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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  May 6, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> mike? >> yir. >> xrt. wait for a bounce. >> i thought you were going to say i hate iyr. we'll see you back here next friday for more . my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all the investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. some people try to make friends. i try to make you money. call me. or tweet me @jim cramer. apeople innic growth is better than no growth at all. that's why we didn't get hammered when the pay roll number came in lighter than
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expected. i think the bulls managed to escape without too much damage. the dow climbing 80 points. nasdaq even advancing at 0.4%. underneath we have some real erosion going on that was not even pinned to employment. or the fact the dollar seems to want to get stronger and oil can't seem to get much lift which is bad for buyers. in fact as earnings season winds down we're seeing some real bad earnings themes emerge. themes that are pernicious to the earnings of many companies and bountiful to the profits of just a handful. why don't we use next week's game plan so we can both hail and eulogize the results. a wholesale shift to companies far more internet oriented than bricks and mortar. way up at amazon. how about the battle ground stock that is wayfair.
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the online furniture company that reports monday morning. i can't wait to see if they confirm abandonment of the shopping mall trend that has wrecked so many retailers as we will find as we go through the week. also on monday, oh, boy, we hear from verizon, pharma, they've become despised. they have revenue sfraem are either tied in some fashion to the now despised generic drug industry or they need politically unpalatable deals. and then more to run through the same business model. in other words they look like the disgraced valiant. which is seen its stock plunge nearly 90% from its highs. it became much more of a financial story than a medical one. it has been so palpable and it is crushing hedge funds. one day it will run its course
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but who knows when. maybe the actions of these stocks will tell us. that andal allerigan which repos tuesday. it is worse than i've seen in ages. frankly. as we told them, that's the companion to my childhood trust. i don't think the blood shed is over. i think it is probably mid innings. so there is a vicious bear. how about the deflationary prices for consumer goods? with the economy part ask parcel of the not so hot employment numbers, this market is starting to rotate back to the stocks of tried and true consumer product companies including tyson foods which has done nothing for the past few months. if they report a good number on
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monday and the stock rallies in response, then we know it is alive and well the rest of the week. on tuesday we get results from disney. now last time disney reported, it was in the grips of the bear. a roving bear. and everything from cbs and time warner and discovery and disney. this week we saw the bull. they saw much better trends in advertising despite core cutting. i bet disney will tell the same story with the added advantage of five years of good movies in the pipeline. roughly one per quarter to make sure the averages are good. next up, i'm very concerned about travel. we've seen a huge turn against the travel stocks. a major bear market. the performance of the airlines while they're hard to look at. or price line or the terrible quarter from trip adviser. what about the cruise lines?
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after all they are gigantic consumers of fuel which has come down mightily in price. so let's listen to norwegian cruise after the close. despite the name norwegian, a huge amount of bookings are to the caribbean where the zika virus is happening. after talking to several doctors, i fear zika could be a real problem here. wednesday and thursday are disruption personified. nordstrom, kohl's, they all act terrible and i don't have confidence. they look mighty cheap. but they do seem like in the end they could be value traps. and then there's fast food. where wendy's and jack in the box report on wednesday. the ceo of mcdonald's just hit
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another all time high. has reenergized the chain. with its value meals and all day breakfast offering. i think wendy's can escape unscathed. it might not go down after the quarter. jack in the box, the only good thing i can say is that jack has taken down so severely, it might hold on. we wanted jack to spin off qdoba and take valentine advantage of the hobbled chipotle. if they change their minds before chipotle comes back, and you know they will, perhaps jack can salvage the situation. you know i've been a stalwart defender of the aerospace bull market. on thursday we hear from perigo. they admit they've been having a terrible time in the core business. the best you can hope for is a total reset.
