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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  May 18, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> wow. >> i'm melissa lee. see you back here tomorrow for more "fast money." do not go anywhere. catch the exclusive with marc benioff with jim cramer my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. my job is to entertain and teach you. tweet me at jim cramer. what gives? how could monday be so horrendous for everything and the next day yield some winners? with the market largely bouncing
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back. the dow falling just 3 points. the s&p 500 inching up .02%. nasdaq advancing .50%. even as the fed seems eager to pull the trigger. on a june rate hike. it's simple. this market is in a see saw mode and that throws some stocks off while allowing others to come along for the ride. the possibility of the feds raising rates sooner rather than later. with the market all over the place today. i think it is important to do a little refresh better what drives these moves and what allows certain stocks to rally in a truly sub par moment. where it is awfully hard to keep the bear at bay. let's start with the time line here. first on day one. out of nowhere we start worrying
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about imminent fed tightening. everything goes down. no market can handle a federal reserve official. saying we need to raise rates not just once with you several time in 2016. when you get not one, not two but three of those guys saying the same thing and they're showing the economy might be getting too hot like yesterday's cpi number, that's a recipe for the kind of thermo nuclear blast that we saw yesterday. where everything gets obliterated. particularly stocks with good but not great yields. and ones that depend on consumer spending. on the second day people start sorting through to find winners. showing that many voting members believe a june rate hike is on the table. if the economy continues to improve.
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just because those three hawkish fed heads yesterday appear to be in the majority, that does not mean that everything is suddenly toxic. a lot of stocks still are. maybe even most of them. so who can win? first are the disruptors. company that are taking share and wrecking the prospects of their competitors. they tend on recover the most quickly. so let's start with the obvious. >> despite the dominance of amazon, i've. those that emphasize appliances, outdoor goods, gardening wares, they can all survive and even thrive. we learned the giant lowe's this morning and it does seem to be working better at lowe's than
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home depot. as these guys saw no decline during the quarter when they reported this morning. hence a much cleaner story. the stock rag i had. on the other hand, though, we've got the totally disrupted target which now seems like one big target of amazon. as in sales of entertainment, hard goods and apparel just got annihilated. i thought the target's exciting in store experiencing could fend off. today i wonder if target is really anything special. now it is looking like macy's, j jcpenn jcpenney. more important on, day two, after a fed induced sell-off, we can circle back to amazon which has calmed down this week for no particular reason other than profit taking. which is something we see in all stocks.
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it rallied a couple bucks today. you can go back to the retail categories that are working. the pure winners. think ulta sal only which is so important in a world where everyone is carrying a high resolution in their phone and you can end up on instagram at any given moment. that's why i have multiple layers of make-up. if they develop a phone can hear this, i'm in trouble. this morning's goldman sachs, they faenlly threw in the towel on tesla and-up graded. i think the stock will rally hard into the deal. no, it won't go down. it will go up. there's much demand in the stock
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as there is for car. even though they benefit from higher interest rates. the market definitely seems to think business will hold up if the fed tightens. or it wouldn't be taking these stocks higher. i think any rate hikes will take away in credit losses and products what they give in terms of net interest margins. however, given the obsession with that margaret growth, it may not matter which is exactly why jpmorgan stock took off. even a high growth stock like allerigan can get some help. it always seems to take a date for this to move out.
