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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  May 12, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> i finished the box. it will be an issue. >> i warned you. >> just saying. it's not an issue, defense stocks, segway, that's a segway. rtn. >> i'm melissa lee, thanks for watching see my mission is simple. to make you money i'm here to level the playing field. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. a lot of people want to make friends. i'm trying to make money. my job is not just to entertain but to educate and teach. so call me or tweet me. on day one of an onslaught, every stock in the sector that is under fire gets slaughtered. everyone. machine gun style.
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on day two, the buyers search through the rubble and decide what deserve to be trashed and what is actually treasure. usually it would take week or months but not anymore. it is 24 hours. not anymore. including today. the recovery was down 89 points, the s&p 500 declining by only .02%. and i have a theory why we now get a second day comeback. in the old days, let's say a retail, give a horrendous forecast. the sellers would dump in anything that looks like it. but other companies in the sector, they might be in a totally different business. these days if macy's blows up, everything goes down. not just the department stores like macy's which should go down. i think it is because of the
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commoditization. put simply, almost every big capitalization stock is part of a sector based etf. the knee bone connected to the leg bone. overrides whatever else might be happening to the individual companies. someone is doing quite well. so let's take macy's, the disastrous shortfall guidance cut. it reverberated through every part of consumer spending. not just department stores but all consumer spending. macy's sent down home depot. macy's has much more to do with amazon than the consumer. the pin action of macy's, it obliterated places like ulta salon. as if women could go to the amazon beauty parlor? it doesn't matter. at least on day one of a consumer sell-off. same thing with the restaurants. macy's goes down, the restaurants go down. they were all crushed by the shortfall of macy's including
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mcdonald's. remember the market doesn't distinguish why things go wrong. it just punishes the whole entire category. not just the one area that makes so many sense. and should be pushed down on. day two, that's when we get the second one. as investors realize, what a mistake it was to home og 90s and then crush everything. it was okay but the fact that the mall stores were held up is viewed as a positive. the collateral damage even as kohl's with a terrible miss this morning. a good number, you know the shirt, tie company we have on all the time. jeans. and then nike even went up. each day is a new day. it should have been crushed completely in sync. they are really the same kind of
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company. but instead did nothing. it was laid to waste. the obliteration tomorrow that i'm sure will extend to every consumer stock. i see the seat igs constitution. meanwhile the restaurants brought down by the consumer spending comments of macy's, they were better today by of all things jack in the box which had been in the dog house for months including this one. it looks like jack had finally underpromised enough when it reported a decent number, buyers went nuts with the stock and it rallied 15%. how powerful was the jack pin action? dominos. olive garden swung back and mcdonald's higher after one day in the penalty box. one day. the restaurants were aided ironically by the fact that oil which had been down reverse asked finished higher. remember, we can't relate higher oil to the real life consumer at
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all. the big portfolio managers require oil prices as a sign the consumer is doing better. not that she's hurt go at the pump. the market may suspend the rationality several times. 200 take it as gospel even though higher gasoline is bad for the consumer, bad for you and me, is somehow good for the consumer related stocks that they shop at. in fact, oil moved up almost the entire market as it has done in 2016. how broad was it? it didn't take in everything to try. home depot, people are worried because of the reports next week. this is important. i bet it works higher. even after the nordstrom destruction. remember, this is planning season which for home depot is basically the equivalent of christmas. and again, you don't buy tomato plants through amazon. at least not yet. we saw the same thing in technology. yesterday was a hideous day across the borders. worried about slowdowns roiled through the entire sector.
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today it was the beleaguered apple. and sky works solutions which fell almost $3 or 4.5%. i don't think apple can stop going down until the research firms who claim to adore it start to go buy it. the fact that they didn't is why this stock can't find a bottom. there are too many analysts with soft buy rate ogs apple who wanted it to bounce so they could get off the apple tree. it didn't happen. now each time they deal with the pain, i expect more negative chatter tomorrow. in my experience, what will happen next with the beleaguered stock, some analysts will break ranks. hasn't occurred yet. if you don't already own apple, you might as well wait until the analysts turn their backs on them. i've seen it too many times. continuing movie. i know how it ends. there are some stocks that can't get out of the way. i cannot believe how badly
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valeant acts. we had the ceo on. he explained how much there was that the buyers didn't realize. the stock is back to its old bad ways as an extremely negative article in the new york times said the drug price gouging hasn't been rolled back yet. at least for the hospitals in question. something that he said would happen. stock hit a 52-week low. down more than 5%. at the same time, we keep hearing the health care system is going to be shaken up by either presidential candidate and that means drug prices have to come down. you know the bioteches will be punished as they were all day today. so what was able to provide leadership? that they were able to rally in the dow and come back to the s&p 500? as is often the case we have leadership in stocks. news stories about a possible bid from monsanto. stories about food services, kellogg on the verge of a bid.
