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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  May 26, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> guy, do you remember your final trade now? >> ha, ha, ha. elder moment. fire eye if it sells off palo alto networks, sister. >> i'm melissa lee, my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica other. people want to playing friends. i just want to make you money. my job is to educate and teach. so call me or tweet me. when the market has been as spectacular as this one has been over the past week, do you know what happens? people get carried away. they take to heart the averages
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have hung in there and on a day like today, the dow only dipped 23 points. the nasdaq advanced 1.4%. they get sloppy. so i want to give you some lessons in sloppiness to help you maintain your stock market table manners. apple which was written off at 93. at the same time some chalter made its way around the floor of the stock market, netflix. now long term viewers know that i urged apple to buy netflix because the earnings stream want so good. i watch all 90 netflix shows on my apple pro. make life so easy for us.
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wouldn't it? as for time warner, terrific. they would fit the revenue service stream i adore. i'm talking about hbo. but if you at home bought either netflix or time warner when the stocks were running this morning, off the unfounded takeover rumors, you need to get your head checked and call time-out. go get an ice cream. i mean really. you've now done the textbook definition of sloppiness. next example, trading off the price of oil every day. i've been saying over and over again. that when oil gets to $50 a balance, it will run out of steam. that's because 50 is where many cash strapped companies can sell futures to bring in extra income in order to forestall the grim banking reaper. in other words, at $50, the supplies, the oil has been throttled back because too much moan was being lost drilling for it.
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we'll start cutting back on the market. so because you thought they were safe as long as the price of crude went up. you will find yourself in the house of pain. yet there are still many hedge stocks set up. you might be caught playing musical oil chairs. you can buy more of the stocks. if you're careless, do you know what will happen? i'll tell you. you will buy high and sell, sell, sell low. third example, i've been telling you this is not a market where you can safely speculate on companies without earnings. i've been saying it is way too dicey. that game ended a long time ago. the companies with stocks doing well, the faster growth but rock solid balance sheets. not to mention good buybacks and
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nice size dividends. sure, sales are appearing expensive and growing fast. if you look under the hood, you will see a gigantic am of cash flow. for weeks i've been saying that ionis pharmaceuticals doesn't have a chance in this department. today darn thing plunged more than 39%. one of the keys decided to sell glaxosmithkline. there was a time when ionis stock was reasonable. i used to like and it talk about it. that was when the market liked speculative biotech companies. the same way sell sheets snapped it up after a strong clinical trial results a year ago. however, you have to respect the take that we're in.
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and recognize that the risk has changed radically for those speculative companies with no earnings sfraems trade on the hopes of potential drug success. at the same time i see people writing off valuable franchises because they are not working right now. today costco soared more than $5 after being endlessly downgraded and pummelled and denigrated. i've been saying the numbers were weak. because of the changeover. that will happen this quarter. many held back from purchases in anticipation of the switch. now, people scrambling to buy costco. you wouldn't have to scramble if you listen. meanwhile, investors want home depot. that really is it. that's the end of the despot. because of a so-called bum month, come. on ridiculous.
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when it is on sale, you buy it, not sell it. i love going there. let me point out that whole foods is sneaking up on people. thats the road down. i think circling back to that data now makes a ton of sense. with fairway fading, grasping at straws by throwing its line in with competitor amazon. i didn't like it at all. a final bit of sloppiness i'm warning you about. people often forget. they forget that bulls make money. they forget that bears make money. and they don't seem to remember that hogs get slaughtered. even as i repeat all the time. this morning i had you hadled with the research director for my travel trust. we debated the stock of biojen.
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one of our positions in the trust. we don't like it as much as we did when it was lower. when you have a run hike biojen stock has enjoyed, or a run like this entire market has had. that's not the time to get on board. you heighten up on the stocks that you're not crazy about and you heighten up on what you like more. we took the sbroofts the lower risk stock of -- proctor and gamble. yes. tonight after the run, the markets this week. look at your portfolio.
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so you two can ring the register. part of your position. not all of it. the two pillars of this very, very broad rally. but the bottom line is, that as much as you may like this market, you have to stay disciplined. remember discipline trumps. just hike in playing cards, let it all ride. after my late mom would say, after a good run at the ponies or the slots, let's take those winnings and by a sweater. make mine casual. >> i switched to mastercard. a little bit better. >> boy, they are good. mastercard and visa are great companies.