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the company can demonstrate some sort of core value. we need a mea culpa for not accepting the takeover bid which would have resulted in a double with where the stock is trading. finally, i'm focused on two koimd. the japanese oil makers have had a run for a long time because of the run on the yen. it has gotten very strong of late. the government can't keep it down. that's terrific for ford and gm. i want to know, it report very good quarters. the stocks haven't done much. how about jcpenney? a lot of trash talk, the hiring freezes. given my thesis, nothing would surprise me. i wouldn't want to own penney.
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the not great, i know. what can i do? it is in the mall. it's been a very brutal week. one that has seen continual selling like tech, banks and pharma. the bottom line, earnings are driving these bull and bear market rotations. let's hope next week gives us a sedge of what's alive and well, at least this moment. about the only time span this market currently cares about. keith in illinois. >> caller: good afternoon. my question is. the stock ran up. it looks like it is charging again. >> ulta has held up very well because they sell make-up which you can't walk outside your door anymore. all you're doing is taking selfies. because of that phenomena, i think they'll do well.
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sephora does well too. >> hey, sid. >> caller: greetings from indianapolis. i hope you're well. >> i am doing really well. >> caller: it's great to talk to the guy who has had my back all these years. i'm really be26th and between on hershey. i built a small position of 125 shares. i'm a few dollars ahead. but selling 40 times earnings. and i know that it has been solid for many years but i don't know which way the rotations are going. >> i think you're okay at hershey. i like others better. i think other food companies are doing more better things but hershey is okay. you're right. the group is rotating. everybody is rotating into these stocks. you'll do fine.
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larry in massachusetts. >> caller: boo-ya, jim. best short rib tackle i've ever had. >> he's talking about bar san last night. could i barely get in and i tone place. what's happening? >> caller: questions about blackstone and the roller coa coaster dividends. talking to the media there's a lot of investment bankers chasing a piece of the pie. funding the energy sector. is steve schwartzman good enough for this? >> you know, i hike the stock. i liked it higherism should have gotten off. i didn't do that. why? i think they can make money in any environment. i'm just saying it is a pause and kit get better. >> next week is all about the sgul the bear markets.
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watch these reports carefully and follow these. the strongest products. the company ride above the cruise unknowns? then, land your cards on the table. steve winn calls it unconscionable and my favorite, stupid. find out who he is calling out. and did the $18 billion merger between two medical companies leave you scratching your head? one of its men behind it. you're not going to want to miss that. stick with cramer.
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after bobbing along, all the basic building blocks of economic growth were higher for the next three months. but then at the beginning of this week, the group started to sell off. part of a newfound rotation out of all things cyclical and the whole rally is called into question. then yesterday some very, very good news. when martin materials, the maker of asphalt, concrete, and other basic materials used in construction and infrastructure reported a spectacular quarter. before we get into these results, let me tell that you martin player yetta's stock had gone up. typically when you run into things, into earnings like that it is very hard for a stock to rally no matter how good the results are. yet martin marietta had reported this at 55 cents a share. a. meanwhile management raised the full year forecast dramatically. made some very positive comments about all sorts of construction
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road building. so can this thing keep running? let's check in, good to see you, sir. have a seat. you know, go through a lot of quarters during earnings season. most of them don't have this quarter. are not perfect. yours was. how? >> we're finally seeing all parts of the economy hitting. when we were here we talk about we didn't have a highway built for much of the last decade and we talked about we thought we would see one. we have. if you're looking at the business about, 45% of the infrastructure. that's working today. during the downturn, states came back and put in their own plans. >> amazing. >> colorado, iowa, texas, georgia, florida, north
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carolina, seeing great support from the states. and they've really worked it. >> states have gotten flush. they bring you in. >> they do. the fact is they need that. if you go back over the last ten years, they didn't have the program. now when you see a good infrastructure program and private construction, it makes a big difference. >> it is true if the government does support infrastructure, that's a lot of people who work. >> it does put a lot of people to work. they're good jobs and long lasting jobs and it opens up commerce in states. so you get the immediate effect on public. >> that's important that you mentioned it. you have a lot of business in texas and i was afraid when i saw you coming, oh, boy, texas. texas was red hot for you. >> texas was great for us.
