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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  June 17, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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and your fathers. i hope if you get an easing of tensions in the next week or so, that sets up a good choice. >> looks like our time is expired. check out the website my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. >> hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i just want to make money. call me. or tweet me at jim cramer. this whole situation is starting to feel a little greek to me. i'm talking about brexit. we are living in fear of an unknown. whether or not britain will vote
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to leave the eu next week. it won't lead to the chaos that many seem to be expecting. yet here we are after yet another day where the market was totally immersed in what will happen a week from now. the dow slipping 58 points. nasdaq falling. i say we've seen this movie before. except the last time we women through this, it was a heck of a lot worse. i don't really fear the idea that the uk, a country with its own currency, might divorce itself from europe. a whole couldn't penalty in with a different currency. greece leading the way, a few years ago, i was genuinely concerned about greece, spain, portugal and especially italy. the third largest bond market in the world. those were real unknowns and that would have reverberated around the world. but the european central bank solved all those problems, maybe not to your satisfaction but certainly the satisfaction of
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american stock investors. i think the same thing will happen again. the pajama traders. believe me. you may just get your chance to buy high quality stocks at bargain basement prices that might have seemed unimaginable a few weeks ago. remember, this isn't a gigantic nation defaults. it is ay its own currency pulling out of a union that will be more orderly than people think will happen. nevertheless, we'll be waiting here press in the for buying stocks, providing the earnings are not directly impacted by the vote. help me stay focused. remember, my list is robust. stocks like general mills, brift
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on the meyers. it will be the same thing. i'm waiting for the fantasy football. tuesday, a good read on the economy. as we know from the fed statement this week, it is anything but robust. too early to be carrying the country, all this play when carmax, they've been making a comeback of late. we need to hear more about the state of auto loans, many think a ticking time bomb. as for lennar, the housing market has been holding on but lennar will give us more granularity. the availability of credit. they always talk about it. after the close, we'll hear from adobe which is one of the last mobile and social cloud plays out there now that microsoft has soaked it up.
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for the record i'm acutely aware of how painful right now, the cuts for apple. they resonate loudly with me. even as i don't fear chinese block ang after speaking to the company person this morning. smart guys tell me to be careful. apple is going to go lower. i think it can't really bottom until we get a slew of down grades. not just price target cuts. i've said it every day. every time we talk about apple. meanwhile, alphabet has been under pressure. facebook can't pull out of a tail spin that started when andrew left. a true growth acceleration for its loud business had no real pin action. i like adobe. i especially like it if the brexit poll pulls it down. we got results from fedex.
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i don't know how kit beat quarter again. wednesday, janet yellen speaks and bulls want to hear she hand changed her mind that much since she spoke a couple days ago. that sounds funny but so many say it has become radically inconsiste inconsistent. i disagree. under yellen she's been consistent with the data. which is all you can ask for. oil inventory, a half-hour after she starts talking. i recognize that soil in a tight range. if they're higher, we're going to 45. we're trapped. thats the way it is. after the close wednesday, beth bad & beyond has been a real loser. i'm hoping they put some color on one kings lane. something they failed to do when they announced the acquisition this week. i am so glad that bed bath is not just buying back their own stock. that has done nothing for the shareholders. we also hear from another cloud based company consistently put up terrific numbers.
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that's red hat. this software is a service play that will likely put in another quarter. i don't want to you pull the trigger until you listen to the conference call. thursday, this company is doing so well that it might make send to buy some stock before the quarter and then leaving the european union. i don't think it will skip a beat. finally on friday, reactions from the brexit vote. maybe we'll get a few winks. i think this has gotten overblown to all proportions. unaffected buys as opposed to affected sells. then you'll be ready for anything the brits throw us. next week is about brexit. don't forget who won the war.
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>> caller: boo-ya, jim. this is alex from los angeles. for years i've heard phone companies are going from copper wire to fiberment onic. it hasn't happened yet? what is the best in breed for fiberoptic? what do you think about this in. >> the they were saying, this is good for a fit. i thought the quarter was terrific. i was quite surprised. one of the divisions was very strong. i think it represents a great up the. >> my question about groupon. they've made some significant changes in the last six months. the new ceo, cfo, company investments, such as alibaba, and i'm curious to hear what's your take on what's happening with groupon? >> no.