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when you consider how well heinz has been behaving, you can understand why other group companies may want to do that. and it wouldn't be a bright shiny day out there, would it? without amazon and facebook. the two that are positive. sadly for the rest of tech, those two companies are disruptors. not uniters. it is like politics. and they have no ability to pick up anything but themselves. so here's the bottom line. after a hideous day yesterday where individual stocks managed to pull down whole groups in the equivalent of a phantom multicar pileup, today buyers aid by stronger oil prices returned to the scene of the accident and picked up some that were damaged. if you are not used to it, it is time you came to your senses. right now this pattern is about the only thing that makes any sense in a pretty irrational moment for the entire u.s. stock market. let's to go jeff in my home
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state of new jersey. jeff. >> caller: hey, jim, how are you doing? >> i don't know. how about you? >> caller: i'm on my way home. i have a quick question. a company that you've always talked about. i know they just submitted the new drug application because of manufacturing concerns. what's the skinny on the company now? is it a long term speck or something you can start accumulating right now? >> i don't know. i'm such a believer in phil frost. ever since they made the acquisition, the stock hasn't done well. i won't abandon phil. i wish he would come. on it is an extraordinary situation. the company does so many things right and they can't get out of its way. >> caller: boo-ya from staten island. >> right around the block. what's happening? >> caller: not much, not much. i had a stock i've been watching.
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hsbc. i've seen it at its 52-week low and it pays an amazing did i have denied. is it a good time to put it in my portfolio? >> i have to tell you. you don't want to own it for the dividend. it is a foreign bank stock. it is really hard to get a read on. i'm not recommending that many bank stocks and i'm going to say -- don't buy, don't buy. it's happening a lot quicker. when the market undoes its snap judgments from day one. get used to it. on "mad money," what do macy's, borders and the "boston globe" have in common? then natural and organic. two companies transforming the grocery store. and i'm taking a hard look. see if the company is totally trash or could it return to treasure for your portfolio? so why don't you stick with cramer! >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money."
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i'm a customer relationship i'm roy gmanager.ith pg&e. anderson valley brewing company is definitely a leader in the adoption of energy efficiency. pg&e is a strong supporter of solar energy. we focus on helping our customers understand it and be able to apply it in the best way possible. not only is it good for the environment, it's good for the businesses' bottom line. these are our neighbors. these are the people that we work with. that matters to me. i have three children that are going to grow up here and i want them to be able to enjoy all the things that i was able to enjoy. together, we're building a better california.
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it's not spending. it is where you're going to spend it. that's what i thought when i read through horrific macy's conference call. never once did what most you would have done which is throw up the white flag. the one says we're in a real jam. we're going up against a genuine buzz saw named amazon and we can't see a solution. instead of calling it a head scratching problem that has to do with the dollar and traffic which is a short hand version, that's because in many ways, the decline of macy's and kohl's. and then the wholesale destruction of nordstrom stock
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tonight after a horrendousness and guidance cut. it is like what happened to the book stores. both saw the juggernaut coming. and didn't think it could really impact them. they believed they were something special. then they thought they could beat the web by joining it. that's what could be thoopg macy's, kohl's and nordstrom's. it is hard to imagine how little power had originally. i remember going to the headquarters of boreders in ann arbor, michigan, ten years ago. it was the second largest book store chain in the country. when i met with the top executives for an off-the-record interview we talked about how much we loved books. not the business. the actual books. can you imagine? amazon only came up in passing as an annoying fly. something could be swatted at. how the heck can you brows at
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amazon? i mean, who wouldn't want to go to the secular temple of learning that is a book store and look around: that was the sales pitch. they never knew what hit them. they thought it was the experience at the store. they didn't realize, people only have so much time and they want the most convenient way to buy them possible. and they are on amazon any way. why not just go by a kindle? the same thing in retail now. two years ago i went to see nordstrom. and they talked about they rely on their service including the legendary return policy and terrific salespeople who always help you find what you wanted. but amazon, they even admitted. has an even more legendary return policy, and the algorithms know what you want better than any salesperson could. nordstrom spent fortunes trying to beat amazon. where did it get them? judging by the heinous numbers
