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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  June 28, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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can drain it with a best of him. my basketball game. in you have to talk about it. sxwr. >> final trade. >> you ready, pete, because you're going to like this. >> nike and the earnings. >> nike and the earnings. >> again, our thanks to bb and meantime, "mad money" starts right now. my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere. and i promise to thhelp you fin it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to make you money mind job not just to entertain but to educate and teach you. call me at 1-800-743-krns or tweet me @jame cramer. any kind of rebound like the dow rising 269, s&p climbing 1.78%, nasdaq pole vaulting 2.12%,
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people can't resist the lure of fang. they just can't stay away from my acronym for facebook, amazon, netflix, and google. now, alphabet. there's a simple reason for that. growth. they've got it. others don't. no matter what. and that's why f.a.n.g. led the charge today. when we look back at what this moment is about, when we search for the ultimate brexit-related worry, it's a recession. the slowdown and uncertainty that this vote triggered turned out to be broader than the united kingdom. not able to separate one country's economy from another at least when it comes to stocks. everything's impacted whether or not it makes sense because stocks trade in baskets, the s&p futures as well as the myriad of etfs out there and the baskets have no rationality to speak of. the same way that a terrorist attack like in istanbul this
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evening could have ramifications. cnbc will have a special report coming up right after the show. some stocks can get up on their own two feet a lot faster than other after any kind of selloff. so-called supergrowth names. people love and seek them out u for the superior bounceback capabilities. let's review why these stocks have such staying power then i'll give you a few more that are giving the f.a.n.g. plays a run for their money. we'll start with facebook. which closed up $3.73 to 3.42% today. right before the brexit vote, we found out their instagram business just crossed 500 million users. it feels like that was years ago that it happened but really it was only last week. now that's not a story in and of itself. what makes it a compelling data point, instagram added its 100 million users previous than t10 million who joined up. growth-seeking investors can't resist accelerating revenue growth. as facebook does a huge amount
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of business overseas, only half the businesses in u.s. and canada, 25% in uniform. a strong dollar will hurt facebook. that didn't matter at all today. greenback did slightly decline versus the euro. amazon, what can i say? a stock that rallied $16.59 or 2.4% today. first we got a survey from signal showing 42% of u.s. consumers favor amazon as their first choice for holiday gift giving. that's exactly a kind of thing that can push amazon higher. some timely terrific survey that gets people reintrigued after a couple rough sessions. the real excitement came from amazon's own prius lease about its dash buttons that let you order household buttons by pressing a button you can stick in your house. the button that is designed to make it easier for consumers to skip going to the store is an accelerated mode. usage growing from last year. there, that's that accelerated revenue growth component again. amazon is adding new categories
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galore, popular items like dial hand soap, quilted northern tissue and maxwell house coffee. bullish statements from toy maker hasbro and beloved campbell soup. amazon always earns its rightful play in f.a.n.g. with quotes like this gem. the amazon dash button is a huge success for trojan brand condoms according to vice president of marketing for trojans. and i quote again, it literally takes being prepared and protected to a whole new level making condom buying as easy as pushing a button. weiss continues, the unexpected and fun nature of the leading-edge technology from amazon goes a long way in bringing condoms more into the mainstream as normal consumer health product. you betcha. nurf, darts, toilet paper, coffee, condoms. all in a jiff.
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when you have a f.a.n.g. stock, you have friends. a note was published entitled "reports of netflix's design have been greatly exaggerated. reiterate buy. they once again make the case for the 143 price target on this stock which moved up 3% after a very prolonged hammering. stifel says, i quote, it is overblown, end quote, and points out netflix enjoys a sizable scale advantage over competitors amazon and hulu with 81 million global subscribers plus netflix on pace to release several times more original content than other guys and expects meaningful content leverage meaning they'll make a ton of money off their new shows. wait, we know people are very worried amazon is spending too much money per programming. so is the other guys. netflix is doing it, too. no, no issues. it doesn't matter how much
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netflix spends. w why? because netflix will grow slower as it adds more consumers. don't worry about any near-term fluctuations. netflix says it has disney programming coming up this fall and brexit exposure is only 7%. wow. that's what i love about a f.a.n.g. stock. there's always someone out there billing to buy, give it a boost when things calm down. this is a quintessential buy as we call them. that said, the last f.a.n.g. stock, google, it's become problematic. and not just because they changed the name messing up my acronym. we got a reit buy from morgan stanley this morning saying the se selloff is overdone. it's okay. stock moved up ten points, percent and a half increase. this was a halfhearted, half baked push.
