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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  May 13, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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500% increase. too much rolling over, selling. >> if you're going to play home depot for the breakout after earnings, do it my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. my job is to teach and coach you. so call me or tweet me at jim cramer. welcome to the earnings offseason. for each company is debated on its own merits. we don't have to be overwhelm by company that have stories to tell but not enough people to listen. take next monday.
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we hear from companies, a company that i repeatedly predicted over time. it would be too valuable to stay independent. it does testing measurement of everything to computers to life science and cloning. it has a storied history. having been part of the hewlett-packard empire. it has gotten the last laugh because the business is in secular growth mode. it has devolved into two companies that are seemingly in decline. hp ink and hp enterprises, a catch-all company that i think is still trying to find its over way. what amazes me is that it has so much technology for the very high growth life sciences field, hasn't attracted any suitors. it would be a natural for companies that could both use the product line extension.
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i would never recommend a stock for a takeover basis. but i can't do it if the fundamentals aren't strong. if it has good quarter it could be hard to stay independent in what is a could not sol dating segment. he know you're tired of hearing about the debt. it is confined to the mall den citizens. the broad sweeping diagnosis, hey, listen. it is fueled by horrific quarters from macy's, kohl's and nordstrom keeps confusing people. i put pictures of my garden online for all to see and watch as the summer goes along. i know the impossibility of getting my flats, those are beds of plants for those who don't know the terminology, online. home depot is for more spending
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on your home and the continual attempts to do it yourself rather than paying someone to do it for you. those trends are in cyclical or secular ascendency. they're themes that are working and could work for a long time. home depot is the one they want to buy. i'm hearing some rumblings. that some suffered the same fate. another casualty of the 27% growth. i beg to differ. i think it is tjx is the ant dote. it buys they will at bargain basement prices and then marks them up for a nice profit. one of the problems from amazon. it is tjx's bounty. plus the home goods is one of the few ways to play the return
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of spending. if i do have a concern about tjx, it is the one whom i adore is no longer running the company day to day. she is now the chairman. that's an issue. i've been recommending it for years because of her stewardship. wednesday's bid. a big day. first we hear from lowe's. i'm concerned about it because it recently dropped $2.3 billion to buy a canadian retailer. i love canada but it has been an investing graveyard for pretty much everything. lowe's wanted to invest in the worst way and it may have done it. still, the despot remains best of breed. i think target is being reinvented for the long term as a fun, convenient place.
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you can follow along. do i think target will have a good quarter? i think it has a unified theory of grabbing moms at the time when they had their children and then walking them right through the children's teen years and then senting them off to college. plus the online did grow. speaking longer term, we know retail is challenged right now. other than amazon. i think she can still grow. it is down on its luck and hated. i bet if he can demonstrate turn ahead, it will flow back. it has come down a lot. two huge tech companies reported after the bell.
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some of these stocks are being bet against. i don't get it. the sale forces riding the wave. cisco is a very inexpensive company for communications and the web. these are competitive for sure. sale force hasn't shown any signs of pricing pressure yet from s.a.p. and oracle, all enemies. cisco has had a little pricing pressure. that's why the stock is so cheap. with a yield of 4%. we've been trying it for the trust. still ascending into the internet of things. it has been a beneficiary of the sporting goods retail for the bankruptcy of the supports authority. the street is really split on whether the company can capitalize on it. i have to tell you that dick's has had too checkers. many can be found in department stores and it is still wedded to the declining role of golf and still amazon lurking, lurking,
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lurking. if dick's could have a good quarter, it would be this one. walmart has no such luxury. amazon is all over this company. it is like it is use it to take on walmart itself. walmart stock is up for the year. it still supports a 3% yelled. i wish i had a case to get it. at the end of the day there are better retail fish to fry. the pickings are thin. campbell's soup is up more than 25% year to date. in part because it is trying on become more natural and organic. i think that the run has been terrific. however i recognize that you're late to the party if you buy ahead of this party. while i like the theme, as it
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has been laid low, i prefer the much cheaper adco. you've seen them on the show. then there's foot locker who has suddenly become challenged with the location of the stores. remember the mall don't have the traffic they used to. last quarter was a rare miss. or was it rare? either way we want to hear from them. i wouldn't touch it at this point until i hear what foot locker tells us. here's the bottom line. next week's big for retail and for tech. and i think the former is hated enough and the latter is viewed so skemticily that on the downturn there could be some money made. the good ones i've outlined. bob in wisconsin. >> hello. boo-ya! >> my question. i have been buying silver and gold online at 50 cents a spot on silver and 10 a spot on gold.