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in september, if you look at where we are in texas. it is that golden triangle. dallas, san antonio, and houston. between now and then, you'll have 70,000 people there. they're in north texas, dallas ft. worth and the metroplex. >> still that gigantic buyback. >> we're going to keep doing that. the important thing is we're going to look to grow our business in two different ways. number one we can be uisitive. and we want to do. that we know there will be occasions that the right buy is martin marietta. what i feel like we have the ability to do is to do both. we can buy and consolidate. we can look very carefully at markets. we can also come back and take the 20 million shares that we issued when we bought texas industries and bring that back
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in. >> do you care who is president? >> do you know what? i think any way we go right now, both potential candidates understand infrastructure. >> they really. do it comes up very early and very loud. >> i think they both get that. and state legislatures. >> i did not know it until i read the notes for you. are they the only state so far who has done it? >> they're not the only ones but that was a republican governor and a legislature that did that. the state of georgia has also done that when they came back last year and effectively doubled their transportation budget. adding $900 million to it. north carolina had a relatively high gas tax. at least in that area. when the legislature was in session, they also put $1.1 billion. so whether through a gas tax or
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vehicle fees or otherwise. states are finding a way to spend the money on infrastructure. >> statement, it was good numbers in florida. >> we're coming in with a granite product. and granite is not natural in florida. >> right. >> if you're an asphalt person, you need granite. it is lower absorbing on liquid. we're a niche play in florida but important in florida. >> i am so glad you're on. we're out of good stories. thank you so much. chairman, ceo. "mad money" is back after the break.
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what we're seeing, let's look at p & g. it is now down 25%. >> if that's true, that stock is there. you go and buy it. >> a few minutes ago -- >> what you have to do. proctor just jumped 7 points that i said i liked at 49. you have to be carroll. it is too bad the system broke down. went down 400. >> we are trying to get the specialist to talk about what happened. >> machines failed. >> six years ago today the stock market suffered a flash crash. when the dow jones average fell almost 1,000 points in a few minutes time. on that fateful day, buyers just vandalished, allowing the crash in frightening fashion right before our eyes. i was on television the moment that it happened. and i instantly recognized the aggressive short sellers and high frequency trade here's vanish whenever the selling got
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intense were the root causes of the flash crash. even as the market recovered, it wrecked confidence in the integrity of stocks as an asset class and justifiably drove away another wave of home gamers who couldn't justify the that for retirement. come on. many never came back. have things gotten better in the intervening years? absolutely not. at least according to steve wynn. the co-founder of wynn resorts who quince denially just railed against both the high frequency traders and the manipulators in the earnings conference call last night. he knows the regulation is far weaker than that. so when wynn launched into a spirited and i think very convincing attack, the stock market process, i found myself agreeing with every point he
6:25 pm
made. in answer to a question about why his company just expanded the buyback, he said, well, we never know what the street will do with the funky trading and we all feel as individuals and the company that we should be prepared to take advantage of any real opportunity when it curves. so we just wanted to make sure that we are properly armed in case there was something strange that happened on wall street and the stock market dropped. or it went to a level that we thought was grossly oversold. we would jump on it. like the flash crash. in other words, they're playing games with the stock. knocking it down. moving it out. when he calls unconscionable manipulation. he said the short sellers have a ball selling shares and value buyers step in in the afternoon and they cover their shorts. i mean, it is regular casino activity. he went on to say, and again i quote. the activity of the stock markets is in my view poorly regulated and irresponsibly pleased. especially with regard to short
6:26 pm
sales. wynn interrogatories stock has become a tafrgt stocks of china. via the exposure to mccal. the chinese gambling mecca. when it is driven down that is irrelevant, disconnected from the business operations. he went in there and buying it himself. the as exploit it aive and as strong as it turned out to be in the stock, wynn saves his real wrath for the same high frequency trade here's were the chief culprits six years ago today. he says the ability to run ahead of orders because they got to see order flow that others can't has wrecked the integrity of the markets and turned them into an unregulated casino and therefore unfair casino. he says he has particular disdain for the fact that the