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yet, morgan stanley kept it to alba bet target at $865. with friends like that, who needs enemies? i like alphabet. a huge cash position and lots of opportunities. this company has a gigantic foreign earnings stream and heard the slowdown talk endlessly. not to worry, innovation-based drivers still intact. i afree, but i think alphabet would have been up more today without this not so helpful, somewhat tepid read of bye. whi buy which brings me to an interesting juncture. the darned ill lit ration has been the only thing keeping google in f.a.n.g. i mean, honestly, isn't it time to recognize even though the future is incredibly bright for this when it comes to bounceback candidates, google no longer rebounds like it used to. and it has been overtaken by a couple of other better rebounding names. who's better at bouncing back
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right now? first on the list is broadcom. the communications semiconductor company created by the broadcob of agua venture. rallied 4.127% is a total no-qut situation and on cue morgan stanley reiterated its buy today noting the 12d 12 times earning does not reflect growth margins of 6 0% and healthy end market diversification. not totally dependent on apple or cell phones in general. that kind of call makes me want to turn f.a.n.g. into fanbu. what the heck does fanbu mean? second, there's ulta salon, non-amazonable makeup
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retailer/hair salon chain riding the wave of cosmetic necessity caused by high resolution smartphones. in a world, in a world where apple stock can't get out of its own way, even when the super cycle is pointed out as it did this morning, ulta has become the de facto investname growth investors go to. no one reiterated their buy recommendation on ulta today. they didn't need to do that. why? it didn't sell off this last few weeks. maybe ulta, buy, get a five letter f.a.n.g. replacement without google. let's play jumble. maybe it should be, how about maybe fuban? how about unfab? what do you think? you tell me. here's the bottom line. beware that the high growth game
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is one that ever ends. these stocks always bounce back. but the issue is from what level? we can't ignore brexit, we can't ignore a slowing global economy. all these stocks have high growth potential, if we get a real recession, nothing's immune except companies like clorox. the kinds of staples that never need to be reiterated as buys because they're the stocks that shine in times of chaos. today, with chaos resbit, they sold off. don't worry if scotland or barclays or some british institution hits the skids again, the staples, not unfab, will be making all-time highs. let's go to jim in michigan. jim? >> caller: hi, jim. i have a question about bank of america. do you think they'll raise their dividend any time soon? and i like to buy and hold stocks. so i'm thinking about buying bank of america and hold for 10 to 15 years.
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what do you think? >> bank of america, that's up to the government. the company is a company that i have candidly lost favor. i just no longer think that the company can be relied upon to be the one bank that you go to because the deposits are big. it just, it needs fed rate hikes and it just keeps making mistakes, frankly. all right, anyway, sink your teeth into this. growth stories are always going to be in the forefront of a bounceback. whether that's f.a.n.g. or fanbe or my new one, unfab, you need to be watching the level you're buying these stocks. "mad money" tonight, britain's boneheaded decision to leave the eu already run its course? i'm going off the start s to se what the tech companies are signaling about the market. then sometimes there's a move so strong from a previously sleepy name you have to ask yourself what the heck is going on? a stock that is up 50% year to date and you've probably never even heard of it. and how much did the closure cost to make?
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there's a player shaking up the fashion industry and could cause major waves around the industry. i'll give you the scoop so why don't you stick with cramer? >> don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer, #madtweets. send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743cnbc. miss something? head to you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork. month after month. year after year. then one night, you hydroplane into a ditch. yeah... surprise... your insurance company tells you to pay up again.