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that being said, with today's economy and stock market, how do you feel about buying physical gold and silver? >> i don't really like buying it. my favorite way would be in bouillon. the problem is you have to pay for a safety deposit box. i don't want to bury it in the backyard and i don't want it in your house. then i god rain gold. not backing waf away. >> caller: how are you doing? >> i'm doing well. how about you? >> caller: all right. my question is about alcoa. it dropped a couple bucks and i was wondering about your thoughts, if i should sell or hold on? >> no, no. i want alcoa. i want you to hold it. i think that it is in transformation. it is splitting into the wrong commodity and also engineering. right now because of china dumping, people are worried again. i like the stock. a big week is coming for retail and tech.
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believe it or not, scepticism could be a big reason. tonight, conventional wisdom when it comes to investing for the long haul. for many of you, it could be a ticking time bomb in your retirement cap. should you ever take on your contribution level? and the 401(k) isn't the only game in town. i'll tell when you it makes essential to add an ira to the mix. so stick with cramer! >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow jim cramer. send jim an e-mail to "mad money" at or give us a call. 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to "mad money" there are two billion people
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tonight i want to talk to you about the big picture. about building wealth in general and not just owning stocks in particular. stock are just one part, absolutely the most important one. still just one part of building real well. there are some people, call them 1% if you will, who can make enough money from the ordinary day to day income to become truly rich. what a great thing. for the vast majority of americans that paycheck is not enough. you need to augment, work with it. if you keep watching, i'm going to tell you how to do that. not just the next year or two years but for the rest of your life. usually i come in here and tell you what i think of the market. stocks that best fit the themes. but the truth is before you even start investing in stocks, there are a lot of other things you have to do if you want the payoff from those investments later to mean something later in life when you most need it. you may not want to hear this. it is useless to think you can
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get rich in stocks if you haven't built the foundation. you can make a fortune in the market. if you're hemorrhaging money everywhere else, it won't help. at best it can keep you afloat. if you had planned better it might become you become very wealthy. three absolute necessities. three thing that you must take care of before you even consider owning a stock. i don't usually address these subjects. i think you have it taken care of but sometimes i think i'm remiss in not mentioning it more often. we don't teach financial literacy. very few high schools will teach you a thing about managing your finlss. you might learn about theoretical marxism. that doesn't mean i can't offer this. especially since i know from your e-mails and tweets that many of you crave this education. you just ask for it every day. so i'm done ignoring it.
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it ends tonight. what are the three things you must do before you can own stocks? first, this will sound boring and you've heard it a million times. it sucks the life out of everything. i need to say it and you need to hear it. you have, you have, you have to pay off all the credit card debt. i have to nag out this sub. i'm not one of those who believes your credit card should be cut up in little pieces and turned into a nice mosaic. i've seen it done in credit cards. or credit cards are evil and should be burned in effigy. if you have credit card debt you are paying an extraordinarily high interest rate to the credit card company. we're taking rates that may make a loan shark, that's right. you're paying a loan shark. it would make a loan shark blanch. the late great tony sparano would give you better terms. although to be fair to the credit card industry, they won't break your knee caps. however, they will financially knee cap you with all the late fees and penalties that takes
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whatever you've been able to build up from your paycheck and other finlss. i have at one time or another brushed up against the down side of credit cards. between college and law school i owed a huge am to creditors, enough so that i had very little money left to live on. i ended up living in my car. i am an invet rat saver. i still manage to put away a few bucks into the retirement account i created. the first book, you have to ask me what books are good. the it is on amazon. once i got a permanent address, even though i was already in hock to a bunch of company to before i started living in my 1978 car, the credit card companies found me. and i took a bunch of them down. everyone who offered me plastic. i figured you could pay the minimum and just keep straining everybody out. the credit issuers never seemed
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to mind. i remember that i had four going each month. paying the minimum. i got a note for one more and i am what the heck. why not? when i added up all the minimums and charges, i realized my biggest expense after my rent. i wanted to default on them but feared the consequences. i ended up restructuring my noncredit card debt with a collection agency. they're like a possie. they found me. and they gave me just enough breathing room to get by until i went to law school where i had room and board. there i worked on the famous trial and even though the hourly rate seemed huge to me, almost every penny went to those darn credit card companies. there was still nothing left for me. in the end after school i got lucky. you landed a job trading at goldman saxs. i was able to pay off those bills quickly. what a relief. i couldn't stomach opening the mail. not everyone was as fortunate as