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after the close and the subsequent plummet, i would say no where. what about the brick and mortar comeback? you spend enough on the web. good luck. we know amazon with its 27% retail growth has more cash flow than any department stores will ever have and it is even fun to buy other retailers who need to it thrive online. in that sense amazon is the web. when i started the street 20 years ago last month i would go to newspapers looking to funning. i would demonstrate what i was doing and show how under like newspapers, you could come out real-time. much more valuable. and the idea of mashing up dead trees into pulp, turning it into payment, driving it down with big trucks from canada, bundling it up, putting it on to
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someone's lawn was preposterous versus what you do on the internet. we were still in the age of dial-up connections and badger ads and the idea that someone might give their credit card number to a website. that was considered to be the craziest thing anyone ever thought of. the newspaper guys said if it would ever be a big thing, they would be all over it. but they were making too much money what was at that time new found monopolies because every city was becoming a one paper town. needless to say by the time they figured things out it was way too late. all they did was created suicide versions of themselves online. theon paper that's could provide were the ones with such proprietary information that people would pay extra for it. it turns out most news was a total commodity that you can get for free online which crushed the whole industry. just like the people who ran borders, the newspaper companies didn't know what hit them. in many ways they still don't.
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now the department stores seem to be in the same position. does that mean macy's is doomed in does kohl's have a reason for exist tense? nordstrom? maybe they can be like barnes and noble which limps along. but can they return to the glory days of old? not if they think the problem is a lack of newness or excitement or selection or the calendar or consumers. come on. the problem is the web. especially amazon. and until they face up to that fact and deal with it, they can be in trouble for a very long time. much more "mad money" ahead. including the supermarket showdown. which stock should you put in your cart? a natural face-off. i'm going on hunt for a winner. then is it time to throw the stir cycle into the trash? plus, a brand new edition of i am a diversified.
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i don't want to scare you. prepare yourselves. it is time to talk about the high end healthy grocery store space. namely the beleaguered and occasionally terrified whole foods and its competitor, sprouts farmers market. which can give you much better performance until a week ago. something bizarre happened when these two companies reported within 24 hours of each other. something we have to talk about. a learning lesson. whole foods announced the results wednesday night. then sprouts reported thursday morning. what happened? by the close of trading, whole foods, the perennial underperform he, had jumped almost 6% and sprouts, the long time outperformer, saw its stock plunge by nearly 7%. it was like freaky friday or vice versa or for a more
6:23 pm
realistic trading movie metaphor, trading places with eddie murphy and dan akroyd. the real puzzling thing, how could these two natural and organic supermarkets produce such divergent results? are people suddenly shopping whole foods again? after avoiding it? are consumers avoiding sprouts? or are these moves more about expectations? let's figure out what's going on. the quarter that sent whole foods soaring, weaker than expected revenues that rose just 1.3%. declining gross margins and same sales down 3%. full year earnings that they expect to be at or below their previous guidance. whole foods has been down so
6:24 pm
long. near a year low. a modest 1% revenue growth was enough to send this stock soaring higher. was it a good quarter? no. however, it was better than many people feared it might be. when your stock has been pummelled for ages and you get better than expected, that's what matters. how about the quarter from sprouts? sprouts gave you a 1 central earnings beat. slightly weaker but they still grew at a 16% year over year. 4% sales growth. and the full year revenue growth was actually higher. if you just compared these two quarters in a vacuum, there is no doubt sprouts is doing a heck of a lot better than whole foods. yet the stock of whole foods rallies and the stock of sprouts is the one that gets slammed? all because the company failed to meet wall street's revenue expectations. we need to comprehend why the sprouts/farmers market was hit
6:25 pm
so hard. it doesn't make sense on the surface. first of all you have to understand that sprouts and whole foods are two different quoims two different trajectories. the stock of sprouts is more expensive than that of whole foods. and going into last week it was a better performer in 2016. whole foods low. the stock was down. that means the expectations for sprouts were a lot higher. when sprouts fails on produce a picture perfect quarter, people do get disappointed. it is and not just that it came in later than anticipated. one. serious issues is that even though sprouts has much more comparable sales and many other retailers, it represented a major deceleration. from the company's reason past. down from 7.4%.