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when they open their fat mouth and crush the market. and then there is apple. which also managed to rally today. okay. apple is caught in one of the most sensational tugs of war i have ever seen. sensational because tony, the incredibly powerful bernstein analyst, is now on both sides of the poll. he said that apple has lost the wow factor in part because it doesn't spend enough on r&d. it was damage. today, a new day. he is quoting me for hechbl's sake saying apple stock can double if it develops family packages, similar to what we pay to verizon or at&t. i've been saying this about apple's second largest apple stream for a while. maybe it is starting to resonate with analysts. the recipe for a trill dollar
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market cam. apple as a service people. the note from yesterday. is apple under investing a sumfully two pages? if you didn't know any better, you would think there are two tonies from two different firms. i think it is more like tony, the imaginary friend in the shining. finally, there are two techs that grew. they're trading higher tonight. cisco and sale force. it is a mixed bag. only the day two rallies in the winning stocks tend to have staying power. because as long as the money keeps pouring out, portfolio managers need it somewhere. when we see this kind of day two action. there are two types that can rally. the ones from the banks. and the ones like apple or amazon or sales force or cisco. their able to stay ahead of the
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anti-growth possie. everything else goes from not yet to just plain stay the heck away. brandon in virginia. brandon. >> caller: hey, jim, how are you? >> great, man, how are you? >> caller: my question is ticker o. the stock has seen some resistance, around 64.50. closing around 80-87. do you think they're investing on consumer properties, that this stock will be in the decline? i'm undecided if i should get in. >> it has been a real winner. you do not want to own this. it has been so good. i hesitate to say sell it. but i will say -- don't buy, don't buy. let's to go michael in my home state, new jersey. >> caller: hey, jim, since the feds most likely will raise rates in june, do you think bank of america is a good call? >> it is not my favorite but it
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has a big deposit base. i would say the answer is yes. steve. >> caller: how are you? >> just okay. how about you? >> caller: doing pretty good. in january you mentioned epr properties. it pays a monthly dividend. i liked it and i bought it and i want to buy more. it is up about 25% since i got into it. i don't know if i should buy or or wait. >> we spoke to the ceo recently and we thought it was as good as ever. even though rates are going higher, i think it is still a good buy. i like epr. today we saw money managers look for winners amongst the rubble. while many have staying power, there are still plenty of losers out there. on "mad money," the state of housing with zillow. i got the ceo. plus all eyes are on sales force
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tonight. the internet keeps peel connected but also increasing our risk of cyber attack. i'll give you a look at one standout stock. so why don't you give me a break with my voice and stick with cramer. >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jim cramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer. #mad tweets. sent jim an e-mail or give us a call. 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to "mad money" (announcer) need to hire fast?
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i'm a customer relationship my namanager with pg&, i've helped customers like plantronics
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meet their energy efficiency goals. so you save energy and you can save money. energy efficiency and the environment go hand in hand. and i love how pg&e's commitment to the environment helps a community like santa cruz be a better place to live. and being able to pass that along to my family is really important to me. just being together and appreciating what we have right here in santa cruz. see how you can save energy at together, we're building a better california. after speck most 2014 and 2015 in the bow wow chateau, zillow, the online biggest repository of home values and home listings. the stock is up over 10% in 2016. a big part has to do when zillow reported early this month, they painted a picture with the forecast the rest of the year.
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when they reported, it was a mixed quarter. a wider handle the expects earnings loss coupled with higher handle the expected revenues. over 156 million average monthly. but strong guide yags for the next quarter and then raised the full year of 2016 which is why it caught fire. so can it keep roaring? let's talk to the ceo of zillow group and find out where the company is headed. is it true that now you put in zillow into google more than you put in real estate? >> it is true. more people type the word zillow into google than type the word real estate. the word zillow has become synonymous with real estate. >> obviously, your revenue much better than expected. >> we're aheimer growth company so like many others are in revenue growth and sort of
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market share gain mode rather than profit maximumization. we've told people when we're in a lower rate, maybe 5 to 10% revenue growth rate, we can achieve 40%. >> we're seeing a lot of deals being nixed. the government held up the trulio zillow merger. >> yeah. it took the federal government about ten months to approve the merger and i'm very grateful that they did. and we're firing on all cylinders as we expected. today there are five bran. zillow and four others. the combination of that audience across those bands are the reason we're killing it. we have such a huge audience now. if you're a real estate agent or a home builder or a property manager of a rental, you want to advertise on zillow to reach that huge audience.
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>> what happens if a competitor says we're a better place to go. >> they can say that but that would be untrue. >> they're doing a mock-ument ae ory of you. >> they have some dough. for us, we control our own destiny. >> we're now ten years journey. we've got the brands. we've got the audience. so competitors will do what they have to do. we're going to do what we're going to do. >> susquehanna came out and said there is a ruling and it very bad and you should sell zillow. it validates one of the key top executives that he acted with willfulness and bad faith in destroying evidence. that sounds like something not so positive for zillow. >> that was a patently bad and inaccurate analysis of a judge's verdict.