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i was. but i am realistic and know whereof i speak when i say there is no way you can make enough money away from these card issuers to save in any meaningful way. let alone pay rent and put a meal on the table. let me put it to you this way. even if you're a great investor, it won't matter if you're burdened by credit card debt. even with good credit, let alone the credit i had. you will still be paying 15%, and if your credit isn't so hot you might be paying 30%. and it is a darn good year for hedge funds. if you have a big balance on your credit cards, all your gains will be sucked down the drain. there is nothing you can do about it. so without the investing. if you go into credit card debt, then stocks will be a hobby for you. stocks can't be the wealth generating machine they should not. all the wealth will be canceled out by the amazing powers of
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credit card debt. >> the house of pain! >> i know i probably sound like your parents but your parents are right. i am there are three things. what are the other two? health insurance. you should not invest in the market before you have health insurance. you now either have to buy it or pay a fine and still november health care insurance. the penalties aren't big to start. with they get bigger over time. don't be a moron about this. even if you reject obamacare politically, get something. at least get some health insurance. plus there are all kind of six disthat make it bearable if you're on the lower end. you should not need legislation to make you get insurance. medical emergencies are the single biggest cause of bankruptcy. i had no health care plan and had to drive hours to get to a farm workers clinic to see a doctor and then i couldn't get
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care i needed. i know you think it won't happen to you. the younger audience, you don't want to get into not owning it. one illness, a couple hospital visits. kit crush all the wealth you've built in and away from the market. sure, you can now get coverage but it is a heck of a lot cheaper to buy insurance before you get sick. and you'll need health care at some point. last but not least, before you invest in stocks you need disability insurance. it is pretty simple. without these two kinds of insurance, you can get wiped out in a second. all the gains will be for nothing. you will have to use it to take care of yourself. in short pay off your credit card together debt and get health and disability insurance. the last two are offered by many employers. so you have no excuse for not
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getting them. if you also think you can afford to own stocks. these are more than just items on a personal things to do list. they are essential elements in your strategy for capital preservation. we talk about capital appreciation. that's where you grow your money to make more money. we always acknowledge that it comes first. you need to protect your money in the present if you want to grow it in the future. here's the bottom line. paying off your credit card debt and getting health and disability flshs the three most important elements. without them, investment doesn't make any sense. why bother? with heavy credit card debt and without health care and disability, building wealth can be futile. even if you are one of the best investors in the world. then we can make this make more sense for you. >> caller: hello. the i love the show and i appreciate you taking the time to call me back.
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i quit my job two years ago. 57 years old now. i have $400,000 in a 401(k). i've been trading myself in small cap. which i haven't done recently thank god. but s&p, now i don't know if i should roll it into an ira. >> do you like what you have in your 401(k)? >> we have a self-directed brokerage. i did really well for a while. >> you should stick with it. you're in good shape. just stick with it. i like what you've got. i think it is a good opportunity. let's go to mike in new york. >> caller: hey, mr. cramer. how are you? >> all right. how are you? >> caller: i'm doing fine. i have a question concerning city pensions. i've been a retired police officer for two years. i've been in the city pension system for over 20. what is the difference between the 457 plan and the roth ira? and what are the benefits and
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cons? >> i'm going to have to ask you to check with your people at your pension plan. the 457 deferred plan, i'm not sure how that works and i won't be able to cuff something here. it is too important. i am very sorry. that's a personal decision to you. and i don't feel comfortable actually offering advice on that particular situation. before you think about investing in stocks, pay off your credit card debt, get health and disability insurance. then we can create a portfolio together. we needed 30 new hires for our call center.
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i'm spending too much time hiring and not enough time in my kitchen. (announcer) need to hire fast? go to and post your job to over 100 of the web's leading job boards with a single click. then simply select the best candidates from one easy to review list. you put up one post and the next day you have all these candidates. makes my job a lot easier. (announcer) over 400,000 businesses have already used ziprecruiter.
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and now you can use ziprecruiter for free. go to everybody in this country wants to get rich quick except for some hippie type who's don't believe in currency and want to live off the grid. anybody who says he has a way to make obscene amounts of money overnight. he is either peddling something. i love when he came on "mad money" and talk about his product being like apples. you didn't need the fabulous distribution method. that darn pure blue mess sold itself. but ancient spoiler alert, that get rich quick scheme ended real bad. the best most reliable way to
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make your money grow as i explained in get rich carefully, is doing it slowly and prudently. this is especially critical when you're investing for your retirement. i know retirement money is men to be sacrosanct with little risk taken. but it is possible, very low interest rates which seem like could go on for a long time, you could be too cautious, too prunlt and too risk averse. when you're managing your money, it could look like recklessness. i like to say you invest for retirement. don't save. saving makes it sound like you had to sock something away. maybe a money return. somehow you feel you'll be fine. that is not how it works. not these days.
