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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  May 16, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> i'll try to chew up a little bit of time. haliburton, giddyap, the thing's going higher. >> "mad money" with jim cramer starts right now. my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there is always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you final it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to make you some money. my job not just to entertain but to teach you. tweet me @jim cramer. one year ago today this market hit an all time high. and ever since then it has been stuck in see saw mode. that inspired a level of gloom
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that simply doesn't fit the facts or the stocks involved. although on a day like today it reminds that you after three week of being down, a rally can move the see saw higher. the dow gained 170 points. in addition dam, 1.22%. nice to see that index come alive. still i'm constantly hearing how dangerous this market is. how it is one step ahead of the possie or one slip away from falling off a cliff am i like to return to the craft. the craft of valuing the principles. the 30 stocks of the dow jones industrial average. this seems anything but dangerous to me. with that in mind, why don't we go over every component. none of that macro stuff, the numbers here, the components. so you know exactly what i mean. it is quite constructive to find
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out how good these companies are. some of these out of sync with what people are saying. all the negative chatter would have you walking away from this market in fear of not running. i think you should stay the course. the global economy gets better, we could have one heck of a ride. that does matter. i don't want you getting in and out, in and out. nobody is that good. so let's consider the dow components inial may if a b ali order. fabulous balance sheet. and 8.35, that's right. $8.35 in earnings power for next year. i think 3m could gain back here. companies less than 40% domestic, 30% asian pacific. as usual, the 20% of the business this latin america is hurting them. it is the main reason why things are feeling so horrendous for so
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many international companies but they make the mistake of not breaking it out and saying it is brazil, argentina, venezuela. those are black holes. they're comparisons. i like what 3 m has to offer right here. the second, american express. this stock may be well off the highs but american express did have a very respectable quarter. we seem to have forgotten it. remember, even though they're losing the costco business last month, american express pretty much typify this is moment. it is not an spentive stock. but it is in such a come petty stop versus visa, mastercard, pay pal, that it doesn't seem to matter that it is doing better. it is deeply embedded in the malaise of the market. and even though it has gotten its act together, nobody cares at all. this is american express.
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there is boeing. so it didn't beat the numbers. but hit terrific top line results. 14 times earnings? can't get any traction. customers are almost doing badly versus expectations. it was nice to see that delta finally came to grips with not having as. growth. what hurt the airline business, meanwhile, they're doing better. that hurts boeing. you have to have boeing planes in dollars, the makers can afford to lose far more money than we do. i don't know what to say other than until our own airline stocks stabilize, i think it just bounces around. gets the 3.3% yield. when it goes down. unless they believe it is getting better in this country and decide to tighten. the optimism of these fed heads when coupled with what the
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market sees out there is a very toxic brew for all our international companies. why don't we include boeing form matter in fourth, the stock of caterpillar, some sort of 92 insandal out of china. where individuals were wagering on commodity directions instead of stock directions. i'm not kidding. of course we know the truth. there is too much of everything coming out of grounds and not away from raw commodities. still, catch it short. if you say anything about about it, you're viewed as a moron. when the stock gets to i have a 5% yield. let's rethink caterpillar. everybody wants to be a wise guy. it almost always works unless there is a restructuring or a takeover. i don't see one coming here.
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chevron as well as exxon. it's a pretty good one. $go ask marathon and could not oako. be chevron has some giant products that have come in 2016 in the gulf of mexico. so it can afford to cut back for now. 4.2%, there isn't that much cushion. i do think as oil heads to $50. until we get one. chevron was a big winner because of the oil going up. i think chevron should acquire some cheaper oil quoims good pros before they get too expensive to purchase. six, cisco reports this week. somehow despite having nothing kit do with personal computers or cell phones and having much more to do with the internet, this stock trades more like intel, microsoft, apple and
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western digital. it does fight growing equipment companies. i think that it should be lumped in. the first two are doing badly. cisco simply disliked by many managers. low valuation, 11.3 times next year's earnings. seems to cause yawns at best. i hate that. when it comes in at number 7, all i can say, inline earnings from big consumer product companies. that's my only explanation. just incredible how beloved this stock is. so many people believe we're only one rate hike away from recession. if we do get a rate hike, won't we stop liking the yield?
