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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  May 19, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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seen in terms of learning. >> because you're -- >> anyway. >> made pizza -- >> sounds like -- >> gps. bad news is in. >> i'm melissa lee, thanks so much for watching. see my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. tlls always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. my job is to entertain and to teach you. so call me. or tweet me @jim cramer. the sum of the parts is worth more than the whole. you can't tell on it a day to day basis and that's how i feel
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about today's market. after watching the individual stocks, a tsunami that has nothing to do with the vast majority of the stocks. s&p declining. nasdaq falling .56%. but it was far worse in the middle of the day. two different conductors. neither one seems capable. until the other day when we realize that had higher oil prices could trigger inflation. the oil conductor gave us ever rising bullish quarters. now it seems confused. the darn music sounds like one of these modern day composers
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going bad. a bunch of notes thrown together, giving me a headache. the confusion is justified document we want higher oil to show the economy is better? or do we hate higher oil because it wakes the secretary conductor, the fed, whose bearish work is antithetical to higher stock prices? if oil stays high enough to make feel like it has a pulse but not so high the fed conductor takes podium for multiple rate hikes. that will do. if we get two or three, that will drive the audience right out of the hall. higher rates leads to a stronger dollar. investors worldwide who are earning nothing. higher yielding u.s. treasuries. makes sense. the last thing our international companies need is a return to
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the darn super freaking strong dollar. but that's a likely scenario. the music has to start right now. if amazon isn't destroying bricks and mortar retailers, walmart might be doing so. do you want to hide in a kroger or a walmart? do you want to return to the depressed macy's, jcpenney or kohl's? or the one with the bull's-eye on its back, target. when only a few stocks are working, why the heck do i still think that the sum of the parts of the s&p 500, it is 500 stocks, the individual musicians, so to speak, is worth more than this whole stressed out orchestra, with discordant
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conductors? it is simple. hardly a day goes by when one of the individual players doesn't prove itself worthy as a soloist. even when it plays its music en masse. let's start with some close to home names. i was stunned by the cash flow which is money in the bank. and the accelerating revenue growth. or arg. all i can say is that it is only now getting appreciated as the analyst who never believed sales force cared about profitability, finally starts coming around. how can you not? i care tremendously about who
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sale force is doing business with. who their customers are. i listen for the big deals on the call. you want powerful fast growing customers who need your help. in this environment, i can't think of anybody better than amazon and uber. those are the two customers that marc benioff spoke about when we spoke with him last night. it's what they do best. that's how you blow away the numbers. that and snagging a gigantic u.s. government contract. because those customers are voters. and what do you do when you need the paper? you call sales so many fund managers gave up on cisco because it was a slow to no grower. it was not a boring old hardware company but a subscription company that also sells hardware. something that was made clear this morning with i interviewed
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him on squawk on the street. mt. company who live in the cloud and have to worry about data organization, data management and most important, security. for ages i heard that this networking giant was sleeping as soundly as walmart was when amazon walked all over it. the $63 billion, makes cisco the stock, the cheapest of all the big tech growth name even after today's gains. what else? how about monsanto? it has received an enormous takeover from german kept king buyer. for an undetermined amount. certainly more than it was selling for. that's an oil and gas company. for $3.3 billion the other day.
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why is it important the stock climbing? because while we hear endlessly about the oil and gas companies that go belly up, how about the fact an acquirer of an energy company has seen the stock elevate almost back to where it was ten months ago? even as oil is going down? an apache? or maybe the anadarko? it is down from $114 to $49. if your stock doesn't get hurt on this kind of acquisition, and it may rally, i have to say what the heck are you waiting for? then there's the maker of all the arm and hammer products. i've always liked the company but i've disliked the stock because it sells so expensive. about 26 times earnings. here's a stock that was up more
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than $10. it could have been gotten by any trader or investor even if you had no qulat the takeover rumor was. or how about dick's? so the stock popped nearly 9%. why? first it reported a decent number. more important, hit the good fortune to be the sporting goods store that won in the duopoly war that was dick versus sports authority. sports thorpt shuttered its 450 doors today. lack of a buyer. urban outfitters said today, and i quote. simply put. america is overstored and overstocked. we have approximately ten times more retail space per capita than our european counter parts. you take out your competitors, you win.