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see there is a hugely couldn'ter intuitive element going. on most people when they're putting money away for retirement feel like they should not take on too much risk. that the retirement savings are too important to jeopardize. i know why many of you feel this way. stocks can go down. you don't get your money back when you do. if you shun stocks because you believe there is less chance for down side, that is not being all that intelligent. i call it recklessness. in fact investing none of your money is more dangerous than investing everything in stocks. why? when you're investing for retirement you're in a race against time. you need generate enough money to support yourself for the rest of your life by the time you plan on retiring. i see plenty of 401(k)s like
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this, you will never generate enough money to retire comfortably. the money will be safe but that's all it will be. it is not enough to get a low single digit return. something below 4%. the highest yielding bonds out there. with that low rate you'll barely outpace inflation. you have to factor in the need for capital appreciation. using your money to make more money. perhaps a lot more money. let's not forget that bonds aren't always the epitome of safety. in an environment where interest rates are rising, bond prices will fall. something that will be felt by anyone who puts its money in a long term bond fund which can lose money when the rate shoots up as so many feel will happen if the federal reserve doesn't raise rates with alacrity. i'm not one of them but some say that.
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beyond that, there are time when bond prices have some genuine down side risk. but they can certainly drop enough to drop two or three years worth of coupon payments in very quick fashion as they can when it skyrocketed in 2014. what else fall under the category of recklessness? how about one of the most popular, stable value funds. it it sounds very reassuring. it gives you a slightly better return than a money market fund and a slightly worse return than a bond fund. there are insurance wrappers. if the return for nothing but bonds is too meager to build nothing but retirement accounts, the definition of trying to be so prunlt that you become actually irresponsible. the goal of the show, my mission statement is to help you use your money to make even more money.
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even as i know that requires work and you can't be on auto pilot as so many of you are. when you either in your 401(k) or ira or discretionary money, you're taking that money off the table. you're saying, i won't general. use this to generate more wealth. you can't have it both ways. you go for the higher returns that will enable to return wealthier and harp. while money can't buy you happyness, being sbroek a pretty sure way to be miserable. i'm not saying there is no place for bonds. you should have some of your cash in something close to a risk-free zone. but stocks come first is an option later in life which is so different when pensions were bigger. life expectancy was shorter.
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and the european economy is always bordered on recession. making the bonds unworthy. creating absurd demand for bonds with very low yields. even corporate bonds offer yield that's used to be chintzy. even for government bonds. those who bought the big corporate offerings ever, the long term bond offerings from apple and verizon, reinvest the dividends. 401(k) plans have pretty limited options. the best way to invest is to find a cheap index fund that mimics the s&p 500 which is taken to be a good proxy for the high quality stocks. the kind to be the best asset class to invest in pretty much any 20-year period. as you get older you can and should take stock off the table and then put it into bonds for safety. only some. you should keep 10 to 20% in bonds when you're in your 30s. no reason to own bonds before
6:34 pm
you turn 30 at all. then in your 40s, keep to it 20 or 30 of your retirement percentage. in your 50s, 30 to 40. from age 60 until you retire, stick to 40 to 50% bonds. this may sound extremely aggressive but it is the best way to generate to retire when you want to. then generate more income. i think they should be about a third of your portfolio at that point. i know that's aggressive but i have to tell you what i think is right. the conventional wisdom was coined when people had much shorter life spans. we're living longer. you'll need extra upside from stocks when you retire. not only stocks once retired is betting against your own longevity. do you want to make that bet? now you have your retirement for
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investing. i'll give you more tips to make even more money. >> caller: thanks for taking my call. my uncle got me hooked. my questions about investing a roth ira. i'm currently 25 and recently graduated from law school. over the last few years i've taken advantage of my nonexist ten tax rate and maxed out my roth ira from a summer job. so i have the money invest in the broad stock index funds. i want to invest more aggressively. >> you know what? you have to get into an aggressive mutual fund for about a quarter or a half of that money. someone is looking at aggressive growth. ten years from now if we have the same conversation, which i hope we do, you can pull back. this is your chance to risk that money. you have the rest of your life
6:36 pm
to make that money. dana? >> caller: long time first time. >> yes! >> caller: i would like to hear your thoughts on a buy and hold strategy regarding companies that have had consistent compounded annual growth of over 10% for year for many years. >> i always say, how can you buy and hold them if they have consistent growth if next year they're not consistent? i've seen it time and again. particularly with technology stocks. i remember a company called digital equipment. it had exactly what you said. it kept doing it and doing it. then it disappeared. burrows, these are all companies i remember that defined that, what you just mentioned. and then one day they missed. and then they missed and they missed. and then they missed. can't have that happen. going into your golden years, the best is yet to come. i'll be giving you advice along the way. there's more mald "money" along the way.
