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tv   Squawk Alley  CNBC  June 17, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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good morning. it is 8:00 a.m. in netflix headquarters in los gatos, california and it is 1 11:00 a. on "squawk." ♪ ♪ the cable is full, and everybody is waiting on you ♪ ♪ and waiting on you ♪ ♪ and you have got time ♪ our tribute to orange is the new black with season four premiering today. and good morning. kayla tausche, and jon fortt with me at post 9, and joining us is kara fisher. >> that is creepy. >> and sumner redstone is
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removing five directors of the board including philippe dauman. and jane wells with the latest. >> well, the hits just keep on coming. in part of a movie that came out of this studio attributed to its success. >> this is awesome. >> hang on, mikey. >> all right, the "teenaged mutant teenaged turtles" is a d disappoint, and the viacom profits were 1.05 and the predictions were $11.38 and it is a controversy of the demandle deal delay, and does this give more fodder to shari redstone? philippe dauman and four other board members have been ousted, but a board in delaware has to
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approve it, and the ousted board members are saying we are still running the show, and they are asking the court to continue that for now, and they are arguing that shari redstone is manipulatinging her father, and they say that through national amu amusements she has changed the bylaws so that any decision on whether to sell paramount would are require unanimous board approval while the opposition is saying, hey, your father has to be able to vocallize his opinions on conference calls for that to happen, and it has not been happening, but perhaps the latest proof that the old board is still is the board, viacom has released a statement as the trash truck is coming by perhaps at a appropriate analogy here outside of paramount that the current board is approving paying the legal costs for philippe dauman's lawsuit against redstone for removing him as a trustee from the national amusements, and so what this is basically saying is that a company that sumner redstone owns is paying for the legal
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fees for someone who is suing him. back to you. >> jane wells, competing with the traffic noise today. jane, thank you very much for that. >> and kara, we have the warning and the ongoing board drama, and what should we be thinking regarding viacom? >> well, they are going to be removing philippe dauman, and one el legal step after another, and doing this is fascinating, because it seems to me, one company with les moonvez running it. it is legal steps,ed and they will not perform. and sumner redstone the has behaved this way his whole life, a and now they are a part of it, and it is no surprise this is how it is going to go down. >> and if you are philippe dauman and why not go quietly, and keep your reputation intact, and this is a cautionary tale that you hire a lawyer as the
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ceo, and they sue to keep their job. >> maybe he has a big ego like many members of the companies. he was previously defended this is fine, and now he is not, and the daughter is the owner, and national amusements is the owner of this thing, and i don't want to call it a quasi public company, but it is, and it is contr controlled by the redstones. this is the way it is going to be, and he should step aside and i don't know what he is doing to use it as leverage to get money, but i don't know, but it is typical of this owner's life. this is, if you talk to anybody in hollywood, this is the end that exactly everyone expected given how extrapper oxus the owner s and so he will eventually leaving on some terms. >> do you expect more to come out of the various lawsuits in terms of the material information or are we already awash in enough information and
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drama? >> well, it is kind of gross, right? and meanwhile, they are make bad movies over at paramount, and just like an sbinternet companyn the middle of a drama, they should be focusing on the products, and that is not happening here, and they are focused on the legal fights to hold on to control, and the fact of the matter is that if philippe dauman had done well, and the stock was not where it is, he would not be under this situation, but the stock is weak under his leadership, and he has nothing to fall back on. and you can't say i should be ceo, when your record as ceo for the past couple of years is terrible, and abysmal, and you are making movies that nobody want t wants to see. and you are not coming from a position of strength, and the product is what matters with all of the companies. >> and the earnings puts a period on that for sure. kara, the sales force mark be i
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bennioff making a bid for linkedin, and what are you seeing there? >> well, he could not outbid microsoft, and they put up, sales force does not have the cash nor the stock to compete with microsoft, but it is making sense that he would want to add that quality to it. he was not interested in, and he would not talk specifically, but i cannot imagine that he was interested in the media business which is not profitable, but interested in the recruitment stuff that was sort of starting to see the softness for linkedin, but probably a good additive to his sales force offering and made sense that he would go for it, but it is ironic that microsoft looked at sales force which is a bert buy for them rather than linkedin. >> and what doesn't make sense, kara, is that the bennioff said he was looking for linkedin
