional gains for the dow. but all three markets had been up during the day's trade. they lost steam in the afternoon. today we're expected to open down but again only fractionally. the dow called lower by about 15, 16 points now. the s&p by 2 points the snaz called lower by about 8.nasdaq called lower by about 8. the u.s. bond market t yield has
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compressed down 1.745. the range the last few weeks, 1.7 to 1.9. so we're towards the bottom of that. risk off sentiment slightly higher than risk on sentiment at the moment. jobs forecast today. the economy likely added 205,000 non farm payrolls last month. wages are key. average hourly earnings are expected to rise by .3%. they dipped a bit in march. 2.3% is the annual gain. the wages have been sort of stuck in this 2% range. it's been one of the missing ingredients. the other factor in the jobs report that i would be watching is the labor force participation rate, which is the share of americans working for looking for a job. that's been rising lately. as the good sign. it is as 63%. can it continue to rise will be
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key. and of course with the policy numbers and into the election. >> and slightly softer domestic data the last two or three weeks compared to the previous two or three weeks. but i think increased focus again at the nfp because at the last minute they removed that point about international markets so the focus is back on international data. so i don't think we're staring a june hike in the face but it is still a possibility. >> the markets don't believe them. the bond's way of pricing it in indicates june not a possibility as all. the dollar has been mostly weaker over the last few months. not to mention that june meeting comes right before the brexit referendum which we already know is going to be a factor. >> donald trump yesterday on a fox interview saying that he would back brexit. >> i did.
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>> not totally surprising i suppose. but a -- >> -- over the hair. >> the jewel blond ambition between the two. let's get to markets in asia overnight. the australian market was down as much as 1.5% earlier in trade. when that came out that rallied significantly and aussie dollar sold off significantly. shanghai down and disappointing data on services side there yesterday.
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most of the maiden indices down 2 or 3%. >> broader market. correlations have been important especially on oil. coming off highs this morning. wti 44.17. brent, 44.80. so nothing sharp in terms of the declines but fractional declines. and we saw that pretty big rally in oil yesterday losing some steam. >> and i think oil was up over 2.5% over lunch and shrunk to 1% and that pulled markets back as well. >> and even though fire concerns in canada and libya. it shows you perhaps this commodity rally might not be sustainable. a lot has do with the dollar which has been strengthening in the past two days. now it's backed off. overnight we saw strength but now it is pretty much flat ahead
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of the jobs report which could be key to determining the dollars next move. if it is a strong report you could see the dollar rally. right now it is slightly weaker against the yen and the euro. the pound coming off 144.77. quick, gold has had another good week. druckenmiller back in gold. it is stronger again. >> a decent week but finds resistance whenever it's close to 1300 which it was close to recently but hasn't managed to maintain a position above it. on the cover of every newspaper this morning questions about whether the presumptive presidential nominee donald trump can unify his party. this from speaker ryan. >> to be candid with you i'm not there right now. i hope to do that.
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i want to but i think what is required is that we unify this party. a remarkable development. a party nominee has never failed to gain the support of a house speaker or majority leader from his party in modern times. it is unprecedented and it throws another layer of uncertainty into this race. the "new york times" says it also gives a permission slip for other republicans to not have to back donald trump. we are in uncharted territory. >> and we also saw both the living past and present bush presidents say they were unlikely to go to the --. yesterday morning we were
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talking about unity behind the parties but he didn't write off backing trump. i wouldn't say it is the end of the hope of unity and the party and the plisht of the republican party backing trump. >> left a lot of uncertainty out there. developing story to tell you out of canada those massive wild fires increasing by tenfold from just yesterday. officials now warning that the fires could spread more because conditions are still tinder dry. at least 88,000 people have been evacuated already from the area. and more than 1600 homes and buildings destroyed. analysts are saying that the fire could lead to $9 billion in insurance cost. they are in an area of the third largest oil reserves in the world. experts suggesting production cuts could wipe out canada's growth in the second quarter. this is a big deal.