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my travel card owns visa but i might as well own mastercard. they're super companies. jeremy! >> caller: how are you? >> i am good. how are you? >> caller: real good. chk. improving operational performance and improved efficiency, couple with natural gas. on account of accelerated coal and gas. what do you think of a long term? >> still too much debt. i can't recommend a stock in good conscience. it would be irresponsible of me. joseph in new jersey. >> yes. >> go ahead. you're up. >> caller: i'm retired. i'm 81 years old. i have a limit amount of stock in at&t and verizon. i would hike to know what to do. >> if you have a broader portfolio, okay, they're too much like each other and you're
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not diversified enough. right now i prefer verizon over at&t but we could literally flip a coin right now. that's how good both are. repeat after me. discipline trumps conviction. do not get greedy or careless. that's not the way we do things. when we turn to gold when popeye soared at the earnings report. initially he didn't. what's next? i got to see. then what about dollar tree and dollar general? it's been a long time. tonight i have no choice but to break out my infamous the wall of shame. make sure this isn't lurking in your portfolio. if it is, sell, sell, sell, sell, sell, sell -- >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money."
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a rough year in the casual restaurants. take popeyes' louisiana kitchen. the fried chicken location. popeyes has given us some phenomenal long term gains. it has stumbled a bit from february. last night the numbers came in a little weaker than expected. a 6 cents earnings, lower than expected earnings. yet after initially plunging 5% in after hours trading, it started rallying. why? i think it is because of the five-year guidance and committed to buying back a ton of stock. so let's talk with the ceo and get a better sense of the quarter.
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welcome back to "mad money." >> great to sigh. >> i think the stock had a nice turn because you said, hey, listen. maybe the quarter started. okay. as the quarter went on, it got stronger and you're confident that the second half will be very strong. >> yes, we are. we had a show start and a strong finish. our big box promotion in april really brought it home for us and delivered a 1.7 share point increase compared to our chicken competitors. while value is the theme right now, our team is ready. we expect a good year for bomb e, for popeyes. >> you're very straightforward with everybody. you said the burger guys are still competition. you seem confident that while it will stay competitive, you have no problem even with the burger guys. >> we believe we offer a balance
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of top quality food, exciting new products and we periodically discount our core menu for our guests. when i gets a little more intense like this, we do it a little more often and stay in check with our competitors. >> you are spending a lot and you're spending a lot on technology. you're making a lot of changes. these won't hurt the bottom line early but the payback within what? 18 months to t years? >> it is an exciting time. particularly in the arena of technology. we announce that had we're investments to plan out a bold future and how technology will drive our inaction with our guests, our team member engagement and the way we run our restaurants. so this year is the year of planning and scoping that. so that we can bring to the street and to our franchisees a very bold plan on how we'll drive sales and profits with technology. >> when i look at your company, most of the companies i deal with in your space don't have any room to grow. basically you're talking about same store sales.
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they're pretty much everywhere. you've got both revenue groet and some comparable stores. yet you're still only $1 billion in market cap. that confuses me. >> i think the growth path is being express asked people are starting to catch on. we have the domestic growth opportunity, the top line sales opportunity. we mentioned moving our restaurant from $1.4 million to $2 million. and then we have the world. the global expansion of this brand. so as you said, there are few brands that can claim the bright prospects popeyes has for the future. >> you did break down in your conference call, is that going to be a constant theme until you've rolled out the whole country? heritage is doing much better. and the number, the headline number is masking the strength.
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>> the heritage markets that i referenced are in new orleans. they are strong wonderful high performing markets. we've had some struggle in our new markets in indianapolis and charlotte but all told they're only 71 of our 2,500 around the world. the story is in the exciting top line and bottom line growth for our 2,500 restaurants around the globe. >> and please explain when you do a promotion hike you did, the results are pretty staggering. >> yes, they are. when you make the best food in qsr and you offer a great value, people come in droves, jim. that's what happened with $5 big box. right now it is a one-week special called $5 favorites. that's the opportunity for our guests to come more often and enjoy this incredible louisiana food. have the buyback, people are saying, a lot of people say it will be 6 to 9% of the company.
6:19 pm
if the stock is in the 50s, is that where the 9% will play out? >> you know, we are so confident in our future. we've guided to a share. we purchased of 80 to $120 million this year. and year to date we've bought back over $60 million worth of shares. so i think that story tell you that we see a bright future and are continuing to return cash to our shareholders to demonstrate that confidence. >> we've had a couple restaurants come on. in confidence they've said, the coasts have gotten very expensive to get employees. not just the minimum wage but both california and the east. it does cost a great deal. is that something you experienced? >> absolutely. labor costs are going up rapidly in the coast and city sxharkts there are only two levers. leverage of pricing and leverage of becoming more productive in
6:20 pm
the restaurant meaning fewer labor hours for our team members. i've said we have to be careful not moving on wages too quickly. for our guests we want fair prices. for our people we want fair opportunities. i think cautiousness and conservatism will keep our economy thriving. >> is there technology that can be used, i hate to say this, but to supplant people right now? >> i think you're already seeing the technology advance very, very quickly. through mobile payments and things do reduce the number of interactions between a guest and our team members. there is no question technology will play a role in keeping our restaurants' profitability only mized. >> i know people say it is not healthy. i just had it again.