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let's face some facts. how bad was it really? how bad? the company missed all over the place. so let me ask you. if it is so bad, why is stock in the low 90s? is disney like apple? or do some realize that it has good growth no matter what. as bad as espn might be, it is not as bad as people think. if they hadn't closed the video business, if the dollar had been a little weaker, and abc a little stronger. all tweeks, by the way. i tire of the disney haters that come up with the stories. i find that discourse frankly embarrassing. shanghai disney makes for an entertainment stock to own in a sector where you have to own something. i think no one trusts government anymore. at theeft anti-trust department.
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the soon to be merged with the partner at dow kept. i believe in this deal. remember how much value the ceo created at tyco. plus i think the agriculture sector is making a comeback. remember these two companies will be number one in dow. and my travel trust owns dow kept. this is like walgreens. this one can't get off the schneid staving best for last in this first segment, apple. we hear that the inspect from his, you know, let's say his menus. not him. i say you own the stock. don't trade it. and tim cook doing an excellent job navigating. i regard apple as the cheapest
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stock in the dow. period. here's the bottom line. we have 20 more dow components. just from the first three, you can see the perceptions on wall street is worse than the reality. stay tuned. you know why this moment is far from scary? certainly worthy of skepticism. when you do the work on the individual stocks, it takes out the pain. andy in new york. >> caller: boo-ya from new york. >> what's up? >> caller: going good. my question is about lockheed martin. i brought it at 204. >> we've gone around that level. we're very big on it. we've been frozen a lot on it. i think it is the last level. it has had such a run. when it has a swoon, that's when you pull the trigger.
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>> caller: thanks for taking the call. >> of course. >> caller: i wanted to see what you think about the recent political environment and the pressure on pharmaceutical companies for the drug prices. i've been seeing that it is constantly declining. it does give a good dividends. should i hold? >> i don't think there's anything wrong with owning it myself question there are such better company like bristol-myers. i regard it as a not so good pharmaceutical company of you want to down dow out? not on my watch. bears be damned! all mad tonight. with oil back in control of the stock market, it is more important than ever to
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understand how individual stocks vary. piece by piece including one industrial i'm buying aggressively. then a $1 billion bet on apple. should you follow their lead? and hospitality and gaming companies. tonight i have the ceo. do not miss my exclusive with mgm resorts. >> don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jim cramer. do you have a second? tweet or send him an e-mail. or give us a call. miss something? head to "mad money"
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who has the lowest. just go to and get up to 50 free quotes. choose the lowest, and hit purchase. so you can get back to whatever it is you civilians do when you're not thinking about car insurance. here we are with our dow jones analysis. this should thrill you or scare you. let's start with number 11, exxon. it is almost impossible to sight
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running up more than it has. it is a testament that all anyone wanted out of an oil stock is for it not to be an oil stock but a bank with conservative principles. in short we find out what we like about exxon. it doesn't fluctuate much which is a dream come true for closet indexers who need oil exposure. i'm talking about this index issue. how money managers manage money. 12 is general electric trick. i think it is a victim of its own success. i think it is ready for another move given the consistent revenue streams. it needs to lose that banking designation from the feds. we're buying ge for my travel trust and we want to get more aggressive as oil goes higher because the oil part of business is the only thing holding back. i would buy ge aggressively, the third is goldman sachs. worked there. while it is widely viewed as being among the best advisers oerth, it has to play with one
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hand tied behind its back. it discouraged risk taking. given the goldman may have been the best calculated risk taker imaginable, it has to resort more toer quantity and there's not enough to go around. if you close it, there would be more than what the stock is selling for. it is trading slightly before its value. that's ridiculously cheap. this is goldman sachs. with what we have right now, i get it. i've liked the stock vex. i wish it had not run so much today. remember, planning season upon us. it is more of a play on household formation and investing in the home rather than expensing it. so i like it. ibm, tough. a company reinventing itself quickly. moving more aggressively in the cloud. i saw that warren buffett just bought more. i think a strong position might be warranted but right now, no