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it is still too early to buy groupon. i'm sorry. let's go to robert in oklahoma. robert. >> caller: good afternoon, jim. i'm interested in your suggestion, sir, as to zillow. since they seem to be losing market share to a foreign company out of canada. do we buy, sell or hold? >> i'm not getting that read of yours. i thought when we spoke to spencer, that we had a real good read. the market share is increasing. remember, the big word when he was on here was that lawsuit, and he told us not to worry about it. and he was right. they settled it. it wasn't that bad and zillow has been off to the races ever since. thank you for coming on and encouraging readers and viewers at the exact right price. next week, the priorities are brexit, also brexit, we've got to worry about brexit. but there are some numbers to be eyeing. i'm going to say focus even though i think people have lost their focus. stay tuned.
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"mad money" tonight. i'm weighing some more brefl yit/anti-brexit stocks. water works. they continue to be boiling. then only 53 companies have gone public so far in 2016 versus 234 in 2015. tonight i am eyeing one of the few new comes to hit the tape. and looking for a power play for your portfolio? i'm sitting down with letter d dominion resources to see if it can heat things up. i would suggest that you stick with cramer. >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow@jim cramer. have a question? tweet cramer. sent jim an e-mail to miss something? head to
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not much fanfare, one group of stocks has been quietly surging higher over the entire
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past year. i'm talking about the stealth bull market in the water utilities. by their very nature these are not the kinds of stocks you expect to have huge moves. yet it is up 35% in the last 12 months. and american water works has rocketed up 58% over the same period. those are incredible jumps. so what exactly do these water utilities do? the water waste water business is the nation's most fragmented engine. the vast majority of people in the united states get their water from municipal systems that are government owned. however in reason decades there's been a slow but steady drive to privatize it which is why roughly half the drinking water systems in america are now privately owned. although that could be misleading. these private systems serve just
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15% of the population. meanwhile 20% of our waste water systems are privately owned but they serve only 3% of the population. and i don't think this trend toward privatization is going away. i think it is accelerating. according to the epa, we'll need nearly $400 billion investment to improve the aging water structure. something has become you know end as lead seem to be popping up in drinking water all over the place. at the same time the american society of civil engineers said we need nearly $300 billion to improve the waste water infrastructure. very important. we don't want raw sewage spilling all over the place. the problem is it is very hard for state and hoke governments to raise that kind of money. that's why they turn to company like aqua america and american water to privatize their water systems. that way you're sending it for a big payout. now, you need to know that both these companies are very old.
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they were each founded in 1886. american water's symbol, awk, is the country's largest and most diverse publicly traded water and waste water utility. they are across 47 states not to mention some business in ontario, canada. american water, 86% of the business is regulated. whereas only 14% is market based. remember that. it will be important. aqua america, wtr, is smaller and serves 3 million in pennsylvania, illinois, texas, indiana, and virginia. most important thing about this company is it is called a roll-up. it is a company that grows by making a series of acquisitions. over the last ten years, aqua america has made merely 200 acquisitions in growth ventures. that's the thing about these two. they have been fab his outperformers for quite some time. over the past five years, it is
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up 168%. versus the 63% gain for the s&p 500. however, the real breakout for the stocks has come over the last 12 months. especially american water which has gone 58%. a great line. the chart, they were off the charts. how is that it these two water utilities are on fire? what has changed that allowed them to put up such tremendous outperformance versus the s&p 500? part of it is that utilities in general has been the best performing sector in 2016. isn't that amazing? remember, interest rates go down. this is comparison shopping. this group represents a terrific source of yield. in a yield starved market. let's think about this. the yield and tenure. 1.62. it is actually negative. many traditional utilities are