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and sanofi threatening to go hostile in its proposal for medivation. sanofi is warning it will go to shareholders to oust the board. once again the offer substantially undervalues the firm. >> analysts are worried about slowing growth at square capital which lends to small merchants. shares down 12%. ceo jack dorsey did sound ophthalmop optimistic about the future. >> the core business is strong. we're seeing a lot more growth in the mid market and up market opportunity. and we have this fantastic new reader as well that allows any one of our sellers to accept
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apple pay, samsung pay, and emv and as the world know the market is moving towards chip cards and we have the fastest implementation of that out there. >> there were some bright spots. including a 51% jump in net revenue. 45% increase this total dollar amount of all card payments processed by sellers that. kind of double digit growth is what helped squared rally so hard. but it was operating expenses that rose by 72%. a lot was a one off charge in the quarter but still a tough week for jack dorsey. >> kudos for him to come on and talk about both despite the pressure. stocks to watch.
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gopro. delaying the launch of its first drone device called karma until the winter holidays instead of end of june as it previously had announced. gopro down 4.5%. herbalife says a range of outcomes could include litigation or a settlement, first quarter results beat forecasts. shares popping 13%. activision reporting strong first quarter earnings and raising full year outlook. benefitting from growing digital game sales and the acquiring of king digital. what does the job market look like for the graduating class of 2016 as they get ready to head into the working world?
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landon dowdy joins was that. >> it is jobs friday and economists expect the u.s. to add 205,000 jobs last month. however new studies show the class of 2016 may have something to celebrate as they graduate. they are entering the best job market since before the great recession. 67% of ployers plan to hire new college grads. best since 2007. 27% are expected to pay them a salary of $50,000 or more. and overall hiring is thriving, economists say these are specific industries looking for fresh young talent. take a listen. >> if you are picked one of the business, science, technology, engineering degrees, perhaps healthcare as well, you have a higher prospect for employment
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this graduation season in 2016. >> new york, l.a., san francisco, washington, d.c., rank in the top 25 as a career launching pad. >> looking for your first job is a hmiserable time. >> now you just have to be an engineering major or science or technology -- >> coder. >> or coder. when we come back. how investors can play this jobs report. what history has to show us. >> on this day in history in 1994, her majesty queen elizabeth presided over the opening of the channel tunnel. the chunl runs about 41 miles -- i've never heard that
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welcome back to "worldwide exchange." if you are just waking up let's get you up to speed on the market action. slightly lower open as you can see and the dow called lower
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about 20 point. looking about .1 of a percent decline for all three of the indices. oil prices at the moment slightly off their highs. 44.3 for wti, just below flat. >> the trading week wraps up with a key economic report this morning that may dominate the discussion today. that would be the jobs report. april non fund payrolls out at 8:30 eastern. about 200,000 jobs in march. at 3:00 p.m. march consumer credit comes out and the flow of earnings slows a bit. the results before the bell from sig sigma, wire hauser and madison square garden.
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>> on a strong jobs number -- are the top performers. lift interest rate expectations. there are some clear performers among exchange-traded funds led by gold and miners. >> other stocks to mention for you to watch today. win resorts swinging a first quarter profit but revenue missed forecast. the stock still up about 2%. fire eye ceo will step down next month and be replaced by the president. dewalt will stay on as chairman.
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yelp reported better than expected results. the consumer review site is also raising plans for 2016 outlook. and had a good week in the stock. when we come back house speaker paul ryan says he's not ready yet to endorse donald trump. and a round up of all the top political news into the weekend, next. >> before break, here is today's national forecast from the weather channel's jen carfagno. >> it is finally friday and we are still seeking sunshine in the east. more rain in the forecast. some will be steady t times and really continues off on throughout the day. the clouds stick around as well. lot of sunshine and warm temperatures in the southeast.
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the mid west is warming up. sunny day ahead in chicago. and fantastic day in the southern plains to wrap up the week. phenomenal weather this week. the west gets active and more showers. possible thunderstorms maybe even in the bay area. that becomes the next weather maker that is going to go cross-country into the weekend into next week. and now it stays in west. temperaturewise warming up in the middle. staying cool across the east. jen carfagno. "worldwide exchange" continues after this.