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yesterday the judge ruled on a pretrial motion. the analyst got it wrong. the stock went down today. once the margaret realized it was wrong. >> the legal expenses are so high. >> we're a defendant in a case. we've got to defend ourselves. lawyers are expensive. so it hasn't affected our business results. we're still killing it. we're growing rapidly but no question we're spending money to defend ourselves in this lawsuit. it is a shame, really. >> i have to agree. it is the system. now, emerging margaret places, both mortgages and rentals. talk about them. in the time since i've known you, these have gone like this. >> they have. and this is a good example. they. we plant seeds that don't bear fruit or five or ten years. when we started investing in mortgages five, ten years ago, we made decision. instead of outsourcing our mortgage business, let's try to build it up ourselves.
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it is a big business. >> this is no credit risk. >> no of course. you're right. we're not a mortgage originator. with rentals, we have an even bigger opportunity than mortgages. really, nobody has cracked the code on rentals. with apartment listings but also single family rentals which is most of the inventory in the u.s. every 30 million people use our sites to shop nor a rental. >> they're not there yet. we're still building it out. eventually this will be a big business. >> let's talk about the housing business in general. are there, it doesn't seem to matter how many transactions there are. you've been growing without that. >> we're a media company.
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we do well through different stages of the cycle. what's happening with housing over all is the rate of appreciation has slowed a little bit. now we're seeing home values appreciate year over year. about 200 economists forecast a 4% appreciation over the next 12 months. as a result of limited inventory, that's why home values are appreciating. >> if new york peaks, will it hurt your business? you own the city. >> street easy is an amazing brand. we just acquired naked apartments which was the largest rental site in new york. we have a premium position in terms of new york home shopping i'm not worried about, if there is a downturn in new york real estate, which so far that new york has been impervious to any downturn. as we work out of prints into digital. >> there is still a lot of
6:21 pm
print. >> can you believe it? outdoor advertising. it is billion of dollars. in new york it is hundreds of millions. eventually those budgets will move online and i believe they'll move to zillow. >> this is a paper to internet world and you're the winner. for share, you're definitely the winner. coming off a really good quarter and great revenue growth. "mad money" is back after the break. >> announcer: coming up -- >> $10 billion is imminent. >> mark benioff. you pay your car insurance
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what the fed does. they'll thrive in any environment. take sales. the king of cloud computing. here's a stock that has been roaring since we last spoke to mark benioff. it sent the stocks surging 11% the next day. as of today's close, sales force had rallied nearly 25% since that interview. and the darn thing just keeps skyrocketing higher. beating the estimates on a 23 cent basis. billings up 31%. bookings by 38%. and my favorite, operating cash flow. 43%. surpassing $1 billion for the quarter. plus, management raised the earnings forecast for the 2017 fiscal year. no wonder the stock is surging after hours trading. so let's talk with mark, the visionary founder, chairman and
6:25 pm
ceo. learn more about the quarter and what's next. welcome back to "mad money." >> great to see you. i'm going to give you your pick. you can talk about the fact that you are finally the having a $2 billion quarter. you can talk about that you raised your forecast big. or, how about this 43% year over year operating cash flow? that is cash. that's profit. i would like to start there. you can see these are record number for record quarter. it includes over $1 billion in record cash flow for the quarter. pretty awesome. >> i know that you had a relationship with amazon. everybody is talking about it. it looks like, this time you're the actual partner in everything involving the sales forceful describe what you're going to do for amazon. >> i love amazon and of course i love jeff bazos and we're having
6:26 pm
a strategic transaction with amazon where every amazon employee is getting saeks to sale forces services and market and build communities and analytics and a.m.s. all the great things that it does. of course, sales force is a great sbher of amazon customer . >> i'm thinking about the names millennials can't do without. they can't do without amazon and uber. what are you doing for uber? >> i think you know oober is building a one-on-one relationship with all their customers. when you say uber customers, you probably right away think about their riders. but they're using sales force to do something fascinating. to build better relationship with their drivers. and drivers are a critical part of how uber does business. not just driver attention but also, driver on boarding. and even getting drivers back who have left uber.