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bolstering microsoft wanting th that, and mi make microsoft look good while throwing his weight behind linkedin. >> i don't think that he was going to bid that much, and he didn't think it is that much, or was able to nor could. but i guess -- >> but going public with the fact that he was interested making microsoft that they got a prize, and why not just keep quiet? >> it makes them look like they got a prize? i am not sure. >> and because of the cloud cred, and if he says it is worth something, then maybe it is worth something. >> well, it was worth something and so did wall street, but i think that the bankers were talking and it is out there, and why not? it is inevitable to get out and why not take the lead, i guess. i called him and nobody called him he said. i called him. >> and kara, the reports is that goldman sachs is advising a rival to microsoft, and sales force had looked at it, but it is anonymous sourcing and so to have him say this on the record
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is interesting, and so if they passed on the linkedin, because it is too rich, what do they believe they will go after next? >> that is interesting. i am not sure, because you have to look at a whole bunch of company, and a ton of companies in space that have been funded by vcs and added to microsoft or salesforce, and a bunch of compani companies, but it is the newest thing, the season of the m&a season, and he is right, and a lot of companies including the big ones, and linkedin is going the sell, and yahoo! is for sale, and you will see a lot of transactions, because a lot of properties struggling or in some distress that would do great with a larger partner, and so you will see a lot of that going forward and he is going to be possibly one of the buyers, and obviously not bought because microsoft would be the obvious buyer for him, but it is an interesting time. >> when you spoke to him, did it
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feel that he was doing defense, and make salesare force as an acquisition that much harder? >> well, he seemed enthusiastic about doing the doeals, and he bought demandware and $2.8 billion is not a small deal for that company. i think that is what it was, and you will see at lot of the deals out of the players in order to consolidate the services they are offering to customers. he is not shy about it. and everybody else is this the market to look at a lot of properties, because there is a lot of great properties, but the question is are you going the pay for them? overpay for them? do you have to overpay for them because of the depressed market? we will see. >> and mating season in silicon valley. >> yes, indeed. >> and microsoft waited for the big earnings disaster to come along before starts to talk. and kara, the new season of "orange is the new black" from netflix and could have competition of "dory" over the
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weekend, and there is a look at the future of chelsea handler having a new podcast, and how are you seeing these? >> well, she has a new show on netflix, and i talked to her on the podcast about it. and i know a lot about the netflix, and jonas is a terrific writer, but it talked about netflix starting off this change of the way that we watch television, on the binge watching and how they are competing for the content, and the difficulties they will face going forward and obviously, the networks are into the streaming business also, and it is an exciting time for content, and there is lots of places to get the content, and lots of places to choose are from and lots off places to watch. i know that my watching habits have changed directly, and i don't watch the linear television at all and everything binge on netflix actually, so it is going to be an interesting time how this sort of keeps
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evolving and where netflix plays in this going forward? >> is there a'll ceiling in terms of the production costs and content costs where people should deserve to be worried? >> yes, always a sealing. and the subscriber growth is the big issue for them. can they keep the subscribers they have, and have them stay around and tolerate a pay increase. i would certainly pay more to netflix, because it is worth while for me, but it is a question of how long does it keep going, and again, something like netflix could be bought eventually or it could be buying people. it is a el really interesting ti time. there's a question of how much content they can get on there, and they have to keep making hits like anything else. you saw the paramount, and ninja turtles didn't work and maybe one of the shows won't work, but so far, really great taste in terms of the shows and successful, but there is a question if you can keep doing that, and that is part of the business of doing business in the entertainment business in the modern age. >> and a legacy as well. than you, kara swisher, and thank you for coming on. >> yes, and thank you, and all
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of the nos and is and all that stuff. >> it never gets old that open. >> i know. >> and the market is modestly down, and the dow posted a triple-digit loss and some fears of the campaigning in the uk is s suspended as the country is in mourning, the member of parliament, and we are seeing of course, blackrock coming out to say, that it does not think that the market is pricing in the risk of brexit, and bullard is only saying that he expects one hike, and we will see how the market is digest aring, that and currently nasdaq is down 49, and google and shares are selling in search of descending, and this is one of the biggest losers and that is one of the reasons that the nasdaq is faring as one of the worst of the indexes. >> and the galaxy is not far away, and how lucas' bet on virtual reality is bringing the