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taking it up a notch. then the 401(k) gets all the hype but there are other ways to make sure you don't to have work until your last breath. plus, your tweets. just ahead. stick with cramer.
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if you're looking to build the foundations of long term prosperity, if you're watching the show i assume that's important to you. the first and most important step is to set yourself up for retirement. that's why we've been looking at tax investing vehicles like 401(k)s and ira. i want to share with you my favorite piece of 401(k) advice. this is not an abstract idea. this is how i personally manage my 401(k). unless you think i'm a clown. i won't get on the floor and spin. you know what i am about to tell you is worth hearing.
6:41 pm
most people would take advantage of the 401(k) plans contribute on a monthly basis and usually it is automatic. taken right out of your paycheck. every month you end up plowing in 112th of your contribution. there are people who would say leave it alone. to passively invest your money. i am not one of them. why not? because there will be time when the market takes a hit. a big hit. a nasty hit sxiflth you want to be able to capitalize on that in your 401(k). why would you contribute the same amount every month when stock prices can differ radically from one month to the next? would you really want to invest the same amount when the market is at the top versus the bottom? absolutely not. here's how you can take advantage of a big decline in the market. especially when you're investing in the market. stock park pullbacks are reasons. whenever you get a 10% decline in the s&p 500, which some would call a real honest correction,
6:42 pm
you have to double down in your contribution. that month you put in twice your normal am. 1/6 of what you plan to invest over the course of the entire year. instead of 1/12 that you usually invest. if the market stays down, stay same thing the next month. beyond that you might want to wait another quarter before you double down again. by that point the year might be over. do i this. this is what i do. it may not sound like would it make a lot of difference in the long run but it does. if you embrace the 1/12 solution, you will make more money than if you passively contribute the same amount every month, month after month. to make sure we're clear. i'm talking about investing, out with the manager who has a long record of skenls performance. you probably can't find a mutual fund like that in your twr fun.
6:43 pm
i can't get these people to change but that's what you're doubling down your contribution to. will this make a huge difference over the course of four or five years? maybe. over 40 or 50, could it mean tens or hundreds of thousands. just because you adjust your 401(k) quarterly. not taking passive approach that no longer flies in the new rule of investing. bottom line. pay attention to the market so when you get a 10% decline in the market, you can double down sxin investigate twice your normal contribution that month. take advantage of the cheaper merchandise out there. when you have a very long time arising, you can afford to think of a meaningful decline in stocks as nothing more than a sale. no different from a sale at your local department store. that's the right way to manage your retirement portfolio. elderly holocaust survivors
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with no food and no heat they get weaker and more die everyday. i want you to see their faces. look into their eyes that are haunted still by the memories of the past. they desperately need our help now. a simple blanket, a loaf of bread and medicine are lifesaving when you have nothing. these are people who often have to go for days without food. this woman would die in a matter of days or weeks without our help. cold, sick, weak the jewish people have suffered so much pain in their lives. please call now and say you will give a gift of $25
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that will help bring these lifesaving essentials to a holocaust suvivor. are we going to hear the cries of the oppressed? or are we going to be silent to them? are we going to feed the hungry? to clothe the naked? and not avert our eyes from our fellow flesh and blood. the fellowship is faced with desperate pleas for food blankets and medicine. for only $25 you can help save a life with the gift of bread, a blanket and medicine. to a holocaust survivor suffering alone with no one to turn to. i hope and pray you will do so before time is up and it is too late.