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closer to 34%. however, american water has run so much that its stock's yield has shrunk. aqua america isn't much better. 2.1% yield. still better. if the strength was just about investors chasing yield, it would have petered out a long time ago versus the stand arrested the. while utilities in general have done very well these two water stocks have done much better. so what sets them apart is this for starters, both have experienced steadily rising sales and earnings in reason years. leading to consistent dividend boosts. the numbers are nothing short of phenomenal. these companies are the two main consolidators. that's been true for ages. what has changed is that the rate of consolidation. now it is the rate of consolidation has picked up rapidly of hate and that's because of the nation's
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crumblinger infrastructure. yet our cash strapped local governments desperately need money and they ahead to to find ways to maintain the water systems. and water is really not an area where you want to try to cut costs. that's what happened in flint, michigan. and it turned into a national tragedy. that's kind of a microcosm of why these stocks are doing so well. that's why privatizations become pop hard with so many municipal governments. they get a bunch of cash and become someone else's problem. american water and aqua america are happy to pay up. they know the water business. they know it is steady. it is as steady as it gets. and they have a lot more experience matching these systems effectively than each one. and that's why these new companies have been acquiring municipal waste companies around the country. faster growth, there's been an additional benefit. as they get larger, it gives the companies a lot more bargaining
6:19 pm
power when they're negotiating with state and hoke governments. especially negotiations with the rates they can charge to customers. they're allowed to add a surcharge when they spend money improving their infrastructure. and that means it has become a lot more lucrative. consider that for american water alone, they have approval for higher prices and infrastructure in north carolina, ohio, texas and virginia with rate increases pending in new jersey and indiana. now the regulated water utility business has become a problem, these two companies have been shedding their more nonregulated. hey, this american water, 86% of their sales from it. at this point, i feel like i missed it. i missed aqua america, american water.
6:20 pm
they traded 26 and 24 times respectively. that is expensive. even for a pair. plus their dividend yields have become puny because the stocks have rallied so much. the problem is they've already plucked the low hanging fruit. if the economy ill proves and the fed decides to tighten it down, they will get crushed too. the run on aqua america and water america has been nothing short of amazing. it is a great story. sometimes you have to tell yourself that you missed it. you have to move on. in the case of water stocks, i think you're hate to the party. here's my suggestion. wait for the next pitch. who knows? you get this big brexit thing that everybody is talking about. that will be a nice fat pitch and you can hit it out of the park with either one of these two amazing levitators.
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much more "mad money" ahead. you know how seriously i take my plants. i'm trying to get some mulch. i'm eyeing a company that can keep your garden and your portfolio in the green. and i like it. is it time to consider a domestic utility? like dominion resources? not connected with europe? we'll check in with the ceo. and then the soap opera worthy drama playing out of via com.
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they distribute more than 100,000 food products including
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everything from irrigation supplies to fertilizer, controlled products, nursery goods, landscape accessories. it is a one stop shop for everything you need for the design, installation of lawns, gardens, even golf courses. if you're buying in bulk, you can get lower prices. now it came public a month ago. it was may 12. and it came public at $21 a share and the stock did shoot up to 26.67. anyone who got in on that. and the next few days it blasted almost to 30. then it pulled back a bit. the last few weeks the stocks have been trading at roughly the same price. inched down to 27 and change as of today. it has done a deenl job hanging in there.