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we learn from the feds that phil mickelson had to give up 938,000 in profits ask the interest that he made off a tip from the former chairman to buy the stock before news that it would spin off. the natural organic subsidiary three and a half years ago. the irony is, of course, because of the, well, let's say he made nothing. right? had he just held on to both dean foods and white wave instead of flipping them of he would have had a 262 gain. he wouldn't have had to pay anything unless he rang the register. i don't know about criminal trading. he neither acknowledged or denied it. here's the bottle line. if these were all one over fares, i would get the
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antipathy. and the multiple fed voices and anything harmonic. like beethoven's ninth. individual stocks are worth far more than the sum of the s&p 500. it's just that a torturous concert of the underline musicians. chris in california. chris. this is kind of a two part question. do you think the announcement from the fed has been driving the price down? and second, can you tell me what factors normally drive the price of gold futures up and down? >> okay. supply and demand can play a role. when interest rates are nil, it doesn't pay to keep money with bonds. it pays to own gold.
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once rates go up, you own cash, you own bonds, you sell your gold. it is time honored. i like it anyway. i think everyone should own some gold regardless. doug. >> caller: how are you doing? i want to thank you a lot. over the last year i got an 11% dividend. with the next president going to be from new york, one way or the other, can this new york based company maintain its 11% dividend? >> an interesting point about where the president might be. from it is kind of irrelevant. i understand it is doing quite well. i believe the 11% yield is safe. i've end to stock where they don't know what they're doing but it is a well-run company.
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mike? >> caller: thanks for taking my call. you sound a lot better than yesterday. >> of course. >> caller: with the united states having the potential on supply europe, and coal manufacturing, do you think coal is undervalued? has any competition or potential for takeover in. >> on real money i was reading it. i think it is an interesting situation. i wouldn't rush out to buy it. a company flow surf that came from real money was one of the real charts that was actually good. it's tough out there. you can their stock stories that can be music to your ears on. "mad money" tonight. a $75 million menu over all. is it playing with fire or could it ignite the flame?
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then remember in october when walmart dropped a bomb on wall street? it seems like a thing of the past after today's huge rally. and you need to do a double take after the take two earnings. i'm talking with the ceo behind grand theft auto. so why don't you stick with cramer. >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." have a question, tweet cramer. #mad tweets. send him an e-mail or give us a call. 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to
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at the marine mammal center, the environment is everything. we want to do our very best for each and every animal, and we want to operate a sustainable facility. and pg&e has been a partner helping us to achieve that. we've helped the marine mammal center go solar, install electric vehicle charging stations, and become more energy efficient. pg&e has allowed us to be the most sustainable organization we can be. any time you help a customer, it's a really good feeling. it's especially so when it's a customer that's doing such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california. what's going on with applebee's and i-hop? management is turning things around when they announced the results a couple weeks ago, they
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posted 11 earnings off the consensus $1.69 basis with weaker than expected revenue. up just 1.5% at i-hop but down at applebees. to be fair, a lot of company have been having a rough time of it of late. and mcdonald's has hurt it too. what about the potential turn-around plan? can they get it back? >> what does this have to do with it? >> so you have a sampling of fabulous, some fabulous new products at applebee's. this is just a sampling. when i'm all said and done, this wood that is now in every restaurant in applebee's in america is impacting about 40% of the menu.