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here's the question everyone's asking. how can we tell if today's rebound is the real deal in the wake of the epic selloff that crushed our stock market on friday and again yesterday? has the decline caused by britain's boneheaded decision to leave the eu already run its course? have we bottomed? or was today simply an oversold bounce on the way to lower levels? and will tomorrow bring newfound concerns about terrorism after the tragic events at the istanbul airport? whenever investors start to panic and the market goes into free fall, there are certain things you need to do in order
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to get your bearings. for example, you've got to watch the cbo volatility index, the vix index for short which measures how much volatility experts expect in the s&p 500 in the near future. the vix goes by about name, a fear gauge, it's a proxy for the overall level of horror and trepidation out there. tonight we're going off the charts with the help of vix expert mark sebastian, a brilliant technician who's the founder of as well as being my colleague at, in order to f figure out what the volatility index is signaling about the market because he's our go-to vix analyst. looked in isolation, vix really doesn't tell you very much. what really matters here is the correlation between the vix and the s&p 500. in fact, according to sebastian, the best way to hunt for bottoms and spot tops in the stock market is by searching for moments when the virks and the s&p break their traditional patterns. before we get into the charts,
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though, let me give you a little background because you need to understand what those tradition l patterns are before you can notice aberrations. normal circumstances when the s&p 500 goes down, the volatility index tends to go up. that makes sense. the larger the decline in stocks the higher you'd expect the so-called fear gage to tgo by. it's scary. you get a little complacent. it's yo it's. sebastian points out when the s&p bottomed in early february wrich was a very climactic moment which coincided with a big spike in the vix and the next two months the s&p worked its way higher. okay. and the vix steadily declined. in short, when the s&p 500 and vix are mooufg ving in opposite directions, you know the market is making sense. this is how it's supposed to work, okay? that is actually a good depiction of a rational market. however, sebastian likes to look
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at anomalies, when the normal order of things breaks down. so check out this next pair of charts. they show the same action of the s&p 500 and the vix. this time we're highlighting a different period. notice what happened in late may and early june, the s&p 500 rallied. and the vix rallied, too. now, according to sebastian, when the s&p is up and the vix is up, that tells you something's up. in other words, something's wrong. in fact, it's a pretty reliable sign the market is gearing up for a potential selloff. things went awry at the beginning of the month when we got a disappointing nonfarm payroll report from the labor department which caused the stock market to rally because it meant the fed was less likely to raise interest rates. at the same time, that's that little move there, while the vix initially pulled back on the news, it quickly started to ramp again. and ultimately spent the bulk of this past month moving higher. so you can see the vix going up higher. and look, it's not like -- it's
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not like there was any we as to why the volatility index -- people started to worry about last week's big brexit vote ahead of the time and pushed up the fear gauge. the vix turned out to be a much better predictor of the brexit result than the actual polls or betting or any of that nonsense which suggested the uk was going to remain. but the volatility index was saying something very different. sebastian acknowledges the vix can sometimes give falses on y rally but it doesn't mean enomu. however, wroin see a big run-up in the vix, that tells you the strength is going to be relived. the s&p 500 went into a nose dive last friday. correctly predicted that. so if the volatility index predicted some of the recent carnage, what's it saying now? again, look at the same pair of charts. the s&p a00 and skrvix. this time we're focused on the last few trading days, all
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right? right here. at first when the s&p got slammed on friday, the vix spiked which is exactly what you would expect, okay? that's what happens. nasty selloff caused by fears of a global slowdown, economic chaos. then sebastian points out that something weird started happening. i'm talking about yesterday when the action in the vix was truly bizarre. see, the s&p 500 plunged. okay? another 1.8% yesterday. rather than going higher like you'd expect, right, market goes down, vix fear should spike. the volatility index actually went down and went down dramatically, falling nearly 2 points from 23. according to sebastian, it's very, very rare to see a selloff in the s&p paired with a pullback in the vix. what does it mean when it goes lower along with the s&p 500? in sebastian's view, that's often the sign we're approaching a bottom. yesterday the fear gauge was going lower indicating the level of panic was receding as we were going down and sebastian feels confident about today's rebound. he thinks the move could be the