6:27 pm
s.e.c. has failed to deal with high frequency traders. which is why he likes to buy stock on the iex. the experimental exchange in the best selling book flash poise. he said it doesn't allow for others to front line ahead of the buy owners. that's just plain crooked in his view. again, i agree. he said the government turns a blind eye. i think every individual stock owner and certainly every member. s.e.c. should read the conference call on the last two pages. it is a remind per six years to the day after the flash crash nothing has changed. if only stocks were regulated as much. then maybe it could earn back
6:28 pm
the trust for the greatest vehicle of wealth creation on earth. tom in new york. tom! >> caller: a great big boo-ya from upstate new york. >> fantastic. go ahead. hit me. >> caller: with all the penny stocks out there and the multiple out there, i just want to know if the s.e.c. has enough resources to combat the situation. >> no, they don't. they need much more. they need more of a skeptical attitude. i think what's happened with the s.e.c. is what's happened with a lot of companies. if they had more enforcement, we would all welcome it. memo to the s.e.c., get yourselves a copy of that wynn conference call. it's amazing. start doing your darn jobs! it's been six years since the
6:29 pm
flash crash and all investors like steve that wynn, watching the show are still playing by the same bad actors at wall street. enough. the stock market is too important to our collective financial futures to let these clowns treat it like their personal play ground. let's clean it up. much more "mad money" ahead. what the heck is happening with bergen? what is this market's darling? the stocks down 40% from the all time high. rapid fire and tonight's frequenty friday edition of the lightning round! and a look back at the week that was. try the superior hold...
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since the news broke on tuesday, they've been hit with four down grades. second, it won't be the ceo of the combined company of he is taking vice chairman spot.
6:34 pm
why do they believe this is the right move? let's take a look to see to learn more about the national merger and his role in it. mr. pike, welcome back to "mad money." we'll start right from the beginning. you know you've been a huge win. we had out when it first became public. we were dispoint when we learned you are not running the company. >> thank you for saying that. what i'm excited about is what we can do together. we are the leading company in materials of helping pharmaceutical firms give great medicines to patients and this will help us do it faster and more effectively. we're really excited about what we're doing for patients. >> we're down grading, announced yesterday morning. and then it says, the we see
6:35 pm
limited short time upside with greater near term integration. >> i guess we just don't see that it way. it is fascinating, with the opportunity here. you think about the clinical trial. we are the best that there is. it is still a relatively manual process. what we have with the opportunity with the great information services provider, they're really the big data company. the original big data company. what we can do is understand much more effectively how to bring time lines forward, associated with recruiting patients. finding the right patients faster. finding the right doctors faster to do the investigations for patients. basically together we can bring medicines to market faster and that will be great for our customers. >> that's what i thought too when i saw the headline. then i saw your quarterly release. you did have .9, the lowest you've had in 2010. some people said they're selling
6:36 pm
because they don't have the growth they used to have. >> that's just not right. right now what we did say in the quarter also is that we have the largest pipeline and product development that we've ever had when you're in a business like ours, it is not a business of little w i dgets. we had a couple slip into i am a and all the awards that have taken place in april, we've closed. so in that sense we feel very good about where we are. >> an mead amazing study that you alluded to. it shows how expensive and how long. maybe you can tell the viewers. maybe that can cut down the time. >> if you look at what's happening with clinical research. again, we're at a time where we have unprecedented medicine
6:37 pm
that's we need to get to patients as quickly as possible. right now we're xeegd by as much as 100% of planned time lines. it is becoming more and more difficult. there is a crowded market for products. and less clinical. so with this combination, with the enormous data that i myself have with the tools they have, with the tools that we have, putting them together, it gives us an opportunity to really bring the time lines forward. a couple months of bringing those forward for a drug company. $10 million, $50 million. and frankly, there is very little integration risk. because they're the leader in information services and we're the leader as the cro, what we're really doing is inform ating that process of the clinical project and there is very little integration. >> i was concerned about it. i spent time watching the ibm computer.