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literally about 40%. you have a fabulous eight-ounce steak that is now a choice steak. hand cute in the back of the house. you have a brand new salmon with this fabulous dressing. that's a sample of what you're able to taste. >> i know that you are big in social media. you name it. we're in it. so starting monday, we were on every major network. tonight we do roadblocking in the networking. and once peel start hearing about it, they can't wait to go try it. once they try it, they have a great experience and want to come back more often. >> this costs more than what you were doing before. >> so here's the whole point. our franchisees are into there in a big way. they believe it begins to change the story about applebees and eventually the trajectory of sales and traffic.
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so they have been incredibly supportive but truly believe it is worth going to a better steak. it is a more satisfied guest. this is not about taking price point. this is about delivering better price value to our guests and a better product. >> i know you have some urgency here. you talked in the conference call about needing to retrain management and staff and you're doing that right now. it is an all hands on deck thing. so we spent with $75 million in training and advertising and new grills. so 175,000 all got retrained. in the back of the house, how to cut or cook and in the front of the house, how to talk about it. what it is enabling is not only pride factor which is a wow. but literally talking about these new products in a whole new way.
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>> you had a campaign, better for you. that resonates with me. >> i think at the end of the day. i feel it is a little lumpy and bumpy and the consumer would say it is not where it needs to be. at the end of the day people want to go into applebees and have a $30 experience for $13.75. that's what we're able to do here. delivering price value in a whole new way with a better guest experience. >> i noticed, i-hop and mcdonald's have the all day breakfast. >> i think they're having an impact in breakfast. i think at the end of the day because of the amount of advertising they're spending, they're pulling part of the share away. our job is to spend all of our time and energy talking about
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the points that i-hop has that no one else in fast food has. so about 85% of all the products at i-hop have some customization. right? when you think about it, we've been serving breakfast all day for 57 years. when you had about it, it is not a 2:30 experience, it is a 37-minute experience. with sitdown service and an opportunity to get close to your friends and family. so we have to make sure we talk about the thing that differentiate us. >> some of the things you're talking about. the retraining, i-hop. labor. labor is costly. i own a little restaurant. minimum wage affected my income from the traunl. how are you dealing with it? >> remember the average food server in america is making far more than minimum wage. let's start with that premise. when you think about food servers making far more than minimum wage in the back of the house, staff never made minimum wage. the average cook made $12, $15,
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$20 an hour. it is less about minimum wage. more about compression and how are you taking care of those folks. and what do we do for everyone regarding minimum wage of this is not changing the labor equation. this is about making sure our people are delivering a great dining experience. but yes, it's true, on the coast specifically, wherever the states have been that have said let's go automatically, you have literally 49 clises charging slightly more. but not such pits out of whack with what the rest category or the industry is charging. >> guest enabling. >> bits enabling the food to get the food when and where they want it. we just unleashed online ordering at applebees. we're looking at pay at the table technology in a whole new
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way. we're looking at how to enable that technology. whatever we're doing, it is about how do we make the guest enjoy experience that much more. i think of us enabling it. whether or not it helps the front of the house, back of the house could be some interesting technology. >> okay. last. remodeling stores. i know you have to remodel every six years any way. it is in your contract. but outside, they need to see it. >> for us the work that we're doing currently, it is about making it contemporary. making it relevant. so when you drive by you say what's different? >> the group is way down. and you have to pick the winners. and i've always bet on you. not against you. ceo of dine equity. the stocks are cleem.
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college up, game on? can the maker of grand theft auto and max pain continue to rise? >> how much time can people spend on games? don't they reach at some point an end game?