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new news flow. fribl slow growth to faster growth are behind them. ibm has little price risk. intel is tough. anything related to personal computers. companies had a bad miss. no kidding. it did. it is time for the semiconductor giant to split with exciting forward thinking business that's can dominate the internet. intel's 3.4 yield offers protection but not enough for the decline. 17 j and j. this company delivered the best growth. it is the best balance sheet in the world. phenomenal management. i think money managers, i would pounce but good luck. it probably won't. jpmorgan, not the u.s. economy, not the global economy is strong
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enough to hand the rate hike let alone what people say it needs. they must be so rich it doesn't matter. that's the only explanation. then must be so rich they don't care where the market goes or where anything goes. if we get that many rate hikes, we freeze markets any way and business will halt. so be careful what you wish for. mcdonald's. here's the strange thing about momentum. people want to sell in the worst way because they want to lock in the gains. my experience is the opposite. mcdonalds is a growth company. you have to hope it pulls back. fast, simple, direct, inexpensive is that the all day breakfast is an answer to people's prayers. missed the quarter. missed the quarters for years. i have little good to say about
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merck. 21, microsoft. it didn't grow the market fast enough. it represents both value and a call on the reacceleration of the cloud. and i'll get ceo will not, i'll say, screw up again. don't give up on microsoft. your first buy may not be it. nike. people have given up on it. the stock does tend to underperform during an olympic here. it is expensive. and it is vulnerable. if you need to buy it and i don't think you do, why don't you wait to see what foot locker says on the 20th. 23 is identifieser and they have paid too. . a strong dermatology franchise. that was this morning's business. but the drug competes, some say the delivery is he's yfrl i think pfizer was nuts.
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despite the 1.2 million acquisition, it is little for me. 24, how about proctor and gamble? so buffett lost faith with the giant. not me. my travel trust is buying it. this is a huge consumer of priced reduced commodities. it makes proprietary out of it. you don't sell just because buffett sells. 25, travelers i can't. say i was fine with thor quafl it wasn't that great. i can say that the deflationary environment, you want to own an insurance stock. you replaced the insurance stock. travelers is the winner. 26, united health. monster. the best performing, why? it pulled out of many of the affordable care act exchanges. unh can afford to do that because all the competitors are seeking government help to
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merge. etna with humana. they're afraid to drop out. who can blame them? wind fall. unh. i think the stock is worth buying if it pulls back below 100. that's about $1.50 from here. 28, verizon. it yields 4.4%. that's pretty good for what amounts to a growth stock given its hand in the wars. selling more handsets. 29, visa. good quarter. my trust is itching to buy more. this is one of those companies with tremendous exposure to foreign currency. and look, these numbers could explode if the dollar does go down. it's not expensive. to where it has historically been. i like it here. the ceo, good job. finally walmart. this is tough. is it like macy's?
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kohl's? is it amazon road kill? i can't tell. by offering what i would say lost leaders and huge discounts. you spend a certain. a money. there it needs to be clearly articulated about how kit beept amazon. when you look at all 30 components you see something remarkable of one year after the market hit its high, most of these stocks seemed poised to do almost nothing. and here's the bottom line. more stocks to buy than sell but nothing worth pounding the table on which is befitting this home, to me notices strong case to tone market but certainly none to sell it either. . more "mad money" ahead including bobbing for apples. then who says the house always wins? i'm sitting down with the ceo of mgm resorts to see if it is time to cash in. your tablet, your watch, even
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your glasses. the more connected we become the more we rely a set of stocks that have been flying under the radar. i'm calling up a behind the scenes cell phone play. (announcer) need to hire fast?
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apple stock is the worst loved piece of paper in the universe. anything positive said about apple comes you understand the damming with faint praise category. berkshire hathaway just took in the company. i say it is all about faint praise. within minutes of learning about the 9.81 million share position, we also heard it wasn't buffett's call. it was either todd coombs. i don't know. it doesn't count as an oracle of omaha name.