6:27 pm
by building one-on-one customers, sale force is doing some amazing work with uber. >> go over that. when you talk to an uber driver, sometime they'll say i was a regular cab driver. i switched to uber. sometime you'll talk to a cab driver and say i didn't like uber. how will it make it more competitive versus the other cab companies? >> who doesn't have to build a one-on-one relationship with their customers? we've been talking about whether it is financial services, the banks, the major retailers, the internet company, the media company, in this case, uber. everyone is building stronger, tighter relationships with their companies. that's what sales force is all about. we're helping them connect with their customers. that opportunity to go deep we are that customer. to really help them along their
6:28 pm
journey. that's what sales force is all about. everyone is so focused on improving their top line growth. >> okay. parker harris spoke for you recently. he talked about the government and how they have customers and they're citizens and you're doing thing for the government that are making it so that instead of ten forms, there is one form. he didn't give a good example of what you could be doing. i thought you might describe that big contract that you just won. >> well, there are so many interesting things to talk about when it talks about government is looking at their citizens as customers. it is a trans position for a lot of governments who think about them as the citizens. they're not your citizens. they're your customers. you should be listening to these customers and connecting with them and having dialogue with them and responsibilitying to them. and a great responsibility is these 311 call centers.
6:29 pm
like in the city of philadelphia. where we've had tremendous success. and that is when you dial 311, you're connecting with that call center, that agent to help you connect and get the information you need that could be happening on the web. that could be happening on social channels. it is a great example of how even governments have to transform how they work. >> they're not going to lose any customers if they don't. what's the incentive? >> well, i think that they are going to lose their customers in terms of, they can lose their votes, their taxpayers, they can slow their economy. there's a lot of reasons for governments to be more on top of what their citizens want. we see it right here in san francisco as well. >> okay. target is one of your customers. target had a tough day. they talked about it even in may. what can sales force do when they see that target is having a tough time? particularly because target may be having a tough time because of another client of yours.
6:30 pm
amazon. >> i would say retail needs transform. you mentioned something earlier. one to one relationships. we've seen and it talked about it in our work with home depot. building these relationships, that can transform and grow your store much more rapidly than ever before. it doesn't matter if it is target or home depot or amazon. in each and every case, the more responsive you can be, that can transform your business. but let's get on something really important. do you know who your customer really is? you asked who your customer really is. with uber the customer is also the driver. in the case of home depot, the customer is also the contractor. when they finish who their customers are, it really accelerates their revenue growth. that's what we've done at sales force as well. you can see in it our own numbers.
6:31 pm
>> let's go back to the numbers. i have to tell you, this is the most i've seen you. a lot of that is because of the law of large number. a $2 billion quarter first time. what does that mean for sales force? >> i think what it means is we're well on our way to go right past our $10 billion dream. a lot of people were not sure sales force could get to a billion. that's where we are when we first started talking. now we're talking about $10 billion is imminent. that's very exciting for sales force. it is not stopping there. this is very exciting moment for sale force. you can see it in the core numbers, we have a tremendous position in the market. you also know, you can look agent our competitors have been dramatically weakened by not shifting aggressively to the cloud. just look at oracle. look at s.a.p. you can look at the messages
6:32 pm
they've delivered right on the show but they haven't delivered their products. they haven't transformed their businesses and therefore they haven't transformed their customers. that's why companies like s.a.p. are suffering. >> but march 15, larry ellison talks about how you're not even in enterprise resource, you're not in it at all. how can you even state that you're a real cloud company without being in? >> we have more cloud customers and more cloud market share than s.a.p. combine. that's very exciting. >> okay. if you're so excited, every time i've seen you, why do people keep thinking that you're a seller of your company? >> well, jim, this is an incredible moment in history. as you can see, sales force
6:33 pm
continues to accelerate and grow. i've now been the, let's see, working on this company for almost 18 years. i think we've delivered fantastic results. part of that, of course, i'm making personal decisions as that goes. that's what's happening there. >> well, wait a second. that doesn't sound like that sounds different. that sounds like you could be a seller. >> that i guess i'm not understanding what you're talking about. i'm confused. >> someone approached the company, i keep hearing -- >> i see what you're saying. >> i thought for sure, i thought you put it to rest that you're excited. you have the towers, the $2 billion. then just stop now about takeovers. >> sale force is such an exciting journey. i've never been more excited about sales forceful i've never been more excited about where we
6:34 pm
are and what's going on. i mean, this is just an incredible time. when i hear about all those things, i put all that aside and i just focus executing my job and the company which is to be the ceo. let's just leave it at that. i certainly hope had. this quarter is evidence of that, jim. >> it sure is. thank you so much. we'll be back with marc. >> announcer: coming up -- >> there are some people including politicians who are saying, what is marc benioff not focused on just making money. we needed 30 new hires for our call center.