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hole yes cow. it's working. i'm fwaug the remarkable turn-around. the one that even ceo doug predicted might not happen until 2019. there was so much that needed to be fixed. he's fixing it and now we're seeing the results. a sharply higher stock. remember, mcmillan dropped the
6:27 pm
bomb on wall street last october when he told us the company would have to spend a lot more on wage for its employees. the news hammered the stock. walmart just lost $20 billion in value in 20 minutes. guess what. walmart made that value almost totally the way back this morning. along with a big increase in traffic. strong sale in health and wellness, home and seasonal. walmart is doing well in almost every category that most bricks and mortars have struggled with. so how did this turn happen? how long can it last? i think it happened because
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mcmillan progd walmart's workers and its infrastructure have been starved. as the previous management didn't want to bite the bullet and spend money to make not the quarter but the year and years to come. it was almost as if walmart had decided to sit back on its laurels of being the largest brick and mortar retailer just when amazon decided it was easiest target around. even easier than, target. i couldn't resist after yesterday's disastrous number. sam's club is doing much better. and i like how international is doing too. particularly china for revenue growth. it's the domestic market. to raise to it levels equal to what they are paying for.
6:29 pm
so they have more incentive to put in the time necessary to make each store livelier and better. i can't stress how important these pay raises have been for walmart's growth. the founder, form he, ceo of costco. one of the greatest. always explained to me that his company could outshine all other retailers including walmart because costco paid its people so well. so well they didn't want to leave which saved costco a fortune in training costs. remember, training and turnover are spentive. training new workers is a dead weight lost. it causes dislocations at the stores and hurts the numbers. that's why paying people more can boost earnings over the long terming and even the medium term. mcmillan was right to be worried and these wage increases are at the heart of the turn-around. is it sustainable? one of the most annoying parts
6:30 pm
of my day is grocery shopping at the end of the day. i get the same thing all the time. i have to wait in line. and it takes forever at the checkout counter. walmart has made it so easy. you can order online on the way home and they'll deliver the same groceries you want directly to your car when you pull up. a drive-through. if we're talking about perishable food, that's even better handle the amazon delivering to your door. perishables are what i buy. i don't want them waiting outside. this system which takes tremendous chain management has been rolled out in 40 locations and it has been a hit everywhere. no matter shopping at walmart is fabulous if you never need to set foot in the stores. all i can say, walmart. look at me. i'm in a new jersey suburb. could you please come out my way? who would have ever thought or imagine i would be begging for walmart? apparently that's what america wants.
6:31 pm
walmart has always had the scale to disrupt and at one time it was the most disruptive in retail but it lost its way. it didn't have the kromt that was inclined to take the hit to turn things around. now walmart the coil has all these ingredients which means walmart the stock, even up here. than dan in washington. >> caller: boo-ya! >> what's shaking? >> caller: not much. thank you for all the service you're doing. i had a quick question about fit bit. i'm looking at the stock from a two to five-year time frame. and i'm wondering. forever now. i was wondering what is your take on that? the right price? >> i think that if you thrown long term, people will see it as
6:32 pm
the health and wellness play that it is. right now it is a gadget. in three to five years people let's otherwise about it. i think you have something going. he like what you're saying. glen. >> caller: super value. they dropped from a high of 568 to around $455 in the past month. it seems their depressed valuation, they have the distribution set. and they have outlets. it seem like that would be a great fit for amazon. >> i don't think amazon needs them and i wouldn't take it. supermarket or kroger in part because of the more aggressive walmart. >> caller: hello, cramer.
6:33 pm
i love the show and thank you for all that you do for us. >> thank you. you're very kind to say it. i enjoy it. what's going on? >> caller: my stock is under armor. they had an early time and it went up. then the stock split. now i have an equal amount of shares. and if i were to sell or just take it off the table, which do i sell? >> it doesn't matter. i don't want to recommend selling it. the stock has had a really bad run of late. i think it is closer to the bottom than the top. why don't we just hold on and wait to rally a little bit. congratulations. we'll take a look it a. i have to till, i think selling this stock down here after this incredible decline would be a mistake: i know it is expensive
6:34 pm
but i think it is a very good company. witness the return of walmart. i think the juggernaut is just getting started even though stock was up $6. i think it is a buy. >> game on for grand theft auto. stay tuned. then you plan, you play. you try to protect. i'll see if your portfolio. ram i had fire. stick with cramer.