6:21 pm
it is a cheat day, the kardashians call it. >> they promote cheat day. we make delicious indulgent food. we're delighted that america and around the globe has found a great role for our food in their regular diet. and the kardashians have had a lot of fun with our product on their jets. and reminding all of america how delicious it is. >> i will tell you that i don't believe in a cheat day. when i'm cheating, i leave the skin on. when i'm not cheating i take it off. i have to sneak into that st. charles one. it is a great one. >> the ceo of popeyes louisiana chicken. stay with cramer. >> announcer: coming up -- it's back. >> time to add another name to
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and try the micro-sculpting cream you love now with lightweight spf 30. what's going on with consumer? is she cheap and impoverished in i have a better question. does it even matter? costco, dollar general, tjx and walmart. the american people just don't like to spend much on merchandise anymore. and when they do shop, they want to spend less than they used to. when you combine the strength of the discount chains, you can understand very clearly what is happening in this country. let me set the stage. over the last few years we've seen a dramatic increase in the.
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a income the average family needs to shell out for intractable costs. namely rental and health care. which has been getting more expensive handle the a straight line for decades. and the affordable care act has made it worse for many. i'm not being political. this is just empirical. rents have gone higher. ever since the great recession, credit is too hard for people to come by to buy a house and that's how housing starts can be at the same level as when the nation had half as many people as we do now. so one parent stays home and they rental. everyone knows the cost renting has gone sky high. it has become mo affordable to buy a home. at the same time, health care costs for the average work he have escalated dramatically. as the health care changes have been a bust. and the hmos have raised the
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premium. so the average household is spending a lot more income on rental and health care premiums which kansas he will. automation and general this surfeit of labor. in this environment, many individuals rely, they resort to the bargains. they resort to the bargain that's are dollar tree and dollar general. it is true the prices lower. some of is it because they're selling private label merchandise. mostly it is because you have something left in your wallet if you go there. i wish the wall street snobs would visit these stores as frequently as do i so they would understand how much better than they used to be. they might have caught the 4.61%
6:27 pm
gain in dollar general and the 12.77 in dollar tree after they reported if they had just gone to them. i have three good once. one in south philly, one in the hamptons. costco, wealthier people got more frugal because of the great recession and they realize costco is a total bargain. this is the quarter that costco switches its credit card provider. and many have held off so they can get more points on their visa backed costco cards. when the news broke in the middle of the night, bad quarter. last bad quarter. how about tjx? here's a company that benefits from all the problems. low prices from department stores that haven't been able to sell the goods. and then they mark them up and make a fortune. walmart, lower prices, put technology on work, playing it easier to buy online and if you
6:28 pm
want to buy perishable food. you can't just buy from amazon and have it sitting on your door. so these plays are the new winner. the stock market is chasing these wins. the bottom line is, these value oriented retailers represent the only real bargains on wall street. just as they represent them on main street. >> what do you think about groupon? do you think it has a potential to take over target? >> i don't know. it is too disorganized for anyone to take it over. i can't recommend a stock on a takeover basis if i don't like it on the fundamentals. that one i will call challenged.
6:29 pm
>> hey, this is jamie from los angeles, california. sears holding corporation since 2007. just want to know if it is a bull, bear or dog? >> all right. bruce, who is the technician on real money said this thing can bounce. i have to tell you, they added $14 million. let's put hit the way. this is a shrinking company. and i don't recommend sfoks have no growth with not great balance sheets and sears is the epitome of a company with no growth whatsoever. just shrinking. the retail trends are impacting wall street. much more ma"mad money" ahead. who is the absolute costing wealth destroys? it is a special force.
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stay tuned. you may, you try to perfect. can your strategy stand up to mine? we'll do a special edition of the lightning round. stick with cramer. ♪ we built our factories here because of a huge natural resource. not the land. the water.