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welcome back. today's top political story. donald trump's latest challenge may be winning over the republican party. nbc's tracie potts joins us from washington with the story. >> for donald trump he says he wants to go forward and focus on issues to try to bring the party together but it is his position on some of these issues like trade and immigration and whether to ban muslims from this country that still have key republicans doubting whether or not they can support him. >> at this point i'm just not there right now. >> paul ryan, speaker of the house, one of the powerful republicans on capitol hill telling cnn he's undecided about whether he'll back donald trump. trump's response, he's not sure he'll back ryan's agenda either. but it is people like ryan trump will have to work with to get things done. plus he'll need ted cruz supporters to win.
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>> he's done nothing to earn me over as the supporter. >> you have to figure how you und those edges. >> some have jumped on the trump train like john mccain. he's offered to counsel trump on foreign policy. but mccain is skipping the republican convention. trump told west virginia votest last night, he's already got it in the bag. >> forget this one t primary is gone. save your vote for the primary election in november. >> we can't have a loose cannon in the oval office. that is o a risk we cannot afford. >> hillary clinton is hammering trump. but she's got her own problems. take a look. hundreds of protesters outside last night's california rally insisting she's not doing enough on immigration. in fact she ended up cutting it short. a speech that went on less than
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15 minutes with protesting outside and a few slipped inside too. >> seemed like wassy was not ready to endorse yet but he did leave the door open for the future. >> he did. interesting to see if he we see a sit down or meeting later. he is not only the head of the republican party here on capitol hill in the house but he's also the leaderer of the convention where donald trump is going to be elected. if donald trump shows up with the delegates and is the presumptive nominee but then the guy in charge of the convention isn't even supporting him? it is not so much about paul ryan but what message is that sending the rest of the republican party. and if it ialienates a significant portion of the party that is going hurt their chances
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of winning in november. >> i think it gives the rest of the party a free pass to not support. the question is who needs who more at this point? >> the bottom line is they want to win in november. >> tracy potts, thank you. >> meanwhile -- is supporting donald trump for president. i'm a republican. he's a republican. he's our nominee. he was one of the 17. and he won fair and square. more important now that we know that trump is not going to be self funding the general election campaign he wants to raise a billion dollars. >> 17-1. he won fair and square. interesting people can't get their heads around that it seems. still to come the countdown to the big jobs report.
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shoshow me more like this.e. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. good morning. wait and see. the global markets in a holding pattern. we'll get you ready straight ahead. >> under pressure. a rough record for jack dorsey as investors punish square.
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>> and $200 for a cook book. why people are paying up to eat like tom brady. it's friday, you're watching "worldwide exchange" on cnbc ♪ girl you' the one i want to want me ♪ ♪ >> welcome back to "worldwide exchange." i'm sara eisen. >> i'm wilfred frost. happy friday to you. and good morning from me as well. let's get to the top market story this morning. the april employment report. polled forecasters say the economy likely added 205,000 non farm jobs last month. healeding steady at 5%. average hourly earnings expecting to rise by .3%. >> when it comes to u.s. equity futures keep in mind the s&p 500 closing a one month low yesterday.