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even on yet another day. the video game company most commonly known as the maker of grand theft auto. all the different games. don't forget nba 2 k. this was a bit of a puzzle. last night, a stellar quarter with what i regard as extremely conservative guidance which is very much take two style. something you know i like a great deal. looking for substantially more than expected revenue. it was down more than 6% this morning. within 15 minutes, up 4.5%. you don't buy it for short term guidance. you buy it for its long term. so let's talk to get the prospects. welcome back to "mad money."
6:39 pm
>> this is the story of recolonel consumer spending. and finally, it doesn't really matter what is going to happen next quarter. what happens is the development of the franchise. >> right. i think what we've been saying all along is to make the highest quality product. if you nemeet the consumers whe they are, thing come to the good. >> let's talk about these. there's a moment coming up that is someone like me wants to buy. which is the legends nba, kobe, at the same time we're going to find out who will be on the nba 2k 2017. this seem like an ascendant moment for the nba and for you. >> nba continues to do better and better. it is remarkable. we still believe we're scratching the surface. we're an enormous game in the u.s. the biggest game in the u.s.
6:40 pm
now. >> 31 million in china. >> that's nba 2 k. record revenue for us. basketball is growing and we think there's a lot of opportunity. >> i happened to catch it. i thought it was the game. i'm not blowing smoke. could it be confused? because i thought it was. >> if you squint back, it looks exactly like a basketball game. why is that? we have the largest motion capture studio in north america. we scanned the 447 players on the roster. we've scanned 92% of them. we have all the trademark moves. every tattoo, hair color, eye color. the game is real. >> the idea that i can be the boss, i can create my own team. not just younger people but people in their 20s, 30s, 40s are into.
6:41 pm
>> we're really turning into this an experience. a character experience. the story experience in addition to being a simulation. >> because of that, the thing i was most concerned about. i joked about it with david. how much time can people spend with games? don't we reach at some point, an end game. 45, 50 minutes a game. it seals like that's not during. >> every time we think the media will reach it, it isn't. there are so many choices. i'm talking about everything else. i think because people parallel process. if you look at an average young adult. they're playing a video game and texting and listening to music and watching netflix all at once. and maybe doing some homework, maybe not. >> you've double it so well on the hand held. my age group does nothing. maybe we brought a magazine. maybe we didn't. they're on. >> they're engaged.
6:42 pm
they're communicating and they're being entertained. for us that's great news as long as we entertain them. >> at one point in your conference call, it was a little disturbing. i've tried virtual reality. you said it is not a consumer product. what will it take? >> both the launch of hardware, there's a little bit. not much. and the launch of software. it is stale 0 billion market. where will it go? we are where the consumer is. we are doing r&d. and our intellectual property, we don't need to get farm on a particular format or platform. we need to always show up where the consumer is. >> mark zuckerberg talks about when. >> he already committed $1 billion. our commitments are to the
6:43 pm
intellectual property. >> there's an nba 2 k. a huge number of people. we had 92,000 teams play 2 million games. this is our first time. and why? >> we've never done it. very exciting category. when they're engaged, that generates spending and the game. and that's one of the reasons it was more than a quarter of the revenue. i don't want to say you lucked into it. is this going to be the national game? there are a lot of people who get turned off by football and
6:44 pm
by injuries. i thi >> my mom always said the harder i work, the luckier i get. we have a great commissioner in adam silver. i have enormous respect for what they've done. they understand the consumers and the brand. no disrespect intended to other sports. basketball on the ascendancy no, question. >> i'm citing wwe. where is that? >> it is growing. we're super excited about the title. wave long term relationship with the wwe. it is performing better, just the beginning. that brand used to be much, much bigger. >> i never asked you about it in all the years that you've been coming on but i sense it is coming back. >> it is coming back. another publisher had it. years ago, six, seven million.