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the force is getting stronger and real are stick. augmented company majik is proof using a scene from "star wars." and we are joined by the director of the xm lab. and welcome to new york. >> great to be here in person. >> and the fact is that h holographic is a chess reality. >> well, it is a mix of the real world with the virtual world incorporated a sond things are possible that were never possible before. so holo chess is something that could exist in our world, but it would be available through in this case like the magic glasses. >> and you said in 24 years of il, m you have never seen
11:17 am
anything as excited as this. >> this is definitely the most exciting moment in my personal career, and it is actually the convergence of interactive and film. which is something as important to me in that long, and so to see this technology and to engage in this partnership is amazing. >> how much does it matter if you are working with majic leap or augmented, and is this magic leaf's approach which is more secretive than microsoft's or just an overall endorsement of the mixed are reality? it sn endorsement of the mixed reality, and we are interested in working across the platforms, and our interest is in kcontent and story telling, but we were excited about what magic leap was doinging the, and there is a like mind defense in terms of what we wanted to do in the storytelling arena. so it was a nice match of interests. >> when do you think that it
11:18 am
gets beyond the techies and the fan boys, because it is fascinating technology, but it is hard to wrap our heads around when main street gets behind this? >> well, i think that not being a gamer myself, i actually think that is what is going to be the bridge in for more of the broad consumer base is these kinds of interak t interactive story telling experiences. and those things are kind of the sort of the very easy to engage with. that is true both in the virtual reality, and also in the augmented reality. >> are you likely to do this at a theme park and movie theaters, and is that the vision versus where the topography is trickier? >> well, i am not sure where we will do it first, but we are interested in the home where we have the opportunity of the extended engagement, but in the theme park or the location where you control 100% of the environment, you have the possibility of impact and scale. so both are really important to
11:19 am
us, and both are really important to magic leap as well. so those are both sand boxes that we will be playing in. >> and give us a sense of the computing power that is required. >> oh, gosh. >> on the engineering and the consumer side, and what do we have to buy hardware wise? >> well, i'm not the technologist, and so i cannot answer that in any specific way, and the technology is becoming more and more powerful. i think that as time goes by magic leaf and ho lshlo lenses well will be a self-contained unit to deliver these experienc experiences. >> are so it is interesting that the way that you are describing, because not all of us are game er ers, but they need a way to be introduced without playing games, and you think that it is going to be in the shorter form the narratives before we move on to our hour-long dramas or the feature-length things in the the theaters?
11:20 am
>> that is one of the things that the we are trying to understand right now, what is the length of experience for virtual reality as well as augmented reality, and it seems like it is shorter form for a whole number of reason, and people with the virtual reality goggles don't want to keep them on their head for an hour, et cetera, but we rare also trying to figure out what the experience is like in terms of the story or the balance of the story or the interak tctivity a your role as the user. it is like being in the beginning of cinema and defining the art form. >> and what better partner than lucas film and this is the creme de la creme, and who else would you partner with? >> we are interested in all platforms, and our experience is creating compelling immersive experience, but there is an opportunity here to clob rating with magic leap, and the first thing, we saw their technology and got incredibly excited about
11:21 am
it, and so we invited them out to san francisco to see what we had been experimenting with, and we had been doing the simulations, if you will of what the mixed reality or the augmented reality would be like, and they got excited about that, and we talked about what the aspirations were in the space, and they were so closely aligned that it laid the foundation to say, what if we could colocate a lab to are where we have the talent from the magic leap, and talent from the ilmx lab and pa partner and forged new ground together, and that is really exciting. >> yes, and what is amazing to me is the kids being born now, and this is how they will grow up, up, and it is not how you and i saw television -- >> no. >> television and film. so good to have you, and thank you for coming. >> thank you. >> and when we come back, apple shares are struggling amid the reports that the china is going to ban the company from selling the 6 and the 6 plus in the company, but we will tell you what is going on.