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real thing. because yesterday the vix signaled the s&p was ready to bottom in the near future. if another shoe drop, the terrorism in istanbul could play a role. yesterday's volatility makes sebastian believe the averages are ready to roar in today's move, rather than being the end, is the beginning of something. plus, today the vix pulled back again as the s&p 500 rallied. it's not just the standard volatility index making sebastian feel this way. this is a new one. take a look at the next pair of charts which shows the s&p 500 on top and the v-vix or as kate who helped me set this up calls it, the vvix on the bottom. i like that. i'm going to use it. what's the vvix? okay. think of it like this. if the normal vix measures expected volatility in the s&p 500, vvix measures the volatility of the vix, itself. for those of you who remember calculous, the vvix is the derivative of the vix or
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layman's terms, the normal vix measures the velocity of the volatility. vvix measures acceleration or deceleration of the velocity. according to sebastian, when the stock market is down, the vvix should be exploding higher, okay? as traders race to buy insurance on volatility index options. instead when the s&p 500 declined yesterday, the vvix actually went down massively. that's the exact opposite of what normally occur. again, for sebastian, that's one more sign the panic is receding and today's rally could have legs which is really the issue, right? here's the bottom line. the action in the volatility index as internetpreted by sebastian, says the s&p 500 could continue to rebound by today. at the end of the day, the brexit was a really bad idea, for the markets, okay, but the vix says the lion's share of the damage at least to the u.s. is now behind us. hey, you know what, there's a cnbc special report tonight
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right after this show that you will not want to miss and, of course, there's much more "mad money" ahead. it's a company that's been around for nearly 30 years and straightforward business, but it's hard to find. i got -- this stock, the company's stock is up 50% this year. what's behind the stunning move? can it continue? i'll investigate. if you're buying basics like t-shirts, belts, purses, tote bags from commercial retailers, you're paying too much. nobody as done anything about it until now, that is. i have the stylish powerful player offering wardrobe staples without sticker shock. and clueing you in to the biggest clue for stock pickers. stick with cramer.
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you know the current back dro drop was less than ideal. today was a night day. in dafifficult market, there ar
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bright spots if you know where to look. every now and then we'll see a previously sleepily stock roar so rapidly it takes your breath away. why we want to own stocks. consider the explosive move in isp, insperity. the seemingly humdrum outsourcing company that handles human resources and administrative professionadd s t administrative processes. in the last few months this fairly straightforward enterprise saw its stock pole vault up nearly 52% when you see the kind of staggering move, you got to wonder what the heck is going on here? how does it generate such importance? can the stock have more room to run, which might answer the question as to some of your others stocks have room to run. i've been mulling over this question for a while. tonight is the perfect moment to answer because insper tirks y
6:27 pm
pulled back from its highs. down 2% since the monster marketwide selloff began last friday. you need to understand why insperity's stock caught fire. it's not a young company fresh out of the ipo, typer char turb growth rate. this thing has been founded 30 years ago. publicly traded since 97. while the company is solid, it's not exactly what you call sexy. it's a business process outsourcing play. they're called bpos. they help other companies succeed by taking care of the tedious tasks. human resources management, payroll services, recruitment, employment veen iscreening, and expenses. they offer a bundle of workforce optization services that handle everything, improves productivity and better benefits. they deal with the paperwork
6:28 pm
from hiring and managing your workforce, and providing health insurance that complies with the care act. helping them recruit new employees and retain existing ones in order to reduce turnover. i know, not exciting. these guys know what they're doing. all told, the company has over 100,000 corporate clients. the insperity is not the kind of stock you expect to go higher. in the months following financial crisis, insperity underper formed the s&p 500. in 2015, we learned the activist hedge fund, star board value, took a stake in the company and insperity -- the stock then spent the next 14 months basically trading sideways. in a tight range.