6:26 pm
even worse, the company's guidance suggesting the seam store sales quarter next year could continue going lower. perhaps as low as 4%. if the deceleration continues, pretty soon sprouts might not be that much better than your average supermarket chain. plus in the conference call, a slowdown in traffic toward the end of the quarter. which is not good given the traffic came in at 2.4% douchbl from 5.2% in the previous earnings period. so it seems like it is contenting with the same type of competition that crushed whole foods. if that's the case it makes perfect sense why the stock got slammed after these numbers. in short, sprouts farmers market got smashld because going into the quarter it had a legitimate story. but they are now calling the whole bullish narrative into question. >> how about whole foods? why did it rally?
6:27 pm
down right ugly. whole foods is the opposite of sprouts. the believers were driven away ages ago. nobody expects them to deliver fabulous numbers anymore. whole foods sales have been caught in an unrelenting spiral. while they came in at the worst level yet in the latest quarter, it is not like people were it to be any better. as a story it ran out of fuel years ago. but the company's most recent results were still better than many people feared they would be and a number of analysts talk about laying down cost controls in the quarter which is how it delivered a nice earnings beat. thanks to the layoffs and new tools, it came in well below what the analysts were expected. in other words, doing one thing really right is enough. at the same time there is a turn around story within whole foods and it is ball the company's new smaller format value oriented chain. whole foods 365. it is scheduled to open its
6:28 pm
first location in a couple weeks. there was a great piece about it in today's new york times. originally analysts and invest assume the stores, finally whole foods indicated a lot more promotional with the existing stores. the program has become very popular. all of which could help them take it back from the ordinary supermarkets. they've been breaking into the natural and organic. so where do we go? i think whole foods remains pretty murky. but management seems pretty confident with the turn-around. after $600 million versus the previous quarter. i think this could be a pretty choppy one. but longer term, if the 365 concept and the value initiative takes effect, i bet they can get
6:29 pm
back on track. you just have to wait for it. and sprouts, some of the competitors are scaling back. like fresh market. or they're being crunched like fairway. at least short term that's good news for sprouts. however increasingly regular supermarkets are offering the same goods as the natural supermarkets. and that brutal trend isn't stopping any time soon. when your stock has been down so long that nobody expects anything from you like whole foods, then just delivering one thing. in this case, cost cuts, sends your stock soaring. but when investors have great expectations like they did for sprouts, farmers market, then a quarter with some hair on it is enough to get your stock hammered. personally i would avoid the whole space for the moment.
6:30 pm
retail is tough. let's see whether whole foods can beat number because of competition and more important, consumer love rekindled. otherwise just watch from the side lines. because at the moment, it is too hard to make an informed judgment in this once red hot sector where everything went higher. how about moda in ohio. >> caller: hi, jim. how are you? i have a two part question about starbucks. >> okay. should i buy more or just wait for to it come down? and second, in buying, what is the price? >> here's my feeling on starbucks. this is big a position from my childhood trust. we want to make it bigger if it goes below 55. here's my suggestion that we tell people who get the news letter. you buy some and then wait for to it come down to buy the rest.
6:31 pm
these growth stocks are being challenged and you might get a better price. but you have to think long term when it document starbucks and that's the one i want. how about william in texas? >> hi, mr. calor. krispy kreme announced it was getting bought out. then there is an investigation for fiduciary duty. so what metrics go into determining a buyout price and what metrics are the activist groups add go into the equation? >> that's a great question. in this particular case i think christm krispy cream was trying to get pen-up value. in this case they saw, i don't think we can get there on our own. this is a much better opportunity. let's just take it.
6:32 pm
i would say take the money and run if i owned krispy kreme. call it a day for expectation. i say stay away from both right now. this darling is down 20% in the last month. could its vicious cycle continue? i'm going to take a closer look at this fallen angel. plus one way to keep your money working year after year. play am i diversified? and get into the action. reveal the questions on your mine. because the lightning round is just ahead. stick with calor! stick with cramer! >> tomorrow kick off the trading day with squawk on the street. >> i wouldn't be here, i tell
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how does one of the most consistent stocks of our era suddenly fall off a cliff? i'm talking about the vicious downward cycle in the stock of -- stirra cycle. it helps companies comply with osha, running call centers. it is so instructive of what happens when you try to call a falling knife. because you think it has to bounce. it just has to. you're just a butcher block without a ready made slot. for nearly two decades, two decades since the ipo in 1996, it was a winning investment. what a rut. look at the chart.