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>> and musically, is the new app taking over music world. we will have more on that the when "squawk alley" continues. i was working in the yard, my chest started hurting
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welcome back to "squawk alley." we have a news alert in the hedge fund, and according to dow jones, citing sources familiar, alliance bernstein is set to buy a heblg fund that the deal could be announced as earlier as today. you may recall rlleier in the week, the number of current and former visium employees were charged with insooider trading. and so kayla is keeping an eye on the hedge funds especially with visium. >> and the shares of alliance, ab up on that news. and josh lipton is live in san francisco, and he has the
11:26 am
apple china confusion all sorted out, and what do we know? >> well, kayla, it is a headline that would make any apple investor shutter, that beijing regulator wanted apple to stop selling the iphone 6 and iphone 6s sent the shares of apple into the red, and under pressure still at this time. but then apple clarified what it mean means. apple said that the iphone 6 and 6 plus and 6s and 6s plus and iphone 6e models are now all available for sale in china, and we appealed a administrative order from a patent tribunal in beijing last month, and so since, the order has been rescinded. so now, apple is saying that it
11:27 am
has to make its way through the chinese court system, but as of right now, there is no interruption to the apple business, and all iphone models are for sale in beijing, and there is also a report that the company will stop production of 6, 6s and 6 plus, and apple say s ts that is not true. but you can't blame the investors for being nervous. some of the 15% of apple's total sales comes from mainland china. when i spoke to tim cook after the company last reported results, he said that he is long term bullish on china, but he said that the companies doing business in china at least right now no longer have the wind at their backs. guys, back to you. >>. >> all right. josh, for more insight, we welcome back the ggvt capital investor hance, and tell me what
11:28 am
sense this makes of this supposed to be the victim of the apple's patent infringement, but it is not looking like the iphone 6, and it looks like an iphone, and apple has been making the iphones for a long time, and what is happening at the local level that sparked this, do you think? >> well, i just got back from china on wens tai, and as of now, as apple stated, iphones are for sale in china. you can buy the 6s and the 6s plus, and that is notissue. at the local level this is happening in shenzhen, because they are looking toing something that is similar to the iphone 6, and the chinese government is making a statement, and even
11:29 am
though it is a regional level that the ip protection is important in china, but goes both ways and at the senior level, there is not a major issue for apple. >> and how are they making in the statement that the i.p. protection matters when for year years gao mi was seen to have copied the major things that apple has come up with, and now ip matters and is this a shot across the bow, and what should the investors look for in roadblocks or speed bumps from apple after this? >> at some level, all smartphones look alike, where it is samsung or the hce, and the apple iphone, and so it is a lot of people adopting it.