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all right. let's talk about something that you feel is incredibly important that some feel gets in the way of business.
6:38 pm
it is hard to say that after the best single quarter of the year. >> what was the last thing you said? the best quarter of technology -- >> it was the best quarter of the year. i want to talk about the idea of the stake holder. there are some people including politicians who say, what is marc benioff doing not focused on just making money for the shareholders? what is your takeaway for those who say that? given some of your outspoken comments. >> i think that every ceo has to start to stand up and speak on behalf of their stake holders. that includes their customers. we do that on the show. of course the shareholders who have been very well taken care of, especially at sales forceful our community, our local cities, our citizens. and those who are underserved.
6:39 pm
ceos are responsible. we have to change from being shareholder base. and that's what i'm an advocate of. when employees call me and they feel that there's a problem, it could be in their personal lives or their health. it could be in their communities where they're being repressed by politicians. i have an obligation to step in. which is what you've seen with reason activity. >> senator josh mckeown says marc is the ring leader for ceos who are exercising power over public policy than the vote here's use the democratic process. are you usurping the democratic process. >>? well, we said in it georgia and in. if if you are going to describe name against our lgbt employees
6:40 pm
and our customers, which is going to impact our ability to hire in your state, as well as to invest in your state, bring people from out of your state into your state, we're going to have to reduce the investment in your state. a year ago, the governor signed a law. i don't think he understood the implications of that law. there was a dramatic response from the business community. he changed that law after some urging from the business community. just the last week sales force announced in indianapolis, we're hiring another 1,000 people in in. our employees are thrilled. they feel they can operate freely insided in. that's a great thing. for sales force and for indiana. the same thing in georgia. there was almost a situation in georgia where the law was not signed by the governor. the governor vetoed the law which would have discriminated
6:41 pm
against lgbt employees and customers and others. we would have been forced to have reduced hiring. the law was not signed. we didn't proceed with our business this georgia. >> have you lost any customers to oracle or to s.a.p. because of your stand? because i have not seen them come out like you have. >> no. >> the resalt a lot of companies are working with us on our side. you've seen everyone from bank of america, brian moynihan going in and speaking with the governor. you saw it in indiana where you saw a major employer in the state go in and evangelize on behalf of the employees and you even saw in it georgia where you saw great company like home depot get in there with their ceo and evangelize their cause. in each and every case, these are sales force customers who are really joining customers in
6:42 pm
evangelizing on behalf of their employees and customers. look. we're on the right side of history here. we're just trying to do what's right for our customers and employees. >> okay. it is january 20 of 2017. and president trump, let's say, has taken the white house. you have a lot of federal contracts. are you not at risk of losing those federal contracts if trump wins the presidency? >> i can't operate in hypotheticals but i can tell you that we always do what's right on behalf of our customers. that's why we have a great quarter and that's why we'll lead the industry. not just in technology but also the social issues. >> so in other words you're telling me, you're a pioneer. but many others are following and you do not expect that to be the leader at all time. there will be others who will champion these causes. just as loudly in leadership. >> well, specifically to your point with donald trump.
6:43 pm
he came out in favor of what we said in north carolina. that that law is a bad idea. that governor needs to make a change now. >> well, there we go. >> the best quarter of the year. good to see you. thank you for sticking around for the second round of questions. >> request to see you. go warriors. >> all right. thank you. t
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
the. it is time! time for the lightning round. and then the lightning round is over. are you ready, skee-daddy! max in new jersey. max. >> how are you doing? >> caller: i'm doing all right. how about you? >> good. how about you? >> caller: i'm calling -- >> it does not have that breakout ability that i want to see in the stock. it does not. nick in florida. nick. >> caller: boo-ya, jim.
6:47 pm
expensive ingredients, tomatoes, sour cream, guacamole. chipotle hired two new experts. >> chipotle is fine. it won't ramp until they report good numbers. i think it stays in this range. i would not sell the stock. i would be a buyer below 440. >> caller: boo-ya. thanks for taking my call. i was calling to ask you about -- >> i thought the ceo did a pretty darn good job. >> my favorite would be not broad com. but an xpi. let's take another. how about in wisconsin? >> caller: boo-ya. tell me about ljbc. >> don't know it well enough.