5:31 am
the nasdaq near a two month low. and it looks like we're extending the losses. for now dow futures down 29. s&p futures down almost 4 and nasdaq futures down more than 10 point. as for the early action in europe. pretty much losses. it's been a soft start to the morning across the globe. the german dax down about .3. overnight in asia. japan reopened after being on holiday for about three days. the big action in china where we saw nearly 3% selloff for the shanghai composite. that has been a weak week as well for china. they have devalued their currency in the face of a little dollar strength. we'll see what happened in the jobs report. >> inflation forecasts came out from the central bank suggesting
5:32 am
that more rate cuts could be possible, that was a big mover there as was the aussie dollar. >> oil prices have been key over this week. yesterday they were pretty important. wti off about 2.5%, slid to only about 1%. and today we are down about .3%. we saw some buying of the u.s. bond market as well. we're at 1.75% on the 10 year note in terms of yields right now. the dollar which had bucked its weakening trend earlier in the week and had three days in a row of strengthening is again a little bit today. quick look at gold. a decent enough week. still shy of 1300 at 1282. joining us now is jim
5:33 am
o'sullivan. good morning to you. great to have you with us on this jobs report. 205,000 the number we're expecting. do we see a move? >> i don't specifically forecast the dollar but in general if we keep on getting 200,000 plus per month unemployment, chances are the fed will have to come up to tightening and that's probably dollar positive again. but certainly i do expect another pretty strong employment report this morning. >> beneath the surface there are other good nuggets that come with the jobs report from wages to participation. what are you going to be watching closest? >> i expect a pretty broad based set of numbers this morning.
5:34 am
t . unemployment has stalled in the last couple of months. but i'd be surprised to see that bounce in the participation rate continue. i expect the unemployment rate to resume its down trend. and the wage number. i've got plus .3% on the month. year over year up. so i think trend in wages is at least slowly up. if we keep getting 200,000 a month there's more pressure on waging going forward. >> softer data in recent weeks. do you think we're going start to see that coming into this set of data soon or it could continue? >> i don't think so. as always monthly payrolls can be volatile. but my message from jobless claims in particular which just hit a 42 year low is there is no
5:35 am
let up yet. the two week average. the message from claims which is probably the most reliable indicator out there is there is no let up yet. >> good point and that is jobs increasingly as it continues to strengthen and shows no let up in strengthening is this anomaly compared to the rest of the economic data. almost no growth of the first quarter. and economists keep pointing to productivity problems but increasingly you are seeing signs of weakness in consumer spending and really across the economy except for hiring. >> in general of course weak --. the trend has been weak. although positive on average. the first quarter was much more extre extreme. decline in the reported
5:36 am
productivity numbers but i don't think there is any question that that weakness in gdp in the first quarter was exaggerated and we should see better numbers in the second quarter. encouragingly the index which accounts for [ typing ] -- things like consumer spending. and auto sales bounce back in april after a week in march. i would expect to see the gdp numbers do better in q2 than q1. that said the trend relative to the labor market numbers has been on the soft side. >> still pretty sluggish recovery. thank you. jim o'sullivan of high frequency economics helping us get ready for the jobs report. >> bigger than expected for square. -- lends money to small
5:37 am
merchants. endopharmaceuticals reporting a first quarter loss. the drug maker is cutting full year outlook. valiant is revamping the way it prices drugs. forming a committee to review what it charges for prescription medicine. the panel will be chaired by new ceo joseph papa and made up of employees including doctors and scientists. >> and comes on a week where twitter saw a record low price, for square. jack dorsey is ceo of those companies. he's got his hands full. news corp took a charge related to a legal settlement. --. fluctuations from foreign exchange also weigh on those
5:38 am
results. arcelormittal expects prices to recover however the company is cautioning excess capacity in china is still a big concern. and intercontinental hotels --. >> now to sports. the 142nd kentucky derby is tomorrow. a full field this year with 20 horses set to make the run around the mile and a quarter track. vying for a more than $2 million purse. nyquist is the favorite.
5:39 am
a 3-1 favorite. >> 170,000 people are expected to attend the race. last year 16 million tuned in to coverage on nbc. a total of 194 million was wagered on the 2015 derby with a payout of 154 million. 127,000 mint juleps were served. >> what is a mint julep. >> -- >> so it's a drink. >> yes. >> the kentucky derby contributes an average of $400 million to the economy. and coverage kicks off tomorrow at noon eastern on nbc sports network. continues 4:00 p.m. on nbc post time for the race.