6:37 pm
it chugged higher year after year after year. it was known as a one decision stock. money managers bought and it then they just bought more of it when they got more money in and they never even considered selling a one decision stock. then when it got to its all time high of $151, the stock went into free fall. yep. and it's been all downhill ever since. as of today this stock is down nearly 40% from its highs. erasing about three years worth of gains in just a matter of months. it begs the question. how does a beloved stock and a long track record as a irn with fall out of favor? and what can we learn from this? people have asked me, what do we do in situations where we have great winners and then they start going down in first we
6:38 pm
need to understand what made it a success back when it was successful? long story short, it managed to grow consistently every year over the last decade. including during the great financial crisis. and the recession from 2016. it rose at a compound rate of 16% annually. how did they manage to deliver that consistency which is unheard of? really. it is simple. steri cycle is known as a roll up. meaning a serial acquire of other companies. the one in the news right now is value. the company has made 442 acquisitions. the ability to intelligently choose takeover targets and integrate them was the true source of strength.
6:39 pm
sthen it decided to buy shredded for $2.3 billion. it was viewed as such a positive and sent the stock to new heights just as others did. even though it might sound odd for a medical waste disposal company as a document shredder, it was a platform extension with major selling opportunities. most importantly, they said it would be added to the company's cash earnings per share. they forecasted 20 on $30 million by 2018 along with $150 million in tax benefits and these were all reiterated when the deal closed october 1st of last year. you can see straight up. people love the deal.
6:40 pm
less than three weeks later it peaked at just over $150. and ever since then it does define the house of pain. what did happen? even if it has been eviscerated, the bulk of the decline happened over the course of just two trading sessions. so take a gander. it plunged 19%. in a single day. then a couple weeks ago it plummeted 21.5%. from 121 to $95. again, one day. 24 hours. can you imagine? that's what happens when they break. the approximate cause of both declines, more specifically, horrific guidance. i want to point out that some cracks have started to appear even before the stock fell apart. first of all, the company's
6:41 pm
margins have been quietly eroding for a couple years now. that's what they make after the cost. they had dropped down to 42.4%. i know that's granular but the real sharp guys look at that and that's how they detect what could be happening in the future. second, even though it didn't happen until october it was already pretty sknlly missed the revenue lessons. there were signs. some cause for concern for a while. everything blew up when it reported its third quarter results on october 23rd. it posts an 11 cents earnings miss off the $1.19 basis. it is an enormous disappointment. enormous. for the guys. on top of that, it missed wall street's revenue numbers, delivering just 7.6% growth, a gigantic deceleration from the
6:42 pm
29.9% they had given us before. in fact this was the first time it was reported as single digits which is not what you can have when you have an expensive stock that is supposed to deliver time and again. this was where it was bubbling up. finally got out of control. things were not going to get any better in the third quarter. it's hard to look at. the following five months were somewhat uneventful. then we get to the next big step down when it reported the quarter. it was down 3.4% versus the year before. the revenue came in higher year over year. when i see a company with 30% plus revenue growth where the earnings are actually shrinking,
6:43 pm
you know what? it raises eyebrows. the hazardous waste unit did poorly. the shredded deal doesn't seem to be going like management predicted would it which is why they pushed off the expected synergies. what really killed it was the guidance. namely weaker than expected earnings and revenue forecast. thanks in part to the shredded acquisition. remember it paid. and then since then a couple bucks lower. so what do we do if we own this thing? do we come in and say it's down enough? on the one hand, the stock has gotten a lot cheaper.
6:44 pm
noon, how do we trust this? two out of the last three quarters. even if it gets its act together, that they even decided to make a gigantic acquisition was perhaps a sign that they already picked all the low fruit the medical hazardous waste disposal business. so let me give you the bottom line on what was once one of the greatest stocks. it was a very good if not perfect run from 1996 through october of 2015. one of the longest in this market. but even though stock didn't start going down until six months ago, the fundamentals underneither have been eroding for years. at the end of the day, this company is one gigantic acquisition machine with the four deal in 1993. when you roll up, you're going to run out. take over targets which means purchase groeth and organic growth too.
6:45 pm
in short i conclude that this pullback is not a buying opportunity. it is no longer the company it used to be which is why i would avoid it. at least until we get some signs of stabilization and actual real growth. something you kmt bank on until the company beats the bullet and comes to terms with the model that now seems to be broken. olay regenerist renews from within...