11:30 am
and apple has never made a large foep, but after seeing samsung has done it, and done well, they made the changes, too. so this is happening at the the local level to make a point, but the more senior level, it should not be an issue. >> and okay. so it is head quarter and desiped in china, but it is with one of the most popular music websites in america to share short streaming videos, and now joining us founder, and creator lewis and hans is staying with us as well, and how do you build on this and keep it
11:31 am
from being a one-hit-wonder in the app world? >> well, people need a powerful tool to be creative, and to, you know, to share the life. is the easy to use -- music musical. this is the driver, and we created a positive community where the people share about their life and make friends. this is two of the major drivers to make music pop ular. >> what is in it for the artist to host their content on mew, and it is to get the z users more engaged with the songs they are putting out? >> yeah. i think that we created some unique ways for people to get inspired by people, and other people, and for example, if you are shooting a video, and using
11:32 am
a popular sound, and people, and the audience feels very insp inspirable. you know, they are going to be like maybe your actions, and then, this is where a unique way to make a sound, a video or popul popular. >> i al wondering if there is particular significance in the success with this app? i mean, we have not seen companies head kwart quartered shanghai makings a big impact like this in the past that i can recall. at least the knock had been, oh, well, regionally, in china, you are having an impact, and a global impact here. do you believe you have cracked the code and we will see more of that innovation? >> yes, the world is more flat in the mobile world, and yeah, we believe in that more companies like us designing in
11:33 am
ch china and coding there, and we will get the global success. so i think that, you know, we get started from the united states, and then go into the europe market, and then we got a rise again in asia as well. so you will see more and more, you nknow like a small team lik us building the innovative products liked by people all over to the world, because i believe in that, that the minds and the people's needs are actually universal. >> hans, how can you tell whether a chinese company is going to be able to break through when you are investing and maybe have that global impact? is there something that you can see right off of the bat that indicates it >> well, looking at the team that has experience in the chinese market and people working in the u.s. for a long period of time. and any time you have a team that has a complimentary dna that combines the practice of
11:34 am
the best of the east and the west, that is a powerful combination, and when we speak to lewis, and his co-partner alex, their thoughtfulness and the understanding of snapchat and the instagram, and the understanding of the popular streaming networks in china is unprecedented under one roof. so that is a key reason for us to want to make a bet on them early on. >> indeed. whether it is phone sales impact or the app culture impact, china is continuing to grow in the influence. and lewis yang and hans tongue of gve. >> and now sh, simon has more o the markets in europe? >> yes, heavy losses and a market down for 6% of the three weeks, and the banks down 11%, but today, a strong rebound as you are aware of campaigning in uk for the brexit vote thursday is suspended by both sides and parliament is being recalled
11:35 am
monday for the issue of the killing of the mp jo cox. and because the killer shouted to leave britain, and so it is going to be a high trading today, and the uk banks have rallied strongly. the banks are the center of attention for all of the people in europe, and all of the things that we have been discussing in the last week, and euro banks are picking up the positive move and some of them are absolutely rocketing with the likes of credit suisse or the deutsche banks coming off of the all-time lows that we racked up yesterday, and in particular, the italian banks which are so volatile because of the nonperforming loan situation,
11:36 am
and where the economy is going, and whether they can recapitalize, and those guys are flying as well. in the meantime, the eu finance ministers meet in lux somebesom and they meet to make the eurozone more relevant, and more people are included in it including a bank deposit guarantee scheme, and the vote of the officials with the note of the italy anti-establishment vote, and sunday, the spanish general election that should result in gridlock again. meanwhile, have a nice weekend. enjoy the sun. >> yes, a lot going on. and shares oracle are moving higher by 2% at this hour. the cloud boosting oracle's line, and or ra can kl has to take on the cloud giants microsoft, and amazon which is
11:37 am
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good morning, once again, everybody, i'm sue her rera, an here is the cnbc update at this hour. the international association of athletics federations has upheld the doping ban on russia's track and field team which means they will not compete in the summer's rio games. in the meeting in vienna, they said that russia has not done
11:40 am
enough to instill global integrity of the athletes. >> and the flight recorder has been found off of the egyptair flight that killed all 66 people aboard. the data voice recorder was found yesterday, and both were found tucked inside of the tail. >> and the 94-year-old auschwitz ss guard was sentenced to five years in prison, and he is free on appeal. and fire crews in sarasota are battling a massive wildfire. it is not clear if anybody was inside of that building when it started at 5:00 a.m. that is very dramatic photos. and strong results from oracle with the cloud revenue coming in above the wall street
11:41 am
expectati expectation, and the stock is better than 2%, and software and platform revenues rose 6%. the cloud bookings fell short of the expectations, but given the bullish language that was used to describe the cloud service, it is unclear how much that matters, because katz said that oracle is going to be growing significant significantly this year, and we know that oracle's plan all along has been to be doing that while maintaining or growing margins, and it is important to think of that with the cloud m&a market, and the dell snatching up cloud, and sym nashgs --
11:42 am
symantac as well. >> but, oracle has done many big deals of their own, and what are they going to be doing? >> well, i believe they are transitioning as safrkatz put it, they are interested and i would be surprised if they raise their hand. >> and 22 years ago, o.j. simpson led the lapd on a 20-mile chase outside of the los angeles city limit s s in that white bronco, and today, the business of o.j. is booming, and we will talk about why in a minute. tokyo-style ramen noodles.