6:29 pm
until rocketing higher once again over the last few months. we know last year's big move was about star board making its the largest shareholder and issuing a public letter, detailed the way they believe they'd underperformed. star board pointed to the failure to meet long-term guidance. a bold five-year forecast in 20 11 that they missed. lacked behind competitors dramtly in terms of revenue growth. star board offered solutions. yeah, this is a case of a good activist. they said that insperity should aggressive cut administrative and advertising costs. they proposed initiating aggressive buyback. advocated a major corporate governance overall includes min finally starboard, the activists, argued insperity should put itself up to sale,
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the profile that appeals to equity firms. management was reluctant to hear them out, insperit whery reache starboard. starboard got two board seats and a third future board appointment to be named later. on top of that, insperity would create a committee to review the business. they took starboard seriously. however, after that, in wasn't much news out of insperity for the rest of 2015. last december, insperity announced it was modifying a dutch offer to repurchase $125 million of its own stock. one fell swoop at $47.50 share a share. a few weeks later they reported a weak quarter but management gave bullish guidance for the next quarter and full year and
6:31 pm
that guidance, not the quarter, itself, the guidance sent the stock up. in mid-march when the stock was hovering around $50, starboard nominated two more board members ahead of the company's annual meeting. what sent the stock soaring when insperity reported results at the beginning of may. off a $1.47 basis off the raised guidance. management raised its full year guidance from 2016 again. this time they have credibility. insperity just exceeded the quarter forecastly gave lly th february. the company's total expenses declined by nearly 9% year over year. that was something starboard said could happen. the monster buyback, something starboard wanted to propel the fabulous earnings beat. the stock rallied 22% in may. they agreed to add more starboard affiliated board members.
6:32 pm
a dividend boost also raising its buyback authorization from a half million shares to 1.5 million, equal to 7% of the total outstanding shares. the stock has been roaring higher ever since right up until friday when it got dragged down with the rest of the market because of uk's botched brexit vote. now we know why, this is the story of an underperforming company that's been whipped into shape over the last year and a half by very smart activists at starboard value. the question is can insperity continue the run? this is where it gets difficult. trades at 17.6 times next year's estimates. no longer super cheap. given the company is on track to generate, 60% earnings this year, i have to believe there's more upside. however, there's one caveat. the activist at starboard who masterminded the turnaround so brillia brilliantly, earlier this month we learned the hedge fund sold more than half. i think that's basic discipline
6:33 pm
given how much the stock has run. at this point the low-hanging fruit has probably been picked. let me give you the bottom line. yes, i think insperity has more room to run. while i like the story and think the stock can go higher, the truth is that the easy money has been made courtesy of the smart guys at starboard just doing it right and keeping track about the notion. that an activist can be a force of good in some of these stocks. raj in texas. raj? >> caller: boo-yah. how are you, jim? >> i am real good, raj. how about you? >> caller: entertaining, educating with your 25 years of experience. want to make some money. >> thank you very much. let's go. >> caller: i have a 19-year-old daughter. she just finished her first year at u.t. austin. >> excellent. >> reporter: i thought the best gift i could give her is open a roth i.r.a. account for her retirement. >> completely right. >> caller: okay. i want to choose for her
6:34 pm
systemic everybo month at least $100 investment, a stock called american waterworks. help me. is it good or bad? >> you know what, there would be a time, first of all, you're doing sujust the right thing, r. there would have been a time i'd say forget about it. ever since we heard of so many different mishaps and municipalities are so desperate to raise money, this company has been great. the answer, american waterworks, it's going to go up over time. it's a terrific stock for you to buy for her. i agree with you. chris in ohio. chris? >> caller: hi, jim. on and off its 5 2 week high do you think it will maintain it? >> goldman sachs came out with two different suggestions that you sell the stock. each time the stock has run. i am not betting against these guys. i want them on the show. they are really, really smart and have pet food which we know from idex labs is a great
6:35 pm
business. all right. the move by insperity has been incredible. the operative words there are maybe has been? while there could be a little more to run, the low-hanging fruit has already been picked. at least we described how that happened and how you can find more. much more "mad money" ahead including my buys in a post-brexit world. is there any company that can benefit from this landscape? i'm investigating. the j. crew for millennials, offering value conscious products with a socially conscious message. can everlane sustain? i'm sitting down with the ceo. and tonight's very special edition of the "lightning round" so stick with cramer.