6:48 pm
let's take one more. let's go to dave in illinois. >> caller: dr. cramer, congratulations on graduating emma, by the way. >> how about how great she is? don't tell her i have a sore throat. she'll be worried about me. >> caller: getting to the heart valve of the matter. >> buy buy buy. i love it. i think it goes higher. and that is the conclusion of the lightning round! >> the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. i'm here at the td ameritrade trader offices. steve, other than making me move stuff, what are you working on? let me show you. okay.
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what do you do when a high quality company that is very much out of style, someone reports a truly spectacular quarter. the israeli cyber security company that helps company protect what are known as administrator accounts or privileged accounts. the most common targets for hackers. these privileged accounts hold the keys.
6:52 pm
businesses are spending more and are how to protect. they from online threats. they've been out of favor. it is down over 11% for 2016. that brings me to this on. may 5 the company posted some magnificent results. higher than expected revenues of 43% year over year. robust. plus management indicated they haven't seen any kind of slowdown. it is very different from what we've heard from some of the weaker competitors. they're doing fairly well. nobody seems to care. the stock is up more than a dollar since the company reported the stellar number two weeks ago. sooner or later, i bet it comes into style. let's check in. the founder and ceo of software. welcome back to "mad money." good to see you again. you talk about how your company
6:53 pm
is in the early innings and you're seeing the pace of awareness accelerated. we walk in. we find that it did not have the layer on the inside. there is growing awareness and it is expanding. >> we're focused on walls. we're selling vaults on the inside. most of the market is a truly open opportunity. >> one of the things that sit a way for people to judge, i think people are trying to figure out. do i want to be in this? once you're in with one, you tend to get. more. what is that once you're in, you get more of the business? >> we found customers in a given year, a third come back for more the following year. it has to do with the quality of products and quality of service. the fact the privileged account
6:54 pm
security is not a project. it is a program. it covers all the aspects of the program. your company is not gap profitable. how can you do 40% and make money? >> in the dna of cyber a. in the founlting, even as a private company we made sure we're making proonl decisions. we grow top line. >> there was a piece by goldman sachs talking about the total adjustable market opportunity. right now they're saying $400 million. it could be multiple billions in a short period of time. >> we're seeing every company needs this. we look at the top ten, 20,000 enterprises in the world that can easily spend a million plus, a billion. and out of every company we can
6:55 pm
grow the multiseven-figure deals. when you go down market, you're looking at a huge opportunity. >> and you emphasize you're seeing growth acceleration in the vertical and health care and the government health care. the government business. which governments? >> yes. both health care and government doubled for us. both health care and government doubled for us. the u.s. government is a great opportunity. and q-1 we talk about all government business doubled compared to q1. >> what kind of base? >> a smaller base. it is for a company that and penlds from the commercial side to the government. q3 was a record. >> are there any government ones you can talk about? >> not really. >> how about health care? >> not really. >> can you give us a paradigm? >> i would say great adoption in federal, the federal space, and on the health side, both insurance company but also
6:56 pm
hospitals. we record two of our top ten deal many q1 reported, they're being attacked by ransom ware. >> tell us. >> it is a way to hijack a pirate, encrypt the data and hold the key. if you don't pay through bit coin and other means they won't release the key. it is happening a lot. >> ransom ware. the fbi reported last week that there was an uptick in ransom ware. not just against people and the public but against businesses. >> have we ever caught anyone who did it? >> i'm not sure. >> they're out there. they're asking for bit coin so they can't be traced. >> and they're overseas. >> you have to final these guys. >> we leave to it others to find it. but there is a way to protect against initial inaffection. make sure the end points don't get ineffected so they can't get to the critical servers. part of our solution. >> i have to learn more about that. the last question i have is the
6:57 pm
goldman piece has something, because you're profitable, they're using an m & a takeout business. they're saying in the '50s. >> i'm a founder. we're here to build a large global information security company. we're on that path. >> can you tell goldman -- >> they know that we're building a real business and they see we're mission critical. >> i want people to know, they're making money. almost every other company in the segment is sale but not money. president ask control of cyber ark.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
great numbers cisco and sales force after the bell. i like sty there's always a bull mark somewhere. i promise to final it just for you right here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer and i'll see you tomorrow.
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