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every bowl blurring the line between food...and art. when you cook with incredible ingredients... you make incredible meals. fresh ingredients. step-by-step-recipes. delivered to your door. get your first two meals free report, the bond king is with us, jeffrey gundlach and how the central banks are losing control and how the brexit vote is going to affect the markets and much more. and is beijing banning the iphone? we will separate fact from fiction. and bti's rich greenfield is with us, and he is going all in on viacom as the company's soap opera takes another turn. carl, jon, we will see you in 15. >> we will both see you. okay. we go to the santelli group as
11:46 am
rick santelli has the santelli group. >> i love what the judge wapner just said. he is going to have jeff gundlach on and even is looking at him as a seasoned trader running a big fund, and they are going to be talking about credibility, and loss of credibility, and i am wondering what exactly does a loss of credibility look like? i think that we have been living through it a little bit, but it is hard, you know, the boiling frog analogy to understand it as you are going through it, but as we are more through it and look ing in the rear-view mirror, we will get it. let's put together some is of the piece, shall we? programs and policies, and believe me, i'm not saying that there are any easy answers. ira and i years ago talked about the experimentation of the policies of the central bank, and ira used the word they put us on mars, and they put us on the spot.
11:47 am
and now the question is how to get back, and the fact is that exit is not easy, and lot of this was dumped on janet yellen and the committee's lap, but the fact is that we have seen change. and diminishing returns when you dig into the policy does not end well no matter where it emanates from, and in this case, the central banks. and look at the spreads widen and in system of the central banks in europe, and that is attributed to exit or draghi's programs or the loss of credibility so whether it is italy or spain or france, and benchmarked against their 10z against the bund, and the german bund the definitive credit of the eurozone, and it is not huge, but when you consider how low/negative rates are, it does speak volumes, and brex sit going to give you insight into the evolution, because what is changing is the strategies aren't working and tires have to be kicked, and the economists
11:48 am
and the central bankers have a holding issue, and that is that it is hard for them to experiment in the way that many market participants want them to experiment, and that is to experiment in the ways to normalize and exit, because there are not many models, and if anything should go wrong, and economically approved models have not made the workers work well, but on the brexit specifically, everything is changin changing, and no matter how the vote turns out, and more scrutiny and the programs are higher above the radar and we have mario draghi, and company going to the have to address what our own fed has addressed, but maybe the most important issue of all is that no matter the brexit vote, how it turns out, there are going to be changes, and remember after draghi's term ends in 2019, there is going be a german with his spot, and already many dates of constitutional court in germany still trying to kick the tires of whether the purchase program known as omt, and outright purchase program in the
11:49 am
eurozone is even constitutional. all of the issues fit in, and that is what a loss of credibility looks like. it just feels as though it is in slow motion. ultimately the spreads do hold the key, and you want to watch if they want to start to challenge 1.5, and 2-year extre extremes, and kayla, back to you. >> rick santelli in chicago, and we will call it the silicon valley of northern pennsylvania, and pittsburgh is reinventing as a hub of innovation and tech and small business and a report from the steel city and keep it here in two minutes for squawk alley.