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last week before everyone became consumed by the brexit debacle thursday night i went out to san francisco to check in with privately held startups the that have the potential to revolutionize the way we do business. all sorts of businesses. take everlane. the online apparel retailer
6:39 pm
that's all about radical transparen transparency. that means they show you details about each factory where they make their clothes including how they discovered it, who runs it and what the weather is like at the moment. like farm to table except for j. crew style shirts instead of food. everlane shows you exactly how much it costs to make the products breaking down materials, labor, transport, you name it and tell you exactly how much they're marking that mench d merchandise up for versus what you pay for something from a traditional retailer. that's an incredibly brave move but the exactly kind of thing that appeals to value conscious millennial consumers who don't like feeling ripped off and want transparency and sustainability. last week i got a chance to talk to michael presman, founder and ceo of everlane. take a look. michael, it seems when i read about your company which is very exciting, it's like what i first heard about the food chain. young people think the food chain is corrupt.
6:40 pm
looks like the clothing chain could be corrupt. >> absolutely. i came out of this as a complete outsider. i didn't know how this stuff worked. when i found out a basic t-shirt costs, you know, $7 to make and sells for $50, it's like, why does that -- how does that make sense? people should know what the cost of their goods are and what they're getting. that's why we did this. >> also we want to know about where it's made, how those people are doing. we hope that the people who make it are treated well. >> i think the food industry has really caught on to this over the past 30 years and we believe the same thing will happen in the clothing industry. people have no idea when you're buying the shirt, you don't know what factory it's made in, don't know who made it, could have been made in three different countries all brought together in one. that's a lack of transparency for us. >> when i read where you make some things, you have a factory in spain, italy. these are not inexpensive places. how do you keep the costs so that the majority of people can afford it? >> we found that if we keep our good quality and do it online, and we don't run sales and we
6:41 pm
really just explain to the consumer what we're doing and decrease all the markieting costs, don't work with other people, there's a lot of fat in the supply chain that existed. we're cutting it all out, slimming it down and keeping it as simple as possible. that's worked very well. >> when i was reading about the company, i said, let's say i'm one of the companies that's part of the old food chain. why couldn't i "a" try to wipe you but by getti intin inting t factories and say you can't use him, or "b" i'm going to switch radically and be like him? >> everybody uses the best factories. we're in the best around the world. they're not going to cut us out. we're in many different factories. we can find others. we pay great prices to the factories. what are you going to do, cut your costs? the world doesn't work that way. they have wholesalers, outlets, all these pieces. in a lot of way they're looking at us saying, well, i can watch what happens but there's not much i can do about it. >> how does everlane get heard about? they advertise nationally. some of the people that work at
6:42 pm
your place work for those companies that have giant advertising budgets. i don't see the everlane budget. >> we have a very little -- very small marketing budget. what we found is word of mouth and social media. the goal is always if we're transparent and we're honest and keep a really great price and design to the customer, they'll tell the story for us and it's worked incredibly well. >> now, you're a private company. we don't know whether you're making money or not. you don't have to tell me. we can ask how many people are on your mailing list? how is that growing? that could resonate with how you're doing. . >> we're close to break even. >> okay. >> there's a lot of people out there that raise a lot of money, lose a lot of money trying to grow. we want to be honest with the customers, honest with ourselves. if we run a good business, that means we'll habe around a long time. >> if i were a venture capitalist and the venture capitalist's bias is to say, first mover, land, spread out. i would be saying, listen, michael, i love you but you're not growing fast enough and not
6:43 pm
going to put everybody else out of business. how to you fight them? >> that's why you don't raise too much and say we want to do it our way. the best companies in the world that we look up to, whether a whole foods, pategonia, have been an a long time. we're investing in the equity and building something for the long term. >> you have a bricks and mortar showroom. is that a concession to something? do you need that or something that allows you to stay in touch -- i know you like community and e-mail and social can be a little cold if you don't press the flesh periodically. >> we love community. having a space where people can come is really important. look, people like physical experiences. we spent all day on our phone. sometimes we want to put our phone down and talk to somebody. we want to be there and create these experiences. it turns out, sometimes, you can't touch me right now, it might be a bit awkward, but you can't touch this online but it feels really good. >> how do you keep everybody in line? you have chinese factories. people all over the globe.