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i say give me a break. this is the first time i can ever recall that you have to asterisk a buffett buy. this doesn't have the endorsement of buffett? maybe he doesn't even like it. when he buys tech, he buys it wrong anyway. this is the kind of chatter i heard. in fact, by the time i was finished hearing, reading and watching the coverage of this purchase, i felt like this one got the warren buffett kiss of death for heaven's sake. it is the young whimmer snappers buying apple. pay no attention, sell apple! so goes the hated affair with apple from those who profess to love it. i admit it has been a total dog over the last year. down almost 40 points. i've been steadfast. maybe i just think. as long as both are true. i simply don't have the
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antipathy toward apple that others have. for example, one of my absolute, one of my absolute favorite animals. the dean of those following stock has had an outperform for apple for ages. nevertheless, both his comments on the conference call make you feel like he loathes the darn thing. the most faux buy recommendation i can ever recall. especially when you consider his apples are best days behind it comments in the new york times. after the recent quarter. recently after i had the apple ceo on this show, they were discussing the appearance and whether, what it means for the stock. his conclusion, these tv appearances don't matter. to quote, cook's television appearances have attempted to soothe the concerns and it has reacted positively to public appearances. he wrote about the interview. then again, however, generally
6:29 pm
the public appearances associate think commentary has been a good leading indicator -- has not been a good, has not been a good leading indicator for the stock over long periods. that's right. my conclusion about tony from reading the piece. cook's move to come on "mad money" and doomed to fail to him. i say with friends like tony, who needs enemies? then on other firms, basically declared the i-phone 7 dead on arrival. now maybe we can make a judgment that a phone that is still in the works for months isn't a total bomb. unneeded by the public. but maybe just maybe we have no idea how it will do. and instead we should focus on the trip to china, india, maybe we should be talking about how easy it was for him to invest $1 billion in tv in china. chinese have been building apps
6:30 pm
for years. none of this matter. these reluctant bulls on apple must down grade it before there can be any real stabilization. when a company misses the logical process is this. a sea of down grades, a lower share price and then upgrades when the worst is built in. until it happens, the loving hate affair with apple will continue. it is a process. this one is stunted. hence the stock that is just a real tough own even after today. josh in new jersey. joshua. >> caller: hey, jill. investor, actually. my question is, i want to know what you think will happen tomorrow and in the long term. >> i didn't like the quarter. it turned out the company had a lot move more allegeding risks
6:31 pm
than i thought. i like companies, if i want that, there is a lot of other guys i can go to. i don't need square. chris in west virginia. chris. chris? >> caller: yes. >> you're up. >> caller: hey, jim, boo-ya! >> boo-ya. >> caller: my question about western digital, symbol dwc. it is down 69% since december 2014. dropping from $114 to 35. with the sandisk acquisition and the yield of 5.6, is now the time to buy? >> you know what? i'm watching it go down even hard he. about 13. the sandisk acquisition did help but not enough. er the stock of apple, now you know what to look for and you can be ready to react. much more ahead.
6:32 pm
unlike gambling, investing doesn't have to be a roll of the dice. tonight i'm looking at casino space to see if it can help you hit the jack to. tonight i'm eyeing the company that keep you connected. no case of the mondays here. i'm taking all your calls. rapid fire in tonight's edition of the lightning round.
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you might recognize this as the bellagio, mgm grand. the mirage in las vegas. not to mention the chinese
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gambling haven. mgm has had a rough time over the past year. ever since the market bottomed in early february the stock has come back with a vengeance. 36% of the lows by spending off the land under ten of the casinos. mgm growth companies. we have to talk about. that the company reported a solid week two weeks ago which suggested it might be a nice growth year. let's check in with jim who is an old friend. i have to say it. the chairman of mgm, what the company is doing. good to see you. >> thank you. >> i always say the show is not about friends, it's about money. but you helped me make a lot of money as an analyst when i ran my hedge fund so thank you. you made people a lot of money in something that no one has done. in an ipo. how did you do it? >> we crafted the ipo with the
6:37 pm
investor in mind. we knew margaret was rugged. ipo market has been lousy. we created something that was irresistible. we wanted to raise about $1 billion. we had $11 billion of demand and brought that puppy public. and it is up since. >> and it looks line if you don't want the ups and downs of gambling and gaming and hospitality, this could be a steady income stream. >> this one is for my mom. she's been after me for years. why don't i pay dividends? so a 6 plus% yield. i think the a dividend, it is set up so it could just about double over the next five years. and with great acts of quality and great corporate coverage. dave way to play mgm. a yield producing way. and it is a large read. it could be very quickly involved in the index which might up it again. >> largest triple net read is o. and --