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the city of pittsburgh is shedding the industrial reputation trying to build one in the tech industry instead. kate rogers is live in pittsburgh with the look at how exactly they are doing that. hey, kate. >> hey, kayla, that is right. there are a ton of resources for the start-ups including innovation works, and they are a nonprofit that has expanded into 300 local tech companies that have gone on to raise $1.7 billion in follow-up fund iing. one of them is the robotic company that makes robotic arms used for bomb disposal, and they have shipped over 400 arms. >> the arms are put on the robots the go to do the dull, the dir tir and the dangerous,
11:53 am
whether it is defusing a bomb or work on a power line or whatever it is, and that is the key to project a human remotely. >> and he says that the city's roots in the steel industry have paved the way for the current reinvention. >> that steel industry created amazing talent both in terms of the work ethic behind it, as well as the manufacturing kn know-how, and now, what pittsburgh is doing is to take that remnants of the steel industry, and leveraging it, and building it into this high-tech powerhouse. >> and while jetting off to silicon valley or new york city could be tempting for re squared they say that robo-burgh is the om place -- is the only place to be. >> and that is a really, really fascinating story, kate peters in pittsburgh.
11:54 am
and the event that changed the media 22 years ago today. jane wells is there, and she is going to tell us how it is still creating content. and coming up, jeff gundlach on the half. you don't want to miss that. the dow is down nine.
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11:57 am
the fascination of o.j. simpson continues 22 years after the infamous bronco chase in l.a., and jane wells, we go back to jane wells with a closer look at that, and who not only remembers where she was, but probably in some way covering this, jane. >> yeah. kayla, tv coverage, changed 22 years ago today when the nation stopped to watch a beloved figure accused of two horrific murders lead the police on the long slow chase which ended at his house that night becoming the center of gravity for los angeles. >> they are according to the police scanners talking to the o.j. on the phone from inside of the house trying to the negotiate something. there is a big crowd here, of course, with people -- i just don't know what to the make of it. and jovial and laughing and running to the scene, and like a party. >> it seems that just like
11:58 am
yesterday, but it wasn't. and to the surprise of some, the saga remains powerful. >> you murderer! >> and espn's five-part documentary "o.j. made in america" premiered on abc saturday to win the time slot to over 22 million viewers and the twice what the 30-year documentary gets. and almost a quarter million people of are just streaming the whole thing on the espn app and the cool thing about it is that the documentary is completely different from the fx mini series earlier this year. >> i have o.j. in the car can, and he has a gun to his head, and tell the police to back off. >> reporter: for that one, the people tuned in to see the pilot over three days, and throw in the streaming v.o.d. and fox believes 13 million regular viewers turned into the fx
11:59 am
series and some of them too young to recall it is happening, and it is not over yet, because nicole brown's sister denise has a deal to come up with a crime draw marks, and maybe deal with his arrest in nevada, because there is always more material. >> and jane, some thoughts of where the viewers were when the news broke, and some of it was folding laundry with my mom, and can you cover the live shot on that day? >> well, the whole week from monday on, and that night, i remember that we were following up the 405, and which for some reason did not have traffic on the friday night, and back then the left-hand lane was an emergency parking lane, so i started to drive that up that to try to catch up to the bronco with the camerawoman, and people were sitting on the median on the 405, and cheering him on and not just on the of passes, but sitting on the freeway, and people, and families coming
12:00 pm
through into brentwood with the kids on the shoulders as a man with a gun to his head was trying to negotiate with police. surreal. >> and one of the last real touchstones for modern american media, and universal touchstones. jane, thank you. jane wells out west with us. >> and there is a busy week next week with brexit, so rest up, and we will be back to head quarters and the "half." ♪ turn it up all right. guys, thank you so much. welcome to the "halftime report" and i'm scott wapner, bullard and the brexit and why more volatility is like ly in the weeks ahead. with us, steve weiss, josh brown and jon


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