6:38 pm
they say they are the company that can do big data analysis faster than anyone and they are targeting the health care industry. seemingly targeting ims. is that going to be a powerful competitor? >> i will say they can play chess better than we can. but that being said, i think we are the leaders when it comes to big data for health care wefl a company that has been in the business over 60 years. we've been in the business 34 years. we have over 1,100 medical docs. ten 50 phds. focused on life sciences. they have the biggest lake of data that there is and putting them together will have great outcome for the customers. one thing i might add is that all week long, the ceo, and i have been getting responses they get it. this is really strategic. this is what we need to do. this is what we've been trying to do. we've even had a couple of
6:39 pm
customers that we don't work with. very large pharmafirms say come in. we want to meet with you soon and talk with you about what you're doing. we probably shouldn't surprise the analysts but i don't know how you do this otherwise. we have a great deal. >> we'll miss you as vice chairman. i know you won't be speaking for the combined entity but you did a great job for all the people who watch the show. that's tom pike in a transformational merger that i like. "mad money" is back after the break.
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it is time! are you ready, skee-daddy! let's start with roscoe in virginia. roscoe! boo-ya! >> caller: i'm calling from virginia and i would like to know what the ticker tag s for
6:43 pm
sprint. >> sprint had a deenl quarter. i can't hate it. that quarter was that good. do i like t-mobile and i like verizon more. t-mobile for growth and verizon for did i have denied. >> caller: spencer from massachusetts. thank you for taking my call. >> fantastic. what's happening? >> caller: i'm curious about -- >> you buy some here. maybe buy some at 4% yield. how about rick in pennsylvania? >> caller: jj kramer and associates. >> sweet. what's up? >> caller: not too much. federal express. i've been watching it for months on the side line and i got the taste in my mouth. i don't know what to do with this thing. it got whacked yesterday. what do you think? >> i don't like the transport. we got away from stabilization. come on! believe it or not, this is being pulled down by ups which is not
6:44 pm
doing nearly as well. ups has to stabilize. let's take paul in texas. >> caller: my stock ts. >> don't have the fed in our corner. wait and see. jimmy in oklahoma. jimmy! >> caller: jim, i need to ask about sky works. >> why would we want to be in sky works which is too eager to sell phones which we can be, we had it on earlier this week. sky works no. and that ladies and gentlemen is the conclusion of the lightning round! >> announcer: the line round sponsored by td ameritrade. my job is not just to
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entertain but to keep -- i have cheese in my throat. i have to get it out. dave in texas? >> how about -- boo-ya! >> the kraft beer space. they have it all to themselves. something younger people despite, all do you is treat it. what? ipo? ipo beer? ipa. ipa. ipa. >> i love it so much. coors light. still in the midst of -- >> cheerio beers? >> coors light. >> people i know used to call it girls light. >> sorry. what's on "mad money" tonight? >> i can't -- i don't know. >> stick with -- corona. and cramer. trader offices.