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it's no secret that everybody in the corporate world is some kind of genius. it happens. every now and then some shot call her do something so egregious that it takes a wrecking ball to accompany the evall evaluation. sunshine is the best
6:34 pm
disinfectant. tonight we're inducting a new member to this stockton market. he owns many newspapers. he belongs on the wall for one other reason. the short version is that a month ago, he offered to buy tribune publishing for $12.25 a share. that was a 63% premium to where the stock was trading the previous day. that's a gigantic premium for an ailing newspaper business. but tribune said no. i think michael farewell wants to it remain his own. then a week and a half ago, he comes back and offers to pay $15 a share. almost 100% premium. now we're talking about a sweet, sweet, sweet deal.
6:35 pm
and again, remember the union says no. that's one of the biggest takeover premiums i can recall in my career. but he's been fighting tooth and nail and i think he needs to be called out for it. i think he needs to be on our wall of shame. now, it may seem strange that i'm putting michael farrell given that he's only fwenl chairman for just over three months. he got the job, a gigantic, first so much damage in such a brief time span that i mean, i had to. it was only right. first, let me set the screen. like most. they've had a really hard time. since it's been off tribune publishing it has been almost --
6:36 pm
the stocks started tweeting 2175. the share managed to hold in there. but it totally collapsed. and in 2015 it sunk from $9 down to $7.52 right before it's easy to see why it is having a hard time. it gets 70% of its revenue from the print news. i started in print media. let's say it is dying but they haven't realized it yet. there will be some that make it but for years, they've been struggling. back in february, the they purchased 5.22 million shares at $8.50 a share.
6:37 pm
and most called a private placement. 16% stake in the company. the largest share holder. the nonexecutive tribute. the less than three weeks into the job, he pushed out the old ceo and he put in a new guy. justin dearborn who worked with him as the ceo of merge health care. a company he invested in and helped to sell. basically, he is a day to day manager. in early march, they asked a bunch of executives. still, that was all he had done. he wouldn't even be near the wall of shame. or in cooperstown.
6:38 pm
they've been having troubles. then a 63% premium when the stock was traded the day before. some of the other shareholders said they want the company to explore sales. i think the stock could have gone to five. at the time you wondered how they could reject the generous offer. when they had sold it less than three months before. isn't that a good question? i think it is logical. to prevent them pr doing an end run, he announce ad shortstop term share holder rights plan that makes it incredibly difficult for any one share or company to buy it. then this have the shareholders got lucky on. may 16, phenomenally.
6:39 pm
he came back and raised all cash. a 30% premium of what they had before. where tribune was before. nearly 100%. yet they're willing to pay double what the numb was valued at. at the same time, the second largest share holder, oak tree capital, said the deal should be second immediately. they sent an open letter to the board saying we have met with michael farrow and spoken to him on the phone. the ideas we have heard appear to be preliminary and involve great execution risks. in fact they said they with introduce. this last week they formally
6:40 pm
with drew their bid. the company engaged in what is known as, and i had to look this up. er are verse green, specifically, tribune sold $4.7 million you'll of stock. at $15 a share. in at this point i think we're entering crazy town territory. did they're happily selling a 12.9% stake to another investor for the exact same price. remember he bought 16% at 8.50 per share. need to get rich once and i
6:41 pm
don't think they're in it for the money. that's the problem. really wealthy guys like him buy newspapers for van. and that's fine. he his allies need a publicly health company and refuse. you know how i feel about it. the bottom line is that michael farrow belongs on the wall of shame. if not if not his own personal an ex. he has destroyed value. all so the tribune can remain his own indiana play thing. i say if they want to have their own newspaper company, they should buy the whole thing. or just start from scratch give
6:42 pm
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it is time! and then the line round is over. are you ready skee-daddy! time for the lightning round. jennifer in new jersey. jennifer. >> caller: hi, jim. great show. my mom watches every night. my question about time warner. >> time warner is up today on a rumor that apple is going to buy it. that's not true. what does matter, doing a great job. i like the stock. dorothy in new york. >> caller: i'm so happy to talk to you. >> i have a stock that i've been holding a long time. and i think something may be happening. >> yeah. it is up huge this year. character recognition software.