6:26 pm
so is it worth buying? as a gardener, i'm interested. it was create in 2001. it was part of john deere. the tracker company opportunity name john deere land scapes. in 2013, the private equity firms bought a majority 60% stakes in it for $564 million. it expanded nationally but seven different businesses in just 18 months. then the private equity guys decided to take it public. even after the ipo, doing 45% of the company said i'm not crazy about it. then you have to consider the tam. more than $16 billion in north america. it is driven by consumer spending, existing home sales, rising home prices, not to mention commercial construction,
6:27 pm
repair and remod elling. and rising household formation. but for the most part it is incredibly fragmented. limited product offerings, not many supplier relationships with housing prices expected to increase up to $1.2 million. we had decent numbers today. you can expect a lot more spending on landscaping. and site is poised for it. nobody else has a national foot print or the variety of products. commercial construction seems poised to bounce back. it has been a couple of hard years. gall news for site one. it means nobody needs on pay to manage your lawn. and given the recent drought in the southwest, we've seen a rise in demand for ecofriendly products that use less water. and good news for sipt one since
6:28 pm
the yeairrigation supplies. on the plus side, it is fragmented. four time the size of your closest competitor and larger than the 15 company in the wholesale landscaping space combined. matthew says they tend to be number one or number two. more than 80%. nobody else comes close. and remember they have the product offering. at the same time, site one believes they can expand dramatically. they're trying to be consolidated. and they have a good track record. meanwhile in addition to buying more landscaping suppliers, they man to grow the market share in the places where they already operate. by offering more products. this company has a nationwide foot print, it only sell the product line in 36 of the top 100 metropolitan areas. a lot of room to grow. simply by making the merchandise more places. there is cost containment. they plan to boost profitability
6:29 pm
while enhancing, investing this more data analytic systems like when we talked on splunk last night. they're already bearing fruit. how about the number? ever sense it was taken private and started going on this takeover spree, the company has been able to accelerate the growth rate. 2015. it posted growth, that translated into fantastic 32.7% earnings growth. let's look at both sides. for starters, it is a sub on that malbalance sheet. very little this cash. of course they raised had it to pay down the debt. housing can be very cyclical. if the federal reserve decides to tighten. it will hurt the industry and crush the stock. there will be a lot less demand for landscaping supplies.
6:30 pm
of course the fed is on hold found. they're also hostage to commodity prices like grass seed, at the moment i think the pros do outweigh the cons for this company. what about stock? analysts are predicting earnings. all four per share. it means it is trading two time next year's earnings. it is only selling for just under 18 times next year's earnings. the earnings go up. the price is going down. 18 times. the same as an average suv. the closest comparisons and there are not many are beacon which sells moving supplies and pool court. they've been on the show. they sell swimming pool supplies with a small landscaping business. it is pretty much in line. if you look at the home
6:31 pm
improvement coil, home depot for 17.7. those numbers, well, site one is a premium to those guys. then again it should. it is faster growing. home depot doesn't put up any new stores in this country to speak of. so let me give you the bottom hine. unlike so many ipos we've seen, site one has gotten off to a pretty good start. company reports next wednesday. i suggest if you like the story as much as i do, put on a small position before the quarter and then wait to see what happens. they could report strong numbers and then get slammed if this brexit vote goes the wrong way the very next day which might create fabulous buying tunnel. this is the kind of sleeper stock that fits the risk profile needed to stay in the game during this admittedly erratic internationally driven stock market. stefan in ohio? steven? >> caller: yes. >> you're up.
6:32 pm
it's jim cramer. >> caller: my question is about a small cap company called install building products. sim when i -- ibp. in central ohio that came public, i believe in january of 2014. it is up about 42% this year. and it is up about four fold from when they first split. >> i'm looking at this and i'm thinking to myself, how did i miss this one? how did i miss this? our viewers are so smart. this fits the thesis that i've wanted. i've gone all the way down the food chain. and to the mow hawks. wow! we're going to do a piece on it. it sells a million products. and i have to thank our viewers
6:33 pm
once again for coming one good things. please come up to me if you see me on the street. i like it. you'll see some of me being tweet. it doesn't get much more domestic than your front yard. that's why this spreegs me. it has gotten off to a strong start in this brexit the time. much more ahead. does dominion have your profit? i'm getting an update on a stock you know i've liked a lot. then let's face it. viacom hand been a bastion of transparency. the question is who is running the show? plus, all your calls. rapid fire in tonight's edition of the lightning round. and a look back at the week that was. so stick with cramer!
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on the network of yesterday.
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the fed telling us it is on hold when it comes to raising interest rates any time soon. and everybody is worried about what could happen overseas if britain votes to leave the eu. you need to be focused on the stocks' consistent companies. that's been my theme for weeks.