6:44 pm
we don't want to make any judgments. i've seen things in chinese factories, you turn your head, it's not the right thing. how do you make sure people are treated well in china? >> two things. one, transparency. if we're transparent to our customer, it olds holds us to t highest guard. we've walked in a factory, we say we can't work with you, people bent over for eight hours a day like this. it's not a pleasant experience. two, we do a lot of auditing. audits outside of that happen four times a year. we're brit stringent on all of this stuff. >> in the end, if you put your stuff, i don't know which servers you use, everyone in the end seems to be competing with amazon or amazon web server. they're in the awx. where do you stand with amazon? >> we don't sell through amazon. they have markups. we don't want to carry that markup to the customer. we're trying to keep things as
6:45 pm
honest and transparent with the customer. we don't sell through any retailerses. >> fair enough. michael preysman. founder and ceo of everlane. thank you. >> thank you, sir. it's time for the "your business" entrepreneur of the
6:46 pm
week. at just 12 years old, greg wh whitstock began building ponds with his dad. by 25, he had a booming business called aqua scape. behind the scenes, a family drama, recession and a building collapse almost ended it all. see how he turned everything back around on "your business" sunday mornings at 7:30 on msnbc.
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>> it is time. it's time for the "high round." buy, buy, buy. sell, sell, sell. play the sound then the "lightning round" is over. are you ready, skee-daddy. start with bob in wisconsin. >> caller: bristol myer boo-yah to you. >> nice. >> caller: palo alto stock at 147. predicted to go to 195 or 210 by analysts. you thought it was a good buy. i pulled the trigger. do i buy or sell it and buy nr bristol-myers? >> bristol-myers, when the speculative stocks were getting hammered, we said to expect them to go lower. palo alto offers better value but not great value. we don't care where stocks come from, where it's going to. represents better value. kip in california. kip? >> caller: j.c., what is
6:49 pm
happening, buddy? >> not much. how about you? >> caller: things are toasty in so cal. couple weeks everything before the brexit fee quiasco i picked couple airlines. >> okay. >> caller: i picked up regional, southwest, which i dig. i picked up united because i thought it was one of the big boys. i'm holding on to that puppy. should i let that bad boy -- >> i think that group can bounce. i was talking to an analyst at real money. we think the group is not ready to go higher. i like southwest much more than united. dave in pennsylvania. dave? >> caller: hey, jim, my stock is sirius radio. >> i like it very much. a lot of people feel it's peak auto sales. i think there's more to it. to tamer in florida. tamer? >> caller: hey, jim. thank you, thank you. listen, we honor your charitable efforts there, jim. >> thank you. >> caller: and my question to you today is, on puma biotechnology symbol pbyi.
6:50 pm
>> yeah. you know, this one -- this one did stumble. you know what, i think -- i think it is so low that i think it's okay. as long as you recognize it is a total speck? that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the "lightning round." >> the "lightning round" is s n sponsored by t.d. amare trade. p. like the mail guy at 3:12pm every day or jerry getting dumped every third tuesday. jerry: every third tuesday. we have pattern recognition technology on any chart plus over 300 customizable studies to help you anticipate potential price movement. there's no way to predict that. td ameritrade.