6:38 pm
>> that's -- a rocket shipment. >> that has about a billion dollars of cash flow. we birthed this with $550 million of cash flow. i think ours will be bigger. i think it will be the biggest five years from now. >> now you have some things going on. everyone knows the vegas property. what i learned when i was going through all the work, mgm national harbor. you seem to be the most xiftd about this of all the things in your presentations. >> first, you spend a lot of time in d.c. have they ever had a bad day? >> no. >> we're building 12 miles from the capitol on the banks of the potomac. three airports twoorks bw i, dulles and national. 1.3 billion property. this will gush cash. we're going to make $200 million a year in that property. and win or lose, whoever wins, they'll be celebrating the
6:39 pm
national harbor or commiserating. it opens in december. >> but springfield? why? >> a gritty market. down and out. needs a break. i think it is like detroit for us. we went into detroit. invested $900 million. through thick and then we make about $150 a year. during auto bailout, the recession. we've built a quality property. it is a must-see in detroit. employed about 300 people. 4,000 in maryland. we're creating. i would say it is a nice solid double or triple. the national harbor one is the grand slam home run. >> let's talk china. the reports are so dire. tim cook is over. there it looks pretty good. we ten to think of china as
6:40 pm
over. you can't think it is over. >> it's not over. it will take a decade or more. in macau, the single only place where you can gamble with over a billion people that have their eyes set on this tiny little area. we're one of only six companies that can operate in macao. i'm calling the bottom. >> you are calling the bottom. >> that's portion. i know where you come from. >> i'm the smallest guy over there. it is more important to sands and to wynn than it is to us. the market is showing signs of growth. i think next year it will be up versus this year. we don't make a ton of money there but i think we'll make more.
6:41 pm
>> they start taking off against people. he says what he wants. sheldon adelson. to me he is the most important person. you were a former wall street analyst who have had tremendous successful tell me with your journey. it is one that a lot of people from wall street don't take. i would think more should. >> i love being an analyst. i loved it. i love the deal making. i love capital restructuring. i got lucky getting into this job. the fact that i have 63,000 employees. look. i'm not a founder of this company. kirk was the founder. a legendary man.
6:42 pm
i'm an employee who works to make 63 lives at the company better. through better employment, health care, work environment. and people like working for mgm. when i look at those celebrities, they are bigger than life. i'm just a guy working at a company that i'm honored to work for. >> vegas is really doing well. >> yeah. supply and demand. demand is growing rapidly. vegas is back. no one is building. you can't. these big guys, they cost $1 million a room. you cannot build a property for less than $4 or $5 or $6 billion. if the market is growing it is good for the home team and mgm is the home team. >> great for both your stories. one for your mom and one for everybody else. the cheryl of mgm resorts international. maybe the best ipo in the last couple years.
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it's time! time for the lightning round. are you ready skee-daddy? let's start with ricky in pennsylvania. ricky! >> heading into earnings. >> i like the kitchen model. one of the retail restaurants. let's to go allen in new york. allen. >> caller: boo-ya professor cramer! i have 3,200 shares of kmi. >> i think you hold it. it is moving up. it hand moved up yet because it has a trust problem. let's go to jerry in new jersey. >> caller: palo alto. >> it is the best in a very high and volatile group of stocks that are cyber securities. and a lot of people think it is going lower. i am going on say better wait for the long term.
6:47 pm
the best in the group but the group is under a lot of pressure. john in kentucky. >> caller: hey, jim! thanks for taking my call. i see all these bioteches emerging. what's going on? >> bob is no longer in charge. he is still there. but i think that has hurt the stock that he's not in charge. i do like the future but i think people feel he paid too much. let's go to john in new jersey. what do you think about objection dentalal? >> it has a good year. and i want a good yield that can be paid for. another. ben in texas. >> i'm going to say don't buy don't buy. too hard. bradley in new york. bradley. >> caller: hey, a big boo-ya,
6:48 pm
jim. coming ought from maiden lane. my question about eog resources. >> e-og, i think you can get it below 75. not it's at 80 right now. that's the conclusion of the lightning round! >> announcer: the lightning round sponsored by td ameritrade. working 24/7 on mobile trader, rated #1 trading app on the app store. it lets you trade stocks, options, futures... even advanced orders. and it offers more charts than a lot of other competitors do on desktop. you work so late. i guess you don't see your family very much? i see them all the time. did you finish your derivatives pricing model, honey? td ameritrade.