6:37 pm
take dominion resources. one of the largest in the united states. 3.8% yield, multiyear favorite of ours. it is the steady eddie that could be a terrific buy if it ever comes down. with the stock at a 52-week high, you can hope it gets hammered. the last time we spoke with dominion at the beginning of february, they just announced they were buying quest star. last month the share holders approved the merger. basically a strong quarter reported last month. that means the numbers could be really fabulous once the acquisition choses. higher numbers often means higher dividends. so let's check in with tom and find out how the company is doing. welcome back to "mad money." >> good evening. good to be with you. >> before we get into the numbers. i care about the zmums the
6:38 pm
dividends. i came upon something i think we have to talk about. 20%, since 2011. 20% of your new hires have been military veterans. tell me why and tell me why more aren't like you? >> well, thanks for asking about that. 20% of all of our new hires since 2011 have been veterans which brings our total work force, about 15,000 employees, a little oh 10%. almost 12% of our employees veterans. we're going to continue that pace trying to get 20% a year. it is not a quota system but veterans fit the job, the culture of our company and of our industry generally. we started the program in 2011. we're trying to get it industry wide across the united states. many of my colleagues are doing similar programs. i come from a military family.
6:39 pm
my father and franld father were both career army veterans. so i grew up on military posts across the country. it is very important to me personally. it fits the company. >> thank you for making that possible and giving people a place to go. lots of company we deal with have nowhere near that ratio. you are about to close soon on quest star. it will change the make-up of the party. it is a go west young man strategy. why do this? serving going so well for dominion as it is now. >> well, a great question. really, as you know we're big in electric utility business. also big in the transportation business. we don't produce gas. we're a very large transport he
6:40 pm
in the this eastern united states which is one of the most biggest gas hines. looking long term. 10, 20, 30 years out. we wanted to have diversity of geography so we can continue to expand our business once the east gets built up. it will take a decade. with a company like dominion, you need to be thinking out longer than how this quarter will go or this year will go. you need to be thinking much longer term. quest star is a great company. fastest growing state in the country. and we're looking forward to closing the transaction by the end of this year. >> okay. you have a vast panoply of facilitiesful will there ever be a nuclear imagine other than the ones started? >> i think our coal plan that we
6:41 pm
built in the south western part will be the last one built in the united states. as far as nuclear, that i think will compensated on the power plant. not just the five years which is the initial compliance dead hinls. i'm thinking the last 20, 30 years. it would be difficult to meet the ultimate carbon bills. >> you offer great dividends. it has been an amazing story for us. they're still being built and still taking advantage of the low cost power. >> they sure are. i think we opened 12 last year. and we're expecting 10 or 12 this year. they still come here. rehijack power and there's a
6:42 pm
community which is lots. >> data farm can be places that supply for amazon or google. the company that really just use a huge amount of power and it hurts their bottom line if they're not with dominion. >> it does. and actually, jim, many are interested in getting power are renewable sources. we're building a solar farm for amazon in the eastern part of our state right now. it will be finished later this year. that's something else we're working on. the power from the solar plant farm. we will build the solar plan farm. it will go to the commonwealth of virginia office. microsoft is using their money to help promote renewable power in virginia through this unique contract.
6:43 pm
the only one of its kind in the country. >> always great to see you, sir. thank you. >> sometime things are pretty good. tom farrell and the letter is d. "mad money" is back after the break.
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6:46 pm
it is time! and then lightning round is over. are you ready! we'll tart with randall in california. >> hi, jim. boo-ya! >> a nice show one. a methodical boo-ya. what's up in. >> caller: i very much appreciate your wise and all-knowing counsel. my question is in regard to gw farma. speck to grow between 22 to $25 billion. >> i'm saying it is a big speck had a i have the stock and that i believe medical marijuana needs to be standardized and
6:47 pm
that's what gw has but boy is it ever speculative. steve! >> caller: a big boo-ya to you! from los angeles. >> okay. >> caller: i'm calling about novacure. >> yeah. that should be higher. i'm going -- that stock has come down a lot. holy cow. we think it is an okay stock. i like the ceo. let's to go chris in california. chris. >> caller: dr. kramer. thank you for taking my call. >> of course. >> caller: a little while ago, edwards high of sciences post one of the best they've ever post. it is down about 10%. >> this is a brexit stock. it is already at 25%. this does have the, there were some negative articles about it that are sending people off the
6:48 pm
scent. you don't to have break a chest cavity to do it. how about john in new york? >> caller: jim and jimmy, boo-ya! >> caller: so back in 2009, paying attention, doing my home boring. i bought a to know in 2009, 2010, 2013, i kept on buying. >> yeah, i wish the company would come back. a great pannomy of name. it still yields 3.7. i'm going to hesitate recommending it. we recommended it in the 20s. shirley in montana. >> surely you jest. what's up? >> caller: i'm wondering what is your opinion on atm. >> atm? atm?