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6:34 p.m. if i have learned anything from sports this week, it is to go with the understood dog. 50/1 troegs nation. that's my pick.jan nation. that's my pick. although i could pick oscar nominated because they're both 50/1. higher payout. >> right but less chance of winning. space x landing a rocket this morning. second time the rocket landed in tact on the pad at sea. >> could be yours for only $22 million. the castle is one of the finest
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surviving mansions of its period. equipped with defense towers. battlements and a central tower and copper roof. >> i was excited when i read in this morning. it is not really in london to be honest. i was thinking castle in london. i was thinking where is that. greenwich is a little outside. but anyway, pretty cool. someone should snap it up. after the release of tom brady's cook bookie th this wee. interesting. he's done well. already moving into the various other business areas. >> ten mint leaves -- -- and
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kentucky bourbon whiskey. >> sounds pretty good. >> very good. when we come back today's must reads. you're watching cnbc first in business worldwide. i asked my dentist if an electric toothbrush was
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going to clean better than a manual. he said sure...but don't get just any one. get one inspired by dentists, with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head cups your teeth to break up plaque and rotates to sweep it away. and oral-b delivers a clinically proven superior clean versus sonicare diamondclean. my mouth feels super clean! oral-b. know you're getting a superior clean. i'm never going back to a manual brush. stories catching our attention. the op ed by peggy noonan.
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everyone is trying to say what to say about the trump presumptive candidacy here. trump was a spark not the fire she writes. she says that now we face six months of what historically will be a hellacious campaign. noonan writes they characterize themselves the majority of gop voters are now supporting the candidate who's been to the left of the party's established thinkingen a host of issues. if there is a rebuild of the the party as opposed to ongoing p convention we don't know what this --. those who identify as to the left. but she also noted on the republican side in some of the reviews on donald trump. it is a thoughtful piece about how the media sort of missed this. why it is not necessarily their
5:46 am
fault and what it is going to mean going forward for the party. >> and a good word for the day. hellacious. i had to look it up i had to admit. >> you know the root. >> i don't. >> well you can figure out it. you -- >> i do. a piece called how to trump proof your portfolio. if the donnell wins in november it would foolhardy to base your investment decisions on free market decisions alone. don't invest in financials is one of them. it is well worth the read. five different points to have to trump proof your portfolio. here they are. don't buy banks. don't expect treasury bonds to rally. embrace infrastructure stocks. expect currency volatility and
5:47 am
expect government intervention. >> they really got him going on economic view, policy views, he talked about how a strong dollar sounds good. how it is not all it is cracked up to be. he brought in his business experience. he said he's a debt guy. he likes playing with debt. and there is a view that some of his views on trade and calling currency manipulators could be bad but i wonder if there is counter argument that could be a boon for the economy and stimulus. >> that is a very democrat idea just to borrow a lot of money to pay on infrastructure. i thought the debt point was interesting. initially he suggested we want to write off our debt and that was worrying. and then he change to say no we want to make the most of low rates to refinance longer term debt which has much more economic sense behind it.
5:48 am
>> we are approaching the top of the hour. so the team is getting ready for their show this morning. joe kernen joining us from new york with a look at what's coming up. >> good morning. i was sitting right here. he really didn't say that wilfred. i'm sure my -- >> it was a confusing message at -- >> and you saw neil ir -- stop the presses. neil irwin of the "new york times" also tried to make something of that as well. i wonder if julian tett is going to give me the five things to buy under a bernie sanders presidency? wilfred. i saw you talking about the kentucky derby. and i understand your confusion. you can't even imagine horses running if there is not like a fox in front of them if you are not wearing one of those elmer fudd hats. >> fox hunting is now banned. they changed the rules. >> why are they running?
5:49 am
totally confused -- >> -- at the races and we've got the grand national our big one. the other big race we have of course is spelt the same but it is pronounced the darby rather than the derby. >> and so cute too. 15 full sized men on horses running after those poor little -- i don't think $4 million either for a castle. there is no theater room, right though? have you been tot the tower and looked at the laboratory in the tower? at best it's a fixer upper. i would think it might even be a tear down. don't you think it needs work?
5:50 am
>> it probably does. i haven't seen the inside of it. right. i don't think it is going to come with a lot of lazy boy chairs and a -- >> is it a swimming pool all around the castle? >> a mote. it could well be, joe. >> all right. see you, thanks. >> ten minutes to "squawk box." "worldwide exchange," the countdown to the jobs report. we'll talk and focus. that's coming up.