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while we're on the subject of long term wealth building, i need to tell but the limits of what many people consider to be the holy grail of wealth building. the 401(k) plan. i've given you the dos and don'ts. i'm definitely not part of the crowd that says you should max out on your 401(k) contributions every year. that would mean putting in $18,000 a year which is the limit for 2015. your 401(k) is important but it has its down sides. plenty of them. you will say people say high costs is a problem and they eat away at your retirement capital. no question about it. for my money the worst thing
6:48 pm
about most plans is lack of control of your money and lack of control over what you can investing. the best way is to buy a diversified portfolio. that way you know when it is time to buy more and time to sell and time to sell everything which is very rare. most 401(k)s don't give you that option. some for stocks and bonds and even though you can lobby your company's human resources department to have better offerings, most isn't that great. i don't know if i would waste my time trying to change it. that's okay. it is why we have the individual retirement account. and ira doesn't have the high management fees. and it lets you invest in the way you want to. making in it most ways a superior vehicle. your ira is the same great tax deferred status as the 401(k). the one big picture difference is your employer will match at least some percentage of your
6:49 pm
contributions up to a certain point. that's free money. you would be a fool not to take it. there's usually a cap on how much the comb you work for will contribute. so here's my tim. contribute as much money in your 401(k) as needed to get the full company max. and then stop right there. at that point don't put another penny into it. at least not until you've maxed out your ira contributions. after you do that, you want to put all the rest of the money you're saving for retirement into an individual retirement account. if you want to know whether to use, may i suggest you pick up a company of stay man for life. it gives you much more detail on this. for now we're talking a regular ira. one where your contributions are tax deductible and you pay no taxes. they are allowed to compound year after year until you start retiring it.
6:50 pm
then it gets withdrawn as regular income. now you can only pour $5,500 a year into an ira as of 2014 unless like me you're over 50. in case you can contribute. in case you can contribute $6,500 a year. i say you should max this out if you can afford. to after you've milked your employer dry. if you do that, you should have a terrific retirement account. if you want to do more, you can go back and put in more in your 401(k). that's only after you maxed out your ira. 401(k) plans are flawed. you should only contribute sfs it takes to get the full match. then all your savings should go into an individual retirement account. much more flexibility. if there is no employer match, start by contributing to your ira and keep going until you mafl it out at $5,500 aier or $6,500 if you're over 50. "mad money" is back after the break.
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they pile up. we have to get to work. your tweets. you've been sending me tweets.
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our first tweet from -- who asked, how do you take advantage of the correlation among, not between, sorry, stocks, bonds and money markets to steadily grow an ira? it depends on your age. if you're younger, i don't want to see any bonds in that ira. what are you going to do? compound at 3%? i want to see stocks, stocks, stocks. then in your middle ages, you can start loading up on bonds. we need to make money with our money. we can't do it with the bond market. next. @ryan meyer asks, i'm looking at dividend stocks. when is the best time to purchase and when do i review? there is a terrific place, he tells you which dividends are safe and which once aren't. i would recommend that. he knows dividends better handle the me. and another, get a plan payoff car, house or invest.
6:55 pm
really important. okay. pay off the car. house, less it run. your mortgage can be very low. you might get a better return by a lot of the good dividend stocks and get that mortgage money. so that's a no brainer for me. let's get to our next tweet. this comes from @ctv. what percentage should people save and invest? this is one area people can use advice. i talk about this all the time. my advice is that you should take a look at what your discretionary money would be away from just eating. that's what i would say. i did it for two years when i got out of law school. up next, we have a tweet from at little feet farm. how many stocks is too many to own? for you, if you're an attemptture home gamer, no more than ten.
6:56 pm
it is too hard. you don't have the time of let's to go @tareq. locked student loans. you are brilliant. that is just what i want. take a look at the limited partnerships. some of the higher utilities. that's very good. the individual, some excellent real estate investment trusts. it come from @. it says @"mad money," how much tinkering is too much? our quarterly adjustment changes too much? first of all, i know a bench mark of too much changing around and that's my fantasy league. do not change 26 times a week. that makes no sense. you do the homework. everything you bought is good. don't make any changes. we only make change when our thesis isn't panning out. not because we want to make
6:57 pm
changes. another person asks, do you favor any particular financial advisers? #get a plan. this is the most important thing. i need to you final someone else who has one and recommends that person. why? because i have discovered that this industry, most people are now too small for the big guys. i have been on fights, representing people who have $100,000 and don't get any treatment at all of any sort of personal touch. so you've got to find someone who in your orb who has a good person and use that person. i know that sounds like, i'm punting. i'm not. otherwise you won't get the personal touch you need. bathroo? bathroo? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain,
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or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card. you wouldn't take medicine without checking the side effects. hey honey.
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huh. the good news is my hypertension is gone. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. i hike to say there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to find it right here for you on "mad money."
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