6:49 pm
amt. all right. american tower. why? the way around, having to put up a hot of different towers. you just rental some towers and they have the right ones. arthur in massachusetts. >> caller: yes, many cramer, i have some lgc properties. >> i'm going to go long term care. i am still going to send you to deb. remember she came home and the stock, everybody was attacking her saying all sorts of things. being head strong and foolish. and she was right. okay. we're going to jeff in utah. jeff! >> looking for some insights into patrick industries. what are your thoughts long term? >> it is just a very good stock. how about jason in new jersey. >> caller: boo-ya from new jersey. thanks for taking my call.
6:50 pm
>> what's up? >> i'm looking at a friend line. >> we feel really good about nordic this. and that's the conclusion of the lightning round! >> really to have trade up in look. i think it is fine.
6:51 pm
american. plus, when it comes to it, it turns out -- >> and now, deep thoughts with jim cramer. >> how bad is bad? is this bad any worse than previous bads? let's to go mike in new york. mike. >> caller: jim, i want to see you 2016, third party. let's make american boo-ya again! >> very kind. probably not going to happen. >> i always love that. they will at the me i missed the point. went to college. wow, that was random. random? no. it's all about understanding patterns. like the mail guy at 3:12pm every day or jerry getting dumped every third tuesday. jerry: every third tuesday. we have pattern recognition technology on any chart
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plus over 300 customizable studies to help you anticipate potential price movement. there's no way to predict that. td ameritrade.
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sometimes there is just no good or easy way to value a stock and that's how i feel about viacom. it is hard to figure out ordinary stocks. with viacom we have a total blackout. who is running the company? who is going to get fired? who is on the board? is the 93-year-old redstone capable of running it? is his daughter running it? is phil still in charge or is he getting fired? viacom blasted down numbers big today. wall street was expecting 1.38. they're now saying $1.05.
6:55 pm
according to a shallow release from the company. hey, listen to this. they blamed the disappointing performance of the latest teenage mute ant ninja turtles movie. then it went on to say a strong slate of films coming. however, they're saying it is a weak shat. i'm hearing disappointing domestically from the and the star trek franchise has never really shined overseas. other than that, nothing is on the schedule that could possibly be a remote cash cow. more important, is all the chatter of viacom being taken over. perhaps they would like to sell. this is no sure thing either. perhaps they could do better under different management. he is among the highest paid executives in america for heaven
6:56 pm
knows what reason. it is possible the company could benefit from the less expensive stewardship. given that it is the most easily time shifted, perhaps it is worse far less than the others. you could say it is a wasted asset. how do you value it, or one that could be most easily excised? certainly the skinny kind? i keep reaching the could not choogs. while the stock seems cheek, it might be a value trap. it is a win. if it doesn't, you need real management to organize the turn-around. i have no idea how long that will take. one of my oldest rules is that i never recommend a stock on a takeover basis. and we know from the number cut that that is the case. so you want to speck hate on
6:57 pm
stock? you have to do it without my blessing. i know i've missed a takeover but i've also saved fortunes by avoiding taking a shot and betting that i might get lucky. it just hasn't worked out well enough in my thrive years of blessing. i say no thank you. too crazy, too murky, and way too hard to put a price tag on this soap opera's outcome. stick with cramer. on this company's servers. accessible by thousands of suppliers and employees globally. but with cyber threats on the rise, mary's data could be under attack. with the help of at&t, and security that senses and mitigates cyber threats, their critical data is safer than ever. giving them the agility to be open & secure. because no one knows & like at&t.
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