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it is time to talk about one of the quietest bull markets that is out there right now. the cell tower stocks led by american tower and crown castle with the smaller sbac lagging behind. so many others started out 20 squeen some major declines. in january and february. but since then bottomed and these stocks have been on fire. back to within striking distance of the highs. so what exactly is going on with these three companies? first, let's talk about why they got pum dleld at the beginning of the year. the cell tower stocks are not the names that really fit into the broader sell-off. they're not particularly economically sensitive. in short, they're not the sort of stocks that deserve to get pulverized in january and february. everyone was worried about a slowing economy. yet the underperformance during
6:52 pm
that year, it was pretty darn palpable. now, i've always thought these cell phone towers have a terrific business model. you build one of these huge hideous towers somewhere. even the once that look like ever greens are so ugly. you've seen them. and you can start leasing space to the wireless carriers on them who want to put up antennas. but here's the thing. you can put up multiple antenna arrays on an individual tower. once it is up and running you can rent antenna space to all four of the major providers in this country. and even one you slam on the tower is basically pure profit. why do these stocks get put through meat grinder? they got hit with some very specific industry concerns. reports started to emerge that sprint had finalized plans to
6:53 pm
cut costs. sprint indicated they would relocated the radio equipment. it would cost a lot less. suddenly it became a must sell category. people were shortening these left and right. they were so hated. and the stocks continued to get slammed until bottom in february. however, right at these february lows, goldman sachs came out and they blessed the stocks with an an incredibly bullish and impressive piece of research. what did they have to say that was positive? thanks to the widespread adoption of tablets and cell phones. a cell phone consumes as much as 40 time the data and there are still people making the switch.
6:54 pm
tablets consume 112 times data. you're downloading netflix. come on. second, goldman noticed there's a ton of new ones. why does that matter to cell phone stocks? you need to roll out new equipment that can make use of new frequencies and that means the companies need to put new existing arrays. in fact they are about to auction off spectrum that is being reallocated from wireless. that could also, american tower has run you an astounding be percentage. we know t-mobile led by the insanely successful. it meeg more business tower companies. they're at war with each other. and while sprint might want to
6:55 pm
cut costs, they need invest a lot of money to really build pum network. they don't want to get left at the side. they've made promises to the fcc if they don't build out a real wireless network by 2020 they automatically forfeit their best licenses. if they hope to keep their spectrum. even way, it is a positive in this group. they came out smelling like roses. even though revenue was only in line, the real estate investment trend. in the u.s., american towers revenue was up 13%. mostly because they bought a bunch of towers from verizon.
6:56 pm
they're killing in it latin america. they get paid first. it is not one of those situations. not to mention europe and the middle east and africa. it is driving some very robust 8.7% organic growth. growth that isn't purchased. how about this? they posted a small revenue. more important, crown castle raised it. talking about the small cell business. in terms of the tower industry, the only real piece we got this whole season was from a good company. smaller than the other two. as they reported, slightly higher than expected revenue. they had to lower the guidance for 2016. you get slammed by the dollar.
6:57 pm
they were on constant terms. here's the bottom line. the cell tower stocks have gotten their groove back. american tower and castle had the best. but trading 17 times next year's numbers, that's too cheap. and it has the best international growth. something we want in a weaker dollar environment. stick with cramer. [phone buzzing] ♪ some things are simply impossible to ignore. the strikingly designed lexus nx turbo and hybrid. the suv that dares to go beyond utility. this is the pursuit of perfection. & in a world held back by compromise, businesses need the agility to do one thing & another. only at&t has the network,
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people, and partners to help companies be... local & global. open & secure. because no one knows & like at&t.
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a nice quarter to close. remember, test and measurement for the life sciences. retailers have been softened. i think the stocks have been knocked down. certainly wish home depot had not run in advance. but the group has been soft and therefore been derisked. i like sty there's always a bull market somewhere. i promise to try to find it just for you. i'm jim cramer and i'll see you tomorrow.
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