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you know what's the biggest problem with this brexit issue, at least from the stock pickers'
6:53 pm
perspective, it's just how few stocks actually benefit from brin britain's vote to leave the eu. if you think the country's currency is falling apart, that any of its big exporters would stand to gain so much from the huge pickup in their excecompete advanta advantage. the pickings are so slim they're barely worth mentioning. the only one that hits my radar screen is the uk-based arm holdings. the semiconductor design company. used to be one of the brightest stars. arms intellectual property can be licensed by cell phone makers and used in all sorts of different ways. a research report from jeffries tells us a 10% decline in sterling versus the dollar is equal to a 15% increase, 1-5, per share gain for arm. that's fabulous, right? there's only one problem. lea lever to cell phones. larry apple. a kiss of death. could mean a shortfall. who cares about the pound in the
6:54 pm
shortfall? not sure i want to pile on to that near 4% gain today. who else? all right. here's one. diagio, british liquor company that makes johnny walker scotch, 9 0% of which is exported. today goldman sachs upgraded it from a sell to a hold and raised its earnings estimate by 2% to 3%. a huge e porter of liquor and exchange rate and competitive advantage versus its foreign competitors. people are going to drink and maybe more heavily at brexit. diagio is a takeover -- don't get too cozy with it. even as i think it has a lot more to run after today's 2% gain. chinese haven't been exporting enough, haven't been importing enough. diagio has been struggling. how about if we think longer term? let's say we step back and rather than just worry about this week, who could be a long-term winwinner? one thing this brexit vote has done is hobble the prospects for
6:55 pm
all european banks not just those based in the uk versus american competitors. that means there's market share up for grabs. what could that mean for the biggest of the bunch, j.p. morgan? this colossal american bank will most likely be a long-term win r and retreat by arch competitors deutsche bank, credit suisse and the british barclays. so let's consider the market share using the tables from the industry standards. first an investment banking j.p. morgan is number one with $2.6 billion in fees. credit suisse is seventh with $1.28 billion. ubs is tenth with $727 million. but if these european banks are in the retreat that we expect, and the bonuses go lower at those banks then jp morgan may do just fine even with low rates because it will have the opportunity to take so much share. that's very positive.
6:56 pm
or considering the m&a business. jp morgan number two. credit suisse number five. barclays is sixth. deutsche bank is tenth with $284 million. lots of market share to pick up there. equity markets, jp morgan first. credit suisse first $236 million. barkclays ninth with $155 million. again, there could be business up for grabs with these european firms pulling their horns. why not buy the stocks based on the likely retreat of the europeans? simple. looks like there won't be rate hikes this year thanks to the brexit turmoil. that matters to the banks. it's all that matters at least in the near term, banks can't make as much money with interest rates this low versus where they used to be before the great recession. if the numbers have to come down due to the shrinking, jp morgan can't rally because very few
6:57 pm
people are willing to look through the valley of the shadow cuts. the incredible struggle to find any stocks with earnings estimates that actually go higher off brexit is indicative of just how hard this market's become. especially when you consider that almost every major u.s.-based international company will make less, not more, in the wake of that big, ugly exit win. stick with cramer.
6:58 pm
hi baby! hi daddy!
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gain the freedom to fumble with the new water and shatter- resistant samsung galaxy s7 active. buy one now and get the samsung gear s2 for free. exclusively at at&t okay. eyes on the tragedy in instan bu, unfortunately becoming a new normal. a krcnbc special report. oil turned the market around today. if oil goes up tomorrow, we will go up again. it is that, i know it seems we should correlate to europe. i always like say there's a bull market somewhere, i promise to find it for you right here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer and i will see you tomorrow.
7:00 pm
tonight, turkey rocked by a series of suicide bombings that is stam bull's international airport. >> i'm melissa lease. the latest at this hour, 28 people have been killed. that number, of course, sure to change throughout the evening. >> we begin with security camera video into cnbc. a man presumed to be one of the attackers running through the airport terminal and shot by a police officer, and then blowing himself up. the video appears to have been recorded by somebody watching the security video on a computer screen at nbc news has not independently confirmed the


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