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plumping surface cells for a dramatic transformation without the need for fillers. your concert tee might show your age... your skin never will. olay regenerist,
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olay. ageless. and try the micro-sculpting cream you love now with lightweight spf 30. it is time! time for the lightning round. and then the lightning round is over. are you ready, skee-daddy! let's start with brian in california. brian. >> caller: boo-ya, jim. how are you? i'm calling regarding the match group. it's been going up a lot the last month. is it a buy? >> it's a buy. terrific growth. we've been doing a ton of work on it. we were a little skeptical but decided no.
6:49 pm
that would be a buyer. ron. >> caller: hey, jim, this is ron. a first time caller because long time listener. >> mobile is a highly valued internet of things. too. with autos and i'm not going to go there. i think that it doesn't matter how well they do it. it is not enough anymore. when i see those situations, i have to stay away. let's to go michael in california. michael. >> caller: how are you doing, dr. cramer? >> i always love being a doctor. >> caller: i want to know what you think. i'm a day trader also. i do have long positions. but psa, what do you think of it? >> i saw the other day that goldman said something negative. it's one of my favorite actions since the bottom. my old friend justin recommended it in the great recession. i'm not away. shawn in michigan. shawn. >> caller: yes. my company has a beautiful
6:50 pm
three-year chart. i was wondering if you thought they could keep it up. pfizer. >> this is a fin tech company of it is not a bank. i can't fight them. i agree with it. if you can't beat them, join them. jay in illinois. ten jay. >> caller: how are you doing? a big boo-ya. i'm going from, our player name our community -- rockford, illinois. >> okay. >> caller: so the rock 'n' roll hall of fame. >> love that. now need a stock. what's up? >> caller: okay. log man. >> oh, boy. if i'm going to do remote connectivity, i'm not going to be able to touch that one.
6:51 pm
i would rather be, it is a little different but i'll give you the right bang for the buck. and that's the lightning round! >> announcer: the lightning round sponsored by td ameritrade. random? no. it's all about understanding patterns. like the mail guy at 3:12pm every day or jerry getting dumped every third tuesday. jerry: every third tuesday. we have pattern recognition technology on any chart plus over 300 customizable studies to help you anticipate potential price movement. there's no way to predict that. td ameritrade. atand that horrible smellstee are really good at hiding.vice, oh, boy. there it is. ♪ ohh. ooh. [ gags ] so when you need a house cleaner or an exterminator, we can help you get the job done right, guaranteed. get started today at angie's list,
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the billboard music awards, live sunday may 22nd, 8/5 pacific, only on abc. we've seen some sentiment on wall street recently. whole sale mutiny on brands that once seemed untouchable.
6:54 pm
macy's, disney, even apple. you can't always predict the trends or whether they're even valid. but you can protect yourself from the visit it is tooth of the market and that's why it is important. it is also why we play am i diversified. this is where you call me. you tell me your top five holdings. i tell if you your portfolio is diversified enough or maybe you need to mix it up. take out some others. let's start with a tweet. first up we have, @aj, who tweets, am i diversified? ford, acti vision, csx and alcoa. ford auto coil, activision, pfizer, csx, identifieser is a drug coil. drug, auto, gaming, rail, and
6:55 pm
industrial. that's perfection. >> that was easy. >> norm an in ohio -- in arizona. norman in arizona. >> caller: yes, sir. boo-ya, jim. ford, at&t, facebook and johnson & johnson. >> i'm going right to work on this. okay. here we go. ford. we know, hey, we just covered that. that's oil. j and j had the best quarter of all drug companies. doing a terrific job. there at&t had a good quarter. the football package, mr. commissioner. we have facebook and exelon utility. again, hey, the game. it is tougher than it looks. let's go to glen in michigan. >> how are you doing? >> i'm doing well.
6:56 pm
how about you? >> caller: not bad. trying to see how my stocks are. >> good time as any to ask about it. >> caller: okay. i have some pharmaceuticals, apple, and i got verizon. >> wow! wow, wow! this one is a little more difficult than we realized. just a second. yeah. here's my problem. okay? i'm trying to figure out whether a company that does machine vision systems, is the same as apple. we're going to say it is different. queef zbot machine vision. it doesn't trade with tech.
6:57 pm
we have tech and tellco.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to try to find it somewhere right here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer and i will see you tomorrow.
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