6:45 pm
it is growing. he think there is a great deal of opportunity. it is an incredible brand and franchise. >> you can bring it back. >> we did and it will get bigger. >> thats the chairman and ceo. you can see why this stock went higher today. it has a lot more juice to it.
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it's time for the lightning round! are you ready, skee-daddy! time for the lightning round. we'll start with jimmy. >> caller: your staff is great and your show is fun. >> thank you. >> caller: my stock hit a q-1 top and bottom. a newly approved muscular dystrophy drug in europe. $9 plus per share in cash. ptct.
6:49 pm
>> i don't know, man. we have to go back only. we've been a little tepid on that one. it had some bad news flow. let me come out and look at i again. down here it seems interesting but i know that the news flow was real bad. and the company got hurt real bad. let's do some work. that was in february. i remember the breakdown. let's to go otis. >> caller: thank you for taking my call. i'll be taking a cruise on carnival cruise line. i thought this might be a good "mad money" investment. >> i happen to like the work that they do. i think that it is good. it yields 3%. i would wait a little more. i'm not in a hurry to buy any particular stock at this moment. unless there is absolutely some edge or catalyst to it. let's go to mo in west virginia. mo. >> caller: boo-ya jim skee-daddy! how about you?
6:50 pm
>> i'm good. >> caller: around $600 million market cap. what's your opinion? >> what was the stock? oh, i don't know. the last bit of news was not that good. i would like to have them on the show to try to understand where they are. the news flow has not been that good there. let's go to nick in colorado. >> caller: my question is crvo. >> that's a good oil company. i'm not recommending a lot of oil company but i think chip johnson has done a very good job. let's go to sage in california. >> caller: i'm 19 and i'm from los angeles. >> what was the stock? i'm sorry.
6:51 pm
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i know we like to own best of breed but not if they're too closely related. you know better now. i always press the importance of staying diversified. with stocks that are not tied together is the best way to keep your investments protected. to keep them from one big swoom. keep your head up. that's why we play i am a diversified. first up we have a tweet from the slightly risque at american brad ass who twees, you are a great role model for young investors like me. am i diversified? apple? netflix, wells fargo, disney, under armor. wow. okay. technology, entertainment, entertainment, apparel,
6:55 pm
financial. no. no, no. oh, boy. flip a coin. i like them both. but give me, i need a health care stock instead. and we'll add unite health care. unh. they've been able to get away with dropping out of the health care exchanges. let's to go ronald in pennsylvania. >> caller: hello, jim. i want to let you know you've been a mentor to me since your kudlow days. i've read all your books and i've watched you religiously. >> you're real kind. thank you very much. thank you. >> caller: we paid for our son's education and retirement and fabulous vacations and it is because of your health. >> you're a good man. i take lot of heat. people ask why i take heat. what ronald just said. i am really helping. that makes me happy. go ahead. >> caller: okay. my five stocks are warehouser,
6:56 pm
crown castle, enterprise products, apple and coned. >> again, the compliments work for me. especially on a day when i have no voice. like do i every year at this appointment. we ympblerhouser, enterprise, the the best financials of all of them. conedison. tellco tower. utility. oil and gas. technology and lumber. that's perfect. and thank you for the nice comments. let's to go my home state. bill in new jersey. bill. >> my son is a major in the united states air force. i want to offer up a boo-ya to you. >> i want to thank him for his service. and let's go to work. >> caller: okay. my top five holdings.
6:57 pm
fts. sterling bank corp. johnson and john. ppl, pennsylvania, ge, general electric trick and ct, canadian pacific oil way. i am a diversified? >> ask the magic question and you will receive an answer of drug company, utility, manufacturer, railroad, bank. a financial, a rail, industrial, utility and the drug company of that's perfect. and by the way, i really love that portfolio. oh, no, man! that can't be the end of am i diversified. i barely scratched the surface. stick with cramer. with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production.
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i like to say there's always a bull market somewhere. i like to find it for you. i will see you tomorrow!
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