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the jobs report is going dominate today's market action with futures pointing south. chris rupkey joining us mufj union bank. you are expecting 220,000 jobs for april. are you expecting to see improvement in wages and participation and other parts of the market? >> yeah that is the problem. well it has to hit at least two
5:53 am
out of three. we have wages. we have the unemployment rate. in a way we have the participation rate. one of the things we've seen is a lot of people have jumped back into the labor force like a million people in the last six months that. can't remain. so if those people come back out the unemployment rate could actually fall a little further. >> even if this was a blow out positive report, june is off the table, isn't it? >> please, let's not talk that way. we need a few advocates saying let's keep going. there are 7 out of 10 -- 7 out of 17 members want to go three times. doesn't that mean june? maybe they have taken it off the table already. those votes from march -- i hope june's on the table. >> -- june hike? >> i would say it's over 50/50 yeah they want to get going heher here. >> so the markets are really missing the point then sh.
5:54 am
>> i think they are. what person doesn't want to pay .6% as opposed to a higher bond yield that is driving down this forward curve so it's distorted. >> you listened to janet yellen's news conference last time around. there was no signal she was thinking about imminently raising interest rates this summer. i mean they -- you have to distinguish. they are certain regional fed members versus the core of who actually matters at the fed doesn't seem to be in any hurry. >> well she's supposed to be representing the entire subcommittee but there are 10 out of 17 who wanted to go two times this year. does that mean they just give it a pass until september and then just go december? i don't know. to me i thought i heard her say a couple of years ago, when the economy is at full employment, rates need to be 3.5. why does it keep changing. let's put june back on the table, please.
5:55 am
don't talk it down. >> we've seen the dollar this week have three days in a row of strength bucking the weak trend recently. can that continue? >> i don't know. with dollar-yen with people in overseas markets seem to be afraid of the uncertainty, seems to be uncertainty about the election in the u.s. some people think yen is going to continue to appreciate here or at least there is going to be a push, pressure, upward pressure on the yen as a safe haven. >> do you think the uncertainty around the election in the u.s. is starting to or will weigh on economic activity or confidence or spending? >> i think the most, the best barometer is the stock market and it is still unchanged on the year. and as time goes on this is one of the factors the stock market going nowhere. all last year and five months into this year, that starts to, you know, kind of dampen people's spirits, their outlook
5:56 am
for the economy. i want to be upbeat but we're kind of in the final years of this economic expansion. year eight of the expansion begins in july. how could that not be a mature economy? closer to the end than the beginning. the end. i don't mean it that way. >> very quick on jobs we did get job losses last month in manufacturing and mining. are those going to come back? >> we're kind of at the best of best times here. i'm not sure what's going on with verizon workers. you know, they took off a lot. it was the 13th i they went out on strike. >> does that really matter for the data? >> it is possible. people seem to think not but maybe. >> chris rupkey. thank you very much. much appreciated. the charts of the week, sara? >> caterpillar, worst performer in the dow so far this week. shows commodities are still
5:57 am
playing the market. >> no time for my chart. i'll tweet it out. "squawk box" is up next. show me movies with romance.
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alberta canada have now consumed an area larger than new york city. and dry conditions mean it could get much worse. gop candidate donald trump does not yet have the support of the house speaker paul ryan. we learn why the two men perhaps don't see high aye to eye at this point. and it is jobs friday. prediction, analysis and a closer look how the fed could respond to the numbers. that's straight ahead on friday, may 6, 2016. "squawk box" begins right now.
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good morning everybody. happy friday and welcome to "squawk box" here on cnbc. i'm becky quick. today's top market story the april employment report. forecasts say the economy probably added about 205,000 jobs last month. ton employment rate they think will hold steady at 5%. risk is that the adp number is weaker than anticipated. the futures this morning are a little weaker. right now the dow futures are down by about 32 points. s&p futures off by


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