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what in the world is going wrong at abc? one of the largest drug distributors in america. for years, they were one of the most consistent winners in the market. climbing from under $14 at the generational lows in 2009 up to
6:49 pm
an all time high of $121 a little over a year ago. that is an amazing gain of nearly 800% in six years time. it was a terrific company in a fabulous industry right along the other two distributors. the ultimate darling in a sainted group. yet the last 13 odd months, particularly over the course of 2016, it has become a total -- house of painful it has gone from market darling to dirty dog in almost no time flat. down more than 35% from the all time highs and losing 26% of the value. just since the beginning of 2016. terrible call. so what gives? how do we explain this drama decline? it was viewed as the sole of
6:50 pm
consistency. for those of you who are not familiar, it is one of the largest pharmaceutical sourcing and distribution services in the world. they hand all drugs and distributed throughout the united states. for years, it was wonderful. the best business to be in the country. i've been to galleries where we saw people in the company and said, wow. midas truck. drug distribution may not be exciting unless we're talking about escobar or guzman. but that's what portfolio managers like. it used to be consistent. regardless of what's happening no, matter what countries are falling apart. whether we have a greek debt crisis or russia has decided to invade one of its neighbors
6:51 pm
again, people need to buy medicine. . they are coming after new drugs. the more drugs there are to sell the more money they make. and say what bull the affordable care act. this legislation was so good for drug distributors that you have to suspect that they had a hand in writing it. with millions more people getting health insurance after the law went into effect, prescription drug sales surged. especially expensive specialty drugs. real big gross margins. meanwhile they benefited. politicians have gotten so worked up about it. high prices meant higher profits. last but not least they had tons
6:52 pm
of incredibly strong relationships. when you're in sales, it was everything. making money in abc was as easy as 123. then the stock started backsliding a year ago. now the darn thing has gone into free fall. first consolidation initiative has been a real problem. we started hearing rumors that they may go up for sale. what's the issue? they've been the primary wholesaler for drug purchasing since 2011. it was set to expire this year. that's a lot less likely to be renewed given that etna is about
6:53 pm
to take over. the truth is ever since obamacare went into effect, they've been dealing with greater government regulation and slowing growth from traditional provider insurance plans. so many decided they needed to purchase growth. acquiring their competitors. with etna gobbling up, it has gone from five to three. once the deals go through, they are going to have a lot more bargaining power vis-a-vis drug distributors. hospital mergers? same problem. they're going on everywhere. larger chains, snapping up where they can find them. the fact is that these larger pharmacy chains now have the scale to cut out the middle man and buy their drugs directly from the manufacturers.
6:54 pm
bad. in order to combat these, they decided to do a little consolidation of their own. we learn that the company is buying a provider of outsourced drug company. the deal was panned by investors and analysts alike. maybe a colossal over bed. then there's the big problem. and this is one that we all wear but we didn't know it would impact these guys. drug pricing. i told that you abc and the cohorts benefited from the generic drugs. that was a huge tail wind for them. in theory they should get cheaper over time. but it is such a backlog, the new suppliers weren't able to enter the market and many decided to jack up prices by as
6:55 pm
much as they could. think failed hedge fund manager. the most hated man in america. starting last year tworg things happen. first they started clearing out the backlog. creating more competition. thus putting downward pressure. second the problem of rising drug prices became this gigantic political issue. anybody involved is in trouble. or certainly going to wake up and see a bad headline. they started talking about a slowdown in generic inflation. that's why its stroks down so much more. another foe. now things really started going south when they reported in early february. a big revenue on the bottom line. and a big revenue miss on the top one. i've never seen this before. sure enough, abc revenues grew
6:56 pm
only to save% clip. something they said would persist the rest of the year. this is a mega trend. the stock spent the next few months right until they reported the latest quarter yesterday morning. and then the stock plunged 7.4%. again they delivered a significant revenue miss. this time abc slashed the four year earnings. thanks to what they're calling the deflation. of course, this is an industry wide problem and must be heard in the game plan. but it hits harder than the other guys. i was in disbelief. i screamed to my team. no. it can't be abc. the most consistent company in america turns inconsistent? well, bar the door. so oh, this one is going to get creamed. i didn't know it would be 7%. the drug pricing industry will likely stay with us until at
6:57 pm
least the election. if hillary wins, drug prices go. if trump wins, he might repeal obamacare. neither helps. we will see them buy direct from the manufacturers. that cuts abc out entirely. the bottom line, they have gotten slammed. but i don't see any solutions for this company's problems in sight. what can i say? right now it is tough to be a middle man. the truth is the whole drug distribution is being, i think it will go lower before they figure out how to turn it around. a swan turns into an ugly duck. who would have thunk it? stick with cramer.
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i like to say there's always a bull market somewhere. i'm jim cramer and i'll see you monday. when you find something you love,
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