6:46 pm
it is under $300 million but i know they're doing really well. i would hold on. eva in north carolina. >> caller: i'm a first time stock investor and i'm interested in gwph. >> it is incredibly speck had a i have the. this is a may on the ultimate legalization of pure marijuana as a drug. i like it as a spec. but understand this is not a market that's favorable to speculation. let's to go bill in michigan. >> caller: boo-ya, mr. cramer. last friday it was revealed the board of interoil ioc had accepted an offer from oil search to buy for $2.2 billion. is that a fair price? >> yeah. sell, sell. let's say my eyebrows were
6:47 pm
raised. >> this is bill in indiana. boo-ya to you. >> same. >> caller: i have a question. what's your reaction to the cvwx. >> i've been looking at this company. i'm not kidding. fresh avocado. i am not going to recommend the stock. i am going to do more work. let's go to david in oregon. >> caller: thanks for taking my call. i am not investor. or i am but i hold things to hold for quite some time. last year i bought tse. and i want to know if it is time to sell. >> no, no. at this stage, these plastic companies. company that i call plastic
6:48 pm
company are all doing very well. let's go to shamsy. >> caller: tell me about boom a technology. >> i have not looked at it in more than a year. i remember when it was in trials. i remember when i looked it a. >> caller: a big texas boo-ya. my question is -- >> i don't want to just page the whole broad brush in that group. but that is lending chinese style which i don't like at all. i don't like china and i don't like that kind of lending. so i'll eight ixna. >> caller: i want to give you a
6:49 pm
boo-ya. >> i love it. they're killing it. the stock was up 5. then it was down 5. it is starting to tact way it was. i think it is a -- buy buy buy! that's the conclusion of the lightning round. >> caller: the line round. sponsored by td ameritrade. here at t td ameritrade, they work hard. wow, that was random. random? no.
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it's all about understanding patterns. like the mail guy at 3:12pm every day or jerry getting dumped every third tuesday. jerry: every third tuesday. we have pattern recognition technology on any chart plus over 300 customizable studies to help you anticipate potential price movement. there's no way to predict that. td ameritrade.
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today we broke out the wall of shame. it can be an unpleasant to be if you're invested in one of the companies. now you can research and do your homework. occasionally an invest our believed in, that can prove to be totally untrue. you can't have all your eggs in one stock. this is where you call me and
6:53 pm
give me your top five holdings. maybe you need on jazz it up. first up, we have, i am a diversified? allerg allergen. thank you all you long time canadian fans. >> allergan. dollar general, great retailer, sisco, fantastic. that's perfect diversification. and thank you for the kind comments and your tweet. >> hey, cramer. i think southern california boo-ya from sunny l.a. >> meaningful. what's up? >> caller: hey, am i diversified?
6:54 pm
apple, google, exxon, facebook, and disney. >> no. okay. we'll keep disney despite that bernie sanders. to spite bernie sanders, as a matter of fact. exxonmobil, good, apple, own it. don't trade it. i thought it was dead at people in. was not it dead at 93? we'll take facebook out. put in bristol myers. we'll put in general election. industrial. and then we want drug, then we'll have a tech and entertainment. and oil. we have to do that even though alphabet, we run a much bigger portfolio so therefore we are diversified. let's do an ulta am i diversified.
6:55 pm
>> caller: i'm calling to see if i'm diversified. rpm, khc, bmy, aapl, and aep. i am a diversified? >> let's check on this. all right. apple, own it, don't trade it. rpm, the great little industrials. industrial attack a drug company. a utility. and a food company. bingo! i need polyin ohio. >> caller: mr. cramer. thank you for taking my calls. >> my stocks are next era energy, met life, alcoa, i am a
6:56 pm
diversified? >> okay. met life is a very fine insurance. victoria's secret, there were some issues there. yum, alcoa is up to sboo a highly value added. we have an industrial. a utility. we have a retail. and we have got energy. that's perfection. only one person was not diversified. can a toothpaste do everything well?
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brooklyn is in the house tonight. an all new american greed. see how patients got paid millions in kickbacks just to go to the doctor. a $50 million rip-off. and you are the victims. don't miss it tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern and pacific. another unbelievable corner from mary dylan and ulta salon. when people go out, they have to have make-up on because of selfies. i say the invention of the incredible cameras on our cell phones, everybody gets make-up. where do they go? they go to ulta. palo alto, not as good. you need a big guide up when you're that expensive a stock and you didn't get one. i like to say there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to find it. i am jim cramer and i will see you tomorrow!
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male announcer: the economy is going through tough times. many hardworking americans blame wealthy ceos, out of touch with what's going on in their own companies. but some bosses are willing to take extreme action to make their businesses better. each week, we follow the boss of a major corporation as they go undercover into their own company. - patrick. how are you? - nice to meet you, patrick. announcer: this week, 1-800-flowers, the world's largest florist and gift shop. at the helm of this floral empire are two brothers. - get your foot off my table. announcer: and one of them has something to prove. jim still sees me as his little brother. - where did you grow up? - where did i grow up? i grew up here in this business. i am his partner in this business. i need to remind him of that. he'll pose as a new recruit and find out what's really going on inside their company.


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